On series X here, completed the update and yeah…. Input lag is worse than ever.


Actually feels worse. Glad I’m not the only one.


I just stopped playing on my Series X and play on my Xbox One X again, it’s the only way you can enjoy the game if you’re an XBox player.


I quit playing because it was unplayable on my ps4 pro. I play on my brother in laws ps5 sometimes and it never has a problem.


They finally fixed the input lag, but the servers are still a bit messed up.


Thats nice but even without the input lag it's still unplayable on ps4s. I will go from 60fps and 40ms to 30fps and 60ms. It flip flops depending on what's happening on my screen of course but with that and the constant no regs or the bullets just going through people like they are ghosts.


I'm done playing this game until they fix it


The best way to get around input lag for now is to have your controller plugged into the console. At least that is what is working for me right now.


Same on old gen too


I'm not crashing on PC randomly anymore, which is good. But I am hanging for a half second on PC at random intervals, instead. Apex has *never* hung before, not even once. Now it's happening once or twice a match. Edit: changed hitching to hanging because it explains the issue better


>domly anymore, which is good. But I am hanging for a half second on PC at random intervals, instead. Apex has > >never > > hung before, not even once. Now it's happening once or twice a match. Holy crap. I am dealing with this exact issue. I have a beast of a rig (5950x, 3080ti, 64gb CL14 Ram, NVME) so there is no way it's my rig from a performance standpoint. Game completely locks (no sound, no drawing) before unlocking 0.5 seconds or so later. It's almost like it's about to throw an exception when it happens and hard close but doesn't. Also causes my mic (when in Discord) to stop working. OP, this isn't going to help but catalog the time when it happens. After the game, go look at Event Viewer in Windows and see if any events line up. While playing the game at the moment, I get event spam "Session failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000022". The application it is pointing to is r5apex. I don't know how to troubleshoot it, but there is that.


The hanging is a new, unwelcome bug. Not only does the entire display momentarily pause, but the audio also gets stuck on whatever exact note it was playing at that moment.


What is hitching?


I should say 'hanging' ngl I get confused sometimes


Oh! Gotcha. I was wondering if there was another thing for me to worry about lol


Hitching is a thing, but it's just not the thing I'm trying to describe. Hitching would be stutters and freezes at a quick interval. Perhaps while the game loads assets, for example.


just wondering, are you also playing in 16:10 when the crashes were happening?


16:9 1440x2650 on a 4k 16:9 monitor, which I find has the best balance between performance and visual fidelity for my system


me 2, i am hitching from time to time. on the last month, my pc was crashing constantly, which led me to buy a new PSU. but now, it stopped! I feel like when it 'hitches', it would crash on previous times, but now - it's good. should I cancel the 1000w Psu ? :D


If your entire PC was crashing because of Apex rather than just the application it could be related to overclocking (provided you actually are overclocking) but I don't know enough about your issue to tell you what you need


no no, I didn't OC, and it's not obligatory to be related to OC. The game was written badly, which caused Wattage spikes, which caused the PSU to restart


This game crashes all the time, ever since season 1. The only thing which changes are error messages (and sometimes it hangs or freezes PC without any). This is on multiple different systems, with 2080, 3080, different CPUs, etc. By this point I've more or less settled that I will never be able to play this game normally.


Same, mate. Sometimes it's not even 0.5s. Had it since wherenut was more like 5s


Crafting now breaks my ability usage and inventory, beautiful.


HOLY SHIT this happens to me too, I didn't realize it was after crafting. To expand on this, I'm unable to heal with medkits/syringes, or cells. **Also interacting with the crafter breaks i**t. I had a teammate make me batteries/ammo and when I grabbed it off the crafter, it broke my tactical/ult/heals.


This just happened to me in a ranked match. Playing as Fuse and couldn't understand why I couldn't open inventory, couldn't throw out any abilities, 100% started after I crafted the backpack. Love to see a random Thursday patch break the game.


If you down yourself and get a revive it fixed it for me!


“Did you try resetting it?”


People have also said going back into the crafter helps too!


It helped briefly for me in a game last night, but a few seconds later I couldn't access my inventory, heal, or use abilities. The only solution that worked for me was to go hide in a corner, kill the game via End Task, and then relaunch and reconnect.


I could still heal thankfully. Were you playing Octane per chance? My theory, since no one else I've played with has encountered that problem so far, was that it breaks when you interact with the crafter while Q is running.


I was playing Horizon. One of my teammates, a Caustic, it happened to him too.


I couldn’t jetpack on valkyrie do breaks passive as well. Couldn’t use a bat either but didn’t try anything else. I could use grenades though. They’re just killing this fucking game. Will be broken for another month


Holy shit. How do they even manage this shit




Fuck August. The game is broken now. Why wait a month. #NoApexSummer


A clear campaign with a hashtag that can be shared will gain more traction. Rather than individuals just stopping because they're pissed, telling the world they're stopping and encouraging everyone else to stop not permanently but enough to drive the message home will have more impact in getting the game fixed. Of course, you don't have to play until August and can stop playing now. ;) But adding the vocal reasoning and campaign is going to massively increase our chances of getting a fix rather than the usual griping on Reddit with no response. A massive downturn in players in August coupled with a social-media call to stop playing is going to smack EA right between the Shareholders... Unlike other games like TF, AL is a cash cow. Shareholders want it making money and retaining players.


This honestly should be the move


**Useful**: This happened to me a few times, after I realized that it happened when crafting. So if you go back to the replicator and try to craft a new item (even with craft animation + cancel) it's going back to the original state. So basically if you can't use your abilities or open inventory, go back to a replicator and craft+cancel


Yup it was the crafting. Just had it fucking happen to me too and didn’t realize what’s going on. Yayyy can’t wait for this to be broken for a month now too. Yayyyy! Fucking horseshit. Just want to play the Fucking game


Just letting Xbox players roast. Maybe also fix the problem with valks jetpacks? Whole screen jumps around and lags whenever I try to jetpack out of a revive ship and some other situations. Fix mirage decoys dying all the time out of nowhere when tripping on a Rock. Fix wraiths portal time and all the no regs. Fix loba on other maps. It’s not just storm point. Fix the jump ship pathing on Olympus, it 90% of the time starts right at power grid. Fix the servers? Constantly sitting waiting for matchmaking to start with over 100 players on queue and nothing happens. Fix the friends list status. Barely ever actually shows if/what people are playing. Auto spawn me if I don’t choose a spawn on control. Fix any of the other things people have complained about for SEASONS


> Fix the servers? haha, oh my sweet summer child.


Respawn have you ever heard what a playtester is? How does every 'patch' break something else, this is truly extraordinary. And this is what they want a 2 million dollar tournament to be played on, fucking LMAO. I can't wait to see someone get cheated out of 2 mil because Wraith is invincible or because the replicator station now breaks your inventory and abilities.


It's not even that it breaks something every patch, it's that it breaks the most obvious and mundane shit. Remember when rampart came out and her Sheila finisher would induce tinnitus to every single player on the map no matter where the finisher occurred? Just how in the ever living fuck was that missed?


No, you need to think this through. They want the players to abuse all kinds of bugs and glitches so the ultimate exploiter emerges on top!


Please for the love of god I hope this fixes all of the Xbox problems Edit: Didn’t fix shit


Looks like more time away from Apex lol


Aww man. It sucks that this is happening while control is going on. By the time I'm able to play again, control is going to be gone again.


>Using or interacting with the crafter now breaks the ability to heal (cells/syringes/medkits), use your tactical ability, ultimate ability, or bring up your inventory. The only way to fix it is to restart the game, or to be respawned.


Getting downed/revived fixes for me, but this is ANOTHER problem of the many Xbox bugs. I actually decided to try apex on my PC today… I suck


This is not limited to Xbox it happened to me yesterday I play exclusively on PC


Getting back on the crafter and off often fixes this issue.


Made mine so much worse. was playing all morning now unplayable




My mic is working again now, actually registers that I’m talking so I don’t have to ask a thousand times if my team can hear me. Or play a game making calls the whole time only to find out I’ve been on mute


I really need my game to stop dashboarding randomly when I hold X to revive, respawn, loot and pretty much any interaction where i have to input X for a time. I refuse to play until they do.


Made it worse for me


Shocking. Update that doesn't fix anything. I'm more shocked it hasn't made more bugs(yet...)




I expected a small indie dev team to care about their consumer and fix their game. But then I remember they’re such a small company and probably don’t have many people working on the game. /s


Did this patch just break the game? I literally couldn't open the inventory or use ability Exact same thing happened to my teammate


Don't use crafters, they break the game now


They really don’t want me using the wingman.


[Clenches teeth in Loba main]


I ran into a Loba last night that was split from her team and her Q failed 8 times. First Apex kill where I actually felt bad.


I’m a Loba main and I’ve died so many times because her tactical bracelet doesn’t work. It’s so annoying. I’ve been playing since season 1 and I’m on the verge of uninstalling! Does anyone know why it’s not been fixed yet? What is involved on the game programming side of things?


This is the season that made me a Horizon main. =\


I finally got the damn Wattson heirloom and I'm about to switch mains too. The fence placing is so spotty. Every time I try and rapid-fire a couple posts in/across a doorway, I get the red "can't place here" over and over. If I even bother to come back for this ranked split, looks like I'm switching to offense I guess.


Her fences are still sooo buggy to place, it will never get fixed. When did they rework her fences, was it season 11? That was almost a year ago.


It bothers me so much when it tries to place on the wall


Yea its not working well 😔


Imma be honest after this patch I only had it happen one time


Patched: baby wraith weapon charm


UPDATE: we released a new charm.




Map feeezes after the ring closes. It shows my arrow but everything else is frozen.


Babe wake up new apex bugs dropped


Patch notes? Shit, they don't even know.


PATCH NOTES: *Fingers crossed this works*


Xbox controller input lag is still broken.


Vince Zampella went to lead Battlefield given the state of Apex right now, looks like whoever was in charge of BF2042 is now running the Apex patches.


Didn't fix shit. Still broken.


Using or interacting with the crafter now breaks the ability to heal (cells/syringes/medkits), use your tactical ability, ultimate ability, or bring up your inventory. The only way to fix it is to restart the game.


there’s no way they’re playtesting at this point LMAO


Why would they playtest anything? They have countless fools throwing money at them while the game is broken and basically testing everything for free. It's a win-win for Respawn because they have players testing and reporting the issues to them for free so they can look into them. If for some reason they can't fix the issues reported, no big deal because people continue to throw money at them anyways lol. The majority of people that complain about all these issues go straight back to playing the game. This just shows Respawn there's no urgency to fixing the issues because people will continue to play and pay for new shiny cosmetics.




Thank you, I will let them know.




Apex QA is entirely imaginary.


I wanted to grind a lot of ranked this weekend since it's 4th of July, guess I'll be playing Destiny 2 instead.


Man this sounds slightly worse than maining mirage and watching respawn not fix his q for 13 seasons and counting.


* Addressed a bug where players do not receive coins after purchase. * Fixed an issue where players are able to close a Wraith and Ash portals by placing her * Ultimate in the same spot the portal was placed. * Fixed an issue where Loba’s tactical fails on certain Storm Point terrain. * Addressed an issue where some headsets not picking up the players mic on Xbox. ​ According to some site\*\*


Oh thank god, the store works now guys. All is well in Apex land.


> Fixed an issue where Loba’s tactical fails on certain Storm Point terrain. (X) Doubt


Yeah that shit is still so broken lmao


Isn’t it broken on other maps as well? I know I’ve seen it fail on Olympus.


if these are genuine, it’s really annoying that they’re still trying to blame headsets for the comms issue.


14GB update for that?


14gb?? What did you download mine was less then a gig


im on ps4


Client patch aka "let's rush and push this update before they strike on apex legends without actually testing it to make sure it will fix the ISSUES." LOL what a joke.


Officially taking a break from this game until it's fixed on Series X. This is just sad. If it takes too long, I might just find another game to play instead.


Still broken? Wow


Still lagging on Series S too. Bad enough at the game without extra handicap so even though I think it's a great game, be leaving alone till fixed


“Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.”- every Xbox player…. Or maybe it was Hawkeye.


nothing was fixed this is embarrassing




What the fuck is even happening over at re-respawn hq the coked up bastards.


These guys aren’t on coke, shit would get fixed if they were! They’re on acid!




And sure it doesn't fix xbox lag...


maybe no one cares, this update makes the menu where you buy weapons in ARENAS close by itself


Trying to knock out some arenas weeklies today and this bug is incredibly annoying.


I'm on Xbox and the patch made things worse with the input lag. Wiring controller temporary fix is no longer working after today's patch unfortunately.


Time to revert to S12, the game is a mess - Random audio glitch, I hear people throwing me arc stars and shit. - Cant use the minimap or abilities after using the replicator sometimes - no audio - random lag and server instability - no hit reg - something something Xbox - broken abilities (wraith, loba) Imagine having a Q&A team not able to catch any regression bugs before the season start 🤡 A dev on reddit said they were 200 working on Apex, probably only 1 software engineer with no clue on how the engine work 😂 half a season passed and nothing is fixed and most of the issues shouldn't have made it to production. As long as EA makes money they don't care about the state of the game and how respawn has failed to deliver a quality product.


I hope they fixed Wraith no-reg bug.


I'm usually a pretty reckless optimist, but I'm not even hopeful on this one lmao


The patch has broken multiple things for me. Platform - PC OS - Windows 10 Both of these issue will happen randomly during a match and sometimes it will happen multiple times in a match. Issue - Unable to open inventory Issue #2 - Unable to use tactical ability remapping keys doesn't work Temporary solution - restarting game


the literal #1 pred is smurfing right now. tell me that devs care again?


Xbox mic working again for me


Pointless if pads still aren’t working.


Hey it only took them about 3 months to fix the mic problem, so maybe by Halloween input lag will be fixed 😅


It isn't fixed. I play on ps5 with two xsx players and it's as janky as ever.


Anyone playing arenas on ps5 have the game constantly kicking you out of the buy menu at the start of rounds? It's been doing it my entire few hours of playing today.


>menu Pc too all the time


Yep! Ever since the update today! PS5 too


your shit game is filled to the fucking brim with cheaters


Is someone else thinking that the game feels weird now on ps4? Idk but my character feels pretty heavy if that makes sense i feel slower than usual. I have a ping of 40 without any lag symbols but randomly it feels like a little input lag for half a second.


Yes, I’m experiencing the same. Only started last night.


Lol. It’s worse


Not about random crashes? Is this a widespread issue or just me and everyone I play with


Just played my first game after patch. Played valkyrie. Halfway through the game I couldn’t jetpack, use my ability or ultimate, couldn’t open my inventory, and I could use heals. What the fuck is going on with this game. Everytime they “fix” something, they break the fucking game again and that new shit doesn’t get fixed for seasons. Like what the fuck are we even doing?


Making a shitton of money for vince zampella and ea.


Woooo I hope his wife has all the face lifts she can stand


How the fuck does my r301 change to single fire on its own? Now I’ve seen everything. Mid fire fight I see my r301 switch to single fire as I am about to squad wipe. I play Xbox series X controller (obviously) how the fuck could I have input left dpad mid fire fight? Impossible. I can’t get over this game lately. Absolute fuckery about in this game. I’m so over it. Fix your game and your player base will spend a better profit.


They don’t careeeee


Haha true. I’ve lagged out of 1/3 of my games. And then when I join in it’s frozen. Then when I join in I’m dead. Honestly fuck this shit


I'm begging you all to please find a different game to play , your mental health will thank you.


I just wanna know how the input lag isn't fixed for Xbox. I keep trying. And I keep quitting after a game.


no apex august


The wraith no reg bug is so damn cringe




Still zero audio when someone sprints up behind me and shoves an r301 up my ass 😑


Ain’t Xbox a larger player base than pc? How is respaz not shitting themselves rn?


Got on the tram in world edge to grab a blue shield and died instantly after getting the shield. Turned the game off immediately after I died. All these bugs are destroying what little appreciation I still have left for this game.


After using replicator my whole team ( who also replicated ) were unable to use healing or abilities until we found another one and used it. Servers ( everyone's said this before ) are not registering hits from the client Arena matchmaking only finding 80 players ar 8pm, placement matches against platinum players ( team mate had the spray for it ) and 4/5 wins nets me bronze 1 ... Loba's teleport ring is complete garbage and almost never lands where you want it. Arena buy menu force closes for no reason several times whilst buying 20 tick? LOL


I just lost a game cos I literally couldnt use anything. Couldn't access my inventory. Wouldn't let me use shield or meds, or abilities, or special. Games tragic, I hope this boycott thing does something, but we all know it won't


Playing arenas and me and my cousin will randomly get kicked out of the weapon buy screen.


That is exactly what I came here to say. Any time I buy something I get kicked out of the buy phase of Arenas. One. two, three times, until I am finished. I don't know if it is me but the matches feel different, they are playing differently, like there is a lag somewhere. I am on a PS5.


We are also on ps5 and I get what you mean.




I used to play warzone everyday and as bad as it is and was with the hackers and bugs and glitches the controls always worked, apex has made the game literally unplayable, i tried today and turned it off after 5 minutes


Too many cheaters on apex


So..... What exactly did this update do?


It made the lag even more unbearable on ps5


They need people to test updates or this shit will keep happening forever... which unfortunately is gonna happen so we have no hope. Feeling bad for who threw away money on such a shitty company.


If we all stop playing for a well then MAYBE they pull the finger out of their asses and work on the issues


I've not been able to get on the game since the update. Apparently my pc wants 250tb of memory :/ New bug since the mid season update, i've changed 0 settings in game or on my pc, so no idea where it came from :( Tried about 17 fixes. When i got in touch with Respawn i was told - They are aware and that I just have to wait for a fix :/ Sooooo RIP my battle pass progress >.<


I'm guessing nothing significant was fixed. I just want to know what's going to happen when control is gone. Another LTM or an absence of content


There is still no official response from respawn what got changed in the new update???


I just got bugged so hard while playing loba. I can only use weapons but my abilities and backpack doesnt work. I couldnt heal or use shields. Eventually died to ring as im the only one left. wtf was that Edit: this is PC btw


still no communication?


Seriously what the fuck is going on. [https://www.gamespot.com/articles/latest-apex-patch-fixes-loba-but-breaks-legend-abilities/1100-6505071/](https://www.gamespot.com/articles/latest-apex-patch-fixes-loba-but-breaks-legend-abilities/1100-6505071/)


Casual is unplayable right now, haven't had a full squad in the last hour + constant lag. Wasn't having this issue during my ranked matches. On PC.


Respawn: Pls fix wraith tactical, should not be taking damage or dying in the void. I play on Xbox so might be connected to the input lag issue. Pls fix no reg issue too!




Fix Loba Bracelet please


Fix Loba Bracelet please


Xbox player should be rewarded. This is fuckinh unbelievable


Wraith's Tactical no-reg // Loba's tactical bug // and now we have Replicator bugged .. so what's next Respawn ?


Has anyone tried using the P2020 while having this input lag, If you haven't it's worth the experience


Hey RESPAWN do you mind to fix the input lag?? We want to play the game!


Why did they lunch an update without anything fixed? I don't understand that! RESPAWN do things for your players! 😕 Xbox Series X Problem NOT fixed!


Why announce back filling for control if it's not even implemented in the game ? This company can be such a joke. Thankfully it's a free game, but still.


I wondered where the backfilling was too. Between missing that and the lag I think I’m done with the game this season


Lmao what a joke of a developer


RIP Apex Legends (Season 01 - Season 12).


Should it take over 2 hours to apply the patch after it's been downloaded on PC? Edit: now it's stuck infinitely loading and when trying to launch. Can't boot the game up at all.


Did you figure out your issue? A month or so apex would infinitely load for me. I had left my flash drive in a USB port after doing a bios update. Unplugging the flash drive solved it


Fixed a issue where players would be able to outheal storm


Game is now hella choppy on my Xbox One. I wasn't having any issues until this update, hopefully it's not a new permanent thing.


Input lag is still apparent on Series X


Xbox series problems Muffled headset sound Mic broken Controller has delay. Please do something respawn.


ok it's not fun anymore


The fact that I'm playing Fornite No Build with my friends more than apex, AND ACTUALLY ENJOYING MYSELF, is absolutely mind-blowing to me. So sad after 3.5 years that the game is dying a miserable protracted hospice death. Looks like the original design/program team didn't leave behind any notes or anything, and a bunch of rookies came in and are trying to untangle their spaghetti code, and breaking everything in the process.


New PC issue. Cannot heal, sometimes no inventory, sometimes cant bring up guns. Requires restart. Happens multiple times per game. According to comments seems to happen after crafting, no more crafting I guess!


The the fixes it time bring apex in to a new chapter maybe better engine


Still huge delay on series S. I can only mitigate it by connecting the headset but still. Also every now and then the sound gets absolutely fucked up, to the point I have to unplug and plug the headset back again to fix it All this shit kept me from reaching diamond the last week of the last split. I have no idea why I'm still playing this game.


I have a repeatable game killing bug. Playing as Rampart I cannot pick up team mates banners. It crashes the game for myself and team mates. Not sure if it does it for the whole lobby.


Is anybody else have king issues with voice chat audio the people I play with are on a series x and s with myself on ps4 and the audio always comes through late, chopped up or not at all. Wanted to know if it was a me problem or if anybody else was experienceing it this has been an issue for me since the next gen update


Anyone getting ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005? I keep getting these in my crash logs when my game just randomly crashes on me. Only started happening after this patch.


Still waiting on skill based match making????? Where the hell is it 😡😡😡


Is anyone else experiencing frame rate spikes on PS5?


These comments are exactly why I haven't played most of this season. I'm truly sorry for Xbox players. I'd fucking delete Apex off my console and go find something else to enjoy, guys. It isn't worth your attention. We all deserve better than this.


return of the 'server crash + abandon penalty' ​ respawn is in as fine form as ever!


I just want to play a map that isn't fucking world's edge 😭


Worst season yet! Way to listen to the "pros" instead of the players that pay the bills.


Xbox series X player. Constantly getting kicked from games. Reloading in… lagged, reloading in dead. What the fuck