Is the in-game mic audio working now?


Xbox audio settings won’t work, game audio doesn’t work, microphone doesn’t work, game chat audio doesn’t work, input lag still hasn’t been fixed, random server lag and stuttering hasn’t been fixed, buttons not registering 50% of the time hasn’t been fixed and more on xbox


For real? Does the game chat on Xbox still not work? It’s been broken for 3 month straight by now!? Fucking redonkulous 🙄


Idk how true this is so this may be a stupid question, but I've heard that playing other games after playing apex on xbox will carry over the input delay issues until you restart the game. I don't think I ever had input delay issues or maybe I'm just not noticing it, so idk if that's true. Could the same thing be happening with gamechat issues though? Because I can't join gamechat in Rocket League and maybe that's why.


What Xbox do you play on


Xbox series x. From what I hear next gen is mostly affected


I was wandering why i was unable to heal earlier, now i realise its cos the d pad was unresponsive




Yep idk whats up w the other guys servers but fine for me lol


Updated the game, hard reset my Xbox series X and launched game without a wire. Can confirm I’m having no issues in the firing range. Edit: input lag issue still persists in the game


Man all that false hope the firing range gave you. I feel for you


I was so excited to finally be able to play :(


I’m gonna wait to play again until there is a definite answer to the lag. Rip missed one week and still waiting


I know it’s not ideal (since we have no idea when a fix is actually coming) but you could cop a cheap Xbone controller, downgrade it, and it will run. I hate that I had to do it personally and we shouldn’t even have to go begin with, but it’s an option if you miss playing


Yeah, I don’t have a computer to be able to do that lol and I doubt my kids chrome book would be able to help.


You would probably be correct lol - also just trying to be helpful if others aren’t aware of this workaround


Third party controllers work. At least power a and nacon.


Yeh now go into a match lollllll


Yup it’s not fixed




I feel like im one of the few who doesn't experience this shit, i also dont really play as much as i used to. Sorry to hear y'all are going through this, sounds sucky


You’re like the 2% who’s lucky and getting away with it


Nah the people who are loud are usually the minority. Even if everyone on this sub (like 11m?) had the same issue, that’s still less than 9% of Apex’s monthly player count which was reported to be 130m~ back at the start of season 13. Fact is, places like Twitter, reddit, etc makes it easier to think everyone has the same problems because the people actively checking them are usually the ones with a problem. Everyone else who doesn’t have the issue likely have nothing to say. That’s just how social media is. They’re an echo chamber through and through. Not to say Respawn should ignore the problem at all. I’m sure they’re working on it, some of the reasons why some bugs like this take forever to get fixed is that its hard to replicate it when everyone’s hardware is so different, so finding the exact issue is usually a total pain. I hope they find a fix soon for those with problems.


I agree with what you're saying, but I also sympathize with OP. I've been playing apex pretty regularly since it released, and I've tried it since the update and it is 100% unplayable. Like 50/50 whether any given input is registered by the game. Not mad about it, I've got other games and a busy life. Just disappointing that I'll miss the current event.


As someone in game dev (not at respawn) there are a lot of issues that we'd love to fix but without a good repro it can be difficult, even for highly skilled programmers or experienced testers. Some bugs are just nasty. They're almost always prioritized too: 1 - crashes, blockers 2 - widespread, high impact stuff that affects gameplay, monetizing, etc 3 - gameplay bugs we can live with but suck, horribly broken cosmetics 4 - the rest 5 - rare or very low impact / small cosmetic issues That's generally how studios prioritize. They may outsource QA, or have limited in studio resources if they're part of a bigger company umbrella, etc. I've worked at a couple studios. I'm not excusing bugs not getting fixed but trying to give an inside look how it can look behind the scenes. I'm sure most folks working on the game would LOVE if all the bad bugs magically vanished.


Exactly I have no issues on Xbox


Series X issue only


I play on series s and it happened to me 2 games in a row last week. Couldn't open doors and crates without staring at it and holding X or pressing it twice. Also could barely walk in a straight line because aiming was so delayed lol. Been fine since though.


It seems to go in and out. It’ll be all out of whack for an extended period then go back to normal for a few, then back to being messed up. I may get 1 ok game out 5 or 8, but the rest are frustrating as hell to play. It’s not just aiming, it’s all button presses and input. Swapping weapons, firing in semi auto, opening chests, picking up items. Everything is affected and you have to push each button 3-4 times to pick something up all while movement is janky as hell too. These few extra presses in a battle cost you your chance of winning a firefight, so you just end up dying because your inputs aren’t registering half the time. It’s damn near unplayable and it’s just frustrating.


Series S and it happens to me multiple matches a day.


I play on series s and it happened to me 2 games in a row last week. Couldn't open doors and crates without staring at it and holding X or pressing it twice. Also could barely walk in a straight line because aiming was so delayed lol. Been fine since though.


I play on series x and only had it happen once, like a week ago. Since then it’s been fine. I’m probably lucky but none of my friends who are off Reddit even know about it




I love your response… maybe ive been too harsh with halo infinite. Really making me look at my self in the mirror moment


Just riding this comment to let people know that the latest patch has made it to where using or interacting with the crafter now breaks the ability to heal (cells/syringes/medkits), use your tactical ability, ultimate ability, or bring up your inventory. The only way to fix it is to restart the game, or to be respawned.


Yep, I'm on Series S with no input issues. But my controller has always been plugged in also which is zero problem for me.


I assume thats cos i rarely play, no? Most of the posts ive seen are from players who play more than once a week. (Mind you i never found a problem with the octane legs/bangalore cans from the very early seasons, i was lucky then cos i played all the time in those days


Do you have a next gen XBOX? That seems to be the only people really hit with it, and it’s not just a little bit of lag sometimes, it’s persistent and game breaking. Feels like you’re running around on a ship in the middle of a storm, haha.


I dont, i have the Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Xbox, which is what? 8 years old or something? So this is the Next Gen thats having issues? Running around on a ship like you're rubbing banding side to side?


I have to punch a button three or four times before the game realizes I do indeed want to interact with objects in the game. Movement works OK as long as I don't jump, but picking things up takes mashing buttons. It's ridiculous. Xbox series X.


yup exactly this. also people recommended using your controller wired, it didn’t help for me personally but it might for others.




I'm on Playstation 5 and have been having the terrible problems with input lag. Especially when I try to turn left and right during close combat.


I'm on ps5 and that isn't happening at all.


also on ps5, no problems with input lag at all. occasionally network troubles but could be on my end with lots of thunderstorms messing with the local connections


Dont think i can help with Next Gen i'm afraid. :(


Same here


I'm not sure if its "next gen" after 2 years... more like current gen Xbox and last gen Xbox.


I have a next gen xbox and it was quite inconsistent. The controls felt a little "off." but it was definitely playable as long as long as i wasnt spamming the trigger. Some moments It'd kick in at an inopportune moment and lead to my death (trying to shield swap in a gun fight and the cursor scrolls unpredictably passed the shield)... and other times it would feel OKAY for most of the game. I could still play ranked and end up with positive RP on the evening, even if i could blame a few deaths on the input. Switching to my old xbox controller, however, fixed it thank god.


That’s good to know, maybe I’ll try an old controller. Ive only played 1 game since the update and it was so bad I never even tried again. Couldn’t pick up items half the time or open a door and felt like rubber banding all over the place.


If you’re not on a Series X or PS5, then stop talking lol. That’s who is affected here.


Understandable, i only replied in the beginning cos the post mentioned Xbox, not a certain generation. My replies aren't as specific to the cause as they should be. My bad, Brudda


I play on Xbox as well and only issue with elite series 2 controller is that it loses connection but I think it's problem with controller instead of console.


Im getting this issue also, im using the standard series x controller. I can play any other game all day long..nothing happens. I hop on apex an the Controller disconnects. This has only started since the update before last for me.


I think the people getting away with the lag are either on Og Xbox or using an Og Xbox controller


I've been the same as you since day one. I never really get terrible issues.......and this small update completely broke Apex for me. Now I'm playing Fall Guys.


I started playin Fall Guys last week (just cos its free and i watched channels play it on youtube, was never as good as i thought id be haha!)


I felt that way for a little while and it's finally fucking me the past few nights, I've legit got angry at it lol


I play it for about 2 hours late at night then my eyes start gettin blurry cos ive been awake for too long so stop seeing clearly aha. Ive not got to the angry stage yet


I get to play from like 11 or 12 till 2 just the input lag and and the game shitting itself sometimes like on the drop its completely craps itself to the point audio is lagging behind even though I'm hardwired with gigablast internet has got be a little butt hurt lol


I've seen some people say that it doesn't happen with the TV set in certain modes, some of them have like a "Game Mode" or whatever. Maybe that might have something to do with it?


No, it's still fucked with game mode on, at least for my tv.


Isnt game mode just a setting for brightness/sharpness and such?


Most modern TV “game” modes reduce input delay down to 1ms, basically like a monitor. Some might mess with color and contrast, but the point of “game” mode is to reduce the time the image on screen takes to process and display. It does knock down the quality of the picture, but it is 100% worth it to use game mode if you are playing any sort of online PVP game on a TV.


Just curious, are you on the new Xbox (if so Series S or X)?


Nah, the Advanced Warfare Limited edition one, so like, the original one i guess? Its about 8 years old i think, possibly older.


I gotcha. Ive been seeing that most people saying that they experience input lag are in the new Xbox consoles. I wonder if it's just related to the new consoles?


I have an Xbox Series S but im using an Xbox One controller that i still have since my Series S controller developed serious stick drift that i couldn't fix. With it I have no issues it all so i wonder if it's just the Series' controllers not really the console some conflicting firmware or something.


I got it like 4 times the last two weeks but it hasn’t happened in awhile now


Im selectively getting input lag almost every few matches and it seems like right after I do really good and almost win then it is just laggy the next game and then the game after it it is fine again


I play all the time & RARELY run into ANY problems


I'm on ps4 pro boost mode with 400mb download and I can't play a game that doesn't stutter. Then sprinkle in some hard lag, all the no regs that have been in the game for years and wraith is always tue man culprit, and the whole game can't process logic disconnect. I haven't been able to play this game like I use to since the new systems have came out. My brother in law was lucky to get one and we always talk about how apex is a different game from last gen to new gen.


XSX here and no input lag issues I’m aware of 🤷‍♂️


Bruh I swear it’s worse for me now lmaooo. Ugh I was so excited thought the update would fix it


Tbh I think they tried to fix it and failed miserably. Mine was fine before the update PLUGGED IN and now acts the same wireless.


Posted this as a reply but might as well post it here for visibility. I know this is an annoying fix, and we shouldn’t have to do this for a fucking controller to work, but this worked for me: 1. I plugged in my controller that came with the Xbox (this one doesn’t have input delay, for whatever reason) 2. I load up Apex to the lobby screen. 3. Once I get there, I turn on my Elite Series 2 so both controllers are on. 4. Take the standard, stock controller and load up the accessories app. Turn co-pilot mode on that controller, so then your Elite Series 2 is now the “co-pilot” controller. 5. Play game with no lag. I couldn’t tell you the technicals behind why this works, but for now it’s one of the only solutions that’s worked. I wasn’t able to revert my firmware like other people have.


Sucks I only have one controller


This worked for me (Xbox series X controllers) as long as the secondary controller stays on


Yeah I just keep the “pilot” controller plugged into the Xbox so it doesn’t turn off.


Yep. I updated my Elite controller to check and the input lag was still there, so i reverted the firmware again. Damn. This sucks for people that can't revert the firmware of their controller.


How do you roll back a series 2 elite controller? Where do you get the old firmware that works with Apex?


1. Plug your controller into your PC with a USB-C cable. 2. On your Keyboard, press windows + R to open 'Run'. 3. Copy and paste: xboxaccessories:\\\firmwareupdate?legacyDowngrade=true 4. Press Ok 5. It'll open up the Accessories app and will ask if you want to revert firmware. Follow the process. Takes maybe 2 minutes. 6. When it is complete, start up your console and reconnect your controller, and enjoy some smooth Apex. Quick note: This will only work if you have the latest Windows Updates installed. Also, when you connect the controller to Xbox, it'll ask you to update the controller every now and then, so just press the xbox button on your controller to get rid of the pop up.


Wow. This worked for me as well. This should be higher up for anyone on an elite controller with an xbox series X. Also, when you reboot your xbox after you've downgraded firmware, it will force you to update the controller when it first connects. When that screen pops up there's no cancel option but hit your home button and bypass the update screen.


Yep. Glad it worked for you. That's the only annoying thing. It will frequently ask you to update the controller, so you just have to keep ignoring it... but it doesn't do it while you're playing so that's good. And if you need to adjust your sensitivity curves or button mappings, you have to do it on PC, since the app on console says "Update required". But it's a good temporary fix to play Apex.


Is there a way to do this on a standard XSX controller?


Unfortunately, not that I'm aware of.


I found a fix which has made mine normal again If you have an old controller plug that in and open the game. Then turn on and connect your usual controller and turn on Copilot on Xbox with the old one. Leave that one plugged in and the input lag disappears. First time I've been able to play since it all started


You absolute legend. I love you.I don't know how you found this but you are a champion.


Supposedly this is it • Addressed a bug where players do not receive coins after purchase. • Fixed an issue where players are able to close a Wraith and Ash portals by placing her Ultimate in the same spot the portal was placed. •Fixed an issue where Loba’s tactical fails on certain Storm Point terrain. •Addressed an issue where some headsets not picking up the players mic on Xbox. Funny they listed the apex coins bug first but the last two points may actually be good. No fix for the giant problem though unfortunately


well that seriously fucking worry’s me because I had to stop buying apex coins through the game back in November last year so looks like Xbox is fucked


It also fixes the material counter for each player on the arenas scoreboard. Not that anyone cares since it’s arenas.


wait is the xbox game chat actually getting fixed? i never thought i’d see the day..


I wouldn’t be that shocked if they threw that and the loba thing in there just so the update wasn’t only apex coins lol


Came here to check this also - seems that it doesn't matter now as the game itself is unplayable on next gen 🙈


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Loba’s bracelet fails on Olympus as well so they only fixed part of the problem. So even on that it’s hardly anything to clap about. Not sure about Worlds Edge but it might be problematic there too. But not fixing the biggest bug affecting the most people is really inexcusable at this point.


I’ve had to switch back to my old Xbox to play. If I try and play on the new Xbox of course I get the input lag, it then it carried over to my other games unless I open the game, quit the game, then hard restart. This one update has literally ruined my ability to use my new Xbox. I wish there was a class action lawsuit against respawn.


I know this is an annoying fix, and we shouldn’t have to do this for a fucking controller to work, but this worked for me: 1. I plugged in my controller that came with the Xbox (this one doesn’t have input delay, for whatever reason) 2. I load up Apex to the lobby screen. 3. Once I get there, I turn on my Elite Series 2 so both controllers are on. 4. Take the standard, stock controller and load up the accessories app. Turn co-pilot mode on that controller, so then your Elite Series 2 is now the “co-pilot” controller. 5. Play game with no lag. I couldn’t tell you the technicals behind why this works, but for now it’s one of the only solutions that’s worked. I wasn’t able to revert my firmware like other people have.


Ha! I’ll have to give this a shot.


If you an elite series 2 (and access to a computer) just revert the controllers firmware. I did this and it completely fixed the input lag issue. I’ve played every night since Monday and haven’t had a single input lag issue. [This post](https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/vk1oep/psa_for_all_series_x_players_suffering_especially/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) explains the process. Super simple, takes like 5 minutes


I wish I could do this, I tried to do this and the Xbox accessories app wouldn’t recognize my series 2 :(


Maybe try reinstalling the Xbox accessories app on your pc and then try? I don’t know why it wouldn’t recognize it.


I tried that, still didn’t work. I read somewhere that it might be that I need to update my windows OS, so I’m gonna try that tonight. The co-pilot thing feels so silly to use lol.


Hopefully it does, I’m sorry this work around didn’t help. I really hope the devs can figure this out soon. Sucks that it’ll be broken for the long weekend.


Hope it works out for you! It blew my mind that it actually worked.


Unfortunately this doesn’t fix the insane amount of drift I get on my standard XSX controller on all deadzone settings. I tried my brand new XSX controller as well. It’s scary because it seems like everyone is reporting slightly different issues meanwhile random fixes work for some but not others. I have no faith in Respawn tackling this issue soon or even all at once.


Did this yesterday, can confirm that significantly improves gameplay! Unfortunately us Series X people are going to be having to do this if we wanna play apex on our new gen consoles. SMH!


Holy shit man this worked for me thank you


Glad it worked my dude!!


I plugged in my series s controller with a USB-C plug and it works with no input delay


Not to defend Respawn, but is Apex the only game on your Xbox Series? Surely other games are functioning correctly. You can still use your Xbox on other games, and in fact you should. Never commit to a game in a bad state while you could be enjoying others


I think he's referring to how the Apex bug can cause input lag on other games/menus on the XBox if you run Apex and then try to do anything else before restarting the console. I don't know that everyone is affected in that way, but people have been reporting that as an issue as well since this started.


i can confirm apex does this to my series s with input loss but not lag. mad annoying


I have rocket league and halo as well.. worst with apex and rocket league


100% this. I’m usually on RL if not on apex and can confirm it feels like playing in mac dead zone spread with movements feeling extremely delayed.


If you boot up apex at all (from what I’ve seen on Reddit) it fucks the Xbox up until a restart


Respawn giving xbox players a nerf. I keep losing my 1v1 with master/pred psn players because I'm nerfed. Enjoy while it last. When we come back we coming back hard.


Just buy more skins bro


If we could get at least half the players to not play you'd see how fast it will be fixed...or just let Apex go down at this rate


Damn, I got excited when I saw the update, wife has got same update on ps5 so not sure what it's for, she's hoping for her loba fix 😅


honestly what the fuck are they even working on to be too busy to fix this absolute game breaking bug???


Idk, maybe this absolute game breaking bug ?


Am I the only one whose character has a hard time moving left and drifting right?


Everything’s fucked, ,Movement ,Aim ,Button inputs ,Inventory cursor drift The lot mate


Is it just next gen Xbox’s or all of them?


It’s a problem with next gen controllers


Alright, that would make sense. I think I have a next gen controller and I’ve been noticing a few issues


By any chance are you running the insider omega update on your new gen Xbox? I read the update patch notes and bugs and it seems to describe alot of issues, 1 being the controller input lag. I'm starting to think it might be a New gen firmware problem, not really Apex. But I could be wrong.


It doesn't happen in any other games. Both my elite 2 and 1914 are fine otherwise, in apex they're fucked.


It’s not the controllers, I can tell you that much.


Does this happen also on your Xbox menus?


Yep you’ll let go of the joystick and the cursor will bounce left or right up or down a few cm after not touching it


Crazy man the game is unplayable can hardly play other games because of this


What did it actually fix?


I only really noticed it when I was forced to use a p20 off drop. But I also barely play any more because I'm done with a support with no support other than pumping out content


2 weeks? It’s been broken since the “next Gen” patch.


I’m waiting for that person that comments “Just buy a pc. It’s better.” When some people can’t afford one.


I’m literally playing on my Xbox 1 original and I’m getting 30fps and blurry screen lol.


With respect to your edit it seems like the main point for this patch was fixing apex coins not the game. Which is incredibly sad and tone deaf from Respawn


People complained ad nauseam about not getting their coins (OP is literally complaining about it in this thread) so they fixed it, but because they didn’t fix something completely different at the same time, it’s “sad and tone deaf”. And you fucking morons wonder why they don’t talk to you.


They fixed the coins before a game breaking bug that’s been in the game for more than a week now. Just shows where their priorities are at


Yep it’s all about money


The input lag is an issue on the Xbox Series consoles, it is not specific to Apex. It's based around the ALL (auto low latency) setting trying to render 4k/HDR graphics. The solution I've found is to either toggle the setting, or to switch your tv/monitor to a lower resolution at 120hz


This makes zero sense. We did not have any input lag until this update. Xbox hasn’t changed. Apex changed.




Anyone else have issues with their Elite controller randomly disconnecting as well? Just played mass effect for 3 hours and had 0. Seems to be another issue with apex.


No money problem = no problem


“Respawn cares more about fixing the game bugs for the upcoming ALGS tournament.” Sadly I agree with you. They mold this game and cater to whatever the Pros want. On one hand I get it with the Pro scene, but this also affects the entire player base and those who get on just to play pubs. Pros aren’t the only players who can give good feedback, look at the community here of a lot of Apex veterans. Some might not be Pros but they know enough to give great feedback that Respawn just flat out ignores.


Majority of the community here has dog shit takes like buffing crypto for example


I mean you gotta pick the good from the bad. A lot of takes will suck but you have to have the open-mindedness to see a suggestion from a player and think, “Wow, that’s actually a really good idea.” Everything don’t have to come from the Pro players. “We want this removed NOW!” “Yes, next update we promise.”


I agree i didn't say the sub didn't have good takes, all i said was the garbage takes outweigh the good ones. The devs don't have the time to pick the good from tbe bad


I don't understand why you guys are still bitching about this like any of it is a surprise. Plug in your controller, or stop playing the game. Do you understand what you're doing when you continue to play the game in spite of "gamebreaking" issues like this one? You're providing Respawn with data that tells them you don't care that the game is broken, you're going to play it and spend your money on it anyways. You're literally giving them permission to not change the way they manage this game. All your angry tweets and messages mean nothing when you keep playing. In-game user data will always win over some social sentiment report that says a bunch of xbox players are grumpy.


Plugging your controller in doesn't fix the input lag it just reduces it.


Listen pal I don’t care what you think if you ain’t with the get Xbox fixed movement get the fuck off my post


Did you even read what I wrote. Stop playing the fucking game if you want it fixed. You guys are addicts and masochists.


Lol what a tone death comment. Absolutely great shit posting




Also plugging in your controller does absolutely nothing so please stop going around saying that


It does for me, sorry it doesn’t work for you


Lucky you


Oh I have stopped playing in fact I’ve uninstalled this shit till it’s fixed and yeh maybe I am addicted but who’s faults that ? Respawn.


> maybe I am addicted but who’s faults that ? Respawn. Youre blaming Respawn for being addictied to Apex? Lol. The game being broken is Respawn's fault, but the addiction is on you.


How much money did you pay for the game bro?


Revert the firmware on your controller to fix the input lag


Or..don’t play until respawn fixes their own fuckin game.


Or turn lemons to lemonade. If you wanna quit the game go ahead but I gave you an option.


Wow who would have guessed. Same post as the last 100 people


My favorite was the “boycott respawn” one. Like they aren’t gonna pick up the controller again after they get done typing…


i dont play very much but would like to know if this is effecting me on series X w/ elite controller 2. is there an easy way to test in the firing range if it is happening to me? i cannot tell if i am one of the “lucky 2%”


Is it literally only Xbox? Pc feels fine still


This fucked me so bad, ps4 had one as well I went online booted the game up was ready to go, my friend within the same minute, “Ive got an update” and now we couldnt play


Turning off ALC and plugging in worked for me


im on a series s and only get input delay if i wire my controller to the console. i have been experiencing the input loss which is horrible to try and play against masters/preds with and i cant even select a fucking shield cell without it defaulting to a syringe


And now im getting screen shake like crazy for no reason.


Damn. I’ve stopped playing midway through. Got to diamond. Unplayable at a diamond level. Stopped playing with the hope that it would be fixed by the patch.


This bullshit has made me want to stop playing, whoever’s truly in charge of bug fixes needs a slap


the 900mb update requires me to delete 65gb worth of stuff lmfaooooo


Same thing happened about a year ago to a bunch of PS4 users. The game was completely unplayable for an entire season for me and many others. I tried contacting them on Reddit, Insta, Facebook but nobody ever got back to me in any way. Bottom line guys: They don't care. You need to find something else to play until a new season drops I'm afraid.


I saw everyone dealing with this and thought I was lucky not to have come across it but yesterday after loading up the game I’ve started getting input lag it’s a joke


I’ve had this bug since ash’s season, or whenever control was first out. I stopped playing the game and am better off for it. Stop thinking they GAF about you.


I’ve been playing today and have been lagging glitching when starting a game also not being able to heal or use ultimate. Literally triggers me because I’m playing ranked and it makes me lose due to it being broken


Haven’t had input lag at all


Waa waaa waa cry all day baby




I want having the input lag issue. Please don't let this update start it


is the next gen xbox gamechat fixed yet?


I play on Xbox and have no input lag


Mine has been fixed haven’t had trouble since the update


Xbox updates are an F'ing joke, they're 20-70GB regardless of how tiny the update it so if you don't have unlimited broadband it's just impossible to keep the game updated


I guess I’m lucky. I’m on the next gen Xbox and have never experienced any input lag. Maybe some weird audio stuff with my squad but I end up muting them most the time anyway.


god damn i was really hoping this would fix the input lag issue


Is the input lag a issue with old Xbox models? I play on a series S and my friends are on S/X as well and we don’t have input lag at all.


It most likely something to fix the store.


Did not experience any input lag until this update, I can see what y'all mean by unplayable now...


I noticed in control they added a stupid little overhang behind the ps4 building but didn’t fix any of Maggie’s issues