It’s way worse than this too, crouching won’t work, reloading won’t work, weapon swapping won’t work, hell even just aiming feels bad too.


When I got on the first time after the update, I felt all the input lag right away and assumed my controller was broke


I thought the exact same thing


bro I pulled apart my controller and cleaned the thing for it to not make any difference and finding a day later it was a bug all along...


That had to be aggravating man. I manage fine but it’s annoying to try and play with it acting like this.




Me too man or they reset my settings. Then I talked to my buddy who was experiencing the same shit. Went to the range and was like “holy fuck”


Haha none of my friends believed me and told me I was too high or bad, till someone else joined and said theirs was doing it to


For a minute I thought there’s something wrong with my controller, glad I’m not the only one experiencing this


they quick to put skins out and take that money but not fix the game


I've been trying to adjust my setting all damn day thinking I was just playing like trash and my controller was going out. Plugged it in and it felt close to normal with minimal delay in arenas and comp


Yup aiming feels janky and weapon swaps feel really slow not to mention the amount of no regs. I unloaded an entire flatline mag into a Horizon, got the hit registration sound, no damage numbers popped up until I switched and shot her with an alternator. Fucking stupid. (On PS4)


Also sliding and momentum feels broken


I just thought it was me dude the aim just feels mad off. Nice to know my controller or game is not fucked Edit: game is fucked honestly


I'm not sure if this happens to everyone but it gets almost 10x worse when on a zipline, I literally need to just like 3 seconds before when I smactually want to jump if I want to make it somewhere and gun swapping takes 10 years


The temporary fix is to connect with cable without batteries. I noticed that if you log in to apex with the controller being wireless the lag is awful. If you connect in game the cable on the controller, the game is OK without input delay. Something strange I noticed. If you close the game and the menus or other games has the same input lag, if you unplug the batteries and put them inside right away the controller works normally There is something with apex and Bluetooth connectivity.


Hopefully this helps too: The controller that came with my Series S has all the same issues that everyone else is having. However, when I connect my OG Xbox One controller (even without a cable) it works perfectly. I’ve been playing with no issues.


OG controllers didn't use Bluetooth, they used wifi direct. sounds like the issue is indeed with Bluetooth like OP said.


I play with an Elite which has an internal battery so I guess I’m fucked lol Side note OP - you should attempt to get this information to Respawn on Twitter. Any impact to the Xbox system menus and any workarounds you’ve found (Like plugging in the controller) might help them narrow the issue down if they haven’t already.


You can use the elite charging cord to hardwire to the Xbox. Hope this helps.


Wow that's another level of bad, directly messing up the system hardware. This is a new grade of incompetence for Respawn.


I just got into apex again this season and I'm also on Xbox. I thought I was trippin when I'd be in fights sometimes and my gun wouldn't fire when I was tapping the trigger. It's good to have it cleared up.


Yea just keep reposting this honestly because it’s unacceptable that the devs can release new content to buy like skins but can’t take the time for polish or problem solving. Incoming “aRt DePaRmEnT iS DiFfErEnT tHeN cOdInG.” Yeah, we get it. Doesn’t change the fact that you have this massive company (Respawn) backed by another massive company (EA) and they can’t take the time or spend the money to deal with well known issues? (Audio, no regs and now input delay.) These are not little blips on the face of Apex, these are crippling issues that should be the devs top concern at this point. Do they even pay attention or do they just keep cranking out skins while their game degrades with every patch? What can the community do to really drive the point home to the devs? I’m not one to spend a bunch of money on a free game anyways so I really think we need a different approach other than “sPeAk WiTh Ur WaLlEt.”


At least they must give us the choice to play the old apex version.


It wouldn’t be possible to do that as the game will only work while everyone has the same update - hence why you can’t play the game until you update it when a new version comes out.


I meant the old gen version. Xbox one version.


I don't even think that's a Respawn issue. Microsoft has "*Smart* Delivery" making sure you always have the next-gen version of a game if it exists. I read on this subreddit yesterday that somebody on PS5 was able to switch to the PS4 version.


Yeah in PS you have the option to choose between both versions, although to be honest the PS5 version is merely a resolution increase, it doesn't have 120FPS, nor Haptic Feedback, nor 3D audio, no Raytracing, no quality of life updates, nothing, nada, zero... But the UI doesn't have the traditional colors on the action buttons now... NEW GEN FOLKS!!!


Least it’s not as bad as gta V’s next gen update




If you upgrade to “next gen” you are unable to play with anyone who has the previous generation edition, if you try to redownload the older version you will have to start a new character, and they don’t warn about it before you install the newer version


Some games do have old and current gen versions separately available on the market, so it's technically possible but I don't think Respawn have the appetite to admit current gen version is THAT broken.


In all honesty the next gen version was no different then playing the old gen version on series x. frame rate is the same. it already did auto HDR. All we got was a bump in resolution. I could have done with out the resolution and would have preferred 120fps


Sometimes i think they should be held to give compensation, alot of times some shit happens where it’s either game-breaking, isnt even cared about for years (*cough* loba *cough*) or the time where people temporarily lost their fucking accounts.


Game has brought in over a billion dollars. The amount of greed involved plays a huge part. EA and Respawn are filling their wallets up while sucking the souls out of their games. There’s no reason why we can’t have better servers, bugs from day 1 fixed by now, and way less issues (or none at all). It comes down to greed. Can’t find programmers or workers? Entice them with the fat stacks that you have… BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue, but we still have day 1 bugs? Are you fucking shitting me?! Like this can’t be real, but it is. It’s unbelievable. You can easily compare this game to fortnite and see the care that fortnite gets. Whenever I play fortnite, I rarely encounter bugs or anything game breaking. And if they do happen to have an issue with their item or game, the item gets removed temporarily in order to prevent the game from getting fucked to hell, and they openly communicate issues and problems until there’s a resolution. I don’t get what Apex is doing. Bugs and issues? Just ignore them… we will make our money off of the Loba simps soon enough.


Don't forget the game chat still being broken on Series S|X. It's been three months+ at this point


>do they just keep cranking out skins while their game degrades with every patch? Yes


lol you should have just stopped and realized what’s going on once you mentioned *EA* 😂 I think we all know how those turds operate by now!!


Dude I logged on last night for the first time since the update. I’d seen some posts, was hoping it wasn’t too bad. Even on the fucking MENU i could tell it was fucked, played one game as a solo just to test it live and it’s the most broken shit I’ve ever seen. Did they not do any testing on next gen? How the fuck does a major game fuck this up this badly??


I'm firmly convinced that their policy is that if the game compiles, it ships. They do zero testing of anything, given the egregious bugs that almost every season releases with.


Almost has to be the case. Never loved such a steaming pile of shit game so much. But goddammit, this literally breaks my ability to play it


I know this game as seen it's share of issues, all live service games and I get that, but I feel this is the first time I've really felt compensation is necessary. With cross play Xbox players are at an extreme disadvantage, this is happening during an event with timed exclusive rewards, and from the lack of communication it seems like this may be a problem for a while.


Yeah give it 2 weeks (duration of the event) at the minimum for respawn to actually fix this. We get an update after any event is over


Voice chat has been broken for 86 days, so I wouldn't be so sure they'll fix this that quickly.


Voice chat one is the worst. My brothers on series S and I'm on ps5 and he keeps breaking up mid sentences and is just hard to understand. It's super annoying. Especially when trying to communicate in gun rights


Yeah I give it a 50/50 chance these issues are fixed before next season, they must only have 1 or 2 guys working on bug fixes at this point.


Nah they will probably fix it before the events over so we buy the skins and give them more money


Nothing’s inherently broken with the shop so I doubt it


It was actually when event started, those that bought everything in the event store could get the heirloom, that was fixed very quick


Actually they probably could, they fixed the bug where people could not buy the heirloom after buying everything very very quickly


Compensation. Lol.


I agree that monetary compensation is absurd, but compensation doesn't have to mean money. It can be crafting materials, skins, apex packs, etc... I mean hell, I know a day 1 player with over 10,000 hours that just got his first heirloom shards 2 months ago.


"this free game is buggy I want a refund"


With how laggy the servers are us PC players aren’t doing much better.


Agreed, can't tell you how many matches I've been kicked from


I know this may seem stupid, but maybe for the time being you could turn crossplay off so you aren’t at a large disadvantage comparatively. At least until they fix this issue. Ik it’s not an ideal solution, this game is better with crossplay imo and people have friends on different platforms, but as a stop gap for the time being going crossplay off might help. At least you can get the timed rewards, without feeling super disadvantaged. Hope they come out with a fix soon. Ik what I propose here is not the best but I can’t think of anything else in the interim.


You can’t even turn off cross play on Xbox lol. It won’t let you


Damn I didn’t know, I play on PS, but I’ve also never tried to turn off cross play


The button is there, but you can’t actually click it lol.


You have to do it through Xbox settings


wellcome to the PC way


Worst part is majority of casual players probably don’t even notice it because they can’t aim/play well anyway


Don't wanna be that guy but weren't xbox players able to ddos the lobby or something? So compensation for PS players to make it fair. Deal?


I have this issue on PS5. Just so you know you’re not alone.


Welcome to apex…. Every update just expect something to be messed up and the old issues still aren’t fixed… but we sure love them awesome new skins and event packs they keep pushing out… the reason why it goes unfixed because people still pay and play…


They haven’t even fixed Loba’s bracelet lol. But they had time to nerf her.


It takes an average of 3 seasons for them to fix most bugs and that only introduces more. The sky is blue, water is wet, Apex is a fucking mess as usual.


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.   What keeps a dock floating above water? Pier pressure.


Water is an object, therefore, water is wet.


Water isn’t an object in liquid or gas form. An object is discrete and solid


Google says an object is a material thing that can be seen or touched. Websters says an object is something material that can be perceived by the senses. We can see and touch water and it can be perceived by our senses, so how is it not an object then?


Forreal! I’d take shittier graphics if I could actually play the game. Making me regret getting a series X. I played just fine on my Xbox one


It’s so unenjoyable to play this shit on Xbox right now. I’m actually shook at how they allowed this to happen and they aren’t doing shit about it.


If you launch apex and close it, all games and Xbox menus has the same problem. If you restart the console all is normal. Other games plays normal. The problem is apex. I'm trying to reinstall it to see if the problem still exists.


Let us know if reinstalling does anything at all


It's the same. 😞


My friends on the Series S do not seem to have this problem, their game is running fine. Could it be that only the Series X consoles are affected? What are you running?


I’m on S and it’s bad bruh


You reckon this might be a region thing? or something to do with settings? Two of my friends on the S have no issues playing the game post patch. Im the only one on the X and its unplayable. Im in a different region from the other two. They are in the same region ​ Edit: I been reading that the previous gen controller does not seem to have any issues with the input lag. So technically this is a problem with the Apex controller settings for next gen? idek anymore lol \*facepalms\*


My Xbox One and my friend with An Xbox One is working fine (at least in the input lag department), but our mate with a Series X is fucked.


Yes I believe the previous generation of Xbox has been unaffected in the input lag and voice chat


Yeah I don't have this on the s


I'm on the S and don't have this problem. Could've been lucky I guess.


Series x here. No problems. Weird


Ok I’m glad I’m not crazy. I thought the same thing was happening with Fallout 4 for me.


To be honest it sounds like the problem is Xbox, not Apex especially considering this issue is only on that platform


But it has literally never been an issue until this update. It wasn't an Xbox update that broke the game, it was an apex update.


It doesn’t have to be a Xbox patch for it to be a platform issue. Could be something in the way the platform handles input processing is incompatible with something in Apex code, so they have to track down what, specifically, Xbox input engine is doing that’s messing it up Which again is obvious, since it’s not an issue on Switch, PC or Playstation, and is isolated to next gen Xbox hardware (the issue is non-existent on One X) EDIT: also you noted that the issue persists in other games on your console after closing Apex; this also points to it being a platform issue


Like the buttons wouldn't bother me so much as it's the sticks. I look like a fucking Rookie missing shots because it's so hit and miss.


Shoot I thought my elite controller was broken. Glad it’s not only me


Same, i was getting so many double inputs and my camera not moving although moving my stick. I was losing my shit


Is this EA trying to implement dynamic difficulty like they did in Fifa game titles that broke the Fifa games for years now?! If that is the case, I am out.


“Working on it” dude the game is unplayable, at this point I’m expecting compensation


That’s like asking a billionaire to borrow a grand… just won’t fucking happen 😂


I know man. I hope they do something asap and not in 1-2 weeks.


“Sorry about the issues on Xbox, too compensate those players we will be giving you two heirloom tier holosprays, Enjoy!”


Every time I see a bug like this I feel bad for the poor dev who has to figure out wtf is going wrong in the code. 🤮


Ok that makes sense. Last night I pulled out a P2020 to finish someone off and I noticed I stutter I just thought it was my trigger finger being off


Omg I thought it was just me but after the update I’ve been feeling MAJOR INPUT DELAYS


What is going on? Why isn't respawn addressing this issues...


I downloaded this shit show again when the so called next-gen patch (LMAO) arrived. These devs are trash. Go buy some more 200 dollar skins from these idiots.


Don't worry, I'm sure Respawn devs are 100% on top of this and totally won't leave their game in a bugged, unplayable mess for months on end.


This game used to be good


Does anyone have awful game voice chat issues too? No one can hear me in game.


I’ve seen other people commenting about this. Apparently it’s been around for a while…


Dude I couldn’t even open a damn door


I notice it the most when picking things up


I literally have to mash the button to grab items and it still only works half the time


Not even a tweet or update since the drop on Tuesday , completely ass backwards company


Billion dollar company. There are so many bootlickers in this sub, and no one holds Respawn accountable. They have a gem of a game that they put bare minimum effort into and it has shown since day 1.




Do have a usb that you can connect directly from controller to console?


already tried it. It's exactly the same.


Hmm seemed to alleviate some issues for me


I tried to reinstall it but it didn't work. It's the same.


I thought it was just me


Using a single fire weapon or an ability that requires a tap is a nightmare. Never registers the first time. Using Bocek it would take a few trigger pulls to actually get the arrow to pull back, and with valk good luck jetpacking if you’re set to tap. Definitely done with this game until this is fixed.


Fuck i thought my controller was giving up on me


So idk if it’ll work for you too but what I did to help was I updated my controller. I have a series x and an elite controller so that may make a difference but it’s much more manageable after I did that.


I honestly went and bought a new controller because of this I had no idea it was a bug... it's so frustrating to play right now I've just been playing lots of Halo now


Wired is OK BTW. Try it.


If Apex ain't addressing these BIG bugs that are appearing "out of nowhere"for not just consoles but the game in general, there's no need to talk about players leaving due to lack of compensation. We can get ready to watch this Multi-million dollar game crash down to the ground and the company losing one of its top money-makers from pro-leagues getting straight-up canceled due to lack of playability and whales quiting the game one-by-one lol


So my 200 dollar controller isn’t broke after all


Fucked with my morning routine, switched to bladepoint till thay fix it and gotta say a break from sweat pubs or toxic ranked is doing me good, might be worth it switch over too. Grass always greener and all and hopefully come back to a fix in a few weeks but don't know about the rest of you but loose hope, anthem2.0 seems more possible then them fixing the buglist.


I know it’s a shitty bandaid fix and I’ve posted this a couple times already, but if you have an old Xbox controller sitting around from last gen (Xbox one), you can pair that one to your series S or X and it should work without issue


Between this, and the game chat issues on the series X, it’s like they are telling me not to keep playing. How the game chat thing hasn’t been fixed is beyond me. A team game where you can’t effectively communicate outside of pings that also experience input issues. Wonderful.


They need to fix audio with this it’s been months with people saying “yo your mic is trash” when I have a brand new headset that can’t even be used to talk on a billion dollar game in 2022 like wtf


Just couldn’t play it anymore it’s so bad


as long as you can still use the buttons to buy ugly, overpriced skins, they don't care.


I noticed that it affects the controller itself if you go to another game or even the controller testing in the settings its affected until you do a full power cycle on your xbox


Yo I’m having this problem on my ps4 too it’s ruining sniping and hemi shots for me


I went and bought a new controller yesterday thinking mine finally started dying on me, came home and the new one is doing the same thing then i started thinking it might be the game. I should've checked reddit first


Try shooting the bow. Every few arrows the arrow won't even leave the bow. Its fucking infuriating


Triple A studio that is getting money dumped on them. Doesn’t test their game. The input lag is awful, the sound glitches makes the game unplayable. What is going on?


there's a controller update btw. I dunno if it fixes anything. or maybe it's old and I just never bothered to check. edit: I checked... still trash.


I have little over 1k hours on high end pc i was testing apex recently on Ps5 i though that new gen would improve performance but hell i was wrong apex right now is totally unplayable on consoles , i remember ps4 pro was disaster but new gen 40-60fps still unplayable i dont get how ppl play this game seriously on consoles . get pc and use controller if ur stick skill are at point but apex on consoles is just cringy nowhere near the real apex experience


https://twitter.com/PlayApex/status/1539659833015619584?t=y-R2RlQ0-HDa0abEMefcEw&s=19 ready posted but I guess the more people who see this the better.


It's really frustrating bro.


See if you need to update your controller firmware


I did it and it's the same.


Does it do the same thing when it is directly connected to the system?




Hmmm... I would throw a link to this on an official Apex forum and throw in a bug report.


I'll try it right now


Pardon my french but holy shit I thought I was the only one having input lag issues. My internet is fine, my fps is perfect and so on but I have to mash the button to open doors or do anything... Literally can't compete against people.


I really hope they change their damn half life 1 era engine to the unreal engine


But then you would lose a bunch of the movement that makes this game fun


I Fucking knew something was up, I almost broke 2 controllers because of this shit .


Those who play with consoles are perverts.


Yea I noticed that I just thought it was on my end lol classic respawn




Why does it work for me? Im on series s.


I don't have this problem at all on my Series X and I even have shitty internet.


If a game felt/played like this upon release it would get a 4/10 and be dead upon arrival. This is completely unacceptable.


I thought I was going crazy last night when this was happening. I thought this was the controller now it's just APEX UGH


Had the fully kitted P2020 and this shit got me killed and lost the match


I actually uninstalled. We will see how long it takes to patch cause it's literally unplayable


They should have switched us back to the old gen version after the audio and voice chat issues tbh but it would take them actually admitting how bad the next gen update has been to do that.


Holy hell! I'm not the only one. Seriously thought my controller was acting up/broke. Nearly ordered a new one.


https://www.reddit.com/r/ApexConsole/comments/vitmat/what_to_do_if_you_are_receiving_input_delay_for/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Here's the fix


Stg using the p20 with input lag is literally hell. It just won’t shoot at times. I hate this spaghetti coded game sometimes.


No wonder I got off so early the other day. Thought I was trippin


So there isn’t a way to download the Xbox one version it seems??


My a button sometimes doesn’t work and it makes me so angryyyyy


At what point does Microsoft step in and tell EA their game is about to get pulled entirely? I'm sure they're not too happy about all these "Broken on next gen Xbox" posts.


Same issues. Uggg




I was wondering why I could switch weapons quickly. Then my whole Xbox just was slow. Had to reboot to fix it


I thought my controller was broken 😂


I get EA/Respawn have been terrible with acknowledging some problems but the complete radio silence on these Current Gen Xbox issues make u wonder what’s goin on


I currently dont play apex but do these problems extend outside of the game? It might be totally unrelated but my left stick keeps getting stuck like im moving when im not


Wired controller would be step 1 to cutting input lag out.


What am I missing here?


I thought it was just me I'm struggling with this on PlayStation too


Wait, I thought it was just me. I play on ps5 and I use a scuf reflex controller. Sometimes when I go to jump or slide I'll have to double click. I thought it was my controller or something. Good to know.


Wait, I thought it was just me. I play on ps5 and I use a scuf reflex controller. Sometimes when I go to jump or slide I'll have to double click. I thought it was my controller or something. Good to know.


You just gotta think ahead of time! The game now transitioned from fps to turn based strategy!


Same here


I went and bought a new controller yesterday because of this bullshit. Didn't help at all. Now I fucked over my look and aim settings because it was all glitchy. Stupid ass RESPAWN! I had just made it to Gold too!!!!


Old gen is down pretty bad too, every time I drop from the ship all the loot is extremely low-def and all the guns are invisible. Once I finally see the “press x to pick up” on a gun and pick it up, it stays invisible for a few minutes. If I reskin a gun it goes invisible for several minutes, if I holster a gun it goes invisible for several minutes. Also my game has been freezing and crashing like crazy.


I had the exact same thing! What helps for me, is when I plug in the cable of my controller, it seems to work “fine”. I say it like this, because the distance from my console to my couch is much longer then my cable is…


If you download the game to an external regular hard drive. You are downloading the One X version of the game. I'm curious if that fixes the problem.


my gamepad is connected via cable and don't see this problem - can somebody test this too? I rebinded Attack action to RB and still I don't see this kind of lag. I don't follow Xbox updates, but was there an update to Xbox Dashboard and/or gamepad firmware update? or maybe they tried some sort of soft-ROF-capping or something in testing and it was merged into the patch and released to public?


Is anyone also getting the glitch where your gun will disappear for a split second and the game will hiccup? I’ve only noticed it in control so far. On series X


the cursor in the lobby felt weird i thougut it was my controller but when i went into a match i thought i was lagging


The worst is trying to swap weapons or use X to interact with ANYTHING


Are you telling me it’s been apex this whole time not my controller??


I bet that controller isn’t plugged in and there’s another person on the side making this look bad…and yes I low key work for Respawn J/K


This has been happening to me and I thought I was crazy.


I thought it was just me


When did this start happening?? I played yesterday and didn't notice anything but now I'm afraid to log on tonight after work D:


Here I thought that I was just that bad at the game... I knew the aiming felt super delayed when trying to lock on to people.


Series x here no problems here??? I’m using a usb power a controller not the official one.