Would be interesting to see how this encourages players to drop. I would be very welcome to any changes. Pubs are so bad, people just die instantly for free with no brain.


Yeah this isn't really needed in ranked but pubs this is desperately needed. Not fun to play WE and have 5 squads left before the first ring closes because everyone dropped fragment


Even if two dropships are flying, 99 percent of players land on Fragment ngl.


Half the players can't drop fragment because they would arrive too late Terrible idea. Go play mine craft if you just want pve looting


It's not about "pve looting" it's about better player distribution to make the game feel like a BR and not just a TDM. With that system you can still hot drop if you want, and you won't be fighting for the first few minutes of the game and playing "hunt the other remaining team" after round 1. Don't get me wrong I find fragment fun but when you survive it the rest of the game feels pretty anti climatic.


Honestly, it's part of the reason I refuse to drop fragment. Not a bad drop zone, but almost everyone drops there.


Best part about them nerfing the loot pool there (dev confirmed, pro confirmed) is that it made it so that it’s even more of a scramble less predicated on skill and more about just “being lucky”. So much rinse repeating that in the span of two ring closings some of these people have played 2-3 matches. We’ll speak not of the clusterfuck of edge teams I witness after rushing over from siphon. Refusing to really do anything but try and get a couple of lucky shots in and getting wedged between fragment survivors and… us.


I mean, it makes winning a bit easier when half the squads die within the first 5 minutes. Just gotta drop literally anywhere after the path’s midpoint and you’re good.


We use Frag for warm up basically first few games we play then drop further away if possible. Always a bloodbath lmao


People are still landing on fragment despite the claimed "loot adjustment" to that area that supposedly decrease the amount and quality of loot. IMO it has always had bad loot just like the rest of POIs in WE, people don't land fragment for the loot, we like the chaotic nature of having so many teams near, what we really need is a more arcade mode so we can go there and take out or need to fight 20 people


I drop frag for the quick action and don't mind dying, the real fix is adding Control as a permanent game mode imo






Speed=50 mandatory


Why not just do like bloodhunt and choose POI before match starts(or make it random to not make waiting time to long) and limit the number of teams per POI it would make things better i gess "parachuting" is overated.


Couple minute penalty works good..they added in control later nd it worked solid


god I miss control


I feel the people complaining with “it’s casuals, people use it to warm up and dip” are part of the reason it hasn’t been put into play. While I agree with, yes it’s casuals and not ranked, that doesn’t give the green light to be an ass to the people you’ve specifically chosen to match up and play with (not choosing the specific people but choosing to load into a game with teammates as opposed to autofill being off). There needs to be some measure to curve it and the devs should ignore the people (if they don’t already) crying about a casuals countdown for constant leavers that say it would “ruin the game”. Rocket league actually has this as a feature funny enough and the game is far from dead, and it even gives a warning about it hitting you if you frequently leave. A countdown in casuals won’t ruin the game, it’s an accountability measure for bad sports which is what these people are.


Yeah apparently pubs isn’t the place to play strategically or win. People like to give me shit for trying to organize a decent vantage point/angle or ask to push as a squad. “It’s just pubs” is such a tiring answer.


Ikr. “It’s just pubs man, you really think we are trying to win here?”


They just need behaviour based squad pairing. All the fragment quitters can go on the same team, but all the team players shouldn’t have to put up with it. Rating team mates is what this game needs for longevity


Well that would require some AI-level analytics, and we all know Respawn will only do that if it no less than doubles the profits.


Imo they just need to make the "In game" requirement change from actually in a game, to having a team you were a part of be alive. So if you quit, you can't join a new match until your first team dies. It's not really a penalty then, just a change to how the queue system works.


I remember seeing someone else say this and I still agree with it being one of the better suggestions for the issue. The only issue I can see with it is the way the code is rn it would more than likely break the game, again.


I've seen multiple comments on this post saying pubs are bad because people hot drop and this change would be good because why? first of all, even if they implement this in the game in the best case this wouldn't change anything and I would keep hot dropping and die like the idiot I am in the worst case as one other comment recommended the planes would fly at different times meaning depending on which plane you are on you would be before or after everyone has landed. If implemented this change would only ruin my fun in pubs and mean I would not play it. Why is it an issue for you if everyone ELSE hot drops? The current ranked is extremely sweaty I have no interest in playing seriously in pubs I just want gun fights and kills. You are complaining that people are not playing pubs seriously yet you refuse to play ranked where everyone does play seriously.


Then play cod what is the point of playing for just kills that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard that’s obviously not the game objective so don’t ruin it for other just because u want a 20 bomb this is what needs to be fix having players like you match with others


again, fixed how? and how is this an issue for you? I land fragment if I want whenever I want if you want to have 10+ squads alive on the last ring go play ranked. Like they literally made the recent ranked changed to accommodate this. Have you not played ranked in the last couple of weeks? you don't need to go very high in the ranks for it to be sweaty. Also, I switched from warzone to apex because it's shit.


And I literally got a 3070 get 160 fps and still lose because of the pred there’s only 750 of them why am I getting put with them as a plat makes no sense


It would fix everything if you got put with teammates who are there just for kills like you but when I’m trying to win and my teammates goes on his own and gets killed then disconnects that’s not fun at all that is a horrible match making


I’m plat 2 I’ll agree it ain’t as sweaty as masters but when I’m in pubs and get a pred with a 20 bomb tf am I supposed to do there just there for kills obviously you should never be matched with a player of that caliber they should have a mode just for kills like control and stop having those type of people ruin it for everyone who’s trying to play to win


Yeah thats why i prefer ranked. Atleast in there i play against people of my skill level pubs is god awful


Exactly but when I play ranked I get matched with pred so what do I even play 😂 I can’t even play arenas without getting a shit ternate or a pred enemy


Yeah thats a whole another issue they need to deal with being plat is ruff sometimes


Honestly like gold was doable it wasn’t too sweaty but soon as I crossed into plat it was like a different game


Yeah, I’m in the boat that this wouldn’t really change much


Me. I die in pubs because I act like I have 9 lives. No strategy. Ranked is different.


It’ll force players to drop earlier if ships are headed in opposite directions.


Now, hear me out. They fix the dropship to where it has a different rotation every game and it's not the same fight night rotation for an hour


Even then Storm Point still needs to be changed, the higher elevation is really needed.


Bigger population


You can’t get to the higher parts of the map because of tbe lack of elevation. But that is a good thing because the map is too large anyway


Yet another thing that couldn't be bothered to be fixed in patch notes.


They bothered to fix a couple exploits. That's pretty much it.


Or Geyser on Worlds Edge.


Fuck it throw it in an LTM and see what happens


I wish they would do that like what’s the worst that could happen


The pro streamers start crying about it due to an actually halfways decently fair system. That means they can’t steamroll the lobbies :(




What? The game and respawn are trying to appeal to streamers rather than listen to what we have to say. Why are you even in this sub if you don't realize the main problems?


They should just try an LTM where each spawns on the ground at a different random POI.


How about 3 drop ships and each teammate is on a different one!


Fuck it throw that in too


The ships should fly in the same direction. Otherwise dropping near instantly will be the only option, as if you wait you'll drop into territory where enemies from the other ship already landed.


What if they ran perpendicular to each other


But wouldn’t that lead to the same problem we have now?


Well not really. In this model you could land on a team without realizing they already dropped and started looting before you got there.


Pubs needs this so badly, thank you for the great visuals! Pubs is unplayable because of clowns who drop hot and die within seconds. Matches don't last beyond ring 1-2 and most of the map is empty, exactly because those people didn't spread out normally. Forcing teams apart like this from the game itself is the only way to improve the spread.


You realize that they'd still jump fragment because there is no possible dropship route that doesn't let you get to the center of the map, right?


They could have the ships on paths that aren't exactly mirrored. For example, they could reach different POIs at different times, one is 30 seconds faster at Fragment than the other ship. Would you still go there 20-30 seconds after people landed, looted and fought? But sure, Fragment is very unique as a problem bc it's in the dead center of the map. Personally, I'd wipe Fragment off the map completely without replacement, just a giant hole of lava. On other maps though, it would help more, no?


Original fragment was so fun a big, dropping hot meant you had 3 active building to fight on, plenty of loot. Now everyone drops on streamer building. We also had sorting factory, even tree used to be popping. Even lava and sky hook had decent action! The main problem with the game now is that everyone wants to drop HOT. Let's give the player the option to drop hot on rotating and fun POIs, and this double ship path could be the solution to that, alongside reworking fragment, bringing back or expanding old popular off center POIs Paths used to be good. I used to love dropping on drill site and rotating train yard which was chaotic. Now every path seems to fragment or loot simulator.


> The main problem with the game now is that everyone wants to drop HOT It's kind of a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. I don't want to drop hot, but I also don't want to run around for 20 minutes before I even see another squad...which means around my third or fourth match I'll start dropping w/ the masses


It went massively downhill when they removed Mirage voyage.... no idea why they did that.


What's that


Oh yeah, sure they'd still go there whatever happened before or will happen after, it's fragment, streamers go to fragment, everyone goes to fragment, it's that easy. I don't get how it never got the skull town treatment. Maybe they've realized after said obliteration of skull town that it doesn't solve the problem because it's not with the maps, it's with the people. It's like this in every game. Guy buys COD every year for 80 just to lose every match because 'fuck the objective, I'm here for kills' and it gets way worse with free to play games, pubs has become a deathmatch with one life. And I don't think any dropship route would change that unless you actually force people to land apart by not letting them take control but at that point you could simply spawn teams at random POIs instead of jumping.


That would also solve the jump master problem. Spawning on ground was the ring of Elysium thing. Now its also on the vampire battle royale.


Logically what you suggest makes perfect sense, in practice though.. I’ve had randoms drop with me on the other side of the map pick up a single gun and clip and run to fragment like Leroy Jenkins. I think like you said the only solution is to nuke that zone to the ground. The amount of times I’ve rotated into fragment on the second circle and mopped up two teams to win the entire game is insane, the games shouldn’t be 8 minutes long.


No matter what you do I'm dropping the hottest point everytime and so will every other player that likes gunfights and not loot farming simulator Anyone complain about pubs hotdrops just go play ranked. Seriously let people play how they want you fun nazis


You are playing the game wrong and it's people like you who make pubs miserable. Apex is a BR and should be played as one, not like CoD. Go play another game if you don't like the Apex gameplay loop with everything it contains.


Bruh I haven’t played a single match of pubs in multiple seasons


Three drop ships, each squad member split into one drop ship each. Would be rather chaotic.


I think best course of action is releasing it as some sorta duos mode where the whole concept is “you gotta meet up with your partner”. Only problem is plenty wouldn’t even bother and just die soloing unless they forced or strongly incentivized the concept. Maybe anything better than a pistol or blue armor is in a container that can only be opened by two players at once or something. Making early survival easier, and putting you at a massive disadvantage late game if you don’t link with your partner.


I actually like that idea. A box that has two purple armours and a gold weapon of some sort but it can only be opened by both of you. only P2020's and Mozzy's as ground loot. Or A box with an RE45 each then another box with Alternators and another box elsewhere with R-301's or something.


Fragment west is essentially right in the middle of the map.


So many things that could be done. So much potential. Different ring sizes and shapes, continuous zones, dynamic rings eg more deaths and less players result in ring closing faster grouping remaining players in quicker zones rather than running half the map for 10 mins looking for last squad. Different flight paths as OP has posted about. Different types of flight heights. Even a force jump at a certain point of flight path. Etc. so many concepts and ideas.


notice the problem zones on most maps are near the center of the map. This doesn't solve that problem. It is just as easy for people on one ship to land fragment as it is for the other. All this does is make it so the fringe players that don't land in the popular areas are even less likely to find each other, since now they'll be on two completely opposite sides of the map, which afaik would make the problem you're trying to solve *worse*


I beg to differ. Look at what happened with skull town. Nobody lands on whatever it is at the center of King's Canyon now. A well designed POI that's in the center will always be hot. A center with a terrible POI will be dry as a desert. The problem is not the center of the map, it is the location of the POI, how well designed it is, and the path of the ship. Two ship paths with at least 2 or more fun POIs could very well fix the problem.


Yep, just remove all the loot from fragment and nobody will drop there anymore


In that case just remove streamer building and construction building. I guarantee nobody would touch fragment. But then again I can't think of any other fun POIs on WE that aren't covered in lava. I miss dropping in places like Lava City and Thermal.


So we put a storm zone over Fragment for the first 5 mins of the game to keep people away.


Uhm. No. 2 things. 1. You can already land anywhere you want. This may give an incentive to drop somewhere else, maybe closer to your flight-path, but it wouldn’t be as effective as you’d hope. 2. This basically prevents any team on A-side to drop anywhere on the B-side of the map, since the B-side players will have landed much sooner and be kitted already. Then all this place will hear about is how dumb that new idea is.


1. You can land anywhere you want but it's not going to be viable because depending on which flight path you're on, your intended drop may be further away and you will get a delayed landing. People will think twice before landing fragment or other hot drops because there will be no more loot. 2. It's a BR game where randomness and RNG is part of the experience. You're not going to be able to land in your favorite POI's every match, that's the point of BR games.


Gotta love when people play devil's advocate and take apart their own argument lol ​ 1. This makes 0 sense. First of all, there is no such thing as a delayed landing if everyone has the same flight-path. No one would think twice, because mathematically, because having more parallel flight paths would still put everyone equally away from frag like normal. Sure, you might be a little further, a tiny bit, but so are they. You say in point 2 that randomness comes with a BR. I'm saying that having two flight paths gets rid of that element to an extent because A people can't land on the B side anymore because people will already have dropped there from the B path and be kitted. 2. It's not the point, but that's irrelevant. If everyone has the same path you can go wherever you want with the same chances of survival on average. With this new idea you're restricting yourself to where you can land. Fortnite did this on their 50v50 mode and no one would land on the other side unless they were good enough to take on 5-10 people or just for fun. This idea would cause much more uproar than the way it currently is and it would NOT stop people from dropping frag, especially since it's a more central zone. This isn't even up for debate.


Not sure this would help as much as you wish it would, two overlapping mid points means the mid points would theoretically have twice the amount of players


But then it means I can only drop on half of the map depending on which ship I’m on (unless I want to drop 20 seconds later then the players from the other ship)


And that is the whole point, is to force players to turn off their ape brains and land somewhere other than fragment... Sky hook is technically a better designed fragment, yet nobody lands there because it's not hot. But if it was hot, everyone would land there.


People are still gonna land in their favorite hot zones and the ones that don't see still going to drop edge of map. People drop fragment regardless of where the drop ship is, people drop Hammond regardless of the drop ship, the ones that don't just go land edge of map so they don't have to fight, with all due respect i don't see how this could solve 2 teams left by 2nd circle


Nobody drops Hammond anymore and it's dead center. People drop fragment because its fun and happens to be in the center of the map. So what we need is alternating paths with fun and hot POIs. I can already imagine one ship path having their own hot drop POI and the other path having its own hot POI.


I'm not complaining about fragment, i love it lmao, i haven't landed in any other poi of worlds edge. What I'm saying is regardless of the path the ship takes people have their favorite drop zone and an extra dropship is going to do nothing about it


Ain't no way ape brain players are going to wait to drop at their favorite POI when there are other options. Apex players will drop at the nearest and fastest hot POI on the path. Let's say everyone loved skull town, but if skull town was at the very end of the path, I guarantee it would be dry as hell. You just have to look a hot drops on Olympus: Everyone drops bonsai and dies, they're not waiting to drop energy (which is hot on a different path). Oasis used to be really hot, but they messed with the paths and all we get is fight night path, sometimes estates or bonsai.


You've got such a weird ass view of people that don't drop at the spots you think are main Hotspots. Thinking people that don't go to *Hammonds* every drop are just landing on the edge of the map to rat to the end when Olympus has some of the best POIs that are regularly populated


I agree, and yes while it is true they will still drop where they want to, I agree with OP's idea since the other people who dont usually drop there get a better option than just having to drop near fragment or whatever. Especially if fpr example the drop ships go from different directions instead of one direction. For example in storm point, having two dropships from the opposite directions mean there would be people at let's say the mill and there will be people at storm catcher. Since people tend to "hot drop" aka drop almost instantly as well, the split means that late drops will still have guaranteed fights after they land. I dont think it's meant to solve the "2 squads left by the end of ring 1 problem" but i do think it helps people in pubs get more fights rather than wait for 15 minutes until the last 3 teams. The caveat I see is how little loot there could be for some teams if the entire map had been looted. It would be hell to late drop assuming most people dropped already since coming from both sides or coming from multiple ships in general would definitely spread player drops by a big margin


I can hear it already: 'Our dropship was way further from Fragment, so we got there way after all the other squads! Unfair!'


It won’t change anything , IN FRAGMENT WE MUST LAND lol


If you could have a pre round where the ships broad side each other with artillery before you jump, that would be cooler too. Just for shield boosting and have the artillery useable. Just you and some squads teaming before you kill each other. Getting killed puts you in queue and when two people die in the squad everyone is forced to jump


People would still just land in the same places, so you'd still see half the map having nobody on it, apart from teams who for some reason want to land miles from anyone else.


It could definitely help with storm point


This would be amazing on maps as large as Storm Point.


Could they up the squad count? Then dual ships would be awesome


Everyone would basically hot drop


Wouldn’t do anything on Olympus or WE


Dude how did you make this. Its amazing


Pretty hard to keep track of where people have already dropped


that's kinda the point. due to the mirrored nature of the flight paths you can assume that most POIs on the other side of the map are already taken so you better search for one on your half. hence spreading the players out. this is meant for pubs not ranked, so perfect balance is less important


Look, friend, I don’t like to disparage people I don’t know, but that’s a dumb idea.


Still better than the awful dropship routes now


If it's dumb, then prove it. Right now, the current implementation of pubs is dumb, as everyone and their grandmothers are landing in the same spot and the entire match becomes nothing but looting simulator. OP's suggestion actually fixes the problem as it forces teams to spread out around the map. That's the exact opposite of being dumb.


Yea it’s fine rn. The only point of pubs is to warm up or try for kills. 😂


Then you just get 30 people getting shafted every game cause they cant go to their desired location and actualy compete for the good loot. I wish there was a better way for player spreading but I dont think introducing rng is the way to do it


I'm down to try anything if it means better drops in worlds edge.


Bruh YOU literally control where YOU land lmao. What is the issue? If you don’t wanna fight you can literally just use your eyes and land somewhere without ppl, or with ppl


The problem is there's no in between. Either land hot and die first, or land far and face a 3 pred stack with red Evo while you have blue.


Skill issue IG


I promise you I’m landing fragment regardless lol


Have you considered getting good or is that just out of the question


What’s to stop people from all dropping to the hotspot in either ship or just meeting in the middle and still landing on each other. The flight path changes nothing, the map needs to be reworked.


Not sure tbh. It becomes rather complicated to know when you're gonna be alone somewhere or contested. It might be very frustrating. Plus basically you are forced to drop in the first half of the path, because in the latter path teams will likely already have populated these POIs and if you turn around by that point it's too late and the POIs in the first half are also already populated. Right now when you make a near optimal drop, you can be reasonably sure that at least no one is there BEFORE you (at best at the same time). IMO it's not a good idea and I don't see it's needed reall. The massive mountain in the center of storm point for instance does more harm to distributing players across all map than the drop ship path can affect (and arguably that's not even bad for storm point which is bigger).


So people will jump to fragment from 2 sides?


And then add a feature where you can pilot the drop ship and fight the other one, winder gets to actually land on the map and everyone gets 30 kills added to their kill count. but seriously, please respawn do this.


r/apexlegend users trying not to come up with the stupidest concepts I've ever heard


It would be very hard to watch where enemies landed for ranked. I'm fine with this for pubs, though.


You would still 1000m into the fragments as long as you know how to skydive, but this idea seems neat since you would think that others wouldve gotten first into hotdrop


Interesting concept is what crossed my mind firstly, however, wouldn’t it be better to not have the drop ships fly parallel to each other? I somehow feel that would encourage both groups to still land close to each other opposed to have them not fly parallel to each other. I guess the only way to find out would be to experiment with it first.


I love this idea. But both paths should have decent POIs so both ships are not trying to fight for the same hot drop. Also ships should go parallel alongside to each other and not mirrored and bigger gap between the two paths, to avoid convergence at the midpoint of both paths. This would essentially discourage one path to contest a POI since the other path would get there faster. This would essentially be who can survive their side of the map, and then face the victors of the other side.




I want the whole map to all land in one spot. Hot drop till I die




i had a similar idea [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/apexlegends/comments/two18d/comment/i3gx89c/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) but 2 ships is def better


Would be interesting, pubs are really a hellhole rn.


Id rather stopping power be removed before anything else is done in this game honestly.


I love this idea, would make storms point a little better atleast


This won’t change much. If you put this in worlds edge, everyone will still drop Capitol City. They could go the bloodhunt route and get rid of drop ships then let everyone choose POIs from the loading screen and spawn players at the POI they chose. They could even introduce a lockout feature that won’t let more than 2 squads spawn in the same POI. The other day in worlds edge, we literally had a 5 minute match and we landed capitol city. Got a weapon, fought 2 squads and won the game. Made no sense.


I love this idea!


Oooooor become dropmaster actual.


I like the idea, i really do. But having 2 hot zones might be kinda bad. Having at least 2 teams with Gold gear running around might have some negative effects


I think maybe add a feature to swap ships if you want as well


imagine landing far and you get to the POI and the other team is fully geared as your feat are hitting the ground. You are wiped in 2 seconds. No this idea doesn’t work IMO.


Would be players able ro choose from which dropship they start or would it be random? Nice idea but with one drop ship flying over the middle you're already able to reach any point on the map. I also think the biggest problem to spread them is that most squads in casual want to go always into the same 2 hotdrops which are often good spots right at the start or a specific spot mostly map centered, so I guess in the end 2 dropships wouldn't have that much effect ob splitting the squads as you hope for. The difference in ranked is quite clear, there teams spread automatically. A lot of ppl use casual more like a training mod for hotdrops or just chaotic situations which also a fact that tells me 2 dropsships wouldn't make a difference.


nothing will stop players from hot dropping fragment but i support this :D


Watch the next new map have the dropship rise from an abyss in the center of the map, ascending in to the sky. Better loot somewhere close to the center for hot drops and eventual ring endings, whereas the people who wait for it to raise higher get worse loot but less people to share it with. Or have us pop out of a volcano and now the ring is rising lava, but that just sounds like a new game hahahaha


I think you could also have a mode where you start at a POI based on the position last finished at, and that also determines whether quality of loot.


This would also be beneficial for the competitive meta, as it would make each team have to reconsider where they drop every match. For example if TSM wants to drop fragment they simply can't afford to do that if the other ship has quicker access to it. This will in turn prevent meta gaming as well as the inherent advantages that "better" teams have by dropping to the best spots uncontested.


Heaven forbid you just drop and fly away from the ship instead of down…


Everyone would still Drop fragment, Estates, or Cascades


Worlds edge was my favorite map up until I started playing the game this season again, i only stopped for two seasons. But my god on Olympus and worlds edge almost every single game there’s only 4 squads left by the end of round 1. I don’t really know a whole lot bout that latest map but it seems to be doing better as long as the water side is the far drop, there are fights throughout the the whole game. Shrink the map sizes or do this cause kings canyon is starting to look like the king of maps again


I personally like the one drop ship. It allows you to see where people are going. If you wanna drop hot go with the squads. If not watch for others and adjust your trajectory


I don't see much changes happening to pubs.


Cant believe they didnt fundamentally change their game based on your reddit post


wouldn't this just make people die out faster? it would just create two hot drops instead of one, thus increasing the percentage of players dying off drop in the beginning of the game. as for those who drop later on one of the ships, they would be at a disadvantage to those who drop earlier on the other one, since you wouldn't have a way of knowing if the place you want to land at is already taken by people from the other ship.


i like this concept


The only real way to fix hot drops would be to make people pick a specific spot, and then have a respawn ship drop them onto the map. Once a point is taken, no one else can pick it. So you can limit it to 2-3 teams per PoI, and then force everyone else to spread out. Kinda like how CS:GO's Danger Zone drops function.


I've been saying this since season 3 .... 2 dropships would be better.


This is a great idea. Maybe people would stop landing at the same 3 buildings in fragment with this change


My concern would be that while I'm sure that there are enough balanced POIs on the maps that you could have balanced drops between both ships that's not how people's brains work. Look at how many people drop fragment it's a good poi there's decent loot and you know you're going to get an early fight. But it's not objectively the best loot or the best chance of winning I wasn't playing last time it was in ranked but I'm sure that Pred lobbies don't swarm it. I think that you're going to have a bunch of sweaty crybabies mad that the other ship gets to their only poi they want to go to even a second earlier. Would the game be better and more fun for Mid skilled players that are able to adapt and dynamic drop into a variety of locations? Probably. Is that the segment of the community that will blow up forums and YouTube and be absolutely insufferable in game ? Absolutely not. At the very highest levels of play it might make a significant difference between ship paths and at the lower ends of play it doesn't but also they're going to shout a lot.


Good concept, but nothing will change. Half the lobby will continue to land in one POI like Fragment.


What if winning a pubs game granted you 5 crafting metals?


This would add another level of RNG to the game so I feel like it would only make things worse.


Team Rumble, yaaaay!


I've already had the idea of a special mode where you don't get the dropship, but an orbital drop where you select on the map where you wish to go from multiple area selections and with knowledge of where the ring is going to end up. Basically, you get to chose from 3 areas, you start with a limited loadout, and you know where the final ring will end up. The drop pods drop down with everyone together and evenly spaces everyone to ensure you don't get to just escape without a fight. The idea was a LTM known as Orbit Blitz.


They’d never do this because then they’d have to fix the loot distribution lollll


I've been saying this for 2 years.


Brilliant idea


Or just learn to control your glide, there's no where you can't reach lol


It is really unnecessary for pubs. If you want to play a 30 min long loot and camp game just play rankeds. Not being able to hot drop on places like bonsai plaza would destroy the experience.


Everyone will still drop on Fragment though


Like the idea but don’t really see it working as people say they will drop drag but I guess it’ll be interesting seeing another squad come towards you rather than always gambling who’s landed behind you, playing more ranked lately and to be frank see only 3/4 squads drop hot at most usually


Half the ppl upset bout everyone dropping frag probably still loses when they land big maude by themselves. Pubs has no merit therefore no reason to try your hardest unless you're some weirdo kill grinding to make your stats look better in which case you're prolly going to land frag anyway n if you're good it'll be easy but challenge to clean up frag n it's various late rotators with blue shields bc they wanted a peaceful landing.


Fortnite big team battle but it’s normal rules


Definitely a good idea for pubs. Would spice things up more and make it so everyone doesn’t die immediately. But one could argue that it would add too much rng for ranked.


I'll see everyone at Frag, Fight Night and Cascade Falls!


I was thinking about spawn zones spread throughout the map where you randomly got beamed too.


So you want the game to have even MORE bugs


I posted a similar idea [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/CompetitiveApex/comments/qfwqpn/would_2_dropships_help_spread_players_out_over/). My main difference is that the dropships shouldn't be going in opposite directions to each other, so that players don't drop to places where people already landed and get annihilated by players who already looted up.


A good idea, but i dont think it will stop half the lobby from landing at craphole city anyways lmao


It would be interesting in duos if you're on separate dropships


I approve


I would argue almost every poi is reachable from any dropship path if you know how to fly in well enough. I dont think adding a second drop ship would help much other than force half the lobby to land late at the places they want.


I like this


And the whole lobby would still land Fragments in World's Edge...


Couldn't you just ya know. Make the 1k distance flight? I do it all the time ya it's a long flight but you land free everytine


People would just drop during the first half of the map because the second half would already be full of players that dropped from the first ship. It would basically limit the options of each ship to half the map unless they wanted to drop on a team that's already looted.


More rng = bad


I like this idea.


That would only really be good for stormpoint. Other maps don't really have an issue with players distribution on drop being terrible. On stormpoint, if you get a bad drop angle, the entire lobby has like 3 good drop POI's. Lther maps you can get pretty much anywhere from anywhere on the dropship without a much fuss.


This is a great idea!


I think this would work everywhere but Olympus, got to keep one or two places quiet


Fortnite had this in a 50v50 mode if y’all remember a few years ago


No point everyone will still drop fragment


I like having everyone jump out the ship in the direct middle or as soon as jumping becomes available it's very refreshing /j


team rumble


My opinion on pubs WE is that there are anywhere from 12 to 16 teams full of people who think they are Shroud, Chocotaco, Dr. Disrespect, Zues, Jankz, etc who must hot drop and prove their superiority over the others and the second they go down immediately rage quit. It's made me hate the map and even if it doesn't help I just report the early leaving and block them. Nothing else I can do except not drop with them then I get spam pinged, spam messaged, etc if they die and I'm not there.


Excuse me, where can I find this ranked mode where people spread out naturally


Problem with this is it'd be harder to tell where ppl in other ship are dropping. So you would have more surprises when you think your dropping uncontested.


It will be 4 years until they wrap their head around this. Then, and only then, it will be limited time match!