fix game chat on Xbox


Straight up. Haven’t been playing much lately cause some of my friends are on PS5 and we have to go through the hassle of finding another way to communicate, such as through discord


Yeah, I use over-the-ear headphones for Apex, but I also wear ear-buds that are connected to my phone so I can use Discord with my PC and Xb friends


No wonder my PlayStation squad mates keep saying they can’t hear me. I thought my headset was messed up.


whats wrong with it?


New gen consoles are having a few issues after the big update. Mic issue is the most frustrating of the two I’ve noticed. If my mic isn’t cutting out, then the response is delayed and the audio output tries to catch up and will just speed what I, or others who play with me on their next gen console, say resulting in fast forwarded audio that you can’t even understand.


they can't hear me well, it's gets cut off whenever I start speaking I been unable to for the same reason the game just because of that little thing.


we got creative. 2 of us play with an AirPod in one ear underneath the headset on discord with the mic muted. the Xbox friend plays with his phone on his desk. and mutes his console mic so it doesn’t randomly pop in. it’s painful after a couple hours but worth it for comms in ranked. fuck greedspawn. they can launch a new line of skins but not fix a simple bug that’s been going on for weeks.


ah, thats super frustrating! im seeing a lot of comments about the same issue


No fix yet? Damn


Please for the love of god. All you posting about “ I can’t do ranked with no mic teammates anymore”, I was trying to go to game chat more, but now I can’t because it’s busted


Please fix console chat. It is insane that you would absolutely ignore this side of your player base.


Can’t believe it still doesn’t work properly after 3 years.


Why is it hard to believe? You can say that about a lot of things in Apex, but morons keep mindlessly buying skins no matter what. Respawn has never needed to fix anything in the game thanks to whales.


As a whale I’m disappointed too.


It's a store, not an event.


Monsters within cosmetics didn't drop in crafting costs


They were supposed to have dropped down *awhile* ago and never did. Respawn doesn't give two shits, and hardly ever follow through with things they say.


Game is in milk and maintenance stage.


did Xbox game chat get fixed or is it still fucked? it works if you play music into the mic but otherwise it cuts out non stop. pretty horrible playing with anyone on Xbox.


Nope still fast forwarding what people are saying


How is that shit even possible? Lol it’s like it’s recorded and played back at all times. Seems fishy


They don't care. We have to wait for season 13 lol


Ohhhh so that’s why my mic seemingly didn’t work, thank you.


Still fucked, I don't think they've even acknowledged it


The same. There was no update.


This this this. Upvoting and replying for visibility




Same issue with the brightness on Serie X since the update last week….


Brroooooo okay I thought I really ruined my monitor but thank god it’s on their side! It’s so bright yet SO DARK CANT SEE ANYBODY!


Yep, same problem. Didn’t play a game last week cause of it. Guess I won’t play this week either.


Workaround: turn off HDR in Xbox Settings. Their implementation is subpar.


Thanks. Just annoying to turn it off and on depending which game you play …


I just tried it, didn’t work for me. 😕


You do not want HDR in Apex anyways.


$4 for a high chance of a blue and two whites, insult to the playerbase just like every event


Oh it's a guarantee I'll get a Blue and Two whites. I've never bought a special pack, and never will for this reason.


Wack-ass recycled game mode, put a little effort in, respawn


Agreed. But atleast we get a ltm.




It's an event to boost EA income


Reminder: Respawn is in control of monetization of this game.


Yea but they are owned by EA so gotta figure they have sales numbers to make and give daddy ea a good portion


If they weren't owned by ea they'd do all the same greedy shit.


The most important kind of event


What it would take for them to make a fun mode where squads can all pick the same legend? I just want to shoot at a squad and the 3 mirages use their ult and it becomes a party.


This cosmetic "Event" has 20 stat trackers and banner frames within the pool of 40. Each event pack nets you ONE event item. Also, the packs are 4USD each. What a fucking ripoff...


This time they were like "uh fine will throw in an old gamemode that no one really enjoyed"


This cosmetic event looks like a battle pass that didn't make the cut.


Yeah, this has got to be the most bullshit cash-grab event yet: - 400 coins ($4)/pack - 32/40 (80%) of items are trash tier Epic/Rare. - 8/8 of the Legendary skins would barely pass as Epic skins in previous seasons - The probability of getting any decent non-event items is SUBSTANTIALLY worse than the regular packs ---- Event Pack: 1.5% chance for an item to be Legendary (X2); 3.5% chance for an item to be Epic (X2) ---- Regular Pack: 7.4% chance for AT LEAST one Legendary; 24.8% chance for AT LEAST one Epic or better. If you purchase anything from this event, you're a fucking idiot with no impulse control. But hey, maybe the shitty value is just because there are supply chain issues in the Outlands too (/s) Probably too late for Apex at this point, but any game developer with a decent idea needs to avoid EA like the plague. The leadership are a bunch of parasitic cunts who can't figure out how to sustain a cash cow franchise without completely sucking it dry...




Yeah, the cash grabs are getting egregious now. They were bad in the past, but they’re just going above and beyond to screw over their playerbase. It could’ve been justified if they actually improved the game by fixing server performance, adding in (footstep) audio and removing King’s Canyon from ranked, but instead we get a recycled mode that’s trash with absolutely zero hype or story.


> Yeah, the cash grabs are getting egregious now. It's only going to get worse. Not just Apex, every single game with mtx. Enjoy!


Yeah, I thought apex was bad, but then Valorant came out and was much worse. Halo was supposed to save us from greedy mtx but also was an absolute cash grab. It sucks that this is what gaming has turned into, especially if you’re old enough to have experienced the golden years.


Lmao it's been 12 going on 13 seasons they're not fixing anything related to audio or servers. But hey here's some overpriced skins for you! :D


I had the same thought…


It’s been a full month and you guys haven’t even mentioned that you’re working on fixing game chat? It’d be nice if you cared about gameplay and function instead of money farm event after money farm event.


5€ for one piece of the tracker picture says everything


My game chat doesn’t work at all since the next gen update. Is this happening to other people?


and the random crashing


Fix Game chat and saturation on xbox X/S thanks


Massive lag/network rollback issues on PS5, just in case anyone else is experiencing the same


Yep thought it was just me…..


Same on ps4. Terrible to the point it's driving me crazy. Like I'm missing triple take and sentinel shots that I know 100% I did not miss and it's a weird feeling. Restarting system and router to see if it helps.




Same but for PC. I get two symbols in the top right corner of the game (Prediction Error and latency).


Guys stop calling this an event lmao it's just a store update with a recycled mode that was lackluster even when it was first introduced. These morons wouldn't know what to do with a game even if their life depended on it. I really want to like this game again, but the honeymoon phase is over for me and my buddies and we all see how bad the game actually is (really all it has going for it at this point is the movement, which is unmatched). Please just fix it lmao


Tbh how am I surprised they haven't fixed game chat audio? It's kind of been positive though because I'm starting to not even want to play the game. Might touch some grass.


Did they just significantly add more useless and shitty items in the lootboxes? Like 4 bucks to get a stupid tracker????


Not saying I agree with it, but they sis the same for the other 2 events where you can buy items after the event is over. It's annoying af. Especially since trackers are double the cost


Man fuck these packs. So much rare garbage filler 🥲.


Honestly the legendarys are all shit they are just boring like lobas horizons and ramparts from the last event. Respawn "slap a bit of gold metal on it and it's a legendary skin"


I like the pathfinder skin because I love Tupac. Reminds me of him. Not spending a penny on this garbage event though


Like it too , it reminds me of Chappie and path personnality also feels like Chappie


Craftable items added permanently to the loot pool that get discounted to normal crafting prices later. Only fools buy the packs for these "cosmetic events".


I mean, all the packs from every event are "foolish" if you want to be real, but it's a lot harder to get crafting mats than it is to spend $10 on packs.


Well yes, I look down on all pack buying, but this is just extra silly. If I had to choose a time and event to spend money on packs, this is the nearly the worst just above buying raw packs at no discount for no reason.


Quite possibly the least amount of effort artistically, and the most money hungry event I’ve seen. I am impressed by the new layout showing how much stuff you’re trying to upsell. (40 items and only 8 are “new” while simultaneously being up charged to double price) It’s getting very sad EA, that instead of coming out with good engaging content, you decide to pump out low effort skins for weapons and characters. I hope gaming changes soon, because it just feels like it’s expected for us to keep non-stop spending in order to get good content, instead of working for it. Apex coins? HA! What can we do with those except buy a recolor or legend every 3 months. Please improve the state of gaming, don’t hinder it. You’re on the frontlines. I love this game, but big companies bearing down on devs for non stop profit for meaningless content has to change. Please..


Shoutout to the fking loser called "BelowAverageGamer", a diamond rank player farming damage by colluding with enemies in the Flashpoint LTM yesterday. [https://i.imgur.com/2p5TTJf.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/2p5TTJf.jpg)


literally saw like 6 teamss doing this in a single game. The flashpoint LTM is not just a bad LTM, it's a cheaters wet dream. Makes me want to play Apex Legends a lot less.


They just keep going downhill, what the actual fuck are these skins.


Server tick is somehow worse now?




"omg im not buying this garbage" *proceeds to buy out event*


i swear they have all the low effort ugly skins to make their other skins look better so people feel more inclined and have more reason to justify buying their other skins. they set the bar so low that they don’t even have to actually ever put that much effort into the cosmetics except for a handful of them, just enough to convince people they’re worth buying bc they’re so much better than other skins at the same cost. video games, especially free ones and especially ones that kids like, use the dirtiest tricks & most immoral sales tactics out there. just the concept of loot crates is honestly so fucked up, it’s literally gambling that is targeted to kids (less so for apex than other games but still definitely a big issue).


I have literally never bought anything outside the battle pass


i get sucked into cosmetic traps in other games i will admit but i’ve never even considered being like that with apex. literally if they had better skins i would buy them. ive only ever bought the battle pass and 2 $4 skin/apex. i sincerely wish they would up their cosmetic game but doubt it will ever happen.


Stop buying this crap!


Fix the game instead of adding shit to it for the millionth time. Jesus. There’s been major audio bugs in it forever now and no fuckin urgency to fix or even address them.


Yo what the fuck is wrong with this game?


This "event" straight up sucks. Control is way better and more fun.


Things that Respawn could have done instead of putting out this lackluster cash grab "event"... * Fix the charm tab (You made a new design for the event but couldn't fix a now long standing feature of the game?) * Give us some more paths of progression (level 500 update was SOO LONG AGO!) * Weapon badges * In-game tournaments * Fix "Clubs" * Fix crossplay voice chat Any number of things honestly that people have been asking for since the dawn of time rather than releasing subpar skins.


Footstep Audio is nonexistent in this game mode


i've been having major lag issues since the new update


This game mode is...not great.


It *slapped* during Season 6 but this year they fucked it all up. The flashpoints are *tiny* and they're just placed in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no cover. There's no way to break line of sight or put distance between yourself and an enemy without leaving the zone.


you want to hear a joke? Apex legends arenas ranked matchmaking. any kind of matchmaking in general for apex legends. Why the fuck do I constantly have to fight against diamond level players in gold/play just to climb back up to my original rank just because the fucking company wants to reset the ranked every 30 days just so they can keep retention for games for no other reasons than to keep people miserable and playing the game over and over again?


it’s bc they’re too busy making trash skins that no one will buy


I'm in Plat 4. 5 games in a row last night I got killed by a team with predator badges. Matchmaking for ranked is awful


Fix the game in general, fix chat, upgrade servers, make the game playable. Stop with the money grab schemes and fix things for once.


Console (XSX) issues that STILL exist: •Cross play game chat is buggy and laggy• •Dolby Atmos/Windows Sonic implementation is still broken and unusable• •Contrast and saturation are too high after the last patch and HDR looks terrible.•


Next time y’all praise them for giving us a ~free pack~ take notice of how much garbage filler there is


Unshackled Cash Grab


Why are the Flashpoints so tiny this time around? Why are they just placed in the middle of nowhere with no cover? I loved Flashpoint during S6 but they've just ruined the mode...


The amount of sweaties on this game has just totally sucked the fun out of it for a casual player like myself. Every god damn lobby is a sweat fest with people playing like they have a gun to their head and will get shot if they don't win with 10+ kills. Fix your damn matchmaking Respawn.


Just put the fucking Flashpoint on the whole map that would be more fun. I already played it a long time ago... this time I won't even try it.


Morning, rant incoming 🤣 Thoroughly disappointed with this event, mostly due to the prize tracker… seriously no packs?! I’m level 500 now so no more packs every other level up, only get them from events, battlepass or treasure packs. This sucks. And I’ve already finished the battlepass befor split 2 had started so now I’m wondering what’s the incentive to keep plugging away for no reward. However as a long time player I have a couple suggestions to solve this as I’m probably not the only one in this boat. 1) increase level cap by 100 levels every season 2) from Level 110 on the battlepass, introduce packs or random cosmetic items from the generic cosmetic pool at 10 level intervals to an infinite number so there is still reward for completing challenges and playing on even though you’ve completed the battlepass. Cheers folks happy Wednesday


okay, i get it that matchmaking sucks ass and i always get people way above me in skill and stats, but why do i play solo ranked as a plat 2 and get gold 4 team mates in my team? two gold 4? is this is somekind of a joke?


The update broke Apex, I have no aim assist and my game is much darker now. I play on xbox series x and the last time I played this gsme was during the last event and it's not my xbox or monitor because my other games function normally unlike apex.


Pls fix the servers. There is so much spike lag


Yet another 'event' where the LTM doesn't count towards the event tracker?! Seriously, are the Devs completely braindead?




Yes it does count towards stats


It's tracking mine just fine, have you actually checked?


I’ve never been less excited for an event in the last 3 years. Terrible skins, terrible and not fun game mode where you can’t even disable fill. I played one match and went straight back to duos. Respawn has become so lazy. Edit: oh, and the tracker is dogshit too. I’ve already completed the battle pass weeks ago and the „epic“ re45 skin looks worse than most rare skins.


i can’t speak on the ltm bc i’ve never tried it but the cosmetics in this event are literally the worst i’ve ever seen. not a single good one. the purple skins aren’t even animated and i would mistake them for grey skins if i saw them in game and didn’t already know about them. such garbage.


Yeah it's genuinely terrible. You're forced to rat in flashpoints. Who was the designer who thought "that sounds like fun"


will the skins for this event be permanent?




Thank god i need that pathfinder skin


The amount of BP Stars in the prize tracker of an event so close to the end of the season is just insulting. Zero effort by Respawn, especially after a season with so few LTMs


Why do they keep giving us event challenges, but none of the tasks involve the event mode?


FIX THE SERVER LAG! FIX PACKET TRANSFERS! test your fucking shit game before pushing all this money making garbage




Worst audio out of any fps I’ve played. Absolutely horrendous. Even the audio customization is fucking trash. This game is at one of its worse. Idk how many people have to complain for all the seasons for this issue to be fixed.


the most horrible developers ever existed for BR genre, literally zero shit given to make the game better


Not even turned on my computer to check this out. The comments say it all really.


Kills not registering/updating in BR trackers


The LTM is not fun


Why do my teammates insist on leaving the healing zone to go get third partied? If youre going to just push, die, and disconnect go play pubs wtf


Why is the pathy skin promoted on the event tab as having a red headband but shows up with a yellow one?


I guess Pathy left the Bloods and joined the Latin Kings instead.


These skins are just....meh. Every legend that has an event skin just has better skins already. The guns are the same. Not to mention they've padded the packs with a ton of useless crap that nobody wants. And why do we need a Hemlock skin when that's this season's BP skin?


PS4, can't hear ANYONE on XBOX, and then can't hear ENEMIES LITERALLY RUNNING RIGHT BEHIND ME MULTIPLE TIMESS COME ON BRUH ITS 2022 AND YOU CAN'T HEAR PEOPLE?! Just tell us you ain't a AAA game why don't ya?


Didn't even know an event was going on. That should show how bad it is.


Sucks that these devs are just at bad at making stuff as cyberpunk. Why would you release a broken next gen update. You had issues for years with the normal one. Why not take your time with the next gen but nope. Rushed version that is broken af


They need better matchmaking, that won’t happen so this game won’t truly get better


Half a magazine disappearing into a wraiths back… not damage. Makes the hit marker and noise but no damage. Really fuckin stupid! This game makes no fucking sense


Completely dead. Spending 5-7 minutes to get a game...


I see no point in playing this anymore. More and more smurfs farming low level players because they can't make the cut on the upper ranks. More and more perfect aim, no recoil, across the map blindshooters who can only regurgitate the same "git gud" toxic bile as they're waving their credit cards around. Prowlers going full auto, 30-30 and Triple Take shooting full charge every time, Sentinel doubleshots, Rampage's moody aim, Octane's jump pad going loco half the times, Caustic's gas bags faulty triggers, random desynchronization every third/fourth match, worthless arena in its entirety, exaggeratedly unbalanced matchmaking etc. It's not better than a mobile cashgrab "game".


Still waiting on Forge


we are never getting Forge, but his brother Egrof will come looking for vengeance,




this has to be one of the worst events i’ve ever seen, if not the worst, and apex has some very low effort events. the skins all suck, not a single good one nor even remotely decent one. none of the purple skins are even animated?? i truly don’t understand how they justify labeling them as purple when they’re the quality of grey skins basically. the legendary gun skins are so bland. the legendary skins are just…distasteful, no redeeming qualities. the poses and some holos are the only decent things but who wants a holo from an event? and why the blue banner frames? and somehow everything still costs double crafting mats as standard cosmetics. they should cost half as much bc of how absolutely horrible they are if you ask me.


fuck it ive had 2400CM for a while now the question is crypto or path skin, mh ​ edit: eh after lookin at them more I think i'll wait for next coesmethics lol


I really wish these streamers would be more vocal about all of the problems this game has. I feel like if the people on reddit scheduled a "No play day" to boycott respawn until they fixed the important shit, they would be on that shit so fast. They could careless though because they know everyone will play regardless.


Never have I seen a game mode event that doesn’t feel like I’m walking in mud for the first week. How many fucking times have we been through this? Apex get your shit together. Flashpoint is just unplayable Edit: Scratch that the whole game feels like dogshit right now. Every. Single. Time. Something new is released.


Anyone able to get in yet? My game keeps freezing on menu


I can't even open the game on PC right now, it's using 90%CPU. Is anybody else experiencing this? Game worked fine yesterday


Launching Apex has started blue screening my computer


Why do people need to be glowing for heals, it’s such a distraction. People can’t just see their health go up?


Been queuing for an hour and haven’t got into a game, also the prize tracker is utter dogshit


Somehow the audio in Flashpoint is worse than normal trios or duos. Amazing. I’m on PS5. Edit: spelling


Why do these devs keep putting non-event (Arena) challenges into the event-trackers? Why would you force people play something OTHER than your limited-time event mode to make progress? At least this time the two BR challenges do count for the LTM, but with Control none did. Respawn you already have challenges that say "get a top 5 in BR - OR - 1 win in Arenas, just make all challenges universal so they can be completed in ANY mode.




Since this cosmetic event dropped, I've been getting wrecked in ranked. I've never lost so many points in such a short amount of time in one evening.


It’s the rigged matchmaking, get destroyed and triggered to keep playing and get a win again.


Storm Point needs to be removed, it's fucking bad.


Playing ranked solo. No teammates assigned from character select. Quit immediately and recieve penalty for being a *bad teammate*. Literally no teammates. Thanks Apex.


500 coins for a single tracker wtf?? Not even a full trackers just one part???


Respawn managed to ruin the sound and the white balance on console in a single update. I'm almost impressed.


pc - the game is noticeably lagging even in the lobby menu. i’ve noticed since the update. sometimes gets worse in the middle of fights, but in general the game keeps skipping and lag spiking. anyone else have this issue? my buddy on PS doesn’t have the problem.


Yes. I will get at least one hard 3-5 second freeze per br or arena game. Nothing wrong with my internet or pc so it has to be them.


Slightly unrelated, but why is Respawn still spending time and resources on that complete waste of time that is the chapters? I don't think anyone would miss it, and it's money spent developing something useless.


I really enjoyed it in season 5 but they really, really need to put more effort in. The current plots are crap, the writing is crap and the medium through which the crap plot is told is also crap. If its going to keep on being as bland and low effort as it is now then, yeah, get rid of it. I wish that they would just actually make it good instead though.


It used to be actually fun. It was a part of the game experience, you had to actually do something to participate. Now it's just listening to a whole bunch of groaning and moaning characters while quickly scrolling through the poorly written story.


The lore folk here aren't gonna be too happy if that goes away.


*shrug*. I'd rather have a good game without lore than a buggy game with poorly made lore story.


I do not remember such a weak Event, It looks like some kind of combat pass that they forgot and just added: D ...


It’s funny how in the LTM description they say “Always Be Closing circle rules” are in effect like everyone remembers how some LTM that ran for 3 days almost 2 years ago worked.


Remember the time they tried to have this dope ass event with 5 different LTMs that would span over a week+ and all but one of them, which was the lamest of all of them (multiple hot zones), just didn’t work LMAO.


I mean the rules aren't exactly hard to remember.


Series X/S players still cannot receive apex coins or any purchases related to the game after being told to "hang tight" in a tweet posted by respawn there are still zero updates to the matter and the only way to receive coins is by contacting support and if its been less than 24 hours they wont help you and will make you wait before they add them manually.


Stop spending money on this shit game


I'm in this situation. So they have admitted there is an issue? I bought coins 19 hours ago and they did not add


This mode make up for fun games but it's still heavily reliant on having decent teammate which almost never happens. I just tried Fortnite, and while I know that I got a bot lobby, it made me wish I could just play a solo Apex mode. I'm tired having to carry noob like teammate even though I'm barely average.


I'll be honest the 'no build' mode on Fortnite makes it tempting to give it a go. I couldn't really get into it the last time I tried it.


There are so many issues with this game right now, too many to count. Devs aren’t addressing any of them.


Literally servers are lagging so much it’s unplayable. Where is the response from this company?


Flashpoint is pointless you might as well just play ranked or normals and Arena is stale. ​ We need a permanent "warm up" or "casual" mode for those of us who either cannot or do not want to play the Battle Royal mode any longer. ​ The fact that there isn't a where you look to control points on a map or even just a simple TDM mode after three years isn't just bad from an accessibility stand-point its offensive, especially considering the hundreds upon hundreds of millions that you've made off our patronage.


Stop buying and stop playing. Respawn has grown lazy and its evident every new “event” the influence that EA is having on them


This event is so terrible, like did they even attempt to be creative with the designs of the skins? It’s sad that the apex community just eats up whatever is put out…


Is there an update?


Does anyone know if these skins will be craftable after the event ends? Thanks <3


Yes, they will be


I bought 2150 apex coins yesterday and they have not added to my account what do I do


God this mode is ass. Who thought we wanted this?


cronus legends: szn 12


On PS5, my founder’s badges are locked when I own them and use them on the PS4 version. This still hasn’t been address. I equipped them on my badge on PS4 version but when I go to the PS5 version they’re taken off of my banner and are locked on the badge screen.


i feel like the event could have gone better if there were more ways to get crafting materials. i know this is a cash grab, but i feel like having some way to at least participate in the ltm for points would be a fun way to grind for a skin or banner cosmetic players may like. also, some of the items are definitely lacking or don't have enough going on for the item to cost more crafting materials as well as be hyped up as much as they have been. wraith's banner pose has her model super compressed where as crypto's is fine. all of the frames are just... boring. it feels like the only items that are worth it are the poses that are smoothed out and some of the legendary skins.


Never played the current LTM. I find it funny that teammates yelling at me for heals. Like breh, read the description.


Well, Flashpoint was a swing and a miss.


They gave Lifeline care package a buff in the LTM! Extra compartment loot too


Been playing lifeline all day. Feels good to be usefull for a change with her lmao. Free heals. Golden res.


Sweet mother of jesus. I just came to comments out of curiosity but now. I feel like I'm the chosen one. I play on xbox one and im NOT experiencing any of the problems stated here. Didn't even know about these problems are this serious. Sometimes I'm a bit laggy, ping out of hands but it fixes itself in like 1minute. 1 out of 10match where I really have problem but even that is funny and challenging to survive. Just wanted to share this. Still no heirloom... Good luck legends!


Because Xbox players don't really care so much about game welfare to complain online. Chat won't work If this was a PC issue it would have been fixed the same day. Some Xbox players only just now realising or still haven't realised public chat is broken enough to post or ask about feedback


I gotta vent somewhere. In a game right now with 2 kids ratting ranked points in bronze. One valk and one crypto. They just hide and use the drone to scope out deathboxes and valk away from every fight. Gotta respect the tactic they are kitted and top 7 without firing a bullet.


Make noise and lure teams.