What does everyone else think about the new pride badge? I think it looks really cool

What does everyone else think about the new pride badge? I think it looks really cool


You put whatever you want on your banner, you're still getting sixth partied ;-;


“Doesn’t matter what you run, they’ll always be a sixth party, FNG” -Bangalore probably




That’s an insanely active sub for something so niche


Yeah yeah, hear me out. If they do third party you.. Hate criiiime... They'll think twice.


I don't think wraith and octane mains will think twice... let alone think at all


Can confirm. I don't think most of time when playing the game.


I know right. Videogames are meant to be fun; a way to decompress. It's like, "Do your thinking at work... Nerd!" Now let's do some scootin' and lootin'!


Wraith and Octane believe in true equality, and the 4K Damage Badge.






Caustic already does war crimes daily mate! It won't even be sweat off his brow.


Reminds me of scorch from titanfall lmao


Papa warcrimes!


even better just run from there and go back so technically u are thurd partying ur own fight loool


this is big brain time


"Oh cool a new badge" *Forgets that it ever existed*


me, an Asian, when #stopAsianhate badge was introduced lmao




Oh, anyway


Hey man Asians can hate whoever they want


That slogens choice of words is just unfortunate.


Same. The moment I got a win with Valk, I replaced it lol


Is this badge available to players in the middle east?




I need this info. Someone confirm it


From saudi arabia, also got it, the government is probably after me




Good to know that respawn actually care, even though this could result in legal action for "gay propaganda" as the homophobic countries like to call it, a lot of companies just celebrate pride but only in places that are more LGBTQ accepting, even though the places that aren't accepting of LGBTQ people are the places that need it the most


I got it in Egypt


Well color me incredibly surprised


In israel it is lmao


And russia


On the nose lmao


To me, everyone, regardless of sexual orientation is an experiment in my grand scheme to Poison solice city.


flair checks out


What about holograms? Asking for a friend... my only friend......... you like pork chops?


Username indirectly checks out too


I’m gonna log on to apex today, see the pride badge pop up, press continue, and load up a game. Cause idrc


Yea for real. I actually really like it but I use the same three badges on every legend so I wouldn’t equip it. But yea like who cares. Nobody is being forced to use it lol


My gay friends are forcing me to because im bisexual, They gave me a lemön bàr for it tho


Ah yes, the negotiator.


That seems like a fair trade


Okay but was it homemade or store bought? That makes all the difference


Homemade scares me. It'll either be delicious or be like eating chunks of asphalt with molten lemon hard candy mixed in, there is no in between.


As a person who has made lemon bars before I can say there is a possibility for both


My friends are REALLY homosexual, that shit was handmade and it was good af


I feel like cooking and being homosexual don’t have any correlation. But that being said it was definitely worth it then


that is an amazing trade


whats a lemön bàr?


Imagine a brownie but it tasted like lemonade and it was yellow


It's one of the best desserts in the world imo.


thank you so god damn much for introducing me to this


I just put the revive badges and trackers on everyone on the off chance it persuades the Wraith from quitting. It never does.


This is why I wish we had 4 badges in a square instead of 3. I’d like to show my good badges and the lgbt pride badge but I’m just so skilled that I don’t have room for it. Either I take off my 50 arenas winstreak, my pred, or my perfect game badges for pride.


> I'm just so skilled I don't have room for it No time for gay thoughts, predator awaits.


“The gays can wait I’ve got to third party this team”


While everyone else is some kinda horny, this man studied the Gun


You are so badass


I like that idea. Would be cool to have maybe a smaller one or something as more of a flair badge


They could add four more badges in between the other ones, to the left and right.


Either this ^ or "Oh hey that's really cool. I'm going to equip it." are really the only two acceptable answers imo.


straight up, i have all the badges i want equipped, i do not give a shit


I don’t care, gonna play the game because it’s just a badge. If it makes someone feel included and noticed, good for them.


I like your second sentence. I have a small underlying suspicion with organizations that do this, because seemingly, more often than not, it's just marketing and pr that's tied to revenue vs morals... but then we have fake it till you make it. I dunno


Wish everyone had this attitude instead of being really pissed off about it, bless you


If people stop playing Apex cause of the badge, that means more server bandwidth for us!


Not at all how that works but you got the spirit.


If enough people stop playing we can reverse the polarity of the ping and play at 0ms!


if we get a ghost to play the game we can bend time to our will and go backwards, someone get on this shit


Ummmmmmm less players = less strain on the hamsters, look it up, I know how this stuff works


There's that one weird hamster who loves to get strained though


It is a badge. A badge in an online game. You don’t even have to equip it. Simply log in, press continue, load into a game. It is that simple. Also, there are legends in the game who are associated with the lgbtq community. For example: Gibby is gay, Valk is lesbian, Fuse is pan, Loba is bisexual. And mirage is well... mirage.


no no mirage is porkchop.


Yes, fully agree.


Bloodhound is also non-binary. Just to help you complete your list


Pathfinder is binary! (Dumb robot joke, I’ll see myself out.)


I came here for this


Maybe he could be robosexual? (Please hold the door for me)


[robosexuality is a sin!](https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Robosexuality)


I mean, he loves shiela so maybe......


I knew I was forgetting someone


Pathfinder is bi, reventant is asexual (not that anyone would want him anyway)


You wanna put money on that second statement? I have seen things.


The steam discussion pages made me sad. People were talking like it was forced on and you couldn’t take it off. Then I log on and see that they just so appalled they don’t even want it available to them whatsoever


The Steam discussion pages make me sad in general


Mirage is pumpkinsexual


When did fuse become pan sexual. I guess I haven’t been keeping up with the comics.


What is pan-sexual? Does he have a thing for well seasoned cast iron?


Very dope badge, I would totally use it if it didn't fuck with my banner comp.


I’m all for lgbtq rights but the badge kinda clashes with everything


If you don’t like it, don’t use it, if you like it, use it. Pretty simple. People that make a big deal out of things like this are so insecure lmao


I have done as follows: Loaded up game Got pride badge “Oh cool, bungies one had more style but ok” Played duos with no teammate and went back to destiny 2


D2 gave out a pride thing?


Don't remember if it was given out or on the store, but yes. It's an emblem




I'm not even LGBT, but I'll wear this badge just to piss off these twats. I don't even like wearing badges except for my Arenas Win Streak and Level, might as well put that third slot to use.


Wish the world had more allies like you, thanks!


I'm straight but I equipped it on my alt because it's gay lmao


I mean Im not LGBTQ so it doesn’t really affect me although I think it looks cool and I support it.


Idrc about LGBTQ really, if ur gay ur gay. I treat everyone equally, regardless of sexuality.


Yeah like bruh were gonna ignore all our problems in life and start to make fun of gay prople. I play games to make me forget about my misrable life last thing I wnat to do is harass gay people


idk man, being gay? that's pretty gay


Idk man, talking about gay being pretty gay....that’s pretty gay


if you've ever masturbated u've technically jerked off a dude which is helllaaaa gay


i wish there were more people like you in the world


Thanks :) i wish there were more people like you in the world


If you have these badges im gonna clap you and if you dont im still gonna clap you


You can clap me, you can clap these cheeks me any day


I don't care if you got the badge or not, if u third my fight I fucking hate you.


Gay af....I love it




What other things fall into this category


Being able to choose your pronouns in RPGs.


And CoD, which Ronald fucking Reagan respects too


OP weapon. aka spitfire bocek pre nerf. makes a lot of people very very angry. saw a rampart get hate for using a spitfire when her passive is all about lmgs


Minorities existing


Also women.


So are all gamers the next hitler?


If I don't commit genocide, how else will people remember my name?


I have killed close to 11,000 players on Apex, we're all doing our part 😂


Over the years of playing video games, I'm confident that I'm responsible for killing more people, aliens, animals and monsters than Hitler and Stalin both. [Literally worse than Hitler.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQFU1y928dw)


Yes. All of them. Every single one. Even Little kids playing coolmathgames during recess at school? Yes they are absolute monsters, the whole lot.




Women, minority representation, non oversexualized female characters


>non oversexualized female characters Oh yep, remember the amount of hate characters like Ellie (The Last of Us) or Aloy (Horizon) got/ are currently getting? It's crazy.


Women as lead characters in videogames. Smart women on top of that. And to make them burst an artery you only need to make the woman look realistic, instead of some pornhub barbie that collects cosmetic surgeries like candy.




women and all the games they supposedly like


Politics in video games, if they are art then they should have a meaning and if you don't care about it you can still enjoy the gameplay


why so many people against lgbtq just wanna know


They say it’s because it’s “shoved down our throats” but they don’t acknowledge the years of repression people go through in middle/highschool. Growing up in a southern state at a majority black populated school, homophobia was fucking rampant. Kids were ostracized for even having a lisp because it made them sound gay. This was 4 years ago. Not lgbt myself but I might fucking rock this badge


They also don't acknowledge that it's normal to have a romantic subplot in every movie, ads with a semi naked man kissing a semi naked woman on tv, "aww, is s/he your girlfriend/boyfriend?" jokes when two _toddlers_ get along, but god forbid we offer the option to equip a rainbow badge in a videogame, that's "showing it down their throat"


As someone who is, thank you for rocking it!


Bigots don't need a reason to be bigots, they just are.


Waaah shooty game has rainbow me no play :'(


*rainbow six siege player count drops 90%*


Nothing says “I am psychologically weak” like not wanting to play a game because the devs support gay pride month. A month dedicated to celebrating and supporting a group of people who have literally been murdered over just existing. This tells me that they either are completely immature young children, who cannot function in a world where other opinions, biases, and beliefs exist. And that their lack of maturity makes it so that other people’s opinions, biases, and beliefs hold control over their personal emotional status instead of being able to just live their best life without being bothered. Or they just completely lack empathy and have absorbed so much of the conspiratorial rhetoric that they would allow themselves to disown their own family for simply being gay. You don’t have to prance around waving rainbow flags and sneezing glitter, you can just be a good human let others live their life how they want without letting it get to YOU personally. It’s the easiest way to be a good human.


It's whatever? I'm not going to use so, so I dont really care? Cool for antone who wanted it though. I dont get why everyone is getting their panties in a twist over it.


Anybody know if middle eastern players are going to get this badge?


When you see that Pride badge on my death box and t-bag just remember that in the end I won, because I wanted you to sit on my face anyways.


It’s cool! At least Apex is genuine in their support for LGBT unlike other studios than just ignore it or change their Twitter banner. This game, league and DBD are like the only ones that do stuff in game. If you don’t like it grow up and don’t equip it.


is anyone actually surprised that the community reacted like that to the badge


People who are insecure tend to be toxic.


Doesn't make a difference to me... just treat everyone fairly and with humanity, and that's what matters. Don't like the badge, but have nothing against it.


I mean IDGAF but pretty cool tho


Yeah, I'm browsing reddit when the loading screens are up so I'm not really paying attention either way.


I mean. I got it. I wont use it.


I don’t use any badges on any of my legends


Nice humble brag.


Just gonna ignore it


"I'm not playing for a month because I'm choosing to take an unnecessary stance against something I could easily ignore and not be purposefully hateful about. Also everyone TOTALLY cares that I'm not playing."


Can’t wait to piss off people by just using it. I live for salty messages


I literally equipped all three for this reason. its like the easiest form of trolling.




Yes. Plz don't play. That's 1 less wraith main who will drop solo and disconnect when they get knocked.


Ayy the wraith mains may be a pain in the ass but don't put them down to the same level as intolerant dumbfucks. Cmon man they do t deserve *that* ;)


I mean hey, it exists, i’m not gonna put it on but i don’t really see an issue with having people be able to express it this way. Like you do you


it's so fun watching homophobes get dragged


Then we got that one dude who’s like “whERes tHe sTRAight bAdGe” but I feel those people are trolling


We'll get the straight badge when straight people start getting their healthcare rights denied because they're straight


Don't downvote pls, but I'm legitimately wondering what you're talking about. Enlighten me.


There's been strong pushes in the south to deny healthcare for trans people. Previously, before it became federally legalized, gay couples were often denied medical powers of attorney, as their unions weren't recognized, and weren't considered a family.


Here in Texas (I’m just leaving middle school if that helps) a lot of the schools do anything they can to devalue trans people, like hardly anything in place to help them. I have a few friends who have been out as trans for like 1 and a half years and still get purposely misgendered, and the only acknowledgement they get is being allowed to use the correct restroom.


I’m fine with it, can’t wait for the badge for Men’s Mental Health month in November!


I’d actually love that as a banner though I doubt we’d ever get one


I don’t want to sound negative or anything but sadly nobody will care. It just doesn’t have enough awareness


That was the joke.


I like rainbows


I love this new badge!! If people have a problem with it then they're free to leave. Means more queers will fill their places >:3


I equipped it immediately, epic badge


Gaypex Legends


I am tired of people beeing offended on my behalf and wanting to fight my battles... I never asked you to and most people who do just do so for likes or public consumption... a game.. my retreat.. becomes another show of pretend support that just reminds me of the shit i have to face daily... This is nothing but an empty marketing ploy...


Apex is probably one of the few games I trust to support pride month without it being performative (because of characters like Bloodhound and Gibraltar).


Well, considering recent people's trend, it's either for marketing, or hating. I'd pretty much prefer someone making money off of said support these days than seeing random whoever spewing hate and everyone agrees like hivemind or shit.


I mean-- it's a game with a bunch of characters that fall under pride in it. So.... it might not be as marketing based as most companies? And some people aren't being offended on your behalf. Lots of LGBT+ are excited to have it. It's just a badge, it's not like a whole campaign. No one is going to see "oh apex has a gay badge, better play it". Especially in gaming circles these days.


It really is. But you know it's so supportive. Now how muh has EA given to charities for LGBTQ?


Its really not a marketing ploy. They developers have very publicly made it obvious they genuinely care about these issues. Going out of their way to find voice actors that are LGBT to try to match the characters they VA for. You think they really think making a rainbow badge that isn't being advertised is going to make more people buy loot crates? Come on dude, you're not that dense.


Exactly my issue with it. Im not straight either and Im just so sick of seeing the empty handed bullshit from corpos and especially other people that are supposed to be my "ally" yet go so far out of their way to treat me differently because of my sexuality. Like sorry but thats the opposite of what I asked for thank ya...


I like that Apex Legends is diverse, not because of representation though. Although that is nice. The real reason I like the diversity and equality stuff is that it filters out the racist homophobes that you'd see on CoD. Oh don't get me wrong, you still get your toxic elitists, but at least they ain't gonna start making derogatory insults in chat as often as you do on other shooters. They will call you trash, but they won't call you a fa\*\*ot doing so.


"TheYrE ShOvINg It DoWn Our ThROatS"


It’s really wild how people go from loving to hating a game based on if they support the LGBTQ+. Talk about being over dramatic, just play the fucking game for what it is 😒


Are there countries where Apex is not going to do this? If so it’s pandering, if not then it’s cool


Just remember; hate the corporation, not the rainbow


Good question hmm


Friend from Dubai logged on. He didnt Get it yet so I ‘ll keep checking in.


Respawn are great at overpriced cosmetics and virtue signaling. Balance and fixes.... not so much.


I'll be repping all three badges now. I'm all for raising awareness for treating all people well.


Speaking for myself, it's cool that it's a thing, but I won't use it. I love to keep my badges in a monochrome, all of them are blue, so yeah. But I saw many people using it, so it's all good.


People upset about a badge but not the fact that we still can’t get a full squad and that there’s barely been any new content this season smh


The fact that this is causing such an uproar is stupid. On the one hand this badge won’t change shit and doesn’t matter at all so releasing it is pointless ( but also doesn’t hurt anyone so you should not be mad that it got released) But on the other hand it actually hurts because this exposure and in your face „HELLO HERE IS YOUR GAY FLAG BADGE“ just separates everyone. We just should not handle lgbtq people as something special and have all these special things since that just separates them from the rest. We should treat it like something normal like having different eye colors (something you might notice and point out but nothing important). That’s what I like about valk and bloodhound. Cause valk only has like 2-3 voice lines that indicate she’s lesbian and blood hound never mentions anything about being non binary. That’s how you need to handle these things cause a new player can come to apex and might enjoy playing bloodhound or valk a lot. Then he starts to dig into the lore and because every legend has a very well written story will probably get hooked on it. And then there’s this side mention: „oh yeah valk is lesbian btw“. And it DOESNT CHANGE ANYTHING. It makes you realize oh that character that I really like is gay but I never noticed or barely noticed so idgaf I still like that character. ( may even make homophobic people realize that they can like homosexual people aka them starting to become less or not homophobic anymore ) But you don’t help the problem or do anything if you separate lgbtq people from heteros. Separation is bad and all this banter and advertising just makes things worse imo cause it starts to annoy me.




Another badge to the collection


I can only speak for myself, but personally, as someone who falls under the category of LGBT, I'm honestly not a fan of the badge.


I think it would be cooler to have a few individual pride banners (obviously people will get mad that theirs didnt make the cut) but i personally think the diamond frame makes the design look really crowded


Probably the same type of guy that walks outside, sees a rainbow in the sky and goes back inside. Like seriously, it's just a rainbow badge, it looks good


I finally have them all, the 3 badges to make all children angry


Damn it’s really hard for so many gamers(TM) in this thread to even passively support the smallest of representation in a game that already has it


To stop playing Apex because there's a pride badge in the game is like to stop going to a pride parade because there's a pride flag in it.