I didn't realize "Bucket Bunnies" was a thing.


It is when you’re looking for an excuse as to why your husband cheats on you. It’s because linemen have groupies throwing themselves at him /s


I worked out of a bucket truck changing the bulbs and ballasts of pole lights in Home Depot parking lots. I was never proposition by a bucket bunny or any kind of bunny for that matter. Guess it was just me.


You weren’t making that good overtime money were you?


fair. I was a glorified bulb twister so I was not making that sweet sweet OT, I couldn't make it rain on the bunnies. lol.


Was this a contracted job where you specifically went to all the Home Depots around your area/region? I’ve never even thought about that needing to be done. I guess I assumed it would be done by someone on the local store staff, but that makes sense.


I worked for a company that did contracted work on a regular basis (once a quarter) in various areas for large box stores... Me a 2 other crews covered Mo, KS, NE and parts of IL and Iowa. So I might go to Omaha Nebraska for a week and go to 4-5 Home Depot and 4-5 Lowes with a few Office Depots and Blockbusters (this was 2004-2009 or so). They were just PMs, we called them Sweeps, go to the store have them turn on the parking lot lights and check for any of them not working. Replace what was out. Got to drive some cool toys (drivable boom lifts, scissor lifts, bucket truck) lol. it's hard living I was gone like 200 days a year. Fun Fact. we were also contracted to replace the flag on the roof 2x a year. We collected them and took them to local VFWs for disposal.


This is my favorite comment of the day! Take my award!


If by groupies you mean prostitutes 🤣 I def. know the group of women who show up at every event that has a lot of married men with cash in their pockets and their wives far far away … never partook myself but they really come out of the woodwork 🤣


Well, that’s not ethically speaking great, but I still it’s primarily those men at fault for cheating on their wives.


Yeah, but if they put the blame on their husbands where it belongs, they might have to do the work of figuring out whether they can fix the broken marriage, scheduling couple's therapy, getting a divorce lawyer, etc. Its so much easier if they just tell themselves that their husbands are innocent babes in the woods, preyed upon by those hussies who specifically go after married men while they're praying to God thanking Him for their wonderful Pipeline Wife at home. Because that's definitely what happened. Those nasty bucket bunnies and row hoes can sniff out a wedding band, that was certainly on his hand as is right and proper, not in the watch pocket of his jeans while he cruised for anonymous poon in a new town.


The amount of women I see get mad at the other woman when their husband cheats is mind boggling.


Its called stimulating the economy.


“The economy” is also the name of my favorite stripper.


When the economy goes down, everyone cheers.


Every week I give money to Charity... I tell her that she don't have to strip here anymore.


Exactly what I was thinking. If the guy isn't looking, it won't happen.


“Lot Lizards” 😂


My uncle used to call those “big mistakes”


I saw a tiktok about Tinder in some Midwest town full of linemen and the contents were like “Get that bag, sis “ Lol They do make a comparatively large amount of money compared to most midwesterners so, they’re like attainable Sugar daddies.


They make a lot of money everywhere to be honest.


Yeah, but if you go to the big city where they average income is in the 6 or 7 digits you don’t think about linemen that much. I have some straight single friends who are at the stage in their lives where they really don’t have to put much work in to get dick. So they really only go out on dates for the experiences. Dudes who make more money buy fancier dinners (Midwest fancy anyhow). Here, everyone wants to hook up with a linemen or a guy who works at the Subaru factory lol Because there are enough of them for it to not be too exclusive of a dating pool, but they still make enough to take you to the Olive Garden and let you get dessert lol


Lafayette Indiana is that you?


Holy shit I was thinking the same thing. Lafayettes best spots are Red Seven and Mountain Jacks lol. Some low tier Italian and a super low tier steak house lol.


What city on earth has a 7 digit average income


it's one you poors wouldn't need to worry about


You have a funny idea of the meaning of “average income is in the 6 or 7 digits.” Average? What fantasy city would that be?


Are there anymore of these bucket bunnies laying around? Asking for a friend


Im just replying because your Username made me snort out my coffee!


Yes. Goto any bar in Red Deer, Alberta. Especially during spring Breakup. You'll have 3 young women hang off you all night. You're buying all the booze, shots and coke.


I apologise in advance for being dense....I'm Australian, and I have literally no idea as to what I just read. What is going on here? What's she upset/happy about? More to the point, what did Florida do now??


I live in FL, and I have no idea what any of this is. My best guess (ignoring “Row Hoes” because wtf is that): We just had a huge hurricane pass through that has done a ton of damage and killed a bunch of people, hundreds of thousands of people without power, rampant flooding, etc. When the big hurricanes come through, the affected areas often have linemen and other professionals from several states away travel to help get the power back on and provide emergency services. I guess (?) this woman is saying that the wives of the linemen have to try to defend their marriages against women (bucket bunnies) who try to sleep with the men when they’re traveling? I could be completely wrong and it seems absurd to me that in areas devastated by a hurricane there’s a bunch of women sitting around in the dark and half underwater just waiting for a power worker to show up and give them a good time. But I just don’t know what else it could mean. Edit: [This comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/xvcvkv/wage_slave_is_a_lifestyle_news_to_me/ir0l5ca/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) makes sense in this context.


Yea. I get that linemen can make bank, but I have never met a woman in a rural area or in a city that was like "ima climb me a linemen's pole" lol. Dude prob leaves home for a few weeks and comes home with a maxed out CC


It’s not. It’s so the wives getting cheated on can feel somewhat validated like they’re dating a rockstar or a fireman or something. Hey look I’m a Janitor, gotta keep all these mop bunnies away from me.


*mop maidens


Firemen ain’t all that. It’s literally like working with a bunch of smelly little brothers. Source: am a female firefighter and married to a fireman.


Sounds like you're saying chocolate cake ain't all that while you've got a face full of chocolate cake.


To be fair he wasn’t a fireman when we started dating 😬 but I see how that comes across. One of the few exceptions to the rule. There are a couple in every profession.


*dust bunnies


It’s not. It’s a fabrication in these women’s heads. Otherwise how could their man cheat every time they go out of town? Well it’s because there are “bucket bunnies” out there who hunt these poor blue collar men down and strip off their clothes and fuck them…. Nah.


I mean how could you not? I opened my door after the hurricane and went downstairs. It took me 5 minutes to get out the front of the building due to all the stripped clothing. Lineman were working across the street and there all the womenfolk were naked as the day they were born and hopping in a circle around the truck singing little bunny foo foo.


Little Bunny Foo Foo, hopping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head?. Is that the sick sadistic bunny you are referring too?


Lineman make bank! I would be a bucket bunny and I am a dude.


And, what is it?


Just say he cheats on you and you blame the women and not him because you need his income and just go tf away lmao


This screams "We have a joint facebook account"


Yeah but he's got a second phone that she doesn't know about.


In addition to his burner account?


It’s very Serena Joy without the nice house and free baby.


Oooh that reminds me the new episode comes out tonight, thanks!


Does it? You being reminded reminded me!


My aunt is 38 and her husband who’s in the pipeline stuff is nearly 56ish now They’re all a giant group of terrible people to be around


If I had to guess 90% of these guys cheat and that's being generous. I have worked on the pipeline and in doing similar stuff out of town for many years with all types of different people. They all openly talk about it and I've never seen so many people blow such a large percentage of their income in such a small amount of time. The women in these jobs are usually just like the guys as well, but there aren't very many of them.


I used to travel 48 weeks a year for work. I made a very good living, but wasn't blue-collar. I never once cheated on my girlfriend who became my wife. 90% seems pretty high.


I have been pipelining for like 12 years its more like 30% and usually the younger guys.


Maybe it's just the guys I've worked with, but it's really high. It also depends on where I'm at and how much we are working. Many of the jobs I've worked were 50 hours which is much lower than most out of town jobs. Many jobs there just isn't the opportunity so I guess I didn't really think too much about those because all we did was work. Also, when I say they openly talk about it, everyone knows each other for awhile and for some reason people confide in me. This is probably on average over at least 6 months where it at least happens once, but for many it's much more often.


Wow, 90%+ is quite a lot!! So say a guy gets married, young. Sees a job opportunity…The pay has to be an attractor, but perhaps also the distance from their family is something else they want, deep down (due to not finding living wages where they live, and possibly due to a need to escape the role of father and husband.) I could see that. We take marriage so lightly in this country, which ends up in marriages where there has been *VERY* little communication in general, and with regard to specific critical areas. Many of the times, they don’t even know *HOW* to identify and verbalize their feelings, wants, and needs. Considering all that, it doesn’t seem unlikely that people in this demographic (married very young, with or without kids, with poor communication skills as individuals and in their marriage) would be likely to take a job like this. Meanwhile, rather than being entirely sex-less, touch-less, without any form of physical or romantic empathy, both the husband and the wife end up cheating. I’d be curious to see how many of those relationships survive (and how.)


You know that’s the percentage I give of the wives as well!! I always thought the army people had it bad but them lineman wives got their boys on speed dial as soon as his truck leaves the driveway. It goes both ways from what I’ve seen


I'm from a long line of Iron Workers, and it's the same thing. Male dominant, gone for weeks at a time staying in hotels and motels, there's not much to do besides get fucked up and screw around.


Tell me your husband cheated without telling me your husband cheated. The epitome of a joint Facebook.


A "pipeline wife"? Fuck all the way off.


I hatebit when wives use their husband's career as some sort of social bragging point Oh yeah? Well my husband is a plumber


Ahh. Thanks for the answer. They're basically the tradie version of those vetwives who demand to be addressed by their husbands rank


the same ones that demand discounts at dennys


Luckily we lack this culture in the UK, and "luckily" we lack a Dennys for them to act shitty in if we do 😂


What would be the UK version of Denny’s?


I'm going to be honest I don't actually know what Dennys is


It’s a chain diner. Burgers, breakfast(pancakes, waffles, egg dishes). You guys have like a mediocre chain sit down shop that serves English classics like fish & chips, bangers & mash, English breakfast, Sunday roast & shit?


They have Wetherspoons, but it's better because they at least get beer to wash down the grease


"Wetherspoons" sounds like the name I'd make up if I was making up a joke name for the UK version of Denny's


My wife dated a retired general before we met. She said his ex-wife was so hung up on being a general’s wife that she was devastated when he retired. Then when he divorced her she demanded the right to keep the “stars” sticker on her windshield which told all the base guards how important she was.


Why would she even need to be on the base?


Retired folks get base privileges. Retired means over 20 years service. Military privileges extend to spouses as well. If you are on military retirement and you were married more than x number years (I forget) then your spouse gets some amount of your retirement. A lot of pensions work like that but especially the gov. Idea is the spouse couldn't develop thier own careers to thier max potential due to the military.


Thank you for the kind explanation. Starting and stopping ones career and subsequently reapplying for a professional license every few years does indeed take a toll on spouses of service members earning potential.


Shopping and doctors appointments.


Thank you for your service, it’s not easy being a plumber wife! You keep us all safe


As a nurses husband this is offensive AF


Damn you outrank me....I'm only a pharmacy techs husband.


And don't you forget it


I was about to respond - my SO better be introducing himself as a registered nurse husband!! 😤


I brag about my husband’s new job as a union organizer, but that’s because we live in the South and I want to normalize unionizing, and hopefully help him get new members.


There’s a difference between: “My husband is a Union Organizer! I’m so happy for him/proud of him and his work!” and: “I am a Union-wife, respect me.” 😂


I see your "union-wife" and raise you "I'm a union member AND a woman." (and single, hit me up union boys.)


You go girl!!!! Unions will make this country great again!!! Not politicians.


Now that’s something to be proud of!


This feels totally different to me (and what a great, important job he's doing!), as I'm assuming you're more like "wow, my beloved spouse is so cool and does good work!" and not "my HUSBAND! is an officer! (and thus I should receive the same treatment and privileges!)"


These "Pipeline Wives" are the biggest coat tail tuggers I have ever seen. All the ones around here have at least 5 stickers on their back window letting you know they are, or a customized plate. Funny thing is the pipeline workers around here only work if the weather is decent (Appalachia so rain+mountains=no) and if there is still a project going on. After the site gets built its pretty much self sufficient except for the semi trucks going in and out. So in a way they are bragging about not having a stable paycheck, having to move constantly where the work is, and being expendable.


The absolute truth once the infrastructure is built goodbye and good luck finding your next gig


As a paralegal fiancé, I take offense to this and insist you cease and desist!!


I'm in the military. Tell me About it. I used to do a small bit of MP work as part of a 2 year project. Military wives are entitled as shit. Even now when I'm a high ranked officer the amount of times I hear "do you know who my husband is" is nuts. And the response is always the same "whoever he is. He's not nearly as important as you think he is. If you want your husband to stay out of trouble you are lucky I don't know who he is. I suggest you don't tell me or it won't end well"


I had a trainer at a call center whose son was in the army. She would freak out if anyone wore any kind of camo if they were civilians, insisting that it was a direct insult to her as an army mom and of course her son. She tried to ban all camo from the classroom. I finally had to be like "Ma'am. This is rural Maine. It is deer season. Some of your students are up before dawn hunting and then coming to work. You're going to be seeing hunting camo. Why are you discriminating against hunters and creating a hostile work environment over this?" Did not make the rest of that training course easy for me but the look on her face was worth it. What a harridan she was.


Ew. Sounds like my exes mom. Because use she was an “army mom” she felt like the world owed her. It sucked as well because she would buy all these “ARMY GIRLFRIEND” stickers and get offended that I didn’t plaster them on my car. Don’t get me started on the fact she felt she should get benefits because her “son is risking his life!” Being a weekend warrior who claimed he got PTSD from basic training and that’s why he cheated on me because I “wouldn’t understand”. When she saw a picture of my cousins (who all hunt for the winter meat) she was talking about how them wearing camo was a mockery since they weren’t enlisted. I told her she should go tell them that XD


PTSD from basic training lmao


Oh definitely back when I was a major the amount of mom's who wanted to speak to me about their sons being treated unfairly was nuts. Military spouses suck but some military mom's are quite literally demons.


Was she confusing military camo for hunting camo? The whole thing is pretty stupid, but if she's going to get hung up on something like that you'd think she'd at least know the difference.


Yeah, any camo would send her off into a rant about respecting our troops and their mothers. A realtree hoodie was a personal insult to her as an "army mom".


They got digital camo now anyways.


So are you a crackwife?


The fuck is a pipeline wife?


As a former pipeline worker, the pipeline wife was the side piece the guy kept in the trailer when he was out of town working who cooked and did his laundry, and the Wife was the one at home he was married to taking care of the kids he acknowledged were his. Now ask me why I'd never date a pipeliner.


Wait did she just accidently call her self the side ho? I have worked with some pipeline welders and i would not put it past them to let their Wives make that mistake because it is funny. Also they hate their wives.


I wouldn't be surprised. I've yet to meet a pipeliner that didn't resent their wife in some way. The refrain is always 'cheaper to keep 'er '. As they're schtupping some random chick in the campground they're staying at.


Yep, I live somewhere where it’s one of the most common jobs. Husbands on rotation work (mostly oil field/“camp” jobs), wife’s at home spending the money keeping house, usually multiple kids. I’ve also yet to meet a couple where one was working in the oil fields didn’t seem annoyed at the life they choose. Years of a few weeks of work, then a couple days of travel to have a couple weeks home. The couple drifts apart, the one away wish’s they could stay home longer, realizes how much of the good parts of life they are missing, that they don’t actually know their partners anymore, same for their kids, and other family members - they miss milestones and events. Often they are both cheating on each other (or rumoured to be). They both feel trapped and it shows, but their also both usually kinda greedy and refuse to give up ANY luxuries and pretend they NEED top of the line everything to survive (keeping up with the Jones or whatever) and refuse to downsize or get local jobs that pay less or move somewhere they could get well paying jobs in the same city- so the cycle continues and they get more and more resentful. Then add in that many of these jobs have strict cannabis and alcohol rules so lots come home with coke addictions (easy to hide, not tested for, I swear some of the company encourage it because it’ll make them work faster/harder) and then there’s even more drama/bullshit/difficulty/bad decision making. It’s seems like a terrible way to live to me, it’s sad it’s so normalized here.


But won’t you think of the shareholder value they’re creating for oil companies? I feel like that makes it all worth it.


Wife married to a person who works on the pipeline Most likely an alcoholic welder


And she sees her life as a war against hos tryna steal her man.


If he’s that easy to take, let them have him. Frig that sounds like a stressful way to live, but by the looks of it she doesn’t seems to have much else going on other than manufactured drama.


All together, howl it with me now "Jo-lene, jolene!.."


“Here, take mine!” “Naw bitch, you brought him he’s yours. Don’t leave your trash here for me to toss.”


"Alcoholic welder" would be a term used to describe the majority of the population where I was born, I'm not even going to call the city by it's proper name anymore it's just going to be "alcoholic welders anonymous" from now on.


Wtf is a bucket bunny?


Person who chases linemen (they ride in a bucket when fixing lines)


In BC we call the husbands rig pigs, the wives rig wives, and the kids riglets.


I live in an area that has a lot of pipeline and oilfield workers. It’s pretty normal to see stickers on the back of vehicles that say ‘pipeliner’s wife’ or ‘oilfield wife’. My husband works for a phone company. Should I put a sticker on the back of my car that says ‘telephone man’s wife’? No, because it would be stupid.


whose husband be pipin all the nasty lot lizards by his out of state job.


Lmao, a civilianized dependapotomous.


This was my first thought when I read this. You can practically smell the MLM candles she's burning in the background.


Lol I saw this video on TikTok. The top comment was some guy talking about how everyone makes fun of lazy women who base their identity around their husbands job. Second comment was who the hell is out their trying to steal your grease monkey? Have they not heard of Tinder?


But also three, blaming and criticizing women when your husband is out there fucking around cause he's out of state is pretty silly. Also who's chasing linemen? Noty to disrespect the job, it is very important, but it's not exactly the sort of thing I picture groups of women digging for.


I understand her video was a response to the variety of videos going up showing a fuckton of "hot" linemen on Tinder in Florida right now.


Those dastardly bucket bunnies, forcing men to get on Tinder while they're away.


Could someone explain what linemen and bucket bunnies are, so many terms im not familiar with are being thrown around


Linemen install, maintain, and repair electrical lines, primarily. Though my dad worked phone lines and was also called a lineman. Presumably "bucket bunnies" is a BS name for any woman an out-of-town lineman cheats on his wife with while he's repairing hurricane damage in Florida. Because women like this are way more interested in blaming women for existing near their husbands rather than holding the husbands accountable for their wedding vows.


I 100% guarantee none of those guys are saying they are married. It's pretty much just new-age slut shaming. Why can't women hook up with linemen if they think they're hot? Blame your damn husband for lying to them!


Oh, absolutely agree.


"Christans are great! I cheat we blames the devil."


Thank you for clarifying! And yeah, they're supremely stupid if they blame the person someone cheats with instead of the cheater themselves. (Though honestly I find it wild that it would need to be a common concern for these ladies at at all, like, are these dudes known for shape-shifting into sex hungry monsters the moment they step away from their wives?)


Having worked with linemen and repair field crews, I'd argue a sizeable chunk of them are that locker room boys talk types who don't realize they're not hot, single, 20-somethings anymore and would definitely lie to women to sleep with them while away from their wives.


It just clicked that a bucket bunny is a chick who likes a guy in a bucket truck.


They forced that poor woman's husband to chase bunnies on the Tinder! She seems like such a delight too


Seems like that would be the man’s fault. Not any women who are interested


I agree


I believe a “fuckton of hot linemen on Tinder” is the exact sentence for which “fuckton” was coined.


Linemen make a shit ton of money. A friend from high school is a lineman and a buddy of his made over 400K during the last major hurricane disaster in Florida. “Bucket bunnies” are after them for the money, not necessarily because they are attracted to them.


How do you get money out of a one night stand with a married guy who lives in a different state?


Their cum is gold.


Paystub or or it didn't happen.


That number is grossly inflated and basically wrong. The amount of overtime needed to even remotely approach that is basically impossible.


Most of them are in good shape and make a shitton of money. Why wouldn't they chase them?


Certain kinds of women go after those guys specifically (along with oilfield etc) because they make good money, they don't have a chance to spend much of it, and they're gone a lot. Not to say there aren't plenty out there with only good intentions. Just to go after guys in those fields specifically is kinda... You know.


Prostitutes are attracted to hotels with lots of out of town groups of linemen who are getting overtime pay. I’ve seen it happen a few times on the road. Not sure if that is what the video is about.


I'm sure they are. But it has nothing to do with them being "bucket bunnies" it has everything to do with them seeing men with money. I imagine the samew thing happens around hotels whenever big conferences occur, out of town businessmen with time and money. But those men fucking prostitutes isn't anyone's fault but the man.


Lots of country bumpkins down in Florida looking for a free ride and a man to take care of them. Lineman/inside wireman make relatively good money, especially when you’re a uneducated hillbilly. $100,000/year+ goes a long way in certain places.


You clearly don't have a clue on the amount of money linemen make.


So it's sort of like the movie "An Officer and a Gentleman"? The bucket bunnies wait around to be swept off their feet by lineman?


No more like Pretty Women


Nah, Vivian had a job


You will address me by my husband’s pipeline rank!


*Dependapotomous* Fucking mint


She couldn't even be bothered to get up off the couch to make that TikTok! And shouldn't she be having this conversation with her husband and not "Florida's bucket bunnies"?


Thank you for shining the light on this otherwise baffling message.


I don't know what a lot of that means. What is a "pipeline wife"? Like oil, natural gas, drugs? Is the husband a pipe fitter? Row hoes? Like row housing or Crew? And I'm not sure what bucket bunnies are but I think they're related to row hoes.


I assumed she was an oil wife (pipeline) Bust she says bucket bunny (powerline worker chaser) *visible confusion*


She's saying she's a pipeline wife, and that she "stands in solidarity" with all the linemen who have to deal with bucket bunnies, because she knows what dealing with row hoes was like... despite the fact that she is probably a former row hoe herself. I've seen these types in northern BC in the timber industry. They get into the forestry sector so they can flirt with everyone to try to bag themselves a husband on good money. They're always super fucking weird like the woman in the OP.


ROW ho got a promotion to wife and now tries to keep her sisters down


Gatekeeping bitches.


Oh wow. Military calls them Jodies (can be guy or girl stealing your SO while you're away) and then the military spouses are dependapottomus because they usually get overweight from being stay at home and doing nothing since the soldier brings home the bacon. Haven't seen many dependapottomus men. Usually it's women. Barracks bunnies are the folks that sleep around. Usually young, attractive, and female. Kind of funny how universal this is.


I think tbh the military and blue collar have a lot in common. Young men who grew up without an identity, desperate for something to fill that void. Never really been loved before or had their ego pet, so they're an easy target for bunnies. No real discipline but they aren't home enough to spend the money anyway. Only kids in their social class who make the kind of money they do, and job keeps them from turning into a gelatinous blob, so every pill-skinny hick slut wants a piece of him. You could put him on an oil rig or a foot patrol and he'd be the same exact fuckin guy.


bucket bunnies are prostitutes ala Lot Lizard aka truck stop hooker


Pipeline wife is the wife of a guy who travels with natural gas pipeline projects. Pipeliners can be fitters, equipment operators, laborers, or truck drivers. ROW is right of way, it's the area that the gas company leases to install and maintain the pipeline. ROW hoes are girls who try to hang out with dudes who are away from home, work too much, paid well, and blow almost every penny they make on days off, and usually try to fuck someone, whether they're single or not. Bucket bunnies are the same as ROW hoes, but for linemen


thank you for defining all these terms. I felt like I needed a glossary haha


Thanks for explaining because I only understood at most 25% of that caption.


I would not be the least bit surprised if there's more ROW paid prostitutes than ROW hoe's out there but the husbands leave that little tidbit out.


Not far off on the drugs. Source: am oil patch worker, happily married to a man not in the patch and I don’t do the lines of any kind.


Row probably means Right of Way. I guess some lonely ladies throw themselves at the crews when they are close by. I’ve never seen it myself


Is this just about linemen cheating on their wives ?


Yeah, but in a way that more blames the women than the husbands.


I think she means oilfield wife. That means he would be away from home for long stretches. Obviously if he cheats it's not his fault. These women are just throwing themselves at him, poor guy 🙂


Long stretches away in a closed camp with no contact with the outside world? These guys live in camps 14-20 days at a time then go home 7-10 days. I call my sister an oilfield widow as she goes long stretches without her husband around.


And many more are away from home for 3+ months with children at home as well. I absolutely get it when partners of out-of-town tradespeople talk about how it’s not the same. ETA: Lady in the OP is ridiculous in the first place, however I haven’t known anybody who was able to actually just work 2 weeks on @camp, 2 weeks off @home in the oilfield, bricklaying, and construction. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but MMV when looking at actual time off. It takes a toll emotionally.


Depends on the project and it’s location. There are a lot of closed camp jobs, but quite a few jobs where you’re in a hotel for the 14-21 days.


The guys are probably hiring sex workers while they're away from home. There's a whole economy of sex work that arises around oilfields and other industries in economically-depressed areas where the workers are mostly men away from home.


Lowered expectattiiiioooooonnns. 🐷❤️🐷


Those certainly are all words


She ain’t no worker at all. r/justdependathings


When you order Hunger Games from Wish.com


Wtf is a Row Hoe or bucket bunny?


Wage slave? Linemen make more than some doctors after overtime wtf


The person that posted this probably thinks all blue collar jobs are for poor people


My God it irritates me when people make their spouse's career their entire identity like this (military wives are bad about this too). And then try to use "industry" terms to make themselves feel like part of the group but it just ends up looking like an act.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people reference the [emergence workers doing electrical repair] making north of $1000/day. Not really wage slavery.


Wage slavery? I mean I’m all for people being paid what they’re worth. And the caption in this image is a bit ridiculous. But those linemen aren’t wage slaves. My friend is 3 years out of his apprenticeship and he makes what I do (software developer for a major corporation) during normal hours. State of emergency and overtime work from storms pushes him even higher. A former coworker from college is also a welder for oil/gas in Texas and made more than me his first day on the job. He’s pushing close to 175k a year now. A lot of blue collar work is certainly underpaid. And it varies by region/employer, but don’t assume all blue collar = underpaid. There’s electrical/plumbing contractors all around that have a Porchse in their garage .


Those linesmen in Florida are going to make a years salary when they're done.


What’s with the women who leech off their husband’s career and use it as a title? Girl get your own identity.


I traveled to Florida for hurricane Irma a few years ago. The amount of lineman i saw and talked to that admitted to cheating while being away for so long is way more than you think.


Pipeline wife/lineman wife. There's a Bill Burr bit in here somewhere.


I've read this caption about 20 times now and I might as well be reading hieroglyphics. Can someone translate this to normal speak?


I'm no expert, and I'm just guessing here... "my husband leaves home for long periods of time to work on pipelines. We know of whores, dubbed "row hoes", who presumably seek business with our husbands and have "dealt" with them before the era of tiktok. To the wives of the workers who are going to florida to help rebuild their electric infrastructure: know you have our empathy as you "deal" with the whores "bucket bunnies" who seek business with your husbands. Being married to someone working a blue collar job means continually dealing with whores and this is not a one off thing."


If you have to fight “bucket bunnies” for your husband, he’s the problem, not them.


pipeline wife (from the Urban Dictionary 😂) A woman who is married to someone who works on the pipeline. Most of the time they can be found in their natural habitat of their home or their recreational vehicle They are either taking care of kids or harassing people on the internet. Some are even talented enough to do both. Most found their husbands by being a row hoe and others just by being a hoe. Some were lucky enough to find him before he worked on the Pipeline. Some Pipeline Wives are supportive of their husbands and other Pipeliner’s and others just want to bring the entire industry down. A smart Pipeline wife keeps her social media profiles secret so no one can find their husbands. However most don’t. That leaves an opening for other row hoes to contact their husbands when the wives are being bitchy. That Pipeline wife sits on her big booty all day eating bon bons and judging others she knows nothing about.


Pipeline wife is a crazy way to say stay at home mom


She wrote four sentences and I have no idea what the first three are saying.


What in the fuck does any of this mean, help pls I'm elder millennial and will be in bed by 9PM, my brain just melted as soon as I read Row Hoes


I see this shit all over tiktok. These people try say working 80+ hours a week, no time off bullshit gives them a higher place in society. I work 35 hours or less a week, make great money and spend the rest of my time not working with my family. So who's really "winning" at the end of the day?


But this situation is about people being (I assume) paid quite well to rebuild infrastructure after a natural catastrophe. It's far different than people making sub-living wages with mandatory overtime and always scrambling because their company doesn't want to hire enough staff.


I used to work with someone who is the mother of a lineman. They are weirdly cultish about it as part of their identity. The whole family I mean.


Blue collar is not a trend, it’s what I send my husband out to do while I drink wine and watch netflix


Wive's or Husband's whose entire persona is based on their SO's job are so cringey


People who base their whole personality on their spouse’s occupation annoy me. Doctor’s wives, military wives, etc.. Never heard of this one though. Nobody is trying to steal your man because of a blue collar “trend.” Your man is cheating on you.