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Donations? No one my age is fucking donating that much in a month in reality Edit: Wait $20 INTERNET WTF!?


And a “house cleaner” to clean your home for $30 a month lmao


In somewhere with $850 for rent?? 🙃 Yeah I would like to know where they got them drugs from (for a friend ofc)


*and* only $130 in transportation costs? My monthly car payment is more than that, let alone insurance, gas, and maintenance. And anywhere with actual public transit is sure as fuck not gonna have $850 apartments ETA: In addition to this graphic not representing most people's needs, it is a *travesty* that so many of us live in areas and/or circumstances where car ownership is both *required* and ridiculously expensive. Push for your local politicians to invest more in alternative infrastructure (trains, buses, bike lanes, etc). And if most of the things you need to get to regularly are within ~10 miles or so, I'd highly recommend trying to find a way to purchase a decent ebike to replace your car (it's about a $2k+ investment, which can potentially be financed, but it doesn't require insurance, gas, or virtually any maintenance, and the few things you can't do with it you can rent a car for, get an Uber/Lyft for, or get deliveries for and still come out ahead, financially). I got one a few months ago and have been able to replace my car entirely, despite living in suburbia; once I get a taste of snowy conditions with it, I'm going to just sell my car and pocket the cash.


Thank God someone mentioned it. Especially if you have a car loan like some of us. My transportation costs per month is NOT $130.


Jesus, I pay $1875 in rent a month. Roughly $400 groceries. $150 in gas.$145 for car insurance. ~$150-300 insurance $110 on internet. $70 a week on liquor just to deal with the stress of it all and I make roughly $42k a year… 6months ago I was making $14.15 / hr. $19.50 now and that’s still not cutting it


>I make roughly $42k a year… Well there's your problem! This was based on $100k a year. Just make that much and everything will be cheaper. Easy peasy


And just like that … little Johnny stopped being a poor


…and we just solved poverty. Let’s all give ourselves a collective pat on our backs 🤝


We did it guys!! Huzzah


Except that even with $100k he still cannot afford to buy a house. In most high cost of living areas, where $100k per year is possible, houses cost $600k-700k (or more). Meanwhile, the Boomers who write these articles bought a house right after being married for $30,000.


I spoke yesterday with the bank regarding being pre-approved. We're in North LA area, good salary, no debt. For a normal house (2-bdrs, garage, little backyard), which is at lowest is $600K, they ask $5k/month, double our current rent, and more than half of our income. Then you add health insurance, transportation, family expenses, etc. And you just go and buy Everclear to set your guts on fire


I would give you all the awards. 🥇


100k a year AND excellent with money. So they asked like 3 people


One person 3X


And three paragraphs in, they mention that they live in a building owned by their parents and pay less rent “to learn responsibility” or something


25 yo making 100k is in the 95th ish percentile of earners... average is 39k fpr that age


It's the [Boots Theory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boots_theory) writ large.


In Morgan Freeman’s voice - it was then that RoastKing realised how truly fucked he really was.


If you make $42k/year and your rent is $1,875/month or $22.5k/year, then rent is more than 50% of your *post-tax* income.


To put this in perspective a loan company will typically not approve a mortgage if you're debt to income ratio is higher than 43% because that is considered too high of risk.


Exactly. Even Ozzy Osborne thinks America is getting out of hand. OZZY! Let that sink in.


$110 on internet! Christ alive, I knew America was expensive but $110… My broadbands straight to the door and only costs me £30…


I’m limited only to comcast/xfinity.


That sucks mate. Isn’t the point of a competitive market that you get a choice? It’s like that here with water, there’s literally one company that provides it for the area so I really don’t see what the point of privatising it in the first place was.


Good thing we break up monopolies then .............. ........... .......... Smh.


I'm in a low cost of living area so my rent isn't so bad. Close to the chart, actually. But car payment (alone) is like $200ish, plus there's gas and insurance (which is on a six month premium to save money but still, that's a bitch of a bill twice a year).


That’s where your problem is, you should donate a large portion of your income to you local congressman and get daddy to buy you a car.


Seriously. Just between my car payment, insurance, and gas, I'm *easily* spending more like $400 a month


I pay $60 for internet right now Cleaners are $230 once a month after tip $850 won't even sublet you a single bedroom around Boston, a 1 bdrm apt will start around $1750. But 10 years ago I got a steal on a non-human-habitable Victorian home for a touch under $3000/mo + endless repairs. I own a car and a truck outright so no payments, and I almost never drive (except to Home Depot) so I fill up like 4 times a year, but I *still* probably pay more than than $130 in insurance, registration, parking permits, parking meters, etc. Edit: I completely forgot about repairs. Spent several thousand on new brakes (as in one of the pistons fell out of the caliper) and other suspension work for the 00 Taco and over a grand on brakes and exhaust for the 09 Camry, so LOL $130. Utilities might be about right, but only because I have solar panels and my electric bill is negative in the summer.


The real story of this guy was that he was living with 4 or more roommates and splitting costs. It's several years old at this point, on top of that. But this isn't even a normal situation in any way.


At a time when the median *household* income was in the $60Ks. "Make 50% more than the average home and still have to house-share with 4 people" is still not the "So why are *you* struggling?" story CNBC thought it was.


> At a time when the median household income was in the $60Ks. Lmao, your post kinda implies the average income has gone up any noticeable degree. Which I guess it has if our overlords are factored in. 🙃


They were also Mormon iirc so their "donation" was actually membership dues to the LDS church (tithing)


My car is 1/3 my fucking income


The cost of a parking spot at my apartment alone is more than 130 ffs


I'm privileged enough to afford an electric car and even once I pay it off, transportation is still gonna cost more than that thanks largely to parking and yearly registration. And my part of the rent is 50% higher than this chart, on the outskirts of Denver! (We've got good public transit *if you're in specific parts of the city*, I'm not in that part)


Whatever drug this editor was on to approve this, I want it.


The drug is called being rich.


Also sociopathic because only a sadistic person lacking empathy could imagine this fake scenario and try to gaslight the public into believing it.


Holy shit - I know this is in America but in my country the maximum you can spend on public transport is 128 per month. And the public transit system is very prevalent.


We don't really have public transportation in most places *at all*


And where we do have it, it's more or less shit. Philadelphia (where I live) has SEPTA, which is abysmal. I can't count the number of times a bus just didn't show up.


That's the price of a metro card in NYC.


“Utilities” for $195 lmaoo


This dude has 4 roommates. This is several years old now, but there was a whole article about this guy. Outlier scenario in every way.


$850 rent, they’re 25, and making 100k… my imaginary friend grew up!!


Probably paying rent to their parents who own the condo, like all the other cnbc stories about 20-year-olds who are good with money.


Which also explains how they are earning 100k. Probably work for mommy or daddy or one of their friends. The issue isn’t people earning 100k who can’t afford to live, it’s that most people don’t earn anywhere close to that and don’t make enough money to live. Or can’t find work at all. Fucking rich people problems.


Cnbc messed up on the “donations”. They’re not an expense, it’s income from parents to subsidize the rent.


Lol donations coming in to the kids rather than going out.


What one place has rent for $825 and jobs paying $100k? Is this a chemical engineer in Houston living in a tent?


The rent is paid to their parents who own the apartment. The “house cleaner” is the tip they pay the cleaner their parents hired for them. The internet bill is probably their OnlyFans subscription.


This magical place with $850 rent actually includes internet, ez


Nono. That’s “donations” to their OF subs.


Sorry, this tent has a scenic view, we will be doubling your rent.


They MUST be including roommates. Internet for $20? WHERE. With 3 other roommates, this makes more sense. Pool together for a housecleaner for $120 a month makes more sense. $80 a month for internet is plausible. $3300 for rent in a city for a multi-bedroom apartment is plausible. But a 25 year old making $100,000 shouldn't need to live with 3 other people.


I hated roommates in college. If I can afford not too, I would never get a roommate 😂


Saving money via roomates would go with the "good with money" piece. Probably saving to buy a place or living somewhere prohibitively expensive.


Wouldn't make sense considering the over $600/mo dedicated to "donations"


As I recall this was the case. But yeah if you're making $100,000 a year you shouldn't have to have roommate. Edit: And I'm not saying living with roommates is bad, or living with your parents at 25. This graph was trying to support that if someone is struggling financially its essentially their own fault because they don't budget. So using numbers of someone making well over the average household income (which is disproportionately dual income putting this individual well into the bracket of upper earners nationally) and then showing them living with roommates is exceedingly a-typical and disengenuious at best for supporting their argument. It's akin to the articles about individuals paying off their student loans all on their own after they were able to land a high paying job at the company their parents owns/works at. Doesn't mean they didnt pay off the debt or that they aren't qualified for the job, but again it is a very a-typical situation compared to most individuals.


The series gets better if you go look at it. They have case studies of people making poverty wages and every single one of them is getting heavily subsidized by a private source in some way. Like living with their parents at 35 or having their apartment paid for by a charity. And every single one asserts that they are living comfortably on poverty wages. It's fucking infuriating.


It's almost like the entire thing is written as proof that the status quo is perfectly acceptable and anyone who has a problem with it lazy. Gosh, who might be the beneficiary of pushing that point of view? I guess it'll remain a mystery.


Thought that meant cleaning supplies lmao


We pay $60 a week just for our kitchen and bathroom!


Haha, I was paying $275/mo + tip for 4hrs of cleaning...


“Donations” as in “other half of the rent”


That’s how I combined them mentally. $850 sounds almost reasonable, the rest is a donation to the landlord.


yeah, the money we donate to landlords above and beyond the service they are providing


And $30 housecleaners! It's $200 in my area, if you do twice a month. So $400. Or $350 for once a month.


By donations they mean strip club /OF bill


I'm donating money to my friend's "college fund" for his kid, he gives me free weed because we're such good friends.


“Donations” is a funny way to spell “payments to sex workers.” Edit: these may actually be real charitable donations.


Donations, pronounced "OnlyFans"


"Temporary girlfriend"


Yeah but you gotta pay extra for the 'girlfriend experience'


I guess my $615 per month donation budget also goes directly to my landlord with the rent


Just as bad as the $195 utilities and the $40 cell phone.


My power bill last month was $180


The wifi isn't the half of it. They got $825 in rent in 2018...


I can rent a storage unit near me for $600 a month


Yeah i live rurally and can only get Centurylink DSL and it’s 61 a month AFTER my discount. I also spend ~~$500~~ a month on groceries just for me, and I’m underweight. With husband we spend ~~1000~~ a month. We also eat out maybe once a month for less than 100. This is literally the most out of touch blatant propaganda I’ve ever seen. **Edit**: because I’m a stickler for correcting myself, and I also have a terrible memory, I went through my bank account and Excel spreadsheets to get more accurate numbers. I was kind of off on the amounts, because groceries flux monthly. Also we get our supplements (protein and vitamins) from Amazon, not from Publix where we do 99% of our grocery shopping. Here is the breakdown: **August costs 2021** + Mortgage (includes taxes and insurance) $858.73 + Car insurance $206 + trash collection with recycling pickup $32.50 + power $206.34 + cell phone service (Verizon) $172.52, for two people + water, flat rate $14.64 + Centurylink $59.70 + Average grocery bill: $572.67 **August costs 2022** + Mortgage (includes taxes and insurance) $1017.98 + Car insurance (same company, same vehicles) $237.56 + trash collection with no recycling pickup $31.39 + power $228.27 + cell phone service (AT&T) $159.06, for two people + water, flat rate $17.80 + Centurylink $61.05 + Average grocery bill: $673.91. Groceries are a strange matter… my husband is gone for work a lot, so looking over my purchase history gives widely varying results, so that is why I took the average. (These are also based on Publix receipts, only. Does not include supplements). That being said, we spent 858 last month for groceries, and 536 the month before. For the both of us. It fluctuates depending on if I decide to get the $8 loaf of bread weekly, or how fast we have gone through our supplements, or if we buy in bulk etc. I see 900-dollar months in 2021 as well, and this appears to correlate with our purchasing of non-necessities like energy drinks and canned coffee drinks. It’s safe to add on 100 a month to both yearly averages for the supplements I did not include. I also do not know how frequently my husband eats out when he is at work, but when we go together, it’s less than a hundred a month. The only reason we have a house at all is because of the VA loan, so please don’t go assuming we come from money since we have a house. 2nd edit: totally forgot to include car payment and gasoline costs, but it’s 300/mo for one car (other is paid off) with a total of about 250 a month in gas, since there is no public transportation here.


CenturyLink has received billions of federal funds to improve internet connections. As a taxpayer, I want my money back. Source: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/01/centurylink-frontier-missed-fcc-broadband-deadlines-in-dozens-of-states/


The worst part of that was the low bar: they only needed to provide 10mbps download speeds…. And still failed that. 🤦🏽‍♀️


AT&T in the FCC's broadband surveys had huge swathes of the country not counted, because the service there was "obsolete" (and dragging down their average). To be clear, they were still *actively selling* it, and in many cases it was your *only option*. But it was "obsolete" so shouldn't count against them in bandwidth surveys.


Don't forget McD's employee 'budget' some years back. https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2013/07/18/why-mcdonalds-employee-budget-has-everyone-up-in-arms/ No money for childcare, transportation, clothes, or _food_. Budgets health insurance at $20/mo. And assumes that the weather stays at a balmy 72º year round. Oh, and requires you to work a second job.


Also why is that considered "excellent with money" to give 600 dollars away a month? For the individual, that's just as much "wasting money" as their Starbucks is. And that's probably cheaper than the 600+ in donations.


And no investment/savings/retirement.


Thus is spending only. Which after taxes would leave the person with about 30k to invest/save. I just want to know where car payments and student loans fit in here. Because the “average 25 year old with 100k in income and 0 debt” is an aggregate of about 3 people. And even in 2018 those people were living places with higher rent than listed


It's the gofundme's of all your friends who have medical bills.


Split between roommates


I got a special promo price for $20 internet at 300 Mbps. After 2 years it jumps to $75 but it's nice while it lasts.


maybe donations = drinking money?


Transportation and cell phone are also hilarious Edit; and utilities, that's just my water bill and I live in an (relatively) inexpensive area


Not from the US - what would a typical internet bill be? 20$ sounds about right in Denmark.


Ours is $80 a month. Comcast jacked their internet rates up awhile back when people stopped buying their cable packages.


We paid $75 for half a gig down. With a student discount and that was in town. Pretty sure my in laws are probably paying $100+ for 30 down. It’s ridiculous.


I pay $120 in Canada


I pay over 60 dollars for internet


List of crazy so far as I can tell: 25 year old making 100k, definitely not average. 20 dollars a month on internet. 30 dollars a month for “house cleaner” (chemicals? Definitely not a person) Donations, lol show me a 25 year old donating 25% of their monthly paycheck. Transportation? Like bussing/Uber? Because that isn’t anywhere close to car payment, gas, and insurance. 825 dollars Rent? Where!? What City? Roommates? Show me someone making 100k a year that has roommates and rents that is also “good with money,” equity is good money and it ain’t 825 dollars a month unless you have someone splitting it with you. This is garbage and the people putting this info out aren’t from this generation. Probably older, and have a top down view of society with their info based on the 90s. Not the 2020s.


If I remember correctly, this guy is Mormon and has to donate 10% ~~gross~~ net of his salary. Which is fucking stupid. I think their church even looks at your W2s to make sure you’re not lying. I’ve known of Charismatic Pentecostal churches that do that. It’s culty BS.


The only thing that is halfway close is utilities. The rest is so fucking stupid. Dear God.


Donations could be tithing, a very real thing for many people


One of the worst is that they only pay the house cleaner 30 dollars a month 🤨 uh huh


For their $800 shoebox that might be reasonable


Man last time I paid that much for rent I was living in like 400 Sq feet studio.


Last time I paid that much for rent I was living in like the mid 1980's


The guy has 4 roommates, so it's $150/month. That said, it's awfully telling someone who makes $100k/yr needs 4 roommates. Funny that they left that small tidbit out.


This guy doesn't need 4 roommates, there's several thousands of dollars in income not accounted for that's going to savings. This person just wants to live like a poor college student, donate 1/10th of their income to the church, while also making 6 figures.


They don't leave it out. The article dedicates a whole ass section to it: >Klee lives in a shared house with four roommates and one dog. Although he says he could technically afford a studio apartment, which go for roughly $1,400-$2,000 a month in Cambridge, he prefers to save and invest the extra cash instead. >“I like my rent to be at a number where it doesn’t actually matter to me each month,” he says. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/20/budget-breakdown-of-a-25-year-old-who-makes-100000-dollars-a-year.html


Probably split between the roommates just like the internet


An hour maybe


Even that is low, when they need to pay for cleaning supplies and all of the other expenses that come with payroll. The article says this is a real person's budget and they have 4 roommates, so maybe they all chip in $30/month for a once-a-month 1-2hr cleaning.


Yep, one hour of cleaning, once a month.


615 in donations!? 🤣


Subbed to some expensive OnlyFans


"Each month, he donates a significant amount, around $615, to a variety of charities, including More Than Words and GiveDirectly. The bulk of his contributions go to One Family, a non-profit located in Waltham, Massachusetts, that works to end homelessness and break the cycle of poverty for local families." https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/20/budget-breakdown-of-a-25-year-old-who-makes-100000-dollars-a-year.html


Even taking into account that rent was lower on average in 2018, when that graphic was posted, it's still very clearly pulling that 'it's a banana, michael' shit. No one is spending $615 a month on 'donations'. Where is there data? Where is their group of surveyed people that led to these statistics? Edit: well, after a handy dandy Google lens search, I came up with this (which links to the original tweet): https://mashable.com/article/25-year-old-budget-cnbc-tweet So this is supposedly the actual spending breakdown of a specific 25 year old named Trevor Klee, and some of his surprisingly low costs are because he had multiple roommates and worked multiple jobs with long hours. He didn't have a lot of student debt, either. It's largely considered a bait tweet and a bait article, which it seems to have functioned as just fine, but I hate clickbait.


Splitting it with roommates makes sense--I couldn't remotely figure out how $30/month on a house cleaner was supposed to happen.


I assumed it was a spray bottle of chemicals that they clean their house with.


I want to back you up here, but spending $360/year on cleaning products is bonkers. $360 is closer to what a single clean costs! But if this is like a smallish single family home with 4 tenants splitting, then $120 for monthly clean is almost believable. More likely, they pay for cleaning twice a year and this is the monthly prorate.


I read the actual article. He does have four roommates, and the $30 his his portion of the monthly house cleaner visit. Rent, utilities, and internet are likewise his portion after being split. Also, his $40 phone bill is because that's his portion on mommy and daddy's phone account. The $130 transportation is because he lives in a large city and takes public transportation - he doesn't have his own car or even a bike. It doesn't explain why his monthly healthcare costs are so cheap, especially for someone self employed. He's likely still on his parents plan, as he was under 26 years old when this article was written, and that money is simply what he puts into a FSA.


They are intentionally leaving that information out. It’s definitely successful at being enraging. “A person who is good with his money” is a flat out lie. This man had to work several jobs AND share a flat with several other adults in order to be good with money. That is criminal. The title should be “the spending of a 25 year old who has to have five roommates and three jobs just to be able to have a reasonable rent cost” Edit: btw, after reading the article, I am under the impression he did not actually work several jobs. It appears he only has one job: a paid tutor, charging 125 an hour for a minimum of 10 hours in an area that has demand for his exact tutoring niche. The article said nothing about him working other jobs. He just has an inconsistent income based on tutor demand, so he definitely needs roommates because despite nearing 100k a year, month to month is variable. He tutors multiple people, of course, but that can hardly be called “multiple jobs”. He is an entrepreneur, not a struggling millennial, and he is definitely not representative of other millennials. He did not have to pay for college, and he even says in the article that he is privileged. He was able to crash on his brother’s couch, with savings in the bank, to hold him over until he got a job.


Lol, the annual Trevor Klee spending report.


This infograph is posted on here constantly. Every time there are 1k+ comments of people getting worked up pointing out the same exact same things. At this point its just rage clickbait and people can't help but fall for it.


WTF rent 825, what is this from, 2000?


It's 1/5 of the rent. The guy had 4 roommates. All of the unrealistic household expenses are split 5 ways and he doesn't have a car Edit: I make 100k, I should do my own pie chart after going through all my expenses and make a graphic of why I feel broke all the time.


Image making 100k and having 5 fucking roommates


Imagine making 100k


I was just bumped over the 100k line this year. But I'm 33 with a family. And this budget is wildly out of touch with reality.


I worked my way up to from 20k to 80k once. Took quite a long time. After a long series of 15k - 30k I'm finally on my way up to 55k as a temp. Think carrot being dangled in front of a donkey. Probably get whacked with a stick and lose the carrot.


You will own nothing and love it. Back to work.


Yeah, at 25 I was a broke ass college student with a family. Had just got out of the Army where I was making dog shit. Hardwork paid off, but I'm a lucky one. And even now that I make a decent living wage, it's still not luxurious.




Why are you even telling them you had PTSD? Just say you needed the time for some personal projects. It's not even lying, just creatively worded.


Imagine imagining.


I can't imagine....


Get out!


Imagine donating 25% of your money and not saving anything generous and dumb must be inheritance


So this is pretty common among young engineers/ scientists as well as ppl who studied finance. Personally I don’t mine living in a small room and having a bunch of roommates. Rooms are for sleeping in and I’d get lonely if I lived alone. everything besides the donations section is fairly accurate for me. If we relabeled donations to bars/entertainment this would be almost exact for me.


Can concur. I have 4 roommates and we live in a shitty beat up townhouse. I'm talking, half the things in the house are old as fuck or don't work. Black mold in the basement & water damage in our wall from the neighbors toilet. Our own toilet is not even bolted to the floor. We can't use a hair dryer in the bathroom because it'll short circuit the entire house. Our bottom steps are being held up by a car jack. First week we were here, the deadbolt broke off the door and locked us in the house. Landlord sent her son to saw it off and we didn't have a working lock for a while afterwards. Landlord keeps her things in our garage and we can't use it. Neighbor runs a crack house and the police scope our street daily. People shoot guns sometimes in the neighborhood to "keep the costs down". We still struggle to pay our needs & even looked into being put on food stamps but were denied because "you have roommates". Rent is $700 each of us and we actually had to haggle with the landlord for that 💀 Edit: I know the rent rate seems unbelievable but that's actually *good* for where I live. The rent prices in my city, as well as all the surrounding ones, are absolutely atrocious.


And you’re all making at least 100 K right?


In my dreams, if I ever actually have the chance to sleep peacefully enough.


NAL, NLA, but you should get renters insurance, and file a claim for loss of use. Withhold rent from your landlord until all of those repairs are made, and you should file a complaint with the state. Your policy should cover you to stay at a hotel, and will go after the landlord for you, as it is his responsibility to maintain the home in safe and habitable condition and in good repair.


Okay wtf lol


You need to call a lawyer.


You should put the building out of it's misery, it's the merciful thing to do Once you are all out, that is


So total household income was like $350 to $500k with 20% of expenses each?!?!? Yeah, I could handle $600 in donations every month too.


Looking at the numbers, it looks like they assume they have at least one roommate.


Honestly, every time I see this graph I assume it's the budget of someone with a few orders of magnitude higher income scaled down.


That's definitely what it is. Nobody I know making $100k has a house cleaner 🤣🤣🤣


I must be poor :/ I immediately thought this meant cleaning supplies


Lol guess so. Not like I'm one to talk. House cleaners are expensive. P.S. And my partner would make me clean before they came anyway 🙄 I'm like "... But what's the point of having someone come clean if I'm still cleaning?"


You clean the junk and let them handle the larger tasks of vacuuming, mopping, cleaning sinks/toilets, etc. As I kid I thought it was dumb to have to clean my room before the cleaners came. But, it makes sense that their job isn’t about picking up toys.


And no one will clean your house for $30 once a month- $200 every two weeks and then they will flake off because they aren’t making enough


Lol it's definitely like $100 each time someone comes out to clean (if it's only an hour).


Yeah I pay 130 every two weeks.




First thing I saw on that chart and thought I want some of what they are smoking


so much wrong. $20 for internet?!? It has never once been that cheap




Internet 20$? Who has internet that cheap. I pay like 3-4 times that. And I think my IP's prices start at at least double


That's renting a room from someone in their house or they are using rent prices from somewhere noone is making 100k a year working.


there's the hitch they pick and choose the areas where they get the expenses and guess what i live in places where you pay 800 bucks rent. your fucking lucky to get 15 dollars an hour.


Near me that's what we call "A shitty apartment".


With two roommates maybe


I mean my mortgage is less than that but I live in bumfuck nowhere (not really, but it's not a major metropolitan area by any means)


And is this 25 year old in the room with us now?


Lmao at the rent alone


That’s because the donations are the profits to the landlord, apartment complex, etc for most people, not this particular dude. Combine the two, and it’s $1,440. A bit more in line with their own numbers… This article says $1,393 average for a one bedroom: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/28/the-25-most-expensive-us-cities-to-rent-a-1-bedroom-apartment.html Edit: Noted the difference between this example and the average person. For those of you willing to live with four or five other people to have reasonable rent, these expenses can be achieved. For a lot of people $825 in rent is not available because rental rates continue to surge due to greed.


Missing a couple 0's here...


the fact that they pay more for a cell phone then a house cleaner says something. and where can i find this $20 internet?


Rent for $825? Where? And where can you pay rent like that and have a job making $100K a year? Working remotely, I assume. Working remotely and living in a cornfield. Or in a closet in a town big enough to maybe possibly have a movie theater and a Walmart. EDIT: The next highest expenditure is “donation.” Get the fuck out of here.


* Have four roommates. * Teleport back to 2018 * Start your own business as a very successful GMAT/GRE/SAT tutoring entrepreneur and sell your services to the wealthy families surrounding Boston https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/20/budget-breakdown-of-a-25-year-old-who-makes-100000-dollars-a-year.html


If you're donating 25% of your income, you're probably doing something illegal edit: thanks for the clarification everyone. I was confusing income with budget. Leaving the comment as is, but rest assured, I got the point.


They’re not donating 25% of their income. 12x615=$7380, or 7.38% of their 100k income.


Or your donating to churches unfortunately


I think 10% is standard for tithing. Joel Osteen must be their pastor lol


Who the fuck is 25 and making a hundred k? EDIT: Who gets internet for less than 90 a month? SECOND EDIT: OH MY GOD WILL YOU WALL STREET WELFARE BUMS SHUT UP ALREADY!!! I don't care that your parents got you cushy tech jobs. Think of the rest of us you authoritarian douchebags.


For a $615 monthly donation, I'll tell you.


Where they paying rent that’s only $825?




A ton of 25 year old engineers in moderate to high COL areas do make around 100k. Even with roommates their rent is probably around 1k if not higher though most of the other expenses if split 4-5 ways track.


Yeah that's one of the most frustrating things. Every time you have one of these questions you have plenty of 20 year olds working as engineers in extreme cost of living areas act high and mighty to other's for it. Not saying you're doing that, just brought out a frustration. They're being fucked over just as much as the rest of us but the high numbers make them feel happy.


Not even high COLA, oil will pay big bucks for engineers in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. Like $120k starting in a place where rent is $800 without splitting it


It's propaganda


It's kind of propaganda and mostly just misleading, actually. This graphic comes from a 2018 story that covered one specific 25 year old named Trevor Klee. https://mashable.com/article/25-year-old-budget-cnbc-tweet He had a low rent because he lived with four roommates and worked multiple side jobs with long hours.


That makes him great with money!


Ah thanks for the background!


Utilities: $300 Transportation: $200 House cleaner: $150 Internet: $50 Rent: $1500


This is a real person: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/20/budget-breakdown-of-a-25-year-old-who-makes-100000-dollars-a-year.html It’s not an out of touch CNBC. It’s just a promotional puff piece that the individual submitted and was selected. You can see at the bottom of the article where to submit your own story for a feature. The guy runs a very successful tutoring business aimed at college/grad school tests. He lives in Cambridge with four roommates which explains the low costs. Being in Cambridge and running a successful tutoring business is a quick way to make great money. If you went to an elite college, are a great test taker, and good at shmoozing rich Bostonian families…you can do what this guy does and charge $130/hr to help get some kid into Harvard. The guy likes roommates because it lets him save more and since he works long hours always on the move it means having an empty studio isn’t worth it for him just yet. It also allows him to donate to local nonprofits tackling homelessness in the area.


*hits blunt* “Guys we can’t forget the house cleaner, who the fuck does their own dishes these days.”


Very generous to random donations, not so much their slave house keeper.


Rich philanthropist logic. Donate to orgs "serving" the people they are causing the poverty of.


Why they out here assuming they are donating?


So with monthly spending at 2,775, yearly expenses are 33,300, making savings every year 66,700!! Yay we can all afford housing now!


Just shows how "out of touch" the upper tier is!


So they donate $615 a month but don’t save a dime…making 100k and living paycheck to paycheck?