Hey everyone; it's time for another edition of "Is this /r/Antiwork post full of shit?". Also, [hi /r/quityourbullshit](https://www.reddit.com/r/quityourbullshit/comments/wmsigf/karma_farmer_on_antiwork_gets_called_out_by/) - good to see you still have a weird hate-boner after [you tried to claim last time a healthcare worker couldn't be 19-20 years old](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/whnffn/im_stuck_at_work_for_144_hours_in_a_row_and_no/ij9y1vt/) I'll admit, this time it's less clear cut. From the looks of it, OP was walking by, saw an 'empty' storefront, and thought employees walked out. Well, actually there [was a manager, according to OP, who was there](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/wmjd0e/all_the_starbucks_employees_at_the_austin_airport/ik005zv/), and 2 employees showed up and helped open. So... it was closed during the morning. Which for a coffee shop is not at all normal. Some say [the lack of food display means closed](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/wmjd0e/all_the_starbucks_employees_at_the_austin_airport/ijzq525/), also sometimes they're just closed. Honestly, sometimes that's a thing. Staffing, stock, outages; they happen. Mostly staffing usually, though, because the work sucks. If the work environment was good, the storefront wouldn't have an issue with staffing. This post is fit for antiwork, however does come off as misleading. We do our best here to ensure the validity of posts, and this one seems OK.


I was flying yesterday and there was a Starbucks not due to open until 6am. At 5:30 there was a line of ~12 people waiting. One guy (mid 50s) approached the counter and was told, “we’re still closed” and he *scoffed* at the woman working and made some remark about how ridiculous that was. I was watching a show so my attention didn’t stay on the store, but when I turned back around, the line had all had their orders taken. And it wasn’t even 6am yet. So these workers opened early to satisfy the mob. So many passengers are so ignorantly ruthless and cruel to airport staffs in all various jobs there.


I worked at a coffee shop in an airport. We opened at 4am to ensure we could serve customers before a lot of the early flights took off. There would be lines of 30 people waiting before we even opened. Most were pretty nice but sometimes you would get rude people that didn’t understand we need to brew coffee and set up the espresso machines.


Yes it takes a while for the machine to heat up and gain enough pressure for the steam wands. It’s standard to arrive at least 30 mins early to set up the machine and everything.


Only arrive earlier if it pays


Most restaurants do, like, opening is a thing


Y'all just need to get there earlier to prep! (Just so the crowd can start forming earlier/s)


Right?! Why work at a coffee shop if they're not willing to get there early? /s


Why even shut down.


I used to work in an airport Starbucks. I got there 20 minutes early each day to set up and do the inventory order. I was written up for not opening early (as everything looked ready and I was only filling in an order form) for a port employee to buy a coffee. I wasn't even on the damn clock yet. Yet another write up I refused to sign. I was later fired for 'Underminding'. Still not sure of the dictionary definition of that word.


Have a copy of that write up? Your local labor board would love to get you back pay for all the extra unpaid work you did.


Pretty sure they don't care about 20 years ago labor violations. I made sure to take them to the cleaners for unemployment benefits though. The only time a manager ever showed up early in my stores was to fire someone before they clocked in so that they didn't need to pay the required- by- law minimum hours to the person being fired. You know, after the employee came in to the parking lot, got on the bus, went through TSA security and changed into work clothes. Adjusting clock ins and outs to save on payroll. Denying school schedules and earned PTO because of blackout weeks and months. Exclusively preying on new immigrants and their friends because "'x' nationality are such hard workers, they never complain about missed breaks or dangerous conditions!" Forcing contagiously sick people to work or be fired. Just the shadiest of shit. I'm so glad the Starbucks workers are finally getting unionized. I hope the HMS Host employees do the same.


The way people act when you tell them the place is closed is *insane* to me. I deal with it at my job all the time. It's like people have never heard of a store being closed before. My favorite was when I told some guy we were closed and he got all pissy and whined "but *I'm* here right now!". Like, okay? Are you the CEO? Are you gonna come back here and clean up after I get you your food? Even if you were I'm not re-opening the store for your ass lol. Go home, try again tomorrow.


I told a lady we were closed when she wanted to order a pizza. She asked when did we close, and I told her 11pm. "Oh good, my clock says 10:59, that means I can order right?" Told her no again, and she refused to accept it. My employees were already nearly done with clean up, I wasn't about to make them pull everything out again. On top of that she wanted it delivered, and that would put my driver and me even further behind. I can't remember what I said, but she finally gave up and hung up the phone, clearly pissed off. I really should have hung up after I said we were closed.


I picked up my kid late from the airport, and by the time we got to a food place, it was 11:58 or so; didn’t realize it was so close to closing. The drive through employee said they were mostly closed, but could turn on the ovens if we wanted something. We said no. It wasn’t worth the hassle; sorry to bother, and we left. Neither one of us died of starvation.


That reminds me of this woman who came in one minute before we were supposed to close and we had closed like 5 minutes early. We told her we were closed and before we could add that we *just* closed and hadn't started cleaning yet so we could still help her she made a face like she was gonna cry and stormed off. I don't know what she was going through that day but I hope she's alright lol


Man as annoying as customers can sometimes be back when I still worked at a fast food joint I feel like if I saw someone on the verge of tears like that and could make them food I'd have ran after her real quick and said don't worry about it I gotchu.


Believe me I wish I had, but in the moment I didn't know what to do. I was new at the time.


Goddamn I'd chase her out with like a coupon or some shit like aye bitch chill we still got u lmao


For cases like this, restaurants need both a "closing time" and a clearly defined order cutoff time to avoid confusion. Cause some people might wonder "what's the point of being open any given moment if you can't take orders?"


I always said. We close at 11. Doors locked. Last order out by 11. Not stop taking orders at 11.


“Well the phone shuts off at 11 so if you ca-“ CLICK


The restaurant I work at has such a hard time closing every weekend night. Closing time is 10, but we literally have 9:55 rushes most nights, and since we’re technically open, we serve them all. What happens is that other people see a fuck ton of people inside and just walk right in at like 10:15, and this causes even more people! We close at 10, closing server will get out at midnight or later.


You have to set a time, like twenty to, as a new order cut off point.


While it sucks, the late night rush makes crazy money. Everyone knows they’re being dicks by doing it, so I can make like $100 pretty easily in 2 hours because of that. If I didn’t need the money, I wouldn’t do it, but that sweet money from boaters makes it worth it.


yep. this stuff will continue / get worse, until there is collective action take or profits are reduced enough to cause problems. emoloyees at starbucks, retail, whatever, could kill themselves on a weekly basis, as long as someone new replaces them and theres no giant legal problem and the profit gets made, then nothing changes. its a corporation, everyone says "im just doing my job"




Unfortunately, as much as it shouldn't be so the 'treated like shit for peanuts' part is very, very key. Unfortunately people will suck it up and deal with all kinds of terribleness in order to survive. Unfortunately we're now at the point where the positions 'young people' are being demanded to fill cannot hope to pay anywhere near well enough to survive. But the model of 'burn em out change em out' also demands far more work be squeezed out of them than jobs that pay three times as much.


The interesting thing is what the next generation will do. They aren't having kids, can't buy homes, find good jobs, or health care. At some point the system will have to break I just hope I'm alive to see it burn.


That burn em out change em out model is going to die a slow then sudden death. From now until 2034,the US is project to be roughly 400,000 additional workers short with ea h passing year until the 2034 peak. And even after that, there ain't going to be much relief. You love to see it. 😊 I got that stat from one Peter Zeihan's talks. He's a geopolitical demography analyst. Tons of videos from him over the years on YouTube. Really eye opening. I highly recommend. Dude predicted Russia's invasion of Ukraine back in a 2014 presentation based on geography and demography. Russia had to attack now because they are running out of young people.




When I was homeless, Starbucks was one of the places I would go to sit because I knew they couldn't really kick me out. It's really fucking unfortunate that we treat our homeless so poorly that minimum wage fast food workers are the ones who end up needing to take care of them. This particular Starbucks was across the street from a community center for the homeless, so when the center closed they would end up at the Starbucks across the street. One day I was sitting in there trying to get some sleep, when the managers were sitting at a table beside me having a meeting. I heard them saying that people kept stealing the lightbulbs from the bathrooms and they have no idea what to do to stop it. I said "hey, sorry to interrupt, but if you switch to the coil LED lights I can promise they won't go missing anymore. They're using them to smoke meth, so if you use the coil ones they can't use them for that anymore." After that they were super nice to me and never bothered me when I came in to nap. Slept with my head on a table in the corner all day once and they still smiled at me when I left. These people deserve to be paid so much better than they are, they are doing so much more than just making drinks. They end up being a cornerstone of the community for some people.




Was at ATL airport a couple months back and it was pretty late, so all the restaurants were closing, yet there were a lot of travelers looking around for some food. There was one restaurant that stayed open and served food until they literally had nothing left. When I got there there was already a long line and people still kept lining up after me, despite the employee telling the whole line that they were running out of food and what they have is what they have. Yet, people were still trying to order off the menu and complaining about their available options. I know people get hungry when they travel and want a hot meal, but can you not be empathetic towards employees who are working late just to make sure there aren’t hungry people out there? I tipped them extra and thanked them twice, once when I got my food and again after I finished eating. Those employees went above and beyond to ensure I was fed that night and they deserve so much more than what they were likely being paid/what I could afford to tip them. But I hope my appreciation at least helped them feel like it wasn’t all in vain.


God I worked at a physical Starbucks that opened at 5 and every morning there was some chucklefuck banging on the door at 4:45, FURIOUS that we were in there and the door was locked. BuT i JuSt WaNt A pLaIn CoFfEe!!??. Yeah bro. We have to make it first and you don't need to be in here while we do it. Especially because I had to set up tills etc. No unlocky with cash out.


Years ago, I worked at a 24hr travel plaza Starbucks and one night around 3am, the espresso machine died. Like totally crapped out, nothing I could do about it, died. So I called the head manager to let her know what was up and find out what I should do. She didn't want to close the store so I was told just keep selling anything I could that didn't involve espresso and she'd get someone in to fix the machine as soon as she could. It was late so not many customers at that time of night, nbd at first. The tech showed up around 5:30 and starts breaking down the espresso machine just as the early morning traffic starts to pick up. I explained we were on a limited menu, they saw the the guy in coveralls with the espresso machine in pieces on every inch of counter space available, and graciously accepted their drip coffee with little complaint... except for one guy. He came in and looked around at the mess and asked if we were having problems. I explained everything and asked if he still wanted to order a drip coffee or pastry. He ordered a latte. I again explained that we don't have any espresso, only regular drip coffee. He huffs and asks for a cappuccino. No espresso. A machiato. NO ESPRESSO. He's getting more and more shitty by the second. An americano... at this point, it's 6:30am and I'm completely out of fucks to give so I'm just staring at him like my brain is about to start leaking out of my ears when suddenly *HE ACCUSES ME OF INTENTIONALLY BREAKING THE MACHINE TO RUIN HIS MORNING DRIVE* So I very calmly said "yes, sir. You are completely correct. I knew that you would be here at the crack of dawn and I decided to trash our only espresso machine at 3am for no other reason than to stop you from getting the latte you desperately need to survive. I woke up my manager and dragged out a technician to break the machine into a bunch of tiny pieces and spread them everywhere with the sole purpose of inconveniencing *you* at exactly 6:30 in the morning on an otherwise glorious Tuesday. Yes, sir. Guilty as charged. So, would you like a drip coffee or a pastry? The lemon pound cake is delicious." He just walked away and the guy fixing the machine said "I don't know how you stayed so calm with that guy. I wanted to stab him with a screwdriver and he wasn't even talking to me." I told him customer service is easy when you're dead inside.


Your comment about customer service being easy when you’re dead inside is priceless. I had a friend years ago who worked in a department store and I asked him how he was able to handle the rude customers. He said he just pretended he was in a stage play as an actor when dealing with them since his job was just an act anyway and he didn’t give a fuck what they thought or complained about.


Last line got me


I used to deliver pizza and had many customers who just straight up ignored me when I asked them how their day was or how they're doing etc and didn't say a single word to me in the entire exchange. I've had people write insults on the tip line, call me the worst driver they've ever had, cuss at me, you name it. If you're dating someone, watch how they treat food service staff. They might still be a phony if they treat staff nicely, but if they treat them poorly you can be pretty assured that they're a POS, IMO. Edit: I'm not saying I expect you to have a 10 minute conversation with me about your day when I deliver you pizza, but if I literally just say "hello" and hand you the receipt and you completely ignore my greeting, don't thank me or literally say a single word to me at all, that is rude to me. I'm not a robot and it would be cool to at least be acknowledged that I'm a human being. And yes, exchanges like this have actually happened to me before.


I was further convinced I'd picked right when my brand new spouse (honeymoon) spent the trip getting cash from the ATM that he could then leave as tips everywhere we went. He'd hide them under our plates/cups so that the staff wouldn't notice till we left. It was an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean and he just kept saying "I could go gamble this at the casino but this is so much more fun".


Give your spouse a big hug today please.


Oh man. I delivered pizza for a while and I’ve never been hit on by so many creeps. There was one guy that seemed to only order pizza when he was in the middle of sloppy drunk, sweaty sex. Gag. He asked me if I wanted to join in one time. Uh, no. There was also a woman that would order a mountain of food and would tip huge but we also had to go to the convenience store to get all manner of junk food . . . and calamine lotion - bottles of it. When we got to her house we were to knock, put the food by the door and step back a few feet. She would open the door just enough to grab the bags and then she’d shut the door and push the money out through the mail slot. So fucking weird. That summer my truck’s ac went out and it was really really hot. I also delivered the Observer that summer. Ah youth. I could never do that now.


Reminds me of my early days working at Walmart. During the days leading up to Christmas, customers would routinely walk in behind us, 15-30 minutes before open, as we are clearly walking in through a obvious employee only man door. Almost daily you’d have to explain to some asshole that yes just like everyone else, you need to wait until we are actually open. We don’t get paid until I clocked in at the back of the store, they are literally making me lose money by being selfish idiots


I will never flinch, never cringe, never let them take my fire. In the War against Asshole Customers, I will never forgive, and I will never surrender. We will unmake the "customer is king" mentality. We will unmake it.


We can't sit here and bend to their will, they only do it because they know they'll get what they want. If you're parked outside the store before hours when I walk up to open, you're gonna watch me walk past you, lock the doors behind me, and take my sweet time putting out registers. I will not notice your existence until the clock is on the hour. I will scroll Reddit if I have extra time. We don't get paid enough and we sacrifice enough of our lives already. You aren't special, you can cry all you want.


I work at a family owned restaurant, and one day some guy literally didn’t know how to eat his food correctly (it was edamame), and started freaking out at me. The pods are edible, but are very tough and taste bad. He ate every. single. pod. He then complained to me, and the owner told him he should learn to eat food before he comes. Was so amazing to see a bitchy old fuck get put in his place. We got a 1-star google review, and I got a $0.01 tip, but I bet his massive stomach pain later was even worse.


This reminds of a funny story. The only time in my life I worked at a retail store, it was a high end electronics store back in 2009ish, one day I was sent to help another store for a day. I showed up before opening time and they guys didn't know me so they thought I was a customer and just left me waiting outside for 30min.


I worked at a Target Starbucks and used to get sick satisfaction out of setting up early and then making myself a drink and sitting at a table to read for 20 min while customers glared at me for not opening earlier.


When I worked at Starbucks it was company policy parroted by our district manager to open the doors 15 mins before the posted opening time. And to not lock the doors until 15 mins after the posted close time.


Just a heads up. About 99% of the Starbucks inside airports are operated by a company called HMS Host. Those employees are technically Host employees and they are unionized. The union though is not good and Host continues to dump on the employees. I used to work for them in John Wayne, LAX, and SeaTac. Edit to clarify some info that I have found out. As you can tell I just worked west coast and was not aware of other areas of the US. From what has been told to me, there are other areas where Host is not the controlling company but another hospitality company is. Host still seems to be the majority. Also, not all of Host's location are unionized. While I was working there the management had told me ALL Host locations are, so I was operating under that information.


One time I interviewed at an HMS Host rest stop with a Starbucks and got hired to be a barista but on my first day they were like “Oh we are really short staffed at the Burger King today so we are going to need you to fill in but we’ll train you soon at the Starbucks.” and I was young so I was like Umm ok. So they trained me at the Burger King for a couple days and I worked there for about a week getting really frustrated because I was literally hired to work at Starbucks so I confronted them about this and they said “well since you’re really good at working at the Burger King, we decided you need to work there until we find more workers. And then you’ll get to work at Starbucks” and I was like Umm. What. I told a couple coworkers about this and they were like “oh you sweet summer child. They were never going to let you work at the Starbucks. They trick a lot of people to work for them like that, mostly kids like you who don’t know any better.” I was sad!! Because I had really wanted to work at the Starbucks. Lol. So I confronted them again and was like “is it true that you basically tricked me into working indefinitely at Burger King” and they were like “😬 … nooooo…. We would NEVER do that to you” so I was like “let me work at Starbucks then or I’m leaving” and they were like “well there are no positions open at Starbucks at the moment unfortunately” I was STEAMED. I was like “then why did you hire me To Work At Starbucks if there are no positions available” and they said some other stuff that made no sense so I was like “well I guess this is Good bye then” and they tried to get me to stay but I was done at that point and left and got a less shady job a few days later. Anyways that’s my story of HMS Host. Fuck them forever to be honest :)


They did the same to me back in the day when I worked at GEG, pulled me from Starbucks one day and dumped me in Chili's, which was essentially a pay cut since I lost tips, then also started making me do prep for their cooler items, and that wasn't even the shittiest thing they did. Had to call the health department because they were asking us to re-date the sell-by on the cooler items. They just got a firm talking too but at least stopped that practice (at least while I was there).


Yup, that is an all too common scenario. Sorry you had to go through that. I myself left John Wayne Airport and went to LAX due to a manager retaliating against me for reporting him to the heath department for changing the best buy dates on expired food. The whole company stinks like hell and I hate that they get away with shitty tactics like that.


I reported them at GEG for the exact same practice of re-dating the cooler items. I had chalk that one up to shitty management but it sounds like it was a standard practice for Host.


Which, if true, is also shitty management, just at a higher level.


Aren't they pretty much the equivalent to ticket bastard for concerts? Pretty much too big to compete with.


They are pretty big but I don't know about that. Last I had heard from them (which was about a year ago when my wife left) they were losing a lot of bid for Seatac establishments. But they still do have a somewhat monopoly on Starbucks inside airports. You can always tell it's an HMS store because the back of the receipt has their logo on it or there is a sign with their logo on it near the register.


Sorry to hear that your wife left. Hope you’re doing okay.


Lol poor wording. Good catch though, gave me a chuckle.


Just goofin off on a Friday morning. Have a great weekend!




I was just thinking of all the vehicles of theirs I see on the airport grounds. I haven't flown since the pandemic hit though. And I guess it's probably like construction companies, as they lose a bid at one location they just move their trucks and equipment to the new location so it's not like they need to rebuy everything needed to start a new contract.


Here's how it worked at the airport I worked at. When the contract came up for renual the company without the contract would win the bid. The other company would sell the equipment to it. The new company would hire all the workers at starting pay. Repeat every 3 years.


Sounds like the two companies are owned by the same parent company


“Both companies under same ownership.”


> ticket bastard absolutely using this from now on


This one is managed by a different company. ABIA tried to go full local at the airport at first but it fell to shit relatively quickly.


Yeah an Union is only as good as its leadership.


Same with company management


I was part of a bad union, I quit way too late.


A bad union soaking up mandatory union fees and giving nothing in return is so much worse than no union at all.


My wife and I work as custodians and there is a "union" for all the support staff but it is close to completely worthless. They "negotiated" for us to get a whopping $1 raise this year, which brings our hourly pay up to $12 an hour. I know it could be worse and there are some good benefits for working for a school district but the base pay really stinks. Also the school my wife works at has been woefully understaffed for well over a year and nobody seems to care. When she started a few years ago there were 8 people who worked the evening shift with her, there are now 3. I just wish this "union" would step up and actually do something because I love the idea of being in a union but I was under the impression they were actually supposed to fight for the workers. Sorry for venting lol


They do, but the members need to step up too. Without active engagement from everyone in the union, you will have a weak union. If your leadership isn't doing their job to a satisfactory degree, run against them.


This comment needs to be higher up. /u/ConkHeDoesIt - The union is not separate from you. YOU are the union. Each union is only as strong as its members. Like magikot said, if the union leadership is weak, step up and take over the leadership role. I became a shop steward due to dissatisfaction with the steward we had before, and I work to make conditions better for every member. You can do it!


It's like the government or any sort of representation too think voting in elections and paying your dues/taxes is where your responsibility or involvement ends but that's just where it starts.


That's a very good point and something I need to investigate more.


I always feel so bad for the folks who work the Starbucks at JFK Terminal 5. Everyone is exhausted, and there are very few places to get a cup of coffee. That Starbucks gets absolutely slammed. There should be like 3 or 4 of them open for that kind of volume. God flying right now is so miserable. I can't imagine working anywhere in that industry right now.


> I can't imagine working anywhere in that industry right now. Add any service industry job right now. They're all shit.


Become a server at a mid tier restaurant I’ve had very good luck. The pay is great 25-30 hr/ AFTER tax


Serving can be some decent money, but in the wrong area, it can be straight up soul crushing. Some managers wont let the customers give you any grief, but sadly, more will tell you that the customers always right. Imo, service is always better when staff are treated like human beings, and allowed to speak their mind.


Food service sucks and anybody who recommends it doesn't know how lucky they are


What nonsence... treating humans like humans leads to a better workplace. What kind of outrageous concept is that! You definitely wouldn’t make it as a CEO.


My local airport is small, but also only has one Dunkin. It has a line through the whole terminal before they even open… at 430am.


i dont get how ppl do those crazy long lines. i see that many ppl, i nope out


I observed it is in American thing. Same with drive throughs. There is a crazy long line. I just park my car and walk inside the store to get my coffee or whatever.


It's absolutely wild. I used to work a fast food job and the amount of people who'd rather wait 30+ minutes in the drive thru to get their food rather than just come in and pick it up in <5 minutes was shocking


I'm in my pajama pants with a rip all the way up the crack, cut me a break.


if you're in an airport and have to stand around waiting anyway, might as well stand around in a queue with coffee and sweets at the end


It's fucking stupid to have the menu they do at the airport. It needs to be a minimal menu, no hot foods, no frozen drinks, no frappes. Just pastries, drip, and basic espresso drinks. More like what you'd get from an espresso cart.


Shoutout to anyone who’s worked at JFK Terminal 5 Starbucks that reads this. I have lived in NY and have plenty of family on Long Island so this was and is my main airport when traveling there and JetBlue seats seem to accommodate tall people so I’ve frequented this terminal. I’ve seen the workers endure the worst of humanity and still every time I’ve ever been there, the coffee is good, the staff is friendly and welcoming to me, and you can tell they genuinely give a shit when they clock in in the morning. Then the literal worst people of society (international airport dwellers with entitlement) just grind them to a fucking nub by the end of their day. Pay these people a living fucking wage.


I saw this in Newark. One Starbucks to serve a dozen gates. I was waiting in line 40 minutes to get a coffee. You can imagine some people get puffed up with attitude about the wait.


Lol they said right now as if it hasn't been terrible for the last like 20+ years.


I can only imagine the level of doucherie these workers had to suffer.


I fly out of ABIA regularly and can count on one hand the number of times I **HAVEN’T** seen them catch shit by some entitled customer. I don’t usually stop there because I like to minimize my time in an airport and typically go straight to the plane, but whenever I do order there I always tip them well and tell them how much I appreciate them.


It’s unfortunate. Austin was supposed to be cool. Then everyone heard that it was cool, so people who thought they were cool went there. People who think they’re cool are generally uncool, so now it’s no longer cool.


"that place is so crowded, no one goes there any more."


"Nah, nobody in New York drove. There was too much traffic!" - Phillip J Fry


Billy West, what a stupid phony made-up name!


Idk how anyone works at airports in any capacity. They are like the most stressful environments outside of ERs. Last time we were at a Dunkin at Logan airport my 11 yr old just went, “So wait, the people who work here have to drive to the airport every day? Where do they park? Do they have to go through security every time? What about all the traffic?” It was unbelievable to her as getting to that particular airport is always a shit show.


I used to work at an airport so I have answers for you! Yes, I drove to the airport every day. I would park in the employee parking lot at the end of the sky train line and take the train to my terminal. You do have to go through security every time, but since you’re issued a security badge you can go through the PreCheck line and not have to take off your shoes and whatnot. Traffic wasn’t an issue since the employee parking lot wasn’t close to the regular crowded airport roads. I didn’t find it particularly stressful BUT it’s been years since I quit and I still have trouble remembering faces— to preserve my sanity as a cashier who saw hundreds of people every single day, I would have to forget people as soon as they turned around. I’ve learned that’s really hard to untrain your brain from.


Honestly this one is accurate. It feels like Most of the people driving in nyc aren’t from/living in nyc. You can’t be doing that shit willingly. Most ppl driving there are coming, going, or working.


That is why I am so proud of my home town's unofficial slogan "Keep Albany Boring".


I lived in Bellingham, WA for a few years... the town's official unofficial slogan is: "The City of Subdued Excitement"


It’s unfortunate. ~~Austin TX,~~ ~~Brooklyn NY,~~ ~~Portland OR,~~ Portland ME was supposed to be cool. Then everyone heard that it was cool, so people who thought they were cool went there. People who think they’re cool are generally uncool, so now it’s no longer cool. I'm noticing an asshole related trend.


…or an Asshole Relocation trend


Flock of seagulls, swoop in shit all over everything, move on to the next secret beach


I live in Savannah, GA and we are definitely starting to experience this. I’ve been here 22 years and loved it because it was a little weird and eccentric but now all of that is being stripped away and everything is the same. The weird and eccentric can’t afford to live here now.


That’s how gentrification works. The weird, eccentric and cool people start moving and gathering in a certain area, whether that be a neighborhood in a big city, or a smaller city entirely. These cool people do cool things and build cool stuff and make a previously undesirable location very desirable. Property values start to rise then real estate developers start moving in and after a while there’s a bunch of wannabe cool people standing in line at the Starbucks on the corner and the once cool neighborhood or small city is overrun by douchebags. You can almost watch that scenario play out in real time in Chicago. I think Hyde Park is the latest victim of this phenomenon, but I’m not as knowledgeable about the city as I once was.


I’ve lived in Savannah and Austin. This is happening everywhere. It sucks, but since I’ve been alive the US population has increased by nearly 100 million people. They have to go somewhere and it’s only going to get worse.


It what I’m worried about with my hometown. By the time I’m able to move back I’ll probably be priced out of it. It’s a cool little city, but it’s starting to pop up on “best places to live” articles


San Fransisco in the 70s, Seattle in the 90s.


And Asheville NC


As someone from the northeast, Austin is only weird for Texas.


As a native Texan living in Austin, Austin hasn’t been weird for Texas for a long time.


The tech bros ruined it with their VC backed start ups and family oriented work life balance culture whatever you want to call it. Now it's just a playground for the rich.


Same thing happened to Seattle after Amazon blew up in the mid 2000’s. The new towers all over are pretty, but it’s lost it’s soul to rich tech bros.


May I recommend Steve Hoffstetter’s airport revenge story. Very cathartic. Totally unrelated to the current Starbucks strike, but a great example of dealing with an entitled person and to be fair, if she had gone to Starbucks during her airport visit she would have been awful to the staff, so she had it coming. https://youtu.be/WNQ0RN4c8ZY


I almost died a few times for yelling at people for playing their music over cell phone speakers.


Thank you for your service.


Thank you for your service


Thanks for the link! I go out of my way to call out or screw with Karens. Working class people need to stick together against these entitled assholes.


At my local airport, the Starbucks is the lowest rated establishment there. It's 1.5 stars, most reviews saying the employees are utterly slow and have 'bad looks' on their faces.. Only two reviewers pointed out how huge the lines are and that there is only 1-2 overworked employees at a time with clearly no support from the company or management


At Sea-Tac they have an expanded size Starbucks and it has mobile ordering enabled. The store is huge and always well-staffed and with the mobile app working you really don’t have to wait long for anything even if there’s a huge ordering line. It’s kind of a marvel. That said I still prefer Dilettante when I fly through there bc they have that delicious mocha recipe.


The “bad looks on their faces” gets me. What do you expect? For them to work a terrible job with fucking smiles on their faces? And I’m sure the people who wrote these reviews are all sunshine and rainbows every day at work.


Starbucks workers at the airport truly get so much shit. I was flying out of DAL at 6am and was waiting in line for the Starbucks to open. It was opening a bit late but there was a woman in front of me tapping her foot and yelling angrily at the poor girl who was trying to get it ready to go. I think I have a video somewhere


People truly have no shame.


They really don’t. They’re the most important person in the universe, anyone “beneath” them is just their personal servant.


i’d probably break down dining, starbucks already is a shitty place to work but an AIRPORT starbucks would be the worst


Idk how anyone works at airports in any capacity. They are like the most stressful environments outside of ERs. Last time we were at a Dunkin at Logan airport my 11 yr old just went, “So wait, the people who work here have to drive to the airport every day? Where do they park? Do they have to go through security every time? What about all the traffic?” It was unbelievable to her as getting to that particular airport is always a shit show.


Depending on where you work parking is different, some companies make you pay monthly for parking,~40$. Some gave you free parking but only in the most inconvenient places so you're walking like a mile off site in uncovered areas so better bring and umbrella or catching a shuttle. Mine gave parking for free in those paid parking lots connected to the terminals so the walk was short. Yes we had to go through security every time. But you get pre-check for free. I think its like a couple of hundred bucks for standard passengers. Basically you get your finger prints done, they do a background check and if you pass you can just walk through a metal detector and keep your shoes on, plus you get priority through security so lines are really short. All in all walking from the parking garage took longer for me than actually going through security since priority almost always was empty so I zipped through. I worked in a restaurant inside an airport for a number of years and besides some bad interactions with TSA people it wasn't that bad. You had to deal with some obvious airport only security problems and guests that would get out of line (Drunks or on edge because of "Muh flight leaves in 5 minutes hurry up" or they missed their flight) but other than that it was a pretty standard gig.


“IM VERY UPSET! …I’ll have the chicken fingers and fries please”


Holy shit!!! It just dawned on me These poor workers at the airport deal with the exact same bullshit and douchery that I see freak out at ticket counters and on planes


I worked in a small duty free store right outside a first class lounge in LHR. the level of entitlement and disrespect people display because 'they have money' is shocking. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like in a Starbucks.


If you have lots of money, then take it somewhere else. We dont need *your* money.


I'm just trying to think of the orders. There's nothing that tells me you are a self important asshole more than your Starbucks order. The half caff, soy milk, two pumps of vanilla, double shot, upside down, half ice, add whip, add sprinkles is annoying as hell to stand behind here in my suburbs, I can only picture a tech hub airport. They have to have 10 to 12 customizations each.


All the Starbucks employees in my entire town are on strike as well! Solidarity!


I’d love a nationwide strike. Starbucks union busting tactics are deplorable. It’s clear they’re going to need to be forced to acknowledge their organised workers.


I believe if Starbucks just embraced unionization and marketed it correctly, they’d probably recoup the money spent on it in increased sales. But they’d have to do it right and that’s probs not gonna happen. So they’d rather fight it with dirty tactics and in the end lose money. It’s insane.




Very true


The guy that owns the one in Anderson, SC claimed he was allegedly kidnapped when his union staff listed their demands and they didn't sidestep for him to walk away. They've been closed for about a week, but I saw they were open this morning.


Is there a story on that you can share? That's awesome.


A story? Once, there was this kid who, got into an accident and couldn't come to school and, when, he finally came back, his, hair, had turned from black into bright white




I know right? He said that it was from when, the cars had smashed so hard


Mmm mmm mmm mmm.


His name? John Fucking Zoidberg!


What town? I'd love to pass out that info to all the Starbucks in my town and get them to go unionize.


Eugene, OR. The Willamette street store unionized. They were the first to strike. This article only mentions two, but three others stores joined the strike in solidarity. https://www.kezi.com/news/eugene-starbucks-workers-on-strike-against-alleged-aggression-from-corporate-leadership/article_c98e9fde-1836-11ed-a52f-0fc064ceec0a.html


I can’t even imagine the stress of working at any airport Starbucks😳


Seriously - going to the airport is stressful enough as a traveler. I could not imagine working at one in any capacity.


Lol I build that(at least the electrical). That place is way to way to small for the amount of employees they need to keep up with the traffic.






There should be a subreddit for organizing nationwide strikes/walk outs.


Good!! I hope more customer service-type jobs stop putting up with the absolute fucking abuse they get from people. The whole "customer is right" thing is such an old adage that people think it excuses them from acting like trash towards their fellows. I get it if you have complaint, and people will generally try to make it right, but when you act like an asshole any courtesy should go right out of the window.


Good for them! I'd have put up a sign: "Free coffee. Help yourself."




What did Rashida Jones do?


She knows.


That comment is obviously Angela trying to get people to her party.


Full story?


Apparently they haven’t had many of the drinks or items needed to make them. Customers have been assholes and they get killed everyday. This Starbucks is directly behind the security checkpoint so it’s always jam packed.


Another case of an employer failing to meet the demand of its clients due to insane budgeting by higher-ups. Then the frustration of the clients gets taken out on the employees who likely have no say or control over the supplies.


I know someone who's a regional manager for starbucks. Last we spoke they were having what he described as "incredibly frustrating" supply chain issues. Trouble getting a host of materials to stores. He was having to rent trucks and make deliveries from the warehouse personally.


a good portion of domestic supply chain issues is chronic underpaying of truckers. much like the classic factory worker trope, it’s gone from a good job that could provide for a family to barely covering costs.


I like to bring up my grandfather when people say shit like "get a better job." My grandfather raised 9 children on a single income working an assembly line, living in town, 5 minutes from work.


Yep! My grandfather raised 6 kids and put them all through private schools while working at a suit factory. His wife was a stay at home house wife. Meanwhile I am the most highly educated person in my family and my partner (who also has a degree) and I don’t think we can afford to have even one child on our combined income.


That would be a side job now and barely cover rent for one person, it’s mental


A side job shouldn't even be a thing. Nobody should need to work 2 jobs just to remain living. (if you can call that living)


“If you want to buy a house get a degree” I mean every generation of family before me managed to buy a house with unskilled labour, what has changed that my generation need a top quality job to live an average life


"Unskilled" is such a bullshit term though. What job requires zero skills? If something required no skills, it wouldn't be a job!


>“If you want to buy a house get a degree” Followed by "why did you take out loans to get that worthless degree instead of being a plumber or a welder?" Fuck those stupid boomers


That crank wasn't going to turn itself in his day! That was SKILLED LABOR.... /s just in case any one missed the mark


YUP. Adjusted for inflation 1970s truckers made like 120k a year. Now it’s about 50k in 2022 dollars


And yet its the bottom employee getting shit on when it is a Starbucks problem. My wife had bullshit somewhat similar. Her store had a quota for shoe care add ons. Except they only had 20% oof the products in store. They could not get deliveries in of stuff they needed. Did management ease on the quota since they didnt have the majority of stuff to sell? Of course not! They simply said “get them to order it online, in store. Who the fuck is going to buy shoe polish or some shit online when you are standing in a store in a mall with other shoe stores?!


The Starbucks in airports (ands stores) are always half-assed because they aren't owned by or run by Starbucks, they just license the name and coffee. They're run by vendors at the airport and don't get the corporate support for supplies, so the employees are definitely not getting the support they need from whoever runs this outpost.


Thanks for the details. Those are always appreciated!


i hate that its right there after the security checkpoint. people get this tunnel vision and end up making this huge line. just down the mf corridor theres a lot of other shit. its embarrassing.


From r/austin: “I don't know what the deal is but I just walked past here, it's open and serving coffee. Also fyi airport restaurant employees are subcontractors for a single company and not employees of the brand itself. So whatever Starbucks does as a company has little to no effect on these folks.”


Sounds like me at my last 2 jobs this past month. From the mouth of managers at each place…… “before the pandemic we would ban customers who were rude or intimidating, and now we have to just accept it” (Manager) Where you going L??” (Me) “LOL ima just grab something from my car (vroom vroom) Plus, they incentivize quitting and finding a different job, as they pay new hires around 15 per hr and veteran employees are still making 8.75-10 an hr


Almost everywhere incentivizes quitting on favour of a new job these days. It's unfortunate.


Is there anything confirming the Starbucks is not closed due to another reason? Does not seem like there is much to this story other than this pic.




People will have to do without their $10 coffees...the horror.


Starbucks appears to be the poster child for what's wrong with retail work. Employees are tired of dealing with entitled customers then COVID came and you had to deal with political fanatics and on top of all that is they're treated as replaceable employees. Not sure how Starbucks moves forward.


The best part is they can't just bring in a bunch of scabs because the FAA requires extensive background checks and credentials to work in an airport. With airport rent prices and zero sales, they are losing money big time.


OMG this is going to cause such a stir. Early in the morning, Starbucks, at an airport?!?! God, good for them!!! The balls!! I love it. Hope they get all their demands.


I work in an airport. I don't blame them. People can be so damn entitled while flying.


Hmm.... all of the pastry displays are empty and it looks pretty early from the light. Did they walk out or have they just not opened yet?


FYI ALL airport restaurants are licensed out and staffed by the airport contractor, not the corporation who sells the license. Not defending Bux, but airports have atrocious employment practices and should be getting the scrutiny here and everywhere.


Good on ya mate!


That Starbucks was so understaffed. They had to deal with so much shit with people coming in and demanding they open, make double platinum unicorn frappa-ferraris and order shit that sounded like it was off the McD's menu. In my dreams,the corporate ballsack responsible smells like poop for the rest of his life.


Technically, they're not Starbucks employees. They're exploited contractors just like the other restaurants in that airport.


I have never been to that Starbucks, but as an older American I am constantly surprised by how gracious and accommodating Starbucks employees are