Right right right. Was listening to my aunt talk about how authoritarian her factory job was and my grandpa chimed in “phones are ruining work”! Like goddam she just talked about being tortured for 8 hours straight…


Is your Grandpa my father in law? It’s like they just have pre recorded things to say and just press play when anything slightly related comes up, whilst ignoring everything else said.


Haha my uncle in a nut shell. “Hey uncle, I’m gonna pick up trash for earth day, you doing anything?” “China is causing all animals to go extinct. Soon elephants and giraffes in story books will be all that people remember of these animals thanks to China.” “Well alright then.” “China also pollutes the earth like crazy.” “Yeah so does every big country, including the US.” “That’s just what China wants you to think.” “Okay.”


These days, I just treat them like the child they sound like. That’s how 3 year olds talk. They pretty much ignore you and say something maybe somewhat relevant back. But since they are 3, you don’t get mad, you pay their head and say “yes sweetie, that’s right, you can be a Dino in a tutu when you get older”. I literally patted my FIL on the leg one evening and said “getting your nightly brainwashing in Grandpa?” He’s used to me by now and just responds “It’s the Truth!” (The way he said it sounded like truth was a pronoun). I’m just responded “ok now, have a good night then!” as we walked out the door. He’s like 80 now.


Just turned 60, very end of the boomer generation, pretty liberal capitalist in the renewable tech field, still read and process real data from primary sources, still do stuff like pull up raw data from primary sources to demonstrate to right wing friends that they are just wrong on stuff. (For instance: If I get told that wind power produces no energy, I will pull up detailed data from regional independent system operating companies managing the day to day trading of juice on the grid with exact data on megawatts hours of production for the past twelve months, sales price, etc.) My greatest fear is that between today and 20 years from now that my highly rational, data driven brain will turn to mush and I will start spouting nonsense.


I mentioned his age more because there’s no changing his mind at this point so that’s why I treat him like a toddler instead of trying to change his mind. He wasn’t like this when I first met him. I think he was once a pretty wise man with complex and intelligent thoughts. He is a retired chemical engineer. Used to have a lot of bright, interesting things to say not that long ago. Just don’t watch Fox News several hours a day and you’ll be fine.


It won’t, I notice with individuals like you that they tend to stay sharp and love to share their knowledge.


24/7 news is causing this shit. I know some older people who will literally watch the 7am news, the 12pm news, the 5pm news, inside edition, 9pm news, and 10pm news. Its literally destroying how people interact with anything they come across or hear.


Oh is that all? /s Let me know when they keep the news stations on permanently, never changing the station, and actually watching the repeating broadcasts on a loop. 😳 I've seen folks re-watch the same broadcast, as it's repeated, until the new broadcast comes on. It's sad really....it's almost the equivalent of zoning out with repeatedly scrolling on IG....similar zombification....


Lol, like my wife's uncle who just spouts bullshit like "kids these days are too lazy". But when I tell him fucking Plato complained about "youths these days" he goes and takes it as a compliment, thinks I'm calling him a great thinker. Watching his kids open disbelief as the man took a very obvious insult and through the power of narcissism turned it into a compliment was beautiful to behold. One of his older kids and I had a long discussion about cognitive decline of old people after that...


Juvenoia is a common theme all throughout history. It all seems to be around new communication technologies, personal writing slates, paper, books, newspapers, record players, phones, now smartphones. Kids these days lol.


Something something the printing press will just make people lazier.


So honestly, the best approach would seem to be to gather complaints about the boomers when they were the youths. He can directly relate to those more easily than the more abstract connection to this behavior having always existed.


Live updates via machine learning on TV news. They put right arguments and answers in pairs so this doesn't need any thought process running at all. Just like these old 'Learn Spanish in your sleep' tapes.


It’s weird. It’s like some poorly programmed robot that glitches a lot.


Are you saying conservative boomers are… NPCs? lol yes they are.


Like, really really bad NPCs. I’ve seen NPCs hold a better, more intelligent conversation


You bet they are. They only do something when the game indicates a really, but otherwise, they do nothing but sit around complaining, like that one place in leisure suit Larry from eons ago. Many of them probably think it’s real life


What we call a bug may be a feature.


It’s almost like it’s done on purpose….


"thought terminating cliche"


And then they can’t even defend their points and explain the reasons why phones are ruining work. Just like they are now saying that Joe Biden is somehow at fault for high gas prices. Ask them how and the only answer they can provide is “Well he’s in office isn’t he”


It takes \~1.5 seconds for them to fallback to citing the news as justifying their position (which is no justification at all!) (and it's Tucker Carlson)


I work for a cleaning company, oftentimes, phones are the only way for us to communicate with each other.


Yea, apparently they have to turn their phones in before clocking in. I cant fathom my job treating me like a child. Unfortunately, my aunt has kids and grandkids and really likes the pay.


literally had this convo with my brother the other day. paraphrasing, of course: Him: "we haven't gotten a raise on the railroad for three years" Me: "well damn, thats taking a pay cut every year then. your union needs to get on that" Him: "union doesnt do anything, they suck" (arguably not incorrect, their union is pretty toothless) Me: "pay should just be tied to inflation so it goes up as cost of living goes up. If min wage kept up with inflation it'd be over $20/hr now" Him: "yeah but thats almost what I make. people flipping burgers shouldn't make as much as what I do." Me: "...you should be making way more than that. wtf is your union doing?"


"yeah but thats almost what I make. people flipping burgers shouldn't make as much as what I do." If he likes what he is doing it would be better for him too. Because if flipping burgers is more attractive, less people will work on the railroad, and you can demand more wages if you do..


Why shouldn’t people flipping burgers make more, though? Shouldn’t everyone have decent income? Food service workers should suffer poverty because why? I’m sorry, dirty socialists like me don’t understand these things 🤷🏼


Yeah it's gross... imagine all jobs pay a living wage then you HAVE A CHOICE of flipping burgers or working outside on a cheap travel system for other people (who presumably would work a living wage job of THEIR CHOICE)... CHOOSING SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPIER... fucking fucks man


Why basic human needs can’t be met for everyone and have a dollar value is beyond my understanding. If someone who truly loves capitalism could explain the humanity in why some human beings aren’t allowed to have homes, I’d love to be enlightened.


If everyone were allowed to have homes, how would our brave landlords collect passive income? They made an investment!




Can you hook me up with a deal?!


I can hook you up to the back of a jetski


By the neck please. Safety first.


Now I'm picturing, in a post-apocalypse, a society descended from the cast and crew of a 'Survivor'-style reality show, which carries out executions via jet ski noose. "We sentence you to death. You will be hanged from the neck, by jet ski, until dead, for your un-chill acts against The Island."


Total Drama Jet ski


"Okay campers! Today we're sacrificing someone with a jet ski."


"Dad, we're the only ones left. Who are you sacrificing, mom?" "We don't talk about the disgraced Prime Minister of Lying Liars Who Betrayed Me Cove, and you know that!"


David Carradine has the wildest pool parties


I just choked on my drink. Thanks for that. Lol


Woah, woah, hey...don't forget the helmet sir.


These jet skis are earned




I grew up in a small town filled with Republican attitudes. Allow me to piggyback on your comment and assure anybody that's interested in knowing that about 75% of my former classmates still live in that town, and have neither a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out.


the important part is that it's all the fault of immigrants or leftists, you can't forget that.


Funny how those leftist immigrants in those small town are peachy-keen A-OK when they're making their tacos or mowing their yards, though. That's when the local folks begin putting the addendum of "y'know, except for JUAN down at the Taco Rail... he's a good one!" at the end of their racist screeds.


>anti-leftist There's definitely a less-tortured word for this...




You deserve a reliable and substantial income to cover both necessities and luxuries so that you can fully participate in an economy that produces both necessities and luxuries.


We're going to enable your capitalist sentiments by ensuring that over time your labor will earn you capital.


Companies with stuff to sell should be welcoming a larger customer base to sell stuff to instead of encouraging an unsustainable addiction to overpopulation that risks tearing society apart with mass poverty and having enormous numbers of people not even being able to earn enough to cover necessities due to capitalist entrapment and pseudo-slavery policies.


Publicly traded companies legally can't even work in their own best interest if the alternative would make their shareholders more money in the short term. It's all fucked.


Could you explain what you mean by that? I've always seen the very nature of shareholders and the stock market as detrimental in the long term, since money can't grow endlessly and that's essentially what they bank on, but that sounds even worse, and I still want to better understand the relationship between the shareholders and the company itself because there's no way company executives can't see the collapse they're heading to once they stop posting record profits every year for the shareholders.


Basically, a company can be sued by shareholders if the shareholders are able to prove that that company could have made money, but didn't. This is detrimental to any intelligent long term planning, since you could fuck yourself by eschewing short term profits for long term planning. The whole system is fucked


I've worked for public and private companies before, and I very much prefer private. In 2021 my current employer doubled their projected contracts for the year. It took a little luck and a lot of hard work. But since we are public, now the shareholders expect that same level of growth *this* year, and *every* year from now until the heat death of the universe...


>now the shareholders expect that same level of growth this year, and every year from now until the heat death of the universe... No no no, line must go more UP, not stay same! *Higher* rates of growth each and every year until the heat death of the universe! And no, the finite number of humans on the planet is not an excuse to fail to make line go up more. The shareholders will complain about "stagnation" if growth is only the same this year as last year. Even if your company had every human on the planet as a customer last year, you'll be expected to find some passing space aliens to sell to next year, or figure out a way to sell to ghosts or something.


This is what gets me, what's wrong with sustainable growth? Some years a new product or new development might lower costs and boost profits, but why does it need to be neverending permanent gain over gain over gain rather than some years small gain, others big, the rare one less, etc.


I can only vaguely understand how they're thinking thanks to all the time, long ago, that I spent playing Neopets. Had a hecking big pile of NeoPoints saved up in the NeoBank because the more you had the higher of an interest rate you can get and yes I was a very nerdy kid for caring about that so much. Anyhow, went back recently and realized I'd been gone too long, my old account got deleted, had to start a new one. So right now, new account, 5000 NP is a heck of a lot for me, very exciting! I'm upgrading my NeoBank status almost daily, climbing up the levels super fast! But I remember the old account, and how very unsatisfying it felt adding 5000 NP to an account that already contained like 500000 NP. Like *oh woo* a whole 0.02% closer to the next upgrade, maybe I'll get there in another six months if I keep this up every day. About as exciting as watching paint dry. Smart thing to do at that point is just go get a different hobby, quit hoarding money, trying to brag about big number, and start actually spending some of that doing something *useful*. I'd rather have another park or library with some rich person's name on it as sponsor than watch numbers go up in oversees bank accounts.


Okay I didn't know this was a thing and I hated that my retail job was always like "make more money than last year!"


Yeah, it's never enough. Every single year must always be more than last year. Forever. I was in a college class learning about Coke. The "problem" we were supposed to figure out how to solve was basically "everybody who would possibly consume our product is doing so at the highest rate we can possibly encourage, LINE STOPPED GOING UP!" The "solution" to make the line go up again was to sell the same product without the syrup, so bottled water, which would appeal to people who don't like syrup-water-product. Line go up again. And the world gets buried in even more single use plastic bottles, but *whatever*, LINE GO UP!


I think that they are actually incapable of seeing it. I don't truly know what kind of schooling these higher ups have received. I would assume though, that however they're taught and whatever culture they experience once in the workplace, truly warps their brains. They are only capable of seeing into the next quarter. Nothing farther. I'm sure a great many corporate higher ups are quite intelligent people. Quite frankly though I think they're also complete idiots. Dunning-Krueger if you will. Quarterly capitalism has been prevalent for so very long that I can only assume the people in these positions are legitimately incapable of thinking, in business terms, farther than 3 months. All of their ideas and behaviors and edicts just confirm this. Specifically retail corporations are what I'm most familiar with. Before I didn't interact as much with higher ups. I'm with a very large retail company now and have frequently interacted with individuals who are responsible for retail activities over the entire North American continent. They may be quite knowledgeable and skilled for their level, but they couldn't run an actual store if their life depended on it. They don't understand their employees, they don't even understand their customers. The very thing that makes them money, they cannot fathom. Every new change or procedure they come up with is antithetical to a productive and profitable environment. The old adage of "you have to spend money to make money"? They never heard of it. The only idea that has any effectiveness is "cut hours". With that they can't ever seem to understand the downside. The majority of other decisions they make? They're so clearly decisions rooted only in the idea of keeping or justifying their jobs. "Make this change so it looks like my job has purpose". Hoping that this change might be profitable. If it isn't? You just come up with another initiative that will surely change the face of the business. Its akin to throwing shit to a wall until something sticks. Completely ignoring how these decisions continually erode not only their customer base but their workforce. Basically, no they can't see it. They're incapable. The mantra of ever increasing profits is all they know. A sustainable business has no purpose, it must grow like cancer or there's no point.


Similar story, I work in estimating for medium sized commercial construction company. We do pretty well, & have a lot of repeat business from companies the same size as us or moderately bigger. Think Trucking distribution centers, dealerships, private airplane charter companies, oil field service etc. Since they’re about the same size they have a similar structure, fairly small upper management structure with only a few real decision makers. We have great relationships with our subcontractors, do our own concrete & steel erection so usually come in as one of the lower bids but with a better reputation/ higher quality work. Clients are generally quite straightforward to deal with, people aren’t always pleasant but at least you know you are talking to the someone who has decision making power and has a deep understanding of their business and how it functions/ makes money, often because they built it. On the other hand we recently spent a couple months courting a much much larger multinational mining firm that was looking for a building that (vehicle maintenance shop) that is so completely in our wheel house it’s not even funny, like we’ve probably built 10-15 near identically purposed buildings over the past 10 years. Normally we wouldnt bother but this was just the smallest building of about $100+ million in total site development they we pursuing and we saw the first building as way to get our foot in the door. We approached it the same way we would any similar job, lined up our sub-contractors, submitted a budget & design drawings hoping it would be a few sets of meetings over the details & that our record doing similar buildings would help us see off competition from other larger firms. Not having dealt with a company of this size we were all stunned at the Byzantine (almost Kafkaesque) management structure we were dealing with. The people we had build the relationships with were the operations manager for that particular site & the regional operations manager overseeing 3 or 4 sites in the same region. These guys knew the day to day operations & exactly what they needed from the building inside out, and clearly favored working with us, but needed to run everything through the corporate headquarters/ C-suite, who probably knew a lot about the financial/ commodities markets side of the business but knew diddly squat about the operations/ actual work their company did that made them money. The difference between meetings with the on the ground guys and the C-suite were night and day. Like needing to re-submit all of our proposal & budgeting documents using their internal formats which gave all the same information but were just much more poorly organized and had huge sections requesting information for an actual mine development but had nothing to do with a maintenance building. Having to sit through video call after video call with 8 executives who were all asking different variations of the same questions to justify their involvement in the process but were were unable to answer even our most basic questions about the project. Like what’s the largest vehicle the bays need to be able to accommodate, if they could supply us with their internal geo-tech site soils report, how the building was meant to integrate with the rest of the operations on the same site etc. If we’re bondable which of course we are, if we have the safety procedures in place for a mining site when we’ve done dozens of buildings on oil sands sites. Then they’d follow up the next meeting by saying they’d like us to submit a final price rather than a budget estimate, trying to explain to these guys who had clearly never set foot on the site that we were unable to do that without getting access to the site or their soils report to select the best foundation system was like pulling teeth. Or they’d ask when they were going to speak to the architect to which we’d explain that we were proposing a design-build process where we do the design internally and contract architectural/ engineering consultants to basically just look it over and stamp the drawings (saving time & money) It was maddening especially considering the initial proposal & budget we’d submitted (and then resubmitted in their format) had made this sort of stuff abundantly clear if they had bothered to read them. This went in circles for a few months, we continued to accommodate because the regional operations guy was pretty clear that we were his preference, and we overestimated the sway he held over the final decision, actually felt for the poor guy who had to sit through all these meetings knowing just as well as us how idiotic his superiors were. In the end we didn’t get the job, but we did get a first hand look into just how maddening the disconnect between corporate & operations can be in massive companies. The lack of knowledge among the corporate leadership really surprised us, especially considering the company is very successful. Like how can a behemoth like that continue succeeding if the people at the top barley understand the company they’re running?? It’s fine if the executives are focussed on the finances & internal management & following the market, but then delegate the final decision about the corporate on the ground work to the people who actual have the experience to drive the site development. Who knows how much time & money was wasted on both sides for absolutely no reason.


So, u/genericmediocrename hit it about on the head, but I want to add to it, because I think it's important to understand how this is one of the biggest things stagnating wages and dissolving the middle class. When these companies say they literally can't pay employees a living wage, ***they mean it.*** At least, under the business model many (if not most) of them employ. They work on a model of **rampant** expansionism. Not necessarily just building new stores or whatever their niche is, but sinking every extra dollar of profit they can into *something* deductible. This is how you see Fortune 500 companies paying virtually no tax compared to the amount they rake in, because their profits look practically non-existent come tax time, which massively decreases the amount of tax they're expected to pay. You know what else it does? It leaves these "too big to fail" companies with no defense against hard times. No pad to prevent going red. This is why we're constantly bailing them out. As COVID showed, even a bad month or two can almost cause a minor collapse for them. It's created an economic ecosystem where our economy hypothetically takes a huge hit if we just let them bite it, but at the same time, they never adjust their model because they know we'll always be there to bail them out, all the while they contribute shit to taxes compared to what they would be on a self-sustaining long term profit model. If they pay us a living wage, or pay a reasonable amount on taxes, the shareholders make less, because that's directly taking away from the tax loophole evasion and sinking profits into something that won't ever make more money back. As the other guy mentioned, it could even lead to lawsuits, *literally for paying taxes or giving us a liveable wage.* They have worked the system into the ground, and everybody but them is suffering the consequences.


That's not strictly true - maximum shareholder value isn't a legal requirement for a PLC: it's just been slowly pushed as the default by the managerial classes.


It's not a default penalty, but any investment firm worth their salt will sue successfully over it.


That doesn't stop shareholders from suing corporations if they *feel* like the corporation didn't do everything in its power to make as much shareholder value as possible.


It's pretty obvious that if there wasn't an addiction to greed, the concept of overpopulation would not exist. There's plenty of resources for everyone...... It's just that a select few like to hoard resources. Edit: spelling


It’s a classic prisoner’s dilemma. Taking the rest of the world as ‘fixed’, each individual company is motivated to do that behavior to maximize their own profits. But when everyone does it, it harms the whole system.


One of my favorite things to say when debating conservatives is related to welfare. If you know a Con in real life then you 100% have heard them talk about the ridiculous freeloading minorities who dont want to work and just live off their taxes. This point is easily proved wrong with publicly available data, but using data on a Con is like convincing a child to eat vegetables for their nutritional benefits. They arent mentally capable of appreciating what you're trying to do for them. So instead first I ask them if they believe people on welfare have a savings account with money in it. They generally concede, no, they're broke. Then I ask where they think that money goes if poor people dont keep it? They generally submit they dont know or submit a prejudice stereotype. Regardless of the answer I show them publicly available Walmart annual financial reports that EXPLICITLY state that "revenue is down due to widespread reduction in social welfare programs". In layman's terms walmart is saying to investors "our profits are down because poor people have less benefits and that money is usually transferred directly to us". Then sit back and let a Con explain their position on how you just demonstrated that social welfare programs directly drive commerce, the economy, jobs, and are not used for drugs but necessities which is why walmart is affected so significantly. While they are waffling I like to twist the knife by adding that if they hate welfare so much why not take it out on the corporations that KEEP the money rather than the poor people that use it to survive? "Are you prejudice? Why blame the minorities when you can clearly see corps actually take the money and give it to rich shareholders?" It's not about changing their minds. I've yet to meet a Con with the mental fortitude to learn to understand why their position is stupid. It is worth it just to enjoy watching them struggle to jump through mental hoops to try and justify their unmasked prejudice while not admitting their bias to supporting corp welfare. They know they're wrong and they basically choke on the idiotic justifications they're forced to use. How is this diatribe related to what you said? I can never understand why Cons and Corps are against paying people more money and providing social welfare SO THAT CITIZENS CAN AFFORD TO IMPROVE THE ECONOMY! For a group that loves capitalism so much they sure work hard to make sure it suffocates. Go ahead, give all the money to the rich. WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO BUY THINGS? The %1 doesnt shop at walmart.


This meme is perfect. Right wing politics of the UK and US has gone from "people should be rewarded for working hard", to "you need to absolutely fucking hate anyone trying to make you see we're robbing you to make people with billions have even more"


It’s pretty interesting to me that the conservative mentality is basically “we need to make everything worse for everyone else so that my crappy life looks better than their crappier life” instead of the obviously more sensible mentality of “let’s try to make our lives better by making everything better for everyone”.


That's because its about power. Money is one form of power, but so is cultural capital. These people who "vote against their economic interests" are voting *for* their own cultural power. They know they will never be part of the upper class, but they are already part of the upper caste and they guard what they have very jealously. They hear a promise to increase *everybody's* economic power and they perceive that as an attack on their cultural power, because if everybody is better off, then they are a little bit less superior.




Conservatives: "LEFTISTS WANT A TACO TRUCK ON EVERY CORNER." Me:. "Tell me more..."


I live in a town that could really use taco trucks. No, seriously.


Same. It’s to the point that I have to fly home to get a decent taco


I may be stuck in an awful, red state but I feel bad you guys aren't surrounded by bomb ass tacos, my condolences


I have the distinct pleasure of being stuck in a red state and also not having bomb ass tacos. Is bullshit.


Sobbing and sending you all crates of birria tacos rn


The worst part of it is, I moved a couple years ago, and in the city I moved from - I worked at a street taco joint. My owner was from Mexico and made his families recipes and it was the best tacos and Mexican food I’ve ever had. Literally every taco I’ve had in the 5 year since has been a disappointment.


5 years?? Man I really wish I could scoop you up 😭


Latino here, if you send him a picture of the tacos near you, he’ll send you a recipe


I feel your pain, I was at least surrounded by amazing pizza places when I was trapped in a red town.


I feel this immensely from Long Island.


I’m stuck in a red state but the tacos here are off the fucking chain. Something to be said for sharing a border with Mexico. YES I WANT OPEN BORDERS THEY BRING KNOWLEDGE OF TACO MAGIC.


How’s Texas? I’m guessing Texas.


Spon on lol, we may not have fundamental human rights or bodily autonomy but we have authentic tacos I guess!


Am in a blue state that has the worst tacos- and they fucking charge $7 for them. When it comes to Mexican food, I made a huge mistake leaving California.




Come to the dry side of the "Seattle State" we have great tacos. Just watch out for all the white supremacists.


Even if you don't have taco trucks you should at least have burrito lady. Ask around at construction sites.


Fuck a burrito lady. Where the tamale lady at?


They all in the NYC stations, we keep them hostage here so they can supply us with their delicious tamales


Do they flavor the massa or they leave it being corn flavored playdough? I only ask because I've lived in Cali and the southwest for most of a decade and I only found one tamale lady who can compare with the tamales back home in the Mississippi delta. And of course she was Mexican lady who spent a decade inVicksburg. For those who don't know Tamales are very popular along the Mississippi river delta area from Tennessee on down. The main difference between Mexican style tamales and Delta tamales is that Delta tamales basically flavor the Massa like hushpuppies with spices, onions, peppers, etc.


I’m from Southern California and had plenty of tamales with flavored masa. It’s how I learned to make them.


Fuck the burrito lady, Mary the tamale lady and Ki… Delete the nazi.


If Philly had more taco trucks the murder rate would go down.


You're absolutely correct. I don't know how to prove it, but I'm 100% certain you're correct.


*cries in British*


If the market demands taco trucks...


Make America Tacos Again?


Make American Tacos Great Again!!


That’s a political agenda I could actually get behind


I'm from norway and thats reality here... thank god, cause dried fish and sheeps-head isnt what im craving after a pub-run.


Careful what you say on here, dude. I'm pretty sure admitting to that is treason in most of Scandinavia.


It’s hilarious how often they come out with stuff like that, that’s unintentionally hilarious, or sounds fantastic (but isn’t supposed to.)


Another good one - I forget who it was, but some Republican tweeted that Democrats wanted to make everywhere like Portland and Republicans wanted to make everywhere like Florida. I was like okay, I'm in. Bring me the food trucks, microbrews, and local wine.


My favorite is Republicans claiming that Democrats want to bring in a "socialist utopia" like ok, sign me up for this awesome Star Trek future please


I definitely don't want a capitalist dystopia. But here we are


A meth head and gator in every neigborhood? Sign me up!


Methed up gators: I think we have a new horror franchise in the making.


Everything that scares republican voters is actually awesome.




Interracial pansexual orgies with catering by unionized food trucks from around the world. Lets fuckin gooooo


The idea of a unionized food truck is a funny mental image considering most fit a grand total of 2-3 people inside. “I need more bargaining power against my significant other, kids, vote with me!”


What’s wrong with having a food vendor on every corner?


The Republicans used this in 2016 to conjure up fear of brown people. That's why specifically taco trucks as opposed to burger trucks or cupcake trucks. The logic is that Democrats would just let everybody in and there'd be taco trucks everywhere. "Logic" used really loosely, of course.


Classic dogwhistle. If they had framed it as a generic fast food trucks, it could easily be spun as encouraging small business. Technically it still does, but that's not the image they wanted to invoke. They intentionally invoked the image of a flood of brown people that fills every street corner.


Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and start a small business. Mexican: Starts selling amazing tacos. Buying produce from local vendors, and contributing to the local economy. Q folks: NOT LIKE THAT


If only..


Yeah, I don’t know how that statement was supposed to make us seem threatening 😂 LEFTISTS LOVE TACOS, EVERYBODY RUN AWAY!


My city has taco trucks on nearly every corner when you’re driving down the main street and it’s great.


"It gets better" Is the biggest lie I've ever been told


People told me I’d get used to the 40 hour work week. It’s been 8 years and I’m still a sad, exhausted wage slave.


The trick is to luck into a job where you literally don't need to do anything at all.


Still trying to figure out how my production manager figured that one out. I could easily send a couple emails a day telling people to work harder/more OT and then put my foot up and watch YouTube videos all day.


I am literally a body just waiting for people to need me that is required to exist in the company. I do work when needed but most of the time I'm playing Minecraft or learning icelandic.


That sounds like a job for me


Don't sell yourself short tho; "being ready for an emergency" is also work. Otherwise we'd call firemen "just a body waiting for people to need them", and that's not true In the same sense, you also deserve a living wage and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise


Good point! I do work for a hospital and most of the time I am just waiting for someone to call and ask for help.


To be fair, most of the firemen I know put down their own work too I have 3 close friends who are firemen and they always talk about how they need to be at work A LOT but they are never actually doing anything at the firehouse From what I'm told, they sit around, work out, play on their phones, eat, and wait for an emergency most days of the week with the occasional maintenance


Teach me your ways


I played an hour of Stellaris and spent 4 hours on Photoshop making a map of aforementioned game! Today in our weekly meeting I got a personal shoutout for how well my department (which is literally just me and our offsite warehouse team of two people) is doing on our sales targets this month! After lunch I’ll play some more Stellaris. Everyone deserves my job.


I'm the bad guy (business owner) when I first started out I was working 80+ hours a week to support my baby business. After about 2 years I finally had enough income to hire more people and reduce my workload down to 40 hours a week. Now we're sitting at close to 30 people in office and 20+ workers at the warehouse we contract out to. I honestly don't do much anymore. Most of my day is just meetings which is emotionally and intellectually exhausting, but nowhere near as bad as hauling bodies for $11.50 an hour, working in an unairconditioned warehouse for $13, or washing dishes for $8 dollars an hour in a hot and loud kitchen. I think most executives were born with a silver spoon, never had to work during highschool, maybe got a partime job in college during the summer for some extra weed money, got a cushy office job straight out of college via family connections, worked their way up the ladder using their privilege and connections and now think because they make six figures and are stressed out that they earned it. I can't stand them. I made this business because I wanted to escape poverty not to keep people in it, especially the people who have given me this privilege.


It's been a year and a half for me and I've been over it for a year and a half. I love working and challenging myself, but we all deserve time to have a life outside of work AND to have our basic needs met.


I spent 20 years working a 37.5 hour week. You'd be surprised how much difference that 30 min a day makes lol


it doesn't get better without meaningful action. every time one of our bosses says some dumb shit and *none* of us speak up to call it out, we're all losing. every time a colleague starts spouting nonsensical rhetoric and we dismiss it as, "that's larry being larry!" instead of calling it out for what it is, we're all losing. too many of us are passively discontent... under our breaths and while existing in the space between our chairs and keyboards. we need to be more than that.


Try asking what they want. They freak out than anyone would have the audacity to want


Yeah they don’t operate based on what they want, themselves. They operate entirely on what they *don’t* want *others* to have vis a vis affordable healthcare, decent paying jobs, affordable housing, law enforcement that won’t murder you, etc etc. Because apparently allowing access to these “services” (human rights) would spell disaster or something? There’s some weird, innate, loathing necessity that the right has about keeping an “other” population suffering, at all times. They aren’t concerned with improving their own lives so long as they can focus on pulling others into the mire.


Supremacism is one hell of a drug, isn't it. The "disaster" would be them admitting that they are not in fact superior to others on their precious social hierarchy, and/or that those hierarchies aren't even real. They'd die before they admit that, as we saw with COVID. Their sense of supremacy means more to them than their own lives... so you better believe it means more to them than yours.


> They’d die before they admit that, as we saw with COVID. Literally by the thousands lol.


I mean, if anyone tells me I deserve: -Enough money to have a stable life and work less for it. -Access to good, reliable and affordable healthcare -A house -A working law enforcement. I'd be at least happy for that day. Because how is wishing someone good things anger them? If someone gets angry at this. They are pushing down they dragged into the mire under to reach another. They are actively malicious. They are a danger to the people and the nation.


> There's some weird, innate, loathing necessity that the right has about keeping an "other" population suffering, at all times. You're touching on a well quoted quote. "Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect." Also one of the main tenets of facism is having an out group to blame all your problems on. There's a window between the two ideologies but to everyone looking at it from the outside it's more like they each have mirrors


Zero sum thinking. If others get those services, that means it must come from something. And that something will ALWAYS be their way of life.


My favorite take on this was in the TV show Veep episode called South Carolina Selena: "We have to find a way with non-educated whites. What appeals to them, what do they want?" Kent: "Well, my polling shows their *main* wants are jobs, education, and an adequate safety net..." Selena "Ok, we can speak to that..." Kent: "I'm not finished, ... To be denied to African Americans."


Veep is amazing


Right wingers only policy is "the opposite of what the left want" they have no actual policy proposals anymore


They want to lick the boots of the rich in the hopes that they get to see said boot kick someone else.


Dude you can't just do that to them. You have to ask their favorite fox news broadcaster first so they can get the answer for you.


Tax cuts for billionaires will make my trailer park life better...




Entire articles are written about this. It's nuts! "I'm just taking \[welfare\] cause its' available, but I also have no reasonable alternative solution for myself it I were to lose it. Still voting to cut it down though-- can't have those /welfare queens/." Or " \[insert critical service here\]'s not welfare it's a price reduction for me cause of my income + disability" Like: good job politicos you all wanted this level of vulnerable + dumb.


The more cake the pigs eat, the more crumbs the rats get, right?


Hell look at the number of people on disability that are very pro Trump. I deliver meals on wheels once a month and there is one lady that always wants to stop me and tell me about how the leftist are destroying America.


There’s this guy who works in another department at work that always comes over to flirt with my coworkers. Dude is complaining to me about being on disability so he can’t work more than 20 hours before he launches into a tirade. Apparently nobody wants to work and those stimulus checks are the problem!


Lol the cognitive dissonance is astounding.


What kind of America do they envision?


one full of contradictions and double think. They get their welfare, the leftists are suffering, but somehow all forms of welfare and taxes are gone.


Just tell her “I’ve figured out that meals on wheels is socialism so I won’t be bringing you food anymore since it’s destroying the country”


Tell her she has a leftist to thank for getting food delivered...


The usual suspects: - republicans who hate anything proposed by a democrat (“it’s probably a trap, those commies wanna destroy America”) - Christofascist: “leftist help gay people and wants abortions, even if it benefits me my pastor told me voting for them is a sin!” - the disgraced billionaire: “I’m working as a toilet cleaner for $1.5/h but those laws will take away my money when I become a billionaire; it’s just a matter of a few more months until my idea takes off”


The Econ fiend: "My grade 10 economics education tells me that increasing the minimum wage will make a big mac cost 26$, so you'll have to just get another few jobs"


Gets another job and the Big Mac still increases due to price gouging.


And don't forget about the shrinkflation.


I like these archetypes, never read it schematized this way before.


Fucking good comment lol


My conservative uncle is 100% against raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. Since he had to start at the bottom and work his way up to the "stellar" $20-21/hr he makes now, he figures everyone else needed suffer as well.


Must be the same type of person who wants everyone to suffer through the same thing they’ve been through. Tell your uncle I’d love to start out the same way he did it if comes with cheap gas and houses you can actually buy with the wages he had back then so then it’s fair.


Tell your boomer uncle I’m half his age probably (just turned 30) and I make 3x his wage working remotely. My first job was $13/hr in IT. And I absolutely support raising the minimum wage. Hell, $15 is still too low. His wage should be the minimum. That should put his “working his way up” - whatever merit that means to him, idk - into perspective.


Ask how he'd feel if all his money was reduced to reflect his father's first wage. If they shouldnt increase the min wage now, why did they increase it before? Suddenly it doesnt make a whole lot of sense to be paid $10 for 40 hours a week. (1938 min wage $0.25). Maybe it was increased for a reason!


You don't hate Mondays. You hate capitalism.


I hate society and the structures we have to live with. No man should have power over another.


Makes me think of Peter and Catherine the great of Russia whose attitude was "I'm going to modernize this country and improve your lives even if I have to drag all of you kicking and screaming"


Weren’t they more about “I’m going to modernize this country so that the rest of the Europe will finally stop treating me like a back country hick?”


I only know what I was taught about Peter while in a Russian school, but the gist is that he received a lot of exposure to the rest of Europe through travel and education, and came to see Russia as pretty backwards in comparison, so he instituted a bunch of reforms which caused backlash due to the disruption of social norms.


Improving the budget process or the flour milling technology is probably overshadowed by the ownership of half a million slaves/serfs. There's a real Elon vibe saying "follow me to Mars" while attacking worker rights. Sure, the former is "modernizing" but the effort in the latter is highly regressive, and that's where real effort is needed.


#"Colonize Mars!"^`*` with Musky Boi!™ -------------------------------- ^^^^^* ^(^^Colonies ^^may ^^be ^^penal.)


Peter the great put MORE restrictions on serfs by organizing local nobility into provinces and encouraging them to compete with each other for his favour.


Yeah, he was still an absolute monarch over a feudal state. Didn't think it needed saying that 'terms and conditions may apply'


I think of this often.


Many MAGAs *have no idea* how much they have already benefited from leftist policies and ideals. Also it's been said that MAGA/ultra conservatives will go without something they *badly need,* just to keep minorities/women/poor people from getting that same thing. They are currently trying to abolish public education because they don't want "THEIR" tax money paying for other people's education.


"I am a MAGA nut who thinks Communism and Socialism mean the same thing. Let me tell you why you're an idiot."


Funny thing is we've never ever had a communist country. And each one of the socialist countries that ever existed suffered and will suffer sabotage supported by the US. Then stupid magas will say "communism won't work anywhere".


"How many socialist governments do we have to embargo and orchestrate coups against before you idiots realize it just doesn't work?!"


I've found it interesting how people attribute millions of deaths to communism, if you try attributing deaths to capitalism they aeither say it's "not real capitalism" or that the economic system can't be the cause of deaths.


"you try to use their deaths for your agenda" Not even a joke how often this was used as the "counterarhument"


Neither are even on the table.


They don't know that. To them saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas is simultaneously both communism and socialism at the same time. At this point I wont be surprised if they blame their dog shitting on the rug to be the result of socialism.


> is simultaneously both communism and socialism at the same time. Also fascism. If you don’t give them exactly what they want, you’re a fascist-socialist commie who hates freedom.


> At this point I wont be surprised if they blame their dog shitting on the rug to be the result of socialism. You joke but this actually isn't far removed from reality. >If I could just beat the shit out of my dog like my papa used to do before the lefty pussification of America with their LGBT communism, my dog would be disciplined enough to not shit on the floor. Source: My childhood growing up with a misbehaving dog (not a surprise given its owners were shitstains)


This is when you change the subject to football then talk about how Tom Brady never actually won any Super Bowls.


yeah but they think were also gonna force their kid to be transgender


If that's true then where is my $2,000 I was directly promised?


Yup, this is why I don't feel bad for shitting on republicans for being dumb asses. I still go out and advocate for them to have a happy and comfortable life. And in return republicans troll me while taking away my rights and preventing me from affording basic shit that the rest of the modern world has for free.


God forbid a party that hinges so much of its ideals on “you can’t tell me what to do” actually follow through with that sentiment when it comes to completely unrelated people doing completely unrelated things that they just happen to disagree with


Leftists would never say *less hours* 😒 ^^^It's ^^^*fewer* ^^^*hours*


The most brilliant PR campaign ever run was republicans convincing rural demographics to vote against social programs that they stood to gain the most from. As a european that lived in texas for 14 years this boggled my mind.


My parents are hardcore Republican/Trump types and always go on about how democrats want to live in some “socialist America” Meanwhile they live off social security and my mom uses legalized weed here for migraines despite voting against it 😆


I’ve always thought they hate this stuff Bc them being an overworked wage staff is their core identity and too change their ways would require them admitting that they were wrong this entire time…which isn’t gonna happen