The company hired a Whitesnake cover band to play in our lunch room at work Forgot to add important context: the drummer was the owner’s grandson


Bahahahaha that horrible and yet kind of funny.


A 5.95 credit for a sandwich


The Waldorf-Astoria gave me a $5 gift certificate to Subway once. Price wasn’t listed and I laughed out loud it wasn’t even enough for one sandwich *edit:* I deliberately got the cheapest thing on the menu, a $5 combo assuming there was gonna be next to nothing on it. Cashier said I owed 45¢ and it made me laugh I couldn’t even get treated to fast food lunch for having 5 days off all December. Yeah it’s a lunch for 45¢ but it just felt insulting for a luxury brand that constantly threatens your job on your ability to provide guest satisfaction to loyalty to their brand.


A colleague received a supermarket gift card, as s bonus but when he presented it to the cashier the card hadn't even been loaded so he had to leave the cart full with groceries at the checkout as he was flat broke at the time and had no means to pay. He said he nearly died from shame. Our company didn't even apologize but they did give him a loaded card as replacement however he was too embarrassed to use the same store again and had to go out of his way to another branch.


That’s so fucked


When we get grocery gift cards at work it shows up on our paycheck and gets taxed.... Edit: yes I know it's required to be taxed, but it's only ever like $15 to begin with lol


Wow, what a gift. Smdh.


I thought my $8.99 to subway way bad.


I got a frozen turkey, they gave it to me at the start of an 8 hour shift with nowhere to store it. I also didn't have an oven or a freezer at home that it would fit in.


A Chinese company I worked for gave everyone the option of a live crab or a box of frozen crayfish. Imagine my surprise when the receptionist starts plopping down bonuses on desks at 11:00 a.m. (we weren't off until six) and people had to deal with crabs scuttling around on their desks.


That's chaotic as fuck. I hate it, but the comedic value of an office full for crabs is hilarious.


Two movie theater tickets (like a redeemable gift card thing)… while movie theaters were closed due to COVID. It was a special thanks for being an essential worker.


Yeah that's pretty shitty. Did they expire before theaters reopened?


A former coworker of mine got expired pizza coupons for saving a customer's life once.


Hey I can top that I saved a customers life and 6 hours later at the end of my shift at Walmart her friend came back and told me I just got exposed to HIV. That was a great 2 year work anniversary gift from work.


A blanket with the company logo on it. Gave it to the homeless man that hung out in front of the shop.


They'll keep him there for advertising purposes.


Ugly blanket with company logo. A bit later the company sent an email asking for donations to help with hurricane Katrina aid. The next day an amended email was sent saying they did not need anymore blankets….


Oh that's hilarious


Hey I worked at Vanguard too!


As a vanguard crew member, I always give away/throw away the thousand coffee cups they give us each year.


MemorialCare … so much garbage


similarly we received a tote bag full of useless shit all branded with the company logo. the trash can was filled with them by the end of the day.


My Lord , I've worked for companies that were constantly handing out crappy branded swag. Every time we'd all say I wish they just gave us that money instead of spending it on garbage.


or make it useful stuff. Last round of "we're so awesome" came with this tote bag made of recycled paper, a key tether thing we aren't allowed to use because it might get wound up in machinery, and some coasters. I would use a company branded Yeti but I really DGAF about a paper bag with a logo on it. Somewhere I have an umbrella, thats at least marginally useful.


I worked somewhere that very rarely gave out swag but the couple times they did were really nice metal water bottles or nice fleece jackets. Another place was all about the shitty kitsch though I’m still finding their crappy keychains or pens in my house years later


That is hilarious.


I got an ugly carhartt jacket that had my name embroidered on it along with the company logo. My name was misspelled.


A dealership I worked for went around with a catalogue from a clothing company. Pick your colour and style from these options was all that was said. I got dinged $300 on my next pay for a shitty jacket with their logo and my name embroidered on it.


That is top shelf shitty.


And illegal


Seriously. Like they never authorized any form of payment, so at the very least they should at least be able to get a refund. In fact I think it would be worth looking into what the company actually paid for it because something tells me they either got a discount or some sort of kickback for doing business with them.


Oh some asshole managers wife was probably running the catalog as a job.


You mean his GF … the wife is home with the kids


At least you got a jacket. There was one year everyone in my group got an awesome Cisco jacket but me. Because my manager forgot to put my name on the list. This wasn't the only fuck up he did, but it's the one that I remember the most.


Me and my coworkers were once forced to play a “Christmas game” where we could win gift cards (all bought by the owner of the company). However she rigged the game to where only she and her sister would win the gift cards. Everyone else got an email from the owner thanking us for our hard work. I no longer work there.


My college boss gave everyone their Christmas bonus in the form of chips to a surprise poker game at the Christmas party. In addition to the staff, two of his friends who were professional card players where present, and it was a mandatory winner take all game.


"You gotta play poker with your bonus." "I only play Roman Greco poker. It's like regular poker, except that after every hand I'm going to suplex your ass into this dirt and then take your money. "


As long as you don’t hook or entwine the legs I’ll allow it. Otherwise it’s freestyle poker


LOL that's absolutely awful and should be illegal


Pretty sure it was illegal gambling. You usually need license for that.


I was at a place with maybe 40 employees. We were forced to do stupid Christmas games (3 that I can recall) before being allowed to eat the office party food for dinner. Their way of making us do stupid games. About 40 minutes of games later, the winners of the games were given little $20 gift cards. Then we all ate cold food.


Why not do the games after the meal? Crazy to ruin the meal.


The years before, lots of us ate food and left before the games. Various reasons for it, too like family obligations, etc. because the party was always on site immediately after work hours. I'm guessing the coworkers who planned the party got a bit peeved and figured they'd show us.


Probably knew people would leave after the food.




Keep the boss of two days.


record breaking profits and stock at an all time high no bonus


Exactly. Every month is record breaking and we get a quarterly bonus, our last bonus was 100 before taxes. We said keep it. So for Xmas this year several employees got together and wrote the mother company a nice letter. After hearing of the letter they gave us 2 extra vacation days and more to come.


Worked at a small nonprofit. CEO and board were terrible at fundraising to keep the lights on, and wouldn’t listen to staff ideas. I wrote a $3 million grant last year that we received - enough to keep us funded for 4 years. Not even a thank you. I left right before Xmas.




That's wild. If I got someone who was bringing me 14 million in grants, I would make damn sure that person was happy to come to work everyday. Like "do you like your car, or should we get you a different one" kind of happy.


A framed photo of me and my coworkers. Half of them would be fired/quit by February


I got an unframed photo of all my coworkers and I when I worked at Lowes. I worked in the back and kept a photocopy of it up all year and put a red X through everyone who quit or was fired. Did a photocopy because managers (I'm assuming because I never saw anyone do it) kept taking it down. By the end of the year it was mostly red Xs


Did that to an old photo I had of the faculty and staff at a school I once taught at. I eventually left too, and after 8 years only 3 out of over 50 weren't x'd out.


I don't know why but this reminds me of my brief stint at a super toxic law firm where they displayed a giant group photo banner-type thing of all the lawyers and staff in the reception area, and had to regularly (badly) photoshop so many people in and out of it due to massive turnover/burnout rate. If you looked closely you'd see random disembodied arms and shoulders here and there from people who'd quit lol. *[Edited to add that they conveniently never edited out the old lawyers who left when they got appointed as judges, those guys were forever frozen in time]


Lol sounds similar to my last employer. They randomly requested photos of us all, could submit anything. By the time the pictures of each staff member was hung up in a grid pattern in the lobby, around 20 employees, to the time I left 6 months later, at least 5 photos were removed due to staff quitting. I should’ve pulled my photo down and taken it with me when I left. Fun fact: I was super high in my photo I selected and wouldn’t have picked it if I knew what their plan was for it, thought it was going to be used as a small Image online lol. So I always chuckled looking at an 8x8 inch photo of me every day with slightly glassy, red eyes in a professional work environment lol. No one else could tell but me I’m certain.


I worked at Food City and they gave us gift cards to locals places. It wasnt bad until the manager said “yeah these companies donated them to us at the start of the pandemic to help feed our employees” you know 9 MONTHS EARLIER.


They had donated gift card to buy the staff meals and they just didn’t ? That sucks


A voucher for a free turkey, except it wasn't valid at any of the grocery chains in our region...the same region where the company was headquartered.


We I worked at UPS, they gave us an actual frozen turkey


I worked at a medium sized airline for several years. One year, the CEO ran us into the ground so badly, the company filed for bankruptcy (he still got a $10m bonus) We used to get a 10% salary bonus around Christmas time, but since the bankruptcy, we were warned that it would be "substantially less" My bonus that year? A mint taped to a Christmas card that said "thanks a MINT for your hard work." Bryan Bedford from Republic Airways, I hope you rot in hell.


Fuck you, Bryan Bedford!


That's not even a good pun. Fuck that. "We MINT to give you a bonus but I'm a fuckwit." - Bryan Bedford. Edit: For those that didn't get it, "mint" is used in place of "meant." It's kind of a slant rhyme; not my best attempt.


"I'm an embarressMINT of a CEO." -Bryan Bedford


Bryan Bedford, may you become the thing you fear the most- poor.


I took a second to look this company up. There’s around 11,000 employees. 450 in the holding company, and over 10,000 in the subsidiaries. So I’m gonna assume around 11,000 just for easy math. If that CEO had taken his 10 million dollar bonus and divided it between all the employees it would have given everyone a $900 dollar bonus. It’s not a huge bonus, not 10% of your salary for sure, but it’s something. And that $900 bonus with the CEO saying, “we’re in chapter 11, so bonuses are scarce this year. As the CEO I’m entitled to a 10 million dollar bonus, but I’ve decided to split it evenly among the employees as a token of my gratitude for your work during this difficult time for the company.” Would garner so much appreciation and loyalty that it would have HR people salivating. It’s a lot less expensive to retain a good employee than it is to hire a new one. Sometimes CEO’s just need to get out of their own damn way to make a business grow.


Up yours, Bryan Bedford!!!


Told I was getting a 10k bonus Received a $25 grocery store gift card


Found Clark!


The gift that cannot even give a full grocery trip.


Gave it to a co worker. They needed it more.


And this is the true human spirit. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Well, at least you turned a crap gift for you into something meaningful for another person who needed the support. Thanks for you generosity. Truly in the spirit of the season.


You can guess I don't work there anymore.


Your actual bonus check fell between the seats of the delivery truck.


And he didn't see it! And he's sorry!


Get this, I expected and received a $25 grocery gift card only for nothing to be on it when I went to use it. SMH


That happened to my dad, received a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant in our town as a bonus. He and my mom went out for a dinner together and when it came time to pay the bill it turns out there was nothing on the card! The restaurant manager treated my parents like they were trying to pull one over on the restaurant. My dad brought it to the attention of his boss, it turns out the restaurant messed up and didn’t fill the card properly. His boss was apologetic but the restaurant manager didn’t apologize for his attitude towards my parents.


At my last company, we once got $5 (yes, 5 dollars) gift cards from Subway, and they only loaded about half of them. When we complained, managent told us that we should be "grateful for the opportunity to receive a gift from the company", and that "our real gift was employment".


I commented above but I got you beat with a blank 2$ Tim Hortons gift card. As in, there was no dollar amount written , no note, nothing. Someone just walked by and threw it at me. Had to check to find the balance. Assumed it would be at least 5$.... From a Multimillion dollar senior care company that charges residents between 2 and 6 thousand dollars a month, and are constantly short staffed for years even leading up to the pandemic. They pay their cooks 35% less than they did 10 years ago.


No, no, you misunderstood. 10k bonus...split among everyone in the company.


With the boss taking 9K of the bonus for himself, of course.


A $20 Walmart gift card (I was working st walmart). A company worth more than $400,000,000,000 and I got 20 fucking dollars. I told my manager to keep it and walked out. That was the last time I ever worked retail. Never again.


After thanksgiving, Boss literally came in and praised all of us for a great fiscal year and said each of us would get a $500 bonus, a raise, and the company xmas party was going to be a some fancy bowling place. Next check was regular pay. The check on the Friday before Xmas didn’t come on that Friday. It was delayed until the next Tuesday, the 23rd and the Xmas bonus was $5. I asked HR about it and they said “well, you know owner, he sometimes b.s.’s a lot”. Ever since that paycheck, the checks got progressively late. When I was fired 8 months later (retaliation for reporting to labor board) I got 3 paychecks at once in cash cause I told them a actual check was not acceptable.


I think all of these bad bosses and companies should be on here so people will hopefully avoid them.


Oh I have no problem sharing that. POS Technical Solutions in Anaheim, CA. Similar situation started to happen with Ovvi in Stafford, TX. Didn’t let it get out of hand like the first one tho


2004, America Online. Call center, working tech support. Thanksgiving rolls around and there's buzz about a $500 bonus coming our way. Checks arrive and they're all huge, everyone sees a $500 bonus on their check and goes home to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Monday rolls around and 900 employees have an e-mail from HR stating that the bonus was a "mistake" and "the amount will be deducted from your next check". This was a biweekly gig, meaning that money came out of the Christmas check. My next paycheck was 71 dollars. Happy holidays!


It's wild that there was a rumor about the bonus, then they called it mistake. Somebody didn't get proper approval, or some higher up decided it hurt too much after the fact. Either way, incompetence shouldn't translate into taking money from employees. That's utterly fucked.


Yeah the idea of being able to take money away from employees for any reason seems so fucked.


I’m no lawyer but smells illegal.


You may be surprised by how few shady things are illegal in American employment law. As long as the money was taxed properly on the corrected paycheck (i.e. taxed as regular wages and not as a bonus), there wouldn’t be anything illegal about accidentally overpaying your employees and then docking it from their next check.


My wife just received a $5 gift card for Starbucks and a note that said "thanks a latte"


At my last job, we each got one of those from the biggest management faker ever. Pretends to give a shit about her troops, but then tortures them for the rest of the year. Held folks back to work on Xmas Eve, then "pardoned" us to leave 3-4 hours early...all just to remind us "she's in charge". I gave my gift card to another coworker so they could get something.


Can't even get yourself a latte for $5


Gave us week off(unpaid). Was expecting small bonus similar of last year for $500 not given that year. Left 3 years ago. Never looked back. Don’t listen to we are a family bs. Pay me or go to another place always


I got a card with a note thanking me for donating my bonus back to the company. I didn't even get an option, no discussions, and it happened every year. The company was worth hundreds of millions of dollars and we were not struggling at all.


How is that legal?? How is that not wage theft?


More likely tax fraud. There really was no bonus, but the company booked the payments to reduce their income.


Ahhh, you work for George Costanza.


The Human Fund


Money for people


Did they count that towards your income?


You didn’t bring this up? Who in their right mind would donate their bonus to their own company ??


My boss gave me a five dollar gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts and told me “don’t spend it all in one place “


An ugly blanket with a giant picture of the hospital it was from on it.


Just wanna snuggle up with a picture of my WORKPLACE because I feel cozy when I think of HOSPITALS


Walmart cut my pay 5% and said I was lucky I did not have to pay the overage back, but I had an opportunity to earn back if I stayed and tried to move up in The company🙉


How nice of them to offer to increase if you stay and work your way up. So now employment incentives involve getting a pay cut so that you can chase what you once already had?


Always corporate greed, always.


You could end up CEO on minimum wage, you never know.


How is that even legal??


> said I was lucky I did not have to pay the overage back Translation: We’d make you give it back if it wasn’t illegal.


During 2020 we were working remotely and they gave us a bonus because of covid. Then they made us pay it back over 6 months. The week before Christmas they said we are no longer giving out Christmas bonuses, our 401k contribution is now your bonus. 3 months later I left.


I’m fairly sure claiming a 401k match that’s been standard can’t be converted to a bonus situation.


Ya, it's just a way to eliminate our bonuses while acting like we were getting something in return. I don't work there any longer lol


Same (work in a supermarket in the UK) except the bonus was worth 5 weeks of my pay and we had to pay it back over 2 months - I realised the day after they said we had to pay ut back how stupid it was, most people never spent the bonus purely to pay it back in February, I left mid January and they never chased the repayments - by leaving my job, I got an actual bonus better than if I was 'loyal'. Also learnt from people that work there now that they are doing the same thing over 6 months WITH INTEREST. Its odd for supermarket workers to get bonuses at all, 2020 and apparently 2021 are the only years theyve done it and honestly was better when they didn't


It's hardly a bonus if you have to pay back more in the end than they gave you, no? wtf


With interest?!? How is that even legal??


We got a heart pin this year because “we are the heart of the company.” Oh, and told we have to work 5 hours OT each week for the first 3 weeks of January.


It's a Christmas Miracle. /s


Christmas bonus was 3 lb of cheese that had been sitting on the dock since a week before Thanksgiving. I know the exact day, because I unloaded the truck. Cheese went right into the company dumpster upon receipt.


I've never gotten a bonus. OP, your bonus was totally a bullshit present.


He had the balls to say, That's a $300 value. Totally a dude that sniffed his own farts, and liked it.


Received company-wide email that everyone was getting a $25 Tim Horton’s gift card. End of day I didn’t get mine do I asked the ceo and she said that email didn’t apply to IT so I wasn’t getting a bonus I asked why was I sent the email then because that is mean. She just shrugged and walked away. Only one in company not to get the ‘bonus’


Steal some shit. I don't care what. Make sure it's worth $50 when you are done.


2019 I was told I was getting a 2,500 bonus by my supervisor, owner came around a week before Christmas and I got a coupon for $15 off a butterball turkey, a stocking that had 5 candy canes and a Christmas card in it, and a hand shake.


It was before my time, but the year my former company gave bottled water has been mentioned every year since.


Last year my wife got a roll of toilet paper. With a note taped to it that said we're on a roll.


I am surprised you and the other employees did not decide to tp the hell out of the houses of the person who came up with this shitty idea. Let's see how much of a roll they are on after they have to clean up rolls of toilet paper off their lawn, and house. I promise you that they will start regretting this decision. I would also put those notes all over their car. They will not feel like they are on a roll after this.


A canned ham. Seriously.


Once for Thanksgiving, in my housekeeping job, they hid little paper slips with turkey pictures on them in our rooms we had to find (or get written up because we weren't cleaning good enough otherwise if we couldn't find them apparently) and if we all found all our slips we'd get a bonus. The bonus was a pen. I didn't stay long after that


The past two years I’ve gotten a year of Disney plus. I work for a Fortune 500 company with record profits and a CEO that makes Oprah look poor. Spoiler alert because who cares: Diane Hendricks you suck.


Her Wikipedia page makes her look like a massive piece of shit. Hope you find something better soon!


When you have a "Tax Controversies" section in Wikipedia, it's not a good thing. Note that it's plural


Hey, I'm from Wisconsin! Diane Hendricks killed her husband 🤗


My SO is an OR Nurse. For their bonus this year, they got a $15 Amazon gift card


Got a 100 dollar bonus, and then a letter saying I would be laid off in two months


How about a rousing game of thrones bonus event? I used to work for a federal agency auditing defense contractors. We would get bonuses (Weird, and unethical feeling for an auditor) and how it went down was that management would tell the team they would get the bonus. Then, the team would decide who got the money and what kind of split. Management seemed to really encourage this kind of back and forth wrangling. It would come down to a popularity contest and who could be the biggest asshole. Like some dude had helped from another state, and they were like "He's not a real member of this team, nothing for him." I had already seen whole teams divided and staff literally crying over these bonuses a week before on a different team. I literally watched grown-ass people start to cut folks out of the bonus money for the pettiest reasons. I was dead new but told them my vote was for an equal split, none of this "who worked harder, or did more" shit. I wasn't going to fight because management thought that was a great idea. We all finished the audit. together, and if anyone thought otherwise they were selfish assholes and I walked out. Apparently, I shamed them all and they went with an equal fair split after that. The kicker was that these were folks that were senior auditors and made around $90K a year, for a bonus of approximately $200. We got more in travel per diem than that. It was a way to split us up.


High tech company with 800 employees. We each got a frozen turkey. Upper management each got six figure bonuses.


We got a 50% off coupon for pizza. Online purchase only. The coupon didn’t work…


"Shit, I gotta give my employee a Christmas gift". Digs in pocket and finds old coupon. "Ah, perfect". - Your boss


I’m “head of HR” for a small company. I basically run payroll. Until this year. Boss decides that people need to pay more for their insurance in 2022 and that as “head of HR” I get to write the email letting everyone know. So my bonus was to inform the entire company about their massive (in some cases > 10%) pay cut next year.


"Merry Christmas! You get to ruin people's holidays and have them hate you with this bad news because I'm a cheap fuck." - Your boss, probably


You guys get Christmas bonuses? All I got from work for Christmas was Covid.


Years ago a company I worked for tried to do employee morale improvements to try (and fail) to make people happy for not getting raises or bonuses for years. Anyway, some of the things were taking the company to a baseball game and dinner, Friday pizza lunches, museum visits. All basically things nobody wanted to do, but did them anyway because the alternative was *work*. I shit you not, one of these ideas was bringing somebody in to do 20 minute shoulder massages in the conference room…. Yeah, needless to say a lot of resignations came in the coming months.


All of those activities totaled together.. could’ve been everyone’s Christmas bonus. Even if it was $20 per person.


20 minutes of a random stranger pawing at my shoulders is the opposite of a bonus to me.


The company I was at last year offered to have massage therapists come to our homes for 20-30 minute shoulder massages. Because yeah, guy, having a stranger in my house is exactly what I want in a pandemic.




What is a bonus?


A $2.83 gas card to that sketchy gas station across town.


The one with the repackaged expired porno mags? Niiiice!


Porno mags expire?!


Yeah man, you can’t jerk off to Snow Bunny Sue in the summertime!


Good point Anal Goblin!


Last year for Christmas after working as a critical care nurse in the hospital, I got a $10 giant eagle grocery card.


Fuck you Brian Bedford


A $5 Tim Horton's gift card. To make it even crappier, the money to buy the gift cards was was acquired from recycling refunds by one of the kind, older employees collecting, sorting and returning cans and bottles on his own time throughout the year. The owners slipped them into generic Christmas cards and handed them out, thanking everyone for their hard work.


Worked for a grocery store last year. Company had record profits due to the pandemic buying. Their gift for the essential employees a $10 gift card. While the owner is out buying minor league baseball teams and building a concert venue.


Current job: congratulations! Because you all raised it with me in the staff meeting and refused to take no for an answer, I’m begrudgingly giving you the statutory holidays off! You have to work on Christmas Eve of course… but I’ll let you off an whole hour early. And then the same boss turns around and says “see you Monday” Monday. Is. The. Statutory. Holiday.


Haha! You just reminded me of the time they took away the entire Christmas bonus for all employees besides the handful of plant managers and a few other top level people in the company. The info got out that they all were bought brand new luxury vehicles along with all expenses paid trips overseas and an extravagant Christmas party with other smaller gifts like I Pads, prime rib, crab and such....Needless to say many of those luxury cars magically ended up with popped tires and keyed. One employee lost it from another plant and beat up the plant manager in the parking lot one morning a fee weeks later.


Worked at a pizza place. They made a couple pizzas that we could eat while working on Christmas eve. Customers decided otherwise, we never had the time to stop and eat until closing time.


Free pizza should just be part of working at a pizza place not a special thing some for Christmas Eve :(


We should just have free pizza, like universal healthcare but it's pizza. I'm not saying it's practical, but I'm considering this the stone ages until it happens.


I worked for a company that every Christmas would make a donation of $5,000 to a charity under the company's name and according to the owners that was our bonus. The year that I worked there a close friend of the owners son had committed suicide so they decided to donate the money to funeral costs for their friends family. I can understand the sentiment of making a donation on the company's behalf, but don't tell me thats my bonus as if I had a say that's just insulting. Not to mention the company gets a tax break on their charitable donation.


A head of lettuce. Working produce in small town grocery stores is wild.


For years, we used to get Christmas baskets. Cheese, sausage, nuts, fruit, etc. Then we went to $100 gift certificates. Now, as the company makes record profits, we get nothing


That's where the record profits come in. We can't be having little people get any kind of bonus.


This year. Silicone shot glass, not even with the company logo, just some letters. Two Hershey kisses. That's it. It's also a fortune 500 company and everyone had been working OT since Thanskgiving


I got told I needed to pay back all my overtime from the year because it wasn't approved


That's not even close to legal, is it?


In the US, absolutely not. It’s to prevent employers from having you work OT, and then saying “oh, we didn’t ask you to, so we aren’t going to pay it” So basically, this exact scenario. They can reprimand you for unauthorized OT, but they are compelled to pay it.


I got a box of store bought danish butter cookies, but I do like those!!🤣🤣🤣


The best. Growing up poor, I always loved Xmas time because my grandma would usually get one tin of those and we would eat a few cookies each. I felt like I was rich eating them


I got a clip art champagne bottle in an email to acknowledge my 10 years service. They also fucked up the XML mapping on the mail merge so it ended up saying. "Dear i6895" Which was my employee ID. I thought I was depressed when I worked there, turned out after leaving it was just the toxic shit on each other corporate culture that had slowly boiled me alive. Happy holidays to all of you standing up and not taking their shit anymore. I wasted nearly a decade being treated like shit "because I needed the money" when what I needed to do was find a nicer place to work and union up while doing so. Hard as fuck to do but 100% the right move,.always remember to interview them when they're interviewing you, works both ways.


From my part time school bus driving job. Where "family" is used way to often. They gave us all (this 2021 holiday) a 90s style bomber windbreakers with the company logo.


Wait, people get bonuses?


Actually got a Xmas bonus check for $0.00. Zero dollars and zero cents.


Was a KM for a multi unit restaurant chain. Bunch of pizza joints, one burger joint and a taco venue. Owners held the yearly management Christmas party for all the GM, AGM and KM's at my place (burgers, yum). So I had a packed dining room, plus sixty drunk managers in the party room over ordering and soaking up all my staff with the constant needs. It got so overwhelming I wound up having to leave expo to run yet more food into the party room. Right when the owners were passing out cash bonuses to every manager in the company but me. My bonus? I got to clear the party room in time to host the next Christmas party we had scheduled. To be fair, the operations owner realized they kinda forgot to invite anyone at the branch, provide bonuses, and totally fragged service on a very overwhelmed day as I was walking out the door. He apologized and promised to slip us some cash later. Meanwhile, the money owner guy got so trashed he whipped his dick out on my bartender, then pissed on the front door of the neighbors bar when they refused him service. Good times.... Oh yeah, found out my bonus was half what everyone else got. At a location pushing dead on food cost and stellar popularity. Started looking for the door.


Why haven't we burned all this to the ground yet?


Does it count if you worked for a multi billion dollar company for 5 years that never gave you, or anyone else, a Christmas bonus? If so, my bonus was getting nothing at the holidays. Pathetic when you consider before that I worked for a small company consisting of 4 employees (myself included) plus the owner and his wife. He gave us all a few hundred bucks every Christmas and he was by no means "rich". You'd think a massive company would give their employees something. Best thing I ever got there was a $50 gift card to bdubs paid for out of the pocket of one of the production managers who just really appreciated the maintenance department for keeping things running. He would go out and buy us all a gift card every year. Nothing to do with the company itself.


A gift certificate to the Honey Baked Ham Company. I had to pay taxes on the gift certificate, and there wasn't a store for 200 miles. So, all in all, I ended up with a tax bill of $27, a slap in the face, and if I wanted to use the gift certificate, a 7-hour drive.


Christmas 2015. My employer at that time used to take the Xmas stuff that vendors gave us and "raffle" them off to the employees. They had one can of peanuts left and one of the owners kids handed me a can of peanuts like she was relieving herself of a live hand grenade. I'm glad they didn't give me something nice. I hate being indebted to a-holes


Used to work for U-Haul. Received a frozen turkey as a bonus. Was young, didn’t really care. Then I forgot about it and left it in my trunk for a few days. Merry Christmas!


Bioenergy Company. 120 shares of stock in the company. It's not pubic at all. And if it was, only 25% is yours per year, so 4 years you have to stay at the company to get all 120 shares. No Christmas /holiday party either. My wife works for a non-profit, when got 3% of her annual salary as bonus. I told my boss who is not in control of the bonus about her bonus and I could see his negative reaction in what our company did to all of us. He said he was sorry and he was not in the process,


Years ago I worked at a hospital. They gave us frozen chocolate cream lies from sysco. I was a cook. Edit: should be pies but it works both ways. "A bonus you will love!"


My wife got released from her contractor role on Christmas Eve five months earlier than expected and told it was to “provide her with the opportunity to spend Christmas and beyond with family, something most people don’t get to enjoy.” Yeaaaa. Super sweet to go from a dual income to a single income for no reason but the company wanted to save money after working her for 19 months.


A framed picture of the CEO. The frame was made so you could not take the photo out and re-use it. I put mine in the toilet, pissed on it. Left it there. Less than an hour later, the other 5 toilets has matching picture frames. This went on for several weeks.


A book written by the company's "Digital Prophet" (yes his actual title) I immediately threw it out. My boss fished it out of my trash and put it on my desk, saying I accidentally tossed my gift. I maintained eye contact as I pushed it right back into the bin.


Ugh, three pop into mind. One year my boss gave me a Dave Ramsey book. He refused to give me a raise, but had no problem expressing that I needed to be better with what I did earn. Another year I got a box of nuts, pretty terrible, but made worse after I found out my boss had picked all the chocolate first and gave me the leftovers. And the worst one was not a bonus, but a secret Santa. I was the only person in the office to get nothing, and when I found out my boss was my secret Santa I asked (and tried to be polite), why he had not gotten me anything. The reply? “I didn’t like any of your interests.” Merry Christmas everyone!


Got a $0.13 raise end of year once


Nice! Company I worked at before gave me a $.24 raise. The manager really said congrats you really deserve it for all your hard work.


I work in security, and our "Christmas bonus" is the opportunity to sit in a Walmart parking lot, in a car that we provide for ourselves, on Christmas day for 8-12 hours at twice our normal pay.


This year my company gave out gas station gift cards for a gas station chain that doesn't have a store within 2 hours of me


Gave us a Covid bonus! That came out of our normal bonus / raise pool...


Bonus? In America? Like the United States of America? Ha ha ha! What's that?


I’m a teacher, and we don’t really get bonuses, but one year for Teacher Appreciation Week we were all given a notice that our contracts were going to be cut by 2 days the next year with a corresponding reduction in pay.


A 25 dollar gift card to a place where 25 dollars covers one and a half drinks.