They be asking to much for 8$ a hour

They be asking to much for 8$ a hour


Lmao I had a job interviewer ask me to significantly reduce my huge beard for a part-time $10/hour position. I told her flat-out it wasn't worth it. She goes, "What if it was *$11.25* an hour? ;)" as if that would suddenly make it worth it lol


If they're able and willing to pay up to 11.25 an hour, why are they only offering 10? Oh never mind we all fucking know why.


Lol yep. And she even asked if I had the beard for religious reasons. So... You're able to make an exception if it's for a religious purpose, but not if it's not? Hmmmm


But you don’t understand, it’s important that you don’t have a beard because


Exactly. I mean if they let me work with a beard then


The beard guy already at the office slipped HR 11.75 to ask you to cut the beard. They can only have one hobo king and Steve’s beard isn’t as good as yours.


Underrated comment right here.




Truth. I knew a guy in food service with a long beard that could have gotten into the food. They told him he could cut it or he could wear a beard net. He chose option 2.


This is how you trigger /r/airforce right now btw


Im starting Cult of Beard. Join up, do your part!


Honestly that's not a bad idea. What I'm gonna start doing is saying "Yes it is for a religious purpose." And then when they ask what religion, I can tell them I'm not comfortable with that question. Religion isn't something that is allowed to be a factor in a job selection.


If you had claimed it was for religious reasons, they might have been in a bit of trouble asking you to shave it on condition of employment, unless the job description specifically banned beards for some practical reason.


Yeah, I'd say I should've said it was for religious reasons, but uh... I don't want a part-time shit-pay job. I was told on the application it would be full-time, and I expected at least a living wage. But in the future, I'll be saying yes, and if they ask what religion, I can decline to answer. It shouldn't be a factor.


You can just say “I’m orthodox.” by which you could plausibly mean that you have a traditionalist love of Lord of the Rings as a literary and cinematic masterpiece, and you also like to look like Gimli. But seriously. Just say orthodox.


I'll give it a shot lol


Able and willing to pay an extra $1.25 for a fucking beard trim. So you know they’re also capable of paying much, much more.


And if they're offering 11.25 they could surely pay you 15....




*grows beard so that I can use cutting it off in salary negotiations*


Lmao hey, give it a shot. I think it was more of a concession on her part to try to get me to commit. I'm a very appealing candidate to this sort of business so I get it but it was so pathetic. But that's not to say it won't work for you!


>very appealing candidate I'm not saying you're not, but if the company you're applying to knows this, they have some fucking balls to offer 11.25 an hour. I know you know that but the audacity just blows me away.


Oh absolutely. Being appealing to this sort of company just means having a lot of experience in that job field and shift leadership experience. They probably pay their GMs 13.


Dominos? Sounds like dominos.


Lol no, but I believe it for sure.


Damn you, now my old lady is trying the same thing. 😑


hmm, let's step it up a notch and get a temporary neck tattoo for salary negotiations


Ooh this is a bidding war waiting to happen. Tell them $20/hr.


I was stoked when my state finally made that shit illegal. They can't ask men to cut their hair while women keep it long any more. They can't ask for facial hair to be removed except in certain cases (fireman for example; since you need to wear a sealed face mask and facial hair can fuck that seal up). And if they require a uniform they have to provide it.




Yeah, that's fucked. Forcing uniforms purely for aesthetics is nightmarish.


I've been asked to dye my long hair back to dark brown (it was bleached) like yeah I will if you pay the 300$ for the hairdresser


Right? Also how does the colour of your hair affect you ability to perform the job?


Lol, well if you can get $1.25 wage just by growing a beard imma stock up on some testosterone


In the food industry, facial hair is a health hazard, because 47% of beards contain fecal matter. https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/poo-beard-faecal-bacteria-how-14959212


Everything on this planet has a veneer of shit on it.


Is the veneer of shit caused by poop or words that come out of the mouths of the rich? 🤔


A little of both, I'd imagine.


Even your toothbrush has fecal matter.


They have beard-nets, just like hair nets.


Yes, I've seen those. And the interviewer asked him to "significantly reduce" his beard, probably to fit in the net. If the dude has a chest-length beard, and the net covers half of it...why is it rude to ask him to obey the food safety guidelines?


See, you're just assuming he was going for a food job. The others weren't talking about op specifically, just job requirements relating to beards


Yeah, if you ordered a pizza and got some hair in it you would likely immediately call and complain And also ask for a refund. Not to mention that the business can get into trouble with the fda if they don't follow certain standards.


>Yeah, if you ordered a pizza and got some hair in it you would likely immediately call and complain And also ask for a refund. I've eaten too much genuine hand made pizza for this to be an issue anymore.


I have never complained about a hair...hair just floats around...who gives a shit? Pull it out, move on with your life.


I literally did this at a restaurant this morning. I don't have time to get my entire meal replaced nor the desire to fuck up some employee's day over something I can pluck out. Life's too short for that shit.


If beards contain it, so does the hair on your head. I shampoo and condition my beard the same as I do my hair. This is a non-point.


Yeah, and who hasn’t run out of shampoo at least once and washed their beard with human shit? It happens to all of us.


Fair point, I suppose you're right.


The struggle


Y’all too fancy. My man uses dog shit on his.


Haven’t tried it. I’ve resorted to cat shit but it tends to be too hard to get good consistency.


The key to that is to keep your cat well hydrated. You will achieve the perfect consistency doing that, but it still isn’t as nice a dog shit.


At least 47% of us anyways


Did you read the article though? The point is, beards have to be covered by either hair nets or masks, so the hairs don't fall out, drop into the food, and poop doesn't get into customer's food and make them sick. It's not about freedom of face pubes, it's about food safety standards. Plus, no one wants to eat a pube, whether a beard one or a crotch one.


A facial hair, by definition, is not a pube. Only pubes are pubes. "Face pubes" don't exist. And yes, I agree, nets should be worn on beards in food service wherever a hairnet is required. My point is, facial hair is not dirtier than hair from your head. Think about it, really think critically for more than a half second about it. The idea that they're dirtier is purely a negative stereotype. There is no logic behind it whatsoever. Nobody wants to eat a hair at all. From the head, face, and especially not the *pubic* region (which is where we get the word "pube", meaning only hairs from the pubic region are pubes), so all hair should be covered while preparing food. Your pubes are contained in your undergarments, your hair in a hairnet, and beards in a beardnet. Easy-peasy. Beards are not *more* dirty than head hair. Grow up.


I don’t know why the last paragraph was so funny to me, love it


Haha well, happy to entertain


Yeah you're clearly beard jealous


You could ask the men to wash their beards before starting work


Food comes from fecal matter


I wonder if she would remove her make-up for that pay cause low-key is the same with a beard just natural xD


I wouldn't say it's necessarily comparable, but let's say if she was asked to chop all her hair off and lose her right to self-expression. I doubt she'd take it. There's this assumption (especially in jobs that work with food) that facial hair is "dirty" or at least dirtier than the hair on your head. It's ridiculous.


A beard is probably not any dirtier than head hair I agree, but for any type of food preparation workers usually wear hair nets. Does something like a "beard net" exist for covering it up?


Yes, it does. Hooks around the ear like a mask.


Wow that's fascinating! Then I don't see the problem either !


Obviously they're pretty uncomfortable but so are hairnets lol every time I've used one, there's some old white lady who says "Why don't you just shave that thing off so you don't have to wear that silly net" like wow Ruth, thank you, I never thought of that.


yeah lmao


Makeup can also be a form of self expression though.


Yes, it can. Of course it can. That doesn't make it *the same* as facial hair.


Some workplace require the men to shave their beards for safety. Edit: breads from to beards.


Unshaved bread is very unsafe. You could choke on the crust.


Thank for the good joke. 😆


Beards have become so popular in the last decade I can’t understand why some people are still like “boo hobo face” like clearly people other than the homeless can have beards now.


Exactly, beards are actually in fashion now. I don't get why people are still so hung up on them. It's just hair that grew out of my face.


Less than $12/per hour you'd better be happy I even show up sober and on time.


This. I used to make $10/hr at Kohl’s. Hated that job. They were always shoveling other people’s work onto my plate (for no extra pay, mind you), and I religiously told them that they weren’t paying me enough and gave them shit every time they tried to make me do extra shit. One day one of my managers was talking to some new-hires as he walked by me while I was stocking something, and he legit said to them “we have a few poorly motivated/low effort people here, there’s one,” while pointing at me. He was joking, but it pissed me off so I stood up and said “what was that?” Made him repeat himself, then said “Low wage, low effort. You get exactly the amount of effort you pay for, and seeing as how I’m paid shit, I’m not going above and beyond for your ass. Pay shit, receive shit.” He just walked away and continued showing the new hires around and refused to engage with me about that because he knew I was right. I ended up quitting that hellhole after they tried to schedule me 14+ days in a row with no days off, and when I said something about it, the store manager said “we did that because you’ve been calling out too much, so we thought we’d just put you on every single day and let you decide when you’d like to show up.” Bruh. What?? That was the final straw. I did not return for another shift after that.


Saddest part is on the flip side, they know they can find another body (usually anyway) that will take the job. Probably why the current "labor shortage" is bothering them so much. Less people willing to deal with the BS.


Yeah they can’t keep people. I wasn’t there super long, and a lot of people that were there when I started were gone by the time I quit only a couple months later. They were losing people left and right toward the end there. Fuck them entirely. It’s funny because the kohl’s employee subreddit is just filled with “fuck this, this has been the worst job I’ve ever had, I’m out of here,” posts which just makes me laugh.


Can you please link to it






Ya I'm always stoned as hell. I smoke before after an during work




We know you probably won’t do that for $20, this is why you’re in this sub


And? What's the problem with expecting wages to keep up (or at least stay closer) to inflation? It's almost like you're saying that making trickle down economics work the way jts supposed to is a bad thing.


or wanting you to get a haircut, or cover up coloured hair, or not allowing coloured nail polish lol


Yes. I worked as a CNA when there was such a huge aide/nursing shortage that we were often held for mandatory overtime up to an entire shift at a time without notice. They used to require that I covered my industrial piercing and tried to make me take my tongue ring out. The tongue ring wasn't even a policy but they just decided to enforce it verbally just after I got it. I ended up being fired shortly after for being caught too many times with it in, but they went under and closed about 12 months later.


They wouldn’t even let me cover it up at Jimmy John’s back in 2016. They made me cut out the colored strands when they found out :(


In my teens I went for a job as a pool lifeguard, nailed the physical test and the first aid part as well as the actual interview but I turned down the job. It came with the clause that I "trim my beard to become more approachable".


I'm just jealous that in your teens you could grow enough of a beard for them to feel that clause was necessary!


It's...not as glamorous as it sounds. On one hand, dope beard on demand. On the other, having security guards or cops randomly ask you questions because people think you're older than you are doing regular teenager shit is spooky the first few times and annoying after that.


bUT iT LOOkS unpROfeSsIonal


I can *maybe* buy that if someone looks like a human pin cushion... But it depends entirely on the job being applied for and many it doesn't matter.


Problem with this is that $8 an hour isn’t professional pay though.


Even if it was, piercings aren't entirely taboo any more. Professionals have them.


Professional career in healthcare. Bright magenta hair and 11 visible piercings. They care so much less then the shitty retail jobs I started in.


my favorite one is "only natural hair colors" as if me handing you a burger with pink hair is going to drastically change the experience


Goes to show it's not about public health and it's really about being punitive towards youth culture: beards, piercings, tats and what I call koolaid colored hair. They're afraid some customers will get uptight.




Some of the best, most capable and professional workers I’ve ever known are covered in tattoos. Dismissing employees because of their appearance is fucking stupid.


Unless it’s something objectively offensive (like a swastika) who tf cares lol


Or a cock...




They tried to tell me I had to take off my long sleeved undershirt because “it’s summer now, so corporate says you have to take it off.” I live in Michigan. The calendar might say summer, but it was friggin’ COLD and I was just not having it. I lied and told them I had tattoos. (Then they force you to wear sleeves.)


A nice restaurant opened around the block from my house. I wanted to check it out until I saw their "we're short staffed because there's a labor shortage" sign. It doesn't matter if it's a corporation, trade group, mom& pop business or local news story: whenever anybody says anything about _________ (labor)shortage, they always leave out "at the wages we're willing to pay". Every. Damn. Time.


So many Languages in the world, yet you decided to speak facts


It's certainly more universal than Esperanto.


I've never hear this phrase but god damnif i'm not using it now


Good news. There is another immigrant train coming from Latin America that would love those jobs. Ah, but who will be in the front line screaming to not let illegals in, because they "take our jerbs!".


I get so confused because weren't they coming to correct welfare?


At this point I won't put on make up for less than $40/hr


Oooh I walked out of a temp job 25 years ago ($16 an hour, Australia) because they hired me with a piercing, moved me around the company, put me in HR, then told me to take out my piercing Nah Ninja edit: spelling


Their egos need to be put off first.


Shit, I make $17.50 an hour and I'm not willing to take out my piercings. Granted, it's really just a nose ring that's often covered by my mask anyway, but still. I'll comply with overall dress code but FOH telling me to remove piercings as if they make me look unprofessional.


I have snake bites and work as a master's level social worker. I won't take a job if they say anything about my appearance. If anything, my piercings make clients trust me more. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them.


>If anything, my piercings make clients trust me more. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them. ​ I'm a security guard at a nursing home and they want us to wear this "ultra-professional" looking uniform that makes me and the other guards look like cops. Nobody fucking likes them either. The shirts are white, so if human error happens once and I spill something on it, well whoop de fucking doo. I can't wear it out in public because people recoil in fear when they see what looks like an American cop, so I have to go through the pain in the ass process of changing into it once I get to work and before I clock in.


My companies CEO has two full sleeves. A lot of employees are tatted or pierced. Company sucks but that’s not because of their body mods lol!


The fucking baseline expectation for minimum wage work ought to be so damningly low. English teacher making minimum wage? If they read at a 6th grade level they're doing all right. Chef? They'll serve oatmeal, and they can forget to add water sometimes


They made me cut my hair for my job. Wish I never did. (I’m male for reference)


And what even for?


Some old folks don’t like it. Business wants their business. Policy A earns more than Policy B, so it’s a pretty easy decision.


I have gauges and work retail. I was stopped by an older woman once who said I had strange earrings. So I took one out and and stuck my finger through the hole and she just about had a heart attack.


Old cunts who have no joy in life and spend all their time bitching about kids


Lmao you right, this comment made my day


I lost my cheek piercing for $12 and I never recovered from that


Yeah I used to have stretched ears and tongue/septum piercing. Tooo them out for a job. I miss it all I really do.


Remember that time they wanted me to wear thin tan pants instead of sweatpants when I was working at a car wash in -10 degree weather? Pepperidge farm remembers.


Meanwhile at my white collar job half of us have tattoos, rarely shave, and got bored of our piercings years ago so we just took them out. I can't believe how insane restaurants are with this policy of being "professional". I used to get bitched at daily about not being clean shaven.


I recently learned The Church of Body Modification is a thing and some workplaces may be more willing to work with you if you have said modification for religious reasons. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’ll take the pierogi out


Mmmm pierogi


Worked at a place like that, but there was only one manager who actually cared. I’d just wait till he left and put the plugs back in.


Even at the hrly wage I make, I am not taking my metal out. Im not covering my lovely tattoos either. Nurses are dropping like flies these days but go ahead and send me one more email about presentation and looking natural. Im gonna forward it to coworkers for a lark. Also, that stuff is less of a hinderance when providing care than one would initially imagine.


I got all of my piercings while at my current job. No one has said shit to me. I also work in a school. Minimum wage jobs are literal slavery.


Just asking this anyone of you have trouble finding a job with "job stopper" tattoo ? Like hands face neck ? Or like im fucked ?


I want my hands tattooed so bad, but this is what keeps me from doing it.


It varies by profession. What career are you looking into? There’s always going to be judgemental jerks in every line of work, but it’s far more prevalent in some industries than others.


Currently self employed working in the legal medical/recreational cannabis as a small micro grower but would still like to expand my horizon by going back to school in the future just in case never know when the shit gonna hit the fan in this industry.


I couldn’t care less about judgement, but I’ve still gotta be able to feed my kids, and I work in sales in a fairly small, southern, conservative town.


Depends on profession and area. My coworker makes 65-72k and has hand tats but they’ve told me other jobs asked them to conceal them. Generally I think the west coast is more accepting of tattoos


I have tattoos on my hands and have not been unemployed since I was under 18


I have a face tattoo, and a full sleeve, but I don't believe it's what has stopped me from getting a job. Albeit, the face tattoo is white ink and sometimes barely noticeable. I was stupid at a lot of interviews and mentioned either my mental health or it slipped that I was lesbian. So, I think those got me discriminated (no proof, though). Finally landed a job as a kennel technician at an animal hospital. The manager liked my experience and didn't care I had tattoos and a partial shaved head. To he fair, this time I also kept my mental health and wife out of any conversation until I was hired. But even then never directly told anyone about those things except in casual passing. It helps the animal field is full of tattooed people with mental problems and fun hair styles and colours. I've only encountered one kennel I worked at in my life where the owner wanted me to cover my tattoos and it was exactly because of the older clientele. I only lasted a week there cause it was grueling work.




I once had a general manager suggest I tuck my ponytail into my shirt.


I’ve seen Craigslist job postings with a huge essay on duties and a list of qualifications, preferably the candidate should have a degree. Soon as I start thinking dam this job demands a lot probably is going to be a good living wage paying job? Nope I see minimum wage! Fuck that. I can imagine why the same ad is there week after week! Bad management. No thank you.


In my line of work (Heavy Equipment Mechanic) a huge beard is a safety hazard! Don't want your beard sucked into a huge turbocharger or wrapped up in a set of belts or a drive shaft.


I mean " this very specifically could injure/kill you" is a way better reason than "because a loud mother *might* scream about not coming back to that particular McDonalds".


8 whole dollars an hour? Wow,. You must be rolling in it


While I agree with the sentiment, if you work in food prep or food manufacturing you really should take them out. Not because of unprofessionalism, but because there have been incidents where something fell off an earring, ring, or necklace and wound up in someone’s food. I once responded to a complaint where a child swallowed part of an engagement ring. This stuff is never on purpose but it’s sad on all fronts when it does happen.


The only time piercings bother me is when I see the person adjust their piercings then get back to work without washing their hands, probably because they didn't realize they touched it but it still grosses me out. Also if you have hair longer than your ears, pin it back, I find hair that's not mine in my food all the time. I always pull it out and just eat because I feel awkward saying anything but I shouldn't have to.


I agree, if whatever you’re wearing is a health hazard, it shouldn’t be allowed. Otherwise, I just never said anything to people when I was in charge. Like I’d tell them “hey, your bracelet is getting in the sandwiches, I need you to take it off while you’re on the line making food,” that’s one thing. But if an item was technically against the rules but not causing any actual problems? All I’d say is “make sure the boss doesn’t see you wearing that.”


Problem with this is if she's talking about a food service job then it's often state and or federally mandated. The fast food middle manager assigned to do interviews prolly don't give a shit about your piercings but it's required by law to limit that. People love calling the Health Dept over some bullshit.


I don't wear jewelry at my job, none of us do, too dangerous, I wear a rubber wedding ring. It's $27 an hour though.


What if its a huge loop ones that could get caught in cause damage? Doesn't OSHA actually have rules for certain jobs or machinery? Now sure 90% of jobs it doesn't matter and for those 90% who cares?


What kind of machinery job like that is paying $8 an hour? Come on man.


Any oil change shop, for starters. You're unlikely to get hoop earrings caught but you'd still be required to remove them. Additionally, a necklace can easily slip out, get caught in the engine's pullies, and fuck you up if you're unlucky enough for it to not just rip off. Same with rings except you don't need them to slip down, all it takes is for them to get snagged and some idiot to turn the car on. I worked for Jiffy Lube - they paid minimum wage, $8/hr to their customer service rep and $9/hr to their assistant manager. Their store managers are forced to work 55+ hours per week on a salary of $28k/yr... In other words, their store managers make $9.79/hr (and less if they work more than 55 hours - they're exempt from overtime). There are plenty of jobs where it's reasonable to mandate people not wear loose-fitting clothing and other things that can get caught like that. Many of those jobs just think that it's not their job to compensate for the additional risk that makes this mandate necessary because they care more about not getting sued than they do about your health and safety.


I'm being serious I'm genuinely curious about this, Im new to the Anti-work thing and am legit stumped here.


There are OSHA rules and generally we just tie up hair and long beards. I have long hair myself and work in industrial robotics. Guy I knew growing up had super long hair and long beard that was an auto mechanic. He'd tie his up and stick it down he shirt to keep it out of the engine.


The audacity to pay someone so little they cant even survive on it, have their own apartment and piss in waterbottles while on the clock, with no opportunity to wash hands (Thats probably om the clock as well and if youre 10 sec late youll probably fired) and then ask why no one wants to work their during a shitty pandemic?! Meanwhile those ”high titles ” basically sits and talk shit over some coffee. They really dont work that hard as they make people think. No wonder why more and more Young people Socialism especially when people knows that people work, unsafe (working environment), unhygienic, unsanitized jobs just so that a ”hedgefund” on Cayman Islands can get even richer?! Without producing nothing material themselves!


My hair has been various shades of red since 2007. Once it came out a tad on the pink side while I was working at my dead end grocery job. A manager saw it and called my register to tell me she “can’t have my hair that color.”


I worked at a food chain in high school. They told me I wasn't allowed to dye my hair. A few months later they asked me if I'd be willing to wear a colored "mascot" wig at the cash register. That was one of the few times I actually stood up for myself and told them to fuck off.


Imagine in Italy where they can barely tolerate (if u are extremly lucky), if u have long hair (men), dyed hair (women), tattoos and/or piercing, even little ones. Oh how could I forget earlobe expanders? (Sorry idk how they're called in eng, hope this is the right way, correct me in case isn't).


I once had someone in an interview tell me that "They were a very conservative company and I'd have to cut my hair" Because it's ok for women to have long hair but not men apparently. This asshole wanted me to chop off my nice long hair so could make 10 bucks an hour and wor mandatory night shifts. Fuck Quick Trip


Jobs paying wages that don't even pay enough to afford a monthly mortgage or tiny 1bed studio as 30% or less of income, asking people to not kill themselves to escape poverty wage slavery in a dystopia of unaffordable housing.


Be shameless


This or covering your tattoos. I once worked at a country club as a housekeeper and only had one tattoo at the time that was visible. I had to wear long sleeves in the middle of summer or put a bandage over it. When a member saw me with a huge bandage on my arm they were fast to ask what happened and were hella concerned. I was like, oh they said putting a bandage over my tattoo would be less distracting...


For the vast majority of jobs I'll never understand this "no piercings, no tattoos" crap. Let people live their lives ffs 😂 Unless you're working with MRI machines or something... then idk maybe piercings are an issue LOL


Maybe if you are having to apply for near minimum wage jobs, you should just take the piercing out...


If it’s in food then you risk injuring or causing some one to choke


if your piercing jewelry is regularly falling out in everyday situations, you honestly have bigger things to worry about


So, if $8/hour is all you can get, what are the alternatives?


Be proud and broke!


I guess. Pride can’t buy groceries….but if it can, let me know.


The audacity of not being skilled above a minimum wage job and thinking you make the rules. Get over your minimum self.


Get over deez nutz lmao


Thats def a minimum wage reply.


Lol, looks like you triggered a lot of unskilled workers.


Weren’t you victim shaming someone for getting sexual assaulted? Shut up.


The audacity of a company having expectations for how their employees will appear when addressing the public (as most jobs paying that level are customer-oriented in some way) so that first impression of the employee will reflect on the company and future customer retention.


Ok boomer


Funny, given how I’m 36…


Boomer is a state of mind.


Are we really still at a point that having piercings or other styles of self expression makes one less "respectable"? I love showing up at a company and seeing someone expressing themselves through their style. That boomer logic needs to die


found the employer


Union worker, actually, who started his working life delivering appliances for a shit company making $7.25 an hour with almost no benefits.


Then stop defending them lmao you are not going to get a rise


I haven’t worked for that company in a number of years. That was my first job in 2004, when I was 19.


>found the person who understands the employee/employer relationship as well as how personnel aesthetic affects interaction with the customer. FTFY


You are justified in demanding they be tidy and well-kept. You are not justified in demanding they change their appearance to accommodate your own narrow-minded view of aesthetics and what customers actually give a damn about. Nobody who genuinely understands that dynamic conflates properly maintaining your appearance with completely changing it.


How mentally handicapped does someone have to be to refuse to go somewhere because one of the employees had some kind of physical trait the person does not like?




Bro, I’m older than you and I disagree with a company asking anyone to change their physical appearance for a job. If a business wants employees to look a certain way or present a certain image then they are free to hire who they like and have a dress code. Asking existing employees or potential hires to change the way they look only serves to encourage pointless and self-defeating stereotypes for both a business and it’s customers. I get what you’re saying, but it’s an archaic and judgemental way of thinking that is slowly, slowly dying out.


If a customer has a stick so far up their ass that someone else's appearance distresses them that badly, that's a personal problem and someone I wouldn't want to deal with as a business owner anyway.


I agree with this. Lose the piercings they look trashy. And maybe cut back on the tatoos.


Gen x isn't sending their best are they


my tattoos and piercings are sexy and tasteful and divine and also gorgeous