Attacking Space

Attacking Space


"No, no, the problem ***can't be me*** the peasants are simply angry at ***SPACE!***" - Elon Musk


yup, angry at space... not the guy who sits there shaming the world that they dont do enough to contribute to the environment 3 months after his "green" company bought 20k bitcoins and flipflopped for a while all tweeted from one of his 2 gulfstream private jets (but its ok guys he sold his house...).. all the while sending countless payloads into space using rocket fuel by using our own fucking money (taxes) to pay for it


Personally, I'm a little annoyed at space. Why is it a cold vacuum, for instance? That's just obnoxious. Also... and I'm just being honest here... it's *a lot*. Does it really need to keep expanding? Space isn't perfect, y'all. It definitely irks me for plenty of perfectly legitimate reasons. But fuck these billionaires. They can eat an entire bag of dicks for thinking that means I don't care about space. It's *because* I care about space that it gets on my nerves for being so goddamned dangerous and expensive all the time. If it wasn't so fucking expensive to go to space, nobody would give a fuck if Elon wanted to go call himself king of Mars, because it's just a shitty little rock ball not meant for human habitation anyway.


No, no. I'm with you. I'm also annoyed by space. 1. Black holes - ew 2. Everything is so far. Space is just a word made up by someone afraid to get too close - nick Jonas, astrophysicist.


We should file a complaint with spaces manager!




You know there will be a Karen on one of those publicly available space flights eventually. And she *will* ask to speak to the space manager.


The “cold vacuum” , just like their souls and greed…


all the while building factories in such a way that entire forests need to be cut down to make space, how green of him


Also that Branson bum didn't really visit "space." He only went up till the upper reaches of the atmosphere in the sub-orbital zone, just enough for the 'free fall' effect to kick-in. (sorry I'm linking a CNN article, but this piece makes good points on the pointlessness of his visit to "space") https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/12/opinions/richard-branson-jeff-bezos-space-flight-is-a-waste-thomas/index.html edit: linked article.


Not sure if it's true but that red bull skydiver dove from near space which is just *SO* much cooler.


"Am I out of touch? No, it's the children who are wrong."


When politicians do this it's known as "hiding behind the flag."


Or sexually assaulting the flag in the case of one politician.


He didn't misunderstand, he's being dishonest.


Elon having space money is New World problems


What he’s doing is gaslighting, right?


The real sleight of hand too with privatizing things like space exploration is when NASA is publicly funded, the discoveries and innovations are public goods. When our tax dollars are sent to private companies, the discoveries and innovations are still publicly funded but now those companies hold the patents and benefits to those innovations


Yeah, why should we celebrate the privatization, commercialization and fracturing of space. When it was NASA it felt like humanity was reaching the stars. Now its rich dickwads taking over while the Earth burns 😒.


WALL-E predicted the future.


If it's the entire movie I can live with that. If only the first half...


In WALL-E everyone got to live a life of luxury on a cruise ship for hundreds of years, with robotic servants and so little work that they all became immobile WALL-E is hopelessly idealistic compared to what we're heading to


And yet NASA has never been and never will be appropriately funded, because of people who think we are wasting money "up there" instead of wasting.money "down here".


> When it was NASA it felt like humanity was reaching the stars. And it was our best and brightest who became astronauts. Now it's our richest.


Our best we have to offer is the richest set of assholes who aren't necessarily the brightest. Yippee.


Not too long from now, some very rich people (Musk, Bezos, maybe somebody else) will be able to buy a place into history books by being the first human on Mars. It would be a feat much more memorable than anything else they've done (at least so far).


Doesn't mean they'll be venerated or remembered fondly... At least not for long with how the tides starting to turn. Columbus still is and always will be the first European to have set foot on Hispaniola, but it doesn't change the fact that he's rightfully scorned by anyone educated on the subject for being the monster that he was, even for his time.


Bezos is way ahead of you - [bought his place in the Smitsonian already](https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-science-travel-government-and-politics-museums-bbe59c1521beba6df5766eb4d8de67ff).


Surely you must agree that our richest people are also our best? Otherwise how did they become so very rich? ​ /s


Both nasa and ussr space race was a pissing contest. Hunger in worker ghettos both in the usa and ussr. Its all a hoax. The problem is not corruption but capitalist production. Capitalist production would be shit even without corruption.


They burned the earth and qre just trying to get themselves and their wealth to another planet, absolutely nothing to celebrate except the destructive power of space in hopes it helps us all out and kills them


Space has been privatized long before Elon Musk. Lockheed Martin builds a shit ton of NASA spacecraft. I wish it weren't so commercial but to this problem existed long before Musk. Private companies have been building spacecraft for nasa since pre-shutfle days.


Don't disagree but you said it yourself it was for NASA. Now Musk, Bezos and the other one are doing for themselves so it doesn't feel like humanity striving for 0something. Its just another commodity to sell and brand. The Moon brought to you by Telsa or some dumb shit.


That's true, for example, the Hubble space telescope was designed and built by Lockheed and (edit: correction) Perkin Elmer. NASA uses a private contractor model, in contrast with the Soviet space program, which was comprised of public enterprises. NASA's strategic plan for space is to privatize the orbital infrastructure near the earth, so don't expect space to remain uncorrupted by capitalism.


Perkin-Elmer. Emerson and Palmer were 2/3 of of a Prog rock band.


lol oops, thank you


>When it was NASA it felt like humanity was reaching the stars. No, it felt like the US was competing against the USSR in just another dick measuring contest. At least the ISS is an truly international project.


Nah, rocket technology has come a long way in during the short time private companies got into space exploration. With privatisation, you have competition and an incentive to do things effectively as opposed to cost-plus contracts which incentives stretching projects out. The Apollo age really was golden, I'll give you that. Thousands of talented scientists and mathematicians hand-calculated orbital mechanics to land humans on the Moon with navigational computers orders of magnitude less powerful than modern smartphones. The years after that feel rather stagnant in comparison. Sure, space stations were built, telescopes launched but none of it holds a candle to the Moon walks IMHO. The shuttle program did introduce the intriguing concept of rocket reusability but was terribly executed. Due to the cost of getting all the dead Shuttle weight into orbit, the cargo capacity was small and cost a lot per kilo. SpaceX changed this. They did reusability properly, massively dropping the cost of payload to orbit so much that Ariane Space begged the EU for subsidies to stay in competition. Furthermore, they also are the first people to successfully fly a full flow staged combustion engine (FFSC). Russia attempted to do this during the Shuttle age but that never left the ground. So, in conclusion, you are surely partly correct about there having been a period of hope and optimism during NASA's early years but it quickly fizzled out. The advent of billionaires with a vision to advance space exploration with the resources to do so independently of the bureaucracy of government has reinvigorated the space and brought a new age of rapid advancement.


Socialize the losses, privatize the gains. That's how it works.


I agree but also NASA has been shoveling billions into the same few contractors for decades with no real progress. Just look into how long SLS has been in development vs Falcon Heavy. At least SpaceX is doing something with tax money instead of Boeing/Lockheed Martin getting rich off of doing nothing. Bezos and blue origin are useless tho Also those innovations were never really public anyway since rocketry is considered advanced weapons technology and is restricted by the government and only given to the same old bloated contractors. Private business have always benefited from space exploration unfairly. The only difference in this change of model is that they need to produce results instead of just collecting guaranteed billions despite constantly missing deadlines




One of the issues with NASA is that they have to appease multiple congress people in different districts so their projects get spread out into multiple districts which creates inefficiencies. On top of that they cannot afford to make mistakes because other congress people will have conniption fits about it to get on TV. Look at the James Webb Telescope. It's incredibly late and over budget. If they were able to make mistakes they could fail quickly and learn rather than being paralyzed with self doubt.


I thought Melon Husk was supposed to be smart? How does he not underst... ...oooooh, he's evil. OK


He loves his unofficial PR and official PR painting him as the reason behind all SpaceX and Tesla innovation. Elon 'Genius' Musk. More like Elon 'Take advantage of engineers and scientists will and drive to enable humans to be a multi-planet species to make billions' Musk... just doesnt have the same ring tho.


Remember when Elon tweeted that he would be introducing a form of indentured servitude for people who can't afford to get to space where he covers the cost of their travel and in return they work for him forever? Must be what he means by "hope".


His hope is to move his business far away enough away that he doesn't have to pay any taxes or obey any laws.


And when he does, his money won't mean anything and we'll eat him


He will have a personal army one would assume, but I agree that we should.


How would he pay them?


In air, food, water and materials from his factories. Also most likely slaves, drugs etc. How does anyone pay an army?


You idiots He will have raised an army of genetically bred servants who worship him as God King like emperor Paul atredies II


What's much more likely is that he'd build drones to protect him and build any weapons off world so that no regulations apply. If no laws apply then there's nothing stopping him building weapons that are illegal to build in the US, like nukes, chemical weapons, biological weapons. And this isn't necessarily Elon we're talking about. If his children inherit his empire then it's a rich and powerful person, raised by a narcissist, living outside of earth laws and regulations. If that doesn't scare you then I don't know what will. Colonization of other planets needs to be done by our species as a whole, not by some rich prick acting only out of self interest.


By putting a chip in their brain and permitting them to live.


What's the fail rate on the chips?


That actually sounds true to form


You'll probably end up with salmonella and end up shitting out your internal organs.


He wants his own planet with his own laws.....Musk Laws


He already skirts the line between illegal and legal. If he could avoid all of that and just do whatever he wants he would do so.


Is he paying much in taxes currently?


No. Hence why it's reasonable to presume he would pay even less if at all possible.


If thats the case, I'm better off staying on Earth. Fuck these wealthy pos.


The first 'colony' on mars would be a disaster in evey possible way under musks rule.


Doesn't the atmosphere not filter radiation from space? Isnt long term space habitation a death sentence? Honestly dont know.


Long-term habitation in space fucks with your body, it's why astronauts assigned to the ISS have time-limits on how long they are allowed to stay up there. It takes them a long time to return their body to full functionally under Earth's gravity again. That's just one issue.


I saw something about how venus would be better suited for colonization cause it has an actual atmosphere that protects against radiation. You would build stations that basically float cause the atmosphere is so thick or something.


Yeah, the USSR did a suprising about of research on that before it collapsed. Not really feasible with the tech they had but they didn't know that. We could potentially breath the atmosphere as well if it was filtered correctly I think, which is a major obstacle to a mars settlement. The floating stations are one I'm not sure either way on.


Not just the atmosphere (which lacks Earth’s ozone layer), but the entire planet lacks Earth’s magnetic field. Even terraforming (if that were feasible) couldn’t fix the latter, and without a strong magnetic field, even if we could create a human-friendly atmosphere, solar winds would tend to strip it away. General thinking is that the only practical way for humans to survive on Mars is in sealed habitats underground, but as “Biosphere 2” demonstrated, there are serious challenges to making that work too, and on top of that the Martian soil is loaded with toxic perchlorates. I’ve even heard it suggested that Venus, with its 700-degree acidic atmosphere, might be a better colonization target. Space, in general, just wants to kill you in an unimaginable variety of horrible ways.


Okay but we ruined this one and (magical sky)daddy hasn't fixed it yet. So pick one and let's go there. Because I'm not gonna stop wrecking this one.


**Yes** radiation limits time in space without an atmosphere or (magnetic field), else radiation poisoning occurrs.


The first colony on mars will be a disaster no matter who runs it. Everyone in it is going to die within a few years AT MOST. Thats providing its a one way trip which seems quite unlikely.


Sure, I don't disagree. With our currently technology(and even near-future tech) it would be a disaster if even one thing goes wrong(which it will, because space is uninhabitable to life in general) Which is why nobody but wealthy assholes wanting to boost their PR talks about it outside of a theoretical level.


One day in the future we will get there but i don't think its going to be at the hands of some wealthy billionaire. IMO we are at least a century or 2 off from ever stepping foot on another planet.


Space is just st a Dodgem it's "we don't have to worry about earth. We can just keep raping and pillaging and doing colonialism and wrecking up the world like spoiled children *forever*, and when we're done, when it's a completely used up uninhabitable husk, we can go to a new one and leave the old one for poor's. As charity." And the only fucking justice in any of this is that they all have their heads so far up their own asses that, once they finish ruining earth, once we let them do that, they're going to take off, and it's not going to work, and the last gasp of the human species will be recycled air, choked out next to the corpse of the last slave who actually knew how to do things, passing through a billionaires lips as it curses the slave for being too weak and lazy to survive the new shock collars-which must work, the billionaire calibrated them itself.


Elon Musk? The son of apartheid owning gem miners? Whose family made millions off racism and slavery. Musk? The rich kid who bought Tesla and wrote into the sale that **he** would be the "founder." Musk? The technology cosplayer and serial exploiter. A malicious, likely sociopathic, actor pushing to harm 99% of people.


How about not ruining the part of space we can live in without spending billions?


I love Space. I want to live in Star Trek future. The thing is, Elon and Jeff and Dick don't really lead to that Utopian Abundance of Star Trek. More like The Outer Worlds or early Expanse. I hate the space exploration isn't a Government thing anymore, its a private thing. I'll always be honest and say if Joining the Space Force meant I got to go exploring the solar system(even if I fuckin die from some malfunction) then I'd have joined up already(because I am not smart enough for NASA)


Well a big part of the utopia in Star Trek was birthed from a catastrophic WW3, so we have that to look forward to.


NASA's engineers don't work for NASA anyway for the most part, they're employed by private contractors. The Soviet space program was the one that consisted of public enterprises. If you worked for NASA today, you'd most likely be employed by a small private research firm or a major defense contractor.


NASA has more than 17,000 direct employees.


Yeah we can eat hope...


Hope to breathe


“Thank god we’re in space !” -Me after being bankrupted by medical debt


Exactly. My health insurance is shit, but hey. Where in “space.”


In space, insurance companies can't hear your screams


Elon: I AM SPACE. LOVE ME! *Didn’t they see me on SNL…*


Elon Musk is a piece of shit


I think part of the reason why so many right-wingers are obsessed with space is that it's very clear that infinite growth isn't possible on earth to which the answer is either the end of capitalism or space imperialism.


They're not obsessed with space, they're obsessed with their egos and greed


This is it, since the end of colonialism and slavery (acknowledging that both still persist in various forms), space is probably the first time there’s a completely new unexploited frontier. Just the other day someone was completely seriously suggesting to me that mining asteroids in space is a completely justified endeavour and that space will basically give us a massive sponge that can absorb all our waste so that we don’t have to worry anymore.


>space is probably the first time there’s a completely new unexploited frontier. Space: The final frontier


These are the voyages...


If we can figure out asteroid mining and make it work in time to save even one mountain on earth from being removed for it’s minerals, I’m okay with people wasting their money trying to make it happen.


Is asteroid mining not a justified endeavour?


The water disposal part is not a bad concept for highly dangerous material as long as we can develop a way to safely launch the payload completely out of orbit.


>Just the other day someone was completely seriously suggesting to me that mining asteroids in space is a completely justified endeavour and that space will basically give us a massive sponge that can absorb all our waste so that we don’t have to worry anymore. The asteroid mining part is true though... Do you know how much we could do with dirt-cheap metals that are refined off-world?


I’m not disputing that but it’s more of a conceptual point. If you take a step back and observe how our appetite for perpetual growth and materials is the cause of many issues (and this is on a planet that once had abundant resources), normalising asteroid mining would just be a moral license to continue/accelerate many of the greedy and capitalist practices.


If you’d like I can explain why everyone is interested in space as someone in the industry. I am a liberal though so I can’t explain it from a republican perspective. I mean this entirely in good faith!


People of all persuasions can love space and the science/tech that it’s exploration delivers. It’s kind of shocking to see left wingers abdicate science of all things to right wingers.


Because nobody here is doing that? We are talking about the *science* of space, vs the *business* of space.


Business advancing in space allows for more science though, especially when that business is rocket science.




Musk is part of the reason that America is being torn apart. The billionaires are taking more of the wealth to use as play toys in outer space and the people are losing their democracy to fascists.


I’m going to start an o-ring supply company that solely manufactures parts for the use in billionaires’ space ships. Feel free to send me a PM with your CV if you’re interested in a new career. Job requirements are absolutely no experience in manufacturing, engineering, or any form of rocket surgery. After your interview there will be a test where you use a blunt pair of scissors to manufacture an o-ring. Creativity is encouraged. Don’t know what an o-ring is or why it’s important to space travel? Perfect, you’re hired.


Do the billionaires think it's easier to terraform the moon or mars instead of dealing with the climate crisis on earth?


Yes this shit drives me crazy. Even as we continue to fuck the planet up worse and worse, it will be orders of magnitude easier to correct than to try and colonise a planet or moon that isn’t remotely hospitable to life.


Exactly. I really think that the problem is that billionaires in general aren't the geniuses they pay their PR departments (Etc.) to promote. Yes its quite a feat to build all of these rockets or reusable rockets... but lets me honest, Elon musk didn't make that shit happen... none of these billionaires did. They paid people who grew up on the dreams of NASA, to work for them to make it happen because the US congress has actively hampered the expansion of NASA to provide a place for all this great potential to thrive for the benefit of our society... not the few 1%'s that already control mass quantities of wealth.


>I really think that the problem is that billionaires in general aren't the geniuses they pay their PR departments (Etc.) to promote. But they certainly believe their own press


Seriously, what the fuck are you "hoping" for in space? "Hope, for so many of us." The rich people who are going to WALL-E the planet and live in a space mall? I wish these billionaires would just shut the fuck up. It's bad enough they're exploiting people and ruining shit, they don't need to be all up in our faces all the damn time.


Elysium (2013) is the "hope, for so many of the richest of us" I guess


On good faith as someone in industry I can explain it. All the tech we use today relies on space. If you have a minute search up space weather. If you don’t have a minute and you’re interested in a real conversation I’d love to have one and maybe educate people on this


They aren't thinking about ease. They are thinking of their power. They want to create a new society consisting entirely of their zealots so they can be worshipped. They could easily scale it down to a comparable cost to saving this planet, that wouldn't offer the same reward though. In space, only their ilk can afford to make it with them and everyone else will be carefully screened before entering indentured servitude.


It's more likely they think it will be a distraction long enough for them to continue to exploit the working class and destroy the world for the rest of their lives, and then they'll be dead by the time the public sees through their deception and has to come to terms with all the problems they created.


They are more so looking at space for things like the Asteroids they assume have trillions of dollars worth of materials. So naturally the billionaire's plan is to use Space as an unconquered island full of resources. Which itself seems a rather tall itself. That said I would much enjoy the idea of Billionaires shooting off the Earth before it died just to realize they have no idea what to do next because they can't/didn't terraform a planet to prep. So they spend the rest of their lives floating in space until they die. Thus ending humanity's run in space.


Is it just my phone’s bad formatting, or has he written that as a haiku?


He tried to write *something*, that's for sure.


"Was all that money I made las' year (for Whitey on the moon?) How come there ain't no money here? (Hm! Whitey's on the moon) Y'know I jus' 'bout had my fill (of Whitey on the moon) I think I'll sen' these doctor bills, Airmail special (to Whitey on the moon)" Gil Scott-Heron


No, I’m attacking space **and** billionaires. We have all the technology we need to solve every existential problem we’re facing. So maybe let’s spend some money in that direction…


But... That would require people to work together.


Eventually, when things get bad, there will be some cooperation. It’ll be too late by then but the billionaire-class is not safe and they should know that.


They do know that. It’s why they’re trying to escape earth before it all goes entirely tits up. That’s why they’re not pouring their billions into NASA or an international space program to provide space travel advancements accessible to everyone. They’re testing out their private jets in a private space race to eventually escape the dirty poors and the planet they’re destroying.


Yup. And these liberals are eating it up. God damned fools. We need to end billionaires immediately and use those resources to save humanity. It’s literally imperative to our existence.


That’s the one problem we don’t have the technology to solve


Hi, I can explain to you why we need to focus on space as someone who works in industry if you are interested in learning about it more. A lot of the tech we have today to solve every problem we are facing relies on space. Let me know if you want a convo, I’ll have it in good faith. I love talking to people about space :)


I would love to be convinced that Billionaires in Space is a healthy thing for a society in which my thirty-something neighbor gets his legs amputated because he can’t afford medicine. Please save me from the abject insanity of this situation without telling me about insulin pumps and Velcro too.


I will, although I completely understand where you are coming from. Give me a bit, I have to get to my computer. I want to give a thorough answer.


We do not. There are volcanos around the world that can erupt and destroy half the planet and there isn't a fucking thing we can do about it. Ok let's spend that money....oh wait it isn't yours to spend.


If Elon likes space so much he needs to open an airlock. Get as much space as he can. In his lungs.




i typically like Elon Musk.. but Jesus Christ is he blind to reality here.


Poverty can be bad and space can be good at the same time. It’d be great if we can mine battery materials in space to make renewable viable for instance.


So tired of these billionaires. Instead of paying their workers a living wage, helping the environment, feeding the poor & hungry...they would rather flex with their money on who can go to space first. Fucking disgusting


>So tired of these billionaires. Instead of paying their workers a living wage, helping the environment, feeding the poor & hungry...they would rather flex with their money on who can go to space first. Fucking disgusting I worked for both Elon Musk and Branson in the aerospace industry. I worked at SpaceX and Virgin. Elon absolutely pays pathetic wages. Far below fair value. Works people like dogs until they quit or die. Branson - fantastic wages, very good treatment. He does not take advantage and exploit his workforce. Solid dude. I hate seeing him lumped in with people like Elon and Bezos because he is actually a genuinely good person.


They aren't even going into space, they're just flying planes really high up.


I love space, and I think we should explore it and learn more about it. But it shouldn't be our number one priority when Earth is burning and people are dying of poverty. I will not attack space, but I will *absolutely* attack obscenely rich megalomaniac shitlords like Elon Musk.


And def has nothing to do with how Musk, Bezos, and friends are further raiding public coffers by demanding and receiving massive tax breaks... all so they can *achieve* technological feats that NASA (and other public space programs) reached and surpassed 50-60 years ago.


I love space. I think humanity absolutely needs to establish itself in space. I just doubt whether billionaires retain enough of their humanity to count for that.


I'm all for humanity goingnout into space. But i'm also torn by how it looks like we'll get there.. I can see it being less star trek, and more like the outer worlds where you're indentured to whatever corporation owns your colony.


Personally I think The Expanse has a pretty believable near-future society.


Yeah I was going to say the same thing... And The Expanse's universe would be horrific to live in


Remember the Cant!


At this point I'd be in favour of aliens building a no-spaceships-allowed shield around Earth until we solve the capitalism. Once we're finished with this dumb chapter of history, THEN I would lift the shield. No second sooner.


“It’s not the best choice…. It’s Space(x)r’s choice!”


Ah yes, spread capitalism throughout space, I have my doubts.


We can’t stop ourselves from fucking up the planet perfectly suited to our existence. What makes you think we could ever colonise an inhospitable one?


I want to punt this fucker directly into the sun. There are no words for how much I hate Elon Musk these days. Fucking entitled idiot.


Wow lol. That was great. Time to go track that down and like and RT it.


You guys have no idea how economy works.


I think the public should put some of these Billionaires under a conservatorship.


Who the fuck attacks space? We are attacking YOU mf


Elon always pretending like he's one of us. He should just pull a fauci and say "I am space. And an attack on me is an attack on space"


Ya punch space right its stupid face.


Sorry, but I'm all for rich people spending shit loads of money on developing space technology as a dick measuring contest. The quicker we become a multi-planetary species the better. >Ask ten different scientists about the environment, population control, genetics and you'll get ten different answers, but there's one thing every scientist on the planet agrees on. Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It'll take Marilyn Monroe and Lao-Tzu, Einstein, Morobuto, Buddy Holly, Aristophanes .. and all of this .. all of this was for nothing unless we go to the stars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkj2lR9CT08


Oh no, I'm attacking space. Fuck space, always gotta expand and shit. Afraid of the dark, twinkly night light having son of a bitch.


Who the fuck does space represent hope for? I can tell you now, there’s nothing in space that’s going to solve the problems we have on earth right now. Space is not our plan B


Orbital solar satellites have longer days, no air in the way, no clouds or snow or dust. Micro-gravity makes it easier to manufacture precision electronics, medicines, and alloys. Biology and chemistry research in micro-gravity has already produced thousands of papers. The manufacturing of steel and concrete on Earth produces massive amounts of CO2; cheap steel refined off-world would not. Also, it's inevitable that either we leave Earth or we go extinct. It's just a question of how long.


Really...NOTHING in space will solve problems? Orbital solar relays beaming clean power to Earth. Self sustaining orbital farms to provide unlimited food. Asteroid mining letting us have near unlimited raw minerals without further damaging Earth. On top of that uncountable other technological advances that will improve the quality of life.


Yeah, and it's like... How does space represent hope for me? I'm never gonna get to go into outer space. Why should I care that a couple billionaires get to? Like, good for them, but this does nothing to impact my life.


You ever used GPS? About everything we currently do in space is contributing to the development of our civilization. The ISS isn't some joyride, it's a huge lab with human scientists orbiting our planet in a deadly and unforgiving environment. Maybe you don't realize it, but even if something doesn't directly impact your life doesn't mean it's useless.


Going to space is helpful you chuckleheads. Why is it when Alouicious Walmart JP Morgan Doritos the Third buys his eleventh yacht there’s not a national conversation about wasting money, but when someone lowers the cost to space tenfold we get this nonsense? You really think this is helping?


BuT ThEy EaRnEd ThEiR MoNeY!


I find it so repugnant that this planet it being decimated by climate change and instead of billionaires helping out we have them flying about up there like a bunch of wankers with a new toy. I honestly think we are just doomed as a species. We the people allow this to happen through our inaction by throwing them a disapproving look and a loud tut, which they duly ignore. My inner psychopath thinks about just one washer out of place would end them and what a wonderful world it would be without them.


The only reason people are so interested in traveling to the vast vacuous nothingness of space at the moment is because the rich fucked up the only planet that we know can sustain human life. The rich spending their money to explore a scientifically fascinating but essentially inhospitable collection of rocks and poison instead of paying taxes, or investing in sustainable technology and businesses isn't something I'm willing to applaud. Also a quick reminder that Elon Musk didn't do any of what he's famous for, that's the engineers that he hires and treats like dirt. He was born rich, he will die rich, and the world will not be better of for him having been here.


There are other reasons to want to travel space actually.


Hope from what exactly Elon? Are you saying people are tired of living in this capitalist hellscape you helped to create and sustain? Surely not!


Space is in trouble...


Hey guis let’s spread our current society to the stars it’ll be great for like 1 in 10,000 of us


I read something today that shocked me. The homeless problem in the U.S. could be ended completely with just 20 billion $. That sounds like a lot but if we take just 5 of the world's richest men and women and took 4 billion from each, it would be so easy. Instead they're sending people onto Mars for family vacations.


Yea I love the space program as long as it’s for expanding our knowledge of the universe and or making our lives better on earth. But these billionaires going to space is sickening, they just are doing it because they can and they have the money. I’m writing my congressman, I demand a tax on the .01 in this country. The extremely wealthy have gotten rich on the back of other peoples hard work and it’s time they paid up.


But also: who the FUCK is looking at space and thinks “hope.” Cultists and people trying to justify space travel…oh yeh, I already said cultists


The insane irony of this is that Elon is a prime example of why people would need hope so much.


I’ll attack space and the rich. I don’t give a fuck




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Oh jesus christ “whY dO liBeRaLs hAtE sPaCEeE??”




Earth is what represents hope you twat Elon! Space should not have any of our focus right now.


While I would disagree that Space X and Blue Origin aren't doing anything "remotely useful," the rest is pretty spot-on. I can never tell when he posts shit like this whether Elon is being incredibly obtuse, deliberately creating a strawman, blatantly trolling or maybe all of the above.


"atTacKinG sPacE" lol um, wat? Where does he come up with this shit? Why can't he say something even remotely logical like....."Maybe it's more important to solve some bigger problems on earth than shoot it all into space" but no.


Lemme guess, no response?


We can always dig through the dumpsters they don’t lock for sustenance.


“…space represents hope…”??? Hope for an ICBM dropped on our house?


Counterpoint: people *are* attacking space and have been ever since it became a thing humans could do, and the billionaires are just a convenient present day excuse to legitimize their views. These are the same people who had the audacity to ask why we should keep going because we "beat the Russians", and live in a perpetual either/or fallacy where they think trillion dollar problems can be solved by diverting the relatively paltry billions away from the sciences. That doesnt mean that the billionaire problem isnt one, but not everybody is legitimately arguing strictly from that perspective, nor did their views originate in that perspective, and ultimately space travel is a scapegoat. What the US government and these companies spend on space related ventures wouldn't make a dent in our countries problems even if you diverted every single penny away from them. And that becomes very obvious when its SpaceX thats in question, because far, far, far too many people are willing to completely throw all the people that make SpaceX what it is under the bus because they only have a vapid understanding of why billionaires are not supposed to be liked or applauded and completely miss that its all to support the needs of the workers those people exploit, not to satisfy a personal hate boner. Blue Origin and Virgin are genuinely not doing anything innovative or beneficial, so I wont fault people for calling those companies a waste (because they are; their workers could be doing so much more) but SpaceX has not only accomplished what the Space Shuttle failed to do at a fraction of the cost and time, but is set to go far beyond. And its in spite of being lead by a wackjob billionaire, if anything.


If space represents hope for you, you’re a baby


“Attacking space” This fuckwit has a few screws loose.


SpaceX and NASA are making real progress in space. This dick measuring contest to bring random rich civilians to the edge of space? Waste of time and money. Least Musk is trying to get someone on mars at the bare minimum. So out of Branson, Bezos and himself, he is doing the most to change things here. Branson and Bezos can fuck right off.


Someone will probably say "ha it is because people have not achieved as much as elon musk(going to the moon) that is why people are angry at him)


Nah people are attacking space though too, this isn’t mutually exclusive




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Nobody would be looking to space for hope if the Earth wasn't such a toxic shitpile thanks to self-absorbed jackals hoarding everything.


One of me favorite things about space was the lack of rich assholes in it, but there that goes.


Yes as in I hope you all die in a fiery explosion in space


those who type in stanzas on fucking twitter maybe don't realize that they sound like a dipshit


How the hell would you even go about attacking space