I fucking hate this piece of shit.

I fucking hate this piece of shit.




He wants you to believe it’s not your hourly wage that is the problem — it’s how many hours you are working is. People working 40 hours a week are lazy to him.


I got the solution, just work 40 hrs a week for 1 million/hr. Problem solved.


He looks like an amalgamation of every horrible boss that’s been portrayed in any media.


Legit, imagine having him as your boss....


Hard. Pass. I’d rather live in a van down by the river first.


If there is weed ill join you. And dogs


That is gross. Also, lots of people work that many hours, never go on vacation, work every holiday, and are still poor. So fuck you?


Most of the world population lives on $5 or less a day. I guess they’re all lazy and incompetent. “If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.” - George Monbiot


If hard work pays, show me rich donkey


if you move the poverty level up to an actual sustainable level and not an arbitrary number that makes the world bank / capitalists feel good, over half the world lives in abject crushing poverty. The actual liveable level is $7.50 a day. Right now it's set at a little over one dollar, recently down from $1.50, so dipshits can claim capitalism lifted billions out of poverty when it did no such thing. anyway I hate it here


> dipshits can claim capitalism lifted billions out of poverty when it did no such thing. As Parenti, Hickel, Chomsky etc have detailed Capitalism and hundreds of years of imperialism is why the Global South is impoverished to begin with.


yup absolutely


Just gotta pull yourself up by the bootstraps /s


You don't need the /s, as you were actually using it correctly. Try to pull yourself up by your laces, literally, and what happens? You don't go anywhere. It's been misused by corrupt ass holes and the simple minded public.


They used the /s because, like you said, it's impossible to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and therefore they were being sarcastic.




That's when they move the goalposts: "Oh well hard work alone is not enough, you also need to work smart", and then when that doesn't work either they're all like "Well you also need a bit of luck, risk tolerance and uh..." \*whispers\* "*rich parents*"


Government restrictions, dictatorships: allow us to introduce ourselves Check the Index of Economic Freedom, the African nations are the last ones on economic freedom, at the same level of Venezuela, Syria and other countries. A lot of companies would be glad to extract the oil of Congo as they did in Venezuela 1990 and the country got extremely wealthy and with a good quality of life, how it ended? Government expropriations, starting useless civil wars, instability, no rule of law, expanding the freedom of government and reducing the freedom of the people. Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the planet and has the most expensive gallon of oil. Logically if you have more products than people demanding you have a surplus, there is deflation, price goes down, people buy more of it or save to purchase other things. Then why going backwards, expropriating and having the most expensive oil in the most rich-in-oil country?


Exactly. Guaranteed that asshole doesn't make minimum wage. For minimum, there's no fuckin' way I'll put in those hours. When I was making $100K plus I would gladly put in the effort of 50-60 hours a week but absolutely I wouldn't do the rest. There's a reason why most of these idiots are on their fourth or fifth wife.


I wouldn’t do 60 hours even for $100k. 1) id have no time or energy left to spend it, and 2) it’s scientifically proven that more than 40 hours a week reduces your life expectancy significantly. I may be suicidal, but I sure the shit don’t want to go out working myself to death


Yeah I was going to say that I'm on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and I haven't had a holiday in 15 years. Still poor. Edit: I'm a full time carer for a family member


I'm real sorry to hear that. You deserve more than that.


The first proper paid job I worked as a part-time IT tech support student (learning on the job), I was being paid 20 hours worth a week, but I was there 8 to 4 or 5 every day. I did that because I didn't mind it at the time and wanted to impress for getting, hopefully, a better review and recommendation/reference for the future. In the end my manager at the time wasn't exactly that nice and it didn't work out with them. Finished my work contract, which didn't get renewed, on a bad note. I learned from this and won't let my work/effort be exploited like that ever again, only to be treated like shit afterwards. That being said, Fuck this asshole piece of shit in his suit.






Yeah I did that for my mum, and wouldn’t take it back I love her. The rate of pay from our gov here is 60 pounds a week lol. Laughable reallt


What he call "work" is managing his investing and deciding where will go, dealing with public relations, but yeah, mostly playing with his money. He wasn't a minimun wage working making money for somebody else, even they must give you vacation, he didn't "took vacation" because he was still thinking about his money, investing and checking his portfolio everyday.


When 1% increase on his invest ment is more than people make in a year rip


His net worth is $500m If most of that is tied up in investments, a 1% increase would be more than most Americans earn in a lifetime :(


No they don’t have to give you a vacation. Not in America. I was a chef for 15 years, never once had a vacation, never once had a paid day off.


Work is not always work. When a rich person in management says they work a ton.. that means traveling.. nice business dinners.. talking on the golf course.. holding meetings for hours (But that can still be fun on a yacht).. It's all things where time passes quite quickly and comfortably. Except for really dry meetings I guess.


This is what they dont tell you. That life is fine to work all the time and not take vacations....its a fucking different story sitting in an office creating software or something


Yes I spend 8 months a year working 100 to 110 hour work weeks. And it improves the quality of my spouses life. The other 4 months are roughly 80 hour weeks. I want to die.


That is a crazy amount of time to spend at work. If you don't mind, what do you do?


I work for a “bakery” I’m the flagship employee. We ship and do large scale numbers. I am basically a title-less manager. I manage the crew, run any emergency errands and clean up all the daily messes, deal with building managers/assort all cupcakes/and so much more. (after starting to write all this I think it best be summed up as equal parts box factoryworker/bakery manager/shipping warehouse manager) I also don’t share this position with anybody, so all of these responsibilities fall squarely at my feet. When I hang my hat up for the day, I will always return to the exact same work load that I left.


Wow, that is crazy. I'm sorry you have to put up with that. I hope something else comes along for you soon. I wouldn't be able to do that for long.


Damn, what happened to your tits?


It's sounds like you're pretty critical to the business. You should march in and demand a big pay raise. Give them an ultimatum. Either they pay you a lot more or you walk off the job. For all the work they lay at your feet, I think they can't afford to not have you. If not, then at least you'll be free of that misery.


Don't ever give an ultimatem unless you already are prepared for both answers. Have a 2nd job offer lined up. Putting your finances in jeopardy at the flip of a coin is dangerous, especially since you have a spouse. Instead, try to have an open dialogue with your manager about your work-life balance and compensation. Don't be a doormat, but treat them like a normal human being on even footing with you.


Dude mad respect, a few years ago I work 110+ for 6 months and on labor day week I hit 126, told my boss that I was done and went down to one job after the week ended


Greetings from the restaurant industry


Who else is gonna pay him with their tax deductions? We gotta remember that the rich are the most oppressed. /s


Well said


Exactly. If my hard work was rewarded the way his was, I might put in the effort too. But it's not, so I won't.


I literally never been on vacation expect summer vacation When I was in school


Indeed - heartily so, the colossal prick


Why is struggle porn so endemic? Why don’t we normalise living wages and affordable housing instead of self-flagellating work? The only time I’d work for hours and hours on something would be for a personal project.


>Why is struggle porn so endemic? Why don’t we normalise living wages and affordable housing instead of self-flagellating work? Protestant Work Ethic and the Just World delusion. It's funny how the Romans employed "bread and circuses" to keep the proles pacified, but modern capitalists can do the same for free by encouraging self-hatred and the idea that suffering is virtuous.


Struggle porn is just Capitalism trying to validate itself.


Imagine being that wealthy and STILL be that angry and bitter.


Money sure did not buy him any happiness lol. In this case the cheezy saying is true




> “you have all this wealth, and it doesn’t magically make you any happier, why not put some back into society?” I really don't get it, because you eventually reach a point (which I believe to be around 10 million) where the number becomes too large to be cognitively meaningful to our monkey brains, and any reduction of that number will have a negligible impact on their quality of life. It's like they're riding a decades-long dopamine high on watching numbers get bigger----oh my god rich people are MMO min-maxers.


When I started working and had a set monthly amount of money I would receive and budget out, and then I started projecting that monthly budget out to like even the low 6-figures and saw how that would take care of everything in my life several times over it just makes it absolutely insane to think of these people with like, 7 8 9+ figure annual salaries.


The rich are just playing cookie clicker in real life. Make something, pay no one, profit.


Money can't buy you happiness, that's true, but money can buy you drugs, and that's cool.


Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy things that make you happy.


Like drugs. Don't gotta worry about withdrawal if you can always afford it. (Also that post was a quote from the song "What I can't describe" by The Transplants


Yeah, sounds like he needs to improve his work-life balance. Maybe not but as much Starbucks and avacado toast then maybe he can cut back on those hours and take a vacation. Or maybe just some time in Amazon's crying box.


He’s living a miserable existence just so he can hoard billions to himself and contributing nothing to society.


He's likely not that wealthy. He just pretends to be. It's part of his marketing.


I have literally done all of this for 8 years as a bartender. Still not rich, all I have to show for it is chronic back pain and a shit load of liquor promo tshirts.


This is suppose to be a put down on poor people, but it just proves this guy, and probably other rich people like him, are just greedy, soulless, angry douchebags.


“probably”??? It’s 99.9999% of rich people


I agree, I should've used "most likely" or something other than "probably" It also seems like this dude, Dan Pena, is a specific subsection of work-a-holic businessman.


Indeed. You may get somewhat wealthy on your own but you can't get rich by being nice.


What a miserable life that is


Are you willing to be born with rich parents!?!?!


Average Right wing mentally ill fetishizing of scientifically proven unsustainable hazardous work hours and delusional obsessions against having free time off of work.


I thought Dan Pena was a businessman, not a politician


The party of family values. Then the self described conservatives go "where have family dinners and family time gone? Why don't parents spend time wity their children more?"


Boomers sacrificed their souls to corporations, and it shows


Read a generation of sociopaths. it makes excellent arguments that the Boomer's childhoods made a lot of them have sociopathic tendencies. Hence the Neo-liberalism and the conservative shift in American politics.


Fuck this guy


When you’re a victim of capitalism and still shill it because “muh hard work”


Absolutely not. I value myself lol.


The YouTube channel Ordinary Things did a good video on Dan Pena and other self-proclaimed millionaires: https://youtu.be/_F2Q5ysdweo


So he just yells at people and gets them to believe in his marketing scheme while calling them "dumb retard's" because "tough love" works? Sounds like my mom, only I didn't live with her for that long, now I'm away from her, but her strategy is now to provide empty platitudes of "things will get better". It's almost like there's a clear obfuscation to the problem, but I don't think the older generation will see it, they're still drinking the coolaide and are probably the ones watching that guys Ted Talk about how to "become rich". Some of my favorite lines were "you don't hate me, you hate yourself", "Dumb retards!", "If someone isn't sitting in that seat, someone bought that seat, they're just not hear yet". Or Lok's key to success, which was to "think like a millionaire". The same bullshit motivational speeches, reminds me of r/getmotivated, which is still around, though I'm not sure how popular it is. If everything could be boiled down to a mindset, I'm sure we'd all be millionaires, which is the obvious grift here. People obviously know they shouldn't take advice from people like Tom Cruise, so I'm not sure how anyone could take advice for these assholes for a $2,500 subscription. Makes sense that they could be all scientologists. The whole larger than life persona and "believing is achieving" bullshit really works on people. Typically it works on the weak minded, but people will still buy into it. The whole motivational persona falls short of so many of life's problems, whether it's an empty platitude or a tough love approach, that generation is screwed.


As much as I loathe the rich I do respect old money in a way because they don't have that kind of show off arrogance to them like many of these bastards in that video do. Also OT is an awesome channel btw.


So tired of this psychopathic prattle. https://www.monbiot.com/2011/11/07/the-self-attribution-fallacy/


Hi thanks for your articles. Its very interesting. I remember when i was became Dan Lok fans, i literally can't sleep without watching his video before. His speech always motivated me, untill someone told me about his mansion rent scandall in Canada. I still can't believe how stupid i'am.


Dan Lok had a rent scandal in Canada?


If hard work equaled success then every coal miner in Appalachia would be driving a Porsche.


And when you die, having missed out on all of the fun things life has to offer, at least you’ll be buried in Versace.


If you don't live for the company why do you deserve to live at all?


Bullshit! a big 🖕🏼 to this old fuck.


Sounds like somebody isn’t happy with his life choices.


If you're not willing to suffer and die for your minimum wage job you're a freeloading piece of shit. /S


This is the same guy that claims he has three times more testosterone than the average and is connected to numerous fraud charges before he started doing a hilarious financial self help seminar


am I the only one who wishes that the people who post shit like this didnt have their identities scribbled out in red paint? We need to expose these fucking poisonous humans!


Eh, I’ll take my life advice from other non-megalomaniacal types unlike Dan Penis here. Only fools equate wealth to be success, I find my time is spent better enjoying the company I keep and learning. Any dipshit with basic mathematics skills and no soul can get rich, they act like it’s this impressive feat. Nope.


He’s such an angry fucking turd. The embodiment of scrooge


It's the old Japanese salary man definition of "work". Which includes all travel time, random emails and phone calls whenever, business lunches, meetings, and anything you can write off as professional enrichment, like staying at luxury resorts for seminars.


"I played golf for 14 hours this week to talk to business partners, I'm just *so* busy"


Random naps at work...


he mentions the sacrifices people have to make to get a good life? why do people all around the world have to go through that kind of shit. I mean when ultra intelligent people get billions of money why dont they distribute it to all people. Why is their goal to go one level up in the forbes list and not end poverty around the world? Greedy morons. Dont listen any word of greedy people. They say be first selfish to help other people. What a bullshit.




Boot straps are so ugly tbh. Out of fashion. Boo


I've done all of those things and one major hospital trip would send my wife and I into bankruptcy even though I make many times the national average. The US is a failed state and shit stains like this guy are the ones telling you to chase the "dream" so they can keep living the good life while you break yourself against a no win system. If his business failed, he'd get a bailout. If you fail, you'll get homelessness or worse.


I’m not willing to do any of that shit.


I have also done these things. Still poor.


Yeah but your boss probably made a pretty good bonus


When you’re right, you’re right


I haven't gone on vacation in more than three years... shocker I'm still in the same place i started. All i do is work and it hasn't gotten me shit besides barely maintaining a shit existence.


No one works 100hrs a week. It’s physically impossible. You may be present 100hrs a week, but your quality of work is shoddy at best. Anyone who “flexes” with a “I work 60/80/100hrs a week” should be met with a “why aren’t you capable of getting your work done in a timely fashion?” Showing up, sitting at a desk and looking busy isn’t working.


These types of hours are MANDATORY in commercial/industrial construction.


Even more dumb, how many people have made lethal mistakes because they work more hours than is reasonable?


Well we did have multiple deaths on the last job site (Amazon -SOL) I was on. But they did “give” us the weekend off because of those deaths.


Profits over lives every single time.


Very, *very* many. Too many. But oh no, counting deaths doesn't count against capitalism. No sir.


I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska for one trip. 18 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


I did something similar. I worked on the road with my dad doing telecommunications. We would work 14 hour days to try and get the job done so we could get back home to our families.


Someone needs to slap that man in the face mid-preach. I'd pay to see that.


Yes listen to him and be a good slave


This fucking grind culture. Stockholm syndrome if I ever saw one


And look how happy he is! I’m sure everyone is filled with warmth and love when he shows up.


This guy probably jerks off of lawnmower catalogs


I’ve done all that for Walmart wages. What a dickhead.


Yeah ima take my days off and spend it with my loved ones. Fuck being rich and having to sacrifice those I love.


Belongs on r/LinkedInLunatics.


Yeah, and you look like one miserable sociopathic son of a bitch who cries in his bank statements


Who is this guy. I accidentally watched his interview for a while. Absolute douchebag. I will HATE a boss like this mother fucker. He acted as he’s the most accomplished person on the planet.


My bullshit detector is picking up strong signals.


I also guarantee he hasn't done a lot of that, or needed to. No one works 100 hours a week. What people call work after a certain amount is just lingering.


This guy sucks balls, but I'm curious what this crowd would propose in the situation: You're 23 and want a $1M+ net worth by 40. You went to a community college then finished a bachelors at a state university. You work at an entry level job making 40k/yr. How would you achieve that goal without working like this guy suggests? I'm not agreeing that it's the right goal to have or that working that much alone will get you there - obviously it won't. I would argue that anyone who didn't start on third base had to put this kind of effort in to get into the 1% or whatever.


Oh, so I have to do this all for a business that is not mine? I bet the CEO won't do it 🤩 lol


You too can be an angry, quivering mass of hatred, just like me!!


Let me just work 14 hours days 7 days a week....oh wait my job hates OT.


I’d rather be “poor” and able to enjoy life


Wow, mans sounds and looks miserable and it’s quite obvious why👀


And he looks so happy and well adjusted, I can't wait to follow his example! Not!


Yeah Im not willing to do any of that shit. I make enough to live and have shit I want, have fun at work hour 92, Old Douche lol.


I will never understand people who think this shit is a flex.


He looks like a demon


I have a client / friend that is going on a 6 week vacation with his family. The reason is because he works 80 hour weeks, hasn't taken a real vacation in about 4 years, and rarely shows up for his 2 daughter's major life / school / sports events. He jokes about it but basically if he didn't take this time away for his family his wife was going to divorce him. I'm more than fine sticking to 40 hour weeks and using all of my 30 days of vacation I get per year.


Dudes also full of sh*t. Claims to have killed a bear with his bare hands.


Nothing but gaslighting the poor into thinking their predicament is all their fault and not the result of every functional and free society requiring losers and winners. It's one thing to be okay with being in a society that condemns those who genetically/economically lack the ability to ever really thrive. it's another to ignore psychology and economics to maintain a delusion of a meritocracy so you can gaslight the condemned into thinking it's all their fault and if they just worked hard for your shit minimum wage company they can make it. They can't. It's mathematically impossible while a and a society needs such a working class to exist, that doesn't mean you need to lie to them, exploit them, pay them terribly or mistreat them. All of this is about being religiously superficial. It doesn't mean anything other than achieving an overabundance of resources at the expense of human connection.


My father did this, sacrificed so much to work and become successful. He achieved it and is now worth millions and will never want for anything money can buy. His family (including me) hate his guts and he walks through life knowing the people around him are only there because of his money. I consider his life, completely void of love, a complete failure.


Wonder how much money he will take with him when he dies?


He left off the part where he relentlessly cons people and is only worth of small fraction of his claimed wealth. What a shitbag.


This rhetoric is hilarious to me. I’ve seen how these people work. They believe they’re grinding out hundreds of hours, but it’s all spent in luxury and fun. They hire executive assistants to do their actual jobs, tell their direct reports to filter all correspondence through the executive assistant, and then they just fuck off. They make a few slide decks, do some presentation, and the rest of the time is spent rubbing elbows on private flights and vacation hotspots. They miss Christmas because they’re so incredibly selfish that their family hardly matters, they don’t take vacation because every day is basically vacation, and they skip anniversaries because they view their spouse as a waste of their time. Working harder has diminishing returns and almost no gain when you’re salary. The simple fact is that corporations don’t take care of people. You could start a business, but prepare for some strong arm buyouts from the ultra wealthy if it’s any good. They consume everything. And now they’re even consuming the housing market. Next thing you know they’ll tell you it’s your fault that you couldn’t make a cash offer on your first house because you don’t know how to manage money. Meanwhile they hike the price of rent making it even harder to save money or achieve life goals. This glorification of the rich needs to stop. They don’t have anyone’s best interest in mind except their own. And it’s pathetic that the people I see repeat this the most are the people who have been burned by them repeatedly. They couldn’t find work in the 90’s, they lost their house in 2008, they feel underpaid for their skilled blue collar work, they’ve lost their inherited assets, the 401k is a failed experiment. What’s it going to take to realize that these things are *done* to people? They keep trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but they don’t realize they don’t even have boots anymore.


And there was me thinking that I'm poor because y'all raised the drawbridge.


I saw some clips of this dude on tiktok and thought he was a good comedian. Turns out he's a life coach? lol


So does he have money and that's it? I have been working 60 work weeks for 4 years and not only does it harm all your relationships, you don't have time to enjoy what you can afford. It's the biggest waste.


Well, I don't want to be a billionaire and have to life


What’s a vacation? Never been on one in my life


Yep. And he seems like a well-balanced happy man for his efforts. Dude looks mentally ill in those photos.


I don't like him. This guy makes it seem as if its so easy to start a business then bam you're making money. without mentioning it takes years and money to start a business to break even then make a profit. He acts as if we're lazy. Don't blame people who aren't that interested in starting a business. It's hard to go having a job which is reliable and predictable. You know when you're going to get paid and you know how much money you're going to make. Its hard to throw that all away on a business which costs money to start and maintain. The business may not make money for a while vs a paycheck you know will be there. Bills need to be paid and thats what most important.


Putting everything else aside, in terms of his clear luck and privilege, if you have to turn your back on EVERYTHING in life that truly matters to increase the number in your bank account, that was already just fine at the start....then you aren't even human any more.


-no -no -no -no I’ll throw in a few dozen bonus no’s for things he didn’t even ask about because it’s so gross


I exact did all that for 3 years. Nothing improved.


Work on your anniversary? Thats not hard work kid, thats cheating on your wife haha


Also I'm just gonna take a shortshot guess and say this dude is rock steady in a yayo addiction since his thirties


People on minimum wage do exactly those things all the time you fucking knob


Literally brain washed and he doesn’t even know it


Maybe he wouldn't be so angry if he worked less?


I've done all those things too. Never, ever again.


This guys a con artist. Hes not even that rich


This is great advice for the teenage uranium miners in the Congo.


Be careful not to choke on your bootstraps -Darth Vader


Fuck all these fake gurus


This works if you get a “small loan” from daddy. Maybe a million dollars or so. A pittance!


Guess he just forgot to mention all the workers he exploited to build his fortune.


None of that shit makes you rich. Being rich *and* doing those things might make you *more rich*, but it won't take you from poor to rich.


This guy makes his money by selling courses on how to get rich at his mansion BTW everything he says is bullshit


Dude literally looks like a ghoul


If you're not willing to give up all your relationships, happy moments, and good times for your job/career/business, then what's the point of your fucking life?!? What's your worth?!?! What's the point of life if you can't spend any part of it with the people that actually matter and the events and moments that you'll regret missing out on? Is that worth anything? No, get out!


Even if u spend every minute of your life working you wont be as half as rich as the lucky ones


Most people work on their birthdays.


100 hour weeks my ass. You wouldn't be able to write your name after hour 95, much less make any important informed decision. Now if you are sitting your ass in an office doing nothing 85% of time, maybe.


100 hours multiplied by $7.50 is $750 a week, multiplied by 52 weeks is $39,000 a year, multiplied by 3 years is $117,000 after 3 years if you have saved every single cent of that and without counting inflation. There is no way you can get rich with that.


This is on LinkedIn? Smh… I thought this POS belonged to those shitty grind and hustle Instagram pages but on LinkedIn? This is a new low for LinkedIn, and it’s saying something.


I have not been in a holiday in 11 years, and work on holidays and do at least 70 hours a week, I worked on my birthday and wedding anniversary (before I got divorced) This guy can go fuck himself


This guy's first job was a wall street financial analyst, the fuck does he know about hard work and struggle?


This dude is delusional if he thinks people have the energy to work 100 hours a week, which would be roughly 14 hours in one day. Might as well call yourself a walking skeleton at that point.


I haven’t been on a vacation since 2014…. Don’t ever get sick in the US.


Eat the rich!


how come there were no slave billionaires if they worked over 100 hour weeks?


Started his career as a Wall Street financial analyst in the 70’s. Yeah, if only I worked hard enough I could have been born decades earlier and done the same. Oh, and luck doesn’t exist, apparently. What a stupid motherfucker.


Dan Pena is such a piece of shit. Bezos is the face of capitalism, Pena is the fist.


Horrible person


Meritocracy is original sin for capitalists - you're broke because you suck and you suck because you're broke. Your shitty life is all your fault because of your choices, nevermind the material limitations capital enforces on the quality of those choices. Can't work full time and side-hustle? You're lazy. Bad/no credit so you rent instead of buy? You're financially illiterate. No headspace left to focus at the end of a workweek? You lack ambition. No money for school or jobs for what you want to do? You're a dumb-dumb. It's always your fault and never the system's. Recognize that it's brain poison meant to sustain the status quo, propaganda to manufacture consent and divide classes along racial and financial lines. Don't internalize a narrative spoon fed to you by fucks like this piece of shit.


Mr. Feeny can't tell me shit.


You cant take money with you when you die, but your children will remember you never being around when you do.


Man LinkedIn is full of cringe shit like this


Ok boomer.


I'd rather be poor and spend time with family. What's even the point of being rich if all your time is spent at work? When do you get to spend that money? What are you going to spend it on?


Yeah this is the living example of “Money can’t buy happiness” Because this dude is clearly angry


This admiration of slave like conditions from many people demonstrate how powerful the ideological apparatus of American capitalist society is and how the workers must raise their consciousness and realize that there is an alternative to capitalism.


Bullshit! He DEFINITELY made sure he got all his vacations and days off he wanted. No one actually believes that crap!!!!!!


LOL this douche bag thinks three years without a vacation is a long time? Try a decade


Silence of the Lambs!


He is a wage slaver, best way to be rich is min effort and time for max money


This is some typical LinkedIn shit




I have never gotten nor will ever get a Facebook


Lol this is a stupid persons idea of a rich man. Look at him