Is it okay to shame job listenings for low wages?

Is it okay to shame job listenings for low wages?


absolutely. we have a local jobs listing Facebook group that shames every poor paying job and job posting that doesn’t list pay


There's some wierd thing happening in New Zealand ATM. Might be world wide idk, but recruitment companies will post a job advert with no description of the job or the pay? Like it will just say something like "Our client is looking for a hardworking blah blah blah, to fill a full time roll with possible weekend work. Contact blah blah blah with your CV etc" Like its so vague and annoying, and usually those agencies recruit you, for the client, so you actually get paid less as they will take some sort of commission. Its so backwards, only worked for one of them as it was my first job, but never again...


Value is no longer created. The only way to make money anymore is to charge a toll: Employer pays V, Indeed charges W for referrals, recruiter charges X to call your pathetic Y salary, you get paid V-W-X-Y = Dogshit Dogshit + Stimulus = Livable Wage Tl;dr: I have a PhD in Philosophically Medicinal Herbology Investment


It's a thing in Australia too. Some job listings don't even have the name of the place or location just the type of job it is and what they're looking for.


Yeap. Stupid. The recruitment company I worked for (Kelly's) even tried to tell me if I wasn't required the next day, I'd still have to be awake and ready to go in the morning incase I needed to be called in... Couple times I've been lying in bed staring at the phone as it rings, then just rolling over and going back to bed. If you want me in, let me know the day before, I'm not getting up at some stupid ass time to see if I might be working lol


My first job did that to me. It was a bullshit retail job for barely above minimum wage.


Kellys are shit. But then so are most of these giant recruitment firms. They just want a ready workforce of semi-sentient monkeys to throw at shit jobs for horrible wages. I especially love their "temp to perm" scams, where every awful role you accept "has the potential to turn into a permanent position" but mysteriously never does. I have the potential to run a fucking marathon, but that's not going to happen either. It's the perpetual lying that's so fucking galling. Also, I have a life outside of work, and I'm not going to sit next to the phone like a love-sick teenage girl waiting for you bastards to call me. Sort yourselves out, for fuck's sake. Yes or no. And if you tell me no, don't fucking call me at dinner time asking if I'd like to work a graveyard shift at a logistics warehouse. You had your chance. Get fucked.


This has happened for years in the UK. The agencies were posting vague job listings on the government job website to get people signed up, when there was no real hope of an actual job. The job they posted may or may not exist and rather than telling you that you’ve got the job or you haven’t, they sign you onto their books and you could be waiting for ages for them to get in touch. Our government then said that if jobs that were being posted weren’t ACTUAL jobs with a hope of employment in a role, that they couldn’t be listed.


While I may not know exactly what you are talking about. Here in the US there are recruitement agencies, a popular one is Cardinal services basically their sole purpose is to lineup minimum wage workers indefinitely. Then businesses can continue their scummy practices without fear of never ending labour supply.


Similar thing really. The job never exists, it’s always an average job with a better than average, but totally believable wage.


Hold up, are they click-baiting us w/ jobs irl?


(USA here) Yeah saw a job listing from a recruitment company the other day for a gardener. I love gardening and needed some extra cash so perfect right? Well no mention of pay or actual job duties, I still sent out an application. I get a call basically 5 minutes later after applying on indeed which I already thought was super weird. Well they asked if I can come in for a job interview and I asked about the job. They said "Well just like in the job announcement, it's a gardening gig" I said well that's a pretty broad term, can you explain the job duties to me and that asshole literally was like "Just say if you're not interested what is this interrogation?" I was quiet cause I had NO IDEA what to reply to that bullshit. After what felt like hours of awkward silence he asked "so?" And I said "Sir I'd really just like to know what my day to day duties would be and how much the hourly wage is so I can make sure I'm not wasting anyone's time" and then he FINALLY came out with it "well it isn't really gardening as you might think of, your main responsibility is going to be transporting garden equipment from the warehouse to the delivery trucks and we start at an hourly wage of 11.25 but after a trial period a guaranteed raise of .50c. Would you like to schedule an appointment for an in person interview?" I just laughed and hung up. Now I get emails and SMS almost weekly about gigs I might be interested in because I once sent out an application.


LOL ,this is the majority of job postings in the USA. Just you wait for the fake job ads.


Because if they tell you the company name you might contact the company directly. Also, some companies do not want to be contacted directly. Temp agencies may charge a bit more above your hourly rate, but it is usually more expensive to use a temp agency than hire directly. But they often have a pool of skilled labour that can fill in on short notice. For full time employment, the recruiting company usually does not get a percentage of the hourly rate, they usually get a bonus if you make it past your 3 month probation. Including some upfront fees. Temp agencies also usually get a fee like $1200 if the company decides to hire you full time.




it’s wild. each one will get like 500+ comments in a few hours


Agreed. Please do.


What’s the name of it? I want to make one for my area - though I could already have one in my area and just not know the name of it


You just gave me a new hobby


IKR. Let's make a batch of emails of small business and sign them up for random newsletters to like leftist websites.


\[Lie\] I'm a small business owner! I'm hiring for everything. Won't pay a dime. Just send me the links, okay :P


Not sure it they're paying $6.67 an hour or what based on this post... but $200 week doesn't cover homeless permits.


and with a 30 hours a week schedule you can't exactly just get another job


What’s sad is there were people at my second job, a McDonald’s, that had been there for many years with very little raises and having to work a side job on top of 30+ hours a week at McDonald’s. Hell, there were three coworkers I had who also worked at wawa’s (convenience store chain). I don’t know how many hours they put in there, but the fact that the managers at my McDonald’s cut deals with a landlord and got people housing for only $400~ a month just tells you they WERE NOT making enough if they had to work two jobs to make ends meet in that situation. Crazy.


As the CEO of McDonald's and all his executive buddies have 15 houses and do blow all day


Not to mention McDonald’s franchise owners that are black pay more rent for their stores, and are told that they will fit better “in communities of the same color” which often means they’re stereotyped into poorer neighborhoods, meaning less profit. There’s an interview I watched with two black franchise owners and they talk about how their white counterparts own private jets, luxury cars and big nice houses. It was painful to watch those two grown men cry for the sheer unfairness of their lives, and it should be.


Man that's so fucked never knew about that. Just makes me think lots of other corps must do it too :/


I know, it’s really sad and even sadder how it goes unnoticed


All McDonalds franchise owners, regardless of color, make money by exploiting staff. I'm not sympathetic.




If the franchise owners were permitted by corporate to raise wages, that would leave them with less money to spend on fancy cars and jets. I don't think franchise owners get to put the blame on someone else when they benefit greatly from the status quo.


The McDonalds I live by is in the 2nd from poorest part of the city and does the most business. Name of show?


I haven't bought food from McDonald's since 2018. Decided I didn't support them creating poverty in my country.


And all the organs of your body rejoiced.


I dont know which is more adorable, the fact that you think mcdonalds in poor neighborhoods are less profitable or that nice neighborhoods even have a mcdonalds. lol


That's insane. Who even keeps track of who owns their local McDonald's? Like I don't know who owns any of the chain places I go to, or what race they are. I also really don't care what race they are. It doesn't factor in to my decision to go or not go there at all.


I seen it too. MCDONALD'S corporate is scumbags


The managers helped the employees find affordable housing? Let’s not gloss over that. Even if corporate didn’t care, management clearly did. That’s pretty rare.


Management cared about labor supply, not about people.


“Cant exactly get another job?” I worked 50 hours at one job and 30 at another. You do what you have too.


whats a homeless permit


I have the same question. It can't possibly be a license to be homeless, right?




Nah bruv, it's chewsday innit? Chewsday be 'er majesty's pavement day ain't it?


Damn, looks like somebody's used to paying employees starvation wages and doesn't like it when they're called out for being a piece of shit.


New hobby unlocked


hArRaSsInG aN sMaLl bUsInEsS Fuck yo broke ass business


Exactly. I've a lot of clients who are small business owners, and their bill for our service (which they need to function, no exaggeration, it's a seat service) is roughly $150 every six months. Often they can't pay it, and try going around it, bartering for discounts, etc. But they have employees, and are taking on big projects, cashing in a couple tens of thousands. Can't foot a $150 bill every 6 months. These kinds of people are awful, and when they go out of business (not if, when), it's always, without fail, those few employees who get the shitty end of the stick. Small businesses can be really nice- but they have every potential of being just as, if not more scummy than big businesses. Only at a smaller scale.


I worked for a couple small businesses and they sucked, I worked at one with my dad that he had worked for, for several years before I started there and I have no doubt that his working there is what caused the illness that ultimately led to his death.


😆 those companies are ratchet😆


Considering how difficult it can be for people who actually are interested in these jobs to get a response, I'm surprised that they answered. I guess it hit a nerve. But yes, it is absolutely ok to do this.


You’re totally right! I’ve written a couple replies like this, with no response. (I’m one of those lazy benefit earners, making too much on unemployment to consider a real job 🙄). I live in a small city, so I got nervous for a second. But f*ck it and F*CK wage abuse!


i’m honestly considering quitting my job if i can figure out how to do so and still get unemployment, bc i’d be making probably 3x as much just to sit on my ass. which is fucking ridiculous. (note: ridiculous that my employer pays poverty wages, not ridiculous that unemployment doesn’t)


It might be more fun to think of the ways you can get fired.


I was once talking to a baby boomer family friend who owned a business and posted a job ad on craigslist years ago. They wanted someone to work 40 hours a week as a 1099 and pay minimum wage without any type of benefits. But they also wanted someone who had at least 20 years experience. They got an email from someone blasting them and they came to me and asked )and I’m not joking they literally asked this without any sense of irony), “do you think my job ad is wanting too much? is it difficult to live on minimum wage? do you think that it’s wrong to ask for someone with experience to work on that?”. Like they had never considered that it would be difficult for someone a minimum wage to live and they had never considered how insulting it is to ask for someone let alone with experience to work on that. I didn’t even know what to say to them because where do you even start with someone like that?


"Alright, boomer. Your first mistake is that you think the world hasn't changed since the 60s..."




I'll pray their board members get their asses kicked, at least once in their life, just for you.


I live in VA and it sucks......I'm so tired of Apex, Aerotek, and all these BS tech recruiters stringing me along. Can't tell you how many times I've been out right lied too or ghosted. Mention any type of benefits and the stammering and excuses begin.


I made 200 a week working at dairy queen in 1994.


it's more than okay, it's a duty!


I sincerely hope someone creates a subreddit based on this idea. We need to be striking back. Consider all the civil unrest in this country and even worldwide, then realize...NOTHING HAS CHANGED. And it won't until we start fighting back. Maybe this is how we do it?


I used to post these type of job ads on another site years ago but I couldn’t keep up. I remember the best one was an ad in California that wanted a secretary who spoke at least three languages and they specified those languages would have to be Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, or French, plus that wanted a person with 5 years experience, a college degree preferably with a masters, and for a dollar less than the state’s minimum wage at the time. Lmao.


Well let's do this then.


200$ per week... so 900$ per month ? That's 750€, about half the minimum wage here in Socialistan, or roughly the welfare of a single person who ran out of unemployment benefits.


In the US, it comes out to $6.67 an hour, which is below even our comically low federal minimum wage I believe. If this job listing is American it may actually be illegal to pay so little.


Someone on Rupaul's Drag Race said they made only $9,000.00 the year before at their job at a gas station. I was so shocked. I assume they live with their family still or I don't know how you could do anything with such a salary.


I believe it. $7.25 federal minimum wage and 24 hours a week is $9,048 before tax. Or if they worked 30 hrs a week, their gross would be $11,310 which is about $9000 take home after taxes.


let's just take reality tv with a huge grain of salt


Accusing a person you know nothing about of lying is gross.


Defending someone you’ve only seen on tv and don’t know can be foolish. I’m not on anyone’s side here as I don’t watch the show. Just my perspective.


Okay but reality tv is literally all about creating drama. Even plausible things are lies in reality TV.


Yeah but as some one posted below the hours worked could have been lower. 30 hours at 200 has to be illegal. Because even if this was a salaried position I believe about 6 years ago they started requiring you pay at least a somewhat decent salary (low 40s I think) to be able to be classified as exempt. I don’t think they can pay an hourly wage or salary this low officially. You would get caught very quick. What is more common I think is shady employers falsifying hours/pressuring employees to work off the clock.


I don't even know how someone could live on $900 a month. I know cost of living is different in places but... (the internet says) the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in my city is $1,100.00 (CAD)


Simple answer: You don’t. You work two or even three jobs with the same pay, and hope you can scrape together enough money at the end of the month to pay rent.


You have roomates. Sometimes too many.


Yup. I have 3. Too many for my liking, but it's what I can afford. Living alone feels like a pipe dream but it's all I want in the world.


I worked at Walmart and brought home $750 a month. Rent/utilities was $500 for a shitty upstairs apartment with a leaky roof and no control of the thermostat. It was a low cost of living area but I sometimes had to pass on an extra shift because then I would run out of gas before payday. My food budget was often about $20 for 2 weeks. To top it all off, they weren't taking enough taxes out of my paycheck, I owed $150 on my taxes instead of getting a refund. Worst year of my life. But I worked at the service desk and met a hiring manager for a factory and got in. Immediately doubled my pay and I could afford to live my life.


I lived on about $1100/mo in very high cost of living area. Worked 30 hrs with alternating 6 day weeks, couldn’t really have another job. I lived in an illegal basement apartment, got free health insurance, ate little and when my car needed work I had to junk it. No money for hobbies or anything like that but I didn’t die. It sucked.


RAISES DONT EXIST! Sick of this shit


True. They'll probably say they have small yearly raises, but those aren't raises because you're making the same amount of money, adjusted for inflation


In America, your yearly raise is usually canceled out by the increase in your health insurance premiums


Exactly! Ain’t nobody paying you more cause work harder. Literally never has or will happen. They scamming us with that “raise” stuff


Working harder on salary means you get paid even less per hour x(


$200/week seems fair if you give them no more than 13 hours of your time 😆




Omg that's perfect.. pls share the sites if possible!


I like it, belongs in the r/internetcommentetiq hall of fame. Could follow up with a rocketship B======D~~~ and always use a burner Gmail with a picture of [this shirtless old man](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWh6J4WU0AcLqvn.jpg) as your pic.


I now have a use for my newest email address [email protected] (originally made it for fb, but decided to delete the account)


That’s not even minimum wage


I shamed a dentist's office for doing group interviews at the height of COVID. They also wanted me to do twice the amount of work for the same pay I was already making.


You can’t live anywhere for 800 a month. Rent is at least 650. Post what job it is so we all know who else to avoid!!!!


Do it.


$0.70 cents an hour on an 8 hour shift???


The minimum wage for 30 hours where I live would be $450.00 CAD (30x15) ​ So


As a freelancer, $200 gets you an hour consult.


I'm a freelancer as well, my brain initially read '$200 a day' and I'm thinking that's a pretty low day rate then it got worse on the re-read.


Right? Like I'm not doing a free service here, I'm running a business and $200 a week doesn't even cover admin.




Dollars to donuts, this will be 1099 job, meaning they will 1099 it to get out of paying taxes and insurance and having to abide by labor laws and all that and put the onus on the employee (yes employee) to pay their own share of the taxes despite it being a legally should be w2 job. Businesses like this don’t deserve to exist. If you are too cheap to pay at the very least pay minimum wage (which is a joke) then you don’t deserve to exist as a business full stop unless you’re working for yourself.


In a word, yes


Yes as a matter of fact spred it around so that we know who's offering such insulting wages!


$200 for 30 hours is $6.66 an hour. They don’t even pay minimum wage.


That’s a convenient hourly wage 🤣😈


there is no holier crusade than this brother


The only thing you did wrong was censor their email address


Yes, fuck em


Yes. The only thing capitalists listen to is the bottom line.


yes, everyone should do this


It’s ok, just probably not worth your time.


Gas and lunch cost more per week


that’s disgustingly low


For one month that is around 800$ idk how they consider that worth your time for an office job, I can flip burgers for much higher


I'd argue that it isn't just okay, it's morally obligatory. These parasites depress the average wage, directly harming our ability to survive. Shaming, harassing, and wasting their time is both fun and helpful to your socioeconomic caste.


$200 a week for 30 hours is illegal in my country (UK). Minimum wage for 30 hours would be about $380 for an adult over 23 years old. I would say they can't afford an assistant


Yo send the listing I wanna fuck with this guy


They ask why is it insulting? And they say to not contact them again. They don’t even want to try to not insult people.


I mean, it wasn't that harsh. I'd consider it customer feedback or constructive criticism lol. They don't have to respond to it but at least they can know what's going on inside the heads of people reading their job listing xD


If they think 200 a week is acceptable, they are extremely out of touch. I get more on unemployment.


I started doing this to any request to apply I get that's not close to a living wage


Ugh this gets me off. Now this is INSPIRING!






not privately.


Please tell me that's a bonus for signing on and not per week.


Its not OK, that company is cancer. Cancer needs cut out of the body, not shamed.


Yes! It is okay! It’s the only way for these people to understand that it is ridiculous. I would ask the responder if they would work for that much pay. Humiliation is the only way to bring about societal change. They certainly don’t have qualms about placing signs on their businesses whining about how nobody wants to work.


How is it the people hiring can't put themselves in someone else's shoes? I am sure as shit the OP couldn't survive on $200 a week and would be insulted if they were asked to.


Ab-so-fucking-lutely. There was a nextdoor post recently about hiring someone under 18 to do hard labor for the cost of gatorade. They got chewed out.




Lol I can make over 200$ in 18 hours as a waiter


is this a 200$ bonus on top of hourly pay or is 200$ the weekly pay?


It makes it even worse when he clarifies that it's full time for $200/week. Also, if this is the US, this would be an illegal job below minimum wage if the job is "well over 30 hours." Hit him back up and tell him you're reporting his business to state and federal labor authorities.


It is absolutely okay to shame these companies. People have started to take a stand against pathetic wages and we need to continue to do so. Nothing will change if we don’t take a stand. This is a great start


Holy shit i should start doing this!




That's not how jobs work, bro


Imagine needing to exploit people desperate for work just to keep a business open


American summed up perfectly..


If they can't afford to pay a living wage they can't afford to be in business.


Sure, I can see that, but this particular small business was asking for a 5 day work week, 2pm -6pm. Small businesses still need to get with the times and understand what’s viable.




What if I told you ***E V E R Y O N E*** deserves to be fully and properly compensated for their labor, even the ones you don't think deserve it. Labor is entitled to ***ALL*** it produces, not what you think they deserve because they aren't the primary source of household income.


Labor isn't worth less depending on who is doing it, and the "teens making pocket money!" line is always so silly when it's about jobs that are incompatible with school hours or curfew especially.


As someone who worked through high school trying to save for college and still dropped out for lack of funds, the idea of teens not deserving a living wage is insulting bullshit. Yeah sure bored teens working for funsies exist, but so do teens working because they don't really have a choice.


Your list of people undeserving of a livable wage for the same hours worked as a more deserving person is relevant to my interests, do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?


Yeah of course it depends on who they’re hiring! Obviously women or minorities don’t need as much money for doing the SAME JOB /s The pay should be a function of the job being done, not the circumstances of the individual employee.


What you just described is discrimination. I doubt the EEOC would consider it so, but its discriminatory, plain and simple. Highly unethical as well.




[Friend 30 hours a week is not part time. ](https://imgur.com/gallery/yFXgjo3)






Not small businesses, big box stores yes but dont go harassing small businesses a lot of them are struggling.


Replying to an email saying something doesn't fit your requirements is harassment? When a company rejects my job application, are they also harassing me?




If you dont like the wage why not just move on?


Wages as a whole will likely get better if enough of us make a fuss and stop accepting jobs that pay lower than what we need. It's a bigger issue than what I personally want, you see :)




Im not even disagreeing with you. You cant even comprehend what I’m saying because if you did you would see im on your side but what the fuck is an email going to change? Seriously ill tel you what. Absolutely nothing. If anything the strikes that fast food workers are doing are necessary.


If you're struggling as a small business, you gotta look at why, and probably 9/10 times it's your own fault.




For real. Like, I'm a business owner myself and found out that I pay more than the competition does, and I thought for sure I was just being competitive with wages. Nope, I'm apparently one of the only ones downtown that actually pay people even semi-well.




That’s not my problem


I don’t know why you’re all picking on small businesses when 9/10 times its big box stores who fuck over the worker. Im not saying small businesses shouldn’t have to abide by the same rules im saying lets fix the broken ass system so that everyone earns a liveable wage.


Big box stores are not the only culprit. There’s a deep history of abuses against the American worker by businesses large and small. Even small plantations had slave workers. Labor in America has evolved from that economic system.


I dont even know what you’re trying to accomplish you talk to me like you’re trying to change my mind are you even comprehending what im saying?


No, I’m not.


>I don’t know why you’re all picking on small businesses when 9/10 times its big box stores who fuck over the worker. Spotted the guy who has never worked for a small business.




lol okay buddy you keep telling yourself that


Ok? You sound very proud of yourself


You’re right its not your problem so why make it a big deal since again, its not your problem? Picking on small business it a low blow and picking on the small fish isnt going to change anything the big box stores are the problem.


Why should they get a pass for paying people shit, exploiting people just because they’re small?


Why should someone basically have to work slave labor to prop up the holy “small business owner”. The business owner should learn how to run a damn business.


Then the small business should figure out how it can afford fair labor. It’s not up to the worker to take the hit. We live in a capitalist society and “small businesses are weak so just accept what they give you” doesn’t fly.