Ah yes, the popular Cheesemonger Visa offered by so many Latin American nations


Pff, I'm already a domestic cheesemonger. My horde of cheese is immense at 64 slices.


Mmmm, 64 slices of American cheese


I think I’m blind…..


Each individually wrapped in cellophane


In my experience the beach vendor is selling Cheese Haze crossed with OG Kush for $10 a gram.


Lots of people replying that "blank" visa is easy to get. Sure, and they ALL require that you already be wealthy or have a high guaranteed monthly income. Anything is easy if you have money which the majority don't. Edit: replying that I can just illegally live and work in a country is not an answer.


Oh the visa is not the problem. It’s making a living that’s the problem. If you think that “selling cheese on the beach” is going to give you a standard of living that equates to even minimum wage poverty standards in the US you’re in for a ride awakening when you have to share a full-sized mattress on the floor with an unknown stranger in a bad mood.


Been trying to look up Glassdoor reviews for annual salary on Latin American beach cheese salesman but can’t seem to find any posts


They get paid under the table... under the cheese table that is.


A table *for* cheese or a table *made* of cheese?


I knew a dude who was also living in a tent at the time who after getting his stimulus check and a few paychecks from working at Pizza hut, and renting a laptop from Walmart, just bought a one way ticket to Panama city and dissappeared He bought a plot of land for $1k and wanted to make his own utopia there He left behind a semi broken kindle where his password was just his name, and on it are some inspirational videos he crudely made. One mentions how his big inspiration is Mr beast, and how he wants to make an island with a lot of hot women on boats and him being ripped He took LSD once and wrote a whole nonsensical book. Made his own diagrams that look like the vitruvian man DaVinci sketch, it's also in videos he made with like Google voicing the whole thing Edit - I've got the diagram he made "explaining life" and I'll upload it later. He actually paid someone hundreds of dollars to make a big sign out of it (one of those pens Street preachers use, that roll up and have a rod suspending them up). Like he went and had it set up on the street trying to convince people.. Edit 2- here's one of the videos, had to edit out part of the life story at the end since it had women he slept with https://youtu.be/LJNsr03tuh8


I also know someone who just packed up and went to a Latin American country (forget which one), bought a cheap piece of land with a shack, and thought he had found Paradise with a local girlfriend. He was shortly home-invaded, robbed, beaten badly, and had to be hospitalized for a month.


Godspeed to him. I look forward to visiting his babe-riddled island paradise.


I own land in Mexico, I've always know I'm going to fuck shit up bad and I have duel citizenship so it always been my emergency exit


> I have duel citizenship How does that work, do you regularly need to fight to maintain it?


So from what it sounds like, he still probably lives in a tent


On this episode of House Hunters International we have Amanda who braids pubes for a living and Brandon sells beach cheese. Their budget is $2 million.


Basically my thought was every last one of those hippie beach bum ex-pats has a trust fund.


It’s not that hard! Why can’t you just ask your parents for an extra $500/wk on top of your allowance? It’s like some people just don’t understand how easy it is s/ Edit: here’s a clip from the Onion, a respected news outlet showing just how easy it is to succeed. You people are so lazy s/ https://youtu.be/hncVNNabglc


My trust fund cousin legit asked me that once. They also complained when we lived together that I “work too much and it’s annoying to see me tired”. My favorite was when I got a good paying job their response “thank God! I’m so sick of you being poor! It’s super inconvenient and annoying for me.” They had never had a job at that point.


I mean, can you blame them? Your poverty was just such a hassle for them. I’ve met a lot of selfish redditors on here, but you might be the worst s/ J.k. Seriously, you might have super human patience for not throwing them down the stairs “accidentally”.


But seriously, without a bunch of tourists with disposable income to visit your beachside town, and have relative safety and resort like amenities, who the hell is going to take your lessons or buy your cheeses? Do people even realize that the resort towns have human beings living behind the curtain to make them pristine? Like humans need to poop, waste needs to be removed without contaminating the water supply, and potable water brought in to drink.


The jobs OP lists sounds like what a 16 year old would threaten to do when her parents take away her car keys. "i'm going to go to Costa Rica and I don't know... like, sell trinkets on the beach!"


“Move to Arizona and like do something with turquoise?”


Open a leather shop?


Leather shop...in Arizona? Are you serious?! There are far too many leather shops in Arizona as it is. You would be out of business in a week's time.


We call them “Trustafarians” here in Vermont.


Really? I thought they were called assholes everywhere...


Chances are very high that you’re not wrong.


oh honey i did not need to read pubes and cheese in the same sentence


What is grosser in your opinion, pube cheese or cheese pubes?


What a terrible day to have eyes.


What a wonderful day to have aphantasia!


What a terrible day to be literate.


What a terrible day.


WHAT -Lil Jon


I actually LOL'd at this because in order to read your comment I had to click to reveal it, and I def thought it was gonna say 'what a day'. Lol, it took me by surprise when you busted out Lil Jon 🤣


Braids pubes!? And _only_ 2 million? Lol, they need to learn how to budget, a pube braider alone would be 2million, the beach cheese is easily another million


it’s that damned avocado toast


Only $2 million for a couple who runs not one but two companies who have a monopoly on their markets?


What they don’t tell you is that Amanda is one of Hollywood’s premier pube-braiders and Brandon is the senior VP for Kraft Beach Cheese branch.


Amanda also volunteers 5 days a week at the local butterfly sanctuary so that must be major factor in the home buying process.


This is almost literally the "about" page for a farm behind my house. Early 20 somethings. One is a rabbit breeder. The other is a woodworker. They bought a $1+ million dollar farm/csa. Gee, makes you think... edit: Oh yeah, they went to private schools, have degrees in LA, etc. etc.


what is a degree in LA? music? wouldn’t that be “La La La?”


Latin American prices are cheaper... As long as you are still thinking in US Wage terms. An US Wage here makes you richer than about 80% of the population.




Yup. If you are working in Latam you are paid like you live there. And guess what? "Please let me get out of Latam" is a meme because we need to laugh in order to not cry. At least we have actual public healthcare.


and free universities (paid with taxes).


But ironically the free universities are mostly occupied by the elite... Go figure


Here, in argentina, the economic elite (a.k.a: not medics or lawers but owners of industries, farms, etc) goes to USA / UK, or to private funded universities like Di Tella, UCA, UdeSA, CEMA, or ITBA. I.e: The owner of MercadoLibre finished the school and went to the college in USA. Here, that is seem like "the dream". A lot of networking, a lot of oportunities. I cannot found a paper about all the universities, but for the UBA (the most important university here, not a worker-friendly university) the proportion I found in a paper about new students are: 12% upper class (I asume the 10% with more wage income, the elite + professionals with a good job, maybe one o two houses) 27.3% middle-upper class 45.8% middle-lower class 14.9% low class. As anecdotical evidence, I went to the UTN (that was called "Universidad obrera nacional" -> Workers national university) and now I'm upper class, coming from a middle-lower class family, and only studied 3 years. Yes, the IT wages helped a lot to decide to drop the university and focus only on a full-time job + freelance Here there are a lot of universties targeted to worker families, who doesn't have the money to make a relocation of their child and also needs their work to mantain the economy of the house. The UTN is one of them (all the principal subjects have night courses, or courses in saturday!), but you also had UnLaM, UnQui, UnSAM, UNAJ, etc, etc, ec. I cannot talk about other countries, but my experience + the evidence that I found says that the elite goes mostly to private schools. P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, I went to a public university ;)


Kinda similiar to my cousin in China lol. Works remote for apple making six figures. Says some dumb shit about how it would be easy for Americans to move and live like kings. Like bro, most Americans can't leave the country and no other country wants them. And they'd be taking low paying jobs that force them into villages without running water.


Come to Argentina, we literally can't reject people even if they are criminals. It's against our constitution.


Really? What exactly does the Argentine constitution say if you don't mind me asking?




That's really interesting.. and living here in Spain, I've learned that you can get Spanish citizenship if you have a LATAM citizenship and reside in Spain at least 2 years (it's 10 years if you are not from a former colony and it's way harder to get a visa). So potentially the fastest way to become a citizen of the European Union would be to move to Argentina and hang out 2 years, seek citizenship. Then move to Spain for 2 years and seek citizenship. Edit: As you can read below, this isn't quite true. The law says you have to be a 'natural born citizen of Ibero-America'.


Necesito practicar mi español... 👀


Si, yo tambien.


Donde. Esta. La biblioteca.


Me llamo T-Bone la araña discoteca.


I looked into this before and im 99% sure you cant do this. You have to be born in the former spanish colony, not simply a citizen of one IIRC.


>It's 10 years if you are not from a former colony... Does the US count? I mean...




Argentina actively tried to recruit German aircraft profesionals. They would pay professionals to move allocated a stipend for ~3 years afterwards. The US did the same with rocket scientists.


It's like my racist uncle. He is kind of a piece of shit, but we keep him around because he's REALLY good at working on machines.


My uncle is a raging alcoholic who doesn't even have a driver's license anymore, but is such a good mechanic that employer's still pick him up to have him fix their equipment.


To give you a real answer their constitution says: https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/Argentina_1994.pdf?lang=en >Article 20 >Foreigners enjoy in the territory of the Nation all the civil rights of a citizen; they may engage in their industry, trade or profession, own, purchase or transfer real property, navigate the rivers and coasts, freely practice their religion, [and] make wills and marry in accordance with the laws. They are not obligated to assume citizenship, or to pay extraordinary compulsory taxes. They may obtain naturalization by residing two continuous years in the Nation, but the authorities may shorten this term in favor of anyone so requesting, upon their asserting and proving services to the Republic. Amazingly clear and nondiscriminatory. I am shocked any country has such an amazing passage in their constitution. I knew that Argentina used to be fully developed, having a similar GDP / person to Australia when Australia became independent (and Australia had approx the best GDP / person in the world at the time), but had no idea they were so progressive. What a shame that Argentina hasn't fulfilled its promise yet.




My thoughts exactly


I’m interested in this too.


What about disabled people? I’m trying to GTFO of the US. I have long term disability which is 60% of what I made before disability but I would need the public health options and would not be able to conceal my disabilities. Most countries see me as a tax burden.


I live in Peru. I know people from here who have remote jobs for Peruvian companies that pay them 5 dollars an hour that migrated to Argentina because they can live substantially better with that money in Argentina than in Perú. From what I've been told, as long as you don't try to buy anything imported, the COL in Argentina is super low


Argentina is considered to have the highest-quality medical system in all of Latin America. There is still work to be done, but [there is a strong disability rights movement](https://soundsandcolours.com/subjects/travel/argentina-promises-equal-rights-and-treatment-for-disabled-people-65175/) in Argentina. A native could give you better information than me, but if I were in your condition and looking to move to any latin American country, Argentina would be my top pick.


The public hospitals are free for everyone, regardless of where you were born. The quality and the waiting times are kind of aweful tho. Anyway, private health is still very cheap if you have a regular US salary.


Did they get worse? Maybe my hometown was just really good, I don't think I ever went to one in Buenos Aires. Wait times in the US can be pretty bad depending on the area. I had to wait two months to see a doctor (new patient primary care) in Missouri. And of course many people can't afford one at all. In Buenos Aires I had really good insurance (OSDE) which would send a doctor to my house within an hour or two for non emergencies. Like a literal tummy ache, since my job required a doctor's note I had to waste his time.


Yeah I recently was able to get onto my partner's employers VERY high-tier, expensive AF insurance plan through her employer, and despite that... the out of network deductible alone, combined with the deduction in her salary -- I mean, even the most basic healthcare is still ungodly expensive. It's honestly sad and embarassing that our country literally does not give a shit about the health, well-being, or quality of life of its own citiziens. All categories which America constantly ranks almost at the bottom compared to other wealthy developed nations. And we're one of the richest, which makes it even more cringe.


Just to agree with you, my daughter here in the US has wanted to be a therapist since she was like 8 years old. Got great grades in high school, then got accepted into the college she wanted on a four year scholarship. Which covered tuition and some student housing, but she got a part time job to help pay her own way through the rest. A couple months in she had a coworker get sick so she covered shifts for a month. Next month she got a letter from the college, her scholarship was cancelled because she had gone over the income limit for Federal Assistance, which was a part of the eligibility test. She had to drop out of college and move out of student housing, and it was like pulling teeth to try to get any kind of answer from anyone as to how we could fix it. It never got fixed. She wound up staying there, working as a waitress to pay for an apartment, and eventually taking some online and in-person classes, still not giving up on being a therapist. She's just paying her own way through college now, and is about three years behind where she wanted to be. The whole thing still just burns me up to even think about. She was doing everything right, except she got a job so she didn't have to go into so much debt, and she got kicked to the curb for it....


Just made a new patient appointment in Oregon and the earliest they had was in April. Every time I hear someone in the US act like universal healthcare would make us have wait times, I just assume they don't go to the doctor.


I'm guessing that's not for mental health care. I can't even get on a wait-list here.


It actually is! I basically fucked myself by waiting until after I moved to make the appointment. Trying to find another doctor sooner so I don't have to quit taking the meds I've been on 5+ years, but not a lot of luck. Best healthcare in the world!


See if your original doctor will do a remote consultation, they may be able to refill that way. Mine did when I moved states.


My cousin moved to Mexico on disability through SSA. She has to come back every 6 months or so to keep her $, but COL is super low, so she lives quite well.


I’m an American in São Paulo. It’s more expensive than most of Latin America, I’m guessing, but still much less than the US. I do whatever I want because I make dollars with my American company, I spend like 1.5k a month USD including apartment that I split with my GF. I do something everyday I go to all you can eat sushi, drinks with friends etc. From anecdotal health experience I’d recommend Latin America for you if you can keep getting your American disability checks. I’ve gotten dental care, dermatologist without insurance and it was very cheap. I decided to buy insurance here and it was very cheap. I think hospitals in Brazil and Argentina as well are free but Brazil’s wait times can be bad (from my understanding) so if you’re disability is decent I’d recommend buying insurance.


If you can get a job making six figures, you’re probably find in America.


As long as you don't get hurt, or have a sick kid or anything like that, then you're still properly fucked. Just because you don't think about the sword dangling over your head doesn't mean it's not there.


Time to work from home, and not tell anyone I'm moving to Argentina I guess. Oh but wait, my IT company blocked VPN access from places outside of the US. OH NOES


If you really want to do this, that's not a real barrier. All you have to do is VPN into a computer in the US and then VPN to work from there. Literally 2 hops.


Call up one of your friends in the States and ask them to keep a computer in their house running so you can remote into it and use it to remote into your work files? That's an interesting idea. But largely unnecessary. If your job allows you to leave the country, the security team or network engineer can make firewall exceptions to allow your traffic.


Yeah, or rent a server from a hosting service.


Some ISPs will even just give you a VPN. I worked out an arrangement with a small ISP in Ohio to grant me a 30/30 vpn server hosted on their backend for $70/mo. Can hop to it from anywhere just have to hook up a special router after the modem and looks like I'm based in US. For now it's a cost but my work hasn't noticed anything sus about it, and if that continues to be the case can just move anywhere and take advantage of COL.


Lmao really showing the world who he considers “people” to be.


Sure, because you can just immigrate to any old Latin American country and legally sell cheese on the beach and make ends meet, while the swaths of stupid people living in abject poverty there just haven't figured out that selling cheese on the beach will be end of all their problems. /s (in case someone missed it)


is there even a demographic of people who _buy_ cheese at the beach?


I've never heard of a cheese stand at a beach lol


Che sells cheese chells down by the sea shore


Mmmm cheesy shells


wouldn't you want something cold at the beach instead? cheese seems like the worst possible option


You don't eat frozen cheese at the beach? What are you even doing with your life?


i go for cold beverages usually i've been brainwashed by capitalism i fear


You heard of cottage cheese? Well there's beach cheese too.


There’s always money in the banana stand


unless it burns down


BRB, gonna go get my cheesicle stand permit so I can head to the beach later.


I'm thinking of starting a frozen banana stand. There's always money in a banana stand.


It's fairly common to sell grilled cheese on Brazilian beach.


This. But I wouldn't go and claim what oop did lol. Im not gonna fantasize that selling cheese on the beach is a relaxing life. I've seen those dudes all around Rio and some of them aren't living the 'carefree life' oop intended lmao. Then he wants to add in 'teach yoga or teach surfing' as if their arent already a ton of competition for those jobs. (competition against people who speak the language too) Theres a lot of middle class college students from Brazil that already had that idea years ago




I bought grilled/fried cheese on a stick on a beach in Brazil. Delicious.


Michael, there's always money in the cheese stand.


That means it is an untapped market!


You never see it because it sells out so fast. You have to get up pretty early to get authentic beach cheese.


Me getting ready for a day at the beach: "Fuck! I only brought the mac!"


No but there’s a churro demographic. It wasn’t until I went to Argentina that I saw people peddling churros with chocolate filling on the beach that I realized that this was a group of people capitalizing on Gods work. In Mexico they sell the churros right there in the immigration line back to the US from Tijuana. All that is to say who doesn’t love churros? Cheese much more suspect…


Why do I keep laughing at the cheese part? Cheese on the beach? All sweated down and damn…nah


yes, in Rio they sell grilled Coalho Cheese on the beach and it's 🤌


Tourists, some places guy sell grilled cheese on a stick. Looks delicious.


so you are telling me i need to invest on a griller too??


beach cheese? probably the best cheese you can get. what makes it so great is that it’s just the right location. never had a refreshing slice cut of a cheese on the beach? you missing out bro


The specks of wind blown sand are the chef's kiss


Literally every single lifestyle influencer in Bali. Maybe if the locals started manifesting more they wouldn't loose their home to international gentrification?


A family friend here in Australia did that and tells me all the time how easy it is to live a good life in Bali, I have to remind him he also sold his house for a near a million dollars before moving there.


It's incredibly easy to life a good life in third world countries when you are a rich middle-aged white man! Go figure!


This is where [Russell Simmons ran to](https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/434064-akademiks-challenges-russell-simmons-to-leave-bali-and-return-to-nyc-news) after he got accused of rape by like 20 women. Can't get extradited from there to the US.


But all the people on the internet says immigration is easy, especially when they blame immigrants for everything under the sun! was I lied to? /s Immigration is darn hard, to every single country in the world, unless you are part of the European union. But even then most of the countries have rules in place that you need to do xyz before 90 days are up, or you going to get kicked to your own Europeaan country.


Ironically the easiest thing to grease the wheels of immigration is having tons of money. Not really designed for poor people to move


Pretty much. Most countries have a loophole that if you essentially "donate" X amount to the government (usually in the millions) then you just get a rubber stamped citizenship.


Exactly, I went to Cambodia thinking I could get away from this shit but had to come back. Now i see we have to fix our own home first. If we resist enough we could easily have a western European style society with worker protections


Some girl quit her corporate NYC job to sell ice cream on the beach in the Caribbean. Not sure if she succeeded, but I remember reading that article.


But was it cheese ice cream? She probably won't succeed if there isn't cheese involved.


You’re both confused. She sells cream cheese.


It's been 11 years and her Instagram shows she still lives there.


My brother was a software engineer in Scotland, making almost 6 figures. He loves programming but hates people. So he moved to a small island off the coast of honduras, bought a free diving school and never looked back. Worked out for him but he had a decent amount of capital going in.


I am not sure $500 even makes ends meet in Latin America. Sure its quite a bit cheaper, but its not 1/10th the price. Even then, the solution to America's problem shouldn't be emigrating to a LCOL country resulting in a higher cost of living for the locals.


I have a friend who opened his first bar in my home city around a decade ago and is now on his second restaurant. One day he ended up moving to Puerto Rico, raising enough money, finding the right space, obtaining all the right licenses and contracts to build a restaurant/bar/hootel,, and it was a TON of work but the plan was to coast by the rest of his life, on running it in a fairly hands-off manner as a retirement job and living out his days on the beach. Then the hurricane happened. And now he's in severe debt, and looking at having to close at least one of his U.S. restaurants. He's gonna get back on his feet, and I genuinely believe his plan would have succeeded if not for the hurricane, but either way -- he worked his ass off. Now, imagine not having years of service industry experience at every level, from almost a decade of bartending to almost 8 years of owning a bar and restaurant, and maybe that should give people an idea that moving to a country where your just because your native currency is stupidly strong means you can just coast through life comfortably while working a low-effort job with no highly specific skill requirements in an impoverished nation is something easily accomplished by almost anyone. I truly believe it's not -- after all, why isn't everyone just doing that? Why does poverty and underemployment even exist in this world? Heck, why doesn't EVERYONE in the world just HAVE MORE MONEY or MOVE TO A BETTER CLIMATE if they're unhappy with their finances or hate winter? It's so easy, ANYONE can do it!! /s


People: I can't afford my rent. Other people: Then why don't you just spend thousands of dollars on a plane ticket, a couple more thousand on moving your belongings, and a couple more thousand looking for a place to live in a foreign country whose language you might not speak?! It's so simple!


Only 500 bucks for the cheese you smuggle in your baggage.


Smuggled cheese does sound better than beach cheese.


Just sneak aboard an old steamship on its way to where you want to go. You can hang out down below and they probably won't notice. Meet a nice rich girl about to marry some dork and hook up In a car. Watch the boat sink together and then die because there's supposedly no room for you on a floating door. This is how our ancestors pulled themselves up by their bootstraps in the old days


Those accounts with statue pfp's are always weird little sociopath fascists.


Statue profile pics, dudes flexing with high end luxury/super cars (Andrew Tate wanna be style) and Patrick Bateman/Jordan Belfort PFP’s are worse than dudes with anime pfp’s and Xbox360 gamer pfp’s.


What is it with Patrick Bateman now? I swear American Psycho went slightly under the radar post 2010 and you only saw the odd guy who idolized him, but I've seen \*way\* more douches on insta/tiktok who are like "be a wolf, be a finance bro who lifts, have the alpha mindset not a victim mindset" in the past 6 months and it's both irritating and troubling. The entire point of the book, and to a lesser extent the movie, is that the dude is so emotionally stunted and unlikeable that he unable to realize when people make fun of him to his face, and when trying to recall him as a person he is such a nonentity that they inevitably insert him into places he's never been.


I loved the movie, but I hate how now it’s idolized is a “positive for masculinity.” The movie is taken out of context by every tik tok format video and just shows a “man” walking in some alpha male way. I’m curious why the “alpha/sigma” mad guys chose the most baseless people to idolize. Wolf of Wall Street shows a guy who abuses other people for financial gain. American psycho you covered. Then we have things like “The Social Network” that’s I’ve seen posted a few times as “sigma” content. If you’re posting fucking Mark Zuckerberg as an apha because he is rich, then wtf is wrong with you? These movies all portray these guys doing shady, illegal and immoral things to others, but since they are men who win in their moments and top other guys, they’re idolized. It’s actually sick.


If we look at popular media of rich people, most of it is “rich people like this suck”. Like American psycho, like social network, like wolf of Wall Street. So you get young, dumb, impressionable, maybe unpopular kids, and show them this media. They wanna be powerful, and see money as the route there. They feel they can relate in the most basic ways to the characters, being outsiders. So it morphs into “the other people hate these characters because they do what they want”. They completely miss the point of the movies. Just my two cents.


Younger guys who watch Wolf of Wall Street only see the highs and ignore the lows. And boy, they sure do make the highs look high in that film.


>Patrick Bateman Ok, that one's a dice roll, if you roll a nat 20 they're an actual shitposting god. Rest of the time they're either straight up a fascist, or a fascist who pretends to be a shitposter.


I mean this just coming from my experience. The people I’ve met that have him as a pfp as well as Jordan Belfort are your “alpha-male” “crypto-bro” “Andrew Tate W” type guys. That’s just my experience though and I don’t dislike these movies or figures, but in my view they’re used as just another sigma male idol taken out of context and used to show off masculine traits without any base behind them.


Recently one of them admitted that they're 15, and another said that their earliest political memory was Trump winning the election. I bet a lot of those are the teenagers thinking that Tate is a hero.


This account in particular was recently outted as a woman in the greater Seattle area who sells liver jerky at a 3x mark up, so she’s a classic pseudo-health grifter.


sargon of akkad 🤢


Iirc someone figured out who this one was, and it's a woman in her late 20s/early 30s and has a gig doing various holistic health stuff in the pnw.


I'm originally from South America and as a kid my mom would tell me to study or I would end up selling stuff on the beach lol


Yeah let's all 7 billion of us move to a beach town somewhere. That'll be a sustainable solution!


Except for people forced to live in the cheese factiories far from the beaches.


isn't cheese also literally supposed to be kept at low temperatures most of the time?


Depends on the type of cheese, but generally you are correct.


They only serve beach cheese on the beach


Perfect excuse to buy that Yeti cooler you've always wanted.


But I just quit my job to move to a Latin American beach town and I can't afford a Yeti cooler now! 😭


1) Get six figures in savings 2) Get citizenship/writing visa in another country 3) Gentrify said country


21st century new age colonialism


Don't forget to call yourself an "expat" rather than an "immigrant," to remind the locals that you're better than their friends who moved to America.


Having actually lived and worked in central america as a digital nomad, this guy is completely full of shit. The vast majority of people who attempt this run back home in under 6 months. Most run out of money. The few with money often can't deal with the cultural differences. While you can live ok on $1,500 per month, $500 per month will feel a lot like poverty for most Americans. Also, thinking that you are just going to come down to one of these countries and be able to earn enough money to live with no plan beforehand it's idiotic. The vast majority of non Latinos in the US don't even speak Spanish. So this guy thinks you can just come down to some Central American country with no skills, no ability to speak the language, and be able to earn enough money to live comfortably? Why? Because you're American? You won't even legally be allowed to work in the country. If you want to live in Latin America you have to develop a location independent source of income beforehand. Not just having a plan for a location independent source of income. You have to actually be currently earning money with this method before you should even consider it. Personally, I would wait at least 6 months if not a year of consistent earnings before even trying something like that. You also need a nice amount saved up for setting up your apartment, deposits for other things, and having a buffer. Now, if you're retiring and you realize the only thing you have to live off of a social security, then moving the Latin America or southeast Asia is actually a great idea. Your dollar will go further. Not as far as this guy implies, but further than in the United States.


I've seen it work out, but only for specialized things. Like when I was at a resort in Jamaica, there was an older German guy there. He was the scuba instructor. He hated his white collar life in Germany, and just decided to move to the islands and get a scuba gig. After a few years he became the head scuba guy at a different resort. Now he takes tourists into the reef, and drinks margaritas on the beach. But yeah, he had a plan and valuable skill. And I'm betting that first year was touch and go for him.


Pretty sure that guy moved with a big money cushion to be able to take whatever time it took to settle down.


I had to scroll so far down before someone mentioned speaking the language. Speaking English only will not only make your life worse in Latin America but it will multiply your monthly costs.


Yes. The Gringo Tax is a real thing.


All of this is true. I would also add the elephant in the room. By being a rich foreigner with no connections in a foreign city, you are target numero uno for getting mugged, robbed, broken into, and extorted by local gangs or jealous populace. Keep that in mind when you're out there, being "that foreign guy" who also "somehow isn't in poverty like the rest of the people around him". People are going to get jealous, crooks are gonna see you as a mark. It's nothing personal, you're just the odd one out and an easy target. I don't mean to make this out to be racist, or argue elevated levels of crime in other countries. It has nothing to do with that. Friends of mine who are "digital nomads" get fleeced often. It's not because the country is necessarily bad, but that you, as a foreigner there are just so obviously wealthier, you immediately become a target.


Homie's solution to the rising cost of living is to gentrify a small beach town and raise their cost of living 🤡


I live in a small beach town in Mexico and this tweet makes me rage. We are full of ex-pats raising rents and services. I had to move further away because my rent raised 30% once my lease ended. Fuck Airbnb


My family is from a small beach town in Mexico too. It’s now being flooded with people from Canada and the US. Some of my family have been able to stay because they were a founding family of the town (they don’t have to pay for some services) but it’s getting crazy expensive. Other family members have had to leave their hometown. It’s so frustrating.


Try it and let me know how it goes.


Unfortunately those prices are going up, because those who already had money started moving to those countries once WFH started, fucking up life for the people who already lived there.


Yep. There's a big immigration problem and it's Americans who are driving up the cost of goods and rent in Mexico.


You working too hard in the state you grew up in where your whole support system lives? Just become an illegal immigrant!


I'm fr Brazil, and I'd love to see this spoiled gringo survive here by selling cheese on the beach. For a year. Even if they could make USD 500 (R$2500), they would be surprised with rent, food, utilities, and other prices! They have no idea what would be the neighbourhood in which they would be able to pay rent, the violence, heavy traffic... That's simply delusional! I'd pay to watch a 24/7 pay-per-view of this show.


Hey, psst, psst, you over there. Yes you. Come over. Yeah that's right. Can I interest you in some gouda? Perhaps some camembert?


Just watched a video that “digital nomads” from 1st world countries actually ruining local economy lol.


Time-saving internet tip: Anyone with a white marble head as a profile pic can be assumed to be a lying idiot fascist.


Yeah I feel like everyone here needs to know that the Carnivore Aurelius account and business is actually run by a woman named Caylee and it is a very profitable grift for her.


It's minimum 10-15k to relocate to another country. 90% or more of this country can't even swing that lol.


And most countries wont take just anyone.


don't forget the _cheese_ _investment_ on that budget


That's a lot of cheddar.


This is like 10-15 steps beyond what that idiots thinking anyways. An American can't just go teach yoga or sell cheese in another country without a visa and no LATAM country is going to give an American a work visa for a job they have plenty of qualified people to perform.


A lot of these destinations that are popular because its cheaper to live have special "digital nomad" visas for people who choose to work remotely from their country. Or they have very lax visa laws....Most digital nomads in SE Asia just hop the border to a neighboring country and re-apply for another long term visa and then come back. This life was very appealing to me for quite a long time but unfortunately I don't have many job skills that transfer to remote work (Most of these people are programmers/coders). Also a really good option for people who work seasonally. Save up money in the summer and then fuck off somewhere warm and live very well on a relatively small budget.


I've done it, and it's alright for a while. The thing is, and what this post is talking about, is that at some point you want life to progress. If you're digital nomads and hopping countries every 3-6 months to get around visa requirements you'll live a stunted life, you can never place down roots... You're only actually legal in your home country. So while it's fun for a few years, eventually you'll want to build a life and that takes legal status


As someone from a latin american country, I can tell you that people who rely on those sorts of trades usually live in extreme poverty because they simply do not have the means for a better standard of living afforded to them. In fact, it's pretty common that they are driven out of their stable lives and into poverty by the bs of bastards with heartless entrepreneurial views of the world and too sheltered an economic education to have developed proper empathy for those with less fortunate circumstances than themselves - y'know, the kind of people that have roman statue pfps on twitter.


That is the dumbest thing I have read today (so far). Plenty of Reddit to go.


I hate how the moment I see a profile pic with a Greco-Roman statue I know it's going to be some dogshit hustle culture garbage.


Or just straight up racism/fascism/white supremacy


Is "cheese" a code word for cocaine or something similar?


This just sounds like the only knowledge they have of the place they are talking about is a tourist resort.


Yes, Latin America (all of it) is universally such a paradise, what with its beachside cheese vendors, that no one ever tries to leave.


the people at the US border just haven't gotten into the cheese business yet


"Just sell your houses and move." "Just learn Spanish, build up savings, and move to a foreign beach town." Jeez, what's next?


The whole “if you don’t like it then leave, how dare you try to make things better here” mentality.


The belief that eating _cheese_ (of all foods!) at the beach on a hot day is a great idea is exactly the sort of deranged food take I'd expect from someone who's never been to a beach.


I lived that life for like 3 years. You'll never not be a tourist and you'll never own a business there. Your looks will fade and you'll become the creepy old guy in the expat community and you'll return back to your home country with no skills, a great tan, and no savings. Your only option is to marry someone there, but understand that the person you marry may also be marrying you to get away from their country so it's important that your goals are aligned.


Yeh this is a silly argument. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sense of purpose in life in order to enjoy the fruits of society. Sure, I could sell cheese on a beach but I won’t be making enough for a PlayStation. I know it might sound privileged and silly. But if we have built all this technology around us - this unimaginably advanced society - and we have all this wealth as a result then why should I, somebody who has done what I’m told and contributed my time and effort, be shut out from that? Like what is the point of society if you have to sacrifice your mental well-being in order to participate?