After years of SSRIs, adding Wellbutrin?

After years of SSRIs, adding Wellbutrin?


Hi! another long term lexapro taker here. Also considering adding Wellbutrin. I've noticed this sub is often people just starting out, but I know there are people like you and I reading posts who are happy to help long term takers with questions like this.


I've been on Lexapro and wellbutrin for over two years. The combo works for me. Bottom line is you won't know until you try. I couldn't eat for the first two weeks I was on wwllbutrin but I wanted to wait it out. The no hunger side effect went away and its been smooth sailing


I just added Wellbutrin to my Lexapro this week. I’m hoping it helps. I’m exactly you. It controls my anxiety so well but life is blah. I think it makes me apathetic to be honest. I’d love for the Wellbutrin to work and allow me to at least lower my lexapro dosage. I’ll keep you updated!


Yes please do, and best of luck!!


Well I stopped it. The headaches were unbearable and the insomnia just never seemed to cease. Palpitations were getting worse not better. Just not for me. I am actually going to try to lower the lexapro to get rid of the crappy side effects and hopefully regain some motivation. I sincerely hope you had better luck!


Ugh, so sorry it didn’t work out. I feel you on the headaches though, they’re awful. I’m trying to stick it out a little longer but we will see.


You need to switch off Lexapro. I recently did and feel better. After many years it wasn’t working anymore.


What did you end up switching to?


Trintellix - it’s been good for me.


I’m going to be blunt and say that you should reconsider taking Wellbutrin considering your history with anxiety and self harm. I strongly recommend steering clear from Wellbutrin. I recently stopped Wellbutrin after taking it for half a year. I take an SSRI intermittently as well, but I used to combine Wellbutrin and Prozac daily. Listen, Wellbutrin is really tempting. They promise you that it will make you thin, horny and happy. But what goes up must go down. Unlike an SSRI, Wellbutrin doesn’t stay in your system too long, and if you miss a dose you will have withdrawals. Wellbutrin is a stimulant unlike most anti depressants and stimulants are, well, stimulating. Not always the best for the anxious folks. I wasn’t a particularly anxious person at all before Wellbutrin. I stopped taking it because it made me incredibly anxious, aggressive, not to mention my hair fell out. My boyfriend had a mini intervention with me about Wellbutrin when he became tired of watching me grind my teeth and talk a mile a minute about virtually nothing. Stimulants can be a little much sometimes, at its peak effectiveness I felt hyper focused in a way that made me feel like I was on cocaine. In fact, I’ve done coke a good amount in my college years and I can tell you that the feeling of these drugs can be eerily similar. Wellbutrin is all fun and games until you look in the mirror 6 months down the road and wonder why you have bags under your eyes if you’re wide awake. It’s because your awakeness will be artificial and underneath the Wellbutrin you may feel truly exhausted from the over stimulation and potential lack of sleep from the side effects. My experience doesn’t speak for everybody’s. I think that it is a really good drug for those that need a serious boost. My parents faced a traumatizing experience and both took WB to help them simply get out of bed in the morning. They both say it was the kick start they needed but past that kick start it became too much for them too. Personally if I were a psychiatrist I would certainly prescribe Wellbutrin but only to those that are so severely depressed that they are struggling to find the energy to do the bare minimum in life like get out of bed or take a shower.


It’s still worth a try though. Wellbutrin lowers anxiety in some people too even though normally stimulants are thought to do the opposite


Yeah and i heard from psychiatric times that statistically, wellbutrin only makes anxiety worse in ppl who already have rly bad anxiety. And lexapro does control it


Im on both modafinil and buproprion for adhd and co-morbid depression. It makes me slightly more irritable but helps some with motivation, attention focus, and not sleeping in the day time. I don't take traditional stimulants because I am an addict in recovery and I want to try the mild stuff first. None of the non stimulants help and these are a last resort before I go back to stimulants.


Thank you for the all the insight— I definitely worry about the anxiety effect it would have on me, and is a huge reason why I’ve strayed away from it for so many years when trying to tackle the depression aspect. It’s so difficult!


I have the same issue with SSRIs. Noticeable difference with my anxiety, it’s much more under control! But my depression is far worse and I rationalize suicide more. I stopped taking SSRIs for a few months and depression was better but anxiety was out of control. It’s like my anxiety somehow protects me from depression. I got back on an SSRI because my anxiety was stopping me from living my life how I wanted, but now that I’m back on it, I’ve lost the feeling of actually “wanting” to live my life. Edit: Wanted to add that I did take Wellbutrin for a few months and it made my anxiety worse.


Yes exactly— this is how I feel too! It’s worth it for me to stay on the SSRI for anxiety, but the depression is just a kick in the gut.


Hey there, I stopped taking wellbutrin 300mg a few months and for the same reasons as some of the comments. Horny? Yeah. Thin? Can't answer, ED. Energetic? Yeah but not in the way you'd expect. Emotional? More or less yeah. First of all, the headaches are insane. I remember just rocking back and fourth in my bed, waiting for the pain to subside and needing so much fucking Tylenol. Also, about the emotions, I used to take 80mg Prozac and other ssris but that made me so emotionless and numb to the world. Wellbutrin only made me easily aggravated and irritable. Also the energy was only in teeth grinding and speaking too quickly. I also have adhd and I guess this may just be a symptom of that, since I wasn't taking stims then. However it helped a bit with focus and motivation, I could send a few emails a day and finish a few errands I guess. Overall tho, not a fun time. Speaking for myself of course, if you do decide to take it, I hope your experience is better. Good luck!


No, Wellbutrin didn't do shit for me.