Which SNRI should I take (if any)?

Which SNRI should I take (if any)?


Effexor and Cymbalta will probably be the cheapest since they have been around for a long time and are available in a generic form. Pristiq is available in a generic form as well but it may be more expensive because it is newer. The newer ones, Fetzima and Savella, will probably be the most expensive. The newer drugs aren't necessarily better or more effective, they are just two new options. You will have to try and see which drug is best for you, it could be any of them on the list! But Effexor and Cymbalta are probably the best place to start.




I adore my Effexor. After years of having debilitating anxiety and depression, I finally feel like a normal person. I feel like myself. If you have anxiety, Effexor is the way to go.


Cymbalta or Effexor


It's probably best to speak with your prescribing doctor, honestly.


Savella best of pain, least effective for anxiety but best for tapering. I would choose pristiq for anxiety tho ive never taken


I'm on effexor right now and so far the side effects aren't too bad. I'm pretty sure my insurance covered effexor all the way. I'm too early on it to see if it is effective for me but the only real side effects are chills, some minor light sensitivity, and fatigue.


I was on Fetzima for awhile and liked it and had minimal side effects.


effexor, if you take your doses consistently, otherwise you risk horrible brain zaps


Venlafaxine I would say


Look I've heard Effexor is pretty effective but god damn, if u ever wanna come off that drug I've heard from a lot of people that it is hell. So, if you plan to go on Effexor just know if u ever wanna come off it you will have severe withdrawal symptoms. I felt terrible coming off Cymbalta so I don't recommend going on it. Pristiq was ok. Haven't heard about the other two in my country.


it’s always good to try different meds. I took Effexor and it did NOT work for me. but now I take zoloft (SSRI) and wellbutrin (NDRI) and that combo is great for me. Effexor made me super spacey. but it could be that it was negatively affecting my ADHD






I was on Celexa a long time. Then was switched to Zoloft. Recently. Can you tell me about your experience with Pristiq?