Nothing goes better with poop than the smell of breakfast in bed. 🤮

Nothing goes better with poop than the smell of breakfast in bed. 🤮


Graham cracker crumbs & public restroom methane gas = a wonderful aroma


Legit what does corduroy smell like? Fabric? Like what everyone wears? I just don’t get it. Also, lady. Stop spraying shit in a public restroom. That’s gross and weird. Who the eff walks around spraying public spaces?


I've seen "flannel" and "leather" as names for flavors, in soany different brands. Odd.


These are just such odd fragrances. They don’t make sense and don’t sound the least bit appealing. Seems like scentsy has been around forever. They don’t offer anything proprietary and only have subpar scents (ironic, considering the company name) so I’m not sure how it’s been around this long. They must have some hella good recruiters.


breakfast in bed could be anything?? Like what if your breakfast is hardboiled eggs...


I nearly spit out my beverage reading your amazing comment, bwahahahahaha


I imagined some sort of spiced orange, but thats probably giving them too much credit


I’m sure that’s really charming for people with sensitivities/allergies to fragrances 🙄


Mmmm Cinnamon Toast Poop.


What does breakfast in bed even smell like 😂 I make smoothies for breakfast and my partner has granola. Different smells. And having your breakfast in bed wouldn’t smell any different than having it at the kitchen table. Or maybe they added the smell of sweaty bedsheets and the morning breath of your spouse?


Sometimes the best breakfast in bed is cold pizza from last night lol




There is a funny, clever way to market scents for awkward situations (Poo-Pourri) and then there is a crude, vulgar way. I don’t care how good “Graham cracker crumbs” might smell, when too much effort goes into describing how bad a public restroom can smell, there is nothing that is going to remove that scent memory from my conscious mind.


I have bad allergies. I am really sensitive to any artificial scents (especially sprays and perfumes). I’d be PISSED if I enter into a bathroom after this person. Just plug your nose if it’s that bad, my god.


Me too. Now, I do love a *SELECT* variety of scents from Yankee candle, and BBW. But, I test q small one before I continue to buy them. I have migraines and seizures, so they need to be not overwhelming, not smell like grandma perfume, or be too candy smelling, like cherry vanilla and such. If someone at my work pulled this shit out (hehe) I'd instantly vomit


“I don’t always poop in public, but when I do my poo smells like cashmere.”


Well that’s not how I’d market a room spray… I thought it was going to be a poo-pourri type product lol


Buy 5, get 1 FREE


You save $2.50!!!!


What kind of breakfast though? If it's bacon and eggs, that's not the most pleasant smell to have lingering around after you've finished cooking and eating it. Imagining it as a room spray actually makes me a bit nauseous.


Except those are not deodorising, they are only scent. So they don't do anything but add to the smell. Better to put something up your nose to breathe through than spray the room.