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I honestly forgot Akira plays still. I thought the dude was like an assistant manager lol. I can understand Mizushima being a bit absent minded there. He’s training pretty hard to overcome that killer intensity the others have before the big tournament. 4 v 1 is pretty hardcore though. Whenever Rika drops by, Yusa instantly becomes a mess. Loses his cool guy attitude pretty quick haha. I see Hana’s gotten her seal of approval! So Ebihara’s the reason Yusa has that killer intensity huh? His plan worked though, they’ve gathered a promising team ready (somewhat) for the inter high tourney. I’m glad to see Mizushima back in form. Akira at the end was great, he’s improved so much and he’s become a pretty good player. He might be my favorite in this series! What a good dude all around.


Akira has also become an unexpected fave in this series for me! Seeing him persevere and stay on the team was touching enough, but to see him be both an excellent manager/coach-in-the-making and also working hard with his own technique brings a tear to my eye.


Yeah, he’s a great person and a great teammate.


*Pushes Mizushima and Hana closer* Perfect…


Finally, it's back on pace. Seems like the next episode will be a lot of fun!


I'm not here for the badminton anymore. This is about one's trials and tribulations within a school sport community. Mizushima has a good support crew. Everyone is even keeled and works together to understand and help each other resolve their issues. I'm glad to see more of the college senpai, as he gave some insight on why Yusa is the way he is. I wonder if Hana will fall for Mizushima, being so supportive of him. Also, it was good to see Akira actually play and get some points.