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Retzel treating Haizakura as Onee-sama is the most wholesome stuff I've seen this week. [](#feelingloved) All those new outfits looked excellent! I really dig the art style in this series, it's all so pretty and colorful. I hoped Haizakura would ask Nagi to fix those cabaret dolls...


> I hoped Haizakura would ask Nagi to fix those cabaret dolls... :'(


###Stitches! * [Witch Houkiboshi](https://i.imgur.com/YWk3wOI.jpg) * [Bunny Karasuba 1](https://i.imgur.com/QyeR3C2.jpg) * [Bat Girl Gekka](https://i.imgur.com/pwKGxZI.jpg) * [Haizakura & Retzel](https://i.imgur.com/ZosIs98.jpg) * [Bunny Karasuba 2](https://i.imgur.com/l2ehu0n.jpg) * [Cabaret Lady](https://i.imgur.com/3Tv4FOf.jpg) * [Houkiboshi Bath **GIF**](https://gfycat.com/tallgrandfrilledlizard) * [Episode 5 Retzel Stitches](https://imgur.com/a/TzSPD57) After last week's episode, I didn't expect [Retzel to become so affectionate](https://i.imgur.com/jTVFvPO.png) with Haizakura considering how she was threatening her with her knife collection as well as her sidearm tucked away underneath her skirt. It is adorable though to see the gap moe between Retzel last week and this week. Well [that bath scene was certainly a surprise!](https://i.imgur.com/OHmgCtg.jpg) Lots of really creative [censoring with how the girls were positioned](https://i.imgur.com/rUapz6k.jpg). Although that entire scene does make me a question, [do these automate even have nipples?](https://i.imgur.com/DnCQ4Vb.jpg) Oh who am I kidding, I'm sure they 100% do. Got a good laugh [with the girls visiting the local red light district](https://i.imgur.com/BcRD7Kt.jpg) and Haizakura [telling the lady from the nearby cabaret](https://i.imgur.com/8wccFd4.png) that they want to learn how to work. And just like that, she had our automata [training as cabaret girls](https://i.imgur.com/9MC89AR.png) complete with sexy outfits! [Retzel seems to be the one used to this kind of work though.](https://i.imgur.com/2He6Wi2.png) Not surprising since she's an infiltration unit. It's all fun and games [until we learn the sad backstory of the cabaret they visited.](https://i.imgur.com/mk1gFYQ.png) Turns out that stage shows starring both human and automata performers were pretty common back then but soldiers came in [and destroyed them during the war.](https://i.imgur.com/2SHeIux.png) They might be non-functional but [Haizakura was able to link up with them](https://i.imgur.com/FT2M7xy.png) and see what they wanted to convey. [Haizakura's plans for the Black Cat Cafe](https://i.imgur.com/pFoC7RB.png) were certainly entertaining. I love how everyone was interpreting it as [giving the cafe an ocean theme](https://i.imgur.com/b9Jb1D7.png) but it's just Haizakura [being really bad at drawing flowers.](https://i.imgur.com/ecieKiT.png) xD [Glad that they were able to borrow the cabaret outfits](https://i.imgur.com/OOTWYR5.png) so we can see more of them. I genuinely got a good laugh [with Gekka taping that lighter on her chest](https://i.imgur.com/pyvTJ3L.png) since she doesn't have the same cleavage as Karasuba. xD [Looks like they ended up attracting the wrong attention](https://i.imgur.com/VOgPbvv.png) with all of their lights and preparation. [I feel bad for Haizakura.](https://i.imgur.com/NKLes6O.png) All of that prep was wasted because they forgot to account for the electricity usage limit. :( [Well at least Otome-chan doesn't have anything against Haizakura](https://i.imgur.com/ljpEbco.png). It's only really because of the electricity usage. [She even defended the girls](https://i.imgur.com/aEtRH4k.png) when they were advertising the cafe in the Red light district. [The final performance is absolutely adorable though!](https://i.imgur.com/1JIxT79.jpg) Being delayed for a week didn't dampen their spirits at all. I also love how [Gekka was singing along](https://i.imgur.com/5nvkrfF.png) while watching the girls. I was hoping she'd join them before the song ended. Oh well. Maybe next time?


>Got a good laugh with the girls visiting the local red light district and Haizakura telling the lady from the nearby cabaret that they want to learn how to work. And just like that, she had our automata training as cabaret girls complete with sexy outfits! Retzel seems to be the one used to this kind of work though. Not surprising since she's an infiltration unit. That was 100% Kabukicho. Even in parody, that iconic entrance arc is recognizable. And yeah, poor cabaret dolls :(


Prima Doll has a refreshingly positive view on adult work and adult entertainment. That's about the last thing I was expecting from a CGDCT show about former combat automata, but I'll gladly take it.


Always nice when jobs/entertainment of that sort isn't demonised, yup.


>refreshingly positive view on adult work and adult entertainment. Too bad they didn't use adults to show that positivity.


Kinda made me uncomfortable seeing Gekka in that devil outfit. I was like...brah.


I thought the contrast between her personality and the outfit was pretty cute.


Just seeing what looks like a child dressed in revealing devil girl custom..seems.....uggh.


ngl, I laughed pretty hard at their "sleight of hand" in the bath


These doll girls must not have nipples at all (understandably so) because *I swear* it felt like we saw every inch of a few of those breasts at some point but a nipple never showed up. At that point, just give them barbie doll anatomy and don't bother censoring them at all. This would be one of the few times where barbie doll anatomy makes perfect sense.


The *No Game No Life* strategy


No, our command & control robot units need to be anatomically correct ofc. On a more serious note, it's a bit silly in what ways the dolls behave like humans. I mean that bath was filled with 5 dolls running on electricity. Good thing that their water proofing seems to be quite thorough.


Some Evangelion level skills there.


The "broken" dolls kept at the store room at Ward 6 made me feel a little sad. However, the fact that they were not disposed of and still being looked after despite being "asleep" goes to show the geisha-like owner have deep feelings for them.


> geisha-like owner have deep feelings for them. I think she has a soft spot for dolls in general, either that or the Black Cat cafe dolls reminded her of her own. I was hoping that they might ask her if she wanted manager to take a look at them, seeing as she's trained them how to be cabaret waitresses and given them some outfits for free lol


Who knows, they may make a cameo appearance again in the next few episodes. After all, the sister of Houkiboshi's deceased comrade turned up for the performance.


Probably, their designs seem too good for them not to get animated. Maybe they'll even get a fairly extended cameo.


It’s cute seeing how well Ret seems to be getting along with Haizakura. She’s really taken to her haha. I was not really expecting that long bath scene. Nice bit of fan service I suppose. I like that the girls ended up at the red light distract after that. Definitely not the place for automata working in a wholesome cafe! They did look pretty cute in their bunny girl outfits though haha. I like Haizakura’s drawing in her journal, every one of her entries are always so cute. Everyone kept mistaking her flowers and dandelions for marine life haha. Chiyo and Haizakura singing on their way back from the club was pretty adorable. I love how Gek shoved that lighter in between Karasuba’s cleavage haha. She got stuck with the bunny girl outfit again! Haizakura definitely misunderstood that “swallowtail” thing the cabaret club owner said lol. Poor Haizakura! She tried to do something different and the shop closes as a result. I’m glad at the end it worked out though. That last performance was great! Gek singing to the side was so cute.


I hate how inconsistent the release schedule for this is! Been waiting ages for the next episode and wasn’t disappointed at all. [Lots of fan service today,](https://imgur.com/a/s0EVRNi) but most importantly the girls learnt how to attract more people to the cafe! [It’s so cute hearing Retzel call Haizakura onee-chan omg .](https://imgur.com/a/qrJTD2D) After everything retzel’s been thru, she definitely deserves a loving environment like this.


THis show should've been called Prima iDoll, lmao. That bath scene was insane. Not because of fan service but the different ways they censored them. Hands, buckets, arms, it was so distinct and it wasn't just "lets put fog here". Pretty cool. The outfits were amazing and the show too, impressed they didn't feel the need to "rescue" the girls that were in the cabaret. Oka...hmm, I wonder what it could be...


> Hands, buckets, arms, it was so distinct and it wasn't just "lets put fog here". Pretty cool. Dedication to the art of clever convenient censorship!


Every episode I fall more and more in love with Gekka. I love the way she just *stands there*. Like, even if she's not actively doing anything, seeing her literally just *standing there* in a shot or scene is always super amusing to me. I don't know what it is about her. Anyone else know what I'm talking about or is that just me? Ah, I wish we could've had Gekka sing on the stage as well. I want to see it!


>I don't know what it is about her. Anyone else know what I'm talking about or is that just me? No, I get it. I think it's that she always looks so serious, but her lines, the way they're delivered, and the slight scowl she wears makes it come across as deadpan humor. Gekka's outfit in the shop is even a lot more casual than the others, the dress and cat-ears contrasts with her seriousness. The straight-man is an important part of a comedy team.


Poor gek lol


She doesn't seem to mind, though, except maybe the inconvenience of having to use tape.


Gekka got the best outfit. Anyway, it's hilarious how innocent Haizakura was about the whole red light district, she even befriended the manager quite easily. As expected RetzelxHaizakura is a thing now, that bed scene in the previous episode had a reason to be so suggestive. Wasn't expecting the onee-sama honorific though. Now that they all sing together their cafe is a success, but it seems the plot is coming.


Anyone know what the backpack-like thing on every mechanical doll is? I don’t remember them ever being addressed. I thought they needed them to function but they weren’t there in the bathhouse.


According to pre-anime magazine info corners (which have already been shown to contradict anime canon in many details), it's got a fuel tank and an engine and they can function independently for about an hour without it.


If they just use it to "process" fuel then they might be able to do without it for short trips.


> Anyone know what the backpack-like thing on every mechanical doll is? Those are one of my favourite details about the show. Now that we've seen the dolls naked though, I wonder how they attach? [Bath scene](https://i.imgur.com/x2FDm3j.png)


real Showa vibes with that "entertainment" district and energy conservation laws


Haizakura’s drawings are the best


Is that a sea anemone?


Is it just me or does [Chiyo look here like a cute Hitler?](https://imgur.com/ogtt0hm)


That's not her first appearance Cuteler either! Plus, there's also [Dollar Store Hitler](https://i.imgur.com/aEtRH4k.png) lol Must be a fashion thing in universe, I guess.


I don't think I was meant to feel this way, but I felt like "soldiers broke them saying they were a threat to public order" was a euphemism for "some guys went medieval on them because girlbots set off their PTSD" that the club's owner made up on the spot to protect Haizakura's innocence. Did anyone else here get that feeling from that line? Also, Karasuba is a pure maiden who will only let her husband Nagi see her body.


I didn't interpret it like that but maybe I've been watching too much Made in Abyss and Harem in a Labyrinth where they just show rather than imply lol


Interesting, and perhaps a little jarring, choice to portray the Sixth Ward with touches of more modern Japan (some of the dancers in the flashback wearing modern clothing, the serafuku, disposable lighters) while the rest of the setting is more Meiji With Robots.


The serafuku was the most jarring thing for me, looked like it was an asset from another series lol Whilst apparently they did begin in the Meiji era, early pictures don't have them looking like that.


Houkiboshi in witch cosplay looks hella cute. Otome-chan's smile is too pure! Who or what is Oka? Another automata?


Oka was the first doll being introduce to us back during on episode one


> what is [Oka](https://i1.wp.com/soupbelly.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/DSC_6401.jpg?fit=1024%2C690&ssl=1) No, wait, that's Okra. I'm curious to see what sort sea creature Haizakura will draw it as though!


I thought Haizakura was Oka. Huh…


**Stitches!** * [Gekka 1](https://i.imgur.com/vhhc3ZY.png) * [Gekka 2](https://i.imgur.com/ko9ZQbh.png) * [Karasuba 1](https://i.imgur.com/L7uAyAE.png) * [Karasuba 2](https://i.imgur.com/z2X1LTv.png) * [Houkiboshi](https://i.imgur.com/cjTkgvI.png) * [Haizakura 1](https://i.imgur.com/XCW6qSl.png) * [Haizakura 2](https://i.imgur.com/FHRi0ZZ.png) * [Retzel](https://i.imgur.com/4PurtLU.png)


So I guess even though the backpacks process fuel to help them "eat" they can take them off? Wow those are some lifelike dolls since they appear to be soft in all the right places, I really want to run a thorough inspection for three of them. Not Haizakura and Gekka though, I like short and flat women but they are clearly built like per-pubescent kids. *ekk* great use of censorship with placement and posses not sure why Karasuba is flustered being naked in front of her fellow dolls though.... Oh no Haizakura, you're the salt of the earth please don't be corrupted by the Red Light distinct! The Owner of the Club is fine AF not gonna lie. I'm kinda sad we didn't see the five former dolls reactivated and they are just lying their not being used, and there uniforms are a lot more respectable perhaps the club back in the day was a lot less sleazy despite the Sixth Ward historically being a Red Light District. Not gonna lie the girls in those outfits are either cute or sexy but Gekka's outfit is some cursed shit I didn't need to see. I wonder if Haizakura "function" being to cheer people up is not just a joke but she has some kind of signal/automata abilities to encourage other automata's beyond just her natural cutness, like Gandalf with his Elven Ring which he uses to Kindle people's courage....did I just compare Gandalf to a robot loli girl? No more internet for me (Been watching lots of LOTR lore videos.) A nice, mostly wholesome (But has some cursed shit here and there episode) Too bad it probably means now that our cast is made and we had a cute episode and set up and spelled out the conflict of distrust with automata and that cliffhanger message near the end that shit is probably about to get real.


> I'm kinda sad we didn't see the five former dolls reactivated and they are just lying their not being used, and there uniforms are a lot more respectable perhaps the club back in the day was a lot less sleazy despite the Sixth Ward historically being a Red Light District. Either those soldiers just cut a vital power cable which made them unusable?


> Wow those are some lifelike dolls since they appear to be soft in all the right places Whoever designed them decided that combat automata need highly realistic breasts. Given I can't think of a single reason why this should be the case other than to make them more human like, presumably they all get life like genitalia as well. The upshot of the whole fanservice episode, replete with bunnygirl outfits makes it feel like the show is encouraging viewers to lewd the dolls. Not that I'm inherently against opposed to that aspect of anime, and have spent an inordinate amount of time talking about some of the more interesting aspects of *Harem in a Labyrinth*, but... > Not Haizakura and Gekka though, they are clearly built like per-pubescent kids. ekk Yeaahhhh. That's over the line for me for me too, especially the way Haizakura behaves. She doesn't just look like a child, she behaves like quite a young one too. Anyway, so apparently *Prima Dolls* is now shifted out of the don't-lewd-the-cute-dolls box and into the figurines-are-for-lewding-didn't-you-know box. Which is neither here nor there for me, just need to make a small mental adjustment as to what sort of show this is and what sort of people might enjoy it. > did I just compare Gandalf to a robot loli girl? There is a LotR anime coming, isn't there? Just need to outsource some episodes to Trigger and maybe dreams can come true... in Space Mordor!


"Of course, I can't imagine anyone finding you frightening." Huuuuge foreshadowing vibes from that line. Also, I wasn't expecting the cafe staff mechanica to look as good as the automata girls busting a move on stage. Oh yeah, and Houkiboshi's witch costume is awesome.


Never has one episode nearly killed my interest in a show this quickly.