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Shaun, do you ever want to go outside? Outside of the ~~walls~~ Shadows house?


No, I don't want that! Go outside the walls? I want to stay here and nowhere else for the rest of my life! Even after I die... I want to be inside the Shadows house for a while! Ten years, at least!!


Never gets old


I like the ending and sorta detest titanfolk etc but this meme is still hillarious in any context


The only time Titanfolk and the rest of the AOT fandom felt connected was through defending r/place.


foreshadowing of e̶r̶e̶n̶'̶s̶ emilico's depression


* Jeremiah sleeps during the day which makes him active at night... *that means he's Master Robe!* * Oliver is being so considerate of Barbara... *that means Oliver is in love with Barbara!* John's logical jumps are wonderful as always


Shadow Detective John: ***"ARE YOU IN LOVE WITH MISTRESS KATE???!!!"*** Suspect: "No." Shadow Detective John: *"OK, you're free to go then."* Eventually, John deducts the robed shadow must be Edward, since he's the asshole who placed Kate in a cage during the debut. Unfortunately, Edward is also in charge of the Children's wing, so John is taken off the case.


[Lmaoooo the way she slides off her is hilarious](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/996195382503690330/1007706947543380248/unknown.png)


Sigma maid grindset.


Best part of the episode was when Emilico said "It's cleaning time!" and cleaned all over her


That does sound like something she would say.


I absolutely love the bond that all the characters in this series have. The rooftop scene between Emilico & Shaun was absolutely perfect. They're so adorable together, platonic or not (leaning more towards platonic because it's Emilico we're talking about here)


Quite a John/Shaun-centric episode today. I really enjoyed the conversation on the roof, those two are always great together. And John and his leaps of logic... he's so simple lol. Not saying that as a bad thing, he's very enjoyable to watch!


> And John and his leaps of logic... Reminds me of Raidou


Raidou's leaps in logic are worse than John's. At least with John's leaps in logic the veiwers/readers can at least grasp at what angle John is coming from, Raidou, not so much.


Raidou's leaps have only the most tenuous relationship to logic, but the most wonderful relationship to imagination.


Who's that?


Male MC from Aharen-san last season, he also had thoughts with huge leaps in logic


*Aharen-san* was a great show that got far less attention than I thought it would get (and should have gotten).


A show so high in *esteem* deserved better.


Contrast with Shaun who makes logical inferences from multiple bits of evidence.


Well, the theory about the shadows being made in the likeness of the dolls was an asspull, even if he was right.


No, his conclusions makes sense when you follow his logic, without there needing to be big jumps to justify it. The “dolls” were told that they were made in the image of the shadows and thus exist for them. But now that he knows the dolls are really human, then that begs the question of “What are the shadows then?” And it’s not a far reach to say that the inverse of the situation must be the case, and the story of them being dolls is made to dehumanize them to both themselves and the shadows. If I remember right, a lot of viewers had theorized the same only a couple episodes into the first season.


Also, the name 'Shadow' itself is a big hint, as an ordinary shadow also takes on the shape of it's source, not the other way around


"Did John do something worthy of praise recently" I doubt that's it


Gotta leave it to John to lighten up a heavy cliffhanger.


Normal person : Oh shit I'm screwed Gigachad John : Surely I must be getting rewarded for my efforts in absolutely nothing!


John is obviously getting rewarded for his efforts in being best boy!


Barb: "John, it's been decided. You're Best Boy." *Barb pops celebratory balloon with her shark teeth*


It reminds me of the movie “Easy A” “I got sent to the principles office today” “Did they want to give you a medal?”


Shadows trying to copy humans? What is this, Summertime Rendering?


Is that a spoiler? I was planning on watching it after it was done airing...


It's the main premise, not really a spoiler.


All right, then, thanks. I was afraid it was a recent twist in the wild, would have been too bad to have that spoiled.


At most you could say it's a spoiler for episode 1 if you were going in completely blind but otherwise it's not a big deal.


It is pretty good!


> Is that a spoiler? I was planning on watching it after it was done airing... This feels a little dangerous given how freely spoilers float around about that show! Given how it's a thriller, might be best to binge to the end of Cour 1 and just pretend that was S1 and now you're waiting for S2?


Maybe it's a concept that exists in Japanese mythology.


not sure if it's part of JP mythology, but doppelgangers replacing their human counterparts isn't that unique of a premise, in many cultures


How many of them are 3D shadows?


unsure, though a quick google search did bring me to this: https://www.thepunkwriter.com/article/doppelg%C3%A4ngers-and-shadows-exploring-the-power-of-the-inverted-foil-in-narrative-design




Many cultures had people who were considered abnormal or strange because in reality they were neurodivergent, gay, or women. Instead of accepting that these were people who were different, many cultures developed myths about changelings to “other” these radical humans, so people didn’t feel bad about treating them poorly.


And as resorces could get to picking who would live and who would die being able to dehumanize some made expelling or killing the rejects easier. Gay only when it broke up the monogomist partner way of deviding tasks and having as many children as possible back when a tribe not having enough children could result in it's extinction. This monogomist partner thing in some cultures was after agreculture alowed STD to develop and deviding the land up was needed. But other cultures say ancient Greece some cities or Japan gay was was fine within the sturcture and male bi sexualilty a given. Women who were of the old religion to be gotten rid of for that reason otherwise as long as they breed the other status just to justify harsh treatment to keep in line but rarely killing by intent of society although of course over abusive men killed some. Humans for most of existance in primitive tribes often with a nightly orgy everyone participates often had no problem diealing with alternitive sexualities. But anything that limited productivity often would result in removal of that member the tribe could not affort to carry dead weight having no way to store reserves from good years to deal with the bad. Above only general statements human beavior is broad. Make love not war though works great when done.


john has such stupid energy he just stumbles backwards into valuable information each time, what a guy


John has big Golden Retriever energy.


Calling it now, John going to be chosen as a star bearer before Kate.


Don't jinx it, I want this to happen lol


John is the very epitome of "it's not dumb if it works", lol


There was a ton of information and theories this episode and I'm amazed how well they sold it. Although half of the stuff is is heavy when you think about it, I had trouble enjoying their conversation.


It was basically an episode of discussions and lectures and an excellent entertainment experience as a result! > Although half of the stuff is is heavy when you think about it, I had trouble enjoying their conversation. I did think they handled it well though. Very levelled headed pair of kids.


Hyper Emilico was the cutest thing ever


The sudden desire at 3AM to clean the entire house.


Now we know what sort of drunk Emilyko will be lol


Turns out that cofee just contained loads of sugar.


Or basically just caffeine. Some people gets hyper on caffeine


She's the very definition of 'squirrel on caffeine'


So Shaun and emilico have finally caught onto the shadows being imitations of the humans. As well as the veiled dolls. Must be such an earth shattering revelation to realise your whole life is a lie basically. I wonder if we’ll ever see them in the real world. Jeremiah had me worried for Shaun and John there for a second lol. Thought they were really behind the shadow attacks. Another cliffhanger! Things are getting really tense, excited for next ep


I'm beating myself up for hating Emilico in season 1. I have fallen in love with Kate and Emilico. I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS! She's note a cutesy mascot, she's just daring and to my surprise, cunning. The best scene of this episode was Kate falling on the floor. Shadow House had such a slow introduction, like god, I feel everything was hidden in episode 1. Maybe it was visible, but I just couldn't catch on to any of the clues they might have had in the first episodes (they just seemed to boring and bland when I watched them). The rules that soot fairies follow is very entertaining. I wish I had binged the anime.


I rewatched season 1 right after finishing it the first time, and yes, there is definitely a lot hidden in plain sight, especially in those slow early episodes. That said, I think it's mostly the sort of foreshadowing that makes sense in hindsight, not the sort that's meant to let you predict what will happen next.


If it gets season 3 you will be mindblown.


Heck, I might have to rewatch before season 3 lands. I love being humbled by stories. Such a shame we don't get more than a handful of these animated.


Finally, the EmiKate bondage session we all had been waiting for.


Wasn't Emilico also acting like a dog a couple episodes ago?


That was because of the twins' soot powers


It might be a cute scene if not for the tears streaming from Emilico's face.


That was quite awful to watch.


I'm starting to think they're the ones who made the Belles break the coffee bottles, though I'm not sure why yet. Maybe to upset the starbearers.


* [**Emilico Stitch**](https://i.imgur.com/3RVZ36i.jpg) [Emilico asking the big questions here.](https://i.imgur.com/P0AUWd8.png) What will happen if their memories do end up returning? Is the Emilico we know now the same Emilico before or was she a completely different person? I do see Emilico being someone [who grew up working on fields](https://i.imgur.com/oUG2YwW.png) or even [someone working as a baker.](https://i.imgur.com/UOOBzm1.jpg) The birdwatching part was a bit of a stretch though. xD [Shaun making a good point.](https://i.imgur.com/uQX3IGj.png) Since they're humans, it's really the Shadow Masters who are copying their faces, not the other way around. It would also make sense that [their name is actually the name of their masters](https://i.imgur.com/zpAI7yS.png) making Shaun's name actually John and Emilico is actually Kate. I wouldn't be surprised if Shaun got this correctly. [Didn't expect Master Robe to actually confront Emilico.](https://i.imgur.com/evkam8h.png) I thought that Master Robe might be Christopher in disguise but after listening to Master Robe's distorted voice, it sounded very feminine. Also, Master Robe is neither an enemy nor a friend which I guess is good, for now at least. [Another rejoicing party and so early too!](https://i.imgur.com/u9OhmfP.png) Well, this is interesting. The Star Bearers couldn't have gotten more "coffee" considering how they're refusing to tell the adults about the Phantom Incident. This means whatever they mixed in that coffee, it's definitely not Lord Grandfather's soot [which is what Kate immediately concluded](https://i.imgur.com/Hv0Gnjq.png) after observing Emilico being extra hyper. [John and Jeremiah's interaction was pretty fun.](https://i.imgur.com/1HVCGzY.png) Turns out that they were just riling John up so they can get a sample of his soot. Also, it turns out that Jeremiah and Jeremy were experimenting on Scorches [trying to replicate the Phantom on their own but they couldn't](https://i.imgur.com/kVwCJsl.png) which means the Phantom could only have been made using Soot Powers. Well, I guess that explains Master Robe's presence during the incident. [That's very optimistic of you John.](https://i.imgur.com/iCmVao7.png) Not sure what the Star Bearers want with him but I'm sure it's not because he did something praiseworthy. I wouldn't be surprised if Kate will be there too.


> Master Robe's distorted voice, it sounded very feminine Do keep in mind that in the last season Edward used a feminine voice to confront Emilico in the last three episodes, so it could still be anyone else.


> Do keep in mind that in the last season Edward used a feminine voice to confront Emilico in the last three episodes, so it could still be anyone else. Robe is Edward confirmed. /s


Edward playing 4D chess lol


It would be kind of brilliant, though. He'd only have to frame Kate for it and he would get rid of both her for treason and the Star Bearers for covering it up.


No funny screenshot of tied up Emilico falling down and sleeping with her head to the floor? For some reason, it reminded me of that Mr Bean church sketch. lol


> What will happen if their memories do end up returning? Interesting question happening in Made in Abyss with Reg asking himself the same too. If their memories come back would they be the same personality-wise or would they turn into a different being? In both series I can see a huge personality shift if that happens because of how many memories they have lost, their entire life if you think about it.


the reason they had robe sama be present during the incident was so shaun could smell him since they cut them meeting in the first season , same with robe picking up emilico's map this episode


> it sounded very feminine That ED can't be made of blanks.


Master Robe got that Cart Titan voice


That interaction between Emilico and Robe really has me convinced it’s Christopher or his face. He isn’t against her, but can’t trust her because he hasn’t seen enough to deduce her motivations.


Depending on the timeline of when the shadows and dolls combine into one being, it could be both. Or the two of them are in the middle of that process.


I’d wager that like Kate, Christopher doesn’t agree with how the mansion is run, which would explain why he is a taboo subject. I don’t think he would willingly subjugate his face and erase their identity/personality like the other adults have done.


> He isn’t against her, but can’t trust her because he hasn’t seen enough to deduce her motivations. He may have also decided, via eavesdropping, that their agendas do not have any specific alignment that is useful to him.


That was a really nice way to open the episode. Just Emilyco and Shaun having a scene on the roof that’s highly informative. Bringing up a lot of good points about the lore and the dynamic between them and their shadow. Possibly teasing an eventual escape from Shadow House to the outside world. Also strengthening their ship just saying. The rest is pretty much a showcase for why Kate/Emilyco and John/Shaun are just the best. I was legit scared for Emilyco and John that they’d have to have another grueling scene of deprogramming. Instead Emilyco caffeinated and under the power of suggestion is just a hyper goober. Great scene of Kate deducing what happened and realizing that. Personal highlight is the whole second half with John and Shaun. John is just hilarious as always, but he trying to keep up with Kate’s “faith” in him leads to him trying to play detective. Turns into a poor Holmes and Watson scenario with Shaun trying to wrangle John, but they still a managed to get useful info out of Jeremiah. Who quite frankly is my spirit animal. Love their dynamic where his human is his translator. Interesting cliffhanger. What do the Star Barers want with John? Hmmm Notes - A nice if bittersweet moment with Emilyco and Shaun thinking about what their life was like in the village. They were robbed of a normal life when you think about it. - John’s got a one track mind. Jeremiah and Oliver aren’t suspects because they’re no threat to him winning Kates heart. And I guess the other thing. - Alrernative energy in the Shadow House! Down with Soot Coal up with Hamster wheels with adorable Soot Sprites. - Hardest laughs were Emilyco crashing from the coffee slamming face first into the floor and John getting bored within seconds so Jeramiah switched to visual aids.


There's a part from the first season where they mention dolls are sold to the shadow house, so both emilico and Shaun were sold by their parents at some point due to circumstances and that's why they are there.


life in the villages seam to be one of brainwashed servitude to the Shadow lords everyone at least pretending to be happy. Did not seam like a very good normal life. Still totally losing yourself to your shadow not as good. A more cooperative less explotive relationship might be a good thing shadow to face and might not require forgetting.


Really hope John's ~~not in too much trouble~~ getting praised in the next episode!


I’m sure Barbara will have A LOT of praise to shower on him and Kate in the next episode.


He's getting a participation certificate! ^^^^. ^(Participation in Treason against the house perhaps?!)


> Less effort. Jeremiah is a mood.


[Her falling asleep like this was truly funny and in her nature.](https://i.imgur.com/5nGQ8VQ.png)


*Being summoned to the star bearers room* Kate: I must be careful. I'm in trouble. John: They must be praising me!


The starry night scene is so freaking wholesome. Though, as a fellow nearsighted person, I'd say Shaun probably couldn't see anything except, like, 2 stars without his glasses lol... Hooray for a John-centered episode! The stoic, deadpan attitude of Jeremy + Jeremiah are such a great contrast with the enthusiastic John.


>Though, as a fellow nearsighted person, I'd say Shaun probably couldn't see anything except, like, 2 stars without his glasses lol... Damn, I'm lucky I can see the moon! But this reminded me that Shaun needs glasses. It must suck to have to walk around with low render distance


I wouldn't be able to leave the bed with the migraines I would be having.


Optimize for frame rate!


*comes up with the idea that Oliver is interested in Barbara and not Kate* "Alright, that settles it. Oliver is not sus." Gotta love the way John's brain works.


I saw robe vent out of attic


"Why do you always go for the most dangerous path?!?" Because it's fun, Shaun. Think that the conversation between Emilico and Shaun felt a lot like a infodump, but really liked Johns investigation into Jeremiah. Oh and the Starbearers must be really desparate to come up with a makeshift coffee that doesn't even work really


>Think that the conversation between Emilico and Shaun felt a lot like a infodump Infodump was the Great Grandfather asking Edward to explain the truth about unification out of nowhere, here Emilico and Shaun are figuring out information they had no way to know before.


You're right, just didn't know how to express that


lol everything can generate power so long as it can run on a hamster wheel. This weirdly reminds me of Yuri Kuma Arashi's bear-powered generator.


That was hilarious. But also quite interesting, if they're considering upgrading from soot coal!


Decarbonization is the way, even shadows house agrees we need to transition to more eco friendly power sources


I wonder if we can turn our own soot/carbon emissions into cute quadrapods powered by hatred?


when you think about it, we have been watching a slave simulator anime.


The slaves are ~~revolting~~ philosophizing on the roof!


Two level as the shadows seam to be slaves of a more privlaged type maybe even three level if you consider the faceless.


Hmm, you [hide it well](https://i.imgur.com/bFlAh2W.jpeg) [Interesting that this is a surprise to them.](https://i.imgur.com/K4tChnt.jpeg) Is it that it only clears up at night, and they're never out then? Or is it that there's a soot production shortage, so the soot clouds hovering overhead are sparser than usual? [That's pretty good!](https://i.imgur.com/vyeWVMh.jpeg) If you could just invent electricity now, you'd be set forever!


All told, at night the "dolls" are usually cleaning, or going to sleep in their windowless boxes of rooms.


> Hmm, you hide it well When you run at 150/100 genki levels, a depression drop to 100/100 can be a bit hard to notice!


I really wish the show hadn't had that hamfisted lore dump at the end of Season 1 where we learned the truth about the Shadows and where the humans come from. It would have been much more effective storytelling, and much more fun, to learn along with the kids as they try to puzzle out the truth like this.


I think they were given actual coffee. Emilico described it as bitter, she had an excessive amount of energy, and then crashed without warning. Totally something that would happen if you gave a kid coffee for the first time.


That conversation between Shaun and Emilico was very special


It really was. Very much filled with "I can believe they went there" type topics given how taboo it feels to even think about such things, let alone have an open and free conversation about them. The whole episode had a little bit of that tone, where the characters felt like intelligent, analytical people responding to and thinking about their situations in an entirely naturalistic way. One of the best written episodes of the season for me, for pulling that off and keeping a conversation that had no particular destination so riveting. Speaking of intelligence, I also thought it was a really nice showcase of just how intelligent Emilyko is. She leads the conversation, because she is also a thought-leader, she thinks out of the box, and leads with her ideas. Normally we just see her doing that through her actions, so it makes it look like she doesn't think that much. But she's philosophical, imaginative and willing to just run with the ideas that come to her. You'll never come up with something new if you're not willing to come up with many things that are silly beforehand.


Shaun Emilyko shipping going well


Wow, Emilico and Shaun really catch on fast and deduced a lot of stuff this episode. For all we know, Emilico was probably a Jack-of-all-trades before she came to Shadow House. First contact between Emilico and Robe-sama, though Robe-sama claims he/she's neutral and won't get in the way whatever Emilico and Kate are planning. Just as we despair at thinking that the Star Bearers seem to have one-upped Kate's rebellion by hitting them with a pre-emptive dose of brainwashing coffee, thankfully it was just a ruse and whatever coffee they served just wasn't as strong in brainwashing as it used to be prior to the sabotage. The Star Bearers seem to be very afraid of reporting this sabotage to the adults, as it'll mean certain "death" for the Shadow masters for this negligence. So now they're onto interrograting John/Shaun and probably Kate/Emilico one on one to try and catch them unawares.


Emilico being just a genki farm girl makes the most sense for me.


That said, she's probably actually the star of the hit show "*Emilyko's Sailor Uniform*".


John being ordered to go to the Star Bearers' meeting room is worrying... Then again, the title of the next episode makes me think that they're going to ask him to investigate the coffee incident too? The weird state Emilico was in is somehow even more terrifying than when she's brainwashed.


Also how Oliver looks more serious than usual


The rooftop scene with Emilico and Shaun us wholesome as they reminising their past and thought their origin before shadows house. The surprised night of delight is intense. And Kate thinks that the coffee is just normal and the one effecting Emilico is from a starbearer soot power. And she suspects Benjamin has that ability. The next part is John and Shaun investigating. And they meet Jeremiah and Jeremy. That tells them about scorches and their research about enery source using them. Its pretty good lore dumping. And John is funny as ever. Overall good episode


Damn Shaun's really smart! What he's saying really seems like the most logical thing from our perspective too.


Another episode that went to some lengths of either theory crafting in world, or exposition. Don't mind it at all though, it's done really well. Very wholesome moments, including remembering and wanting to get Rum back. I guess the next episode title is a bit of a spoiler for the cliffhanger then.


John disqualifying Oliver as a suspect because he is in love with Barbara and therefore will not chase Kate is so funny. The characters are so strong in Shadows House, and I'm always looking forward to more of their interactions, along with more reveals about the greater mystery. Feels underwatched for how quality it is.


I was actually shocked Emilico and Shaun talked about being human and what it entails so openly and so honestly. That was actually incredible. That shows the level of trust between them in such and an incredibly mysterious society. John getting those new information was very precious and an incredibly well-done job. His assumption was actually really decent considering the facts known. I believe Kate will be proud of him once he reports that to her. He deserves it. I also like how the suspect just clears things up and doesn' abuse his power to silence him or something. He seems like a decent guy. Makes sense to research scortches (fuck English, I had to look up how to spell it). Emilico drinking the coffee, she saw she had no choice and it was unexpected, so she relied on Kate (who she thinks is smarter than her) to deal with it and not causing any suspicion.


Kate making theories about Benjamin when it was clear Emilico was just hyper because she drank normal coffee and didn't sleep well, that's caffeine for you. [Favorite line from Shaun so far.](https://i.imgur.com/43Rlcnq.jpg) Pointing out how Emilico's love for Kate is the same as John's. Of the 2, Emilico is the only one who gets serious scenes with Kate, which is good for me. Thanks Shaun. Shaun asking how Kate knows the living dolls are humans is the most intriguing question they had at the roof. John figured out some info, like phanthoms can't be created just trying to combine the scorches naturally. But now he's in trouble.


I see the best way to show John has common sense is just showing how everyone else is just as crazy. Emilico sleeping in different positions while tied to a chair. *Checks notes* According to the paper that means it will snow soot tomorrow morning and all Tsun will be 50% more dere than usual. It kind of sucks that they ruined the Rum reveal last season. Finding out she was alive and seeing her was one of the best moments.


> It kind of sucks that they ruined the Rum reveal last season. Finding out she was alive and seeing her was one of the best moments. Iirc last season they stated that the veiled dolls lost their shadows. Did the protagonists know this info?


I think this is new information for them. I remember them explaining veiled dolls were important, but don't think they talked about their shadows.


Wait... did we see she's alive?


[Final episode](https://imgur.com/kHaQyVT)


Yeah we saw her at the very end last season. We didn't see her complete face, but we saw her kiss Shirley's ribbon. Actually we might have seen her whole face just give me a second to check.


my face when they said "rejoicing party" NOOOOO


When did they find out they were Human?


Kate told Emilico and later John and Shaun. I binged this in a day and a half so it's all blurred together but I think it was in one of the later episodes of season 1, like ep 11 or 12. I think it was after they drank the coffee for the first time and Kate broke Emilico's brainwashing.


You were right. Thank you. Episode 11.


John's optimism is a great cliffhanger!


It would be nice to have some screentime for the other pairs (Louise/Lou, Patrick/Ricky) as well. I feel like this season so far has been too focused on Kate and John.


very chill discussion on the roof


When's episode 7


Did they change Emilico's voice actress in this episode? Or did she have a cold or something? She sounds off......


they should really add the manga chapter for each ep, its sometimes a pain trying to find it yourself


episode 7 just came out!