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Initial D made up for it's bad cg with amazing music and exciting street racing


To be fair, the first seasons are rather old and CG back then wasn't that great in general, it may have been even better than the standard at first.


The way of the househusband.. if you could really even call it animation more so than a picture collage.


As far as I know that was intended that way tho. 🤔


Higurashi When They Cry. The art and structure is good most times, the animation tho is horrendous. But the story and writing is real damn good so it carries the show.


Kingdom. The CGI was a little wonky in season 1, but it improves drastically in later seasons, and the story is incredible..


everyone seems to recommend the manga over the anime though


I haven't read the manga so I can't really say if it's better, but I absolutely love the anime. It's well paced


The anime cuts out an arc from the manga and censors a lot of the violence I normally like to dunk on manga purists, but in this case the manga really is infinitely better (and I love the anime)


Cop Craft. One the worst action animations ever made, but story is very solid.


Nice to see some cop craft love...loved the show, the world building...but oh yeah...the action animation needed definitely abit more work...it deserved better


Legend of the Galactic Heroes OVA has average animation but has the greatest war story ever told in anime history.


Kemono Friends. The first episodes have probably the worst 3D CG animation i have seen until Ex arm came up. But it ended being a very fun and charming show since the characters where really good, and the story was surprisingly interesting with that intriging world building that contrasted with the cutenes of the characters.


I think you should also mention the other anime directed by Tatsuki, Kemurikusa


One piece. The animation and pacing is sometimes unforgivable, but the quality of the story often still comes through.


Ascendance of a Bookworm


Kingdom, due to its first season for turning people off


Sakurada Reset doesn't look *horrible* but looks very bland and uninspired, and the animation is mediocre at best. No visual identity whatsoever Amazing story and ending though, really. The OST is also beautiful and makes up for it's dull visuals as well.


Kotaro Lives Alone


The original Macross was a notoriously troubled production, with episodes that looked [something like this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km45Nus0GJE) being more common than you'd probably like, and at the extreme end, there was even one episode that infamously aired missing basically all of its in-between frames. But the story and characters are compelling enough to see it through. [The movie](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTKtRkQHzHw) helps forgive a lot of sins as well, lol.


Kumo desu ga nani ka


first cour was fine. second cour was terribad


I mean, i just finished watching and it was pretty enjoyable. The animation was 6/10, story 7/10, the way she powered up 8/10 music, 6/10, and the characters 7/10. Solid 7/10 overall


Try watching bd version, it's a lot better experience compared to tv one.




Hi Score Girl. A great coming of age romance that’s concise and doesn’t over stay its welcome. Unfortunately, it is UGLY. The CG work is, at its best, mediocre. It’s clear that a ton of money wasn’t put into the show, but it’s characters make it work regardless.


Ex arm


There are plenty of anime that are very limited in their motion or aren't super animation intensive, which I think are worth watching for their other aspects (Blue Period was the first to come to my mind here). I can't think of anything that looks actively really bad that's worth watching though. Animation is a visual medium, visuals matter a lot more here. The same applies to games too, animation is especially important for games because you have to be able to know what each character is doing. I doubt that there are any games with outright bad animation that are actually good, because visuals are super important for conveying player interactivity.


To be fair, you could make an argument that early 3D Games on N64, PSone & even early Windows to some extent didn’t have animation that has aged objectively well by today’s standards As much as I love QUAKE, the animations for the enemies tended to be capped at a low frame rate making their movements pretty choppy. And even recently SCP: Containment Breach had NPCs that didn’t even have a proper walking cycle animation, making it look like they were sliding on the ground when moving. But those are both beloved games. Fire Pro Wrestling also is a game that while complex & fun in gameplay, has pretty ugly graphics even by the standards of 90s, but the game is just too fuckin’ fun to drop, it has more thought put into gameplay than visuals & it works to it’s favor.


I would disagree with that argument. The animations for games on those systems are aware of the limitations of their visuals and animate around them. Games like Mario 64 and FF VII are amazingly readable and expressive, and they have great art direction to boot. Other games obviously aren't as great as those two, but if they don't at least have animation and poses that you can understand as a player, or somewhat appealing artwork (ie. just being visually competent), I can't imagine the game being very good. The only things in these games that haven't aged well are the actual 3D character models, but if the game is good, it will probably make them, at the very least, readable and efficient.


Golden Kamuy maybe


Nah its good enough to not be called bad


Well the quality does get better with every season.


Ping Pong the animation Although you can debate whether that is really "bad animation".


It doesn't have bad animation in any way. It has a specific art style.


PPtA has one of the best animation in the entire medium, there’s no arguing with that at all. The art style can be debated though, but imo even that is amazing. But looks to me like you’re confusing art style with animation.


PPTA is one of the best looking shows ever made imo. You really can't in good faith consider it bad animation. Its visual style is a massive part of what makes it so good.


Fang of the Sun Dougram. Then again the quality the series is available in doesn't exactly help either.




I wouldn't say Overlord has "bad" animation outside of the wonky CG.


That's like saying, "i wouldn't say Hitler is evil, take out the world war and he is good"


Kemono Friends season 1 Kemurikusa both of of these anime are directed by Tatsuki and have really good worldbuilding


Hello World, but the only bad thing about the animation ks the cgi. That aside, it's an amazing movie.


100% Beck.


Toshi Densetsu Monogatari Hikiko


Summer Days with Coo - one of my favorite anime films even if it’s lacking in animation quality. In terms of shows, the early volumes of RWBY have bad animation (low budget) but great story.


The quality of the story vs art/animation of Qualidea Code has an inverse relationship.


Black Clover


Bro Black Clover Has atleast good animation


Ginga Nagareboshi Gin its really old but good but hard to find


Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo


People honestly consider this show to have bad animation? Maybe my standards are just low...


I suppose that the technical animation isn't bad, but I consider the animation style to be atrocious.


Kingdom is exactly that, although you're much better off reading it


Ahiru No Sora. Basketball sports anime. Very story and character driven, except they barely animated the actual matches. If it wasn't for the slideshow animation, it probably would've been up there with Haikyuu!!. They were able to churn out 50 episodes in two cours though.


Record of Ragnarok. There’s limited animation (8 drawings per second) and then there’s “power-point” animation, which let’s say is 1 drawing per every 5 seconds. Record of Ragnarok is the latter. Surprisingly, the lore and exposition were interesting and the fights, though god-awful, were so meme-worthy ([example] >!the fight between Adam and Zeus!<), they were entertaining at times.