omg the thumbnail they decided to use for Tomodachi Game lol


People are going to look at that and think it's a BL anime.


ikr XD it might cause some disappointment for ppl who watch the anime for BL


8 and 9 are the Lgbt representation here Edit: and 3!


1 as well (from Chika's perspective) with Shirogane x Herthaka heating up the rap battlesphere.


Fujoshiwara Chika will grow up to be a politician who champions LGBTQ rights for the sole purpose of creating irl ships to draw fan art of.


Original author be like "Write it down!!"


AnimeCorner's chart making staff consistently choose great images, and it's always fun to imagine that's how the characters are reacting to the changes in the show's rank.


u/Abysswatcherbel v AnimeCorner staff for the best frame picks every week.


My vote is for AnimeCorner. The weekly karma ranking in r/anime has great images for each show, but they stay the same throughout the season. AnimeCorner, on the other hand, chooses a pic from each week's episode.


My only issue with the Anime Corner images is that they can be a little spoilery at times. Like if someone was an episode behind for Tomodachi Game and saw that image, it would spoil them big time.


My case, rip


Won’t be surprised if next ep it’s the girls kissing lol


Hopefully they don't blueball us like Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 🤣


Lmao,tomodachi game banner though why did they choose that one


Because it is now Homodachi Game, welcome to your first BL


I misread that as "Hondomachi" and was about to remind everyone to watch ID:Invaded.


i was about to forget to remind everyone about watching id:invaded


Homodachi game? LMFAO


You know exactly why.


To get everyone in the mood for some BL action


Homodachi Game


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


What's up with homodachi game 🤨, you are free to spoil me tho


[Spoiler Tomodachi Ep6] >!One of the main character kissed another (two dudes), 100% out of the blue, when neither of them was known as gay before - one of them seemed to have feelings for a girl, and the other actually dated girls. The episode ended on this, and it was one of the biggest 'wtf?' on this show, and that's saying something for a show that's all about unexpected twists!!< [Spoiler Tomodachi prediction] >!That being said, I doubt any of them is gay - even the one who initiated the kiss -, probably just a scheme. (Makes sense when you watched the whole show). Just throwing it out there in case you want to pick it up thinking it's "boy love" anime!!<


Lol looks like it's worth a watch XD


Look at the pic chosen for tomodachi game


ok so episode 5 of summertime render has to be in top 3 right? RIGHT??


It's crazy how consistent and great the adaptation is, even if it's being Disney Jailed. I think word of mouth will make it creep up there. It'll have long legs. Top 3 will be hard though. It doesn't have the meme or comedy potential and will have to fight Kongming


Summertime Render deserves to be in the top 3. Disney why??


People really hyping this show up. I was fine with only watching kaguya+spy and having a chill spring anime watch but I might have check out this show, sounds really interesting.


Yes, at least check it out. Supernatural/mystery/ thriller type of series. Stands out from the rest of the series this season with having more of an intense storyline.


If it is like Higurashi then I need to watch it


That is the closet comparison I see with it. Watch it!


Someone compared it Zelda Majora Mask


Read the manga, haven't seen the anime but I can probably guess what scene you're talking about, and yeah if this season wasn't filled with straight bangers then it could have been top 1


Leave it to the Rap arc to push Kaguya to 1. Incredible episode though. Could have easily kept it simple, but they went completely off with it. Enough to surpass the worlds most adorable wreckless spending of Black Ops budget. A 14 point pop for Executioner came out of nowhere. Very nice. At least Shield Hero is Rising Somewhere with an apparence in the top 10. Other than that not much of note. Though it’s criminal to lack LoveDom and Mobsekai. Fucking golf clap for the choice in image for Tomodachi Game. It’s as hilarious without context as it is with.


Tomodachi Game caught us all off guard with that lol




… the what?


Check r/halo right now, the meltdown is real (and justified)


Oh it’s even worse. Oh no. Halo TV was a mistake.


Halo has a tv series now? And its bad?


It started off pretty middling with the high point being any sort of combat, especially the battle in ep 5 being great. Its fallen so off the rails in the last 2 episodes


That episode of Homodachi Game was, as long as we're talking about single episodes in a vacuum, the strongest episode of any anime in this season, with it starting at the peak of a story beat and switching the gear upwards TWICE in a single episode (I'll keep this vague to be spoiler free) From the very get go we got the conclusion and "post mortem" of the traitor situation which is already thrilling on its own, then when Yuichi started his monologue I literally sat up at the edge of my sofa, and when Tenji changed the "T" in the title of this show to a "H" I literally fucking jumped up and watched the rest of the episode standing up covering my mouth in shock (I'm serious). Again, as long as we're talking about single episodes in a vacuum this was the strongest ep of any anime in this season




That Executioner episode felt like what most anime would have used as a season finale.


Yeah I believe that is because that is where the first light novel ends. The following episodes will begin the next LN, I'm assuming.


I don't know until which day they consider to make this chart, but the episode of Machikado Mazoku did the same thing, it easily could have been the season finale with what they did and revealed.




Kaguya Sama pulling up a Ya Boi Kongming


I am not surprised though. I mean, not all clicks to rap.


Also the ED was banger too!


Nice to see Kaguya get to the #1 spot where it belongs. That last episode was peak, not even Loid speed-running mobs through a castle can compete with MC Miyuki


I just love that the episode that went hard on a chapter that was pretty simple was surpassed by an episode that went even harder on the same thing. Though I am equally impressed with the improvements Spy Family made on it.


Same here. I think the edge on Kaguya is by the fact that they also went hyper hard on the ED as well.


I considered SxF the better adaptation for episode 5, but Kaguya definitely edged over it with that banger ED.


Kaguya: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?(Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody)


**Blue ass**


**True love**


Yesh , my man.




**Nice Rhymes**


Miyuki is a rap god No escape from reality


Kabetaijin: Our battle will legendary!


Eminem been real quiet since episode 5 dropped


Deverses the top spot this week. Easily the best episode from the show so far. Edit Deserves*


It's definitely the best one in terms of production value throughout the series without a shadow of doubt


Glad to see The Demon Girl Next Door stay strong. Ganbare Shamiko!! ​ Also congrat to The Executioner And Her Way Of Life for the big jump this week. This show is really unique for an isekai and ofc has been great so far. Can't understand why people hated this show after watching just 1 episode. Totally deserves the 3rd place!


If you skim through the forums on MAL the people who dropped were mad that the white bread guy who'd normally be the MC of these shows was killed. Got quite a few people calling the show misandrist for the first ep and woke because of the main two despite the fact it's just doing the relatively normal yuri bait formula. Second part's mostly being said cause they're mad since in any other show it'd be making them salivate either way.


That's so insane to me. God forbid an actual female character leads an isekai anime, instead of a male character transformed into a woman somehow


Gotta love the right wing incel / weeaboo crossover crowd.


From my personal experience with anime, it seems it’s like a good 55% of the demographic tbh.


All because of MC MIYUKI


Large jump for Executioner. But it's probably gonna go down again in the next few episodes. Then jump again in the climax of the next arc. Haha. Machikado Mazoku maintaining its rank. Always glad to see CGDCT anime getting some attention since it's my favourite genre.


Executioner's 2nd arc is more consistent and has more interesting antagonists than the first so while it definitely is going to drop I think it has a good chance of staying in the top 10 for the rest of its runtime and maybe get another top 3 for its climax.


What's CGDCT stand for?


Cute Girls Demon Citrus Things


May I offer you a Lemon In these trying times?


“When life gives you lemon, you take them” -Mikan


"Hey, that's not enough Lemons, give me more!" - Mikan


cute girls doing cute things


God bless Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, gotta be one of my favourite genres


Cute Girls Doing Cute Things


Im not sure if machikado counts as cgdct tbh


Summertime Rendering working its way up. It is probably the best show of the season for me. It is interesting to imagine how it would be doing without Disney+ Jail.


Yea, i believe it easily could have constantly been up there with SxF and Kaguya from episode 1 if not the fucking mouse overlord


Easily best show of the season. The production makes it so much better. It’s hella immersive. Been quite a while since my heart beat like crazy watching a thriller/mystery show.


Best new show of the season for me, and it's not really that close. Each episode is such a ride




That 14-spot jump was insane


The show is really good, true yuri has broad appeal.


What is this show, tell me more


Executioner and Her Way of Life. Really good take on isekai but honestly id go into the first episode blind.


I’d really recommend going in blind. You’ll know if you like it or not pretty quickly.


Two yuri animes jump 14 spots back to back. Its no coincidence.


Still no bookworm huh


Myne had to lay low due to the plot of current season


Damn Nobles checking the charts each week. Stay strong Myne!


I think it might have a chance with one of the later episodes. Right now it is still setting up.


I think i should add the executioner anime in ptw cause thats a huge jump Mc myuki and sensei at the top


A bit sad to see Summer Time Render on the bottom half just because it's in Disney+ jail. The shows absolutely amazing, especially after last week and this week's episode.


Kaguya-Sama had a great episode this week. Miyuki is one of my favourite characters in anime, such a great character.


Miyuki underrated fr, but looking forward to more coming in the season with him. Glad he got [#1 boy of the week](https://mobile.twitter.com/AniTrendz/status/1524018920671244288) on this list too. lol


What a Shame. Kong ming drop. Ep 6 is such fire


Didn't so much drop as just not keeping pace with one absolutely incredible episode of anime and one outstanding episode in a great new series, both aiming for peak episodes where Kongming was very much a "next phase" episode. Executioner seems unlikely to be able to hold that spot, as next episode should be a "next phase" episode itself.


Plus Kongming explained it in the episode. He's probably biding his time to get maximum karma at the end of the season. Last 3 episodes of the season so that they can get that 100,000 karma and win the competition.


The picture is for Episode 7. We’re the votes before that episode? I could see the drop if it does as I feel like it is setting up Ep8 hard but we won’t see the full payoff until then. Regardless, it’s a show I wish more people were/could watch.


It is for ep 7 though. Told you they need to fire the anime more.


Great to see the Virgin Road jump! Easily one of the shows I've been looking forward to each week.


This jump is because of E6, right? It felt like the end of an arc/LN from all the Answers we got in a short space. I have the series on hold until the end of the season, but that's because E1-6 feel like they'd work just as well as a standalone OVA.


That show is great, and the best part is that if it does well it should be getting more seasons, it's not just a big commercial, JC Staff is even in the committee for it, like Railgun, can't wait for Kuroko and Momo crossover


> can't wait for Kuroko and Momo crossover God save Mikoto and Menou if those 2 get together.


A teleporting unstoppable beserker. what could go wrong?


Their combined horniness will pierce the heavens.


Technically Menou is implied to be weaker than Momo, so Misaka would actually make Menou's life a lot easier by frying Momo a couple times along with Kuroko


I can't believe how low its MAL score still is. People were underwhelmed at first I guess, but you'd think it would have rallied by now. I know scores aren't everything but man it deserves better. I've been enjoying it all along, and it REALLY kicked off last week.


mal scores are also reflective of big of a fanbase and viewership the show has. This is why nearly all card game anime never have a mal score above 6 because even their own playerbase don't watch it. The show typically needs a decently dedicated fanbase to give it good reviews because 3 star (out of 10) reviews get a lot of attention there.


I think some idiots were mad because their self insert got knifed in the head in ep 1


Thank god they killed that total jobber of a fake out protagonist. There should be more fantasy anime with actual fantasy characters as the POV instead of basic boy number 69.


I actually checked because im curious and they treat the boy as the innocent likable guy while menou (and momo) is completely vile and unlikable. They also said the show is horrible and feminist wet dream for killing the male *protagonist* in ep 1.


Obviously, female protagonist are a myth


If the first episode of Virgin Road was a feminist's wet dream, then the first episode of Shield Hero is an incel's wet dream.


I am behind by 2 episodes and seeing that 14 places jump is making me excited to get caught up!


I thought episode 5 wasn't very good, but 6 made me invested in the story again.


That's the number 1 reason for the 14 spot jump. First, it fell 9 spots from episode 4 to episode 5, and then it rose 14 spots from episode 5 to episode 6. A net 5 spot jump is still really good though.


I think I got lucky, in that I didn't have time to watch episode 5 before episode 6 came out, so I watched them back to back. If I had to wait a week after episode 5 I might have lost interest.


I was about to put it off on my "Hold" (which is already pretty fucking massive lol) because I honestly wasn't that hooked after episode 1. Looking at the jump and comments, I will be picking up the show. I don't think it's bad by any means, I just want to prioritize other anime.


From what I've heard, the first 6 episodes correspond to the first light novel. There are probably things that you expect to happen after watching episode 1, and most of these things have now happened, so right now it feels more open-ended than it did before.


The episode really makes you 10x more interested in the story. I expected something similar, but what was given was even better.


I have to admit Executioner (tho I don't like it that much) earned this spot.


Summertime Render had such a good last episode. I haven't read the manga but I'm sure we're in for a treat at its conclusion


Damn the 3 way battle between Aharen, Love After World Domination, and Executioner gets more interesting. The former two just barely missed out in ranking at 11 and 12 while Executioner jumps all the way to 3.


I’ve been watching spy x family weekly and it’s a good watch. Definitely recommend it to anyone for me.


The image of Tomodachi game though :DDDD


"The executioner and her way of live" really delivered on all that setup from previous episodes. Still didn't expect it to make top 3.




Sheild Hero is back I see


The Returning of the Shield Hero


The rising of the shield hero.


Well episode 6 concludes the arc and next will start an arc that I can’t wait to see the first 5 mins of bc hilarity ensues if they stay faithful


Is it \[Manga\]>!the labyrinth!< or am i missremembering things ?


Yes. The title of the next episode is literally that.


It was actually bearable to watch, the turtle wasn't horrible CG, Risha didn't make a single "Fwe\~" even if she got strong out of nowhere and the arc finally ended. I guess that after 5 horrible episodes one that is half decent is enough to break top 10


They skipped the training arc and What the hengen martial arts really is (that rishia is very compatible). That martial arts let 'common' people fight cardinal heroes. I still dropped the LNs later though


So the Shield Hero is finally rising...


Something is rising and it IS the shield hero


99% because of Kevin Penkin's banger OST


Honestly I was a big fan of the first season, well first part. Second season is kind of meh to me. Was surprised to see it ranked.


For a rom-com anime, Kaguya-sama has been step up their game with a new ED Also, according to the comments, this was animated by 18 year old. Really next level stuff that you wouldn't expect from A1-picture.


[@vercreek](https://twitter.com/vercreek?s=21&t=lVXTdkwAQKAYhOOz8dj4nQ) is the name of the guy who animated it. He does explain about all the help he got too.


>Also, according to the comments, this was animated by 18 year old. Really next level stuff that you wouldn't expect from A1-picture. People are saying he animated it all by himself but that doesn't seem to be true. He said himself A-1 animators helped him with it.


By himself meaning he did the main Key Animation and Character Designs, I believe. Exceptionally rare and generally not a good use of their talents to have your best animators doing the tweening or even secondary Key Animation.


A-1 is doing some great work recently, I totally expect that from them, especially going forward, the more troublesome projects Aniplex will send to CloverWorks, so A-1 should be doing only top tier shows


I wonder if they are testing grounds with Kaguya and previously 86 as they want to go all in with Nier Automata in the future lol.


86 was definitely a good experience for Nier, especially because of the cg and ~~ZR thighs~~


Please be true. Please be true. Please be true.


> they want to go all in with Nier Automata in the future lol. Finished the game a few weeks ago and boy the bar sure is high.


I had high expectatioins for Nier Automata too. The soundtrack is just OP. The plot can go endless eight while progressing too.


As it should be. Kaguya is just getting better and better lmao. And spy is mad great too!


Ganbare Shamiko!!


Chika: Yo, yo, yo. You thought we were done, down to number 4. We're number 1 baby. Get ready for our encore. ---- Executioner also had a well deserved 14 spot gain, just one week after falling by 9 spots. Don't believe the MAL score. It's a great show. Also, it's really nice to see Demon Girl Next Door and Tomodachi Game continue to hold down their Top 10 spots.


> Also, it's really nice to see Demon Girl Next Door The amount of plot and emotions in this one lately, been great!


If any anime was worthy of a 14 spot [jump](https://i.redd.it/mgx0zkxtwux81.png) and then holding down that spot, it's Demon Girl Next Door. We'll see if Executioner can emulate Demon Girl and hold down its #3 spot next week.


I’ve learned that MAL scores is one of the worst ways to decide if a show is good or not.


I tend to view MAL scores as dividing anime up into certain classes of anime rather than whether or not a show is good or not. There are certain aspects that will always earn a penalty from MAL voters, and certain cut-offs that seem to apply. 8.0+ usually involves a certain level of production values and a certain style of story telling. 7.0 means those restrictions are removed. 6.0 means they've normally found something to complain about.


shows generally don't have to worry as long as they are not in the 6's or below. Majority of popular shows are still in the 7's. Your show typically has to be really popular and almost front and center mainstream for an 8 or a high 7


tbh there's a lot of potentially interesting stuff in the 6-7 range too, but yeah generally speaking any score that's 7+ means probably good, and 8+ is reserved to the really, really popular stuff For reference, over a total of 20353 entries on mal, only ~600 entries have a score of 8+ (much fewer if we bundle together anime from the same series/franchise), ~3950 7+, and ~8950 6+.


It depends on the genre also. Battle shonen tends to always be mid 7s or 8 and anything below can be seen as bad. Isekai or fantasy, rom com low 7 and above. Harem high 6 and above. Card game 5 and above If you are a new series and of an unpopular genre, you will typically get lower scores. Also if you are a sequel, getting an increased mal score like above 0.5 over the prior is astounding.


For currently airing anime, it's very reactionary so I'd generally agree. But for anime that aired more than a few seasons ago, I've found it to be a good point of reference. Sure, there will be instances where you prefer an anime with a 7/10 rating over an anime with an 8.5/10 rating, but as a whole, you're significantly more likely to find a great anime from the ones with an 8.5/10 rating than you are from the ones with a 7/10 rating.


Pretty solid list. Good to see Executioner rise back up. Dance Danseur and Estab continued to be overlooked, but that's to be expected given the CGI of Estab and the subject of Danseur (and the weird-ass eyes). Also, the image for Tomodachi game is a bit of a spoiler. Kinda funny though.


I haven't watched this week's Tomodachi Game episode so all I get from it is "?????!!" It mostly reminds me I should actually watch the damn episode to figure out wtf is happening. So doesn't _really_ feel like a spoiler


all we ever needed was the rap episode! best ep. in the entire series!!


No one is talking abt DAL lmao. Pretty sad tbh. Ofc it's not the best episode but DAL has a special place in my heart since the beginning. I will continue to be a devote DAL lover


There are usually a few little comment threads for DAL each week on the AnimeCorner charts, because DAL fans are so pleased to see it rank here (and it doesn't rank in the karma charts). As someone who almost always partakes in the DAL comment chains, I have to say that this week, Kaguya and Executioner definitely deserve the focus.


I haven't been able to get into anime again for awhile now. But I absolutely love spy x family. So wholesome but also reminiscent of cartoons I used to watch when I was younger. Has a very nostalgic feeling to it even tho the show is not relatable in terms of the plot itself, to anything I have watched before. Just really fking entertaining.


Based Anime Corner appreciating the new Kaguya episode. Unlike a certain other platform...


Spy x Family this week made me cry for 20 minutes straight with joy and happiness. I loved it so much. I have started dipping my toes into Kaguya-Sama and I really like it but I'm only 24 manga chapters on and 4 episodes in.


S3 manga material is when peak and plot progresses to great heights, even S3 is titled as ULTRA ROMANTIC so go figure :)


This season AnimeCorner feels like it has really tracked the episodes well, and is definitely the most interesting poll to watch. Even if you don't necessarily agree with the respondents, it's great to see them collectively react to the shows as the episodes progress. Kongming, of course, explained the merits of a fall this week himself, topical as ever. You don't want to peak too soon! What's more, this week no show has fallen because it had a bad episode, instead they're all just from other shows having outrageously good (Kaguya, Executioner) or substantially better received (Shield Hero) episodes.


Props to Tomodachi Game for ***that*** twist. The image selected in the chart is perfect for it lol. Nice to see Summertime Render rising up again. The episodes have been ramping up lately making people post so many theories. Love it. So Spy x Family has finally been beaten. All thanks to the power of **Rap**, **Bohemian Rhapsody** and that ***amazing ED*** from Kaguya!


Using Bohemian Rhapsody is almost cheating at that point but obviously a very deserved win from Kaguya imo.


HiDive’s killing it


Summertime rendering gonna be no.1 soon.


I hope so


Holy sh*t, Shokei Shoujo jumped 14 places??


Summer Time Rendering holding a 6-7 position despite being in Disney+ jail makes me wonder what could have been if someone else like Crunchyroll or even Netflix had picked it up, imo is the anime of the season. PD: Glad to see the Executioner jumping so high, one of the hidden gems of the season.


It's because many people actually watching it from pirate site since it's hard to get the legal version


I know and that's my point, yeah so many people are watching it through piracy but think of the huge amount of people that don't pirate and relay only on Crunchyroll.


damn I didn't expect executioner to go up that high, the last episode was really good though to be fair


The top spot is gonna be a war between Spy x Family and Kaguya-sama, innit? And Date A Live is finally dethroned from 3rd place... the question is... what took it so long? But I wasn't expecting The Executioner and Her Way of Life to knock DAL one more spot. And Shield Hero is back. Yay.


Love After World Domination is so damn underrated. Desumi and Fudo are most adorable couple by far.




What happened to shield hero? Wasn’t season 1 really successful?


The number of voters has dropped drastically in these last two weeks.


Yes, it's been hopping around all over the place this season.


Ayo what's up with #9🤨


Okay, the rap episode was SO GOOD


Glad to see Demon Girl still up here gettin the recognition it deserves. Izumo Ito has truly crafted quite the comprehensive yet convoluted story that feeds just the right amount of foreshadowing and hints without being too on the nose about it. It’s a shame next weeks episode will have to be delayed for some golf tournament though.