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This Date a live resurrection is surprising. Ya boy kongming using its 36 stratagems to rise the ranks


*"From nothing to something"* we have to keep spreading the good word of our boy Kongming


Oh shit there's a kongming anime? I need to check that out I hope if there's cao cao it's the modern view of him


..... you might want to read the description first. It's not exactly a historical anime


Kongming gets transported to modern Shibuya. It's wild and hilarious.


And the opening is a banger


For Kurumi we rise.


>This Date a live resurrection is surprising. It's amazing what happens when popular, top tier material gets a director and studio that actually care.


I hope this happens to Spider Isekai.


I know it’s a low bar but man Geek Toys has DAL looking its best ever. It’s nice to see this series finally get treated with some care.


Now if only we could get an OVA series to properly readapt Tobiichi Angel, Tobiichi Devil, and Itsuka Disaster.


I’d be ok if they delayed season 5 to re-adapt those for a season 3 remake lol


Hot Game studio also put their own resources into making sure the anime looks good.


also making a really strong sales comeback in Japan https://www.reddit.com/r/datealive/comments/u424h4/date\_a\_live\_iv\_bd\_3rd\_hottest\_item\_on\_amiami/


DAL is coming to claim the throne baby.


I expected Spy x Family and Kaguya sama to be top 1 and 2 but I'm so glad Ya Boy Kongming is in the top 5! It's soooo good!


Kongming is that good, eh? ....Alright let's see if I can cram a 23rd show into my schedule.


YES DO IT. I thought the same thing with my 20+ shows but i have no regrets - I'm addicted to say the least lol


What the hell you guys watching to get 20 shows in one season. I didn’t even know there were that many airing lmao


Haha I usually try to watch everything that airs in the season that catches my attention or I hear about thru these polls - using MAL helps alot to see what's airing as well!


For me it was MAL seasonal chart + keeping an eye on r/anime hype + watching a couple anitubers' season preview stuff... all of a sudden I had 14 shows I was watching...


>all of a sudden I had 14 shows It's weird how that happens every season too LOL


I usually end up watching the first episode of about 20 shows and drop majority of them over the first weeks and end up finishing like 5 of them


I understand completely. I rarely drop shows but lately it's been atleast 1 or 2 a season. I already shy away from certain genres I don't like, but for the most part, I just love the discussions on here so I tend to stick with most shows.


Yup I expect the rest of the season to look like this too , maybe a change when kaguya hits their peak but other than that this seems like it's gonna be the norm .


Well, I expect the rising of the shield hero to get lower if it stays the same as the first 2 episodes, but we’ll see what will happen. Also, it’s surprising to see the greatest demon lord taking 10th place and I don’t expect it will stay in the top ten from here on though.


Shield Hero 2 has been as boring as the end of season 1, and I don’t think that is unpopular. I would not be surprised if it dropped out or stayed near the bottom. I expect Aharen or I Quit Heroing to replace Greatest Demon Lord.


The reason for that is the fact that S2 covers one of the most boring arcs in the light novel. Good news is that this arc will act as a base for other arcs that are better than the first ones. I think S2 is ok, but S3 will be much better, it will carry the whole anime


Yeah I did watch the first episode of shield and it really didn't click with me either


I'll probably drop and maybe pick it back up when it ends. Not holding my interest as a seasonal. Season 1 had some pretty bad episodes as well but was overall enjoyable trash.


Yeah, Anime Corner Polls are like our Karma Rankings where they don't change drastically from week to week. I'm interested in seeing how Cuckoos will do once it airs. It was 7th on the most anticipated poll.


Will probably do well with Anime onlies, while getting absolutely shit on by manga readers.


i dropped that manga bro, zero regrets and I'm never touching ir again


Can i have some context? Even if Spoiler


I'm not the one you replied to, but it's probably because the manga has just sorta stagnated. Feels to me like it's falling into the Nisekoi trap, where it will sit for a year releasing weekly with no real development between any of the girls.


The non spoiler version is that the story goes completely off the rails, continually backtracks over any significant character development, and basically stops progressing the story in order to throw characters into bizarre situations.


Yeah if Spy x wasn't playing then Kaguya would hit the top spot otherwise this ranking is going to be pretty consistent for the rest of the season. Anya is just too adorable.


Spy is great not just Anya. The family Mr and Mrs Smith tirades too.


This here. The whole series is just fun all around. I love Anya as much as the next person, but I’d have to say Yor is easily my favorite character of the series.




I agree, shows on HiDive do tend to get overlooked more often. That being said, Kongming is also on HiDive and it's still way up there in the rankings. Hell, if it stays as good as it's been so far, it might end up being the show that *brings in* a lot of new HiDive subscribers, especially now that people don't have to pay for CR/Funi separately after the merger.


machikado not being up there is the surest proof that people have shit taste tbh


Nice to see Paripi that high, definitely the hidden gem of the season.


It's definitely not hidden anymore looking at the latest episode karma and the OP going places everywhere. The hidden gem title might as well be Summertime Render cause Disney+ locked it up lol or Deaimon.


Deaimon is soooo wholesome. First episode had me hooked. Hell, I even teared up a little.


summertime render has more members by quite a bit on mal, and it's only just had the first episode air, I definitely thing koumei is the more hidden one, but I'm not sure if it'll remain that way, but the initial hype for summertime render was definitely higher. that being said koumei has being rising in member count very fast


I need to know more about “Ya Boy Kongming” cuz that is a hilarious title


Kongming, the brilliant strategist of the Three Kingdoms era, wishes on his death bed to live in a world at peace. Just like that, he gets isekai'd to Shibuya on Halloween. After meeting a singer, and slowly realizing he's not on hell, he agrees to help her become famous. Its a really weird synopsis, but the concept works far better than you would expect. He uses variations of strategies you would have heard of in Dynasty Warriors games to get people to listen to EIKO long enough to actually give her a chance, and his budding bromance with the bar owner that pays their part time job is weirdly wholesome. Also, check out the OP. That's really the best recommendation anyone can give for the show.


I love the title as well, it’s not a direct translation (the actual one is *Paripi Koumei* which is more along the lines of “Party Komgming” if I’m not mistaken?) but it fits the style of this show so well premise: Chinese tactician gets reverse isekai’d to modern-day Japan, gets inspired to help a female singer named Eiko rise to popularity after listening to her sing. it’s got great animation (bless your hearts P.A. Works), Kongming & Eiko are dynamic but grounded in touching moments. the music is *catchy* as all get-out (especially the OP and ED) too


Kind of sad that it seems like DAL revived after my favorite arc got butchered in S3. Oh well it might also get rid of it's curse of being passed to studio from studio. Edit : grammar


I expected the competition between Spy Family and Kaguya to be closer but that doesn't seem to be the case (so far) even in this sub. I suspect these two will remain at the top for the whole season, switch around positions depending on the episode maybe. Komi only in 14th?!? Deaimon at 19th is a really good SoL which needs more attention. Strong start so far!


Netflix jail moment


Not to mention loaded season moment. In Fall 2021, even with Netflix Jail Komi was still able to snag [6th place](https://i.redd.it/i4wrfvbylh781.png) This season isn't as forgiving.


Well the length of the jail term wasn't as long and the current one (3 weeks from 2 weeks) and there's other contenders so I think it's cuz of these 2 that's it isn't too hot, I am kinda salty abt shikimori being higher than komi tho xD given how mediocre the first ep was


> Not to mention loaded season moment. I went into this season thinking I'd maybe pick up the few shows that were being hyped up. I'm up to 13 shows and eyeing two more (although Summertime Render is locked in Disney jail, so we'll have to see how the fansubs are).


I really love Deaimon too. Really wished it was higher. But people just don't like SOL


>I expected the competition between Spy Family and Kaguya to be closer but that doesn't seem to be the case (so far) even in this sub I think also have to factor in that Spy x Family is a popular brand **new** series (manga very popular beforehand)... so more hype to come in from the jump to be easier to get into verses a series on its third season (viewers will inevitably filter out with those that have not finished previous seasons to continue).


Waku waku motherfuckers


Spy X Family is brand new, and has crazy hype. Kaguya giving it this competition is what's impressive, imo, as well as Date a Live! But I think the premise for Spy X Family vs. Kaguya is also more allowing to a lot of male viewers. Either way, both started out great, and I'm stoked to see where it goes!


As a male, Kaguya Sama is one of the funniest shows I've seen in my entire life. If the male demographic is skipping the show because of it's romcom tag even with it's incredible hype and universal praise behind it, then they're quite frankly very dumb. But I guess that would be par for the course in a lot of instances.


I'm confused...since when is the male demographic avoiding romcoms? Especially on reddit


I’m surprised by how quickly popular anime seem to fade from public consciousness and popularity so quickly. Kaguya is was so hyped and had two whole seasons to increase its legacy, along with manga readers saying the series hits new heights in the third season, and while it’s still doing well, there’s a big gap between its already established cred and the new boys of the season like Spy x Family. Komi was hyped up and memed about for like two years straight with people constantly saying there would never be a Komi anime, it was too hard to adapt, making wishlists for the possible directors and studios, etc. It was finally confirmed, got two season with amazing production value, and people are already forgetting about it and complaining, saying it’s repetitive and slow and that they hate Tadano for being boring and having a bad design.


New anime always has an advantage over anime that requires watching past seasons to know current events. The more seasons it are, the smaller the amount of people voting for it. If someone wanted to catch up to one piece for example, that's like 800+ episodes right now right? A pretty severe example - but easily demonstrated barrier to entry for newbies. Demon Slayer and Attack on titan for example are exceptions to this rule because with any rule - there is always exceptions to it. I think it's doing pretty well all things considered.


I haven't caught up with Date A Live yet, but I've seen clips of the first episode and it looks really good. Ya Boy Kongming! holding strong at 4th which considering hardly anyone knew about it before airing and it airs on HiDive, is pretty fucking impressive. Not great for Shikimori though, which didn't get off the best starts. Personally I dropped the manga twice, so it's not really a surprise. Also my guilty pleasure this season is Greatest Demon Lord which sneaked 10th after what I thought was very fun and entertaining episode.


> Ya Boy Kongming! holding strong at 4th And 2 of the anime above it are Spy x Family and Kaguya which in Eiko's World are like performers with millions of Pinsta Followers.


Don't worry kongming has many strategies left




That's the power of the Thirty Six Stratagems


But how will these strategems hold up against top class masterminds: Loid...and Chika


I still haven’t watched Ya Boy Kongming! But I just read the first volume of the manga and it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve ever read.


Shikimori overhyped by r/manga


/r/manga suffers from echo chamber syndrome a lot of the times. Early complaints about the series were drowned out by downvotes, so I guess people there concluded that it must have been as beloved as Kaguya or Komi despite not getting the same amount of karma.


It's a perfectly good manga, it's just more niche than I think people actually realize.


Yeah i read the manga after 1st episode Its just another average highschool romcom Also i didn't like the mc


Same I didn't like the MC. MC was the reason I dropped the manga.


ONly thing I liked about it really was the OP. Such a banger


The op feels like it was made to please the manga readers cause it starts with some of the best manga panels shown as pics


I do wonder if Shikimori would have been received better if it had released before Bisque Doll/Marin and not right afterwards...


just watched 2nd episode. Every Date A Live episode has been visually appealing and very enjoyable. Feel too many isekais and shonens don't have the comedy or laughing factor.


I am a huge fan to romcom and slice of life anime. I really enjoy watching shikimori ngl, I think it did a pretty fine job.


Yeah, unless Shikimori has a pretty significant character glow up for that MC (because good lord, he needs it), I can't see myself continuing.


The series is basically a niche for gentle femdom, not sure if people realize that or not.


Wait, so if I (hypothetically) enjoyed the first episode... [](#spooked)


Enter the world with us


This seems to be going over a lot of folks' heads. In a lot of ways it's a matter of taste. Meanwhile, I wasn't interested until I watched the first ep and realized...


Looks like Ascendence of a Bookworm is going to get swept under the rug, too bad. At any rate, Summertime Render better be up there next week.


which is sad as it's a good anime but only going to be 10 episodes which will be odd choice for pacing.


Summer Time Render probably going to get fucked thanks to Disney Jail.


Prediction: Kaguya will stay in 2nd for most of the season though it may breach 1st in some key events. The worst would be 3rd. Spy will be 1st most of the time with possible dips to 2nd but would win the popularity contest this season. I thought that Shikimori would at least be at the upper half of the list but no it's near the bottom of the top 10. Edit: My Kaguya prediction didn't go too well.


> 1st in some key events If the [kaguya manga] >!rap episode and confession!< Is not 1st, i would be shocked


Might depend on how much effort they put into localising that scene. Stuff like that must be a pain to do well.


It will depend on what happens in the SxF episode, because there are a lot of moments in the manga coming up that are hard to compete with.


>thought that Shikimori would at least be at the upper half of the list but no it's near the bottom of the top 10. I didn t find ep 1 to be that great, although some sweet moments, but is only ep 1 so need to wait and see (also bisque doll, , Kaguya and other romcoms, outside of komi, which had its stronger ep being the premiere, took time for me to atleast enjoy so shikimori will prob be the same.)


i think shikimori is being passed off as yet another generic rom com by those who haven’t read the manga or who aren’t into extremely slice of life wholesome rom coms. i do understand that because the manga does start with 30 chapters of “i’m unlucky but my girlfriend is so cool”, it’s still really cute and hilarious and i think that’s why people watch or read it.


Some of the later antics between Shikimori and Izumi are hilarious For example: [Manga]>!Izumi catches his scarf on a tree, Shikimori does nothing to help!<, and hilarity ensues


Yeah show needs to hit later stuff in the manga or the anime is gonna keep giving people a bad taste.


Since that first episode was very nonlinear, that suggests they will keep doing that to an extent, but there's a limit to how much skipping around they can do with later stuff since it does build on itself to some extent. Then again, that first episode was nonlinear because the first couple chapters are basically episodic anyways.


I got halfway through the first episode and just felt like I’d seen everything in it before, it felt really generic


In a season that's as deep as this one, it's quite impressive that Spy x Family managed nearly 13%. And as expected Kaguya is #2 but not by that much with Date A Live hot on its tail. Meanwhile, Eiko is grinning uncontrollably as she sees Ya Boy Kongming's popularity continue to rise, passing both shows that were above her last week. The big question is whether she can eventually break into the Top 2. Outside of the Top 10 we have several shows that I personally feel should be much higher: Komi (14th) and Summertime Render (16th) which were both hurt by their respective jails, Deaimon (19th), Bookworm (20th), Demon Girl Next Door (22nd), Aoashi (26th) and Kingdom (35th)


People really loved Kaguya Shippuden, thought it would be closer to Og Kaguya on Anime Corner, we have to see how it goes in the upcoming weeks I agree with your recommendations and just need to add Dance Dance Danseur and Healer Girl, plus if people like over the top sports anime they should try Birdie Wing


That's fair enough. This season is just so deep. I'm currently watching over 20 anime, and I still feel like I'm missing out on some good ones. It feels like it's [last Spring](https://myanimelist.net/anime/season/2021/spring) all over again.


Ngl The OP of Paripi Koumei(Ya boy Kongming) is a great way to sell the anime to others lol.


Something Zhuge Liang would be proud of


Ya Boi Kongming is killing it. Their OP has to be in contention for opening of the year.


Date a Live having a strong premiere reflects here, good to see.


arguably even stronger 2nd episode just saw.


In a season of total bangers I’m not remotely shocked that this list could easily be 20 deep. Which explains why Spy Family’s share isn’t higher, but also make it even more impressive that it’s double digits. I’m surprised by what managed to hold on though. Tomadachi Game is trashy fun, but not enough to be in over quite a few shows. Best Girl Kongming is holding strong. Typical Nobody holding despite the air of “eh” around it. At least the sample size shot back up. Last weeks vote count was dismal. This should be in line with what the poll will look like for most of the season. I have so many shows that people should be watching. **Birdie Wing** is insane anime sports logic applied to golf meets near constant Bamco references. **Daeimon** is shaping up to be a super wholesome and funny drama. **Dance Dance Danseur** is a ballet drama from MAPPA which I’m surprised is ignored. **Heroines Run The Show** is the working girl show NOT made by PA Works this season and is great so far. **Aharen-san** is a personal favorite of mine since I really like the manga. **Ao Ashi** had a really strong first episode and it’s the sports drama I’ve wanted for a while. **Kunoichi Tsubaki** was just really cute. And out of all the Isekai shows this season I thought **Trapped in a Dating Sim** would get the love on AC. I’m surprised how damn funny it is.


Trapped in a Dating Sim needs a few episodes to really shine (the early chapters were a bit of a drag, too), but, unfortunately, with how stacked this season is, I don't think /r/anime will want to stick it out.


Top 2 is pretty much what I was expecting. Although, I certainly didn’t expected that difference in votes percentage between SXF and Kaguya Kongming and Executioner remains in Top 5! Hell yeah!


Alright,it's early in the season and I am hijacking this thread to promote more shows. This season shows outside of this chart that I would recommend to check out are... **Summer Time Rendering** ; I have my bias because I did read the source material before but this show is shaping to be a great *supernatural, mystery* show (if the adaptation of the whole 2 cours went as good as the first episode). And if you want to strap in and enjoyed story full of *wild ride,* this is the show for you. ^(\*but you have to...you know. watch it in the unofficial way.) **Dance Dance Danseur** ; An *activity base - coming of age* anime. This time the boy want to do ballet! The story focus around the struggle of main lead against a lot of things, others expectation, his abandoned dream, his masculinity, his teen hormones and more. **Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story** ; It's a *golf anime* with dual protagonists dynamic. One is more rough around the edge, powerful type and other is a innocent, bloodline prodigy. The stages of the show are switching between more moody underground and bright golf courses, this show is not ashamed to be silly and corny while take itself seriously. The golfing part is surprisingly engaging too. these were the shows that on the currently aired episode engage me the most and sit on top of my list this season for the time being.


Man I had Summertime Rendering on the PTW but I don't feel like sailing the high seas for it (I'm just lazy and enjoy being able to use my tv without having to connect my laptop). It's a shame it's in Disney jail.


No Machikado Mazoku ?


I'm glad Ya Boy Kongming is still doing well. The fact that it's only behind two sequels and one awaited adaptation is nice.


Love After World Domination is actually pretty fun. Glad it's in the top 10


Facts. I actually expect it to be higher but I'll take this.


Personally, I expected it to be under the radar. But yes, I do agree that it's been fun so far. I get a good chuckle out of Red Gelato firing critical hit after critical hit on Reaper Princess.


The first episode almost felt like a recap episode with the flashbacks and all. But it was presented well, I expect the following episodes to get stronger (especially if you read the manga).


I see Kongming's strategies are working.


romcom golden age


Date A Live at number three, and holding its own against Kaguya-Sama?! Grab your earpiece, and [let the date begin](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/15/5f/4a/155f4ac565d5c00749de66feb22f65ae.gif)! That really is a surprising result, given both the nature of the series and also anime corner's general demographics. Might be a good time to mention that the /r/DateALiveSpiritPledge mobile game is going to have a major revamp soon. Straight forward side-scrolling beat-em up, a dating simulator and collect-a-girl all in the same game. It was a very good "Date A Live" first episode, all said and done, playing hard to what makes the series a lot of very enjoyable fun, despite the main cast taking a back seat. [~~I find the appeal of Date A Live a bit hard to explain at times.~~](https://gfycat.com/FrankCandidKagu).


I played Date A Live Spirit Pledge as well. Surprisingly easy game when I whale a bit on a strong EX spirit will full sephira and not too bad on your phone space. Definitely recommend. 2nd episode probably even more enjoyable than first.


Maybe I’m in the minority but I’m suprised Aharen san isn’t here


yeah, I'm not a fan of it personally much, but it feels like it should be more popular, especially compared to shikimori San, which was just a worse implementation of these kinda generic high school comedy (romance? maybe Idk) shows that have been getting very popular recently


Shikimori’s first episode was slow. But they dropped the K-word right away, so it is an automatic winner for me.


It’s a gimmick manga. It’s only until the recent chapters that it actually became a good character focused series, which makes the “hype” from the manga readers seem weird. The anime will probably skip through those inconsequential gimmick chapters, to get to the meat of the character writing (as seen from certain characters in the OP and KVs). The first chapter was just there to set the *initial* dynamic, and nothing more. It’s sadly getting compared to MDuD’s *final* impressions, which is why it feels lacking. People should give it time. MDuD’s first episode had Marin be *the* most perfect example of a dream girl, while Shikimori’s very much “normal”. Also, the insane production values and Ecchi stuff. Add onto how people find a guy being clumsy “problematic”, which is just baffling… The couple is atleast dating since the start, so that at least keeps it from falling into annoying tropes.


Me too. It's one of my comfort shows of the season, next to Deaimon.


First 2 are expected and I have watched enough shows this seasons to tell this list is a good representation value. Kaguya is pure entertainment value with its comedy. Date A Live going stronger with 2nd episode, lots of funny moments, beautiful animation, and also builds up towards DEM again. Both take unexpected things to make audiences laugh and have fun. A good show ultimately needs to have enjoyable episodes and not bore people. I still don't get why Crunchyroll doesn't put Date A Live as a featured show. I watched Spy X and haven't read the manga, so I am waiting too see what happens next.


I read the manga and I can say for sure that the anime lives up to the hype! We will see Loid's search for a wife in the next episode and I can tell you it would be one of the most epic moments of anime in this season.


Spy x family hype!!


Glad to see Spy x Family and Kaguya at the top, but no love for Dance Dance Danseur and Birdy Wing? Sad.


Finaly justice for date a live


Spy X Family and Kaguya sama taking the first two spots are good. Shikkimori has potential I'll admit (hope it doesn't blow it). Despite the toku references I like Love Over Domination.


Will Shikkimori become any better? The first episode was only trying to sell that god damn smile of her and was pretty lame in any other point. I guess it’s wholesome sometimes but not enough that I would care. Or do I miss a point here?


did you care for shows like Takagi or Tonikawa? If not, then you likely won’t like the slow development of this show. It’s appeal is that it’s cute (like really really cute) and if that’s not what you’re after then it’s not for you


Personally, tonikawa caught my interest since the 1st ep but Shikimori-san's first ep wasn't on par.


Tbh Idk I'm not a source reader for this. I'm only going by the first episode I thought it was fine, so this isn't something you should ask me.


The gap between 1 and 2 is higher than the gap between 2 and 8 12.93 - 8.56 = 4.37 8.56 - 4.35 = 4.21


Really shows how people are anticipating SxF adaptation. The fact that Wit and Cloverworks did a good job for EP1 also help a lot obviously.


I did not expect to see Ya Boy Kongming so high up. I mean it's the first anime I was grinning like an idiot start to finish, but seemed obscure a bit


Ya Boy Kongming has to be the biggest surprise in this anime season.


Need anime that makes us think anyway. Had enough fapservi d.


Are there any serious non-comedic anime that just released this year?


Tomodachi Game and Summer Time Rendering are not comedic at all and are quite serious. STR has strong Higurashi/Steins;Gate Zero vibes to it.


Summertime rendering but it’s behind Disney jail


As the other comments have said, Summer Time Rendering is a mystery drama mainly so go for it for a non-comedic show. I'd like to add Ao Ashi if you're into sports, though it does have some comedy, those mainly lie in reactions. Ao Ashi is about a boy's path to becoming a pro, he gets to learn about tactics, styles, and how to work in any team. It is a realistic take on the path to professional play. It even focuses on European like football and references European players and teams which is a lot more interesting than the typical J-league or High school championship.


I never expected Paripi Koumei to be so high up, but it's well deserved


Executioner has been really good with an interesting plot. Excited to see where it goes


Demon girl next door not being on this list is a crime, but I guess theres not much reason to get hidive just for a comedy when crunchy is awash in them. But hidive has Executioner AND Ya Boy, so hopefully Demon Girl gets caught in their deserved rising tide


Great that executioner is top 5. It really is the best isekai this season and i dont think its close.


I'm always hyped for a new Yuri, because I'm always starved for a new Yuri, but it's extra great when the yuri is, y'know, _actually good_ too. I love the visuals, the unique high-concept idea, and the characters. A lot of the magic visuals remind me of parts of the one slime isekai that's not _also_ a yuri. Also, every time Akari makes that same 'I like you, I'm thirsty about it, and I have no shame about nor intention of hiding either of these thing' face that Maria makes all the time in _My Next Life as a Villainess_ I burst into laughter.


Executioner is fantastic so far, but it's not long into its run yet, so I feel like it's premature to call it as being better than *Ascendance of a Bookworm S3*.


Clearly the user above isn't watching Bookworm, otherwise they wouldn't be saying that. I mean you can't honestly expect everyone to watch everything in a given seasons. The problem is the way people tend to phrase things around here. Instead of the way they said it, it should have been something more along the lines of "among the shows I'm watching it's the best isekai this season".


I've been enjoying Skeleton Knight a lot too so far.


is tomodachi game good? what it’s about?


5 friends trying to reduce 20 million debts forced unto them through a series of games that tests their friendship. Kinda like the usual death game except the only thing that dies is the trust between them.


So Mario Party, basically


Okay now i am interested lol


the only that dies is the power of friendship XD


The author must've really, really, _really_ hated the power of friendship trope.


I tried to explain it to my friends but ended up talking about the entire first episode because there was just SO much info given but I like your explanation and will 100% use it - thanks!


I hope Deaimon enters top 10, I am really enjoying it.


The shield hero isn't rising


Spy X Family is amazing actually.


Seeing date a live so high is making me smile


Oh man, that Shield Hero drop.


I think it makes sense - S2 has been pretty awkward with the story/pacing.


Well, the main gimmick of Season 1 is done. It has to find something new to latch onto and I'm not sure if it will.


not to hate on Shield Hero, but nowhere as enjoyable as the first 3 on this list, and I find DAL's visuals and op more appealing. I am guessing people were seeing it as a battle shonen.


kaguya easily surpassed my already high expectations. spy x family was really good too. really excited to see how they both proceed.


We got some great content coming in Kaguya season 3 so we only getting started. lol




Koiseka at 7th warms my heart.


Shield Hero looking any good? Seriously started to lose me at the end of the first season.


Kongming only losing to the megahyped shows or big sequels is a huge Win in my books. Slowly gonna dance to the top.


Kongming better hit top 3 atleast once this season.


I realize this season is stacked with big name rom coms but I really want people to check out Love After World Domination. Came out of nowhere as the heavy dark horse best couple and Power Rangers x Romeo and Juliet is a great combination




"Shikimori gonna be the next Marin" huge copium


damn spy x family. not surprised considering it was already so hyped up even before it premiered but still! i'm sure the powers of anya will only grow lol. kaguya-sama s3 was off to a really strong start. this show really just has everything firing on all cylinders. i'm excited to see the rest considering how much manga fans hyped up this season and what it's covering. seeing some of the shikimori comments on here, i guess i'm in the minority of mostly liking it and sticking around still after that premiere. i get why people found it boring or just wasn't into it cause it literally is just shikimori and izumi liking each other and hanging with their friends. it's the least interesting and least fun of all the romcoms/slice of life out rn though that's for sure esp since i watched it back to back with the aharen-san and love after world domination first episodes yesterday and those two have better hooks and i found more charming. but i guess i just like shows about two nice people liking each other and it *looks* great too so i'll stick around. heard nothing but good things about ya boy kongming and idk if i have it in me to add another show to the watching list so i may just have to wait until it all airs for this one but we'll see!




If spy X Family did not take 1st, there would have been hell to pay. That being said, i'm shocked that Aharen-san is not on the list and as disappointed as i am that deimon ain't here, i kinda expected it. People just don't care for slice of life animes as much.


I only watched spy family and tomodachi game out of all of this , will watch kaguya sama later , though I guess I was overestimating komi san's popularity


It might have been presumptuous to renew Shield Hero for 2 more seasons.


Waiting for trapped in otome game to come to top 10 once people realised how fking based leon is Dude is a scum bag and i love him for that


Date a live is a good anime


Healer Girl probably won't ever crack this list, but it's the show I'm enjoying the most this season. Those musical numbers are fantastic. Also the best OP this season.


So happy Spy X Family has an anime adaptation now😩🔥


I'm just glad to see Date A Live in top 3 hopefully we get a season 5 too.


Anya Forger is SO CUTE!!!!!


I liked Spyfam ep 1 more than Kaguya so I am glad. I am expecting these two to be top 2 shows for the season.


Bookworm not in top 10 i'm gonna sleep


Good list, Love After World Domination needs more attention.


Kong Ming's Shu Han Kingdom was the weakest of the three Kingdoms. Spy X Family and Kaguya were always going to be heavy hitters this season. Will the great tactician establish his show as part of a top 3 from nowhere (37th in most anticipated poll)? His tactics of first mover advantage in a season of good comedies and a banger of an OP have worked well so far! What will he do next?


Shikimori's 1st episode was really disappointing. I almost fell asleep watching it, only thing that kept me entertained was the banger OP. I honestly don't see Shikimori topping Marin in popularity, if anything it's probably gonna be Yor and Anya or even Kaguya in the later episodes. ​ ​ Edit: lmao downvote me all you want Shikimori fans. All I know is I'm spitting facts.


It's just a cute show with a light femdom dynamic, it was always going to be something niche.


You might get downvoted for that (and I probably will too) but your not the only one with shikkimori being disappointing. I also don’t see her beating Marin bc of how her character is written. In the first episode there is no depth to it and I don’t see how they wanna progress.


I'm not the biggest fan of shikimori but I don't get why people on this sub judge it too harshly just for ONE episode and keep comparing it to MDUD (it's getting repetitive lately and these waifu wars are going to be ridiculous). Like I watched it and it's premise is different from that said show and it's not that bad.


Yay im watching 3 of the top 10. Shield hero, date a live and spy x family


man I was just grinning ear to ear for the entire time I watched the new episode of kaguya sama, I'm glad it's back