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Looks like tanjiro is afraid of colossal titan


And Bisco's just sitting in his cell wondering what the hell is going on up there.


He's looking at the title above wondering why it's so long


He just got done fighting Demons and now he's got *this* to deal with? Fuck that, man.


Who wouldn't be?




Aot and kimetsu together making up for 40% of the votes. Thats actually insane. ​ Even more surprising is that despite both of the top shows taking up so much more thus week, there are still 4 shows that increased


Yeah both had their respective best episode of the season if not overall. That percentage isn't it the highest yet i assume pretty impressive.


They deserve it imo Both of those episodes we're absolute bangers from start to finish


Especially Kimetsu. But maybe that's my bias as a AoT manga reader People seem to think I'm hating on AoT manga lmao no I was just saying I *personally* enjoyed Kimetsu more this week because of the shock / surprise factor. That doesn't exist for me for AoT, but regardless it was a good episode. I just enjoyed Kimetsu more. People can have different opinions you know?


That sounds counterintuitive lol


I feel that, AoT's episode this week wasn't one to make you act a fool so to speak like seeing Demon Slayer's S2 climax animated, it was more revelations about Ymir and Eren's rise. I've read both, so reveals in general don't really work as well second time around However I'm definitely hyped for later events in AOT, soon enough


AoT manga reader here and I’m hype for both shows, Sundays are the absolute best. I’m so sad next Sunday is last episode for Demon Slayer. The show is so cool I want to take out my eyeballs and rub it all over the TV.


Ufotable went balls deep with the fights. They were beautiful. [](#gintamathispleasesme)


I think it looked even more impressive than the mugen train arc. If quality stays like this until the end then it will be, in my eyes, the best adaptation of a manga ever.


I agree as a biased manga reader as well. I think last week was AoT's best episode ever and this week's demon slayer was it's best.


As a manga reader, the AoT episode was enjoyable to watch because it was fun to see everyone else's shock. But since I'm anime only for DS, I thoroughly enjoyed it more. When you have no idea what's gonna happen, it's just so much more fun


Of course new content will be always more exciting than rewatching content you already know ... Just remember how you felt reading 122-123. That's what you should compare to the episode of KnY




We're really living in a timeline where shounen is peaking high, the twin towers of a series, damn.


And the year just started. We still have many other great shounen on the way as well as heavy hitters returning


Feels weird that the entire Big 3 will be back now. Well if you consider Boruto to exist atleast.


One Piece never left. Shits going to outlive us all


one of my biggest fears lmao either me or Oda dying before it ends


I still have to start on Bleach. I really got lucky with series like Naruto, DBZ, and One Piece because I watched them alot as a child on Cartoon Network & other networks that played Saturday morning shows I'm older now so it's harder to find time to actually sit & binge a series like Bleach. Especially since I typically watch anime with friends or siblings


Bleach is AWESOME. It feels very stretched from time to time and it has a lot of fillers, but this show is really worth it, it has such a nostalgic athmosphere, even if you haven't watched it back then. I got pretty easy into it and was very excited in the beginnning because I didn't expect sth so awsome. It may take some time, I hope you'll try it out some time


Yes, Bleach is amazing.


After watching stuff like JJK/DS it's probably going to be really hard to get into Bleach. The show feels so dragged out.


So true. I sometimes feel like AOT and Demon Slayer ruined all other anime for me because often I feel like the story pacing is too slow. Started watching One piece recently and it feels so slow. Black Clover I'm almost at 100 episodes in and I'm still not feeling the anime at all. AOT and DS just changed my expectations too much.


Bleach's innovations have been improved upon wildly. You really got be a sucker for the type of story it is. With all the big three I'd recommend reading rather than watching anyway because of filler and the amount of drag time they implemented to reduce the amount of filler they would have to make. I like Bleach a lot (except for that rushed ending) but the fights drag a lot because Kubo likes ridiculously long fights with lots of twists and reveals. If anyone hasn't watched Bleach: It's Yu Yu Hakusho with JoJo Stands except the stands are mostly swords.


Chainsawman cometh.


I hope bones doesn’t fuck up MHA, season 6 can be insane good, best and most epic arc in the manga.


Yeah, the craziest thing about it is definitely the fact that they did it the same week. Without Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan probably gets around 35% of the votes while without Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer probably gets around 25% of the votes.


women love eren


I like the image chosen for my dress up darling.


This chart is much more fun when you look at all the faces of the characters as reactions to their ranking changes! Marin: OMG we went up a rank! It's all thanks to Gojo's costume! Tachibana: Well, it's only to be expected we might drop a little, especially as I am wearing the tiara of inconspicuousness. Still, they could pay me a *little* more attention Bisco: Would you *hurry up* Milo, we'll never make any progress at this rate... Lowellmina: This rise is all according to keikaku. Bojji: Is just making a face to match the arrows


Colossal Titan with that look of Superiority on #1.


Tanjiro scared shitless of the Colossal Titan


How can we hunt that demon!?


“Yes, of course I was number 1 last week and am number 1 this week as well. I will continue to be number 1 until my enemies are destroyed.”


Nishikata and Takagi : too busy shaking off the effects of that critical hit to notice anything around them


Jeanne out for blood to avenge that Vanitas rank drop.


I love how Tanjiro has been fighting near death experiences for 5 episodes yet he too can only stare in horror at the rumbling.


Because you can neither run nor hide from it.


>Bojji: Is just making a face to match the **arrows** Great, you just triggered Bojji with that memory you bastard


> Marin: OMG we went up a rank! It's all thanks to Gojo's costume! *"I think it's because we have the best boob bag!"*


50ish meter titan standing above all, just looking down


No, even this one is 60m. they just dug them selves 10m underground so that no one could dig under.


Akebi down at #15, busy constructing her yuri harem.


>Lowellmina: This rise is all according to keikaku. TL Note: Keikaku means plan.


that was the best part of the ep


It's absolutely perfect. Definitely submitting that for the next reaction face in this sub.


It's also kinda funny that in AniTrendz, Dress Up Darling is number 1 for that week, not surprised by the certain demographic within that site, which favors rom-com and slice-of-life series more than battle shounen and light novel fantasies.


since genius prince and ousama ranking got the same percentage, why did one rank higher than the other? was it based in the gain?


Likely, look at the [previous one](https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/skct8a/top_10_anime_of_the_week_4_winter_2022/). 3.89% from 3.32% vs 3.89% from 3.61%. 0.57% gain vs 0.27%.


top two absolute kino episodes. one had peak plot one had peak animation. what a time to be an anime fan.


So not only did Attack on Titan beat last week's percentage total to set a new record for highest percentage, but Demon Slayer surpassed 16% itself which is an incredibly high percentage. Those 2 deserved it as Attack on Titan delivered its long anticipated episode while Demon Slayer had its best episode ever. I'd also like to give a quick shout out to Takagi-san which had another amazing episode making it back into the Top 10.


Both episodes were insanely popular and talked about. Hell, they are still being talked about. Even KnY’s episode crossed 15K karma in 24hours. That’s insane, considering the activity on the sub. I’ve seen the episodes so many times now. They were so fucking good!


Both KnY and AOT could've easily went 20-25k karma if both were aired on Winter 2021 season


“Assault” went to 23K, even with noticeable production issues in the episode. From You, 2000 years ago” would’ve definitely crossed 25K. Yeah, KnY defo would’ve crossed 20K.


I think Assault was the best ep of final season


Sole salvation for me. It was also my top 5 episode overall from the complete anime. MAPPA nailed with that episode. The pacing, the animation, the composition, the ost, everything top notch. Not a thing was wrong about that episode.


Part 1, maybe. Part 2 already has 3 better episodes being two brothers, motf and from you, 2000 years ago imo


I keep seeing this point that activity in the sub is down compared to Winter 2021, why is that?


One possible reason is that more people went back to work due to less covid restrictions - so less time for anime/reddit.


Yup. There were several factors which led to the beginning of 2021 being the most active season ever on the subreddit. It might be a long time before we get something on that level again.


Yep, Demon Slayer became the first anime besides Attack on Titan to top 15,000 Karma within 48 hours while Attack on Titan got its 7th highest Karma Total ever behind just its premier and finale from last Winter and its mega hype peak (episodes 5-8 from last Winter).


That’s crazy, Demon Slayer just passed every Re:Zero episode… I think it’s safe to say Demon Slayer at this point is on JJK level of hype in this sub and even on re zero’s


I won't say re:zero level yet, kimetsu s1 ep 19 peaked with around 13k too, thing is re:zero s2 was constantly getting 11k+ every episode, while kimetsu s2 got in the range of 7-8k with again a peak of 15k+, this performance is very similar to kimetsu s1 with below 8k every episode iirc except 19 where it was 13k


Mmm ReZero season 2 part 2 had episodes under 10k though… I’m sure those episodes would have done 7-8k in this season with less active users. So it’s not that far behind


I think Re:Zero had an episode in the 30%'s but it was a season premiere. This is definitely a new record for episodes that aren't premieres or finales.


Really happy for Vanitas. Even though the anime pacing is a little too fast, it's still a great anime.


too fast is 10x better than too slow at least


I straight up forgot there's more Vanitad airing and that I need to continue watching it. But overall glad to see these rankings.


"Hear me, all subjects of Ymir"


I'm really enjoying Vanitas rn. The twists are great, and I can't seem to predict what's gonna happen next.


Love vanitas


maybe the demon slayer will be the first on sunday it will be the last ep and its a double episode, the attack on titan is just pure badass the rumbling has finally begun


The last 3 episodes of AoT were epic! Not sure but it seems like a setup for even crazier action next week.


I think next week is the best shot KnY will have to dethrone AoT in the history of their competition. Edit: on reddit.


The season finale bump is inevitable, just wonder if it'll be enough to catch AOT, or even match its own previous episode.


Not sure. It is the finale, and it's an extended episode, but it's nowhere near as hype.


Kimetsu should be less hype, no? I'm anime only but the next episode should be the aftermath of the fight plus possibly set up for the next arc.


Depends if they adapt the rest of the arc tbh. The last episode will cover one of the best backstories in the entire series but from a hype perspective it could potentially adapt one of the hypest moments of the series so far but it's not certain to be adapted. Even with the extended episode. So we'll see, most Demon Slayer fans are desperate for it to be adapted. Although I personally could wait to see it adapted, there's no denying the hype it would bring to end the season on. They have 5.5 chapters to adapt in around 32-33 minutes of content this week if they plan to adapt it all.


Yeah, if they do happen to animate that particular event it’ll give people a lot to talk about.


I think if they don't animate it I will just read the manga. 😅 Whatever it is.


I think it’ll still be a strong episode. It’ll answer quite a few problems people have had with characters this arc, and it’ll have one of the most interesting moments in the manga.


It likely will, a shame to see KnY go after the next episode though. At least the rest of the season is enough to keep my week enjoyable.


Don't think so. Next episode is not gonna be as action packed as the previous one.


KnY's next episode just has the advantage of being a finale. Also the next couple of AOT episodes is gonna be relatively chill compared to the absolutely fantastic run it had the past few weeks.


When the eps first aired, AoT didn’t go to the top of the subreddit for 5-6 hours, I think. I was sure that KnY might be the first show to actually beat AoT’s karma *on reddit*. It’d be wild lol


That because the discussion thread for AOT was posted a few hours before it was officially released.


Probably when Infinite Fortress arc is animated few years later, it may probably beat AOT in terms of hype and karma count. Just my guessing, maybe there will be other anime that can reach it's feat too


Jujutsu Kaisen's next arc I can definitely see hitting that point maybe And depending on how well the CSM adaptation goes, it may knock it out the park as well. It's hard to guage honestly cause AOT is just something else


Chainsaw man is gonna be wild pretty sure


Princess connect out of top 10?


Last ep gave it popularity thanks to the Sakuga. We have to consider that the anime is being watched mainly by the players. Is it a huge game in the west?


In the west? There's a decent population, but it's nowhere near as big as it is in Japan where it's right behind FGO JP in terms of revenue (or at least really close to it). It's sad how people are missing out. It's actually a great adaptation of the game where you don't need really need knowledge of the game to understand what's what — in the same vein that you don't need knowledge of OG Priconne to understand Re:Dive. Granted, it helps, but it's not necessary.


It was released about a year ago, but I know quite a few people in the west who quit because they released global for open beta in SEA a month before they released it anywhere else, which kind of screwed things up when a chunk of the player base has a month advantage and the game has multiple competitive modes (PVP and inter-guild competitions).


i highly recommend vanitas to everyone you will not be disappointed especially s2 is just twists after twist


Kinda sad people won’t be talking about Vanitas because of the 2 glorious episodes of KnY and AoT. It has been one hell of a week. It started with a fucking amazing twist in Vanitas, then we got AoT and KnY’s top tier episodes, and ending the Friday-Thursday week with Ousama Ranking’s amazing episode. Can’t ask for more from seasonal anime!


>Kinda sad people won’t be talking about Vanitas It's been doing better on AnimeCorner this season where it's competition is peak AoT/DS than in the Summer season where it's competition was Kanojo x Kanojo and Remake Our Life.


Fuck I need to watch that once it has finished, looks really cool I love their designs


Takagi-san is in, that's enough for me. And the AoT picture went from T-posing Eren shooting down that "pathetic" look on the rest of the chart to a Colossal Titan doing it, 10/10


Basing on the previews of this week's Takagi-san episode, I think it can reach 6-8. But I'm satisfied as long as it is within top 10.


Yeah no surprise that AOT and Demon Slayer did stupid numbers this week. One is a huge moment in the final arc and the other has the best damn fight of the year. The Demon Slayer fight was so hype it was the top trend on Twitter in America for a bit. Broke the damn chart too as nothing else has more than 6 percent let alone double digits. Everything else is pretty much holding save for a couple changes. Takagi made an appearance! Shame it’s stuck on a service not a whole lot of people have. Otherwise it would be doing very well. I imagine things even back out next week. what’s left isn’t nearly as insane so Demon Slayer should see a dip.


I love the AOT dominance. Every episode has been blowing my mind, so impressed with S4 Part 2


Vanitas has been really good and Bisco is an incredible, wild ride. That top 6 is just pure class imo.


Then you should definitely watch Tensai Ouj. Really soothes my nerve after watching all this action packed stuff on sunday. Sono Bisqu soothes me after Vanitas and Ousama Ranking. Tensai Ouji calms me after Kny,AoT. I watch Sabukui Bisco for the random stuff it keeps on giving.


Yo vanitas going strong. The ep was so good man, Chloe is instant favourite for me


Fantasy Bishoujo deserves way more recognition I'm glad it's number 5 on the leader boards but not a whole lot of people watch it (according to MAL anyway lol). It's the closest thing to Konosuba since Konosuba


The show became 10x funnier after that Kirito knockoff dude appeared imo.


Fantasy Bishoujo has a power that other series doesn't have. The artist and writer are married and they are flexing their combined skill in their masterpiece. Seriously, I lowkey want to see an anime about them.


The latest KnY episode was insane. Overthrew Re: Zero in the karma department. Both AoT and KnY have around 40% of the votes but AoT still has higher percentage than #2 and #3 combined. Eh, just AoT doing AoT things.


Not sure how demon slayer overthrew re:zero just cause of 1 episode.


I am referring to KnY's Ep 10 beating R:Z S2's Ep 50 to become the second-highest after AoT as far as a single-episode is concerned. In terms of average karma, R:Z is still safely >10K per episode meanwhile KnY is somewhere around 7K-8K per episode.


I still can’t believe Kny passed Re:Zero. Re:Zero was only second to AoT until now… I guess that’s what sakuga cut scenes can do


The power of sakuga is undeniable. It makes me wonder how much hype S3 of Re: Zero will be able to get. I just want to see R:Z and KnY's S3 compete.


S4 of ReZero is the Real deal, s3 cant compete since the animation is not as good as Ufotable, so the fights wont have the eyeshaking factor. The only chance ReZero can peak is with plot driven episodes like AOT, and Arc6 is the fan favourite. But the moment, if ever, ReZero gets s4... There is a chance Kimetsu anime is already finished lmao


S3 may be action-heavy but it doesn't RELY exclusively on action scenes but more on the tension as the arc's villains appear and do their shit. We have also got Subaru making his famous \[Arc 5 spoiler\] >!Town Hall speech!<. The action + the tension + all the big players + Arc 5 being much easier to adapt then Arc 4 means it can AT LEAST compete. Plus, fights like Reinhard VS Elsa were pretty cool even in S1. Tho, of course, I have read Arc 6 and know the despair that's going to be S4.


Ye, WF did a great job production wise in s1, sad lots of the staff went to Studio Bind to work on Mushoku. S2 already was clear the production stepped backwards, and things arent looking good for s3, but either they keep it or Kadokawa passes it to another studio, I hope they go full sakuga in a couple of s3 moments


Among in the Top 10, Im watching Vanitas and Fantasy Bishoujo. Im glad they are in high position. For anyone not watching these, I recommend to check it out specially Fantasy Bishoujo. Its like Kaguya-sama in terms of comedy, for me atleast.


Adding to your reco, I knew vampires were hot, in theory... but it wasn't until I watched Vanitas that I truly understood. Vampires are sexy as fuck. All the blood drinking scenes are very intimate lol


They are intimate, especially with all the interplay of reluctance and bashfulness transitioning toward release and ecstacy. And don't get me started on the episode where Jeanne nurses Vanitas. Such a fulfilling dynamic.


Ranking of Kings is so underrated.


Can you explain why you like it so much? I remember passing on it when looking at the season because it didn’t catch my eye. I keep seeing it get praise though so I looked at the synopsis again and it just doesn’t seem interesting.


Great, super likable protagonist that I can't help but root for. Good characters in general, actually. Their motivations aren't black and white and many of them have surprised me with their unexpected depth. You think a character is going to be a certain trope at first but they turn out to be far more interesting. Interesting, unpredictable plot that arises from the goals of the different characters. The story keeps me engaged because it didn't go where I expected it to. Beautiful visuals, good character design, fluid animation. A very solid adaptation by WIT. Some people might be turned off by the style of the show, but I think it's great. The fairy tale/Disney quality of the animation is an interesting juxtaposition with the darker and violent parts of the show. Don't be fooled by how cute it looks. Both openings so far are 10/10. But mainly I just want to see what Bojji will do each week. I would recommend anyone who's interested watch an episode and see what they think. I went into the show blind and was surprised by how good it is. It's my favorite new show this season by far.


It has a very uninteresting look at first glance, but actually getting into the show the art is BEAUTIFUL. Characters and scenery are both drawn with a unique style that has a lot of character itself. The premise is interesting, but I won't get to far into the world because I probably couldn't explain it with justice. Bojii is the best boy of the season. The amount of times he's had me on the verge of years is actually silly. Kage similarly has a sad past, and it's with the two of them carrying for them where the heart of the show really lies. Their interactions are heartwarming and uplifting. The story itself is great, whereas the show is drawn with a beautiful, childlike animation, it's actually quite grim and dark. It's very well crafted with moments of betrayal that will leave your mouth on the floor. Someone will say "It's not my cup of tea", but if they were to try it I think anyone would enjoy it.


Thanks for the write up, I’ll have to give it the 3 episode rule for sure now.


Literally everyone I recommend the show to has fallen in love with it. It really is that sleeper hit of the year.


This year's Vinland Saga


Wit do be like that.


I am watching 7 weekly shows and still have enough time do other stuff. I love weekly watch,binge watching completely takes away all my time with only a fraction of increase in enjoyment value.


It's good to be a Vanitas fan.... free from all the arguments between some AoT and KnY fans about their ranks and just appriciating your favorite show getting recognition


the new aot episodes are absolute W’s














All I ever wanted to do was do right things I never wanted to be the king, I SWEAR!!!


All I ever wanted to do was save your life I never wanted to grab a knife, I SWEAR!!!




A tragedy that Ranking of Kings somehow finds itself behind those in 5th, 6th and 7th.


Tragedy might be overstating it a bit. It's not clear what the system for allocating votes is when it comes to animecorner, as you can vote for multiple shows at once. > Instead of relying solely on the number of votes cast, we always calculate a show’s percentage each week and include it in the results. https://animecorner.me/polls/ However if we do some back of the envelope calculation just assuming a 1:1 voting system: 19,248 respondents --> 1% of vote is 192 people --> 0.01% is ~ 2 people. So it would have only taken the five people who upvoted your comment to push RoK to 7th. Less than twenty people to get it 6th.


6 and 7 have been two of my favorites this season. I almost missed Sabikui


7th isn't an Isekai, at least.


Neither is 6.


I think it’s because most people haven’t watched the show and maybe are put off by the cover art/animation style. I don’t seem to hear many people hating on the show, rather those who actually watch it love it. I would love to hear from someone who’s watched 10+ episodes on why they dislike the show. At least Bojji won the Best Boy award as he should


Hopefully sabikui Bisco rises a bit


Unless it starts to deliver a little more on the main plot, I suspect it may start to slip a little. I'm perfectly fine with a meandering pace and getting to explore the world, but my guess is that some of the wider audience may grow impatient soon given how the first few episodes pulled people in with the fast pace and high novelty value of the world.


I'd expect that to start in the next couple episodes, given the count. Though part of the creative team at the studio worked on Cowboy Bebop, so you know they don't have any issues with meandering.


Demon Slayer finale is this weekend, so everything should rise in 2 weeks.


I really gotta watch Ousama ranking and sabikui bisco


AOT and KNY are absolute masterpieces




I see what you did there


how princess connect doesn't get into this list? they got game published by crunchyroll, somehow get all-star animator for eps.4(one of them is hirofumi imai), and plot twist on eps.5, with all of that i though it would be in top 10 at least.


Case study of vanitas and jobless reincarnation have been my bread and butter this month!!


Mind the gap


I love most of these shows, bit right now outside of AOT and KNY hype, I'm all in for KING BOJJI GANG, BOJJI FOR LIFE


Man I wish ranking of kings was climbing hire it’s been honestly the show of the season for me. My wife and I have been amazed at how good it is. Im already excited for a second season (I’m waiting for demon slayer to finish for a binge)


damn did Akebi chan not even rank? I felt like that one was always showing up in this list.


Yeah, it dropped all the way to 15th


why the sudden drop tho? did the get fed up with the CGDCT nature of it.


It just for Anime corner While on anime trending It’s reach 4th place last week So different community different taste


Yes, that was a shame to see. It seems like it might struggle for votes as it lacks the same sort of peak plot moments (thus far). It's hard to know who its 'voting constituency' is, too.


Aot at the top! You love to see it


It can't be stopped anymore


Bisco deserves more than that! Like 3


I like it, but I’m not loving it. I keep feeling like it has a lot of potential, but it hasn’t done anything with it yet. Side note: It’s also weird to hear Tanjiro in three of my damn shows this season.


For me;Bisco is definitely one of the best anime this year,the story,the characters and everything else;it's like Dr.stone but with a little different story.


Ranking of Kings is my favorite new anime this season for the reasons you mention (except the Dr Stone comparison).


>It’s also weird to hear Tanjiro in three of my damn shows this season. 4 if you count Falco.


I was counting Falco. Mine were: Milo Falco Tanjiro


Vanitas is voiced by him too.


Hopefully It'll go up at least on later episodes, read the LN, and I definitely think it has the potential to


Fucking finally Takagi makes top 10. This show is soooo underwatched. MyDD going one rank up. Marin's sweaty boobs helped but it would be disappointing to see this show rank up or down based on how many boob shots are shown in an episode. Vanitas still strong. Two weeks in a row at number 3.


> Fucking finally Takagi makes top 10. This show is soooo underwatched. Really doesn't help the show's three seasons are on separate Streaming services. S1 is on CR, S2 on Netflix, S3 on HIDIVE. S2 being on Netflix has made it difficult for me to be able to watch S3.


Arifureta also seems good but sadly not on the list.


Since KnY's last episode for the season is near, AoT is gonna rack up the votes in the following weeks.


I need to watch case study of vanitas


Ah yes, the good ol' "I lost a percentage but went up a rank" play by MDUD. AoT & Demon Slayer just took a dump on everyone.


Finally the Teasing master has made her long awaited return. Takagi san would get snubbed so bad always ranking 11th but finally she made it in.


I'm surprised Demon Slayer was still that far away from Attack on Titan, despite pulling out arguably it's best ever TV episode. I suppose one was the culmination of a long-awaited event, foreshadowed over a number of seasons, and the other was one spectacular episode.


Guess the Founding titan comes with a number 1 spot as well/.


Realist hero finally returned to the top 10. It's kinda sad that the new fantasy kingdom series beat them. On the other hand, I find Genius prince more entertaining so I feel that its not weird.


Honestly as someone who's into international politics and all that stuff I kinda felt a bit let down by Realist Herk. It's probably my fault for expecting too much out of a show but honestly it just feels like a fuckton of Isekai logic instead of any real nation building and the "Realism" feels very grafted on as people repeating "look he's so pragmatic" instead of him actually being so Genius Prince on the other hand, I was expecting less since it's primarily a comedy but it somehow also manages to do the actual statecraft bits a lot times better than Realist Hero (and ofc the comedy is also really good). Honestly the politics and happenings of the show feel more grounded even if the premise is ridiculous.


You can view the complete results [here](https://animecorner.me/winter-2022-anime-rankings-week-05/).


As it should.


Realist hero in this bitch let’s goooooo


VANITAS BEAT MY DRESS UP DARLING LETTING GOOOO Finally getting some more recognition, this is an absolute gem of an anime. But I *really* need some more Vanitas x Noe, they haven’t been on screen together as much, but their interactions are the best.


It's been beating it for the past few weeks already actually


Yea it was at number two last week.


Leadale is being slept on this season.


Hey Realist Hero 10, nice.


No Akebi again :')


I love how Tanjiro and Marin have similar expressions... with wildly different contexts