I feel the Your name,Weathering with you,5 Centimeters per Second vibe coming out from this art


The shinkai special


Yeah this poster/visual art is becoming the orange/blue palate of Hollywood movies posters. Just have a vast slightly cloudy sky and expansive landscape.


Hollywood: "MCs on poster, add an orange and blue gradient, let's call it a day." Nerds on the internet: "I sleep." Japan: "MCs on poster, but fuck the orange, just blue, and add a few clouds." Nerds on the internet: "Real shit."


The difference is, with Hollywood flicks it's just meaningless color grading. With anime posters, the whole composition works together to elicit emotions. Mainly longing and nostalgia.


nah, it just looks nice and is popular


Not really, orange and blue are mostly used when there are two distinct opposite sides on the poster. The bad guys and the good guys for instance: it shows a contrast, a conflict.


First impression of the image immediately reminded me of 5 Centimeters per Second too.


Those were essentially my first thoughts when I saw this.


Because it’s essentially a carbon copy of the visuals for each of those films. Can you say “derivative”?




Ok I'm gonna go on a designer rant here. Take a look at that Evangelion poster. The foreshortening creates a triangular visual hierarchy with Shinji at the top, the tagline in the middle, and the title at the bottom. And it works really well! It's a striking image with a clever composition that effortlessly guides the viewer's eye. Now look at the teaser visual. It does the same thing, except this time it's a curve. They eye moves from the top of the power pole on the right, down to the foreground figure, across to the background figure, and finally to the illuminated building on the left (note that Japan reads right to left; in the west, a designer likely would've flipped this image to flow left to right instead). My point is that it seems obvious to me that these visuals are carefully considered and thoughtfully designed... not exactly my idea of "lazy". And sure, they use filters... *but does it really matter? These are promotional materials. They are not intended to be artistic masterpieces.* Their express purpose is to catch your attention and spread awareness of whatever they're advertising, and they're very successful at that. FWIW, I'm a staunch traditionalist in my own work. I don't like digital workspaces, and I only ever trace if it's something I have to draw over and over. But I understand that professional artists don't always have the luxury of doing things the way they'd like. Time constraints, client demands, etc etc often dictate that artists work as efficiently as possible, even if it means cutting corners when they'd rather not. Props to these artists for designing the posters really well anyway.




Yknow, I actually don't like the photo filter effect. *At all.* It's tacky as hell, and it's exactly like you said, it comes off "like a cheap instagram filter." But I'll bet you money that the artists that made these posters don't like it either. And even if they wanted to go all-out and knock people's socks off with their poster art, are they even allowed to do that? Do poster artists for anime movies have any creative freedom? I don't actually know, but based on my limited knowledge of the anime industry... probably not. And who knows what kind of ridiculous deadlines they had to contend with? My guess is that they chose composition over craftsmanship *because there was only enough time for one or the other.* It sucks but that's how the world works. How many times have you wound up with an underwhelming product in the face of a time crunch? How many times have you done whatever bullshit your boss wanted from you just to get them off your ass? It seems clear to me, based on their stellar compositional eyes, that these artists did the best they could in their situation. So next time, instead of calling artists who are just trying to feed themselves "lazy," try calling corporate fat cats who care for nothing but efficiency and bottom line "greedy." Point your anger at the real villains.


Sheesh, your edit. You sound so unbelievably pretentious. Trust me, the artists who drew this work aren't killing 'True art'....lmao.


I mean this is why it got Shinkai vibe because he made backgrounds with combination of irl pic+photoshop in his films a lot.


The difference being that Shinkai's team actually does it well, since we don't get weird artifacts that are noticeable in this picture as well as in the Evangelion one linked above (or the Google maps watermark in Yuru camp).


I don’t think it’s any more lazy than painting the entire thing, honestly. Have you ever watched a mangaka work? Both the manga that uses all unique drawings and digitally assisted art (including real life photos) take a lot of work. Go watch some manBen and report back, there’s a wide variety of artists there that would probably be offended by half of what you just said :(


Movie in Summer 2022 Synopsis: Kaoru Tono heard a rumor: The laws of space and time mean nothing to the Urashima Tunnel. If you find it, walk through and you'll find your heart's desire on the other side...in exchange for years of your own life. On the night Kaoru just so happens to find himself standing in front of a tunnel that looks suspiciously like the one the rumor describes, he finds himself thinking of Karen, the sister he lost in an accident five years ago. To Kaoru's surprise, he's been followed by the new transfer student Anzu Hanaki, who promises to help him experiment with the mysterious tunnel—but what does she want from Kaoru in exchange? And what will he have left to give, after the tunnel's done with him? (Seven Seas Entertainment) [source ](https://twitter.com/natsuton_anime/status/1484466047042347009?s=21)


My Makoto Shinkai sense is tingling!


My first thought was this


Shinkai vibes


So it's a scifi movie and plot looks interesting.


how is this scifi? people keep saying that... (and keep getting highly upvoted too)


Science Fiction. a genre of speculative fiction which typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, TIME TRAVEL, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.


From the synopsis posted here in the thread, there is no mention of TIME TRAVEL. Just going through the tunnel takes years off your life in exchange for getting your heart's desire. Seems more fantasy/supernatural based to me. I think maybe people are getting hung up on the terms "space and time" which make it sound science-y, but the actual description of the tunnel implies nothing to do with science.


I agree with you, just by reading the synopsis itself you wouldn't know whether it's fantasy, supernatural, or sci-fi. But since the source novel itself is categorized as science-fiction, I'm guessing that there will be some plot elements which go in that direction.


Fantasy/supernatural/science fiction are all on the spectrum of 'speculative fiction'. Using magic or advanced technology to introduce a scenario that would not happen IRL and explore the possibilities. And often times the lines between the genres are very squishy. There's a reason there's a significant overlap in viewership between the fantasy and sci-fi genres. In this case, the things that would distinguish it from fantasy or sci-fi seem largely superficial to the actual story, mostly what specifically is causing the tunnel to exist. I wouldn't get too hung up on trying to classify it as fantasy or science fiction.


Just because a story contains some form or another of time travel doesn't automatically make it sci-fi. I don't recall anyone calling Kimi no na wa a sci-fi movie back when that came out. Also, there are plenty of examples of stories with parallel universes which are categorized as fantasy (such as the vast majority of isekais for example). In this particular case, the synopsis itself really doesn't seem all that sci-fi to me (and as the other comment already pointed out, it doesn't even particularly mention time travel) - the only reason why I'm not doubting this statement is because the publisher put the source novel into the science-fiction category, so I'm guessing there has to be a good reason for that.


Seriously. That's like calling *The Lake House* a sci-fi film. Yes, it has a magical/sci-fi *element* to it, but that's not the focus of the story.


Though in this case it seems completely supernatural and not sci-fi


Time travel can also be done in fantasy. Harry Potter had time travel in one novel, but that doesn't mean it's scifi.




Yeah, this looks more like fantasy.


Karen, the sister who is still waiting to talk to the manager since five years ago


Calling it now, the transfer student is his sister who was lost in the "accident" and ended up through the tunnel.


Probably or his sisters “soul” in the girl and she gets her old memories back


Ooh! But if it's slightly less corny, she's a ghoul there to get him to pass so she can devour his life essence! Or she just wants some other person(s) back, but is only willing or needs to sacrifice someone else's (entire) life!


This actually sounds really interesting


I feel like this may end up making me cry, but I'm still gonna try it anyway. The plot sounds really interesting.


wow the urashima taro parallel is not at all obvious


Expecting a sad ending 100%


I expect something more like a slight bittersweet but overall uplifting ending, movie stories that involve teenagers usually end up with the main character feeling refreshed and motivated, with a clear view of the bright future that lies ahead of him/her. The idea is that the audience should feel happy and satisfied after watching the movie in the cinema. I would be very surprised and impressed if they go all out with a sad ending of the kind that people get out of the cinema crying. I'm also ready for a Wonder Egg style ending...just in case, lol.


So the light in the tunnel isn't a speeding train coming towards them? Disclaimer: Stay off the tracks and out of the tunnels kids, it will be a training in RL.


Trains are amazing though


Only when you are in it, not in front of it.


I'd say most look better from the outside


I'm the complete opposite. Really hoping this movie emotionally devastates me.




Scifi romance nice


Art looks nice.


I also sense that this is going to have a sad ending


Ain't no light at the end of that tunnel.


I just hope its not a 'default' sad ending that anime people use a lot. As in: Girl has sickness and dies in hospital.


School and sad ending traumatized me the most is school days… truly wtf


It's better than the cop-out forced happy ending.


Really? The only animes with that plot that I watched was your lie in April and I want to Eat your Pancreas, and that's it.


Hope it won't be *that* kind of bittersweet ending like the one from 5 centimeters per second.


I would watch this anime without even need to check the plot or it needs to be good. Because that was one beautiful damn visual art


Seems more fantasy/supernatural? Doubt the mysterious tunnel will be science-based and it is set in modern times or at least ambiguous.




Is this by Shinkai? I thought someone asked that below and was told "no".


This is not done by Shinkai. You may be thinking of the recently announced film of his called Suzume no Tojimari.


Ah man I hope it's good. Last time I watched one I didn't really enjoy it. Looking at you Hello World


Looks like pain in kokoro


That's the best kind!


right up my alley then


Thought this was an anime that I hadn't heard of, then thought you were talking about Kokoro Connect. Now I realise you were probably just mixing an English sentence with a japanese word.


Yes, you are absolutely tadashii. I just mixed english and nihongo desu. Kokoro Connect is a great show, Inaba best girl.


Naruhodo-ne😂😂 Fellow man of culture, I see😏


If I'm balling my eyes out at the end of an anime or film, I consider it a success.


Very nice looking visual even though it's my first time hearing about this. Will definitely give it a watch.


has anyone read the ln?


Yes but TBH it’s the author first ever published work and I wouldn’t say it’s very well written. The placement of SoL scenes are weird thus affecting the pacing. But I hope it can be improved in the anime adaptation as I’m really looking forward to it too. And having said that, it’s still a very enjoyable read with an interesting premise and solid plot. If you like reading LN, anticipate more for the author’s second novel which will be released later this year too, *Wait For Me Yesterday* (definitely a time travel story just from the name LOL).


I picked this up without reading the synopsis (was looking for a single volume novel before a train ride to pass time). Having gone into it without any expectation, I found it just average but not a waste of money. Aside from the awkward SoL, I also found the main leads' chemistry weak. That said, I do think expanding the story and having it animated will enhance it, particularly with the tunnel scenes.


Actually I think the FMC isn’t too well designed. I was never sure if she was a tsundere or having split personality LOL, for the weird change in behaviour. The author’s second novel is a lot better. It’s hardcore time travel plus mystery, worth taking a look. 😉


Funny story, I went to my bookshelf and grabbed a book after wanting to read something new after this post. And what do you know, it's that exact novel. I somehow managed to pick out the same author's other book too unknowingly last time I went book shopping. Definitely taking a look now lol.


Are you sure it’s not your future self time travelled back and secretly placed it there? 😂


Can you tell me what's SoL?


It's short for slice of life; talking about the characters' mundane activities and banters between plot events here.


"Okay, so I want the 5cm per second poster exactly, but we've gotta take it to the next level. Tanaka, what have you got for me?" "Sir, what if we make someone look back, as a metaphor for looking back." "My God that's brilliant. Okay, but we also want people to know this story goes somewhere. Takahashi, what can we do to show that there's a journey?" "Have them walking down a road, sir?" "What, no, that's just the 5cm per second poster. You're fired, Takahashi. Pack your shit and go. Nakamura, give me a journey." "Have them walking down a....train track?" "My. God. Everybody's promoted. Takahashi, get back here, who said you could leave? We're still too close to the 5mm per second poster. Change it up, man. Give me something NEW." "What if...we put the girl in a schoolgirl outfit?" "Takahashi, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. That's the best idea anybody's ever had. God himself could not have thought of that. We're going to make a billion dollars."


For anyone wondering: https://i5.walmartimages.com/asr/a7222199-7d27-40e9-9758-0e4a0e2cd70e_1.f73d5df0ba224c06cdd920f2931f0834.jpeg You're right. My old DVD has a different cover. I'd never seen this one before.




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looks and sounds very very similiar to "your name",


5cm/second meets Hyouka just based on visuals alone. I really like this artwork


Ngl, the synopsis and visual is hooking me by my bottom. I'm Intrigued, interested, enchanted, seduced and hypnotized by this teaser visual. What the hell am I talking about at this point?


Looks promising


Genuine question... Why most anime movies tend to be rather sad or bittersweet when it comes to romance? Do they simply perform better than comfy feel good stuff? Or am I just missing out on movies similar to bunny girl sempai


Maybe because romance is mostly sad and bittersweet, and most people can relate to this fact (i.e. it sells better than happy romance...)


I see.... Growing up with parents that are still lovey dowey with each other even after 20 years of marriage and met way back in high school i kinda assumed that was the norm. To make matters worse I myself haven't really experienced any kind of two sided romance


Thats why I said ''mostly''; there are exceptions, but the divorce statistics speak volumes, so don't blame the messenger.


I mean most people have low emotional intelligence and communication skills because it's not taught in school or by their parents so "love" and "realtionships" are like sailing into dark waters without a map or compass.


I feel like he's not even from the West haha.


Well at least you are blissful?


Depends. In Western romance novels, the Happily Ever After is almost a requirement. Of course those are also rarely science fiction so it could just be a difference in audiences.


"Western romance novels"? Hmm, you're talking about the ephemeral pulpy stuff that teenage girls and post-menopausal housewives read while trying hard to stay away from sharp objects? I was thinking in terms of material with somewhat more enduring cultural relevance (yes, I think the best anime checks that criteria), like Anna Karenina; Lolita; or The Unbearable Lightness of Being, to name a few that come to mind.


Depends. In Western romance novels, the Happily Ever After is almost a requirement and they sell very well. Of course those books are also rarely science fiction so it could just be a difference in audiences.


Movies tend to need a dramatic arc structure or some sort of plot. For non-bittersweet romance, the word you are looking for is fluff, which is plentiful in each anime season and manga.


I would assume because Comfy feel good stories tend to be one dimensional and boring lol


I guess...but I would takes them over most of these movies. It's similar to food. Sure fancy restaurant cooking might be more skillfully crafted, but nothing beats simple hearty home cooking


Tbh it's easier to end on a sad note than happy. People be bitching that it's to sappy or playing easy if the couple magically stays together


A lot of other commenters are correct, but one more thing to add is that there’s also a cultural aspect to it. Japan and Japanese movies don’t typically have the “happy ending” that we have gotten in the west, especially on levels like Disney movies. A lot of movies, especially older ones like Kurosawa’s Roshomon were just there to tell a story, and I think were meant to be more realistic. Obviously things change and you do see a lot more happy endings nowadays, but the “most anime movies tend to be rather sad” thing you’re feeling is partly cultural.


That name. Pain.


MAL link?


[Natsu e no Tunnel, Sayonara no Deguchi](https://myanimelist.net/anime/50593/Natsu_e_no_Tunnel_Sayonara_no_Deguchi)




Placeholder comment to add to my to-watch list later.


Incase if you didnt get the notification from the helping one here https://myanimelist.net/anime/50593/Natsu_e_no_Tunnel_Sayonara_no_Deguchi


Damn bro, you're the best!


Your Tunnel.


Literally seen this same poster 100 times for 100 different anime movies. Its like Marvel: theyre all the same.


I feel like I've seen this "girl half turned looking behind her and guy slightly looking back over his shoulder" thing before.


Looking forward to this :)


Dont tell me one of them will be dead.


This looks like a filtered photograph for the background, it kinda ends up looking like Borderlands


>This looks like a filtered photograph for the background That's because it is. Studios are getting REALLLLY lazy with promotion art lately and just photoshopping photos for backgrounds. It's sad to see. [Evangelion did it too recently](https://preview.redd.it/gsu11vvnact41.jpg?auto=webp&s=a0c4aefb35cc4406376bb71d042ffdca72a88328)


Lmao I thought it was 5 cm per second at first


This looks painful. Can’t wait


So generic looking


Is that Makoto Shinkai?




He is working on something new though




There were too few scifi romance anime in recent years, nice to see another movie coming up!


I never heard of this until now, but looking at both the visual and synopsis, I'm definitely looking forwards to this.


Synopsis sounds good, key visual looks good. Sign me up.


Welcome to my plan to watch tab


Another romance movie with probably sad ending, definitely going to watch it


Thought this was hyouka at first


Don't hurt me like that.


Title seems like someone stuck the Japanese letters in Google Translate and this is what they got... Exit of Goodbye? What does that even mean?






touch grass


I finished listening to this audiobook a couple weeks ago, had no idea it was getting an anime. The character writing is a little wishy-washy but it was otherwise pretty solid.




Thought I was on youtube and this was Exil Hiboky


Would love to know who drew this. I love it.




Most of the background is actually a photo they threw some photoshop filters over then painted over a bit. But the characters are all done by hand.


Don't enter the tunnel to Mayoiga 2


Is this a movie?


Reminds me on this one song: "And now I know what's behind the door to summer, It's a place for those who have survived winter and fall. These doors are everywhere and yet there are none, Without a lock, but with a sign that says "welcome." I found these doors when I was going to hell, I was helped in this case by His Majesty Chance. And I've been walking there and back ever since, Because eternal summer is also boring..."


I did not know about the existence of this movie until this visual. Wow, this looks like it could be good 😁


Oh kokoro, here wo again


Luv this art 🥰


The art looks absolutely gorgeous. I'mma try doing this for a study in the near future.


looks good, it would be good if it was a series not movie


art is so goog


Remove the girl and the boy it might pass for an evangelion poster


!remindme 3 months


!remindme 3 months


if this is a rural romance, count me in


oh that looks interesting!


this looks so good. im a sucker for the romance-drama anime films


Is this a movie or show? The art style is fantastic


Feel like this is going to be another one of those visually stunning films


pic link?


Why do train tracks give feels


"I can't believe it's not Shinkai"




you love to see it


I was reading this manga a few weeks back wondering when this is gonna get an anime film, and guess what you know.


This looks amazing!


Is there a name for this type of genre; it’s like the US blockbuster equivalent of having a wall of faces


Maybe I'm alone in this, but I'm kinda tired of quirky and/or sappy highschool romance anime movies. Your Name, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, etc...


Alright you have my attention




When and where is this releasing? I saw weathering with you in one of my local theater but wasn’t really promoted. How can I keep track of it?




thank you for the wallpaper. ill watch this because of this pv is wicked.


I like how all of these posters always have a wide sky.


When everyone knows about negative space, the idea is no longer fun :(


That picture looks so interesting


Damn hope the time between Japanese and English releases isn't a year.


Can’t wait to watch this in 2025 in NA


Her legs look off, even if you take perspective into account the right leg is too short and left leg is too massive.


Will it make me cry again?


I am ready to get hurt again.


more Uchiage Hanabi vibes to me


When will be released the anime adaptation?


is this a romance one?


looks awfully similar to Your Name and A Silent Voice


Holy cow 10k likes are people really that excited for this?


[Source for the visual](https://twitter.com/hamukukka/status/1484475975832272901)


Beautiful background


This gives me your name vibe


Really love movies with a more rural setting which I hope this one has based off this image