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I feel like desha might be the smartest character in the series and we finally know the mysterious man in op was non other than ouken.


Despa can literally see on an atomic/molecular level "Despa what colour is that tree over there?" "Mhm, dunno it looks fuzzy" "Tell the king Despa needs glasses"


Boji can too now, how else would his new Mystic Eyes of Weakpoint Perception work?


local tsukihime fan spotted, detain him now


Don't even know what it's about. I watched Garden of Sinners tho.


Tsukihime is another visual novel in the one and only Nasuverse. (same fella who did Garden of Sinners and Fate)


I know that much, and I know there are characters in it who look a whole lot like Rin and Ritsuka, and a short haired blonde girl, and that's it.


The male protagonist is also called Shiki and has the same power as Shiki from Kara no Kyōkai.


He also knows magic, can do lightning magic, long distance communication, see curses and deduced it was Miranjo who opened the cell based on her magic. Think he's ranked 2nd in power not because he's ridiculously physical strong (which he might be too) but because he uses his strength smartly.


I mean we knew physical strength was never the most important deciding factor in the ranking system when it was mentioned that while Bosse was the strongest king, he was only 7


if i read correctly that was King Desha's lightning, not Despa's. They were probably doing some target-coordinate lightning attack lol


bro literally called his brother with coordinates for a mortar strike


turns out king ranking isn't limited to physical power, it also counts military tactical strike technology lol


Desha straight up can summon lightning a country away with high precision. That’s some crazy magic power.


They even have medieval-based cellphones lol. No wonder he's #2


Hiling remains an absolute GOAT, what a wonderful and beautifully written character. I love her and Bojji so much, their reunion was just as sweet as I’d hoped it would be


[You may not like it, but this is what peak waifu material looks like](https://imgur.com/a/5xmV4oo)




You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.


[Sigh...I knew it would happen sooner or later](https://i.redd.it/g24uj2204cc81.jpg) ^From ^this ^post- ^https://www.reddit.com/r/OsamaRanking/comments/s6ilia/hiling_and_her_cool_pointy_nose_twitter/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3


To quote Charlton Heston from Planet of the Apes (1968) > YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! AH, DAMN YOU! GOD! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! 🗽


If your sexy pinup of Queen Hilling gives her generic milf tits instead of Madonna pointy bra it is invalid. Her breasts could poke a mans eye out.


[Bird mom wins again.](https://spng.pngfind.com/pngs/s/281-2810789_pearl-steven-universe-universe-art-illustration-pearl-steven.png)


Oh I like it 😫


Hiling and Dorshe makes me cry in this episode. They look so great sacrificing their lives for each other and the beauty of that is that they both live in the end for not giving up.


Dorshe took the healing of the demon hounds surprisingly well, given that they ripped his leg off 5 minutes ago.


and blinded one of his eyes, too.


He looks like Mitsumata now.


I mean, they are wild animals, and were being controlled. Also, the order of the senior in this series is pretty absolute, so even if Dorsche had a problem, he couldn’t say no to Hilling (Queen) and Bojji (the prince).


Upon rewatching the first episode. Aside from her tone, what Hiling said back then showed that she cared for Bojji. * She ordered the knights to investigate and capture the people who did this to Bojji(which lets be honest, it was borderline Stockholm syndrome between Bojji and Kage) * Lectured Bojji about how his position doesn't allow him to be this careless * when she said something the might hurt Bojji, she ordered Domas to not translate it. It a testament to the author's writing ability that he made Hiling look evil even when she really didn't.


Her vocie actress also did a wonderful job [](#tanakalove)


She really is such an amazing character. She was originally someone i hated but very shortly after shown the error of my ways.


> She was originally someone i hated but very shortly after shown the error of my ways. To be fair, it was intended to mislead the viewer and reader. Hiling was presented as the evil stepmother you see so often in fairy tales, Bebin looked shady and cruel, etc. The opposite was also true for Domas being the righteous knight, and the king being a good father and leader who did everything for his family and kingdom. I personally found that recontextualization to be a fun hook early on, but there was no way to tell it was a bait without more context. We're at the mercy of the author's writing. But yeah, Hiling is by far the best characters. Every scene she has been in since the 2nd episode have been amazing.


She wasn't really evil even in the beginning. After she scolded Bojji in the first episode she asked in a regretful tone if her words hurted Bojji. People only interpret it badly because they that's what they expect from a character in her position (strict stepmom).


Bebin actually looked so antagonistic that I just assumed it was the subversion trope. Doesn't help that I love D&D rogue character designs. XD


Bebin fights like a rogue but his heart is that of a paladin


but what is the author gonna do with king bosses and others being on the side of "evil mirror" The whole thing is kept so much under the wraps that it feels to give it a good context and cause for us to understand their cause we will need another season for 3rd cour, Because there is also all that thing about Kage clan massacre and that little girl protecting him from 2nd episode that wait to be explored more


The trick to redeeming irredeemable villains is pretty much always the same. You pull the carpet out from under the audience by pointing out a flawed assumption they arrived with in your worldbuilding. The easiest example is if Valhalla is real and dying a violent death gets you instant access into paradise and living a normal life sends you to hell. All of your peacekeepers and traditional heroes now work for Satan. In the case of Ousama Ranking the system of ranks is pretty much set up to doom the most happy prosperous kingdom in the world periodically. I doubt that if Witch-in-a-mirror and Big Boss turn out to basically be the grown up protagonists of Promised Neverland the audience will find it overly hard to sympathize.


The moment she yeeted herself out of the window after Bojji... She immediately became best girl right then.


Kage all the way from episode 2 showed us who could be trusted. Immediately after the duel, he remarked that Domas couldn't be trusted. Then sees Hilling healing Bojji and decides to leave her to it.


I was the same way at the beginning of the show and I’m so glad she changed my mind. One thing I really liked about this episode is that it tied up the very minor loose end of Hiling not knowing Bojji can read lips, as in the first episode she says some mean things and tells Domas not to translate them into sign language so she doesn’t upset Bojji. The audience and Kage knew, but it’s very cute that now Hiling knows as well


> The audience and Kage knew, but it’s very cute that now Hiling knows as well And you could tell from her reaction that she instantly remembered all the times she had talked in front of him without knowing he could understand her lol.


With every new episode, I grow more fond of Hiling. After the final episode of *Ranking of Kings* has aired, I’ll probably add the anime and Hiling to my all-time favourites on MAL.


She is officially my favourite character now. I would watch an entire series about her literally just hanging out with Bojji.


The scene with her and Bojji in the OP is my favorite part of the OP. Especially with that top-tier music.


Season best mom for sure!


I was so worried she wouldn’t make it because of her premonition when Bojo left


My biggest criticism is that her biological son didn't turn out that great. I know the mirror is a big influence on him but don't tell me she never went in his room and was like wtf is this mirror? Daida would have murdered Bojji during their sparring match if it wasn't for Apeas's intervention. Yet his own Mother is indifferent and doesn't reprimand Daida?


The mirror was handed to Daida by the king directly. It seems lots of people knew about it but never told her. The mirror is also able to to disguise itself as we've seen. As for the whole sparring thing she does seem genuinely oblivious to Daida's intentions but I just chalked it up to Mom bias. Her reaction to Hokuro seems like she's in deep denial.


This. This is my only concern with her. She was also ready to kill Hokuro for what her son transpired. I know she wasn't aware about the whole scheme but still she overlooks her son's crassness alot.


[Mama needs her medicine](https://gfycat.com/hairyblackandwhiteapatosaur).


Bojji on his way to become a material scientist


Can't wait for Bojji to invent a nuclear bomb in the 4th season.


A sword so sharp, it could split an atom! [](#rengehype)


Bojji on the way to join Hero Association


Nuclear Bojji


as a materials scientist i am pleased


From the way despa explained bojji's technique it seemed that he mostly relies on the density-lessening defects like frenkel defect etc. But what if something's made out of substance without such defects ; bojji better be lucky not to go against something like that lul


well luckily for him it’s basically impossible to get a defect free lattice, not sure how he’s able to pinpoint them with such high accuracy though. also would probably need some bigger 2D and 3D defects in there to break things more easily. but i dig it regardless and will suspend my disbelief lol


At this point bojji has electron microscope for eyes which can supposedly look into deep layers what has despa done


Dorshe is an absolute badass [for keeping that smile up](https://i.imgur.com/1xcDsMk.jpg) despite being almost eaten alive by Miranjo's mind controlled beasts. [This is so fucking upsetting.](https://i.imgur.com/guqx7AC.jpg) Turns out that Bosee can actually fight back and save Hilling if he so choses but it looks like he has decided to stay put [because of Miranjo for some reason.](https://i.imgur.com/Ei04ZDl.jpg) I really don't know what kind of reason they'll give us to redeem him and Miranjo for their actions but I'm not looking forward to it. [Thank fucking goodness Mitsutama arrives on time](https://i.imgur.com/8Pmd9Ec.jpg) to save Hilling and Dorshe. Not gonna lie, [Hilling yelling "POWER!" while trying to heal Dorshe](https://i.imgur.com/emG7JTm.jpg) got a good laugh from me. Hilling was dumping so much power that [she even ended up making plants grow](https://i.imgur.com/l2o69OE.jpg) around Dorhse. [As soon as that big dude froze up](https://i.imgur.com/lQWvowC.jpg), I knew our boy Bojji is here! Now if only he arrived a little bit earlier, Mitsutama wouldn't have been clobbered close to death. [Hilling's healing power is just absolutely insane.](https://i.imgur.com/2bjldET.jpg) Like all she needs is a steady supply of potions and she can keep this up for a long time. I'm surprised Miranjo didn't focus more of her forces on getting rid of Hilling. [Now we get to see Bojji in action!](https://i.imgur.com/2vz6hmE.jpg) Pretty cool to see him break the giant dude's hammer. Seems that Despa's teachings aren't just "hit their weaknesses". He seems to have [passed on the power to feel where those weaknesses are.](https://i.imgur.com/IMTRPhP.jpg) [Bojji and Hilling's reunion really had me tearing up.](https://i.imgur.com/HijzWcV.jpg) After what happened to Daida, she must be feeling so relieved to see Bojji safe. Not to mention how much she's seen him grow compared to how he was before. [Hilling blushing because she judged Kage so soon](https://i.imgur.com/0Ow1poA.jpg) was hilarious! Glad that it all ended up well [with Kage and Hilling understanding each other](https://i.imgur.com/rsF0t15.jpg) on how much they both care about Bojji. Bojji is just too nice. [He wants the big dude to be his friend and he even had Hilling heal the beasts.](https://i.imgur.com/NcriUxD.jpg) I can understand the beasts being spared since they were mind controlled but isn't Gigan still an escaped criminal? I feel like this will be an issue later especially when Desha arrives here. [Looks like Despa has already arrived](https://i.imgur.com/8FO8rWX.jpg) and was just watching the battle with Ouken the entire time. He also seems to have the power to communicate with Desha? [Also Desha can just call down lightning?](https://i.imgur.com/yBiZFE5.jpg) That would've been helpful like maybe 10 minutes ago! [Curious what that massive black thing is](https://i.imgur.com/ma0ENd0.jpg) but I don't think you need to be a genius to figure out that Miranjo is probably involved with it somehow.


> Curious what that massive black thing is but I don't think you need to be a genius to figure out that Miranjo is probably involved with it somehow. I'm pretty sure it's just supposed to be Miranjo's portal to the Underworld since Desha said they'd found it just as we saw the black cloud.


> Hilling's healing power is just absolutely insane. Like all she needs is a steady supply of potions and she can keep this up for a long time. I'm surprised Miranjo didn't focus more of her forces on getting rid of Hilling. I'm curious whether the potions like disappear as they're used or if she'd get to a point where she can't drink any more/she's full. That's a lot of bottles.


> That would've been helpful like maybe 10 minutes ago! Right? Despa was like 'Oh, just in time.' after Ouken had killed everyone but the captain.


> Oh my goodness, that was a close call. [looks around] No, it came too late.


To be fair, they might still be alive. Ouken was really into torturing his prey instead of downright killing them in the previous episodes.


It's like you people are ignoring exactly what he stated not even a second later...


Despa is giving off strong Reigen vibes.


They even shared the same VA😂


Oh god i only noticed this now.


I like that Bojji's first reaction is to befriend Gigan instead of having him as a retainer 😄


Luffy vibes. That kid's going places


This episode solidifies Hiling as my favorite anime mother of all time. She's such a fantastically written character and her reunion with Bojji was everything I hoped it would be. It was so good to see Bojji's hard work pay off and I actually cheered when he broke that hammer. I'm so excited for this little guy, and I can't wait to see what's next for him.


I can't get enough of her reactions, like when she's suprised or shocked by something. The whole exchange with Kage was awesome.


DORSCHE! APOLOGIZE TO HIM WHILE EXPLAINING MY STATUS! She is delightfully arrogant, which is a combo I don't recall seeing before lmao


I like how Dorsche was tying on an improvised leg just so he could kneel with it. He's a real team player, that one.


Hell yeah! Man's a real one. I forsure thought that he's gonna die to let Hilling escape. Glad he's still around; him, bebin, and the snakes are great comrades.


they're really nonchalant about losing limbs this show


I laughed so hard at that. I’d have been ok if she had just left it at Dorshe apologizing, but her apologizing to Kage herself really cemented Hiling as an A+ character for me


Then proceeds to actually apologize in person.


Bojji's shining moment was such a massive payoff, this precious little bean has come so far. [](#yuitears) This show and its characters are absolutely incredible - Bojji and Kage are already one of my all-time favorite duos in anime and Hiling is such a wonderful and caring mother.


tbf many mom characters are not alive in the first place to talk about. At least I am not familiar with many mom characters.


He now has an entourage, can't help but be proud of him.


I'm pretty sure that Despa's talk about losing one's soul due to immortality is alluding to Bosse being on the same path. Bosse is ready to sacrifice just about everything to attain his goals. Shoutout to Dorshe for just putting his torn off leg on this stump and packing it up. And now we know how Boji broke that boulder before.


I don't see it that way. Bosse seems different. He definitely doesn't want Hiling to die. That's why he warned Dorshe.


He tried to get out of the cage upon hearing(?) Hilling’s cry for help, but then he remembers Miranjo, so he goes back and sits in the cell. Wtf? He’s turning out to be an asshole. He sided with a witch who killed his first wife. Then used his son to extend his life (he probably accepted this too), and is now killing his second wife too. I seriously don’t get his character. I hope the author doesn’t write himself into a corner with his character, and is able to explain all his actions. For now, Fuck Bosse and Miranjo.


The thing is Bosse knew Miranjo long before he met the first queen We do know what their relationship is, maybe its a contract or maybe she is powerful enough to destroy him I hope we learn a lot more about her background


Wild guessing but I feel like Bosse was the one who rescued her in the first place. She latched on to him and Bosse having the idiot personality as he is, promises her he'll become the strongest and protecc her so they can live happily together forever. Cue them travelling around to find new and increasingly morally questionable ways to become stronger. There is not necessarily even a spell or contract that forces Bosse to follow her. It could as well just be guilt.


Love this theory The road to hell is paved with good intentions


Bosse is too complex to draw conclusions about yet imo


Imo he's not evil as much as he wants to please everyone, *at any cost*.


I think you are confusing love for miranjo with caution. If bosse goes out there and saves hiling, which he could easily do. It is showing all his cards to miranjo who at this point believes bosse is still on her side. There’s no accident he killed one of the dogs before sending them to hiling originally. He also out his strongest man as her guard knowing miranjo would one day come for her. Not to mention he purposefully wore miranjoout before the first attack so she wouldnt be present to aid it. Bosse is clearly working against miranjo and obviously loves hiling


There's very obviously a bigger picture being hinted at here with the way Bosse is acting. He literally had to restrain himself from going out and helping Hilling. Maybe he's banking on Bojji saving the day or there's something bigger at stake that literally requires he removes himself from any action for the time being. I'm surprised how many people here are missing this. If anything, Bosse comes off as being just as trapped in his circumstances as every other character right now.


I swear, we're going to be rooting for the Witch Miranjo by the last episodes. I feel like she's also having her strings pulled by someone else, like the Devil or something.


> He’s turning out to be an asshole. He sided with a witch who killed his first wife. Then used his son to extend his life (he probably accepted this too), and is now killing his second wife too. There is obviously some underlying motive behind his actions, they wouldn't make such a big deal out of it if that wasn't the case.


His actions can be explained but I don't think they can be justified. He's good hearted but cares a lot about how others view him, he's afraid of failing them. He puts on airs as a strong king in front of the townspeople. He tries to give Bojji a good life as a father. He tries repeatedly to save Hiling. But most of all, he doesn't want to fail what probably was his 1st friend ever, too bad for him, she's crazy and evil.


I just realized Hiling's name is pronounced like "Healing" which is her power lmao I feel so dumb


Someone pointed out the other name puns [in the last episode thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/s34rom/comment/hsjvv8c/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) if you're interested. I believe there's also a full list ~~but I was unable to find it~~ at the end of the comment.


Not dumb if you figured it out on your own! ;D


This episode got me crying over a snake. Kage coming in clutch with those mana potions. Bojji full DEX build landing critical hits like crazy. Dorshe is a real one protecting Hiling at all costs even to the point of losing his eye and leg. Even though he trained Bojji, I'm surprised at how capable Desha is. His personality makes it seem like he would be a fraud but I guess that's the theme of the show. Never judge a book by its cover. Every character has so many layers and nuances. Ouken regenerating like he drank the immortality elixir from Baccano. Mortality is the essence of being human. So this is why they refer to him as a demon.


Desha is the king, Despa (Bojji's teacher) is the king's brother. ;-) Not sure who summoned the lightning bolt, but it appears to have been Despa. (His character design seems modeled on Dudley Dooright -- but he seems to be ssmarter and more skilled). Definitely a thrill-packed episode -- and moving. Bojji has now got quite a contingent of over-powered "retainers". Will he now be at least "acting king" until things are sorted out? I assume Bebin has freed the real Daido -- but he didn't seem to want to leave his cell. Interesting. Hiling is something else, isn't she?


The captain of the guards already mentioned that it was Desha's lightning >I assume Bebin has freed the real Daido Has he? All Bebin did this episode was stand outside Daida/King Bosse's cell, and King Bosse was still in full control of his son's body. King Bosse was the one who opened the cell door by force


Desha has lightning powers. It's hinted at in the opening.




Pretty sure the King sent the lightning. We already know he's supposed to be strong but there should be more than meets the eye to him. Despa knows a great deal about how the world works, and Ouken has similar sword skills as Despa taught other ppl. Some sort of magic made Ouken immortal and the lightning seems to be magic as well. There's also the telephone spell they use. Desha might look like a troll with a big ooga booga smash club but he could likely be deeply intelligent in both science and magic, maybe even having taught or learned things alongside Despa.


No it was king desha's lightning... Despa called him real quick to drop some lightning


Hey bro how's it going ,So here are some coordinates for you,can you throw some of your falshy lightning real quick


\- Who are you to prince Bojji!? \- A backpack.


And also a full-time translator.


And a super bodyguard, even though Bojji is immune to poison


Wasn't poison, it was cursed gas; they couldn't be cursed because they were already cursed.


I was so mad when Gigan was getting up and no one noticed, than remember that Boji is fucking deaf


He's basically the author's answer when the author wants something physically impossible done


Bag of holding. Do not put two of them together.


What happens if I put one kage into another kage?


You get sent to horny jail.


And possibly baby Kages.


\*pretentious tone of voice\* No no no...he's a friend pack! He's a friend that packs his stuff! But Bojji is aiming to be aiming so...he's a retainer pack!


Snake boi comes in clutch! Despa.....not so much. Every knight dead except the captain and Despa like: *'Well that was a close call.'* lol


It looked like he called his brother for an Air Strike, so he DID something. How they were in contact? Sibling connection maybe. So without him, everyone (including the civilians) would be dead, instead of everyone minus the captain.


> How they were in contact? All I could think of is telepathy. Maybe the royal families are the only one who could have those abilities.


I bet they will certainly address this in a future episode. This anime keeps hitting balls out of the park.


We haven’t seen anyone else talk like they did, so maybe it’s the brother’s own power or smth? They both put a hand on their mouths to talk.


I would love if they could talk telepathic but Despa just never bothered to unlearn the hand over mouth radio play * comment over *


Ahh I love medieval Air Strikes!


I really expected him to bring his hose into shape, but it's still pretty fat


I think it's kinder to use the term "famine resistant". [](#rengethink)


\*first minute in Dorshe loses his eye\* ohshitshitshitshitshit


Despa said something so profound in the end there that I think I've found the meaning of life.


So you're saying the meaning of life is death


What i understood was how Our natural urge to fight death gives us our emotions and values, and how giving birth is the natural way of making ourselves "immortal"... So the urge to fight death gives meaning to life.


Bojji trying to put out the fire with a glass of water, Daida with a barrel, and then comes Bosse with a fucking Olympic swimming pool. Hiling face when healing is the closest expression to anyone doing the shrugs workout.


I failed to understand it was a flashback until after it ended. Pre-Character Development Daida looks great, I love his expressions XD.


Looked like his bathtub to me, tbh.


Huge troll has joined your party!


This show is just a serotonin shot right to my brain. I love that Bojji is just making friends-I mean retainers, everywhere he goes. And that reunion with Hilling. Man.... :'')


It is especially great because of the fact that the show outright lied to us about them never meeting again when Bojji left!


Desha and Despa can communicate with each other telepathically? Does this mean that King Desha has been communicating with his brother all along?


no. their hands are like telephone. so if one does masturbate, the other hears it. \^\^\^\^\^\^/s


I almost spit my coffee thanks


Why did you feel compelled to put this image in everyone's heads? Dammmit lol


Mitsumata with the save! Hiling once again coming in clutch with the healing, and the mom'ing, and the queening as well to a degree... Appearance is important for a ruler, even if it's not important to who the person is themselves. I also loved that Bojji wasn't the solution to everything, and other people all took up the mantle for parts of the battle. Bojji just came in as the catalyst for the finale/aftermath. Also, that scene where Despa shows/gives Bojji the ability to see the most minute weaknesses at effectively the atomic level... That's a seriously OP ability. I'll admit, though, that when they showed the "hands" of the atoms as generic round things my first though was that "bet if you zoom right in those hands are made of tons of tiny tiny real hands!" I LOVE THIS SHOW!


Poor snake boi is just riddled with scars. He's gotta be careful with his last remaining eye.


I kinda feel bad for Bocchi's biological mom because Hiling just takes ALL the best mom cake from me and doesn't even eat it herself but shares it with Bocchi as the absolute goat mom she is. I almost feel bad that Hiling is not Bocchi's real mom but that makes their relationship all the more special so it is fine.


I think it's especially fantastic because both Bojji and Hiling's flashbacks imply that Bojji misses his biological mother, and that no one can replace her. Hiling is completely aware of that, but she still does her best to be there for him. It's so rare to see a relationship between mother and child that doesn't rely on blood relations to be valid and wholesome in anime, so it really is so special.


That is why I am saying I kinda feel bad for Bocchi's mother. She is irreplaceable for Bocchi and yet we have very little connection to her since she has no screen time and is already dead. Hiling on the other hand is not only alive but even from a flashhback perspective got 10x more flashback then Bocchi's mother and her relationship with Bocchi is very strongly explored and fleshed out. Like it is not even fair competetion since Hiling got literally everything and she is very loveable to back it up as well so Bocchi's mom is just overshadowed completely against her


She's in the trailer for this second cour so I'm sure she'll get more screentime. You don't have to feel bad for her because she's not being replaced. Bojji just has two special moms who are both important to him and I'm sure to the story as well.


[Episode 14 illustration by Osamu Murata, the OP2 animation director](https://i.imgur.com/NYxEAp1.jpeg)


lol wtf?


I'm guessing they're all singing the second OP


first OP probably better for group karaoke


The director sees that the audience is trying to pinpoint everyone's intentions; he's letting us know that we are all clowns for doing so.


Or he is just a man of culture and is spreading the word about the best hairstyle ever


If I understand things correctly, Ouken was the former king's guard captain and he appears in the OP just after Desha, right? He also resembles the very same Despa...


I mean, he's called "Prince Ouken" and Despa/Desha are very protective of him. I think it's pretty fair to say he's Desha's son


>I think it's pretty fair to say he's Desha's son what? i'm pretty sure Ouken is Despa and Desha's brother


[The return of the true king.](https://i.imgur.com/TuXNFZB.jpg) [Me watching this episode](https://i.imgur.com/RtKG6KK.jpg) [Lmao this was funny](https://i.imgur.com/Rceg4Ef.jpg) [Damnn Hilling is packin'](https://i.imgur.com/1hCJ3Bo.jpg) Screenshots for this ep: https://imgur.com/a/N8iNZ8A/ https://imgur.com/a/3VODwxG/ https://imgur.com/a/sLoHXcr/ https://imgur.com/a/OOp5wI2/ https://imgur.com/a/Ic8emas/ https://imgur.com/a/hFPyVKW/ https://imgur.com/a/YVnQLj5/ https://imgur.com/a/alHzYBX/ https://imgur.com/a/FLAJDsq/ https://imgur.com/a/AMX0j9U/ https://imgur.com/a/6uNFOW1/ https://imgur.com/a/L8SgteH/ https://i.imgur.com/VZmgHMd.jpg Stitchable: https://imgur.com/a/6LKDH3e/


> [Damnn Hilling is packin'](https://i.imgur.com/1hCJ3Bo.jpg) I had been wondering how much of Hilling was bustle in her old gowns.


Why didn't Hiling sign to Boji when she was talking to him, before she learned he could read lips?


doroshe learned sign language better than she did, so she had doroshe take over for translating to boji. theres even a moment in the first part of the anime where she says something hurtful, then asks doroshe not to translate it to boji.


Very nice episode, although we can see the limit of Hiling's power - she cannot restore lost like or eye. Probably should have figured that bit out from the snake. We also get the backstory of Ouken, as people guessed, he's the big brother of the Desha and Despa brothers. Good thing the guard Captain survived that fight whew. Another episode that just flew by...


Man Doroshe is such as badass and healing is best Mom.


We also got to see that Bojji's birth mother was similarly loving (until killed off for the benefit of Miranjo and Bosse).


> (until killed off for the benefit of Miranjo and Bosse) Based on the conversation from last week's episode. I'm wondering if Bosse was like "I refuse to marry another woman so long my wife lives." And so Miranjo killed her off to get Bosse to marry and have another son. (So that Miranjo can arrange for Boss to live longer.)


Holy shit I just realized that Hiling = Healing... I've been watching this live since episode 1


bro even the molecules get a backstory


Hiling best girl man.


Hilling is not Best Girl. Hilling is Best Woman.


Best Lady feels like a more apt title don't you think?


[It’s pretty much established at this point that Despa and Reigan are the same person](https://imgur.com/a/tR8pjar) Also damn Hiling in pants hits different


everytime bojji and hiling have a family moment, i start tearing up TuT going to hug my mom today when she gets home from work...


Has been a while since I last happy cried over an anime.


And all Bojji's allies are finally assembled! Except Despa, who I'm very interested to meet Hiling, lol.


So many close calls for beloved characters that I was positive someone was going to die this week. Dorshe, a little worse for wear having lost his foot AND his eye to the devil dogs, made it out alive thanks to Mitsumata coming in the clutch to save everyone. Mitsumata had to be saved from Gigan by Bojji finally using his fencing foil. Hilling also needed to be saved by Bojji when Gigan woke up the first time. Everyone had death flags planted, but they were avoided for at least this week. Yet the most hype part of the episode wasn’t the fights. It was the reunion of Hilling and Bojji. She sees how much he’s grown. Intercutting that Flashback of his trying to fight a fire the best he can with him taking out Gigan in one shot. Realizing how capable he’s become, like with his lip-reading, and a subtle reveal that she’s been tough on him because she thought that’s what he needed. It was a great growth moment for Hilling and Bojji’s relationship. Plus that hug scene made me so damn happy. Him pulling back awkwardly and her returning his affection after what’s probably been ages. Probably my favorite thing about the second half so far. Great episode for Kage too. Helping to save Mitsumata’s life and Proving himself to be a loyal friend of Bojji in a hilarious interaction with Hilling. I get her wariness and she’s just being protective, but she did need to be called a dumbass. Kage is ride or die for her son and Mitsumata confirmed it for her. Kage is officially recognized by the kingdom as the right-hand man to Bojji and his most loyal ally. Though he’s annoyed by Bojji’s dream and the rules that come with it, he’ll make it work. Now they have another loyal ally in Gigan who, after getting his ass beat twice, swore himself to Bojji. As the King of the Underworld marches towards the secret underworld entrance of Bosse’s kingdom, we get a final scene with the Captain fighting Ouken and Despa watching from the shadows. Not sure what the scheme is there, but it probably involves Desha’s invasion. We got insight into what exactly Ouken, how his immortality drove him crazy, and that Miranjo might be involved. With the earlier explanation of Bojji’s skill set, it’s clearer now that Ouken is a bad match-up for him. Still can’t wait for them to fight though! So Desha is about to invade, the kingdom is in disarray, Miranjo has been kidnapped, and Bosse is casually sitting in a prison that he can easily leave. With Bojji in the picture, things are hopefully about to improve. Notes - a very strong Hilling episode in terms of her character and well as adorable moments. Like her getting mad Kage called her a dumbass, then feeling embarrassed that she was totally in the wrong, only to order Dorshe to apologize for her. And her healing the devil dogs because Bojji was sad. Plus, the return of “Hair Down” Hilling which is the best version. - I wasn’t clear on this: did Despa cause that lightning strike that took out Ouken? He could have done that at any time? Also, Chonky Horse is still hilarious. - The life debt Mitsumata had to Hilling finally paid off! Love a good callback. - How confused must Bebin be in that moment to see Bosse break his binds and the door only to sit back down? - A little bummed out that we won’t get the 3 best friends of Bojji, Kage, and Gigan. But Bojji wants to be King so they have to be professional. - I have a vague memory of them setting up Kage having all those potion bottles, but it felt like an asspull in the moment.


It seems like Despa acted as a point man for Desha, giving him Ouken's position so Desha know where to summon lightning bolt.


> What wasn’t clear: did Despa cause that lightning strike that took out Ouken? Captain said: ''Was that... King Desha's lightning?'' just after Ouken fell down. Not sure how you missed it. > I have a vague memory of them setting up Kage having all those potion bottles, but it felt like an asspull in the moment. He had them when they met Despa. Kage threw few bootles and other things when Despa asked for payment.


I just binge watched the 14 episodes and... wow, I'm in love with this show. Everything is so well written, from the characters to the world they are in, as well as the pacing and the usage of flashbacks at the right times, everything is just wonderful. I can't wait for Miranjo to be defeated so that even more depth is added to her character and we go off to face the demon or whoever the greater evil is. Is there a manga or LN for this? I don't know if I'll be able to wait lol.


There's a manga but the English scanlations only got picked up around June which I'm guessing is around the time that the first poster was released


Damn, Bojji casually recruits his small army


man, im teary-ing up again


I dont get what bosse is doing. He seems to be against miranjo's plan but he kept going along with it even if he could stop her anytime (judging by how easy he broke his bindings and break out of jail). Maybe he does want to get rid of her, but either she cannot be killed by just destroying the mirror, or bosse has conflicting feeling about her. It seems to be both. Until miranjo's flashback we couldn't have known what happened between the two. Story wise imo, it's still strong, but animation and direction wise, it's fell of a bit from the quality we had in the first cour.


How are there always votes for "Bad" within minutes of the episode thread being posted? I swear poll brigading is a problem in this subreddit 😠


Poll brigading is a problem almost in every rating site, each in a varying extent. Like, for example, in MAL, every anime always has a quite significant number of 1 star rating, no matter how good it is.


You're not wrong but it seems that currently Ousama Ranking is the designated show that gets an extra amount of poll trolls.


Presumably they are doing this "strategically" to help some show they like look better in comparison.


Right, must be those fanatical Platinum End fans /s


Stop caring about it. It's completely dumb.


I was confused when Bojji was upset when looking at the lions. Then Hiling started walking towards Bojji. Me: "Shaking my head Bojji, you are beyond saving. You want to save the lions too? So consistent!" I am so disappointed in myself. Of course Bojji wants to save everyone! He has a heart made out of cotton and fluff! And it is SO adorable how Hiling has also changed since the injured snake flashback. Literally a 180 turn from back then. Now she just heals any injured character for the sake of Bojji! Wait a second, I think I'm sweating from my eyes.


The genuine emotion this episode elicited from me was wonderful! There's so much catharsis in finally seeing Bojji's hard work start to pay off.


Where was the snake before now?!


The big snake lives under a cave outside of town who knows how far away, and it has to wait for the small snakes to deliver info, not to mention it's boss Bebin's vague standing on the whole matter


The snake obeyed Bebin's plea to not risk itself in battle until the very last moments. You can see how it's only strong in ambush. Straight up fights are not its strengths.


He's just too cute!


damn , I love queen hiling


Hiling makes me want to give my mom a hug every episode


This series is a masterpiece . Not one bad character in the series, every single one of them has a purpose.


This show is 'Never Judge A Book By It's Cover : The Anime'


Time for this OP to be stuck in my head for a while.