As many as I need to realize I just don't care.


This, sometimes you don't even need to finish the first episode to decide the show is not for you.


I think a better question is "How fast is the fastest you've ever dropped an anime?"


1 minute (plus the OP); The OP already gave me a bad feel, then the anime begins and I think it's a cop questioning people in some kind of strip club/drag club, then some dude in a dress comes in and slaps him on the ass and... Yeah, that's about as far as I went.


Which anime?


Kabukichou Sherlock


Pretty much that i'm fine with any show if i enjoy some aspect of it, but if it makes me feel indifferent about it i will drop. Up to this day i think i dropped like 6 or 7 anime and i don't remember their name.


> before you decide if it's good or not? > before deciding if I want to drop it off or continue Eh, those are 2 separate things for me. 3 episodes is enough to tell if it's complete garbage. But I won't know if it's truly good until I watched it all. I've seen many series that have a good start... only to go downhill on the second half.


Gigguk reddit acc?


I will usually give it 3 episodes before I drop it, unless the first 2 episodes just completely give me no interest


I watch until I forget about it. I am always on the lookout for hidden gems, some hide behind so many episodes...


i used to say about 3 episodes and i remember dropping Black Clover after like 5 or something i stopped doing so since when i picked black clover up i finished the series and loved it so now i just carefully pick my animes and go all the way through


Depends on the show. It takes one episode to realize **Conception** and **Between the Sky and Sea** are trash, but it took 9 episodes before **The Day I Became a God** devolved into shit territory. Shows like Day I Became a God, Akame ga Kill, True Tears, Steins;Gate, Princess Connect, and Yamada's First Time are why I never give a show a rating until I finish. A show may take a while to get good (in the case of Yamada's First Time, it took until almost the end), and some shows rear their ugly heads late in the run, despite having promising starts.




One. If there's nothing in the first episode that makes me think this might be good and worth watching, chances are that it won't suddenly develop those things. The first episode is supposed to be the best foot forward, if that isn't executing well then I don't expect the rest of the show to stop having those problems. It's never let me down, there is no piece of media that I enjoy in any medium that I didn't at least think was interesting and had potential right from the start.


I’m afraid this algo ain’t good for anime. There were quite a few times where one episode wasn’t enough for me.


No hard rule. Eh maybe I'll push through one if the concept seems like it should be good


3 to 5 or 6 episodes before dropping. Learned this from watching Madoka Magica. I think episodes 7 to 8 where Madoka kinda got interesting and it turned out the show is great. Most of the time 3 episodes should be enough to tell you if it's worth watching and up to the 5th or 6th episode can confirm it for you.


The whole thing, because I don't drop anime and I also don't like to judge a series without knowing the full picture. [](#yuishrug)


That must be hell


Surprisingly, not really. There's only around a dozen series out of the 400+ I've seen that I actually outright dislike or hate.


I assume you're pretty selective about what you start then. I'm the opposite. I don't really care to check a series out much before I start it. If people are talking about it, I may as well give the first episode a spin. But that's often as far as I get.


If it's shorter than 25 episodes, as a lot of shows tend to be, that isn't very long. If it's 50-100 episodes, I'd just watch to the halfway point or to whenever the first good arc starts.


When I was younger I would watch and finish everything I started. Now just getting to the watch part is much harder since I prefer reading manga since they are further along and faster to read


If I'm not wowed in 60 seconds it's over


You give them too much time, For me if the first frame isn't a perfect story I drop it.


I see, I'll have to give that method a try


hmm this black screen sure is interesting


So Monogatari?


That would actually be a pretty good contender


1-3. It depends. If episode 1 is too much fan service or even nudity/sex then I'm done even in the first episode. Episode 1 needs to tell me why i'm watching it. What's the plot (at least the part they can share)? What's the premise? For example, I thought My Hero Academia was a stupid concept at episode 1. But as I watched 2 and 3, I discovered it had a deep right vs wrong moral premise, so I kept watching. What follows are a bunch of examples so that you can maybe understand my brain. I can remember watching Parasite thinking it was going to be a very stupid premise, due to the part of his body that gets infected. But it didn't go there so I kept watching. Then I almost quit watching due to the sex scene. I was hooked on Death Note from the first episode. They gave the premise but didn't show the end yet. I stopped watching Sword Art Online with the first episode because I felt the premise was stupid. Same with some other anime I can't think of, some underdog in high school who is a social outcast / chubby / whatever who then becomes a famous pro in the game or something. I only watched the next movie in the style of SAO (forgot the name) because the wife insisted. It was barely worth watching. I was hooked on Serial Experiments Lain in episode 1. But being a Linux/Unix geek, I had seen the pictures of the "room full of screens" before in jokes. I loved both Full Metal Alchemists from the beginning. Same with Demon Slayer. I loved Cowboy Beebop from the beginning. I absolutely hated Trigun from the beginning. I only revisited it when my wife wanted to watch it. Then I liked it enough to tolerate it. Good premise. I hated Attack on Titan. I watched it for a while but then it disappointed me so I stopped watching it. Too much gore for not enough story. I got bored with the first Dragon Ball series. It just, I dunno, was too slow? Not sure. I loved Hellsing Ultimate. Naruto seemed to be too much comedy for me, and the fights took a long time, so I got bored. I loved Code Geass from the beginning. My wife loves Saiki K. but I'm not really into it, it's more for teenagers. I love all the Psycho-Passes because they have a good premise. I watched Durarara with my wife but I wasn't as into it as she was. Violet Evergarden was a weird premise but I tolerated it, it was ok. I love Shield Hero. Beastars is a bit weird. The wife and I are watching it just to see if it redeems itself. Being a Linux/Unix geek, Ghost in the Shell is one I like, but I sometimes wish they could build a loader/construct screen that didn't require people to be naked. Like, seriously.


With seasonal anime, I will give it an episode or two. If it's a show that's been recommended a lot. I will also give it a chance by watching the English dub if it has it. I used this method to get into The Case Study of Vanitas and The Ranking Of Kings. I'm really enjoying them at the moment.


Probably around 10-15. I don’t like to not watch at least an entire introduction arc!


The very first episode. Not gonna waste my time on a bad show unless I had high expectations before watching it.


I watch at least half of the season.


It depends on if it’s a slow burn or not. Slow burns are can be extremely rewarding like Legend of the Galactic Heroes or Gintama. It’s not fair to drop these top tier anime because the 3 episode rule benefits seasonals that show their best episodes in the beginning. While the rest afterwards fail to reach the same level of quality and ends on a cliffhanger. Because it was just an advertisement to get more people to buy the original source material.


3-5 episodes the only one i ever dropped after 1 episode was Eiken.


Generally one, but that's more determining if I outright dislike it because if something offends my tastes that early I know it's downhill from there. Usually the worst anything can do past that point is bore me, and my litmus test for that is if I don't feel any motivation to load up the next episode.


I watch anime for entertainment, so if an anime isn't entertaining then it's not what I'm looking for. As long as anime manages to stay entertaining, I'll keep watching. Sometimes that means I drop an episode before I even finish the first episode, other times I drop it halfway through the season. I've dropped some anime despite being several seasons in already. Sometimes I end up dropping an anime and then later picking it back up again if I keep hearing good things about it. That happened with Steins;Gate and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, both of which I now consider to be amazing anime.


Usually 4


I usually give an anime 2-3 episodes unless I couldn’t stand it whatsoever. If I make it to past the halfway point I’ll always finish it regardless of whether I still like it or not. Unless it’s more than one season worth of episodes then it’s a different story


If I'm not detecting anything of interest within the first 10 minutes I tend to not even finish the episode. Beyond that, I'm willing to drop at any point up to about 75% through, in which the sunk cost fallacy takes effect and I'd rather just finish it to add another completion to the list. The amount of times I've been right far exceeds the amount of times I've been wrong.


One episode. I've quite literally got several hundred hours of media in my backlog of things to watch/play/read. Life is too short to waste time on things that aren't worth my time.


3, sometimes more depending on a show. Sometimes I drop shows in the middle of it all, because I'm bored.


No limit, i often drop anime in episode 1 if it really doesnt sit well with me, usually visual-wise.


One episode is enough for me to drop something. But that's not a concrete point. There's plenty of premiers that leave me needing another ep or two to decide if it's worth sticking with.


I don’t think I’ve actually dropped any shows. I tend to look up if a show is any good or not before I dive in. If I hear it gets good later on, I stick with it.


I've dropped anime in the first ten minutes, and I've dropped anime in the final episode. The only rule I have is stop wasting time if I'm not enjoying it.


Rule of 3 is where I usually call it. There are rare exceptions where I’ll drop after an episode one. For example, I couldn’t even finish the first episode of “Puraore! Pride of Orange”


If I’m watching the show and I’m not enjoying my time watching it I drop it. I can’t force myself to watch stuff that doesn’t entertain me


I try to get myself through 2-3 episodes. Even if the first was painful, the episodes are usually short enough that watching a second isn't too big of a deal. But because they're short that usually means there isn't enough time to do more than introductory stuff in the first episode.


For a currently airing show, maybe 3 ~ 4 episodes? I don't have to love it, but there should at least be something that hooks me in-- it could be the overall premise or a character that I find interesting. I'm willing to stick around longer for shows that have finished, though. At least I wouldn't feel tied down by a weekly schedule.


Usually 3 but it never happened for AOT because it’s a masterpiece start to finish, amazing story epic hype moments and deep and philosophical while brutal and mature


I've dropped shows without finishing the first episode, so I don't have a set rule. I aim to decide by the end of episode 3, but I usually know earlier than that. I've dropped some shows past 3 too.


One, but in terms of deciding whether or not to drop around 2-6 usually to get a better feel


I keep watching until I feel like it isn’t really worth my time, much more common with airing shows since there’s an entire week in between episodes


However many as needed, I don't have OCD.


Three episodes if I think it might have potential, one if I don't see any potential


I have dropped or hold on to anime with only few minutes in and not even completing 1 whole episode but its rare


Depends on how many red flags I get. I dropped one anime about five seconds in. Pretty sure KonoSuba lasted like five minutes. If it makes itself quite apparent in that it's going to be full of ero-fanservice, that it's going to be nothing but sex jokes, or that it's going to be a pointless watch, I drop it. Sometimes I'll stick an anime out if it's showing off some vibes that hit different off the top, but generally speaking I just know what I like and don't mess around with what I don't.


First episode some times I don't finish the first episode befor I drop an anime


Everything gets a 1 EP test. If I like it, I'll watch more. If by EP 7 I notice I'm spending more time on my phone then watching the show, I drop it.


I usually do 3 episodes before I drop a show, but with particularly egregious 1st episodes, it will end right then and there, and never finish that 1st one.


Two or three for me. But I’ve actually dropped only one anime so far (started to watch anime last year)


If i can still enjoying it i will watch it Its not like something like platinum ends, the ore i wafch the less enjoyment i felt, but i kinda force myself to watch and idk why


Depends on what it is. If you read manda and then you watch something like arifureta ep1 then you dont need more. There sre stuff that have a horrible ending that ruins the anime too. So drops can happen even on ep1 but being good takesva while to know for sure. Example Kimetsu no yaiba till movie came out i found ok with just a great written MC but definitely not awesome.


Somewhere between 1 minute and 30 episodes. I go with how I feel about a show most of the time, but if I were to come up with some kind of rule I vaguely follow: I give all shows 5 minutes unless something SERIOUSLY turns me off (art style, animation, a trope/theme/character I know I won't like, it's clearly for kids/another demographic). If nothing seriously turns me off, then I watch the full first episode, unless it's boring me to death, in which case I drop it at this point. After the first episode, sometimes I decide to drop it (if it's not that interesting, the first episode isn't that promising, or maybe I don't like the author's style much). If I'm still keeping it after the first episode, then I'll keep watching unless the show does something to make me drop it. If it's good enough for me to watch a few episodes, then the reasons I can drop it are usually: - It changed/did something I don't like (I dropped 'Sing Yesterday for me' halfway through the season, because it kept focusing on random characters I didn't care about, instead of the main 2). - It turns boring/doesn't interest me anymore (Dropped Fire Force and Re:Zero in the second season, I didn't care much about anything happening anymore). - It's just too long. (Dropped Ahiru no sora, not because it was bad, but because it just wasn't good enough to justify watching 50 episodes of this).


Sometimes you need to complete the anime to say "Yep, that was a waste of time".


I watched the first 50 episodes of one piece waiting for it to get better and decided that it just wasn’t for me.


if the first or second episode doesnt interest me, then i immediately drop it. happened with akudama drive and violet evergarden


I mostly let other people decide for me. I pick the shows that are reviewed really good or hyped for the season and start watching them. This probably won't apply to many because I am fairly new to this hobby. I start watching it and I give it a couple of episodes. If it's not that entertaining, I will still keep it but will add another series to watch. Eventually, I drop it if it isn't worth watching since I only get time to watch about 3 episodes every 2 days.


There is 3 episode rule, but it really depends. Sometimes you like it from the first episode, sometimes it's so bad that you don't even want to watch the second one. Sometimes it also happens that you become more or less disappointed further to end. For me, as for now, I mostly like or dislike the series from the very beginning, first episode.




Usually 1 but idrc, i'd prob enjoy it either way


For something long like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto. I go 10% I think long anime series needs more time and can't be judged from 10 episode I think that's unfair. For short ones. Maybe 6 episodes. But I usually watch the whole thing if it's 12 episodes.


I watch all episodes of anime I decide to watch. Exceptions are WataMote and Kakegurui, because of unending cringe and no real motivation to continue, respectively.