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Everyone needs to give Sabikui Bisco a chance. It’s like Mad Max combined with Dorohedoro.


With a pinch of Trigun.


Fucking sold I love all 3 of those things


I've never seen Trigun but I'll take your word for it based off of the synopsis lol


You should. It’s a beloved classic for a reason! Up there with other 90s greats like Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell.


I’ll certainly have to give it a go!


I’ve been doing a rewatch over the past week and I have to say it’s still one of my favorites.


Well this makes me interested.


Bruh if u put it like this then must be awesome


did u say mad max ? did u say dorohedoro ? already sold mate.. lemme download that shiit right now and watch.. thanks for letting know.


Dorohedoro is a masterpiece, say no more


Shilling Bisco will always earn an upvote from me


There's a lot to be excited about. It's a brand new studio with some seemingly competent staff hired. The source LN apparently has some good reception. And they have a lot of great voice talent with Natsuki Hanae and Kenjiro Tsuda. The look of the show is also very nice. It's a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting with some very bizarre elements like weird mutations and animals, plus some strange sights like the Prefectural Enforcers for some reason wearing Bunny masks. :D


>The source LN apparently has some good reception Not just any good reception, it actually ranked 1st in the Bunkobon category of the 2019 *Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!.*


The staff is extremely impressive


People already overhyping a show after just one episode. Sure the first episode showed a lot of promise but almost no one here has read the source material so who knows how it will turn out. Atleast let a few more episodes come out.


Ha I appreciate that! I’m just so interested in seeing where it goes, absolutely adored the first episode.


Same here. The world-building is really nice so far.


True but the LN has won multiple awards and contests and stuff, so we can be relatively sure that the source is pretty good.


Not overhyping. It has a lot of potential though. No reason why more people shouldn’t give it a chance.


They people behind it give it all the hype it needs.


Damn I’m gonna have to check it out cause mad max is one of my favorite franchises. How long will it be, a single cour?


Yeah 12 episodes


Seriously?? Ok I’m giving it a try then (Big fan of Dorohedoro)


Who is making this Sabikui Bisco? It's listed as "Oz", but I can't seem to see any other shows they've worked on... are they a new studio? Are they people who used to work at Trigger? Because it feels like a Trigger series.


From what I've heard here and elsewhere. It's a new studio that's staffed by ex White Fox and Ufotable people.


kind of true, their previous work as a team was Id: Invaded


Oh man, ID:Invaded was incredible, episode 10 had me in tears


Oz is a new studio. Here are the main staff members for Sabikui Bisco: - **Chief Animation Director**: Was the Animation Director for Fate/Stay-Night: Heaven’s Feel 1, Fate/Stay-Night: Heaven’s Feel 3, Re:Zero. - **Script Writer**: Was the Script Writer for Cowboy Bebop, Perfect Blue, Kino’s Journey, Durarara. - **Director**: Directed Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay-Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Devil Is A Part-Timer. - **Assistant Director**: Directed Code Geass, Re:Zero, Ergo Proxy, Katanagatari. Aside from these, it looks like a large portion of the staff worked on the Fate/Stay-Night: Heaven’s Feel movies at Studio Ufotable.


Huh, well, thank you for this detailed response!


It's called *smurfing*.


That show is next on my list to watch.


Say no more


Thanks for the rec. Just watched the first episode and I am absolutely going to continue to follow it!


I love dorohedoro so I’ll try it just bc of this recommendation


As someone that absolutely despises 3D animation and CGI in the anime genre, Dorohedoro is one of my favorite anime of all time. Incredible world building and super dope characters. It was pure joy to watch it from beginning to end.




Demon slayer ep was fire, also aot is back yeeee


I need to catch up with Demon Slayer so bad (few eps behind)!!! I've already seen pics of spoilers, looks awesome. Beating AoT seems like a big deal.


Same as me man. I'm still behind by 3 episodes and my Vanitas S1 rewatch in preparation for S2 along Ousama Ranking took up most of my time. Hopefully I'll be fully caught up with both by the next week or so.


Vanitas is nice manga is great


You should catch up by Sunday because we are about to see some plot twists. The surprise element will be lost if you get spoiled about it honestly.


I got accidentally spoiled on the upcoming events a few months back, but I'm still LOVING these episodes! So if anyone else runs into accidental spoilers, don't just brush off the whole show. It's entirely enjoyable on its own merits


Yes you are right, I rephrased my comment about it tho.


Sunday will be too early as I'll be a bit busy with work related stuff this weekend. Next week is the best choice for me.


Ah alright. Nonetheless, you should avoid spoilers for this coming Sunday's episode.


Yeah. Demon Slayer is great but it's quite predictable. This was a genuine plot twist that surprised me.


Wow really? Looking forward to it then!


Demon slayer episode was the best since Rui fight imo.


If we don't consider the mugen train arc (rengoku vs akaza still takes ir for me), i think it was the best episode of the entire series. Next three/four are gonna be just as good


Is there anything else besides rengoku vs akaza in Mugen train? :\^)


enmu vs tanjiro and inouske


Yeah I know, I just dont like the dude fusing with the train, too cheap, I liked more the dream stuff


and thats not the end of banger eps yet


AoT is getting review bombed by manga crybabies. It would really be funny if anime only ppl end up liking the ending lol


Review bombed how?


I thought the review bombing was done by one piece fans.


Why not both lol


I thought the review bombing was done by one piece fans.


Oh it is? Why lol


Not sure, just saw a post about it earlier on r/attackontitan


i can't wait for the ending, cuz unlike got, it seems like its controversial not downright ''it ruined everything, it makes no sense and its fucking garbage''


It probably the most perfect split I've seen for something this popular. Anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.


before i watch the new season of demon slayer, if i watched the movie do i also beed to watch the movie recap arc or nah?


Watch the first episode of the Mugen train arc, everything else is the same as the movie, so you don't need to watch it. Then you can continue with the Entertainment district arc.


Sabikui is top 6 in the first week nice, this one has a lot of potential. I also liked a lot **Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout**. I think it was really funny.


It's the one about two salaryman, one of them being gender bended into the ultimate pretty girl ? I've been reading the manga of this one and it's honestly extremely funny with how absurd it is.


Yeah most certainly.


> I also liked a lot Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout. I think it was really funny. The comedy in that one really surprised me, lot of the jokes just kept nailing.


And it also gave Kaguya Sama vibes with one trying to outdo the other. Hoping they won't totally remove that aspect later on.


I hope the anime changed something the author failed to do: Illustrate a 32 years old dude in the body of a young girl. It was at first but eventually Tachibana seems like a female sidekick instead of the best childhood friend who grew together.


My dress up darling coming up 3rd. <3


Being 3rd behind Demon Slayer and AoT is kind of like being 1st.


Right? And deservedly so!


Ikr, this manga has easily become one of my top 5 favorites of all time


So funny you should say that. After watching the first episode I sort of... kind of... ended up reading the manga too, so I'm currently up to date waiting for the next chapter and yeah, I LOVE IT. I should say I've never done this before on any show I've watched, so yeah. Even as a source reader now too (a very fresh one at that), I can't wait to see a lot of those panels animated in the coming weeks and months. And hopefully the show is popular enough to get a season 2 and more. But yeah, I'm one of you now, hahaha.


It's kind of crazy how big of a gap there is between the Top 3 and everyone else...and the fact that it was probably deserved. This gap will be somehow even more pronounced in Sunday's Karma Rankings. Also, for those wondering, World End Harem, got 11th place with 3.09%. Lastly, I find it fun that Demon Slayer's percentage here (13.86) so closely resembles the Karma total of it's famous Episode 19 (13086).


What I'm interested about is how much My Dress-up Darling's karma will be for Episode 2, coz I think AoT and KnY won't lose much karma and those two together might increase gap between the rest with time.


Next episode of dress up darling is much more representative of what you can expect of this series, should be a good metric to see the reception and reaction for the series in the long run


>Next episode of dress up darling is much more representative of what you can expect of this series While this is very true, I don't next episodes *karma* will be very representative, since controversy can increase karma by quite a bit for a moment even if affects the show negatively in the long run (just think of nagatoro episode 1). Of course, I could easily see the show become *more* popular after episode 2. So I'd argue that episode 3 will be the first time we will have a good idea of how the show will do in the long run.


probably won't break into the top 2 though, AoT is AoT and DS is getting real hype now


Something tells me that the top 3 are going to remain the top 3 for the whole season, with an exception here or there.


It seems an impossibility that AOT would ever find itself lower than 3, and even that is a stretch. Demon Slayer is apparently supposed to be balls-to-the-wall-action for the remainder of the season so that should keep it up there. And Dress-Up-Darling is riding a wave of hype from having such a break-out character with Marin and the source also being highly praised. The only way this changes is if somehow a dark horse just blows up somehow from the other shows in the season. But even then it'll be hard to come to the levels of the top 3 with how huge the gap is currently.


Yeah, for the 5 more weeks that we have Demon Slayer they will be tough to beat. I could see a good Vanitas episode potentially getting in there.


I can see Sabikui Bisco getting some juice, too.


Fantasy bishoujo will do a Misfit Demon King and end the season with 5k to be there (wishful thinking)


>It's kind of crazy how big of a gap there is between the Top 3 and everyone else I'm more surprised that Dress Up Darling is actually holding its own against AoT and DS. That's super impressive.


Great to see genius prince! Join us at r/TensaiOuji if you're interested in this series!


The lack of World Trigger on here saddens me. Only show where the MC is having the most real progression from useless to less useless and hopefully useful at some point. Plus some of the most consistent animation around.


from what i've read while going into the show, people couldn't stomach the beginning world building and then never fully got into the show. so not a lot diving into s3. i love every aspect of the show, and chika is a precious unicorn that must be protected


Given that I put it in 70 episodes for the first season and he still hasn't really gone anywhere I'm struggling to find the motivation to watch the second season


I's nice to see My Dress Up Darling up there with AoT and Demon Slayer.


Where are people watching Teasing Master Takagi-san 3?








I mean I know people probably don’t give a shit about a cyberpunk baseball anime, but Tribe Nine had a really solid first episode. Sure, no idea if they can keep it up but I would like to see a little bit more support for it


Fuck yes, Demon Slayer got 1st. Was an episode to rival the famous episode 19. Overall this is a really poor start to the season in terms of new shows. My Dress Up Darling was by far the best new show for me, then there's a bit of a drop off. Sabikui Bisco, Police in a Pod and Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to were all solid. Akebi's Sailor Uniform was visually amazing, but didn't offer much plot wise. The rest of the shows didn't impress me.


>Was an episode to rival the famous episode 19 This is just the beginning of the fight. I am so goddam hyped to see how Uzui’s fight will be.


I think I remember someone saying that the episode was like a cherry on top and we still have yet to eat the cake.


80% of the arc is fights, so yeah.


They weren't lying. This arc is the second best in the entire series imo and the arcs relentless hype pretty much starts from the episode we just received. Only gets better and better from here, can't wait to see the rest of the impeccable adaptation by Ufotable.


God, this makes me excited. Hopefully I can be caught up by next week.


Yeah I would suggest you to try asap, so you don't get potentially spoiled after the recent episodes come out.


Agreed, very top heavy. But boy are those top 2 great


top ~~2~~ 3


Demon slayer deserves the top spot. Amazing animation , epic battles and likeable characters. Its got it all


Did not expect Kimetsu to dethrone the Shingeki S4 Part 2 debut, but I guess that on anime corner the later is not as dominating as in Reddit or rather they value more the hype episodes in Kimetsu That said, I guess we will have a much more close contest here than in the other list where I do expect Shingeki to be around numbers between 12-14K and Kimetsu struggling to surpass 10K


My guess would be that KnY had the better episode with a top fight, while AoT is popular enough to even have slower episodes rank in top results, once it ramps up there should be a visible gap between those two


IMO in terms of content I would say both were very action packed. What made the difference IMO is that KnY flexed a lot in terms of Sakuga last episode. AoT on the other hand was also fantastic on the visual side, but nothing to reach numbers beyond what the popularity of the series already entails.


Animation = hype. AOT's hype doesn't come from action scenes which was mostly what the first episode was.


2 eps in AoT have the potential to reach 20k


Also if we believe the Manga readers , this wasn't even the KnY's Season 2s Hypest episode , meaning we might go ~~Plus Ultra~~ , ~~Beyound our limits~~, beyond episode 19


I read both manga and they hype in different ways. Kny hype in action scenes plus ufotable. AoT hype in plot, expanding the story beyond our current knowledge, which means how mappa executes these scenes will be very important.


Manga reader here, don't worry i won't spoil. The first episode of the season was the "least" interesting. From the 3rd episode up to the 12th it's all going up, reaching the peek around episode 10 if they do all 139 chapters, but if they do up to chapter 131 the peek might be either episode 11 or 12 itself.


Deserved from Demon Slayer, phenomenal episode to rival S1 episode 19. The Red Light District arc only gets better from here. Can't wait for Sunday, that KnY and AOT goodness.


>A genius prince's rise a nation out of debt From the poster of it i can clearly see the nation and the debt


Ranking of kings should be higher 😕 I absolutely love the anime




I'll admit, this week's episode for ranking of kings was a bit oddly paced. First time I felt that any episode of this show was running long. Hopefully that is just a one time anomaly and the next episode grabs me again, but a lower ranking this week might be due to others feeling the same pacing issues.


After being on this sub for a couple of years this happened in many seasons. The series with the most fan service and the most generic are usually at the top. Just ignore these types of rankings


I didn't start watching it until recently because I had no idea what it was about. Gave it a try and binged 10 episodes in 2 days. It's so good, a really interesting world, and I love the fairy tale style (that defies expectations). If you like intrigue and anime with unique styles (think Humanity has declined, Kaiba, Flip Flappers, Erin, etc) you'll probably like this one.


Yeah I'm thoroughly upset that the built a kingdom isekai got above, actually undeserved. Rankings should be up with with top 5 atleast although I haven't watched a couple of those


Demon slayer deserved. Absolutely amazing episode


Demon slayer came with the god tier animation las episode


Damn is this a solid season (at least for someone with taste as trash as mine). Bye bye free time.


Really hope Genius Prince goes up a bit more it had a really strong first episode. Honestly it felt more rebuilt a kingdom than rebuilt a kingdom, but with a better lead. Not theirs anything wrong with realist kingdom, but half of last season felt like a harem or cooking show. As long as realist stays as good as the first episode I will probably enjoy S2 more.


I don't know if I'm getting old, but I was thrown off within the first five minutes. These types of anime just don't click anymore.


I’ve read the novels and the pacing was very fast. You get thrown into the anime without much setup so it was pretty jarring for me too. It opened and ended with a conflict that you don’t truly understand and missed out on a decent chunk of information from the get go. Kinda sad 😔


Oh man, I can't wait to(hopefully) see vanitas in this. Sad that slow loop isn't there. My most anticipated new anime this season and it's exactly what I hoped for. The yuru camp vibe is strong in it. If it keep that up, then it might be my anime of the season


Saibuki is gonna in the top 3 weekly.(not a hot take)


Maybe. Its probably the most unique thing this season but they need to adjust the pacing a bit.


The exposition in the first half of the episode could've been handled better. Wonder if it's gonna be a recurring problem considering its based on a LN.


KnY beating AoT? I'll take it. Dress Up Darling is also really good.


Hmm, would have hoped Leadale would land in the top 10, but overall I am ok with the placings. Surprised Demon Slayer beat AOT after all the hype


Hoping to see our new buddy cop show make it onto this chart soon. This week's episode hit just about every beat. If it can keep that up, it's going to be up there with Brooklyn 99 in my book for cop shows.


In my opinion Princess Connect had the best episode of the week but Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan had really good episodes as well. Nice to see Ranking of Kings in the top 10. Actually it is pretty decent list. I do wonder what anime will be slept on by animecorner this season.


Hell yeah, it did. PriConne ep 1 straight up felt like a movie. It's so good that I'm worried if the rest of the show will ever live up to the first episode.


If this continues like S1 did then you have nothing to worry about.


If it helps to understand why some of us don't even like the show at all


Looks like the only true rival to Eren Yeager’s Farewell Tour is one fire boi. Demon Slayer this week was hype as hell, but I’m surprised to see it take the top spot. There’s more hype to come on that one too. Im pleased to see Dress Up Darling also get overwhelming love as the first episode was great and im dying to see more of it. The buzz over the manga only heightens my expectations. The drop from there and how tight the others are shows how weird of a season it is. There are more good shows than people realize, but overall it’s a less hectic season than all of last year. Akebi’s surprised me with its stellar bits of animation and charming premiere. Sabikui Bisco is Desert Punk meets Dorohedoro which has me sold. Genius Prince’s has a great premise and 2 MCs with great chemistry. Funny that it’s below Realist which did nothing for me. The Ranking drop is depressing as the show is still hype as hell. Hopefully that gets bumped back up. Curious where Vanitas ends up next week after today’s premier. Going to be a strange season after how well we ate in 21, but a slow season can still be a good season. Plus it gives time to catch everything I missed last year. Is Princess Connect any good? The clips seem fun.


Princess Connect is a reall well done gacha game ad that drops any pretense of being a "video game world" after episode 1 and turns into a more regular fantasy world where people have powers. Technically not an Isekai so it has that going for it too. Good characters, good visuals, comedy is fun. Overall it's worth watching even if it's not the greatest.


It's a feel-good show if that's what you're looking for. If you're looking for something that will tickle your brain and change your life, look elsewhere. It's certainly a blast to watch in the moment tho. It manages to be both adventurous and relaxing at the same time.


Princess Connect is really funny and the characters are endearing is definitely worth a watch,


Demon Slayer earned it. One of the best episodes of shonen that I’ve seen in awhile. It delivered on the set up of the previous episode AND got you excited for the next one, all while giving TWO “holy fuck!” moments. It was a 10/10 episode for me.


You can view the complete results [here](https://animecorner.me/winter-2022-anime-rankings-week-01/).


>16th She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man How? That episode was awful, maybe the worst first episode of any show I've watched.


That episode being higher than Fantasy Bishoujo is bizarre.


Princess is actually an amazing series that I think a lot of people will look past sadly. Seriously give it a chance if you enjoy: food, humor, slice of life, fight scenes, mystery and waifus


Need to get around to watching the first season. Heard some pretty good things about it.


It’s very fun and colorful. Tons of unique characters. I’d say watch a few episodes and see what you think. It always makes me laugh and smile


So much content for all moods 👌 Action, feel good vibes, drama. I am not gonna have trouble being satisfied this season


Ranking of Kings needs to be higher on here


Is Akebi just an sol?


How is Ousama ranking not at least top 3 ?


Judging by comments often made in this sub, a lot of people are assuming that it's for kids based on the art style alone (edit: I even see one comment in this thread alone from somebody who watched a few episodes but dropped the show because of the art style ........). How very wrong they are - it's a superbly written show that is complex and often very dark, yet the art style is a perfect match for the 'fairy tale' story. FWIW I love the art style.




Happy to see Takagi-san in the top 5


Just chilling and waiting for that moment


is my dress up darling good?




something something Ousama Ranking is ranking too low on the list


Ousama Ranking will be forever "underrated"


The show is great but the fanbase is starting to become obnoxious.


I think the 'fanbase' are frustrated that those avoiding the show are doing so because they are turned off by the art style. Many would say that the story and characters are even more important in any show (or movie), if only people would give it a chance.


I knew KnY would be #1 in ranking in this week for sure. Even though SnK started this week too but the last episode was absolute fire. Deserved.


was that a pun


I keep seeing stuff on Ranking of Kings, is it an action anime? Is it that good?


It's a fantasy anime. Not an isekai or VRMMORPG. An actual fantasy anime.


Is it good?


Yes and it's done by wit studio


Oh for sure. It's got a great story and a fully fleshed out cast of characters. People always bring up the art style but those simple designs make for great animation. It always looks fluid. On the rare occasion when it's not stellar, it still looks better than 99% of anime out there.


No, it's not good ...... it's excellent. The art style puts some people off but I guess that's their loss - the writing is top notch, the characters are complex and have depth, the story (and the characters) are unpredictable and the whole show is full of unexpected twists and turns. Give it a try.


"My dress-up Darling" just casually matching stride with Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan...


How is Leadale no daichi nite(In the Land of Leadale) not on here? I thought the first 2 episodes were fun, cute, and had some decent hints at progression in several directions.


Episode 1 was a little rough, so I think it's getting penalized a bit for that. Episode 2 was better and hopefully its reputation keeps improving from here.


rumbling cant beat leveled up nezuko i guess


Yeah! Loved demon slayer. Last arc of AoT honestly sucks


with that kind of sakuga porn, of course Demon Slayer is going to on top of the chart this week, that being said, i'm surprised Priconne is ranked higher than Genius Prince


> i'm surprised Priconne is ranked higher than Genius Prince Just curious, why are you surprised?


Fr that episode was a such a banger. Priconne I mean, I hope more people give the series a go.


Ranking of Kings still number 1 to me


Ousama Ranking is getting good week by week .




Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan at 17th, ouch. It had so many kaguya sama vibes that I just had to love it, but even apart from that it was so funny. I was not as much of a fan of the demon slayer episode as most people seem to be, but I would probably still have given it 1st place. AOT was just ok for AOT standards. The gap between the top 3 and the rest is ...damn. I guess considering I only watched these 3 and two which aren't even in the top 10, it shouldn't be surprising, but still.


> Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan at 17th, ouch. I'm confused why it's so low. It was probably my favorite first episode of the new shows. It's even lower than its fellow genderbend isekai which had a far worse start...


This season seems somewhat light. It’ll be interesting to see what stands out. Also it’s really weird Takagi San is a pretty well established anime now, but season 3 is on hidive only (in the US at least). Season 2 is Netflix only. And season 1 is Crunchyroll/Funimation. Just really weird.


On sea we can watch it on muse Asia


Sabikui Bisco better give some sakuga fest it's made by ufotable staff after all


i am glad to see sabikui bisco in the list


My boi bojji has made it into the spot :D


where can i watch tkagi san season 3?


I've watched/am watching all of these except Princess connect 🤔 maybe I should start it


demon slayer being on top is not surprising that episode rivaled (in my opinion was even better) than season 1 ep 19


My dress up darling looks good anybody recommend me watching it?


I’m so happy ranking of kings is up there


Akebi shining there


Ranking of kings isn't even in the list?


Woah Demon Slayer beat Final Season Part 2's debut. Insanely impressive.