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It's gonna be a Realist vs Genius battle this season. Both with similar premise of kingdom building but they go about it in a different ways. Im actually surprised that they're both being aired in the the same season.


Realist hero is great, but it was pushing dangerously close into generic harem isekai territory. Maybe it always was?


Mate, it had entire episodes just showing off the harem and how everyone loves the MC - it turned into trash isekai harem real quick.


[It kinda does, yeah] >!cuz he acquires bitches throughout the story (up to the limit set by Liscia). However, they're out of love that also works out for Souma for some kind of intrigue. I wouldn't worry, the main couple still gets the spotlight.!<


9.77% is horny


90.23% pretends they are not horny.


Or know what hentai is


My dress us darling is getting animated LETS GOOOOOOOOO


I started reading the manga out of curiosity when I saw it was getting an anime and it’s so damn cute !!


Candidates for the best boy and girl of the year in the very first season of 2022


They’re just so wholesome you can’t help but love em


Same. It seems to be slowing down pacing a bit but I'm still enjoying it for the characters. Also as a guy who wants to try cross play, I apprected the makeup tips


Bisque doll is most definitely the anime I'm most looking forward to this season. I love the adorkable couple.


Its my 3rd most anticipated show after Vanitas S2 and Priconne S2. Really loved the manga and really excited to see it in animated form. Also since it delves quite a lot in cosplay, I wonder if it'd annoy some people, especially those who don't like them.


Sono bisque is gonna be totes amazing! Cant wait for best girl to arrive


Time to see what an absolute trainwreck this season of Arifufeta will be


Bruh i couldnt for the life of me get past like ep7. How do people tolerate that shit and how in god's green earth is it number 4 in most anticipated anime


Hot girls and a badass, edgy MC with a robotic arm and dual wielding pistols and kicking ass......Not surprising why it's popular. Also if this show was better animated with well done CG, it likely would have been even more popular. I still remember how hyped people were before it aired in Summer 2019.


better animated is v.2 sao


I binged after everyone called it the worst isekai to make sure that Isekai Cheat Magician is worse isekai. Tbf it was quite enjoyable, it has a lot of dumb funny stuff, it's better than ICM for sure


plus hot masochistic dragon girl


> how in god's green earth is it number 4 in most anticipated anime The 4th most anticipated anime in one of many anime webpages that has a small but vocal userbase.


True! On MAL on the other hand it is only third! Second if we don't count demon slayer like this poll.


I anticipate it a lot. Not because of season 1, ur right, it was awful. But the Light novel is great and deserves way better so I just hope it will get the anime it deserves for season 2.


Yeah, the show is hot garbage. I actually read the source light novels before seeing the anime and they're not any better. While the first volume was genuinely amazing, volume 2 and onwards made me hate the series. Everything good about volume 2 was thrown out and replaced with the most generic harem power fantasy isekai.


Not going to lie, I enjoyed the Web Novel and after stories a lot lol


Will we get a graphics upgrade for ps2 era monsters, or will we be stuck with funny ps1 monsters? Find out next time on: Does this show even have a budget?


I'm most excited for Dress Up Darling. I love that Manga. It's so cute and wholesome.


I lost hope when I saw world's end harem


It's as if no one has read the manga. People are definitely going to be disappointed.


Read the first couple chapters and my soul died. I was insanely disappointed.


It will be another Platinum End, mark my words. Even the people who are just ironically hyped will be disappointed.


I watched the first few episodes of Platinum End and thought it was good, so I went and read the manga. Kept hoping it would get better but then it just kinda ended. No desire to continue watching the anime.


Lmao ikr, I watched 3-4 eps of the anime when it was just starting to air, and I went to read the manga, nasse was cute and all but like, the story makes no fucking sense, it’s almost like my philosophy textbook.


are we supposed to expect a plot? or is even the ecchi bad?


even ecchi is bad another dense MC that constantly pushes a hoard of thirsty women away


Very bad. MC is bad (dense and dumb levels of bad), wahmen are thirsty over said moron just because they have not seen a person with a d*ck for a long time, and simp like crazy fangirls in the middle of a show with a boyband, even if he's openly and vocally determinated to not have sex with randos who just dont love him as a person (one of the few OKAY characteristcs of him). On chapter 1, one crazy woman even needs to be tasered by a female cop to not accidentally hurt the dude, while salivating like a animal. Like, in those years without men in the world, why they mostly didn't went lesbian, or just bought some dildos? Their level of despair over getting the generic plain dude in their pants is like a person lost in the desert without water find a Oasis after 5 days of pain. Ridiculous, even on ecchi standards. Also, the artstyle in the manga is kinda exagerated boobs (bigger than the heads by a lot), and from what I saw in the promo arts, they made it WORSE, with very vibrant colors.


Same here.


If it may alleviate your disappointment: the artist and character designer of WEH, Kotaro Shono, draws actual h-doujinshi and they are pretty dope. [](#ero)


stop at the highschool arc around ch 16 imo


What was so bad about it?


The concept was fine for me, it’s just that the protag is such a wet towel and insanely oblivious to things around him. Most of my criticism stems from him ngl


I think they were trying to go the honourable “I would never cheat on my beloved” route, but it ended up leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth considering the context of the story lmao


I seriously wish that Parallel Paradise was the one that got an anime instead. That manga definitely didn't disappoint, especially for the reason *why* the readers got into it in the first place.


Well, Parallel Paradise is authored by the Lynn Okamoto, the creator of Elfen Lied Parallel Paradise has a better story indeed. My favorite part is how most of the characters literally gush so much around the MC


Just got caught up in the manga for Parallel Paradise, and it was actually pretty good. I honestly thought it was going to be trash. I'm not liking the MC too much, but overall, it's better than World's End Harem lol.


Yeah its a good example of "Came for the PLOT and stay for the plot".


On the topic of battle ecchi harems, another one that would really benefit from an anime adaptation would be *Mato Seihei no Slave.* Beautiful art, great fan service, spectacular fights, engaging plot, nice world building and lovely heroines. [](#tanakalove)


Boy do I have news for you.


Say what I am thinking is true






Try, worlds end harem fantasia, is much much better.


People aren't voting for this show because they think it's going to be good......


It's not good in the ecchi aspect either.


It's full of ecchi scenes, I don't think anyone will be disappointed with the ecchi.


One of the worst mc along with Domestic na Kanoji


The degeneracy is strong with this one


It's AnimeCorner, their rankings are consistently shit


Agreed but not like this sub is much better.


True but nobody brought up the sub's lol, if anything Anime Trending is a better comparison


Directly comparing [Anime Corner's](https://i.redd.it/i4wrfvbylh781.png) and [Anime Trending's](https://twitter.com/AniTrendz/status/1476135530199138304) Top 10 for Fall 2021, I think I like Anime Trending's better. Anime Corner was pretty unique in loving The World's Finest Assassin that much.


I'll ask. What is this anime and why are some people excited and others making jokes?


It is world end harem, it has questionable scenes, and too many of them, so some people are excited for those scenes or excited to see how much they will censor in tv, while others are sure that this will get axed in few days and might become a big thing in twitter


Well I guess the streak of great anime seasons had to end sometime.


Idknwhy they didnt animate Worlds End Harem Fantasia. Its much better than then the "sci-fi" one.


Their marketing for it was genius though, they released the first episode months ago and got people horny and now they’re all anticipating the release of the rest


Yeah Definately this was my first reaction Read few chapter of Manga its not good at all Edit: I may sound sound toxic but Since when Eechi started to mean Borderlineh**tai I mean last years ,we had Redo of healer This year World end harem Where are the Real Eechi Anime 《honourable mention (To love ru) and (High School DXD)》to me these were what defines Eechi genre perfectly And this does not fit in that category its just bunch of NTRs i mean its above Takagi San and Arifureta WTF I can bet this won't to getting on any streaming sites


To love ru is peak ecchi and should be a signpost for what to look for.


Crunchyroll already picked it up. Interspecies Reviewers was basically hentai and it was one of the best ecchi in years.


It's weird that you mentioned To love ru since I've seen people call it boredlinehentai. Also why censor hentai? Comedic affect?


Princess Connect is easily the thing I am looking forward to the most.


Excited to see more of Pecorine.


And Kokkoro 0x0


"Ah yes I seem to have killed him again. Sorry god-sama"


Yabai desu ne.


And going off the final episode of s1, I expect there to be a lot more plot developments for the main gang. I wonder if they'll even try to connect the story back to the game's story though considering how much it's diverged. Or just continue on with the comedy/SoL feel from the first season.




Comedic fantasy show.


S1 was super similar to Konosuba, just a bit lighter and more wholesome. Its even done by the same people that did Konosuba if I remember correctly.


That's nice, I guess I will binge it along with S2.


I watched S1 2 months ago and enjoyed it a lot. Heads up, MC is, *special*. First episode was weird and confusing to me because of the MC, but there is a reason behind it that was not really well explained in the anime. But show plays around him super well, especially comedic parts.


That's nice but tell me is it ecchi or harem? If it's wholesome then I will probably watch it this weekend


More the latter, but even then it isn't as in your face with it as the game's story is where MC-kun already knows all the girls. The show actually goes out of the way to make it NOT ecchi in parts where they could've easily made it that way (the beach episode comes to mind).


I honestly do not remember it being ecchi at all nor harem per say since they have more of a "group of really close and good friends" relationship than romantic one. Even with people outside of the main group (if we exclude certain best waifu contender Demon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). Of course, both romance and ecchi is in the eyes of a beholder, but I'm confident that my description is an objective one. But basically I watched 1 episode per day to refill my wholesome meter, it also could be me, but it is such a warm show that lewding any of the characters seems just wrong.


Alright thanks buddy, I will watch it this week.


Kyaru for me


I hope to see more of Eriko in S2.


im most excited about Vanitas and aot


Vanitas hype


There is like no chance World's End Harem is good. Also, people just need to read and fap to "I Am Everyone's Landlord". It's not "Only man in the entire planet with a bunch of women", but the rest is similar and the guy actually has no problem doing the deed and doesn't whine about finding the promised one. Sure, it's not an anime, but i guarantee it's more enjoyable.


Well I read the manga and it's definitely not good. I read the whole thing pretty much because the plot was a hot mess and I found it hilarious. Imo it's a fun read if you go in knowing that it's bad. I had an absolute blast.


Am I confused? I swear worlds end hard was already out.. (and sucked)


The first episode aired, then the series got delayed..


People are down bad


Anyone here interested in these: * Girls Frontline * Sabikui Bisco * Orient * Requiem of the Rose King * Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to * Police in a Pod I certainly don't expect them to become really popular but from the synopsis and trailers and also the genre, they have got my attention.


Rust Eater Bisco definitely seems interesting looking at the trailers and might become popular. I don't expect deep story or characters from this but it definitely seems entertaining. Requiem of the Rose King manga seems highly rated and the anime is going to be 24 episodes so that seems promising. It won't get much hype here though because there are pretty boys and no waifu-bait. I'll wait for the reception of the other few before trying them out.


Since Requiem of the Rose King is based on "War of the Roses" which is also what ***Game of Thrones*** was inspired by (seriously the names are pretty similar Lancastar/Lannister and York/Stark), so once I saw the synopsis, I knew I have to watch it, despite it having pretty boys.


We have to spread the word about Sabikui Bisco, seems promising based on the team behind it and trailer. Something along the lines with Mad Max and Dohedoro.


>We have to spread the word about Sabikui Bisco Same. It certainly has my attention with all the Mad Max vibes from the trailer like you said. Expecting some cool action sequences. Hopefully the new studio does a great job handling it.


Orient and Bisco were my top ones.


Girls Frontline will get big, if all goes right


I'm surprised Sabikui didn't make the top ten after that great first trailer and "kiss." Both the Requiem of the Rose King and Police in a Pod manga are extremely popular, and I think the Police in a Pod anime is expected to do well. The live action was fun. It's more of a comedy, but the mangaka is a former policewoman and sketch artist for her precinct, so it's supposed to be a fairly authentic take on what it's like to work at a neighborhood police station. I've read about a third of the Rose King manga and it has a very unique take on Richard III, but the art in the anime trailer doesn't really do the manga justice. I don't recommend looking at any wiki or synopsis pages about the series because they reveal a huge spoiler.


I am interested in Police in a Pod, this is the one new show I am excited for alongside Genius Prince. The fact that there is already a live action gives me hope.


I'm honestly a little bit surprised Attack on Titan isn't higher percentage-wise. I'm not a source reader, but with the lack of strong competition, I expect it to dominate both this and the Karma Ranking more than anything else has before. Also, it looks like Demon Slayer and Ranking of Kings weren't included in the poll, but I expect them to both be Top 5 this season.


>Ranking of Kings Knowing AnimeCorner, Arifureta will keep finishing above it.


I remember arifureta 1 being like comically bad in every review I saw. Was it actually good?


The anime isn't that good, but it was a fun watch (I rated it a 7/8). The mc was edgy, and actually kills someone iirc, so it's a nice change from usual isekai and I'm definitely watching s2.


IIRC the PlayStation 1 era CGI was what turned many redditors off back in the day. However it was a huge success in China and Japan in spite of it.


I think the LN is fairly popular, which helped bring an audience to the anime, and isekai itself is a huge success in China Japan and Korea. And the reason arifureta is a fun watch imo is because the protagonist who is a teenager is as horny and edgy as you might expect from one, so there is actual progress romance wise, and seeing the edginess is a lot of fun. And that one scene with the dragon is one of my favourites despite the meh animation.


Doesn’t AoT have a larger crossover appeal? I know I see people who don’t like anime even talk about it a decent amount. I wouldn’t necessarily expect those people to frequent anime corner the way they frequent Reddit. I could be a complete idiot. But that’s what it looked like to me based on when AoT was airing last.


Not too suprised about the Aot percentage,the finale and the ending really did impact the hype alot.Even though its not going to be animated in part2,if the movie leaks are true.Aouece material readers are needed to make peopel hyoe dabour any series,CSM wouldnt have the same hype if is manga readers didnt hype it up so much.Regardless,this season will have th ebst part of the manga(chp 121-123) in it.


>Even though its not going to be animated in part2 My goodness, what's next after Final Season Part-2, Final Season: Final Movie. Why are they even calling it as Final Season when they are making two parts and a movie for it.


Yes lmao


The leak I read said movie to finish up the story in *Winter 2024*. Barely going to give a shit by then. I'll just read the manga if this season actually doesn't conclude it.


That sounds pretty extreme, the gap between S4P1 and P2 was only a year. Taking 2 full years to wrap up a movie that's probably already in production seems odd. I don't know how they'd maintain hype for that long, either.


Manga ends on chapter 131, 132-139 is fanfiction COPIUM


Bro who even cares by then like damn. If that's true that means people will get to see the ending in 2025 at best


Where did you see that leak? The one I've seen is only 12 episodes to to 131, with a movie being speculation.


> Winter 2024. You're kidding right?


Nope, that's what the leak I saw said. Obviously nothing is official or confirmed until MAPPA says something themselves.


wait what this isn't the final part [](#emptyinside)


Apparently there could be another movie that'll be the actual finale after S4P2 but I don't think it's been officially confirmed yet.


Gintama fans: "First time?"


TBF the "Final season" moniker lost meaning once we found out that last season was just the first part. It should have been titled the Final Arc or Saga something.


What in the goddamn fuck? This series isn't going to leave anytime soon, fucking hell I'll never be free


Never be free? Eren does not approve


Its animecorner. Just look at this list lmao (other than AoT)


Veteran anime watcher waiting patiently for the final season of AOT to conclude where I’ll release my hidden anime binge watching powers to watch It all In one fell swoop. Or is it just me. Lol


5 and 10 are basically the same thing, judging by the name. Also how is Vanitas not at least top 4.


It'll probably be a constant in top 5 during the weekly rankings. It finished top 5 in Summer despite being as low as 17th on the Anticipated list.


What the fuck, arifureta is *that* popular!?


What a trainwreck of a season. Surely there's more interesting material out there worthy of adaptations. Buckling up for the shitstorm that's about to be the AoT discussions.


Only excited for AOT, Case study of Vantias, & Priconne.


Why's no one mentioning Takagi I'm hyped as hell for it


I had to scroll so far for this comment. This season is going to sustain me during this semester.


World's end harem is the most anticipated anime after AoT what the actual fuck


Well AOT is AOT so no surprise there. Very curious how that’s going to go down for people, but the last season should be hype as hell for the fights. WEH and Anifuerta meet the “fun trash” criteria. Realist did nothing for me so I dropped it. Really the most hyped one on this list for me is Vanitas. Interested in Dress Up Darling because of the PV and the strong hype from Manga readers. Genius Prince because the premise sounds like something that could be really fun.


Let's go Vanitas


Let’s go Vanitas! Hell knows physical copies of Vol. 4 have been impossible to find to try to read ahead lol.


Who votes on these?? How TF is vanitas under realist hero and arifueta???


9.77% of AnimeCorner users haven't discovered doujins/hentai. They definitely haven't read the manga atleast. Hyped for AoT and Vanitas. Ousama Ranking 2nd cour seems like it'll be great too. From the new shows, Rust Eater Bisco looks the most interesting. Will try out the other new shows based on their reception. More people need to watch Vanitas. The Beast of Gevauden arc is where I truly got invested in the series.


Really hyped for vanitas, enjoyed S1 quite a lot tho


The upcoming arc is going to be even better.


What a terrible looking season


Vanitas and Bisque doll, that’s all im watching prob


Semi looking forward to it as it's finally a chance to catch up on missed shows or some of my planned to watch


Same thought, hopefully there's more to it than this list cz if so I'm not watching any anime this season. Some of the ones on the list like Aot and bisque doll are ones I like to read on manga form so I'm gonna skip them.


there's a few interesting ones not in the list ;)


I didn't know we'd get another season of Vanitas! Yay!


How tf is world's end harem 2nd on the list


oh yeah the new season of vanitas no carte will be amazing, I'm so excited


Vanitas Part 1 was so damn good. Loved it and cannot wait to see Part 2!


>worlds end harem second LETS GO


Engage all defences and get this man a lotion.


Yep that's the animecorner we all know and love. There's a good percentage of people that use their site that just love their ecchi anime. This is the site that had Redo as a constant presence in it's top 10 when it was airing after all.


Excited for more Vanitas already.


OH hell no Vanitas no Carte second season should be in a higher rank than 6th...


Wait why did the older post get removed instead of this one?


This one is posted by the AnimeCorner employee.


I see.


Looks like a good season ~~to get through my backlog.~~


Yes, Takagi San!


This is the first comment I've found of someone being excited for Takagi. I think we are alone here, my friend


:( yeah pretty unfortunate there seemingly isn’t that much love for it


Arifufeta beating Vanitas gives me depression


Legiitimate question- how the fuck is Arifureta at #4? Above Vanitas, Takagi, and Princess Connect?


World’s End Harem is really high wow.


Worlds end harem no2.. the cooming force is strong in weebs... including me.


I've got a long list of stuff I'm looking forward to SEQUELS: Hero Aca, Shield Hero, Bleach, Attack on Titan, Mob Psycho, Overlord, Devil is a Part-Timer, Made in Abyss, & Saga of Tanya the Evil, MOVIES: Reincarnated as a Slime & Isekai Quartet NEW SHOWS: Spy x Family, Chainsaw Man, & Uzumaki


World's end harem is up there along with AoT. I gotta see how they're gonna censor this one.


My Next Life as the Villainess might get a new OVA and another season and I’m way more excited about that lol


Looks like I’m only watching AoT EDIT: (And catching up on older stuff, which is fine.)


i had absolutely no idea Princess Connect would have a second season LESGOOOO


7 and 8 are the only ones i m truly interested in


You know we can't have good things this year when you see that World's end Harem Getting so much anticipation .. but yeah at least the year is ending .. but i admit , it's a fitting Theme for this pandemic ..


I didn't know vanitas part 2 was coming already




Just started watching realist hero, good to see that I will have more episodes soon! Surprisingly good. It give me maoyuusha vibes


HOLY SHIT, TAKAGI IS BACK???? It was my first anime lmao


Arifureta got a season two? How the hell did they pull that off? I mean, I liked it, but I also have trash taste and am not particularly bothered by bad animation.


5&10 sound like the same thing


Worlds end harem isn’t gonna be all that, dudes gonna be trying to find his lover that he lost and he isn’t clapping cheeks until he finds her


Some of these anime names are really getting drawn out


"i love being reincarnated in a reindeer in another world because a deity told me it will save the world and i will get girlfriends with 0 braincells and one dimensional friends who are just there to make me seems like a smart person and i totally deserve it because i played a lot of video games in my previous life and i had a slight heart desease wich made me die young, run over by a truck in the middle of my seizure, the anime"


Just imagine if they adapted >Though Young People Recoil From Entering the Black Magic Industry, I Found Its Treatment of Employees Quite Good When I Entered It, and the President and Familiar Are Cute Too So Everything Is Awesome! Or >SCOOP MUSOU: "SCOOP HADOUHOU!"( `・Ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д ゜ ;;;).:∴DOGOOO


Other than the AoT finale looking like a pretty weak season.


AOT, Dress up my darling, Takagi-San, and Vanitas. It isn’t that bad I watched a lot less this season…


there's no way world's end harem is more anticipated that shield hero lmao


I'm happy that My Dress Up Doll is loved by so many


Season looks awful if thats the most anticipated


I don’t know much about anime ranking websites, but number 2 and 4 seems a bit off


I find new anime names so hilarious. They're so descriptive, soon they'll be paragraphs.


Dress up Darling seems like the only one I’ll watch this season


Here for Dress Up Darling


How is world end harem second.


Just from the titles, 5 & 10 seem to be the same show lol.


Only watching 2 of these 10. Takagi and Dress Up.


GENIUS PRINCE IS HERE LET'S GO!!! I DIDN'T EXPECT TO EVEN BE KNOWN. For anyone who wants a good fantasy comedy with no isekai and magic and just fun plans and schemes then this is the one! I really hope it's adapted well. I really recommend the LNs! Also join us at r/TensaiOuji