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Now that im watching Irina: vampire cosmonaut, its pretty great. Its nice to see it here. MT cour 2 has been an absolute blast to watch and Im desperately waiting for S2.


I haven’t watched Irina yet but why does it have a pretty low score on MAL?


It's a 40/60 split between vanilla romance and history documentary, and some of the shot composition is janky at times. Basically, it's none of the genres or things that would inspire a high score, so it's just okay.


I always found many of the stuff like these range between 6-7 or 7-8. Really well done show but not popular enough among the mainstream people, who get bored with all these history stuff and give a lower rating. Also I have to say, your posts in the discussion threads were half of the reason why I enjoyed it so much, so thank you for all you have done!


> Really well done show but not popular enough among the mainstream people, who get bored with all these history stuff and give a lower rating. It's unfortunate in this world of isekai we live in right. But at least we still get a couple shows like this every season that do their own thing and actually have some enthusiasm behind them from the studios.


Its definitely a 7/10 for me


the history part of the show doesn't do it well, I started to watch ir because of it, but it's too washed to have a real impact


It’s okay. I found it to be kind of slow. And the romance angle is somewhat unsatisfying to me. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s solid 7 show.


Imo it's just competent and nothing more. The only thing that really stands out to me is Irina's dere moments, whivh are super cute but generally few and far between.


It's a wonderful show but I think it's the *Uramichi Oniisan* of this season imo. Like some others said it's just not a show/story that has a lot of mass appeal. Of course like *Uramichi Oniisan* I would implore people to watch it but hey people like what they like and don't like what they don't like. It would be annoying if people are handing out low ratings after watching like 2 episodes though lol.


I think most people didn't realise how much homework the author has done from the historic angle. If they understood that they can appreciate that the show should go much higher. To me it's a solid high 8 almost 9, especially because the relationship between the 2 leads felt so real and believable instead of being made up to be perfect. This show really needs the u/8andahalfby11 commentary to go with it! Us on the episode threads are so blessed :)


Mieruko-chan was such a lovely suprise. Great concept that left me wanting more aka checking out the unfinished manga.


Komi stable at rank 6 lol Surprised assasin actually beat out mieruko


Fun fact: Fruit of Evolution has had a higher poll score then Komi for like half the season. Komi was supposedly the most antipated anime on MAL this season.


And fruit of evolution has a 6.10 on mal and komi is at 8.24 with almost 3x the amount of votes. MAL and reddit's appeal are incredibly different.


Yeah this sub is really doing Komi injustice, it's a pretty good adaption


It's a great show but it being licensed by Netflix and the lack of stable fansubs *really* hurt it over here. The only sub group bothering to translate all the background text (which is a big thing in Komi) is only on episode *3*


Can you tell the name of the group?




It’s really worth it to just read the manga if you’re into Komi.


Animation is good and all, but i got bored with repetitive jokes and one dimensional characters. Of course, that's just my personal opinion.


I know the story is trying to accentuate that for Komi the only thing she actually *wants* to do is the one thing she can't, but her being a goddess incarnate started to get boring after the millionth time they mentioned it.


Yeah, in the manga it gets a lot better once they get into their second year and get new classmates who treat her a little more normally, which honestly is what she really wanted in the first place.


It's in the same genre as Tagaki-San and Nagatoro-San, but Tagaki-san mostly focused the interactions between the two main characters and Nagatoro-San had both the perversion comedy + development of their relationship. To me, it felt like Komi-San didn't really go anywhere when comparing them.


I get your point. I have seen shows with no plot or character development whatsoever, but they have their own uniqueness that makes the show entertaining. Komi, on the other hand feels like its missing something, or maybe everything, imho.


The difference between Komi-san and other romcom series is that it is not actually a romcom but more into slice of life. The goal for the series is for Komi-san to get 100 friends. I think it get better when the anime reach the second year.


Not with missing subs for a character that has essentially mute it isn't.


whether or not something is a good adaptation doesn't really enter into the equation for me. i just care whether the show is good or not, and Komi was drop-worthy. my gripes with the show were that 1) Komi being adored for being beautiful and being great at everything made her uninteresting and unsympathetic. 2) the main character was terrible as a boring, nice guy insert character. 3) the classmates were cringey one-dimensional tropes straight out of a shonen. a girl who deems herself unworthy of Komi and assigns herself the position of Komi's dog? seriously?


I did not expect 86 to land so low, but I guess the hiatus did not help at all. Although the real surprise for me is seeing Assassin over Mieruko


Assassin really lost its charm for me in the second half, to the point where seeing it over everything but MT is weird


It had 14% on the first episode and then it had first place with over 9% once or twice. All in the first half, but that did carry the anime a lot


People keep telling me that it's an isekai with a mature MC. But I don't really see any maturity, only the absence of character. I feel that perhaps people mistake the lack of child-like behaviors as the evidence of maturity?


I would say the one good thing is that the protagonist isn't a shut in neet that gets instantly OP in his new life. He was the world's best assassin in the world before death, so it makes sense that he has the skills to excel in this world. However I will say that the 2nd half is pretty meh.


it was only exciting on the beginning bc of the premise of him supposedly trying to find and kill the hero. but we got none of that, and quickly became pretty bland w the bland characters and even their interactions.


Did you actually expect an isekai to finish within 12 episodes tho? Especially if the source material isn’t finished


No, i’m just judging it based on the first season. I’m not saying it could not get better if it gets a new season.


I really, really liked that show until it dove straight into trashiness after the best episode (the one which focused on the orphans who were kidnapped into a sex ring). I could not STAND that scene where the two girls (one of which we only the episode before, iirc, saw nearly kill herself instead of allowing herself to be raped by a nobleman) teasing the main dude (who need I remind was a nearly emotionless like 40 year old assassin) about his morning wood.


Bro he was at least 50


I would say 60+ then again in anime old guys can still have six packs and be shredded so its hard to tell.


Wasn't he retiremrnt age?


What's the average retirement age for assassins? /s/


Didn't help either that 2 weeks were recap episodes


The production delays of 86 definitely hurt it. However, I also think people who liked the first cour may have been disappointed at how Lena is pretty much not in this cour at all aside from a few brief scenes. So the whole Shin and Lena dynamic that was enjoyable in part 1 is not here in part 2. Also to me none of the battles have really been that good either.


>Also to me none of the battles have really been that good either. Them reusing many shots in the battles of Cour 2 also don't help.


I will at least be proud of Episode 5 with Lena and Karstahl and then with the rest of San Magnolia was one of the hypest moments of the Fall 2021 season.


>I also think people who liked the first cour may have been disappointed at how Lena is pretty much not in this cour at all aside from a few brief scenes. I didnt mind her lack of appearances. But the way the story is going since the start of the 2nd cour is ... very weird for me. I cant explain exactly why, but it feels like originally the author didnt want to continue from what was adapted in first cour (well, at least in the same way the 2nd cour is continuing), so he/she had to come up with something that wasnt planned ahead


You're right because the story was originally meant to be self contained within Volume 1/Cour 1. She didn't plan it out to be a long running series but after it won the Dengeki Grand Prize in 2016, and the subsequent interest in it by top publishers, she had to make it a series and it took until Volume 4 for the author to fully get her groove back. By Volume 5-6 it totally surpasses Volume 1 for me.


> By Volume 5-6 it totally surpasses Volume 1 for me. Nice! I'm almost done with volume 4 and now I'm even more excited for what's to come.


I believe the first cour, which was pretty much the entire first LN Volume, was initially planned to be a one-shot for a contest. Since it did so well, it then was continued, and while I'm sure the author had ideas of where to go, probably not as fleshed out as if they'd been planning heavily for a much longer narrative.


[86 anime spoilers] >!You are right that a lot of what makes 86 great is the dynamic between Shin and Lena as they work through their problems. This part of the story is just Shin falling apart. There's nothing wrong with going this direction, but it drags as we wait for Lena. It doesn't help that none of the other characters feel compelling enough on their own to match her.!< [86 Major Future LN Spoilers; if you haven't read please don't click] >!This was actually even *worse* in the LN because of the Epilogue in Vol 1. Knowing the outcome of all this meant just waiting for the inevitable meeting. However, this ends up feeling better in retrospect because by wallowing in Shin's PTSD arc for so long, we can easily accept that merely meeting Lena again won't solve his crisis. The interpersonal conflicts of the next several LNs feel natural because of this setup.!< > Also to me none of the battles have really been that good either. I think part of this is that [86 anime spoilers] >!The battle with Rei is hard to beat in terms of emotional build up and intensity. Kiriya and the earlier hordes lack that energy.!<


Fully agree with the second spoiler. I remember blitzing through those volumes to get to "that" and [86 Spoilers]>!I was disappointed with the lack of Lena!<. Although once I reread those volumes I came to appreciate them more, because of how they laid the groundwork for the later volumes.


LNs 2 and 3 were definitely better on reread, which is pretty rare. Hopefully we get at least LNs 4-6 adapted so anime only people will have the same experience!


[86 LN spoilers] >!The epilogue fucking killed me lol. I would have preferred reading volume 2 and 3 without waiting for them to meet again because the early parts of both volumes take time in rolling the ball!<


[86 LN Spoilers] >!Haha, yeah, I also read the epilogue before moving on to LN 2.... It made LN 1 extra awesome, but at what cost ;_;!<


I actually just started reading the light novel for jobless reincarnation. So good, holy shit. One of my favourites by far


[How I feel with MT](https://i.imgur.com/G56qY2U.jpeg)


Lol, absolutely. To anyone with the same question, I recommend reading from the beginning just to at least delay this feeling for longer.


That’s exactly why I’m starting in the beginning and going to try and read slowly. I’m already dreading the feeling of being caught up lol


And enjoy the details that anime had to cut


Did you start where the anime left off or from the beginning?


Id say just read from the beginning, shows can leave out a lot of book details and also on a shelf books 1 through to X looks better than 7 through to X


Not op but I just started the ln from the beginning. There's a lot of cool details that the show doesn't have time for, so it feels like a fresh experience. But I'm pretty sure the show goes through vol 6, so you could start there if you prefer that


>There's a lot of cool details that the show doesn't have time for yeah, kinda same for me with overlord, Im nearly caught up with the anime now haha.


If you are thinking of reading MT I would recommend reading from the beginning as it is worth it, but if you really don’t want to I would at least read from LN5 as that is when you can really see some changes between the novels and show. The early novels are worth it as you get Rudy’s thoughts on everything which also helps to see how he grows through the series.


Right! It’s so good. I’m so glad that the anime adaption was done well and more people can enjoy this fantastic series. Love seeing people talk about how much they enjoy the show


If you can resist clicking spoilers and avoid spoilers on social media. The anime is nirvana. If you cannot, just read the web novel because getting to turning points unspoiled is so awesome.


It's so detailed and well written. I love how there's multiple POVs in detail and not just Rudeus's


After I caught up on the LN I started reading tons of other LNs but none are as good.


Are LNs traditionally mostly words and dialogue? I tried getting into it, but ngl, my smoothbrain likes pretty pictures


Light novels are just books. Theres probably less than a few dozen pictures in all of them combined.


I’ve been watching banished from the hero’s party. The wife and I really enjoy it. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen anything about on these tables.


It deserves a top 10 tbh it’s a remarkable show. Gives some amazing fluff between an amazing couple with Red and Rit, and then an interesting fantasy plot alongside it. It has cozy moments but also serious moments. It’s a fantastic show and one of my favorites of this season


I think its going to end up on my all time favorites lists the way it's going. It's really has surprised me! I really love that there is actual relationship progression in this one which is usually a frustrating situation where it never goes anywhere. I just got the manga ordered can't wait for it to get here!


It’s been among my favorites this season and am excited to check out the source material.


Glad to see MT taking first spot


And with this, Mushoku Tensei takes the title of most dominant anime of its season of the year. Here were the others: Winter: Attack on Titan - [10.74%](https://animecorner.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Winter-2021-Anime-of-the-Season-Rankings.jpg) Spring: Fruits Basket - [7.09%](https://animecorner.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Spring-2021-Anime-of-the-Season-Rankings.png) Summer: Dragon Maid - [7.09%](https://animecorner.me/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Summer-2021-Anime-of-the-Season-Rankings.png) Also, here's how it compared to the expectations for this [season](https://i.redd.it/2bfitjbhmnp71.png). It appears that the only anime that we were close on (within 1%) were 86 and Blue Period with some like Mushoku Tensei, Annoying Sempai, Ranking of Kings and World's Finest Assassin far exceeding expectations while others like Demon Slayer and Takt Op Destiny fell off the list entirely.


It also seems that Mieruko-chan fulfilled all expectations as well.


It might be me but I wasn't a big fan of Mieruko Chan anime but once I switched over to the manga, I started enjoying it more and more. The ghosts were especially terrifying there and for a big horror fan like me, it was all I wanted from a horror series. [This post pretty much explains why](https://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/rm52bn/art_most_definitely_one_of_the_scariest_manga/).


No wonder. The last three episodes of MT were phenomenal. I thought father and son reunion was already peak of this season but damn Studio Bind was so insane.


With all of the mediocre Light Novel adaptations we've had over the years, we were truly blessed by Studio Bind for this one.


as source reader, I never expected MT could get this very very good adaptation


To be fair Demon Slayer has barely started


Unpopular opinion, but DS seems a little lackluster to me. Its story is pretty much a generic shounen, nothing special. Character development is nigh null, except for they strength, they just get stronger, nothing about them really change. [manga spoiler] >!The ending is also disappointing, it's like Bleach, people dies left and right, the story dragging, then the protagonist defeat the final boss with a super thick plot armor!< Ufotable really carried that series hard with their exceptional animation


>Unpopular opinion, but DS seems a little lackluster to me. Its story is pretty much a generic shounen, nothing special. Why do people keep saying this is an unpopular opinion Even as a DS fan I still think that it is an average shonen


DS one of those shonens that honestly is better as an anime than a manga IMO.


I've been downvoted pretty heavily for saying this before. Some people are crazy about Demon Slayer and I think it does get a bit more praise than it maybe deserves. I actually really like the show but it's really carried by its production quality. The dialogue has its moments but it's mostly pretty weak and the plot isn't special. The setting, character designs, action and tone are great and the quality of the adaptation takes it to another level. It's no Jujutsu Kaisen but hey, it's beautiful and pretty hype at times


Yeah the best thing by far about demon slayer s1 (havent bothered to watch anything else yet, probably will in the future) was the visuals and the OP. All the good parts are good, but the show isn't filled with good parts. Any time zenitsu was talking I couldnt be bothered to pay attention. His one great moment was 10 minutes of buildup i couldn't care about and 30 seconds of visual spectacle. Ep 19 definitely is the second prettiest thing I've ever seen in animation and demon Micheal Jackson is a great villain with a great voice actor, but there's a lot of stuff in it that's average. I don't regret watching it, it's not bad, just not something im dying to watch every week. Its nice to have a battle shonen that isn't 50+ episodes a year with half filler and instead have 26 episodes that are much more consistent looking and in expectation for narrative.


So glad blue period make it to top 10


Mushoku Tensei was pretty much a force this season, especially near the end when it was getting 15% of the voting shares. Can't say it was undeserved, probably the best Isekai I've ever seen and my AOTY pick.


It giving that same adventure vibes I got form LOTR (which is my favorite fantasy in any media) is why I originally watched it. Yeah there were several controversial things which disappointed me a bit but even then the rest of the stuff was pretty great IMO. The last 5 episodes were pretty much the best episodes of the entire show for me.


There is no reason to be disappointed in Mushoku Tensei. Something being controversial have nothing to do with a quality of anime, Everything about show was damm perfect. The work that wisley makes you uncomfortable it's admirable for me. This is a work for people who don't want to live in a bubble. If this is not for you, you can always drop it. Whether you like it or not, Mushoku Tensei was True Art!


Preach. People need to learn to separate fiction from non fiction. You see plenty of the same “controversial” things in some live action series but because this is an anime, people are being more critical and expect it to be more cookie cutter with its set up.


fr, worlds finest assassin has an actual elderly man liking a minor, but no one bats an eye apparently. people just like to hate on things.


Actually, I have no problem separating fiction from reality. I see worse things in the news in my area compared to MT, like gangrape of children and the perpetrators butchering their bodies afterwards, parents killing their child to save their honour, mob attacking people for blasphemy, assasins killing people for political purposes and many more. I just watch anime for entertainment and escapism so those things in MT hit a little too close to home for me (and Assassin to some extent). That's why I was uncomfortable with it as I don't always want to be reminded of all those things I see IRL in anime.


Perfectly understandable, Some people enjoy shows for different reasons than others and that makes sense. I personally enjoyed the way it portrayed the world.


Do people really dislike Demon Slayer? I guess it’s because S2 is in its early episodes and it’s gone extremely slow thus far for the entertainment district arc… On the flip side I just started Mushoku Tensei and loved the first episode.


It's because very few people watched the first like 9 episodes because they were just a rebroadcast of the movie which is already on Crunchyroll already. Edit: See the reply to this for the other reason. Some people don't even know it's into new stuff now.


Oh is it into actual season 2 contemt now? Not the movie? I haven't kept up because I thought the entire season was just a recap of the movie


Yeah the recent 3 episodes were all new stuff.


The first half was a recap so most people didn't have that much interest and the entertainment district arc just started so it hasn't ramped up much yet


Remember when platinum end was hot stuff then everyone quickly realized how low quality it was. It dropped off the charts soo fast.


I stopped after the 4th episode when it was clear that the MC wasn't growing a spine anytime soon and the premise stopped being interesting.


I kept seeing how manga readers complained about the ending so I thought what could go wrong and after Episode 4 I ended up binging the manga in a single day. All I can say is that it left me pretty disappointed.


But at least now your curiosity is satisfied!


Haha true. Although I now wish I never read it but atleast I only wasted a single day, so not a big loss.


It’s a dumpster fire, but it’s not fun or unique enough to be one worth watching. The only think it has going for it is Nesse and that’s not enough to sustain a series.


I was pretty sure that Takt and PE won't do too well the moment It started. But I didn't even think Assassin would be second


Takt Op. was pretty disappointing to me. It's beautiful but empty. Like an ad for a mobile game.


I see what you did here.


really empty


Oh, wait, I guess it’s *actually* an ad for a mobile game. It always annoys me how game promotion shows always seem to get a second arc, regardless of how poorly received the first is, while stuff that actually deserves 12 more episodes gets left to rot. I guess it’s because they’re all paid for up front.


Crazy how popular Assassin has been.


The fact that it was even the number 1 most watched anime in Crunchyroll is bizarre. We heard a lot of people saying they *hates* isekai, yet this was the most popular show from Crunchyroll.


There is a reason why isekai is still around, it's crazy popular no matter what critics say. Not sure what would be higher on Crunchyroll this season though. The other shows are on other platforms that interested me.


Any cultured person can recognise the difference between what should've been just a normal fantasy and what should be an Isekai. But too many authors just cash-grab on the former.


It's not shocking at all. It honestly checks all the boxes IMO. It reminds me a lot of Date A Live actually more I think about it.


The fact that it was an Isekai with guns was enough to catch my interest. I just vastly prefer guns over swords & magic, probably coz I used to play FPS games since I was a kid. I really want to see more Isekai in anime where MC uses guns in fantasy world. Anyone know of some more shows similar to this (aside from GATE)?


And not just guns, but now we got makeshift grenade launchers and freaking Orbital Kinetic Bombardment going on.


Arifureta, but CG there can spook you from time to time.


Yes, it was generally a pretty decent watch, but its popularity outstripped the actual quality of the show. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it's hard to justify as the second best show of the season from a critical viewpoint.


Well, those are popularity polls, since it was popular it explains why it ranked 2nd. **If** it was a proper voting with judges, then I'd be worried, otherwise it's ok. People like what they like, don't need to be a masterpiece to be popular.




[Number 1 on Crunchyroll, over 100m views in China,](https://twitter.com/ansatsu_kizoku/status/1471767609528156164?s=20) goes toe to toe with Mushoku popularity in JP streaming (even beating [MT on Abema)](https://abema.tv/video/genre/animation) The popularity is so insane, it's unreal. I mean, sure it won't beat Demon Slayer, but the fact that it's even going toe to toe with Mushoku Tensei itself is insane. Tsukiyo Rui is definitely one of a kind.


It's also apparently very popular with the housewife demographic according to Rui who said he looked at the analytics of the viewership and was again surprised (as Redo of Healer of course also had a super surprising large female viewership)


Women have a lot of rape fantasies. It's pretty taboo to discuss and it doesn't mean they actually *want* to be raped. But it is true.


Not to mention things like 50 Shades of Gray was/is a big thing for women as well.


I think a lot of those fantasies are more inline with "50 shades of grey-ish" stuff and that would definitely explain why 50 shades of grey was so popular with housewives especially


No intention to discriminate Assassin Isekai’s popularity here but I feel like explaining something: It’s episodes are premiered on Abema but MT isn’t, that’s why MT has less views there. As for China, 100m views is actually not that insane considering MT almost did it with only 4 episodes before it got canceled.


I am not trying to downplay Mushoku either, given that I loved it. > 100m views is actually not that insane considering MT almost did it with only 4 episodes before it got canceled. But I feel like you're really underestimating Assassin here. In China, Assassin would be the [6th most watched anime of 2021,](https://i.imgur.com/PCI6yBJ.png) just under To Your Eternity, with less episodes. 100m views itself insane, since only a select few anime can get in there, even Re:Zero didn't get 100m views. And I agree, Mushoku definitely would've gotten to Slime/Kumo level (350m views) in China, had it not been canceled.


I’d say a strong list overall. MT was always going to win this due to the absolute juggernaut the last few episodes have been. Miruko-Chan held well which is great. That show did a lot of great and unexpected things that make it worth watching. The delays killed 86’s momentum and the wait for the final 2 episodes in FUCKING MARCH are going to be murder. Komi held much better than it’s Netflix sibling Blue Period. Could never figure out why since they’re both good, but I prefer Blue Period’s more adult story. I just want to highlight my 2 fluffy darlings Irina and Taisho Otome. I’m happy to see them get recognition in the end. Irina manage to balance a serious retelling of the Space Race, a genuine heartwarming romance, and vampires without dropping the ball. Worst thing you can say is the ending is vague, but that’s just a symptom of not knowing if they’re getting another season. Its the first time i desperately want to read the LNs, but I can’t because there’s no good translation yet. Taisho Otome has been a roller coaster of joy and tragedy that always kept me on my toes. Everything it does well is in its story and character writing. Also helps that it’s very funny at times. Can’t wait for the finale today.


Irina had an official EN LN translation announced a week or 2 ago for next year.


Yep. August ‘22 for volume 1, but who knows how long for 3-7 which weren’t adapted in the anime


My Senpai Annoying is in the top 5 and that's all I care about(well, except for Mushoku Tensei as well).


Sounds about right, Mushoku made me break my light novel virginity and I don’t regret a thing except where the translation left off…real you had to end the book on turning point 4?


You can find webnovel translations on Mushoku discord(with LN pictures!) if you can't wait. Not the same level of prose as official translation but servicable imo.


I have all the fan translations downloaded, I still would rather stick to the official translation just because of the text quality Well at least I say that for now. Who knows how long I can endure


My own top two are Jobless and Ranking, the rest undecided yet though Mieruko is in the lead for the #3 spot.


I'm gonna miss mieruko-chan. Easily the best new anime this season. Too bad might take a while for season 2(if it ever happen)


Its too new and doesn't have enough material for the time being. But man it was simple but I enjoyed it the most this season


The manga also is not weekly and doesn't have a set release schedule. Sad


it looks like a manga promotion. I can't see a s2 coming too sad. The gap between each chapter release is huge. I think this nice story will go to waste. I hope author will be inspired by the performance of the anime


give it time.. if it succeeds on sales then we could get a 2nd season.. Also the manga is slow, at its pace maybe 3-4 years for a new season


The entire series could've been a repetitive episodic story about a girl trying to ignore ghosts, but the author went above and beyond that.


Probably my surprise of the season. Second half was really good imo.


Mushoku tensei is so good


The anime hit the tone so well. I will fully admit I was a doubter. I hope all the anime onlys finish the series unspoiled =D


I am just happy Taishou is on this list.


Honestly, I'm quite surprised (in a good way) to see Blue Period in the top 10, I feel it was very underrated, so I didn't think it would even make the list. Although the anime doesn't do justice to the manga I think it's very good regardless and deserved a better position.


Banished by the Hero Party deserves a top 10 :(


Mierako chan was really good


Just started reading the MT light novel from the beginning, already on Volume 12, shit is absolutely the best.


Mieruko-chan was really fun


The manga has had some of the most remarkable chapters in the recent and current arc. I highly recommend picking it up. Believe it or not, the art is even better. I remember when the visuals were coming out for it and I commented that I trusted Passione with its adaptation, and some random dude reamed it. I’m very glad that he was proven wrong :)


Ranking of Kings needs to be higher...


Its way better than assassin's for sure .


I hope MT become AOTY beating AOT. But I think that's difficult and Twitter SJW will riot on that.


Well, it will break the internet when turning point 4 gets adapted, Idk about s2, but when s3 comes out it has to get the aoty award.


This ranking pleases me since jobless reincarnation and aristocrat assassin are my favorite anime this season.


Disappointed to see ranking of Kings that low


Every episode i watch feels like 5 minutes. I think a lot of people are put off by the art and the first episode thinking it's a kids show.


feels good to see the success of MT, read the novel around 2014-15 probably my 1st novel. the novel was so controversial back then and it was almost 100% guarantee that it will never get adapted. s2 will be even more awesome.


Quite happy with this list


Isekais aint going nowhere fr 😂 All bangers


Did Blue Period ever appear on the weekly rankings? Surprised it managed to get into the overall top 10. Deserves it though. Ousama Ranking too low imo but atleast it didn't get totally ignored. Assassin Isekai's popularity still baffles me. Guess people really love their seasonal isekai. Unpopular opinion maybe but I felt that this season was weaker than Summer in terms of new shows. Ousama Ranking is amazing but outside of that, the new shows aren't that great.


>Assassin Isekai's popularity still baffles me. Guess people really love their seasonal isekai. I mean Tsukimichi from last season was a far better Isekai and I don't think it did too well on this chart. I have no idea why this one grabbed peoples attention so much.


> Did Blue Period ever appear on the weekly rankings? Surprised it managed to get into the overall top 10. I think it hit the top 10 in week 1


Tsukiyo Rui can't stop winning.


Now I wait for another series of his, which is "Orc Harem" to get an anime :p I'm not a big fan of Isekai Harem (as I enjoyed watching only a few of them) but I dunno why his stuff, aside from RoH, are really entertaining to watch/read for me.


At first I thought you were confusing Rui with Mukoshu Tensei author Magote whose other writing is an Orc story. But then I checked and Rui did indeed also write an Orc Harem. Man I hope more of his work gets adapted. If he's got more Isekai then I'd like to think Kadokawa will keep coming back since they reaffirmed their commitment to Isekai recently too.


[He wrote A LOT of Isekai](https://www.novelupdates.com/nauthor/tsukiyo-rui/) and two of them already got an anime, so we might see a few more of his stuff to get an anime. Also, most people will be surprised if they see this: >Kurt, a genius pastry chef in the previous world, was reborn to a poor Baron house of Arnold. > >While increasing the wealth of his fief as the feudal lord, he aims for his past unfulfilled dream, to become the greatest pastry chef in the world. Making honey, building orchards with elves, trading, he gathers ingredients for his pastries, those which give a whole new taste never seen before in the different world... > >Huge profit from selling special products, extremely high praise from Ducal house as temporary pâtissier, the shop that he builds in the capital city becoming a big hit!? This is a sweet tale of pastries and being surrounded by kind people. Its from Upstart Pastry Chef \~Territory Management of a Genius Pâtisserie\~ which Rui wrote back in 2016.


Iirc he's also written a very wholesome AU of Redo of Healer where Keyaru's "go back in time" plan managed to send him back to a new timeline where the Hero's were not assholes and he decided to live a peaceful life opening up a cafe.


No he didn't write [that spinoff](https://myanimelist.net/manga/136234/Kaifuku_Jutsushi_no_Omotenashi), though I think he certainly was involved somewhat. Probably similar to how Kishimoto was with early Boruto.


man these anime names getting long asf


Let's go Ousama Ranking!!!


Mieruko was truly the gem of this season


Mieruko got a bit robbed, the show has been a constant top 3 on that site and most of the time sitting at 1# or 2#.


I already miss mushoku


Awe pretty happy for the position of my senpai is annoying <3 really enjoyed it


Watching blue period at the moment ,really good but waiting for 1 ep per week is a bit annoying but it's worth the wait


I’m not sure if it’s still releasing week to week on Netflix, but it wrapped up already elsewhere if you’re not afraid to sail the high seas


I'm happy enough blue period is there


Where’s jahy


It was an year of isekai.


I’m so unbelievably happy that Mieruko chan is doing well. I remember being blown away by the art of the first 3 chapters and then waiting excitedly about a week for the next chapter.


Still surprised that jahy-sama didn't do better, it may have started out a bit slow but by the end it became one of the cutest and most wholesome shows I've seen in quite some time. I wasn't expecting it to be some top-ranking juggernaut or anything but it definitely is underrated.


Wait is mushoku tensei really that good?


If you know how big the isekai trend was just a few years ago, you wouldn't be suprise. MT started it, it couldn't be bad


Yes it is. It tricks you into thinking itll be an OP harem power fantasy, and then hits you with incredible character development and some of the best human drama I've ever seen in an anime


Nah no way. Consistent Top 3 against giants like Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer and multiple fresh challengers? With a synopsis like that? Can't be. /s


Mushoku Tensei for the W. The haters can leave now thank you.


The haters are hate watching it for sure haha


I doubt most of the people hatewatching are still hatewatching, since it's largely moved past the controversial elements at this point.




I still have to keep reminding myself that Mushoku is being done by a brand new studio. Amazing.


damn, I feel that I'm missing out because I'm not watching MT, on the other hand, I'm still waiting for its uncensored version, this is tough.


What's different about the uncensored version?


I guess he meant the bluray one. Cour 1 added a few seconds of his parent fucking, I assume Cour 2 will have a lot of not-darknened elf action.


Definitely watch it man. First half was good but the newest season took the show to another level. And it’s only going to get better from here


Mieruko chan :D