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Genre: comedy; After credits scene: well yes, but actually no


Tags: Ecchi, Horror, Wholesome


This is about the point where the manga stopped all of its fanservice, but some of them have been anime-original so we'll see how much the anime keeps it up I guess.


when you get horny, scare and feels in one episode


I laughed at a Passione anime wondering how some things are allowed to be shown on TV.


Very apt coming from the folks who made Interspecies Reviewers.


Also for gore the second cour of Higurashi Gou which managed to air uncensored in Winter before the New Game+ version of it last season added them. Run the full spectrum of acceptability.


I was thinking man the new Higurashi doesn't have close to as much gore as the first, it just isn't as horrifying and then bam they definitely went all out.


The op with lyrics is suddenly a lot less fun, I love it.


I like the contrast


*Flashbacks to* Cells At Work! CODE BLACK*'s ending sequence*


There's an after credits scene btw


That was hella cute, love that they pretty much implied all the scars he got on his face were from cats and he still doesn't mind it at all.


As a cat owner, all I'm gonna say is that those little devils can cut you up *real* good.


when it got to that scene to choose the new owner i already knew it because i seen that scene somewhere an year ago and i dont know if was from this manga, or something different, is the scene the same in the source? maybe i seen only the pages about this scene only posted somewhere on some other post social website


I also read that part before, but only that part, i had no idea it even was from this manga. Feels strange


Yeah, it's from the manga, that part has been quite popular for out-of-context repost for sometimes now.


Yeah this shows how you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. That man looked scary but he actually was a kind person who cared about his cats a lot, but on the other hand, the other guy was handsome but inside he was most likely a psychopath.


> Yeah this shows how you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover. On one hand, yes, but I think the anime did a pretty good job at presenting them as being good or bad without saying so - even disregarding the cat spirits. Scary guy was *outwardly* scary, but he didn't really do anything other than standing around coming off like some awkward dude. But everything about handsome guy was *off*. He comes over with an unnatural calmness and with this empty, detached, look in his eyes. I can't really describe it but everything about the way he approached Miko and Hana screamed "something isn't right".


All told, he did stand there staring at the girls for a very long time and made no attempt to ask for the cat.


Yeah the shyness adds to the gap moe!


He was probably getting flashbacks of his old cats or something, and wondering if he deserves another one


He does seem to have gone through a lot of loss, so he might have issues socializing properly.


The manga orders it differently. He asks for the cat when he gets there and is rejected.


> he was most likely a psychopath I think it is similar to Ancient Magus Bride where he is being cursed by the cats he murdered.


also by the human he murdered, apparently.




You're right. For some reason i forgot that was the same human-ghost that they found with the cat and thought it was a new one that came with the guy. Guess i wasn't paying attention.


I kinda wish there was a bit more context on that ghost. Was it that cats original owner, or did it just attach itself to the cat? So many questions about these ghosts.


I mean, we get very little context with ANY of the ghosts lol.


I mean in reality you should judge a bit by looks. Thats a natural survival instinct and its usually right to steer clear of dangerous looking people. Edit: As someone else said, even in this scene she judged the ghosts by their looks to make her decision. dark ghosts bad, bright ghosts good. Which is seemingly true. But yes, people are individuals, always give someone a chance to prove themselves. Do whatever background check you can when handing an animal over to anyone.


Just one short scene and it managed to tell us his story and personality and at the same time being tearjerker, now that's what I called good writing.


Unexpectedly wholesome


Nice to see that there are wholesome ghosts too. I hope they aren't turning evil with the time passing.


Two tailed cats are what happens when a cat lives for 100 years. The implication of the ghosts having two tails is that they lived for a much longer time than cats usually do because he took such good care of them.


[That scene got some *Gokushufudo: The Way of the Househusband* vibes](https://i.imgur.com/e67bxSA.jpg) [](#wow)


Since he has three on his face, I was thinking that each scar represented each of those he's lost in his life: those two white cats and his wife (pictures of which you can see on the altar).


Thanks, that was a great scene


Yoh that shit got meeee damn it. I expect to see more twists and wholesome/sad moments now on the coming episodes. Really need to learn why she got that ability


Brace yourself.


Oooooh I was close to hopping on the manga but I like the anime so I’ll wait it out then


So far, IMO, I love the way the anime has handled the show. The manga is great, the anime is greater for it.


I like the anime but the design of the ghosts looks better and scarier in the manga primarily because of the black and white color scheme and the "messy" style.


All that was so cute! Love how this show can just go from scary to dumb to cute.


And then to ecchi.


i had totally missed it, thank you.


Holy shit, I am a grown ass 29 y.o. man, owner of two cats and I literally cried after seeing it.


That was such a wholesome episode. Wasnt expecting that


Thats what makes mieruko so great, the first couple of chapters/episodes don't do it justice. It throws away all the ass shots and such and goes much more into moments like these


I've gotten used to the first few episodes of any series featuring high school girls to have "weird camera angles" in the first few episodes. It's refreshing when they avoid that trope altogether though because it's hard to recommend a series to anime newbies who aren't used to that sort of thing.


haha yeah i get that. Its the same with something like jobless reincarnation or no game no life, i would love to recommend them but its very hard to xd


Yeah, im not a fan of horror, but this one became one of my favorite mangas of all time. Specially because the author has a real serious talent on managing atmosphere (well, it fell a bit before reaching the current arc, but it is still impressive to have so many chapters withou any "real" drop in quality I agree with the fanservice though, nothing wrong with some here and there but it puts way too much emphasis in this adaptation. I cannot complain though, I thought mieruko chan the anime would have ended up much worse than it did, which is actually quite good all in all, if we ignore the fact that it does not really translate well to animation


I highly doubt they are getting rid of the ass shots


I absolutely love how Sora Amamiya (Miko's VA) is the one singing the OP and ED. Definitely one of, if not, my favourite VA. She's queen of the waifus.


Miko needs to phone her pal Aqua-sama to *Turn Undeado!* these spirits. maybe afterwards she can entertain her and Hana with *Nature’s Beauty!*


That locker jump scare man; please have mercy on my fragile heart. Miko is still doing her best not to exhibit any panic when she sees the ghosts. At the same time, said ghosts are getting very creating in their choice of *rather interesting* locations to appear in...Poor Hana had no idea. That post-credit scene was definitely a wholesome and pleasing thing to my heart and soul..unlike the horrifying ghosts.


>That locker jump scare man; please have mercy on my fragile heart. I thought with how they were talking about tropes, they would subvert it, but actually decided to play it straight. >Miko is still doing her best not to exhibit any panic when she sees the ghosts. I have lot of respect for her. Staying with a blank face and not screaming out, despite fearing for her dear life. Miko's got balls of steel, metaphorically speaking.


Subversion within a subversion. Subception.


I actually dont think they played the trope straight or at least conventionally. Normally, after Miko looked in the locker, the ghost would be there after turning around. Instead it used the limits of Miko's field of vision to keep the ghost in the locker, and have her not see it, thus surprising the viewer. Rather unconventional way of doing it.


exactly. i expect for the locker to be empty and then it beeing behind her, but they played with her field of vision. Very nice


The ghosts wants that spook from her lol. What a wholesome Twist if one day the ghosts just say "just a Prank bro"


Christ, thanks for making me realise that in that world within a generation they’ll start getting flooded with influencer ghosts. Poor bastards, those folks that’ll have to deal with seeing that over the normal ghosts.


i didn't expect the scream to be that tamed tbh


>*Hana: "There's a decapitated head in my locker!"* > >*Miko: "No there isn't!"* > >*Hana: "Can you please open the locker for me? I'm scared!"* > >*Miko: "Fine! \*opens locker and finds decapitated head\* See, there's nothing he-- oh...."* > >*Hana: "Oh, thank goodness! It's safe!"* That exchange made me laugh!


Everyone needs hana in their life


That groper ghost doesn't need her anymore. Well, sexy nurse isn't a bad choice too.


my fav was with the line outside the shop, both the realisation she was in another line and the exchange with hana was hilarious


Awwwww man I feel so bad for the man in the after-credit scenes. Can’t wait to see what else this show has to offer. It has so much potential


Man just wants some fluff


[Miko offers you fluff](https://i.imgur.com/eqCYO1v.jpg) [](#nico-heart)


I like how that man had good spirits following him around, unlike the orange hair guy. I still wonder that if that evil ghost was attached to the kitten, why did it go away with the orange hair dude. Miko's power (or whatever to call it) proved useful in saving a kitten's life and got a lonely man a friend.


I think the evil spirit was also a cat lover since it seemed to be protecting the kitten in the box. The spirit probably saw that orange haired dude was a cat killer with all those black cat spirits and decided to haunt the fuck out of that guy, hence why we see him following the orange haired dude.


So the ghost from the box was actually nice too? Subtle layers of wholesomeness


Maybe not. With the presence of angelic spirits, it seems to imply that the dark ghosts were bad people in life. The monster ghost eating them could be their version of punishment or maybe a gateway to hell. That being said you can be a bad person and still love animals. People aren't black and white after all.


or maybe the gray ones have regrets, and it twists them , while the white ones lead a good life, could also explain why the dude had pitch black ghosts on him


i was thinking maybe he set the cat as a trap or something? trying to get to the girls or someone else. i dunno... definitely sketched out by him


I get the impression that the evil spirit wasn't really evil, and was in fact just watching over the kitty which is why it flipped the f' out when someone being followed by not very happy cats came up to adopt it.


Did that mother fucker hurt the cats?


Some angry, resentful looking cats are haunting him so probably.


The best part is the other spirit getting angry and started to haunt him as well.


I think its heavily implied he killed them. Hence being haunted. The opposite being the yakuza looking guy


It is possible he hurt the animals but at the same time it is possible to be like Hana possessed by something and that something to be the reason for other to gather


I think with showing the man with scars as the handsome guy’s counterpart it’s implied that one is a lover despite his looks and the other is hateful despite his charming looks etc.


Who? The handsome guy?


>The handsome guy? I guess, he had dark cats on him and other evil ghosts.


Hurting animals is a sign of a demented individual, pretty sure he had killed quite a few of them already to accrue that bad juju.


You know, after seeing Miko suffer this much with these random ass ghosts, there is one thing that comes to mind that she can do to rid herself of those bastards - 1. Get a 5 yen coin. 2. Search around town in weird places like bathrooms or under sign boards and stuff in order to find a specific phone number scrawled on it. 2. Call the number. If you hear a happy-go-lucky voice, you have called the right number. 3. Hire the services of a certain broke-ass tracksuit wearing delivery God and ask him to take care of the ghosts. 4. Profit.


Damn you're talking about Yato, lol.


Yep! The one and only!


I wonder what that eating queue was all about. Were the ghosts going there to be recycled or something?


Just another day recycling yourself


Good ol' suicide booth from _Futurama_


That was a real awesome reveal scene. I too was confused at first thinking Miko was indeed in line, and then...oh, not the right line :D


The best part is that the amount of "wrongness" with the line is introduced gradually. When she first steps into line, you can see that the man in front of her has pants with jagged cuffs and a torn jacket. At first you might think, "Huh, interesting choice. Is he homeless, or has he been in a fight or something?" Then the woman with stark gray hair which obscures her eyes appears behind Miko. You think, "Huh, that's a distinct character design. Is she another spirit medium perhaps, or someone who's being haunted by a ghost?" And *then* you see that Miko is alone...


She almost got caught by the ghosts. It proved she could see them. But Hana saved the day.


I kinda realized when hana wasnt directly in front of her she was probably in ghost line.


I just thought of it as an absurd mockery of how living people act. Instead of queuing up to eat, you queue up to get eaten.


May be they thought that was how they could truely pass on and leave the mortal realm.




Maybe its their version of getting drunk? Get chewed on by a monster and have a good time?


Loved Hana's humble brags this episode Also, I wonder what was up with a) that devouring line and b) the darkness surrounding the first guy who wanted the cats. Are Miko's unwanted powers actually useful?


For the first, I assume its because the ghosts in the line were full of negative energy from the time they lived (guessing almost everyone were Salarymen) and that huge ghost was feeding off the energy from them. For the second, I think that guy likes to take cats in, then torture and finally kill them. That's why the ghosts were full of rage and created some sort of barrier around him. They actually didn't want him to take the cat.


Yeah, that guy had the Kira eyes and gave off Ryuunosuke vibes from Fate: Zero. Miko, you did well.


> that guy had the Kira eyes [Miko can see his Stand too!](https://i.imgur.com/4MNO62l.png)


Does it mean miko is a stand user, and all the ghost she seein is just a stand


Literally the plot of a Gintama arc


Pretty boy's eyes were dark orange and soulless


It was most likely a line to commit suicide as a spirit if you didn't want to linger in the mortal realm.


Damn, it probably because I am ill...but first show of this season that made me cry....and after credit scene just confirmed it.


I definitely teared up with the whole neko scene, the post credits just intensified it - too wholesome


I also teared up at the end, I really like cats and dogs so I want the best for them even in fiction.


This manga was the first one to make me cry. And it was for a different scene later on that may not be adapted. I absolutely love the source material.


Thank god I wasn't the only one.


###Stitches! * [Locker Room Scene](https://i.imgur.com/6YL5OPz.jpg) * [Commando Hana 1](https://i.imgur.com/xXNymR1.jpg) * [Commando Hana 2](https://i.imgur.com/PMcCj83.jpg) * [Hana's Groper Ghost 1](https://i.imgur.com/v63OSpK.jpg) * [Hana's Groper Ghost 2](https://i.imgur.com/rVUVswo.jpg) * [Hana's Groper Ghost 3](https://i.imgur.com/rYrZ9MK.jpg) * [Hana's Groper Ghost 4](https://i.imgur.com/jYMzUWN.jpg) * [Playing Creepy Doctor](https://i.imgur.com/G3Tu86i.jpg) * [School Nurse Kido-Sensei](https://i.imgur.com/hvQbZgY.jpg) * [Miko's Undead Queue](https://i.imgur.com/IAHqItU.jpg) * [Creepy Cat Ghosts](https://i.imgur.com/TES3uGc.jpg) * [Friendly Nekomata](https://i.imgur.com/l7n2sty.jpg) * [After Credits Scene](https://i.imgur.com/xVaeMc7.jpg) I'm so happy [they added subs to the OP!](https://i.imgur.com/WeFfCZR.jpg) It really highlights the difference between the bubbly tune when you read how the lyrics is basically Miko losing her mind with all of the spirits she's been seeing. [They establish early that Miko can't tell Hana](https://i.imgur.com/rHzXIUj.jpg) since she's a massive scaredy-cat and it would probably freak her the fuck out if she ever finds out what Hana's been seeing this entire time like [that head inside the locker](https://i.imgur.com/LdCkCIa.jpg) [Going commando won't affect you Hana](https://i.imgur.com/3u430Fm.jpg) but I'm sure the boys in your class will appreciate it! Also how the fuck did you even not notice you're not wearing your panties? xD [Oh hey it's the Groper Ghost!](https://i.imgur.com/PLzrINk.jpg) I was just talking about this last week in the source material corner. Yeeep this is definitely gonna be an ecchi episode. Also I just noticed that [the Groper Ghost's eyes are supposed to resemble a pair of boobs.](https://i.imgur.com/PGDMf2s.jpg) I never noticed that in the manga. [Hana laying some smack talk with Miko and her not so ample chest.](https://i.imgur.com/jGE0xL9.jpg) Hilariously though, [Miko's chest get a bit fuller when Hana was playing around](https://i.imgur.com/koqdRGb.jpg) with the stethoscope. Oh Passione. Of course as soon as someone bigger [like Kido-sensei shows up ](https://i.imgur.com/VJMI6G9.jpg), the Groper Ghosts immediately [switches targets.](https://i.imgur.com/I1IqAZx.jpg) I don't blame him, I would've done the same. This ghost has good taste ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We finally get our first glimpse [of these spirits getting eaten.](https://i.imgur.com/Q3jxU6C.jpg) Yeah that's definitely creepy. I always thought that this is supposed to represent as some kind of line to the afterlife? Possibly even a line to hell? The managed to fit in [the cat adoption chapter!](https://i.imgur.com/opZGa3W.jpg) This one is my favourite. We get this good looking dude who wants to adopt the cats but Miko refuses to hand it over to him [because he's surrounded by evil cat spirits](https://i.imgur.com/4OIRyNs.jpg), She does end up giving the little guy [to the Yakuza-looking dude](https://i.imgur.com/3KwAT1F.jpg) who she can see is surrounded by [these two Nekomata spirits.](https://i.imgur.com/Ns3fsfR.jpg). This is like the very first time Miko is able to use her "power" for good which was nice and wholesome. And they even added [the scene from the extra chapter](https://i.imgur.com/yvgCr7d.jpg) where we get to see the dude naming the kitten and [who was watching over him the entire time.](https://i.imgur.com/icr0C94.jpg) It's only a 20-second scene but dammit, it made me tear up a bit. It's so good!


It's an all girls school.


Ok then the non straight girls will appreciate it


>[Commando Hana](https://i.imgur.com/xXNymR1.jpg) Holy thighs, enough meat to feed a whole village [](#towel)


Kido-sensei could probably feed even more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


> [Miko's Undead Queue](https://i.imgur.com/IAHqItU.jpg) What a cute bunch! There are even Shaft ghosts. While humans are lining up for food, ghosts *are* the food lining up. > [Yakuza-looking dude](https://i.imgur.com/3KwAT1F.jpg) I thought that he's an exorcist at first.


> Creepy Cat Ghosts I was starting to get bored by how the anime the ghosts look in the anime, but this looks fucking awesome.


[It was a nice way to use the anime medium](https://i.imgur.com/CyFZC8V.jpg) while also giving the cat ghosts an otherworldly feel.


> Miko's chest get a bit fuller when Hana was playing around with the stethoscope. Miko's moans and belly button also becomes a bit *too* detailed for comfort.


I was very comfortable (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


>[Hana laying some smack talk with Miko and her not so ample chest.](https://i.imgur.com/jGE0xL9.jpg) Hilariously though, [Miko's chest get a bit fuller when Hana was playing around](https://i.imgur.com/koqdRGb.jpg) with the stethoscope. Oh Passione. I mean, to be fair in the most general sense, one shot is with her shirt and stuff flatly hanging to rest naturally in front, while the other has it being ruffled and pushed around, specifically being pushed up, into right under her chest. Kinda like that trend a bit back of the loose shirt vs pulling tight. Would the effect be \*that\* drastic? Maybe not, but it's not *completely* out there at least lol.


The reason it looks drastic is because the bra isn't fully against her chest at that point. Look where Hana's hands are, and look at the lcrease/shadow on Miko's inner left tiddy. The implication is that Hana was having a *bit* of fun playing doctor


Fuck these ghosts, they sure are persistent as hell, for those few minutes anyway Good job on poor Miko for not reacting to every single jump scare these bitches to play each time


This is good non-psychological horror, I haven't really seen that in anime before. It's in great contrast to the idea around jump-scares because that wouldn't be as effective through a drawn medium. But this show definitely nails how to do drawn horror right, continuous subtleties without explanation.


Two episodes in, and they are still able to make the spirits felt creepy even without cheap jump scare. That's a good sign for the anime. Btw I honestly thought I was watching some ecchi anime during that pervert ghost scene lol. I'm glad though we get a break by finally seeing some good spirits (those nekomata). Anyway it had been quite long since I watched a good horror anime. Looking forward for more spooky things!


I guess ghosts gets horny too


bustin' makes them feel good


Me too! Just in time for spooky season!


Another great episode. Really some nasty ghosts at times. With Poor Miko having to get through all of that. At least Sensei is there to help with the power of Ara-ara.. at least for now. Part with the cat was both nice, wholesome and very worrisome with the Pretty boy with the obviously very bad aura around him. Though nice to see the nasty looking fellow just being a lonely man who just wants something to keep him company after losing his wife. Still feel like the fanservice is a bit overdone. But beyond that, solid stuff as usual.


I have thoughts from watching 2 episode, It seems like this show will give you horny shot as a starter dish, then slap you really with a horrifying scene as a main dish. Still the final scene makes me feel wholesome and sad and the same time for his new cat adoption and loss of his wife and those cat respectively


Quite effective?


For me yeah, while enjoying the culture shot, then thought maybe have other shot, then suddenly BAM right in the face, almost scare the shit out of me.


Watching it on a big TV without lights on is quite nice. You can even move closer for better immersion. Scary ghosts fully filling your field of vision are awesome. And thick thighs are great too.


>It seems like this show will give you horny shot as a starter dish, then slap you really with a horrifying scene as a main dish. Still the final scene makes me feel wholesome and sad You just described an usual masturbation cycle.


A tale of two halves for sure. Both are great, but the second half got me. The first was even more cultured than last week. I think it might weirdly enhance the horror. Like schlocky horror movies usually have T&A. Though this also plays it up as part of the humor. Like Hana being such an airhead she went commando in a skirt because she forgot her panties. While it’s funny, the strongest humor seems like it’ll come from Miko’s suffering and her attempts to protect others. In this case the super dumb, but very funny Nurse’s office scene. I was not ready for the back half. The donut shop scene sure. That turned out extra creepy with the ghosts waiting to be eaten by an even more fucked up ghost. The cat scenes were so good. Yeah, you get the humor from the haunted and adorable cat. For the first time, we see how Miko’s new ability can be good. She saves the cat from the psychopath cat killer and gives it to the intimidating, but a good guy. Then they do this great bit of “show not tell” with the spirits around him. You work out he’s there for the cat, but nervous. The happy cat sprits around him show he’s lost his other cats. Then that end credit scene just punched me. Maybe I’m a softie, but I got a little choked up when they reveal he also lost his wife and this new kitty with the cute pun name will help him heal. A funny episode with a sweet ending. Glad it’s not all just good horror and TNA. Though even if it was it’s still a Good show. Notes - The VA work continues to be rock solid. Miko’s going between crippling fear and deadpan humor and selling both is great stuff. - Yeah they’re not as creepy as the manga, but the monster designs are still really damn creepy. Especially the handsy monster and the one eating the other ghosts. - great bits of sound design in this show. The filtered voices have a scratchiness to them that’s extra creepy. - of course they still had rosary bead donuts left. Who wants those besides Miko and maybe the third girl we haven’t met yet. - the lyrics for the OP are super funny. - Pun names are best names for Cats.


Heartwarming post-credits scene


I am honestly super glad they ended on such a wholesome note Watching this show before bed is a super bad idea...


Yeah, completely forgot how creepy waiting line reveal was. Hiding ghosts in plain sight is much scarier than outright showing monsters.


This episode had a few scenes of Miko staring at ghosts, and people noticing (like the scene with [Hana thinking Miko's gonna confess](https://imgur.com/kUz4hqb)); I wonder if she'll get into some more trouble/having to explain herself for constantly zoning out like that! Will she have to tell Hana at some point, so she doesn't just look crazy? I'm not sure I would dare doing it though, that's risky, considering [how dumb she is](https://imgur.com/iaDzeEz); If she ever goes like *"Miko what are you doing? Is there a ghost again?"* that ghost could get it, and follow Miko for life. It's a good thing [Hana didn't get that (curse?)](https://imgur.com/Nb73ZNa), she definitely would've given it away already. Makes me wonder though, WHY does Miko have this? I wonder if we/she will ever find out, or if that's just "it's the premise, that's it". [Some ghosts want more than just being seen](https://imgur.com/E1uRr61), it seems! Groping people, or [getting in line to get devoured by a larger ghost?](https://imgur.com/FdfKDrs) Are they ready to go to the afterlife or something, and that's how they do it? [Spooky!](https://imgur.com/Kb5q4MC) When I saw the ghost in front of her, I thought it would be worse than just being in the wrong line; I thought the ghost would stand in the right line, so Miko would have to stand right on top of him, or it'd look like she would be 2-3 spots behind Hana. That'd be creepy, but she would have to do it, or both Hana and the ghost would know something's off. Damn, just thinking about that made me think about all the other scenarios in which she'd have to get close to a ghost to avoid being suspicious... Ghost in the shower, ghost on the toilet, etc... That'd be a nightmare! [They keep teasing us with her!](https://imgur.com/KCIMh0d) I really wonder what's her deal; Does she see ghosts too? Does she know Miko sees them? She definitely knows something, or she's up to something. But if she's just like Miko, their first conversation will be interesting, given neither of them will want to admit seeing ghosts first. To avoid looking crazy, and to avoid a random ghost hearing them through a wall or something. Miko learned not to judge books by their covers, instead judge them by [how the ghost cats feel about them!](https://imgur.com/YbexRqk) That was a cute, sweet scene, then [it got really sad in the end](https://imgur.com/TYiOJ9Y). The feels! Well, at least we know he's going to take good care of it (and when it dies it'll have some ghost cat friends!)


The camera angles and the positions of the ghost, they're quite interesting yet again. That gym locker and stethoscope scene is also interesting. This is a cultured anime. Hopefully we'll see more of that sensei too. About the cat scene, the guy had a glow behind him, meaning he had good intentions, so the other guy who had shits behind him, was he just gonna get close to hana or something else? I have a feeling we'll see him again. Still waiting for the short girl, wonder if hana is not gonna know anything until the season ends, and looking forward to the very cultured camera angles.


Well, this is the end of ecchi shots from manga, if passione followed the manga there won't be anymore ecchi except for 1 bath scene. I can't say about the camera angles because thats all passione.


Director is horny as hell. I'm not complaining, fun show.


I think the ghosts look almost as good as in the manga, but I wish they gave them different noises. Honestly they all sound like a constipated middle aged man, they should use more demonic screeches, creepy child voices, gross gurgling an slobbering, unsettling whispers, etc.


That ending with the kitty was super wholesome. Make sure to watch after the credits!


Jesus its hard to appreciate all those tiddie, butt, thigh and midriff shots when the looming threat of those...Things appearing and making noises. They really know how to animate those Things to freak the shit out while also feeling so sorry for Miko. That entire last scene + last line from Miko too hits real different when you know the shit she's seeing.


The desk ghost sure knows how to appreciate this tiddies. Jokes aside, I would freak out if I saw those hands coming out of the desk


>Be a romcom protagonist >Have enough spiritual power to see ghosts >After a long journey, capture the heart of oneesan heroine >Be in the process of getting *ara ara*-ed >[Ghastly tiddy ghost suddenly appears](https://i.imgur.com/NAQxhAw.jpg) [](#terror)


> its hard to appreciate [Could be worse.](https://i.redd.it/mkqcjz4oj9k71.jpg)


Wasn't this the mangaka's contribution to the Jack-o Pose Challenge on Twitter?


That's what I was told.


Come for the "Plot" and stay for the "Plot" is strong with this one. The animators really are true to their studio name of "Passione" after all.


I think it brings a nice balance to the show preventing it from being completely horror or completely fan-service.


For true horror, guess we gotta wait for Junji Ito's Uzumaki next year. On the other hand, sadly the true fanservice anime got delayed to next season.


>the true fanservice anime got delayed to next season. RIP *World's End Harem* [](#shatteredsaten)


But what about Douki/Tawawa? I think there are plenty of fanservice.


That final segment was pretty damn wholesome, if we just ignore the poor sap who's an evil spirit magnet. Edit: thinking about it, I guess it means that guy was a serial killer or something?


Pretty boy either is a Psychopath or possessed by evil ghost and demons. ​ His eyes were soulless despite being bright orange.... Would be horrifying if it turns black


> or possessed by evil ghost and demons Definitely not. Ghost's desire to observe cute cat was bested by huge hatred to that guy who definitely was hurting cats. This is why he started following him.


No, I'm guessing he likes to torture or even kills cat. Those were cat spirits. And not a good cat spirits like the one surrounding the bald guy.


There's this stereotype of serial killers often starting out by killing cats and other pets before "working their way up" to actually killing a human.


More like cat killer


Ecchi horror is not something I thought I would ever watch, especially since I tend to stay away from ecchi stuff, but I’m definitely not hating it so far


That was one horny ghost. And Sensei bringing that Ara Ara energy.... This picks up right where episode 1 left off and I'm having a great time with it.


Hey, ghosts have libido too..... Apparently


Maybe he was just a serial groper in his past life - it carries over lol


Old habits die hard, even after you're dead apparently.


All of Miko’s poker face is just too hilarious


After credit scene too wholesome. Almost died of overdose


Sucks people can't enjoy the show due to fanservice. I quite like the fanservice in the show actually, but i'm fine without it too. The story and MC are really good. Can see why people don't like fanservice though, but I enjoy it


It just feels so out of place at times


So... that dude Miko denied the kitty is totally a cat killer, right?


He had black cat spirits on him so I assume he's a cat abuser.


How lewd [](#emiliaohdear)


I'm scaroused


Oh MY FUCKING GOD. I knew they would do the whole dont judge a book by the cover. BUt i freakin busted in tears crying b/c of the cats man. That shit hurt me when i least expected it.


The end credit scene so wholesome and sad at the same time.


wait that ending scene was so cute


Man this anime making feel all kinds of things. Sometimes Im spooked,sometimes Im horni, sometimes im blessed. Wholesome scarroused? Scarrousedsome?


"You shouldn't judge people by their physical appearance." - Miko, judging people by their spectral appearance.


I thought the last episode was scary but this one terrifying especially the ghost which stuck all around over Hana. It looks like Miko has the power to identify the personality of a person and suffering for Miko doesn't seem to stop. Theory time: I think so the girl who was shown to be in the donut shop can also see the spirits.


The ghost just horny


A ghost of culture


I was just telling myself that this show can't all just be tension horror. Those last scenes were cathartic. Looking forward to this series.


I wonder if the fanservice will fade away like it did in the manga. I only wonder because it was definitely pumped up a bit for the anime, so it continuing doesnt seem out of the question to me. As someone who's enjoying it, I wouldnt be upset, but thematically it absolutely does clash, so I get why people want it to follow the manga and stop. We'll see.


I think I love the OP & ED a lil too much. kinda upset I can't find them on Spotify though ):


Much better episode than the 1st episode. The pacing was quite good too. That pervy ghost was something 🤣🤣🤣 The end credits scene was very emotional and so good.


Jesus Christ the thighs in this anime is impeccable


What about booba tea?


Cat dodged a bullet.


[Yes please!](https://i.imgur.com/LejYDsm.jpeg) I'm glad Miko can also see the good spirits, I needed a wholesome moment in this show, because so far, only Hana is giving me a much needed distraction. Speaking of which, that scene in the nurse office reminded me of Miru Thighs, I think there was a scene where the teacher walked in on the two (or three) of them fooling around and only told them to keep it quiet.


wholesome scene at the end


I'm surprised by how many people don't get about that one guy killing cats, there's alot of psycho irl who love torturing cat for fun or feeding them to a snake.


She is way too cute


Hana best girl


This episode had a nopan schoolgirl, a big tiddy oneesan, and a goth loli, but Miko's belly was still the sexiest thing in the episode. I'm glad they added lyrics to the OP. It's a catchy tune, right up there with the song from My Senpai is Annoying. Senpai has better animation to go with its song, though.


I expected to get scared and have an erection. But I did not expect to cry. Holy shit.