5 years ago today, Kimi no Na wa. was released in Japanese theaters

5 years ago today, Kimi no Na wa. was released in Japanese theaters

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I might watch this today just to commemorate its 5th birthday. Can't believe time passes by so fast.


Yep! This is a perfect time for a rewatch.


I just happened to rewatch my 4K copy yesterday and had no idea it had been that many years. The art and animation still blows me away every time.


Damn, I'm jealous of that 4k copy. Good for you though, enjoying such a marvelous movie in that great quality. I also watched the 4k version albeit not legally.


How do you have a 4k copy?


I’m not sure if they’re available anymore without buying the collectors box for an exorbitant amount. I bought mine for around $30 when it released.


I had a layover in Tokyo where I spent a few days hunting down a 4K copy. Totally worth:


I bought the 4k steelbook bluray when it first released and it is sometimes available in germany for about 35€


Is there a streaming site that shows this?


You can rent it on Amazon for a few bucks. Just make sure to rent the specific audio you want, they separate sub and dub into two titles.


Ah thank you! Speaking of Amazon I have an unrelated question. I was planning to watch Saekano flat there but how come it doesn’t have a english sub or is it just me who’s experiencing that?


Just checked and got the same issue. It's weird that English is listed as one of the languages available on the series description, but you can't actually select it when steaming... Looking again, it seems like the other versions of Portuguese subs are also missing.


I don't think so but Funimation used to have it for streaming but they don't anymore


I've never seen it. I heard it's one of the best anime films. Does it live up-to it's reputation?


Boy are you in for a treat! Def worth a watch.


Yesterday I did my 7th rewatch xD


saw it in netflix under "coming soon" and thought it looked interesting. guess ill be watching this when it comes out next week :D


FINE! Twist my arm why don’t ya, I’ll watch it too, just if you’ll stop yelling at me about it.


Thanks for idea mate I am gonna do the same although I remember everything because I have watched it more than 50 times


I've never seen it. It looks beautiful though


My wife and I absolutely love it, very sweet storyline, likeable characters, and a good score!


It's really good. Not perfect but really really good.


just watched it now and man I haven't feel this much excited over something for a very long time this anime is beautiful as ever still give me goosebumps that love between both of them still feels so real it always make my heart warmth surely this movie always be favourite always close to my heart [SPOILER] That scene where Taki kun wrote "I LOVE YOU" instead of his name(because knowing that there is someone waiting for Mitsuha there is someone who love Mitsuha is more important than Knowing his name) was so so so much heart warming that scene always make me cry and it will be always close to my heart and that music makes it more beautiful Damn I feel so Incomplete like someone has snatch my heart anyways all I can say now is I will always love this movie




happy birthday to you


It’s been 5 years??


I could've sworn only two years have passed since I saw it at release.


Exactly, what the hell?


Covid stole 2 years from us.


This. And my happiness


Yeah, same thought, Weathering With You was release the year after Your Name right then no release because of uhmm global event, right? right guys?


Bruh, I saw Weathering With You in theaters almost 2 years ago. This damn pandemic is a time warp


It's now two years+ since Tenki No Ko




I think the biggest slap in the face was watching Your Name and being like "ok, now give me another movie next week" and then suddenly 3 years passed and Weathing With You came out and it felt like I watched Your Name yesterday (to be fair I did rewatch it a few times).


I remember seeing the world premier at Anime Expo 2016! It was amazing. You could feel the energy from the crowd as everyone watched a good ass movie. Also, apparently Makoto Shinkai was walking around in the dark seeing what people’s reactions were lmao


That's hilarious lol, Makoto Shinkai is the GOAT


Yep. After Your Name I went back and watched everything of his. You can absolutely tell how he was building up to something Like Your name. And I love the repeating themes of his work. He is truly an artist. Garden of Words isn't for everyone but it will always hold a special place in my heart.


Now everytime I get sleep paralysis imma think its Makoto Shinkai roaming in the dark


I cried the first time i saw it, surprising for me since it never happened before. The soundtrack is what probably put it on the pedestal that it is on in my heart. Radwimps did an amazing job.


Especially sparkle and nandemonaiya


[Nandemonaiya sung by Kamishiraishi Mone](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKaElSm5NJE) (Mitsuha) is one of my favourite song ever I honestly laud the decision of choosing Kamiki Ryunosuke (as Taki) and Mone for the lead roles, as both them are well known that even non anime watching Japanese knows them (especially Kamiki, who is only 28 years old but is already in the entertainment business for 25 years!). It made sure that for a casual viewer, they would likely be checking the movie out due to the involvement of the two talents


So he's the guy who spoils it for the rest of us needing 5 years experience for an entry level job


At least he's not like the Nirvana kid 😂


The piano theme 'Date' is fantastic, too.


When "Theme of Mitsuha" plays when she goes to Tokyo to meet Taki, and he doesn't remember her is the point that always breaks me.


That soundtrack just set the mood so well. I love all of this movie, but I really love the soundtrack.


I cried the first time and i'll probably cry when i feel like rewatching it, this movie is just such an amazing experience.


3 years back it was suggested by a friend. i watched the entire thing confused thinking what is this? what's the point of the story? what is the plot ? when the movie ended ........2 words came to mind nice & sweet. one of the sweetest storyline & nicest characters i ever saw. soundtrack paired perfectly . such a wholesome thing it was


Same for me. I've never cried during movies/shows, but when mitsuha saw what Taki wrote on her hand I lost it. The soundtrack was also perfect


[I love every piece of that soundtrack.](https://i.imgflip.com/5kv4mz.jpg)


Man i was with someone else watching it, i had a terrible time forcing my tears not to fall.


Same, when that happens, I just try to breathe in and breathe out, hoping to not completely break down. Kimi no Na wa. gave me a hard time trying to control my tears


Man I start tearing up just by listening to the soundtrack...


me too man and it is very hard for me to cry . A great movie .


We all agree with you my friend and with everything you said at that. Radwimps are amazing and it's vocalist has most beautiful voice.


I'm a guy and this movie has done that to me. I was like wtf. Who cutting onions


I managed to make it until the last five seconds of the movie.


Oh, gawd I know. "I was wondering...have we met?" "I thought the same, too! Your name is..." 😭 Jesus effing Christ it gets me a little even now.


At this point I respect this movie for opening up anime movies to the rest of the West more then I actually love the movie


I tried to introduce my friend to anime who didn't like anume using this movie and when he saw the body switch part he was pissed for some reason and stopped watching :/


Some people are just really stubborn.


On a positive note we watched deathnote after that and now he's a weeb and has finally watched this movie and he regrets not watching it that time


Good on you for not giving up and helping someone be more open minded to new things. And good on them for trying even if they were resistant at the start.


The good ending


I wouldn't say stubborn, some contents don't click for everyone.


I can't wrap my head around why that would make a well-adjusted person angry.


I still remember how Your Name only got one Thursday Screening at my place, compared to Demon Slayer who got 3 weeks.


This movie gave me the secret to my happiness. Was my off day but I had to run some errands. Reached home late afternoon. The weather was calm, the traffic rush of people returning home hasn’t started yet so it was quiet in the neighbourhood. I bought my favourite burger from the local shop on the way back home. I then took a warm shower and on a whim decided to watch a movie a friend recommended before. The bliss I felt after watching Your Name that day, coupled with all those other elements, is something I have been trying to replicate since. Some shows, especially iyashikei shows, came close. In fact, I’d say Aria, NNB and Yuru Camp equalled that feeling. But Your Name will always be the movie that first introduced me to this little slice of heaven.


Have you watched weathering with you?


I saw it this year, loved it.


Just watched this about 2 nights ago. Definitely worth watching if they enjoyed Your Name.


I don't know how you did it, but you made a 16 year old feel old


I feel even older knowing now that the "98" in your username is not referring to "1998"


Yeah, it's a play on my initials using the fuel:)


Im 16 as well and holy crap, i was 11 when I watched this. Whaaat?!


I'm old enough to be your father...


There was a post on Reddit about this movie back in the summer of 2019. I decided to watch it on a whim and it’s the reason I got into anime


"back in 2019"? But 2019 was Just a few days ago, right? ... Right?


We're still in the 2010s!


I'm still mentally stuck in 2019 and I'm always shocked when stuff posted in 2019 says "2 years ago" ಥ_ಥ


Its like we are frozen in time ngl


Same mate but a bit earlier. Iirc it was a post in r/movies. This movie got me into anime. A Silent Voice got me into manga


A Silent Voice is soooo good. I've only seen the anime though. Edit: movie not anime


Was it the newspaper ad? Same thing happened to me


I saw it for the sane reason. Although I've watched a lot of anime before it but this was the reason I got into anime movies


First anime I ever saw in a theater. Before that I was a closet weeb.


It took me only these few lines to get hooked up. "Once in a while when I wake up I find myself crying. The dream I must have had I can never recall. But... the sensation that I've lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up."


This is the movie that finally convinced my mom that anime is more than "kid's stuff".


Love this film! Are there any other anime films that are similar to this, story and production-wise?


I want to eat your pancreas, howls moving castle, weathering with you, 5 centimetres per second, garden of woods.


maybe I'm misremembering, but how is howl's moving castle similar to kimi no na wa? Also, you made a typo. > garden of ~~woods~~ words


Tenki no Ko. Same director, same studio, same people who made the OST. The characters from Kimi no Na wa. also make a cameo as well! If you liked Kimi no Na wa. Then you'll probably like Tenki no Ko.


I liked a lot but it's not as refined There are Ghibli's like and You'd probably like Also but you have to watch. Silly names but great anime


> I liked a lot but it's not as refined It's a beautiful but flawed film. That scene at the hospital room is like the prototype for the "Taki and Mitsuha meeting at dusk" scene. Was watching in the theater and was almost yelling "They're gonna do **that** scene**!!" to my friend (who had also seen ) when I realized what was about to happen.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


Weathering With You and A Silent Voice


The comparisons between Your Name and A Silent Voice are inevitable but they aren't similar at all


> but they aren't similar at all Exactly, yet any Your Name thread never fails to have A Silent Voice mentioned in some way.


Agreed, but if someone wants another beautiful emotional well done anime movie, its their next best bet after WWY


Shinkai has done quiet a few films and as far as I’ve heard/watched they’re all really good. Tho one mistake that I initially made was comparing those films to your name while watching which ruins the experience. Just watch each film as a film on its own without its connection to your name and they’re all very good


This was the Anime that got me into watching Anime again after years..it's one of my favorites and I'll never forget it


its soo good its animation feels like 2021


Goated movie. Have watched it three times and it still hits hard


This make me want to see it


The thing I love most about this film (and Shinkai’s stuff in general) is all the attention to detail and accuracy to real life within the scenery. As a railfan being able to recognize all the trains, stations, and even hearing the melodies/sounds was such an exhilarating experience for me.


Coincidentally, I just watched this movie like a 3 hours ago with my friends for the first time.


Fucking five years man


My favorite anime. I use it as a comparative scale and it is still the best one.


That was five years ago? I feel old now


this was the first movie to make me break down in body racking sobs-it was just so beautiful. the animation, the art, the story, ***the music!*** If you havent seen this movie, drop everything your doing right now and play it. i promise you it will genuinely change the way you look at the world.


Wtf was the animation always this good? I swear when I remember old shows and revisit them they have very low quality but I guess this is very different because of it being a movie. Yeah this should have definitely won instead of the boss baby


It may not be the best anime ever but it is my favorite. It will probably stay that way for a very long time. The soundtrack is something I still regularly listen to.


I genuinely think no movie will ever surpass this one for me. I watched it once at home and 4 times in theaters. It's a perfect movie to me.


It's an incredible example of a focused narrative; it know exactly what it's aiming for and builds towards that on all fronts, right up to the last seconds.


Haha, it wasn't only you who watched multiple times in theaters. Kimi no Na wa. was that inspiring for so many. This anime is honestly a big part of my life. So I can confirm this much, no matter which anime comes and goes, no matter how good that anime is, it cannot topple Kimi no Na wa for me.


Still my favourite


Ooh god, it takes me back, i wanna cry now .


I feel old


Man I forget just how beautiful this anime is


Definitely my top 1 anime movie


The soundtrack was so amazing


Holy shit the animation is so surreal.


I love Shinkai's films I hope to see a new one soon!


Listen, call me biased or whatever But for me this film is the greatest film that has ever been made and likely will ever be made.


I was at the world premiere for kimi no na wa at anime expo. It's one of the most memorable events for me being in a packed room crying with everyone else because of the feels. Although... before the movie started it played the 30 second radwimps opening continuously for roughly 30-40 minutes. Don't get me wrong I love radwimps, but all you would hear was everyone screaming "KIMI NO ZEN ZEN ZEN" on repeat lol. It was also like 2-3 weeks before the rest of the world saw it and it was killing me that I couldn't talk to anyone about it. I was so obsessed with kimi no na wa that It was like I was trying to get people to join my cult when I told them they needed to watch it or I wouldn't be friends with them anymore. Hehe eckss dee x)


I have watched this super cool anime for 5 times and I still think that it’s not boring XD


Kimi no na wa? That sounds vaguely familiar. Wait, why am I crying? It's like I'm always searching for something.


This song is the best, It always makes me spin me head like I am the guitarist


Love love love


I can't believe this was released 5 years ago. Time really flew so fast. Such an amazing film and the impact it made to a lot of anime/non-anime viewers alike is unparalleled.


Miss Kwoka's Kimo no Na wa updates.


Radwimps music gives me strong memories


Its amazing how even after 5 years it's still one of the best animated movies




Ngl the intro gave me ecstasy that I never felt for the first time watching anime it was so surreal


5 years? Holy shit. I broke up with my ex for 5 years already then. I remembered we watched this in the theater together the year we broke up.


I've cried everytime I've rewatched this movie and I will continue to do so. Also, the chills and nostalgia this brings me just from the soundtrack alone is godlike. God, I should rewatch again huh.


I watched this movie on Friday after work in the first week it screened in Australia. I was keen because of the trailers. It was the first anime film I'd seen in a cinema, and I really enjoyed it. It was amazing. The whole theatre burst out in applause afterwards.


damn, time flies


Still the best movie soundtrack of all time in my opinion.


Probs one of the movies I will never get tired of watching


Can't count how many times I watched this movie. Even watched it raw in a theatre in Shinjuku (the one with the Godzilla on top of it) because my cousin and I knew the script by heart. Not a single dry eye in that theatre, and the pen drop is still the most memorable scene. My favourite movie of all time, hands down, both 2D and 3D. Interstellar comes close but Kimi No Na Wa takes the cake.


The animation is unbelievably good, i need to rewatch this some day


Still remains my favorite <3


A masterpiece


yeah 5 years ago this thing was made that almost killed me due to its unsatisfying ending


Just watched this for the first time 2 weeks ago and I must say I have definitely been missing out! Amazing movie with a great story from start to finish.


God radwimps really make me cry whenever I listen to them


Five year ago one overrated anime has born


First time I heard of this movie I really didn't care much about it. The only movie I know from Shinkai's catalog is 5cm/s and [it gets memed around](https://imgur.com/4YTp0bQ) every time. I've watched it and I had mixed feelings about it (didn't even bother to watch part 2 and felt I didn't really miss much, playing One More Time, One More Chance on loop every once in awhile). Then around the time this movie got released, a "YN-009" is floating around the seven seas. I was seeing praises everywhere in my feed, even from a person I know who doesn't even care much about anime. I decided to check out the trailer in Youtube, which was a mistake - I already knew of the bodyswap schtick, but I was spoiled about the finer details in the comment section. Had to watch the low-res copy floating around to know more about it. Watched it twice. After that is 2 weeks of the movie soundtrack on loop (mostly Zenzenzense, then Sparkle), just lying in my bed reading every news about this movie. This was my introduction to reddit browsing. Started lurking r/anime in the middle of the Shelter incident, clearly oblivious about what's happening in the sub back then. Reading every thread about this movie was a wild ride of emotions - from the hype and praises to fair, frustrating, and some downright brutal criticisms. It was also during this time I first learned about the MAL rankings - this was skirting around 9.40-9.30 at the top back then. From October to March the next year I check out the rankings as I watch it go down at 0.1-0.2 per month (I'm not that much of a casual - I'm mostly familiar of what's in the top 50 back then). This started my short obsession of tracking movie metrics (from the weekly box office numbers from ANN/[eiga.com](https://eiga.com), checking the highest grossing anime films - that was a lot of Ghibli, the list of local/international awards won by an anime, etc.) Bought a ticket the moment it finally screened in my area (December, Christmas week), didn't even care that I'll be watching it alone. This was the first movie ticket I bought on my own - I was only 6 months in on my 1st job. TL;DR: Your Name has a special place in me and one of the main reasons I'm in Reddit, for better or for worse.


That movie was so brilliant. That twist in the middle was Pure. Fucking. Brilliance. Edit: And the OST! Still listen to it. Oh,and here's a joke for anyone who sees my comment: Mitsuha would have remembered Taki in 2019 upon hearing the song Taki Taki by DJ Snake. (Copied from youtube)


Hands down bone of the best movies. People Calling anime weird, are genuinely missing out on some of the best things.


The music were bangers.


Omg its been 5 years alrdy!? I was lucky enough to watch this in theaters and it is such a fantastic movie.


My dad is obsessed with the opening track lol


i still remembered the first time i saw it in the theater. Gave me a lot of gooserbumps


I still yet to watch the movie, but every time I watch that Sparkle AMV that has more than 100million views, I get serious feels. Maybe it's just PTSD from Promised Place and 5cm Per Second.


It’s worth it


Dammit my biggest regret was not watching it in theatres at that time because I was not into Anime. I only saw it last year and it was one of the few movies that almost made me cry


I cried for half of this movie and more. I haven't watched it again because I know I am gonna cry and it's gonna hurt.


The most beautiful anime I have ever watched.


A masterpiece.


Forever among the best


to think its been 5 years...


This movie is a masterpiece and hands down the best anime movie for me. I have never cried so hard from a show in my life. Absolutely beautiful.


And now I feel old...


This movie night be the reason I got back into anime and started actively searching for new series to watch. The movie, animations, soundtrack - all beautiful. I love Makoto Shinkai's directing, love Tenki No Ko and I look forward to his next movie.


This was such a treat to watch on the big screen. Here’s hoping we can watch Shinkai’s next movie on the big screen as well.


Man I need to rewatch this


I wish it were released in theaters here. However, Koe no Katachi was, and I drove two hours each way to see it. Same with the live action Tokyo Ghoul movie and the first My Hero Academia movie. Since then, Tenki no Ko and the second My Hero Academia movie were released here. For the most part, anime movies do not get nationwide theatrical release in the USA. A smaller company called Fathom Events handles it, and their resources are limited. Follow them on social media if you use it. Support their events. Even if you don’t think an anime movie is going to be good, buy a ticket and talk it up on social media. Organize events, get friends and family to go. It won’t grow without support. Also, drop the English dub hate. I mean save that for the Internet if you can’t let it go entirely. Both versions of the movie need our support. I have my preference but I will go to both and have done for the last few, except Tenki no Ko, but that was my local theater’s screwup. I saw the dub first (scheduling conflict with the sub that day), then when I went to see the sub, they showed the dub again. I complained and they said they couldn’t get the sub. I didn’t push it. I was happy to see the movie again and of course bought the special edition Blu-ray when it came out. Anyway, you got to support anime if you wanna see it grow.


Besides Pokemon, this was the first anime I ever watched. Great movie.


i already forgot how many times i have watched this movie


This movie changed my perspective on love.


I remember my friend recommended I watched the movie with him, I wish I could go back in time just to do that. I remember just a couple months later watching this on Netflix and experiencing something else, something I wish I had seen with him. I don’t know what he’s doing nowadays but what I would give to see him.


5 years.... 5 years ? But it came out ... Last year....


Only seen it 11 times. Only refer it to every friend I got. Only got the book and multiple canvasses.


I had heard great reviews, like people having love for this movie to almost Miyazaki levels. I put it off as I'm a filthy English dub person. Then I realized one day a theater a town over was actually going to play it but only like 4 showings over two weeks. I'm in south eastern US and this was almost unheard of in my rural region. I had another friend who liked a bunch of Shonen style Anime back in the Naruto dub era prime but not much since. Boy I tell you, we had the most manly cries, bawling when you finally learn about the Comet [spoiler source](/s "and scene when they try to meet on the mountain")... God's I'm crying now just remembering the experience. Between the stunning visuals and my god the music... It was a perfect storm of a memorable experience for me.


I randomly seen this anime on a site and my god. its one of the best movies i have ever see... MY GOD!!!


Such a good movie. Top 10 anime movie for me


Still one of the greatest movies ever created, truly a work of art. I remember seeing Your Name for the first time and holy shit, the visuals were outstanding. So were the story, soundtrack, and the like. I do not have much gripes with this movie. I certainly am happy regarding the fact that it has made a lasting impact on me for a very long time


My favorite anime movie even to this day !


It was good but not my favorite


After all these years i still get emotional when i watch it again


I rewatched it for the 5th or 6th time last week, best anime movie/show of all time


the ending is kinda satisfying, but at the same time frustrating that there is no more!


i freakin like radwimps


Gonna rewatch this today, damn its already been 5 years


Was able to see it in the theatre for it's American run for Oscar contention in November-ish of 2016. Seeing it with other people for the first time was an amazing experience. Same experience when I saw Weathering With You and Shinkai-san himself was there for a Q & A!


Wife and I watch this every year on valentines day. Adore this movie


I watched this movie for the first time 3 years ago and since then I've seen it 14 times. Crazy I know, but I love this movie so much. Your Name means a lot to me and it's no doubt my favorite anime movie of all time. I also think Weathering With You is just as good as Your Name.


I remember the whole "Who are you?" part of the trailer made me think "bro, just give yourself your phone number and figure it out". Then it turns out they actually did and the "who are you" was not the point of the movie and made me go "oh shit, what's going to happen next?"


wait wut, it's already 5 years since Kimi no Na wa got released. Man... I feel old


Man the music for this film always **slaps**. *Right in the feels.*


the greatest movie of all time


God this movie was amazing


i'll still be watching this with my future kids 50 years from now