Lucky Star and Hidamari Sketch are sort of like animated podcasts in a way, both come highly recommended. None of these shows are mediocre in the slightest, not these two nor any of the ones you mentioned, so let's not call them that. Alternatively, you could get some *actually* boring slice of life to keep the noise up. I've heard Glasslip is pretty boring.


sorry, mediocre is a very bad way of saying it, haha. i meant anime that don't change much and you aren't too captivated to watch it. it just purely exists to be background noise lucky star looks like it would be a good one, i'll also look into hidamari sketch, thanks! glasslip's description looked pretty interesting, what's so bad about it?


Idk what specifically is bad about Glasslip (haven't seen it myself), I've just seen people shitting on it for being boring as fuck for years.


Oh, you thought this was supposed to be timey wimey fun with precognition time loop anime? Too bad, it’s about the most annoying teens having tedious relationship drama.


Aria the Animation It's just Venice (in space) and choro (Brazilian music)


sounds great, i love how it's a full franchise too so it can keep me for a while!


Flying Witch has that peaceful feeling.


Good SoL: Yama no Susume Houkago Teibou Nisshi Slow Loop Mitsuboshi Colors Ichigo Mashimaro A-Channel Azumanga Daioh: The Animation Lucky Star have lots of otaku reference. May be it not work as side watch anime. Girls und Panzer.


thanks, Slow Loop and Azumanga are both fantastic so i trust in you for them being great SOLs!


Silver Spoon


Let’s Make a Mug too


Want to try looking into my SOL subreddit called r/CompletedSOLAnime? Some have already been mentioned in this post but in my subreddit there are flairs are attached to each post to show how long each series is with a pinned comment with more information (affiliate links). So if you have the time and willing to look through them, see what's up.


sounds good, do you think i could post there too or is it just you? i can help with the flairs for some of them too if you're busy


Thank you for the offer but not at this time.


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D4DJ. Most episodes have a performance at the end, which can serve as a little distraction to look forward to. I think it will feel worthwhile, while not being the kind of thing to demand your attention away from the other task. Not sure if you're doing dubs, but if you are then hearing Maho's english in the dub version might be fun. It would kind of be sacrilege to use Hidamari Sketch for this, it's one of my top favorite shows visually. The first season is kind of rough, but my favorite overall.


horimiya its not boring or anything but its a good slice-of-life to have as background noise


Tanaka Kun is always listless


"The listless life of Tanaka" was really chill to watch


Saiki Kusuo! There is so much happening that you won't be missing on anything at all