The ending of the anime and the manga are the same. There was apparently a one-shot chapter set in the future that was never translated released after the manga was ended.


Yes. It's not a completely faithful adaptation (it's a 12 episode anime adapting an 11 volume manga after all), but it does tell the full story.


Ah, thanks.


Sort of. The anime tells the full story and it ends the same way as the manga does, but there are some chapters that do get skipped over. That said, most of these skipped over chapters aren't actually particularly necessary and I personally would argue that some of them are outright bad and overcomplicate a decent story. The anime, fwiw, is directed very well, even if the animation is a bit limiting at times


That's good to know, thanks.


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The manga ended in 2019, and the anime in 2018. So, probably no.


confidently wrong.


That's why i said PROBABLY.


All you had to do was google it first.