Why write the letters if we don’t hear about Sasha or Marcy’s parents after that?


especially Marcy's parents, which is the main driving force behind all of Marcy's Shananigan.


Please there be comics set after the show so we can finally meet them


They will be in Marcy's journal I guess (I hope)


Marcy's Journal? Like Dipper's journal?




My guess is, everyone kept asking about them (for good reason) so the writers were like, "fine we'll reference them".


Literally half of S3 they collected an army, every episode agreeing with one old friend, then Darcy said "Sike, we are out. So long dumdums!" Aaand thats it, the whole army became useless and retreated. Why did we even bother then in the first place?


Bothered me so much too. Both the fact the army was useless, and that the robots are so damn weak one frog can beat up all of them. This just made everything before it useless...


the army retreats but then at the end of all in they're still fighting the robots


To have all characters be there during the finale. I think that's the main goal. Regardless, I agree. I'd have loved to see a more detailed battle between the army and Andreas.


Well the army was used, but they got "defeated" when darcy captured the main characters


A nitpick I have with the finale specifically: I kinda don’t like how fast Leif’s letter was figured out, and I kinda don’t like how Marcy magically starts wearing her old amphibia clothes once Darcy is stopped in All In. I don’t like how the three armies they recruited during season 3B barely played a role in the finale. And in general the actual “resistance” didn’t really matter. The closure with the Core was also kinda meh. Anne defeated them using the power of the three stones, we see a short of Darcy’s helmet being destroyed and boom, that’s the end of the Core. Kinda anticlimactic. I still LOVED the finale and it was way better than most serialized cartoon finales. I really had to stop and think to come up with these nitpicks.


Three Armies was fine till the finale poster came out. Oh, so they will do another battle in LA too? and then The Moon plot began. There are so many check boxes they want to happen in so little time.


Yeah, honestly, I think the show would be better off with more time. Even with the rest of season 3, I feel like not as much was done with the resistance as it could've. It'd be interesting to see what the show might've looked like with 4 seasons instead of 3


They never learned to use the calamity powers, just boom your gods now


One of the powers was that they knew how to use them 🙃




Avocados aren't true to seed (thus his single brought avocado wouldn't have likely grown to something viable), and they grow on trees. Hop Pop's California Avocados field is an empire of lies.


i have an avocado tree in my backyard so I can agree


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Maybe a controversial opinion but I didn’t like the moon part. (The moon part being from the start of the hardest thing till after the cat god) There was a lot that was suddenly introduced (like the death spell thing) and the whole thing felt kinda unnecessary. Like why go through the trouble of killing Anne only to bring her back. I just feel like the ending coulda been the same without it. Also I’m disappointed Anne’s line of “using my power feels bad” went no where.


They could've done the episode without the "dying spell" and "Anne meets God-Domino", and nothing would really change. Just let the girls, plus the Frobots and whoever else, defeat the Moon on their own. Maybe have someone detach the Core Helmet from it, rather than simply trying a brute-force approach. By the time they've beaten it, the gems are worn down, with just enough power left for one last portal.


I feel the crew felt forced to show Sasha and Marcy in their calamity forms.


That “using my power feels bad” I assume it was bc it was straining her body the more she used it, which by controlling all 3 stones it completely destroys the user.


Yeah, but the more she used it the less strain it put on her (which is why in the finale Sasha and Marcy ran out of power first) which would suggest it's more "physically taxing" than "actively harmful," like "running a long distance repeatedly" tiring vs "donating blood repeatedly" tiring. We don't really get any evidence to suggest Anne should outright stop using her power until in a single episode it gets upgraded (which we didn't know was possible) to defeat a never before seen more powerful variation of a foe and then we also suddenly get told a spell with deadly consequences that only Anne gets told about.


We never followed up on Sasha’s or Marcy’s parents.


We never see Sasha or Marcy's parents. Really wish The Hardest Thing was as long as All In so we could've seen more.


Another thing about the ending, I feel like with a dedicated power grid (and not just a car battery) that Terri could make a stable and functional portal to Amphibia again. Heck, maybe even Mr. X and the FBI could help out, since they're now on good terms with the Boonchuys.


Matt claims that without the stones they can never generate enough power to open a large enough portal.


But a small portal is better than no portal. Couldn't hey still talk to each other through it? Send messages in bottles?


How no one recognized the wacky aquarium herpitologist as the girl who SAVED THE FREAKING WORLD


Uhh- who was that again? 🤔




Luz Noceda, I think?


Nah dude. Star Butterfly


No, no, Mabel pines wait no she caused the world to end


I probably couldn't tell if it's an inconsistency or they just ignored it. The thing about them destroying the moon instead of just destroying its engines, I can assume it's because they're just 13-year-old girls and they did the first thing that came to mind. postscript: Even with everything I loved the ending and I'm sorry for my lousy English


I just remembered the green blood that was there without any relevance. though maybe it was just a side effect of that healing machine?


Also, what does the moon's COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUCTION spell for Amphibia?


The hoax thing was lazy. They just acted like nothing happened. Otherwise, my nitpick is that it’s over.


It's over.


S Stop its not *cries*


underated comment


Why is Anne a god and doesn’t constantly think about that


anne isnt a god, yet


I ment like if someone said to you in 78 years you will be a god you would be pretty freaked out no


well, yes but I wouldn't let it control my life


The fact that we never saw normal calamity Marcy and sasha


Sprig and Ivy were stupid in that one episode


Where was my HP and Sylvia episode?


The gang escaped from Darcy in All In way too fucking easily. Like, where's security? Why is their equipment still with them? How are Darcy and Andrias not immediately notified of their escape? Why is the prison at the bottom of the ship?


I feel like too much time on Earth was wasted on fillers Not enough Sasha and Grime before returning to Amphibia episode Olivia and Yunan didn't really do anything important in the show It kinda felt like Anne and Sprig friendship stopped being important near the end of the show


I’m so confused about why Anne’s death was necessary. Let’s say we had a season 4 or 5 to wait for, then yeah, I’d assume there’s something significant being set up for later. But this is it. The final finale. Anne dies…and then comes back as a clone. I guess what I’m trying to say is that.. they could’ve removed the whole “real Anne dying” thing and nothing would really be different? It felt kinda pointless if that makes any sense?


Wants to have its cake but feels forced to eat it. IE, badly juggling between being more darker in tone and being mostly light hearted without feeling like I just got whiplash. I will never say Amphibia in tone should’ve been along the lines of uncomforting but thought provoking arthouse films like Taste of Cherry or The Piano Teacher, but I would’ve enjoyed the last season a little more if it handled its tonal jump better. Also The Hardest Thing was kind of mid.


I know its the show's charm and I enjoy the humorous moments, but sometimes characters go out of their way to crack a joke or make some witty comment in risk of ruining a scene \*cough, cough. Anne's death\*


At that point, it made sense for Anne to make a joke, since it's most likely that she doesn't want the Plantars to be entirely sad, and wants them to laugh a little, judging from her face when she brought up "Love Choice 2." That way, the memory of her final moments wouldn't be entirely depressing to them, since she didn't know she would be coming back to life at the time.


To be fair a lot of real people say incredibly anticlimatic words while dying, including bad puns.


To be fair, it's only natural to try and wiplash a dramatic situation to make the sufferers feel better


The pace had breakneck speed. Sometimes conflicts were resolved too fast. Also at the beggining of S3, Anne didn't worry that much about Marcy because "she feels she's gonna be fine". Girl, you just saw your friend getting impaled with a lightsaber


Oh yeah. I don't agree that the show is well paced with the more serious moments. And the disappointing part is that 3 seasons is what the crew wanted and got, and it still felt way too fast paced.


It could've been waaaay better if they replaced some filler episodes with more plot relevant ones but I still enjoy them.


honestly, it sometimes was paced far too fast, abd sometimes the opposite is true. there are times where the show will go several episodes without anything relevant to the main plot, and then squeeze an entire character arc into ten minutes.


I wish the battle with the girls using their powers was a little longer. The action, animation, design, choreography, etc. were all amazing but, just a LITTLE bit more lol. Honestly, the show ran into the same problems that SU faced that held both shows back: the 11 minute runtime, too many slice of life episodes, a lot of buildup for little payoff, important issues being handwaved too hastily....


Matt admits in interviews that was a challenge. The network ordered an 11 minute comedy and you want to make Lord of the Rings.


"The hardest thing' should have been as long or even longer than "all in". The finale was so fast paced, it felt really rushed. We can only imagine how much greater amphibia could have been if it wasn't cut in very small chunks of 11 minute episodes.


Lars becoming a 'pink zombie' in the same vein as Lion, and that getting so little fanfare is tilting, to say the least...


Some of the episodes could have been a little less episodic and more story driven.


Turning point! It makes no sense that Annes things were still there when she had already packed to go home with the help of the king.


1) Matt Braly didn't personally come and hug me and tell me, "It's okay. I've been there, too, \[Y/N\]." And that's literally the only thing wrong with Amphibia.


Here's my nitpick. During "All In", when the Boonchuys see Anne and Sasha are back on earth, Mrs. Boonchuy hugs Sasha first. I mean she was glad to see Sasha was okay, but wouldn't the natural response be to hug the child you gave birth to first. I just think it was a weird moment. However, it didn't take away for the episode.


Mmmm... I kinda have to disagree. Sasha migth not be their daugther, but they haven't see her in... 7 months?


That's fair. Plus, we never saw much interaction between these characters. This may be how the Boonchuys would act towards Sasha.


Last two episodes rush and/or gloss over a lot to fit in more spectacle. Also the trio's "cool anime powers" transformations for fighting the moon were painfully cheesy (though justified, cuz they're 13. Everyone is cheesy at 13)


I think we could all use more cheese.


They fooled around for 3/4 of season 3 and then tried to tie everything together in 2 episodes. They should’ve spent more time building up to the finale instead of just recruiting an army that was never used and teasing mysteries that went nowhere.


This is probably the only reason there are so many problems with the finale. Tbh idk if it’s the writers fault or Disney wanting amphibia to have episodes that can be played without context for children


iirc Matt said something about having a quota of episodes they had to fill. It's why the Andrias flashback was an 11 minute episode instead of it's own thing


The show should have been about the trio equally instead of it mostly focusing on Anne. That way, we'd get more screentime for Sasha and Marcy and their families and get insight as to why they are who they were at the beginning, especially Sasha.


Percy and Braddock never came back.


The ‘invasion might have been a hoax’ thing is the worst piece of writing in the show and feels like a lazy way of having a giant battle on Earth without needing to think about how it would really affect the planet. It was in the middle of LA! There was so much property damage - the Hollywood Sign? And did no one die at all?


I'm pretty sure it was a joke about crazy conspiracty theorists, inspired by real-life crazies whi think 9/11 or the Moon Landing are hoaxes.


The Earth invasion only happened in the penultimate episode. Spending time dealing with its implications would have been wasted. If there was a Season 4 or the Hardest Thing hadn't been the finale, then I would have been disappointed if they didn't commit to that.


To sum it up. The Governments military capabilities < The Governments capabilities in supposedly covering up an extraterrestrial invasion. ( in which there were tons of evidence to prove otherwise. Hundreds of Witnesses that includes both civilians and military personnel, casualties and Collateral damage, as you mentioned. And the most notable would be the crater that was left when The Hollywood sign was blown up.) I mean how did they even explain that to the people? People:Umm. What happened to the Hollywood Sign? The Government:Renovation. People:Well I can see that. In no way possible is that even acceptable. I'm pretty sure they got those memory wipe thingymajig from MIB or it just goes to show how most people buy whatever the Government says in this universe.


I feel like at this point you should have known that Amphibia doesn't wanna commit to stuff like that.


Some of the episodes seemed rushed


I don't consider it a happy ending when protagonists end up having to leave the magical world they've become fond of, leaving behind friends/chosen family forever, so the ending just ending up coming off as really depressing to me. I've always called it "the wizard of oz" effect, it comes off as teaching kids "hey you might find something amazing one day, but dont forget you have to leave all that in your past and focus on the real world" it's just.....sad. the ending made me sad.


I wish there were more dedicated Spranne episodes in seasons 2 and 3.


I feel like the impact would have been bigger if Anne had actually died in the finale. Imagine if the show would have turned around and chosen to not follow a trend, which in this case means the Calamity girls almost dying in the finales. Anne dying would give for a more emotional ending, with everyone trying to be happy not only because the girls are leaving but also because Anne isn’t there anymore. Oh and I really want to see a protagonist die, without turning back to life. That’s a big factor in this.


They had to make the US Army useless to try and make Andrias seem like an actual threat after a whole season of people kicking his army's ass with nothing more than their bare hand and medieval weapons It didn't work


ok,in my opinion(please don't hurt me)\*gaaaasssspppppp\* the finale was sloppily scripted. Anne's death and rebirth didnt have great plot armour and was lazily written.and the part that bugged me the most was the fight. I was hoping that Andrias and the core would accidently re-awaken a race killing monster like the one from the title background, but they had to make it the core.also,what the hell was up with the fight.we are talking about a majora style moon boss who was controlled by a thousand year entity made up of thousands of the greatest minds in amphibia, and they beat it in two episodes.two!!?!??!?!?!they could have made the protagonist struggle a bit more against such a daunting antagonist.yes,i know i sound like a douche,but its what i feel


there a LOT of things I want to talk about : A lot of the problems in the show could be fixed if amphibians remembered they could use their tongue (like sprig falling from the castle in true colors to get back to the window) Anne never thought to use her blue powers in the hot air balloon gone haywire in Sprig's Birthday Mr. X's spy glasses being the key to reading Leif's letter should have been hinted at. We know about how Leif's secret message works but we were never given any clue about how his glasses specifically would play a role. I was expecting Sprig's goggles to be the key to reading it. Andrias could have an easier time winning his war if he specialized his tech into prioritizing freezing technology/stuff to make the air dry so amphibians freeze/loose moisture. Were the giant herons still there in LA? Anne destroying the moon would spell future problems in Amphibia (no orbiting body means no seasons, no tidal currents regulated, raining down fiery moon meteorites, etc.). This is similar to Death Star destroyed near Endor criticisms for Return of the Jedi (this was handwaved to say the rebels activated shields over the planet to prevent disaster. So what would the handwave here be?) Season 2 should have gotten to meeting Frobo much sooner. The king's music box mural behind the tapestry should have been better hidden. Maybe behind a wall and Grime and Sasha destroy that wall after "redecorating" the throne room using Boom Shrooms. I'm disappointed neither Anne nor Sasha thought to try and light Darcy's cape on fire mid combat. The Core's moon monster looked really cool but they get taken out real fast. The finale's pacing feels really fast actually. Maybe another hour long episode would smoothen out the pacing? We're shown a lot of Mossmen in season 3 but barely any Shadowfish. Did the core base his robots moon monsters on them? How did the shadowfish help them transcend death? Bessie and Microangelo should have been a series of shorts. not an episode. The main focus should have been anne and her armor and giving frobo more spotlight because he barely had focus passed "friend or frobo". The teaser for season 3 shows a poster with marcy giving a peace sign but i don't recall any season 3 episode intro using the version they showed us. They underutilized Sasha and Marcy's friendship. Like Anne got a lot of time with Sasha and marcy by themselves but Sasha and Marcy hardly interacted. Looking back, Sprig Gets Schooled should have had him paired up with marcy and they can bond over being forced to do things for their parents/caregivers to be happy (this can also foreshadow more of marcy's motives in true colors). I was kinda hoping Anne's missing shoe would be prophecy relevant somehow. Episode idea: The Plantars make Anne a replacement shoe and she wears it from that point on in the show symbolizing how much the Plantars have improved Anne and vice versa. (some viewers might see this idea as sacrilege, saying the one shoe is part of Anne's iconic design) The guardian of the 3 stones should have been foreshadowed more/hinted at. Aside from Anne's "domino is the alpha and the omega" line we barely get any hints of them. Maybe a mural in the background of a scene would be nice? Something more the hint that there was a source for the gems. Similarly anne's poster being her heaven island should have been hinted at more and even the concept of cloning should have been hinted at more. We never got to see Sasha's parents or marcy's family. Anne's been reading a lot of books looking for a way back to Amphibia. I was hoping she'd find the Dr. P book marcy found in the library. We're told the girls' birthdays are spoilers but we were never given any specific dates ( i would have liked to know that). Also what state did marcy move to? They never went back to the thrift store where the music box was for clues ( i means it seems like a good place to start for learning more about the box). I kinda wanted to see an episode of anne having to readjust to school after being in amphibia for so long (but that might get in the way of the plot i do admit). The Core getting defeated by cutting the chord was pretty anti-climactic. The show treats the trauma of the plantars seeing herons seriously but the same lingering trauma does not extend to Anne seeing Marcy get impaled. There's hardly ever any mention in season 3 from her or sasha that its affected them in some way. I'm sorry but seeing your childhood best friend getting impaled would leave mental scars on a 13 year old. No recurring nightmare, no unease from anne getting "stabbed" by a similar looking toy sword, barely a crumb of angst. Marcy herself is barely acknowledged much in season 3. I know its in keeping with anne and sasha neglecting her needs/wants, but it feels like not addressing an important detail. Anne sheds more tears over having to say goodbye to her parents and sasha cries more for betraying anne's trust (i know both things are valid to be upset over but not many tears for marcy). Maybe Anne was in denial? Perhaps what they should have done is while passing through the portal she could have heard Andrias talk about bringing marcy to a rejuvenation tank so she clings to the hope that marcy is ok. This one is silly but the show takes place in a swamp and yet we never got a Shrek reference at all. Not a single one. Such a wasted opportunity. Fens, Bog, and mire and Jacinda are set up to be loyal lackeys to andrias but we never see them at all in season 3 aside from a billboard mentioning them in the end. They could have been used as a mirror to what Sasha and Grime were like in season 1 as a sign of their character development. Maybe one thing they could do is have the town turn on Sasha and Grime with them reminding the townsfolk over how badly Captain Grime treated Wartwood and reminding them what Sasha tried to do in the events of Reunion. But end with the townspeople saying that doesn't matter, they learned to try to be better and they fight with us now. Sylvia is kinda forgotten about in season 3 until the very last episode. HP said he missed her in "If you give a frog a cookie" Was kinda hoping Sprig would give Anne his slingshot in their final goodbye after she gave him her phone (that way she has something to remember him by though she does still have his christmas gift) Valeriana just happens to show up at the castle in the finale with no explanation. Mother of Olms was kinda disappointing as an episode considering how much build up and plot details are supposed to be given in it like the secret spell We barely get calamity powered Sasha and Marcy and i kinda wish we got more. We don't really see Anne training with her new blue powers and as a result much of the time it feels like she just gets new abilities as the plot demands like sword telekinesis. We barely got much Darcy looking back on it. I was expecting Darcy to Push the main conflict forward and becoming a dreaded figure in Amphibia. Having a body for the first time in 1000 years they'd be itching for some action. But we barely got much screen time from them. Marcy and Andrias should have talked it out more in the finale. Im not expecting forgiveness I remember wanting nothing but Darcy when the marcy getting possessed theory was going around but looking back at the season as a whole, being possessed means there isn't much room for character development. Even when marcy finally chooses to accept reality she can only stay in the darkness inside her mind. She can't wrestle control from within or fight a mental projection of Darcy while physical Darcy fights Sasha. All she can do is wait for Anne and Sasha to "save" her. Jess and Ally didn't help polly make a robot car Frobo or the new Frobo design (i wish they got to do more). Frobo being made into a car/new Frobo took forever. Marcy never apologized to Grime for his arm or Sasha for her back (i know she wasn't in full control but i see in character for marcy to apologize for it even if that wasn't really her doing it. Sasha's back isn't addressed at all. Marcy's green blood in All In is never addressed. We never learned what marcy was gonna say before she was stabbed.


If feels like that S3 often ignores the events of True Colors. The episodes in the first half are too lighthearted. You would expect those episodes to be a lot more serious than S1 and 2's tone after everything that has happened in True Colors, but they feel exactly like S1 and 2's episodes. Anne and the Planters should be way more concerned about what is happening in Amphibia, but the only reason why they want to go home is homesickness. They literally forgot what happened, at the end of "Escape To Amphibia" they were surprised that everything is destroyed.


Andrias likes marcy, but seemed to have gotten joy from ratting her out in true colors. And he stabbed her in the back! And we didn't get to see marcy and sasha's folks


Polly and grime didn’t get an episode together


Marcy's fight scene was shorter than Sasha's and Anne's and it makes me upset. If there was more Marcy fighting in the storyboard why couldn't it be in the episode???


The whole second and third acts are rushed as hell. Sprig tried to stop Anne, was very very off. It was a tease, but not much.


Anne’s sacrifice was a waste of time that could’ve been used on cooler scenes like more of Marcy and Sasha’s calamity powers (yes there was a deleted scene that was cut that showed more of it)


Too many references. The series was primed to be able to leave some kind of design mark on the world. I would've liked the calamity outfits to be more original at least.


Anne's parents being ok with her fight evil monsters, travel to dangerous dimensions and partecipate in war. Also, Kpop giving strenght to the hero.


It's an amazing show with abysmal pacing.


\- its weirdly annoying how mother olm came out of nowhere to help the girls like she just came at a convenient time? \-why the heck was it some random character like mr.x that figured out leifs letter like wouldn't it work much better if sprig used his goggles passed down from his mom i feel like that would have had a much better impact \-annes parents becoming super soldiers and mangeing to convince the fbi they weren't crazy seems really unreasonable and out of nowhere \-how did none of sasha's battle wounds come back up? like she gut slashed across the back and ankle which is sensetive as heck and i know from experince \-darcy, one of the most intelligent beings in amphibia and maybe the world since all that cumulative knowledge and processing power must be high, you are telling me THAT darcy couldn't figure out how to make their connection wireless? feels like a stupid thing to do and like something that was written in just to make darcy easier to beat \-we didn't know enough about sprig and pollys parents and they weren't shown \-percy and bradock are an important part of sasha's arc and they just......never come back???? like they got mentioned but that was not even remotely enough \-olivia and yunan didn't get enough characterization in my opinion despite being my favs \-why the heck did we never know the plantar dance can outright brainwash animals? \-darcy can lowkey mind control andrias? aight thats cap it feels like its out of nowhere for such an important moment \-the whole "who are you" essay thing is overdone and it came out of nowhere \-valeriana popped out of nowhere \-albus duckweed didn't get eaten by the harons \-and lastly my final nitpick or more so theory.........season 3 was cut short by disney and we weren't told. like really do you see how many things were forgotten and unused in the finale? matt braly's writing was solid and tied things well from season 1 and 2 but you are telling me it became loose and weak in 3 for absolutely no reason? i am fully sure and confident when i say that disney cut an insane amount of possible content from season 3, i imagine because of the decrease in episodes matt braly may have had to scrap some lore important episodes and do more soft ideas that are inoffensive to the plot like all those episodes of collecting the army that wasn't even important in the end.


"Blowing up the Moon" doesn't seem like a very good ending. How does this affect the planet's orbit and axial tilt? How will nocturnal animals see at night? What about the tides? There are a lot of likely impacts on Amphibia that were just never addressed.


I have two for the last episode Why didn't Anne, Marcy or Sasha just go to the other side of the moon and destroy the helmet? I don't like how the writers teased a potential death and then chickened out. To be honest, those two things don't bother me that much, even with their combined power. That was a great finale.


That somehow an infinite source of energy maneged to get depleted and by just destroying one moon. Those gems tore the fabric of reality so many times for hundreds of years but we're broken and somehow depleted by one moon being destroyed. And why the hell did they separate Anne and the planters completely, It didnt do anything other then make the ending also kinda sad instead of just being happy


Theres wasn't enough of chuck in the finale


I could’ve done without the Music Box Deity.


Percy and Braddock not getting real closure


I know it’s a Disney show, but Anne coming back really undercut the emotion of that scene, especially since we all KNEW she was gonna come back. In True Colors, I know some people sincerely thought Marcy was gonna die


From which ass they polled the secret spell bs


Needed more wally


The Calamity Gems powers get built up for more than a whole season, and we don't even get to see the girls use them for even 5 minutes before they're gone forever


Sasha’s spine got sliced open like a frog in a middle school lab. Apparannetly it’s no big deal!


the pacing. especially in 3A, although it was still a problem in the other seasons too.


The Core states that using calamity box while Anne holds a piece of its power is risky yet they use it few seconds later to invade Earth.


Anne should have stayed dead. No clone, no limbo scene, just dead. Having your main character sacrifice themselves in the final episode just to come back makes it feel absolutely empty. Just like grunkle Stan’s memories.


1. So your telling me that after the hundreds of eyewitness accounts, footage and property damage done in the LA area, **Frogvasion is passed off as a "HOAX?"** 2. So with no moon, **what happens to Amphibia's Gravity Pull?** 3. Aside from Marcy and Sasha's parents, **what happened to the rest of the human characters after Frogvasion?** 4. Even with Mr. X covering up for it, **Are the G-Men looking into the portals and the Multiverse?** 5. **Who wrote the book that Marcy found in the Library that led her to the box in the first place?** 6. **Is Dr. Frakes still out there?** 7. **WHO CREATED THE CORE?** 8. **WHO CREATED THE CALAMITY BOX IN THE FIRST PLACE?** 9. **WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MANTIS THAT ENTERED EARTH?** 10. **WHO MADE THE PROPCHECY?** Most Importantly........ **DOES ANNE HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!?!?!?**


I didn't like how the characters said the lesson they learned at the end of every episode. it just made it feel a bit too much like a kids show.


Too episodic in nature, yes there is a consistent plot thread throughout the series but IMO the 11 minute runtime really makes the show feel longer than it already is. Also sometimes the writing and dialogue feel a little campy.


Season 3a. Neat idea, boring execution.


1. Kind of a nitpick but, why do frogs in Amphibia develop front limbs first as opposed to our world where they develop back limbs first. I get that its probably a better character design but for evolutionary reasons back limbs seem much more important. 2. For a show about change, the Planters are pretty static for most of the show. 3. For the dynamic duo the 2 are marketed as, there aren't many Spranne episodes, post Season 1. 4. The fuck was Andrias doing during 3B. Did he know Anne left Earth? Did he assume she was still there? During the one time we saw him between Froggy Little Christmas and The Beginning of the End he didn't say anything about it. The invasion plan seems pretty reliant on her being incapacitated.


Season 3 should have splitted into two season to give more room to make more stories on earth and for the resistance. For example meeting Sashas and Marcys parents, or how Anne is doing in School now. Also the buildup of the resistance before Annes return to Amphibia could have more space and some episodes in Season 3 would be better as 22-min instead of 11-min. I also don't like how easy the fight against the cores pet projects was, and I'm not sure if I sould like the whole guardian thing. But at least this explains something if you see the guardian as some god like beeing.


we needed more darcy


No where near enough Darcy / The core


Why didn’t one of them go to the other side of the moon to destroy the thrusters on the back side?


I thought Bog was going to be a minor antagonist, after he became the leader of toad tower.


So much big story lines are solved in a goofy, not even really funny, way. Hell, the whole episode of Mother Olms was traveling inside her ear! This show is amazing when it's taking itself seriously, but it does so almost only on episode finales...


The writing sometimes felt childish. Like I am watching a kids show and not a geopolitical sci-fi thriller


Disney *DING*


A reason why the three girls can’t fly around back of the moon and blast the core and thrusters


Yunan, Olivia, Darcy and to an extent Andrias and Marcy where underused. In the hardest thing we see the girls say goodbye to their found families and for marcy that includes Yunan and Olivia when we saw so little of these 3 together that we never saw their bond like we did with Anne and the planters or Sasha and Grime. Also Marcy and Andrias’ relationship could have been fleshed out a bit more. Also Darcy. I loved how darcy/the core interacted with Andrias but I wished we got to see Darcy more interacting with others mainly Marcy, Anne and Sasha. Darcy had so much flair in her fight in all in but I wish we got to see more mental mind games of it playing with the 3 girls, making each of them feel guilt like it did with Andrias. Also it had a cool fight scene and I wish we got more of that fight scene. Another small thing is Tritonios sword. Anne’s gets it in s1 uses it for an episode and then goes back to her chipped blade until the plot calls upon her pulling out Tritonios sword again. The same applies ti the Plantar armoury as that could have given Anne a new sword to cement her place as a plantar even more with her going from the chipped blade to show her flaws to the blade of liar to show her insecurities and finally to a planters bad to show her change and her new family. Also I wish s3 focused a bit more on Sasha awakening her powers so that she didn’t just get them at the very end. It would have made Darcy much more intimidating if it could take a powered up Sasha and grime in a battle whilst in a form it’s not wholly used to.


Besides Aldrich we don’t see any of andrias other ancestors


Too fucking short.


Anne meeting Frog would have made way more sense and would have been better than her meeting the Guardian


Polly never got a gun.


Sasha's and Mary's powers are long teased just to be completely useless, they used calamity powers for exactly one task and failed so Anne has to do it by herself.


We only saw Marcy and Sasha’s powers in the last ep


Did Anne ever give her mom the blue butterfly thing she spent an entire episode getting?




That last battle felt (to me) a bit too quick. In a single episode they got their new powers, learned how to use them, used them, defeated the planet destroying enemy in 15 minutes. Maybe I'm watching too many anime battles, but I think it would be nicer if the story on that episode took 2 episodes, maybe even 3, to make the battle even more epic. (Maybe even add some battle happening on the ground, that would be nice too.)


I don’t like the moon plot. It felt like it was added just for hype, so the audience could have a big cliffhanger at the end of the penultimate episode. Also, all its cool robots were defeated so quickly. It might’ve been better and less rushed if Darcy had been the thing that Anne had to sacrifice herself for.


1 thing wrong with amphiba : *It ended.*


It ended. That’s what’s wrong


The finale has Marcy finding massive success writing a webcomic, as a comic book writer who's had a really hard time getting people to notice his work, I can safely say that this show is filling kids heads with lies Lies I tell you


The letters in episode 9 were useless, and they didn’t focus on the toads enough, or sasha


Mayor Toadstool and Toadie should’ve gotten more screen time. Same with triple B.


Why didn't we fully establish who Dr. P was? That seemed like an incredibly important detail; though the image was virtually identical to the one in the Plantars' book, the text speaks of it neutrally and does not refer to it as the "Calamity Box: Do Not Open Ever," which led me to think someone else got their hands on it in the interim between Leif hiding it on Earth with the Vikings and it winding up in a thrift store in Los Angeles. Someone who discovered its world traveling ability and someone made it back without acquiring the powers of the Calamity Stones (unless Valeriana's order was involved in that).


A very large chunk of episodes throughout the series should’ve been 22 minutes.


This is a larger complaint (which I can understand if people don't share) but I feel like this show has a lot of forgettable episodes which don't add much to the story mixed with the more character or plot driven episodes. Episodes that aren't bad in their own right, but don't have any unique plot relevance. Having casual adventures is cool, but there are a lot of them (particularly considering the show has 106 episodes total) and they make the plot-focused episodes scarcer and more forgettable, because they are surrounded by episodes without much plot significance. I think season 3 did a good job of ramping up the stakes and making the Core and King Andrias feels like a real, urgent threat to Earth while still balancing the more fun episodes.


The entire scene where Anne died and went to a celestial realm and spoke to a god-like creature in the end was........weird. It just came out of nowhere but I got use to it but it was still weird and a bit contrived.


The spell should’ve been introduced alongside the prophecy. It comes across as a contrivance as-is.


Why Maddie sisters are still tadpol. That the only thing I don't like. Just a little detail that frustrate me.


The writers gave anne preferential treatment when all three girls were in the wrong. Anne is constantly being framed as reasonable, even if she is not in the context of the situation.


One of the things that bothered me the most is the lack of Bog and his crew. He was the first big threat that Anne faced in Wartwood, he had character and also a decent personality but he was kinda wasted. The ending of Toad To Redemption made it seem like he'll be a problem, but what are his appearances after that? A split second "blink and you miss it" moment when he and his crew got thrown off that giant centipede in Beginning of the end before Apothecary Jeremy steps in and corrupt that centipede, and a mere signboard with his face on it in The Hardest Thing. I can't get over the fact that Mabel Newt got a full scene with voice acting while Bog only appears for a split second.


I honestly did not enjoy the ending. While I understand the whole story of change, it just made me feel like i wasted a lot of emotions on characters who are apparently going to just move on and fall out anyways.


Sprivy didn't need to happen. The episode, not the ship. But if Sprivy the ship wasn't canon, Maddie x Ivy would definitely be on the table for me.


We never got to see Sasha's home life, for God's sake!


I personally thought that there is a lot of stuff in the show that could've had a bit more detail put into, like the Inhabitants of the other worlds that were invaded or more of the innerworkings of how the Core works. To me, it feels like the world of Amphibia HUGE, yet we only get to see a fraction of what it there is to be seen.


1) sasha's back-ankle and grime's arm,those were brutally ignored and set apart,..... \-i like that they went for the "risky" route(usually, this kind of scenes are hard to get greenlighted, and usually get rejected) but you just can't introduce such powerful scene and then ingore the consequences "hey grime, you ok?"---"yes, luckly the schyte immediately cauterized the wound"(a flaming schyte could easily do that)--"what about you sasha"---"it's painful, but it's no big deal", introducing some sentences like that would have helped to make the scene work better. 2) marcy's green blood, remember when she got cut by sasha on the face? yes?, well, why her blood was green? censorship? if we had sasha's back full red, why censoring her blood??? at first i thought that was due to the core taking control of marcy's body, but, again, this thing was utterly ignored. 3) darcy defeat was way too quick.


The only nitpick I could think of was the new continent they discovered at the end of *The hardest thing*; You mean to tell me that Andrias (hailing from a civilisation of multiversal conquerors and living for well over 1000 years), never bothered to explore, map or at least be aware of any new landmasses on his homeworld? That like us going to the moon before having discovered the new world :P


Matt explained that it appeared as a result of the moonfall causing the tides to shift.


Season 3A was a bit anticlimactic after the insanity of True Colors. While I personally enjoyed most of the episodes, with the only exception being "Hop 'Til You Drop" which I didn't like, I also thought there was a bit too much filler, time which could have been used better like more Amphibia episodes. But my biggest complaint is that there isn't Season 4


Way to much filler. Imagine how much more awesome, painful, and revealing the finale could be if it was three separate episodes. All it would take is to remove one of the filler episodes earlier on


A thing that i think would be cool is Anne not being revived, in my opinion the finale would be a little better if Anne wasn't revived


It would be way too dark if they did that. At least the reason behind her revival makes more sense than >!Stan from Gravity Falls magically getting his memories back after one sappy scene with his grand niece and nephew!< (spoilers for gravity falls finale)


Yeah i agree, but i think making the finale more dark would be a little better, but makes sense that they revived Anne>!Also all The "Stan scene" doesen't make any sense, ALL of his memories were erased and he turned out fine, and then McGucket erased his bad memories and became crazy!!< (Spoilers for Gravity falls)


I mean... they retconned it in the journals.


It honestly feels like that was the intent, but with this being a disney channel show I can see why they didn't. Disney is scared of TV-Y7 ratings. I still do like how there was still a sacrifice, though. Anne had to leave Amphibia behind forever. So I still feel like there was a consequence to justify her being revived, it doesn't feel like a copout to me at least.


It ended


It's not much of a nitpick but the finale fight reminded me wayyyyy too much of the Sonic 06 boss battle


It was too short


My biggest problem with the show was pacing


Plot armour, pacing, no stakes, inconsistent tone, and more


Far too little focus on Sasha and Marcy in the first two seasons.


Why didn't the parents file for a missing persons report or whatever it's called. They don't talk about that at all.


The changes between the maturity of the episodes One is for 9+ and the next one is 6+


Anne got revived


Pacing was iffy the whole show.


There is no reason why the finale couldn’t have been longer


Minor things but; 1) I wanted to see Percy and Braddock. At least they got a shout out though. 2) I wanted to see if there was another spire like Apothecary Gary.


Too short.


It’s not long enough


No clarification of time jump in Amphibia, but there’s one for Human World? Bad writing. -10/10 >: (


Soo... are Sasha’s parents divorced or something? Cause why write letters individually addressed to each of Sasha’s parents, then for Marcy’s parents just write one addressed to “the Wu family” if that wasn’t the case?


Having All In take place on Earth means if I want to headcanon a crossover with other series I'd have to figure in the fact that everyone on Earth heard of an alien invasion which is way too public to cover up. Also, hang on, you don't just blow up stuff and the mass disappears, and the moon has a lot of mass. I feel like if someone who actually knows astrophysics runs the numbers there should either there should be a bunch of terrifyingly huge moon fragments ready to cause Armageddon or a bunch of things like tides should disappear and screw up the ecosystem. Anne should have kept her shoe for 3b. That being said, for the first point, to me the main show itself is way more important than headcanons or potential crossovers and I wouldn't want to restrict storytelling decisions just because it might vaguely help continuity in the future. And for the second, cartoons have always had a bajillion science violations and that doesn't stop them from being good.


The show never answer its greatest mysterys


We see Andrias fighting people from the window of the ship but he's not hitting anyone, he's literallly just swinging his sword at air. Would've been nice to see him actually do some damage.


didn't really delve into trauma until the end


Sasha Didn't Lose An Eye


Not. enough. Yulivia.


The dumb theories about Anne losing an arm and Sasha losing an eye. Also I hate that the show is over


We didn't get to see Sasha and Marcy using their powers that much


Now the moon has been destroyed wouldn't that pretty much screw up Amphibia?


In the k-pop scene when Anne is saying "hello sweet life-giving k-pop" she breaks in-between the hyphen and I just find that annoying each time I watch All in.


They should have combined "All In" and "The Hardest Thing" to make it an actual season finale movie. It would have made more sense since "All In" lasted longer than the last episode. I think thats not right.


The fact we never really saw Anne give the butterfly to her mom and it was instead shown in a drawing on the credits of Froggy Little Christmas to make time for Anne writing the letters to Marcy and Sasha's parents but we never even saw them anyway so what was the point


Loved the finale but I wish we would’ve seen more Darcy. I also wish the fight against the core wasn’t as short as it was yknow.


Sasha never getting to reunite with percy and braddock was sad, and why no sasha and marcys parents?


Why can’t Terri open the portal back up again


Nobody died