"Full case" is 1000 rounds. By misleading the prospect initially, you're anchoring low and surprising me with a higher price. Bad way to win sales/good way to damage sentiment towards brand, /u/MinutemanMunitions


No one is misleading you on purpose. We have always put our rifle ammo in 30rd boxes which in turn makes our half case 300rds and full case 600rds. This makes one box = one standard capacity magazine. There was no intent to mislead, just a failure on proper communication. We will be clearer in future posts, thank you for pointing this out.


How many rounds is a half case, full case?


30/300/600 are the options on their website.


I bought some MM 220gr 300 blk subsonics that were shedding copper/casing in a new gun. Any recommendations?


Are they fine shavings? It is most likely shaving when feeding on a sharp feed ramp.


I cleaned fine shavings out of upper and lower and there were some big sheets in my muzzle device. Nothing seemed to have hit the silencer and I used an alignment rod that looked good


Can you send any pics you have of the issue and the label on the box with the Lot# to [email protected]


Can you give any timeframe on when the 300BLK subsonic will be available again?


To be honest we do not know. We were told June for projectiles and we can see that hasn't happened yet. Hopefully August but I really cannot give you a hard timeframe. I do apologize but that is all the information we have. Once we get the projos we can pump them out.