UPS is going after 80 percent lowers, they’re not destroying uppers or scopes. Also some sites offer discreet packaging but generally it’ll display logos or other symbols unless you opt to change it. Companies tend wrap the fuck out of the packages to the point you have knife the shit when it gets home. I’ve already have ordered ammo online a lot and it came successfully to my FFL here in California and have not lost a package once.


Most the time it’s a regular box, they might have “midway USA” on the tape or the side. But you have to be in the know to know


For full cases i find it to be about 50/50. If its obvious to me it is usually plain brown box but with federal, etc and or small arms cartridges, caliber and qty. Not overt but obvious. Always has to have hazmat marking which is mostly ammo or batteries, both associated with valuable items.


I had that hazmat sticker come with a 6 pack of listerine.


I've gotten a bunch of cases and they are usually in a manufacturer's box with their name.


I’ve ordered many and it’s usually in an unmarked cardboard box. I’ve received ammo through UPS and FedEx. Thinking on it, I’ve gotten a couple 1,000 rnd boxes with identifying print on the outside but no issues so far. If UPS wants to ostracize the gun community, so be it. Fedex and DHL need the customers.


I trust Fedex even less than UPS. They’re just not stupid enough to openly reveal that they’re willing to commit a federal offense. Maybe UPS knows that they’ll have full backing of the sleaze bags in government. I’m also concerned about having a package labeled ‘small arms ammunition’ sitting on my doorstep if I’m not home to receive it.


With fedex you can usually change a shipment in progress to have it held at a walgreens or similar. Ups has something similar. It beats it sitting on your porch all day or in the publicly accessible area outside or in the lobby of an apartment building.


Yep you can even schedule what time you want it delivered. Everytime I've had packages delivered to my door they get scanned as delivered within the minute they're left at the door.


If you are worried about it just ask them to cover the markings in the shipping notes. If they refuse order from someone else. Boxes are about 1$-2$ a piece companies aren’t going to eat that cost when most people don’t care what their box says. Some places will just put black tape over the markings as well.


Depends on the vendor. TargetsportUSA for example uses an over box. Others don’t, they simply slap a UPS or FedEx label and call it a day. I’ve had packages “lost” regardless of whether they had an over box or not so I wouldn’t be too concerned. Unless you won’t be home to meet the delivery person, I wouldn’t sweat it.


I would think it would be in their best interest to not let the contents be known if it’s valuable. I guess it doesn’t cost them anything if a shipment goes missing.


Sportsman's guide packages ammo very nicely inside two cardboard boxes with nothing identifying it as ammo. Never occured to me that this would be an issue, though being in Texas I don't have to worry about this... Yet anyway.