June 18 + June 21 = Gamma Squeeze?

June 18 + June 21 = Gamma Squeeze?


They hit with as much as they had left Friday….they know what’s coming. Pre market Monday will show us if they quit.


I would caution against this type of complacency and hubris. Rest assured, that was not "as much as they ha\[ve\] left."


We will see Monday, not a prediction….I said Monday pre market will tell a lot!


Uhhh I think HF’s are a little too ego based to just pick a give up point. They will not stop until they literally get margin called. With that being said see you on the moon


Even if margarine calls, if they can sell enough shares of other stocks to meet requirements they won’t be facing liquidation. They’re still a LONG way from being done for, in my smooth brained opinion.


Yeh these HFs are scum but they’re literally fighting for their life. Won’t go down easily


You underestimate them. Op is right dude. This is a war and it's not over. Keep fighting.


I’m not say squeeze is coming , I’m saying it’s harder and harder for them to keep price in check now, the more we buy the harder it gets. I’m not giving up, I bought Friday.


Tbh they truly are stupid. Had they done with this right away, it might have been containable but now its gotten so big and I love it


Im so glad they kept shorting this. If they covered in Jan, we wouldnt be given this opportunity for life changing money. Ill donate my old sofa to them post squeeze. Also, my sell button dont work.


Im more inclined to think they just let it go this past Friday because there wasnt too much riding on it but I am pretty sure they are going to come at us hard as hell wirh everything they got next Friday. Apes shall be ready for the MOABattle


Last week was a complete waste for them, we finished at 50, all that shorting zero progress.


$49.40 to be precise but your point still stands “All that for a drop of blood”


Yeah , it’s above 50….think 51.90 after German market yesterday. There is session today as well


They will never quit, their egos are too high, they will see this till the end, so will I


Great info! These subs are blowing up with the potential of what’s to come next week, but not many are thinking to prepare themselves for the psychological warfare we are about to experience. There’s no reason that hedgies wouldn’t be looking at the same writing on the wall here and preparing their own strategies to keep this from happening. We are in for one HELL of a week. Lucky for me, I only have to worry about two things: Buying and hodling. Let’s burn these fuckers down.


With the rasberrys queen approaching we can be shure the polar bears with skins of blueberries and the houses will ring with love and were having a good guy who knows what he's talking about. Blessed art though amount apes


Anybody speak Jibber? WTF does this mean?


I think they said buy and HODL


This must be what a bing translation looks like.


As promising as it sounds remember have 0 expectations. If there is one thing I learned from holding from January til now. Have 0 expectations. If something good happens awesome. If nothing happens you can't be disappointed. Makes holding easy.


Yeppers. I’m the same way. Buy hodl and we keep winning. I have all the time in the world. 💎🙌🏽🦍🚀🌙


Tired of you guys saying no expectations fucking punish these mother fuckers if you like the stock this week -buy and hold. If not then whatever. Stop bitching. The time has come, you asked for a moment like this fucking go get it. LFG. Not financial advice. Remember they’d fuck you up if they could And they have been trying. THIS IS YOUR TIME!


**\^ THIS \^**


Ape wants to give you a banana


# Shills are downvoting this post hard. They don't want it to be widely seen.


I imagine they are all spending their weekend calling in favors, trying to form some sort of game plan for this week…but we are the 99%. Strength in numbers 💪


That psychological mumble jumble b.s. doesn't fly anymore. Hedgies have used every trick in their bag and yet here we all stand. Strong and powerful. Those fools can keep trying. The only thing I'm gonna do is hodl and keep buying.


It all sounds very promising. But soon as I hear or read SEC I’m like..... ahhhh and scrunching my face slightly.


It does sound good on paper, but off paper there is so much corruption going on that will make it clear that this is too good to be true


Just like the $100k-$500k floor sounds good on paper but is it actually realistic 🤷🏻‍♂️


Fr. Hate to be realistic but do people actually think that would happen? A shift in power like that is never gonna happen. The elites and the government have too much power and greed to ever let that happen


Yeah people gotta think what would happen with inflation and stuff like that with the economy that’s why ima sell my shares in the $2k range


Lmao @ this chain of shill replies


Yeah, they stand out, don't they?


This is great. We need more DD and well explained information and less memes saying HODL forever. I might buy some more now.


They def are. I bet they’re getting turned down more for favors than ever before just cuz they’re so fucked. I’m guessing on June 21 the SEC will just plan to schedule proceedings to “decide what to do” cuz approving it makes to much sense. I’m 💎🙌🏽 no matter what they choose. 💎🙌🏽🦍🚀🌙


Take my vibes my fellow ape. LFG!


Buy and hold if you can. Remember no dates, the enemy will be prepared.


I give you my powers! 🦧 I have some spare money as well and if they push us down I'm tripling it with you, you son of man 🦍


Right on!


The only expectations are new fuckery by hedgies. Like the idea of setting money aside for Friday!


Thank you, as I’ve run out of ammo. Makes me happy to be a part of this army with you and everyone else!


Alright so whos tryna teach me last second the right time to sell out and buy more shares when they try to drop the price back down on Friday? My 7 shares just wont cut it, i gotta cross 4m at least.


No no and no. For the love of God, just stop putting dates for this or that squeeze. Just buy and hold.. nothing else.


Did you bother to read any of the clear explanations that I typed as to why I was making an exception?


He did not.


They've been manipulating the stock for literally months. Dates are FUD. Stop feeding the short term mindset. This is, was, and always will be a LONG TERM play. You think they just magically decided to stop counterfeiting shares and manipulating price since Friday? Those of us here since Jan/Feb have been hearing "this is the week" for months homie. Shit ain't changed. Embrace the long haul.


I've held AMC stock since shortly after its IPO, playa, so not sure who you think you're preaching to. I also currently hold xx,xxx shares. Despite what you seem to believe (or want others to believe), this converts to a "long-term play" for the vast majority of apes only *after* the squeeze.


Cool story bro. Bet your epenis is huge. Keep doing your FUD thing and helping people get setup for disappointment.


Why you worried about my dick, though?


Make their heggie ass quit!


Shiiiiiiit LFG, apes. I’m *psyched* for this week. 🦍💪🏼


Preach King


As you all can see, we are sitting around $55 after hours on Wednesday. As campaign said, they are going to try their best to get us under $40 in the next two days. I don’t see that happening, but hold onto some cash for power hour on Friday in case they push us down, so we can push back and get that gamma squeeze from the 41M shares they will have to buy.


You shouldn’t drop price points it can backfire and take away momentum. If an ape was planning on buying this week and read that it might get dumped down to $40, it will refrain them from buying and hold out til it drops to $40. Feel me?


I have explained in detail why I feel that preparation and expectations are important for this particular week.


I think I'm the only one. I love everyone's MOASS predictions every day..."tomorrow is the MOASS" discussion & confirmation bias 😊it makes every day life a little more exciting. 😊😊😊😊


No price or date targets but.... THIS IS THE WAYYYY


I am 'ow you say, jacked to le tits.


We dont do dates


FFS, learn how to read the clear explanations as to why I made an exception.


I cant help that i'm retarded. Reading is hard. Hedgies always be up to fuckery. Heg r fukt, been hodlin since feb, even with data i dont get my hopes up.


We dont do dates🦍


> I will preface this post be acknowledging that I don't like to set "definitive" dates by which any particular price action will occur Did you stop to think about the title of your post before you hit the enter key?


Yes, I did; hence, the QUESTION MARK in the title, followed by the thorough, crystal-clear explanations and clarifications in the post.