Everyone MUST be aware of this, so the CLOV incident won't happen again. If you think it was ok, because people made money to invest back into AMC, READ THIS!!!

Everyone MUST be aware of this, so the CLOV incident won't happen again. If you think it was ok, because people made money to invest back into AMC, READ THIS!!!


It's amazing how the simplest possible strategy is also the best possible strategy for retail investors. Ape buy AMC/GME. Ape hodl AMC/GME and patiently wait for MOASS. It really is this simple. If all apes do this the MOASS is inevitable. Simple as it gets . . . I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Just my opinion.


Kiss. Keep it simple stupid. Buy , hodl , be retarded. Buy more. Hodl longer. Pressure over time. Diamonds. The game is won. Just how big will we run up the score


This is the only way


Thank you. This needed to be said.


That what i always thought too. Some may have made a quick buck but all they really did was give Citadel cash to hold out here longer.


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Good bot


And fuck new investors


Spot on! For being the simple minded creatures we are how is Buy and Hold such a complicated concept? I do understand we need new investors, new Apes, but I also feel like they aren't going to adopt the "Leave no ape behind" hold mentality we have all come to live by. I pray I'm wrong and hope they don't screw us in the end. πŸ’Ž πŸ™Œ


I mean we own the float at this point. I think at closing when it was 55/58$ 75% of the shares owned were in profit but nobody sold or has been selling, at this point it’s a waiting game and any new apes will just be helping us pump the price and contributing volatility outside of the squeeze as while as during, ppl on here sweating the 20$ drop, prepare for hundreds of dollars in fluctuation per day as this ramps up


Aww duh. So true. Majority of the OG's have soaked up the mass long before now. I can definitely tell new Apes have arrived because there is a lot more panic with the dips. They don't see the true buying opportunity they just see the loss. I know them buying in higher doesn't help, because they are at a loss right away. Old Apes while at a loss of unrealized gains are ultimately still up. I just say hold on for dear life and trust in what we already know. I hold for you, you hold for me!! πŸ–€β€


We know paper hands are in the mix. True apes and apettes Hodl with πŸ’ŽπŸ€πŸ€œπŸ€›


We have to make sure it won't happen during the squeeze, it could be very destructive..


Exactly this. Look at how low our volume is this week comparatively. Happy for anyone printing on other stonk, but this was definitely the intention. Besides the fact I've been listening to shit talk from MSM about movie stock for months and yesterday all the financial rags are headlining how fucking Wendy's stock will make you a millionaire, wtf?




Because Wendy's is mentioned in this sub a lot. Don't you see? It's so funny! I legit laughed when I read it.


Nobody asking how the fuck 105% is held by institutions. Or am I missing something?


https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/CLOV/holders?p=CLOV 140% of Float held by institutions πŸ˜…


Wtf? So that's a given squeeze then? I mean blatantly portraying the fact that synthetics are being used = free money? I am appalled


It's 100% held by institutions, not retail investors. The same people shorting it going long on it as well, and having total control over the price. not financial advise


Holding 105% is like giving 110%...


Pump and Dumps, stay away from it. CNBC, stay away from it. Jimmy Cramer, stay away from it. I just HODL.


Spot on brother ape


Apes keep falling for this tactic.... Silver, Rocket, crypto and now CLOV , difference with CLoV is it didn’t appear to last as long as the others , sign they are running out of ammo?


Here. Take this gift thing.


thanks? what gift?


The party train my ape.


thank you friend


You’re welcome.


Great post and your English is better than most with English as their mother tongue.


DD: Hodl, buy, hodl, buy... eventually watch many HFs fall and admit their wrongs publicly prior to serving hard time for remainder of their lives


You are correct OP.


Real apes that are in it know hopefully. The rest though.....man, we have to come together more and not compromise what we have. Good logic. F*** clov and the rest of em. Not even lookin at em


Been holding GME since January and its by far the biggest part of my portfolio. But when I first saw a Motley Fool article titled "Forget AMC - Buy this crap instead!", I knew AMC was legit and I bought my first few shares.


This. Dont fall for that shit, you're just giving them room to breathe.




Take my free award ! People need to hear this !!


thank you, sir!


I watched CLOV rocket yesterday in amazement, then watched it crash today. Hard pass.


Buying put πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ


Let people do whatever they want with their money! There is no guarantee for any bet in the market.


Downvoting for mentioning ANY other stock besides AMC on an AMC page Every REAL AMC Ape must do this! Sorry - Not Sorry EVERYTHING Every single stock besides AMC is a distraction! Look at the media today in this link! NO AMC MENTIONED! https://i.redd.it/apfv4ptk1a471.jpg


Do what you gotta do, I haven't seen any reasonable explanation/warning about this kind of danger. People need to know what and why is happening with wsb pump and dumps, so they won't walk in the trap and fuck up the squeeze for us, but go ahead and downvote if you feel like it.




Good. That means they're desperate. The more they drop the price, the more I can afford.


AMC 600K. AMC n GME r ALL that matter


I didnt lose a cent in clov... I knew what it was and bought the hype. Sold the news... made out too... all went right to my ape family..


So new money that came in to AMC in the last two weeks didn't get fucked? Sure there are plenty of $60-$70 bag holders here too dude. When it doesn't help your fav stock it's bad ..when it happens to your favorite stock? Double standards and hypocrisy


we own 80% in amc. they own 105% in clov. that's all. i don't have favourite stock.


So if we own 80% then we're all just trading with eachother? CLOV just announced their in-home health care progr and cost to borrow is 116% w SI about 40%. Squeeze good play...also long term good play . Chelsea Clinton on board w Biden as Prez... I'm pretty bullish for next few years at least


good luck, just be careful..


Always ! You too


you do realize GME has over 100% Tute ownership, and it appears to be doing fine if enough fans of CLOV want to force CLOV into a squeeze, good for them. IF they can buy 100% of the stock, then the shorts CANNOT cover the answer to every question of the MOASS is for retail to buy 100+% of the outstanding shares NOT the float, the OS. that means the shorts will never be able to cover til we sell


GME inst. ownership is 36.5 % , just looked it up on nasdaq, where it still 104% for clov. Institutions aka hedge funds, are owning more, than all of the shares.. i dunno what else to tell you. good luck to you


I thought the last BloombergTerm showed over 100% tutes


Bloomberg 01 June shows 56.67% tutes I guess I was wrong for some reason, I remember seeing 100%+..... hallucinations?


I definitely remember seeing it was over 100%, but this was months ago!


So, perhaps you ate some of the same mushrooms at the restaurant?


I checked nasdaq just now, never heard of it being over 100, but you might be right, I'm not that deep into GME. only a few shares, so it could be


i think you're wrong.. im on amc too..(as much as a could) but clov isnt a distraction or nothing.. clov went down AS EXPECTED.. yes alot of newbie in clov i agree BUT amc and clov or 2 different stock, not even in the same market.. and i understand the frustration of not having the volume exected in amc... but the ceo of amc isnt helping the cause too (of what i heared) ​ not wanting a war against clov or amc... a war between 2 reddit stocks is actually what hf want in my opinion


Dude..... youre either shilling or TOTALLY missing the point. HFs control media. Media controls public perception. Media tells people WSB is behind the squeeze. WSB is now run by HFs. New investors go to WSB bc media tells them to. WSB promotes totally random unrelated stock that has significant ties to Shitadel and *4* total employees (bc remember, wsb is controlledby HFs now). Clover dumps, new investors lose money (giving it to HFs in the process) and are discouraged from trading further. Its all coordinated.


Same old fuckery. I gotta say, citadel must be in some real deep deep shit. The effort they are putting in is admirable but dang the shit must be neck high. TOO THE MOON. 500k


bro you may have a point aint gonna argue on this.. if wsb is run by hf there alot to take on consideration


personnaly i invest.. im new to this internet thing im not a 18 boy who jump on everything but im trying to make money of the movement reddit i think so yeah maybe youre right and i didnt know.. but i dont understant the anger i faced trying to simply give an opinion that was against amc since im in amc


Clov ***IS AN ABSOLUTE*** distraction from AMC. Youve got alot of new investors that havent done the DD thats seen the buzz on the media that are coming into this on a daily basis. Now we see alot of headlines saying to forget AMC, clov is the next big thing and now today, they have 360mil in volume, a run up to $28, and an absolute tanked finish at $16 and change, if you cant see what the hells goin on there, leave, because you ***DONT*** belong in this game.


for some fact.. i work with financial adviser and people that started the squeeze thing.. i think i can believe in there words ​ love both camp


well.. we'll see but just saying... volume isnt the only thing growing up a stock... clov have fundamentals that alot of people dont seems to see in amc.. amc did great but why do you absolutly believe that amc gonna do as well as gme... gme is a one in a life time by me... i think we did great with amc and still holding from febuary and never sold even 1 share but the fight against those 2 stock will crash them both ans i dont want to lose all my money from amc nor clov


Are you just ignoring everything I brought up? Wtf


I'll be honest, I was reading what you were saying until you started shitting on other people and elevating yourself to a point where it sounds like you inhale your own farts. I don't care how correct you are, insulting people isn't going to make anyone listen to you, let alone care. Why can't you bring up your points in a way that doesn't shit on the average joe? If your point is so absolutely important, your emotional perspective shouldn't be involved if you want many others to consider your points. Saying others are delusional and then doubling down on it with "the sooner you admit it to yourself the better" just reeks of "I'm better than you, but *maybe* you can be on my level at some point".


I'm really sorry if I was rude, that was not my intention to hurt anyone's feelings. I've been scammed in my life before and I know the type, who pretends to be your friend, gain your trust and then cheat you, trust me on that one. I think you shouldn't listen to your emotions, when you're reading DD about possible life changing situation, you should follow your knowledge and logic. I honestly apologize, I did not mean to seem arrogant, as I mentioned, that is not my first language, and although I speak it well, my wording can be off sometimes, I hope you understand it. Good luck friend


I **was** one of the guys listening to Lou, and I even made a post to people explaining why I do and what would convince others like me to not listen to him. Most everyone just crapped on me and told me why I was wrong, but only one person was kind and understanding in explaining their position to me and it actually changed my perspective. Because that one guy met me where I was at and actually respected me and rebutted my points in ways that were sensible and showed he understood what I was talking about, I stopped taking Lou serious. You can even check my post history, lmao it should be yesterday's stuff. People will listen, but not if they feel like they're being demonized or antagonized in any way. Regardless man, I do appreciate you being civil and explaining yourself. It truly does mean a lot!


I'm sorry again friend, you're right, I'm gonna check 2 times next time before being a dick. Share count looks really promising, if you haven't heard of it, plus ortex data shows 100 mil shorts again. Good luck bro, we looking very good I think for the week


nope just taking word from financial adviser and people who started the gme squeeze that are in both camp like i am


Address the 105% institutional ownership, the msm covering the positive motley fool posts and i'll think of it. I hope you look into it more bro. I dont care about any ceo


Fuck off


Yes, that's an option too.


Some real hostile shit was goin on over here.


Isn't CLOV in a legal battle with Medicare? I don't care what Aron is accused of, it isn't as bad as screwing with Medicare.


as much as i heared.. i will not do much