We only need a DD and Discussion flair mon-fri

We only need a DD and Discussion flair mon-fri


I haven’t seen a mod in 6 months. Maybe 1 time. I think they started this by accident and it governed and grew itself.


Eh, I still don't think banning memes is a good idea. Mods can always pin a post if they want that has DD and info for new apes or potential investors.


Nothing should be banned except other stocks and emotion and talk of politics. By following these rules we’ve made it this far. We’re all in this together and hedgies want us to fight and have indifference. We all have a responsibility to govern ourselfs


Indeed. Imagine this sub turning into another superstonk. Fuck that noise. I come here for the memes and DD. Not DD only or meme only. This is just another idiot who thinks he knows what we the rest of us wants. He's probably a superstonk shill with a hard on for "dUe DiLiFlGenCe"


Sure, i get you. but apes need to use the DD flair, and others, correctly. ''pretend I'm new, convince me '' DD posts and literally a ''link to a YouTuber'' DD is something we don't need in there. I spend multiple hours a week to keep that thing somewhat organized and going on a reporting streak where COD players would be jealous of. and yeah, it sucks balls to keep doing that each day. keeping it organized isn't the same as regulated to the max. Filter on DD + New posts tomorrow morning, and see for youself.


AMC DD differs from GME DD as our DD literally comes from our massive YouTube presence. It's equally as good. simply spoken instead of typed out. So in a sense yes.... Our DD is actually links to YouTube!! I do try to discourage apes from using the DD flair for shit posts but I'm not a mod and can't do much. Either way it would be nice if we can keep this sub from turning in to the fascist state that our fellow ape sub has become. It's friendly and welcoming here.... And we don't have to live in fear of some pre-programmed A.I. Gestapo judging our every word!


And a huge chunk of the "DD" those YouTube and Twitter accounts have put out is just objectively wrong. I've been saying this for months, but here it goes again: "Two pieces of so-called evidence on the three billion number have been put forth, both objectively flawed. One was JJ and TT misinterpreting trade volumes for shares owned in January trading activity. Shitadel didn't own 1BB shares, they traded a total volume of 1BB shares in 3.6MM trades. That's ladder attacks, not one billion synthetics. The pics they posted literally had two columns. One labeled "Shares" and one labeled "Trades". 3.6MM trades for 1BB shares is 303 shares per trade. It's literally, not figuratively, the smoking gun on ladder attacks, which are still illegal. This post has a screenshot of the underlying information: https://www.reddit.com/r/amcstock/comments/md17ig/those_2_billion_shitadel_shares_prove_ladder/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share The other piece of evidence put forth is a fucking Twitter poll conducted with no statistical controls, no actual experimental controls to restrict respondents to actual shareholders, or anything resembling actual diligence. Pointing this out doesn't make me a shill. It makes me financially and statistically literate. Which makes sense, as I'm an accountant. I own 579 shares of AMC. I bought my first shares on the way down from $19.90 on Feb 2, 2021 for $8.98/share. I was here for the battle of $8.01 and I have watched the manipulation throughout. It's why I've averaged up 4 times, including 78 shares on a $45 limit order last week. Brings my average cost basis to something like $16.60 a share. I'm an accountant for a living. I have a duty to correct inaccurate information for all apes. Because I have rhe financial literacy required to do so. Whether you own 1 share or 100,000 shares, we are in this together for the MOASS, and my hands are diamond. I've watched the price go between $5 and $72, and haven't sold a single share. Nor will I till we are on our way back down. I love the stock. I love AA, and I absolutely loved his naked shorts camera adjustment. I also happen to love actual, financially real information being put out there." JJ on Twitter and TT on YouTube have put out a massive narrative based on what is literal fiction. And the worst part? 3BB or 2BB naked shorts aren't even necessary for this MOASS. The basic mechanics of a gamma squeeze and short squeeze on ~20% SI already have the table set for 5 to 6 figure share prices.


Our DD doesn't come from you tubers/streamers. they just repost the DD the real apes gathered.


That's open for debate . this sub has a problems with improper use of the DD flair so good posts often get buried. And from speaking to other AMC apes most look to YouTube first and then scan Reddit. There's nothing wrong with the YouTube info.


Anecdotal evidence is not evidence. It's personal experience, and in no way something g that can be extrapolated to a sub with a couple hundred thousand people.


If our DD comes from youtube, than i wonder where they get it from. Indeed, from filings, making a lot of people: - lazy - prone to disbelieving some ‘hero’ - blindly following advice which they dont check. So no, our DD doesnt come from youtube, but from facts. Learn to use the flairs.


I didn't flair anything.... But okay.


I want to see everything amc related. I can read through the info and decide what is good. We don’t need any more dictators


That’s the goal


Agreed. Memes are vital to the movement.


They don't do that though, there is 0 moderation here sadly .. They should just split the Sub reddit into 2 tabs, main tab = DD/Discussion and second tab everything else ..


It would be nice to have the Important and factual DD pinned to the top.


Or allow it to be posted more than once.


That's a good thing. Mods should be invisible. If you hear too much about a mod, you're basically in superstonk or wsb territory, no thanks.


Superstonk has their shit together. Wouldn't mind being in their territory.








Not really.I’ve seen a pinned post a couple of weeks ago


Yea they raised the karma level. That’s the one time I’m referring to. I’m just saying I’ve never been notified of an active mod. Not a bad thing we’ve done great and if there are mods that’s great also I just haven’t seen much it’s really self governed from my experience


You might be right. Not as active as mods over at superstonk that’s for sure


I agree with the invisible mods here. I have always fully believed in self governance . But I would like to see the use of the DD flair being enforced. I'd even offer to do it myself. Memes are not DD. And while I enjoy memes as much as every other ape, our DD section is ratty.


Hey. We definitely operate behind the scenes. Although I'm active now, I'm trying to work my way into threads and show some face to make it known that we are here. Maybe that way it could help discourage the things we don't want.


I've been saying it for a while now too man. It's gotten so much worse. I made a couple other subreddits and asked to be a mod here because I literally have all the time in the world right now and am so invested in this.


Honestly I'm hanging out at r/Superstonk more and more lately and I see that increasing during MOASS their mod game is on point! That said I love this sub too but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Hard to find a good spot for AMC for sure.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/Superstonk using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/top/?sort=top&t=all) of all time! \#1: [All the confirmation bias I need, right here in one tweet](https://i.redd.it/p7ivyuap6jy61.jpg) | [3344 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/na3akt/all_the_confirmation_bias_i_need_right_here_in/) \#2: [A House of Cards - Part 1](https://np.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/mvk5dv/a_house_of_cards_part_1/) \#3: [House of Cards - Part 3](https://np.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/nlwqyv/house_of_cards_part_3/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| [^^Contact ^^me](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| [^^Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| [^^Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/joo7mb/blacklist_viii/)


Can we get an ortex flair as well?


I consider Ortex either DD or at least discussion


It's really hard to find sometimes buried under everything and with a flair we won't post the same data over and over. *Probably


Ortex data wouldn't be DD because it's a fleeting number that changes multiple times per day. If anything it would be Shit DD, but I agree I think Discussion is more appropriate


Not to sound like an ortex shill. But I'm going to probably start my free trial this week. I feel like I owe it to them for all the free data and help they have been providing.


Log on to your computer an click the DD flair. Then the sub only shows DD's


Because the power of optimism is more powerful than DD at times. No sane rational person would hold AMC at this point. They need COURAGE to hold from Apes that do trust the DD.


That’s the thing. It becomes sane and rational once you learn what’s going on. In simple terms, the hedge funds made some bad bets, betting amc would bankrupt. So they over leveraged they’re position for they’re own gains. We saw they’re bad bet and bet against them and are now winning. We are acting as a governing force to any hedgie that wants to tank American companies for profit by manipulation. We know they have crazy over leveraged themselves (my estimate is anywhere from 10-30 times over. I know sounds nuts) and now we are winning and it’s only a matter of time before amc100k. 100k$ a share. I hope this resonates with anyone new. I love you apes I buy and hodl for you. Hodl for me


I started as a baby ape in February. If it wasn’t for the memes and positivity, I would have sold a long time ago. I didn’t realize the Memes were actually reality until my small investment turned to 3x my salary. That’s when 💎🤲 clicked in my head. . . To not post 5 star memes as DD, could reduce momentum and enthusiasm for the smaller guys


I agree. We need good memes. It reminds me who we are. Retarded.


We don’t all identify with the crayon eating memes. I’m an ape, but I started as a human. I used my old wrinkle brain to read the DD and understood it was absolutely a sane decision to invest. It isn’t optimism that drives me to invest more. It’s the knowledge that the HF have to cover.


What this app needs is a filter feature that each user can check if they want it on their feed only ✅ memes ✅ DD Shitposts Discussion ✅ Questions etc… Some people find it to relieve stress they want to see memes posted and some want to just read DD


It does


Heck I didn’t even know that


Not all versions have that feature.


My version of the app does not. https://i.imgur.com/74PDIL3.jpg


I encourage you to try a version that does.


I don't understand people like you who think "I'm gonna help this person out but only halfway" Lmao either don't say anything or be helpful, otherwise you just sound like an absolute dick.


So sick of seeing people try to get memes banned. Gtfo here with that bullshit, memes make tgis place great, get with it or fuck off.


Should ban posts about banning posts.. 🦍💎👐


Still trying?


As much as I agree, that is just not the audience here, no matter what stage of the game we are in lol Memes and shitposts are what make the sub fun for amateur investors


I’m not trying to save anything from anyone. I’m trying to help institute and initial the largest transfer of wealth in recorded history


And do the memes help give you heightened insight into your trade?


LOL calm down. DD? For goodness sake the DD has rehashed 5000x everyday. It boils down to buy and hold. So many of you just need to stop looking at the line and stop coming here and getting worked up over a game that is already over and relax. I get there is time on the clock but our lead in insurmountable now. Look at price a few times a day to see if on moon and hit sell if no moon hit buy. Easiest money you ever made. So easy dumb ape can do it. Relax Tendies coming, Apes know what to do.


That cool but suggesting that people shouldn’t post memes, shitposts etc. is obviously causing division amongst Apes. This is a very critical point in which DD is most important, however some Apes still enjoy laughter.


Let me make my point more clear for you.. this tweet from Trey was posted here dozens of times for thousands of upvotes. It is 100% factually incorrect. Yet, since we don’t bother moderating content in any way, tens of thousands of redditors saw this and trusted it. Misinformation will not help our squeeze. https://i.imgur.com/qTEr3mt.jpg


I agree, misinformation must go. Im all for content moderation, but let’s not turn into superstonk or WSB. My point is that by discouraging Apes from free speech causes division.


I’m not discouraging free speech I said mon-fri let’s focus on accurate DD and reliable info. The memes are cluttering the airwaves and real DD gets lost.


Ok cool.. oohh ahhh! Apes together strong is my point.


Here for memes, buying and hodling


Yes and no. Dd and discussion are critically important but a lot of the memes keep energy up, interest up, and helps provide sense of community which is vital if ppl are going to hold. The sense of community will also help small whales hold for x and xx holders who couldn't afford more but need the money more than the rest of us. But please, no low effort posts/memes lol


We're an amazing community thanks to memes and good fun. I'd hate it if we focused too much on DD and technicals and we lose our soul. So, this post is a pile of shit.


What a poor choice of words. Why so passive, afraid to text the moderators (who you insulted too BTW) directly? For those who fought and died for our free speech, this just ain't the way. Guess what, you can FiLtEr the sub for DD and get it all in 1 place. How about just recommending everybody do that?


You’re cute. I did message all of the mods on a separate issue and none of them replied... likely because they moderate for free and with 300k subscribers they don’t have the time or energy to moderate this many people and posts. On to your next point about filtering by flair, not all versions of Reddit’s mobile app allow you to sort by flair... source: my version doesn’t. If you go through my profile you will find that I have responded to both of your irrelevant points multiple times. So let me sum it up for you: the mods likely don’t exist anymore and not all apps have the same functionality. Thanks for coming to my TED talk


I got the app on android, Apple, Mac, and PC...filters in the search bar. Ain't nobody on here infringing my free speech is all I'm saying.


Lol you clearly don’t understand your free speech because a private business can restrict what is posted i.e. Twitter and Facebook deleting or flagging posts. Here’s a screenshot of the app, let me know where you see a sort by flair button boy genius https://i.imgur.com/ZkdTGNp.jpg


Pic I saw don't look like no app. Like I said, I have all platforms and it works for me. If you actually have an app, Google it. Don't need or want your little kiddy insults neither. We like the memes!


LOL even in the face of picture evidence you deny the facts? You are truly delusional. By the way here’s another post with 2500 upvotes calling. For only two flairs.. sorry but no not everyone likes the memes https://i.imgur.com/CFQ0wUH.jpg


Go away dude... You're like a little chihuahua biting at the ankles.


Proven wrong again and you just devolve into insults because you have no leg to stand on lol scrub please make sure no one infringes on those rights bubba


He does this. He is angry. But I still wish wealth for him.


We all good fam...stressful times for everyone but thanx for the show of support as this keeps us all going strong.


Positivity my bro. My strength and morale helps the whole crew and Vice versa 🚀


>...objectively false and incorrect post get thousands of upvotes... And your idea is what? Because you find yourself not agreeing with posts here (that you haven't even specified), the whole sub should have to push the filter button on itself for you? Like, truly, you think a whole sub is gonna change how it works because you tried to swing around the word "incorrect" without so much as a goddamn example? Dude. Go fuck yourself or post DD backing something up.


For real everyone’s gotta remember the rules. No politics and no emotion. This isn’t meant for that. It’s meant for memes and dd. And it gives me a place to tell you all I stick crayons up my butthole and run with scissors while holding and buying


My emotion is buying and not trying to customize my reddit feed by convincing people memes aren't effective at getting a message across social media.


Yea I mean the cancel culture kids are infiltrating the sub but they will learn. We are bound to have hiccups as we grow we just gotta keep checking them. Most will have a tantrum after you call them out like this guy. Read his comments. True apes accept the general rules and say I love you ape after a disagreement. Our voice is our vote. We need to be active and heard on here or we’ll keep trying to get canceled


Lol heaven forbid a serious investor wants a sub based on their investment to revolve around accuracy and reliable info and not memes and misinformation. Read my comments? How about this post from another user calling for the same thing and receiving 2500 upvotes? Why did someone just award my post with silver if I’m not a “true ape” ... you guys are delusional https://i.imgur.com/FXMAioT.jpg


It’s not meant for memes and if everyone here is going to push for memes then we should be allowed to post politics and other stocks. If we are restricting then we should restrict to just data and info during trading days.


Here’s another post with 2500 upvotes agreeing with my position. Here’s a screenshot of a tweet from Trey maybe you remember it? It was posted dozens of times and upvoted over ten thousand times. It is objectively incorrect. The 11 million shares sold this week were NOT sold in April and filed this week. That is factually wrong and confirmed by AA himself multiple times that the shares were new. So now that I’ve got your attention, I recommend you do your own fucking research next time rather than be embarrassingly spoon fed. https://i.imgur.com/clTuImo.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Ok0GVwZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/oWjsEnB.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5iQxsFD.jpg


You're right. No one should say anything, lest they get new updated info later.


OR before they all ran out and posted Trey’s tweet for hundreds of thousands to see, they could have simply read the fucking document (prospectus supplement) and realized they were in fact new shares not old ones. Your next question will likely be “And what if they didn’t understand the document and trusted Trey?” So let me get ahead of you on that. If you read a document and don’t understand it then you should not be the one posting it as DD even if you trust Trey is correct. If you cannot defend your DD post with verifiable evidence then it’s not DD. That misinformation spread like wildfire because of people like you who refuse to critically think and just blindly follow because you like memes. Remember that time you hurled a bunch of insults only to look like an idiot? I do.


What insults? I told you to go fuck yourself.


Yeah that’s called an insult... god damn you’re stupid (that is also an insult if you still don’t understand what an insult is). https://i.imgur.com/2oaeomE.jpg


Well, if the standard has been raised to dictionary levels, you said I hurled insults at you. I by definition only hurled one. You sir, are wrong, and dare I say, maybe even incorrect. I'll accept my apology via comment or DM :D


Lol sadly that’s not how the English language works but I wouldn’t expect you to know that.


Awww, why wouldn't I?


Love it


This is why tags are so important. Got flack for calling out shit posts using DD tag. This is in all our best interest to use the tags properly so vital info isn’t buried.


*upvotes then posts "Look at me" meme


The dd button is a handy filter if you're looking for dd.


Is that available on the iPhone app? I don’t know my login details to log in on my laptop


Yes, find any post in the sub with the yellow DD flair under the title. Click on the flair and it will search by that flair.


Thank you!


Memes are our superpower don’t forget that. We the people control the internet.


You realize at the end of the day everyone refers to this as a “MEME Stock”, right? Meme’s have always been prevalent here. They helped us through the dark times. The months where everyone only saw Red... I do wish there was a way to filter the categories better, but to say they should be banned altogether is a little Authoritarian... Just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️




Memes bring momentum, confidence, and important messages in a relatable way. DD is important as well, but it takes both to keep the whole community engaged. It didn't become a "meme" stock on DD alone. - Taking memes away is exactly what the shills would love.


This you? (From another post 2h ago) "This post was an intentional shit post. I regurgitated the most bullshit talking points that spread rapidly in this sub, I made unsubstantiated claims, I provided zero sources or actual DD or discussion, and I even threw in a few grammatical errors. Hell I made it sound like I work as a landscaper and people bought it as a metaphor. Yet, despite how bad this post is it’s received dozens of upvotes and half the comments are supportive. This post has verified two things for me 1) posts have been restricted to links or to images only (I tried posting the same post as a text post and it didn’t go through and many of my other text posts haven’t made it through) and 2) the new apes in this sub don’t want accurate reliable info they want confirmation bias and hype. I mean who upvoted this post? I didn’t say *anything* worth a fuck in this post. The quality of this sub has devolved drastically and honestly I’m under the impression that the mods have already abandoned the sub altogether. There is very little moderation happening and I emailed the entire moderation team requesting assistance on a personal matter (blocking someone spamming my account) and not a single mod replied and the person continues to spam me to this day. Be wary moving forward, this sub is no longer a source of truth." TL;DR: I lied in order to trick new apes to demonstrate that lying can trick new apes. Your work here will be appreciated by no one. Your efforts are thankless. Nothing you're doing will change the sub. 600k.


Is this really him? Is he proud of this? When I'm feeling sad or angry I usually just go watch Star Trek. This guy though.... This is next level tantrum right here. Did this post prove anything? Go read his comments to anyone who responded. He has one plan; full attack everyone he encounters. I am only 90% on this but I call shill. I agree with his feelings toward our DD situation and would like to fix it. But just blindly lashing out at everything that moves like a damn rabbid wombat on meth is NOT going to accomplish anything. So yeah... 90% certain this was staged and scripted. Still attack


Is this a r/Wallstreetbets cross post? LOL Seems like it is and it destroyed that sub with all the negative elitest asshats saying they want their sub back and they used to have good DD. There are FLAIRS for a reason learn to use them. JFC.




There are DD flairs, just search it on your phone. No need to promote in-fighting


I do tarocchi readings and people hate that shit. So I just put them in shit DD. I don’t think it’s the end of the world if we have to look at memes, it’s why we’re online for many of us. But that’s the beauty of a decent filtering system, you find what you want.


A big part of the culture here is the goofiness. The memes and the jokes and everything are good for morale.


Are we apes or are we fucking shills???? AMC700K!!! All amc posts I want to see. Nothing else. This is an amcstock sub.


Wait this sub has mods?


This subreddit without memes wouldn't be the same.


What DD do you need at this point?


Honestly tell me what dd have I missed. I’m sick of these posts. I support you apes. You need to maintain a light environment. Censoring people’s emotional creativity will hurt this movement. Mark my words! I have read so much dd and most of it is reposts of the same old info. I watch a lot of youtubers. I know what to do HODL. Honestly there is a bit of fud in some our dd posts too, as well as occasional stuff that’s not accurate. Frankly memes and social posts are a big part of why I’m here!


FUD. Divide an conquer. Not today Gregs


Keeping morale high is just as important as understanding what’s happening with the stock market. Sad apes are paperhanded apes


Nothing get buried. It’s called using a FILTER! All you have to do is filter by top posts and all the good good comes up.


At the top, u can filter Hot, New, Controversial etc. add one that DD QUESTIONS/ INFORMATION… that simple. So we do t take away from others, and u can filter where on that information shows


Superstonks Build their own fud bot, maybe reach out and ask for help?


Ummmm... have you been over there lately?? They don’t exactly like us... you say amc and you’re automatically downvoted and declared an outcast. Also, many of them say “I hold both amc and GME, but I’m selling my amc to all in on GME”. This also needs to stop. If you have positions in both, then hodl both. Selling one to hop into the other is as for all apes 🦍😭


It’s hard to discern but there is also plenty of amazing dd that includes AMC, everyone is sure that the stocks are all connected but believe theirs to be the better bet. Only time will tell. In general I would say not to ever infight among us, it’ll be all of us who will lose because of it


Most of the mods haven’t posted in over 3 months.


Thats not their job. And, they posted 2 days ago about karma limits.


Shouldn't ban memes, but maybe make it a day to post memes. Like every Saturday is Meme day or something.




Memes keep the hype flowing. The positivity of this community and the banding together are what makes us strong. Banning memes and shit talking will alienate half the base.


Ya but all the memes probably piss the hedgies off keep in mind from there point of view us the poor are laughing at them and robbing them blind 😂and then making memes about it


Mods here are the best. We don't want another fucking WSB mods here.


Banning would take away from the community. Pin what needs to be pinned, but allow the fun and hype as well.


Maybe start another subreddit specifically for AMC DD and memes? I’m not against the idea but redditers gonna Reddit ya know. It’s good for morale and seeing light out of the situation isn’t illegal


Do we have MODS here? I can't recall seeing.more than 2 mod posts/comments ever here. I just kind of thought this sub was the wild west for apes. If mods are still with us, let us know! If you can't speak just blink your eyes. Blink once for " yes we're here" Blink twice for " no, Mr Mod no here"


Is a shill anything like a scarlet letter?


I came in around 20k followers. Haven't seen the mods in a long minute. Oh and get rid of the horrible daily live chat! I can't read a thing in that forum. Just go back to the daily discussion for the love of god.


video memes (like the one this morning) keep me hyped. i wish i was smart enough to make them because i would pump those out every week. no idea what programs they use, but if any one knows drop a quick comment on the program and ill take it from there!




Can there be an “I just farted” flair as well? I’d like that. (I didn’t join this sub until a couple months ago because I’ve been focused on my GME, do y’all have DD? I just see memes on my feed.)


My dd: buy/hodl


I like dd with pictures


Ay when the stock is red memes help me smile


I’d agree to a degree. Many of us want to help AMC yes but A lot are here for the ridiculous amount of tendies hedge fucks are about to have to shell over. Sometimes we gotta take the good with the bad for the end result we all want. I love all you apes and will hold AMC for the rest of MY life but I don’t expect ALL of us to do that same thing. Much love and positivity ✌🏼🤙🏼


I like the meme's.


Hey every one!! This guy is just attacking anything and anyone who gets in his line of sight. Nothing you say nor anything you do will be correct and will result in a further tantrum So just stop engaging. Now go have fun everyone in our horrible, unprofessional, immature, not nearly as good as the other stocks sub!


I asked to be a CONSISTENT mod a few weeks ago - not a response back. ​ Kind of shitty, because we need them more than ever rn


I'm glad you're not a mod then. Mods are doing their job, silently as they should.




Because the mods jumped ship and are just waiting for a monetary offer to unload the sub


The rule about not only allowing links that may contain great info to be posted once is dumb. Some things need to be seen as much as possible.


Please mods. This shit should be run prision style man. Only DD ban everything else.


I like the mon-fri dd only rule... Need memes for weekend tho definitely


Upvote 🦍💎🙌


Now the time I mainly just want to see DD and maybe one or two memes lower down. We need to sticky all the good DD so nobody misses it.


Can confirm, my “Treys IT guy” meme got almost 1k votes.....and my actual new DD on the reverse repos, regression analysis and the feds balance sheet fuckery is only at 100 votes... 🤖 🤖


200% This. In my opinion ANY post with the DD flair should have verified sources posted! If you can’t back up your claims then you didn’t do your “Due Diligence”, end of story


MEMES so the baby apes don’t get scared when we get ladder attacked tomorrow and DD for well if we do get the gamma squeeze rocket to 2k the fake apes aren’t posting to sell


He’s got a good damn point.


Because moral is important in this cause. If we want to reach the moon, we need some hype. Raw data is boring for most. Memes are good tools for giving people willpower to buy and hold. It also serves as advertisement, since memes are more likely to be shared. Note that there was a huge difference between Wednesday and Friday. Moral and AMC price increase do correlate.


Truuuuue, my bad 🤦🏻‍♂️


This has been a worrisome trend. I'm invested in both GME and AMC. The guys over at superstonk shit on this sub for this exact same reason. All the good DD does get buried under unnecessary memes and personal photos.


I just posted one last thing that was just a thought, but I agree DD is king right now. I said my piece now it’s time for your amazingly smart apes to guid us.




If anyone knew what good DD was maybe that could be a thing. Look at Superstonks, they make our DD post look like jokes.


This community certainly has a lot more spam and lower content quality than /r/superstonk . Important stuff, like interviews and DD does get buried. Just look at the friggin 9000 interview screenshots or a billion Melissa Lee screenshots


Whilst that is a nice idea the memes help keep me sane....


Okay, I had sent a message to the mods today not knowing if the karma limit was implemented, raised, or whatever because my last couple of posts didn't gain any traction (by that I mean not a single upvote, downvote, or comment saying "No."). Figure they went unseen or removed.




Enough with this banning of anything else not DD. It's silly. Wars are not one on intelligence alone but morale/spirit/comradery... If you want to look for DD, you can filter on it. There has been ample DD and most apes are connected enough to know how to search for DD on multiple platforms. We didn't just land here with someone spoon feeding us data on one single sub. The memes and fluff make me laugh, are super relatable, and are just another form of data sharing. I am all for solid DD, but we shouldn't talk down to others like that's all we should be seeing.




Wish I could upvote this more. This sub has some great DD, but never makes it to the top. We need it especially for new apes in these critical times so they remain confident. And so superstonk can stop shitting on us and saying "lol AMC has no real dd".


Good god, Yes pls. iv been saying this all along. The memes and family pics are nice and all but this sub truly needs to put DD at the top


Agreed to much nonsense being flooded.