Is the SEC or some other alphabet agency going to Crack down on the squeeze?

Is the SEC or some other alphabet agency going to Crack down on the squeeze?


The government wants us to get rich so they can pump it back into the economy with capital gains tax.


Apes will also spend billions which is good for the economy




Big brain time


Not if bidens girl Janet yellen has anything to say about that...at least that’s what I’m afraid of.


Hey remember no politics, keep it clean. We pay taxes because we are Americans and that’s what we do. It always works out that’s the way it was designed. At least that’s what I believe but why would you listen to me, I eat lots of crayons for breakfast lunch and dinner. So what the heck do I know.


What about what I said took a political stance? It’s a fact. Janet Yellen was picked by President Joe Biden. It’s no secret that her and every hedge fund on Wall Street are buddy buddy. I don’t care that she’s conservative or democrat.


Not up to me, we just don’t do politics here. Just AMC stonk. There are plenty of other places to take those views. This board just shares ideas that can help us build our wealth around amc. No biggy, I’m not a mod. It just kind of dampens the mood. So chill bro, enjoy the ride. Whatever happens, happens. You should be solidly in the GREEN! I am going to sleep now.


Lmao chill out, bud. You taking issue with me bringing up Janet yellen is more of a political statement than anything else that’s been said here. Pretty ironic.


If the government cracks down, I hope we rise up and revolt. Fuck the government.


They’re eventually next unfortunately. A battle is won taking out their funds...


Not going to lie there is always a chance. But really the SEC has already said they aren’t going to be bailing out any HF’s. Really if the government gets involved in this, they can kiss confidence in the exchange goodbye. Foreign money will pull out in droves, why would you invest someplace that can take your gains?


Really doesn't make sense to. Who's more likely to pay taxes, Wallstreet or individual apes? Secondly, the DTCC insures these hedges so the government isn't on the hook for any of it. Honestly makes no sense to step in. It also sends a pretty clear message of 'rules for thee, not for me' if they step in here as well. They have no problem with companies lying off their ass selling you garbage, but when you come out ahead it's suddenly wrong?


Dtcc is a government agency no?


No. It's a private clearing company


Aha thank you for the info kind sir or ma’am.


Glad I’m not the only one that thought this. Rewrite the rules in a pinch so the power of the people can’t big dick the big dickers. Someone somewhere is cooking up ideas on how to create a loophole instead of a noose.


The same question was asked several times for GME in their sub ( i believe also some dd about it ) . 1) like mentioned already : the us state will miss a lot of taxes ( those taxes that HF’s not pay ) 2) and maybe the most important i guess : the credibility of the american economic system will be in jeopardy . Will foreign investors still be inclined to invest in the American economy if it turns out that the government has a dictatorial side? Ps : I used google translate ;) so sorry if some words / sentences are not correct


>sorry if some words / sentences are correct lol


Lol , i see it , glad you know what I mean 😉


SIMPLE ANSWER NO we haven’t done anything wrong just bought and HODL. Besides if they actually dig deep they would have to put all The real criminals in jail. But they won’t because they are all friends. Oh wait I’m suppose to be sleeping. Damm. I hope everyone is making shit tons of money. It doesn’t get any better then this folks. Enjoy and don’t let your head worry about this. This is legal business. Let’s make lots of money.


Oh but you’re wrong it WILL get better than this 🚀 🌙


Haha you are right it will get better lol. I meant the ride, the feeling, the joy of the moment does not get any better then this. Price wise I expect it to go much higher.


Right!!! They print shit ton of bs money they can’t cover already! I need my pallet now!


What's to crack down on? Millions of people live the stock. What can I say? 🚀


If apes get rich, gov will make stonks with capital gain tax. Plus Apes will spend those money, incentivising the economy and stimulate the consumer sector. It will be an economic boom worldwide. If they crack it down, NYSE will lose its credibility cause everyone knows that it is corrupted. It losing confidence will impact negatively to the US economy and its influence in the world So no, I don’t think they will crack it down


And besides Joe is for Main Street, that’s us. And yes we will pay lots and lots of taxes when this crests. We do not have the tax shelters in place but who cares. We are all making money we never had. This is found money for a lot of us. Most of us have learned a ton about stocks and how to invest. That’s a good thing. Most will continue on and to very well. I love this community and I hope you all get stinky filthy as fk rich. Don’t worry about the government unless you do not plan on paying them their cut LOL.


I really don't mind paying taxes. Our country needs it. I just really hope they don't get in the way.


If the government cared, they would have already moved in and done something. We gotta keep the pressure on. We dictate!


Depends on if the gov thinks it can make more money off of Hedge bribes or through retail investor's capital gains taxes. That determines who the government sides with. It ain't about laws, or morality. It's about the money.


This is all legal. We did nothing wrong!


That is correct. We have done nothing wrong. Enjoy the win and watch this fly. But be smart and pay close attention to the charts. The rest is just a waiting game.


With trillions being cut they need taxes to come somewhere


Everything has limitations.. Nothing is unlimited. Just play smart.. The feds can do as they please and there's no way of knowing what they plan on doing. Why do we have this fucked up system in the first place? The feds....idk how you guys can be naive and not expect the feds to control this. And they are doing something about this. You're talking about a market wide, worlde wide scandel. Its not gonna get cleared up or exposed in just a handful of months. Not to mention, they allowed all of this to happen, why do you think these new rules are being passed so quickly? They have to protect themselves and their immediate postions before things start going down. And fun fact, the more you print money, the less your dollar has value. Your tendies wont just be coming from hedgies and banks, the insurance only goes so far. And people are already holding on millions of unrealized gains, per option mind you.


Woke Ape, updoot x100!!!