Thank you 🇺🇸♥️

Thank you 🇺🇸♥️


RIP PO Michael Savage 6AUG2011. Miss you homie


I will never let an American soldier be disrespected by Reddit trolls. I will block you. So if you have nothing positive to say.. do not comment. Period!


Can I disrespect the politicians that send them to war?


Yes, yes you can. Every soldier is a man that is fighting for his family, country and comrades. No matter the cause, the country of origin, they are the ones in the line of fire. The ones that send them, those... those are the real bastards. The soldiers have my respect


You are and always will be right when we instigate or offensively see gains for the few over gains for the many. But when we are fucking attacked even god can’t help those mother fuckers


yes you can. fuck them Army had a study showing like 80% of their new recruits were in it for the GI bill for education. That means our politicians and war industry is incentivized to keep people poor and remove their access to education. When you have a dwindling recruitment poor for fresh bloodshed you aren't going to take out the thing that gives you 80% of your recruits. Even if its the right thing to do. As long as we are a warmongering nation we (The United States) will continue to promote a economy that increases poverty because poor people make more soldiers and more soldiers make the war machine more money. This is why we wont see free college education. They NEED our young to kill themselves for a shot at a free education. Its the only way the OIL/WARMACHINE can keep moving.


Nailed it


Let’s see a source on that study




System Of A Down said it best: >why don't presidents fight the wars? Why do they always send the poor?


Mike Shinoda wrote this WHEN THE RICH wage the war its the poor die


Please do.


Being a soldier doesn't make you a good person


Nope there are assholes in every job and profession. The holiday is to remember those who served and gave their life for our country. Leaving how you feel and politics out of it. It’s a sacrifice and a sacrifice that was necessary or they believed it was. We can debate all fucking day about The Who, what’s, when’s and how’s of war and the politics of it all. Let’s just respect the sacrifice. Especially Including the Ape army.


This is true... But I think the thought is more of the general concept of going to fight for what you care for.


i have plenty of friends in the military that are not the best human beings, and no i wont give examples. if you think everyone that enlists is a saint then you are nuts. most of them want to pay for college or get out of their small towns


I knew three types, one wanted to pay for school/healthcare, one believed the propaganda machine, one wanted to legally kill people.


I was abused by different Veterans, WW2, Vietnam, ect.. different Era's of men. I RESPECT the men and Women; who have died for my Country. Because I AM BETTER THAN THAT! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM! IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME! Show RESPECT; Get RESPECT. That's all. You don't trash a whole Culture of people assuming they are all the same. What small minded nonsense.


Nobody ever said everybody in the military was a saint, dipshit. But it’s still important to honor folks who have laid down their lives so you have the freedom to say stupid shit on the internet.


Yep n this guy maybe doesn’t know that many og veterans were just normal people that were unfortunately drafted. Nothing special about that.


Apes: The system is corrupt, bankers are morally bankrupt, this may be the greatest transfer of wealth in history! Also Apes: How dare you question whether or not we should be sending the poor and desperate to die in a foreign country so our rich overlords can profit from the oil! Questioning American imperialism is the same as disrespecting the individual soldier and I refuse to hear otherwise! Every one of them is a saint! Even the ones convicted of war crimes who received presidential pardons! Being a soldier makes you beyond all reproach for ANY action! 🙄


Block me you dipshit, I couldn't give a toss. Note: Keep your posts about soldiers and political bullshit to the relevant subreddits, there's subreddit one for every dunce out there.


They will not be forgotten.


This is an AMC subreddit, please pay respects in the appropriate place.


Hey. Mods. Can we stop allowing off-topic posts and obvious attempts at karma-farming? It distracts from important information. There’s a place for this - and it’s not r/amcstock. We literally have rules *against* politics.


Well shit let’s make some money maaaaaan!


CDN Here... Much love to all Americans this long weekend and to anyone who has put their county ahead of themselves. ❤️




All for profit. Not freedom.


Tell that to the Afghan women we freed and gave the right to vote. But meh, America bad!


Yes. Just posted without a photo. More important than profit and loss today, tomorrow, and Monday. If you see a veteran, thank them. They all know someone lost in real battle.


Almost wish the sub would allow only posts like this today. Lost a grandfather I never met in WWII, and an uncle I met once in Nam. Real life battles.


God bless them. My dad lost his best friend in front of his eyes in Nam. He also came home and our gov. Treated them like shit. He went on to serve his state a state trooper until retirement. My uncle has passed he was also a marine and lieutenant of state police. My dad still has many effects of war. Some of these trolls have me so heated. I am crying at the lack of empathy people have. It makes me so mad. I’m sorry your family went through such loss, they are Hero’s. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.


People don’t dislike vets. People dislike the fact our country keeps creating vets by never ending our wars. At least that’s how i choose to see it.


Agree, but sadly NAM didn’t play out that way. Our government will sacrifice anything to make themselves look better. We see it everyday with the hedgies that have been protected and screwed the people. Though that is very different of course has nothing compared to a soldier... but it shows the corruption runs deep.


Yeah it’s gross but we just hodl and respect others. Once it’s all over perhaps the new world order ran by apes can end the wars and treat our vets properly 🙌🏽


Amen to that!


I’m holding for them...


A vet isn't someone that goes to war. A vet is someone that served in the military. War or not there will always be veterans.


Most stock/investing subs have a “no politics” rule which in my opinion is great. Religion and politics have no place in investing. Hope Jesus didn’t tell you to sell for $50.... see where I’m going with this? Shills can weaponize both (religion & politics) to divide ape.


His dad generated like 500k in income for arms companies from taxpayers in an unnecessary war Seeing how much hedge funds profited off those wars id think this would be a place free of this patriotic nationalist bullshit


We go to war to keep our dollar strong and to have a global reach. Poor men die for rich men.


The poor have always been cannon fodder for the rich, it's why military service is incentivized with pensions and education. They take it away, and wave it in your face to get more enlisted.




No politics in the sub! .....just buy n Hodl


It’s not politics it’s a holiday... I’m holding for the soldiers xxxxx


Nationalist Bullshit There is no honor in killing. Imagine going to war with the most modern equipment against litteral sheperds and dying lmao


Yeah, it's almost like guns and bombs are just as deadly in the hands of "shepherds" as they are in a trained soldiers hands. Who knew?


https://www.bbc.com/news/world-south-asia-11217772 Idk I think putting a few holes in rapists is pretty honorable, maybe you don't.


Not related to AMC


No politics please. International apes that hold, they’re probably confused on what this even means.


No matter your political views you don't blame the soldier, you blame those in charge. Aside from WW1 and WW2 most soldiers joined because of economics or deception. You can't deny the need but you also can't deny the greed.


I mean, they sign up and agree to do whatever the higher ups say to do. "Just following orders" is the biggest cop out ever. Us Americans occupy other countries because they have oil. Imagine being the guy who drone strikes a city and "accidentally" kills innocent people because it was determined by someone else that the risk of murdering children was worth it. Not a fucking hero. Yes, there are hero's in the military, and it's different today than say the world wars. These modern wars are bullshit and all the death is so pointless. That child should still have a father, and if we didn't blindly praise the military (not the servicemen but the system) maybe we could stop losing lives pointlessly.


Are suggesting I blindly praised with out any criticism? Did I not identify the change after WW2? Do you agree that economics and class play a part in many who join?


You said you can't blame the soldier. I'm saying you don't have the necessary information to blame or praise them.


But you do since they "sign up and agree to do whatever"?


Being a hero is earned and needs to be proven. I'm saying the baseline is that we don't have the info and that without it there's a chance is was immoral/unnecessary in the first place. The fact they sign up and agree to do whatever is just something you need to remember before we act like every single person is a hero. Maybe I'm just not wording this correctly. I also believe too many people join because they want the praise of being a hero, and it gets many young men/women killed.


You elaborated much better. Those are solid points. Memorial Day is specifically for those who list their lives in the service. We can grieve the dead without supporting the cause in which they died. Have a great weekend. See you all Tuesday at 9:30!


Yeah I'm sorry if I was being disrespectful, it's not the intention. I just want a better world and to not have the need to grieve those who died too young.


One world one love brother


I will say there are fucked up people everywhere. There are people. People who should not be in the service, police, or any environment where they have any control over another human.


This! I was just thinking this. As someone who has lost brothers in arms this day is so special. People forget that we took that oath willingly and it was to serve our country. I know that discussions about politics could go on forever but you do not blame service men and women.




Vietnam was a shit show and our soldiers were spit at, things thrown at them, and humiliated when they came back after all they suffered. Many have agent orange. The government failed greatly ...so the people would not blame the government... they put it on the men. That is how clueless people are ... they didn’t stop and think... the government sent them there! They had no choice... they go where they are sent! All vets hold a special place in my heart. Nam pisses me off. Freedom isn’t free, or fair. We see that everyday.


Gods speed to you and the truth


Born in the 4th of July needs to be watched this weekend


No Tom cruise fans here? Movie has an undeniable message




I’d say 9/11 is the biggest selling point for recruitment.




Say no to imperialist wars. American government exploits poor people into military to kill other poor people.


I support bringing them home, not sending them out. Human life is too precious.


I work all weekend but it's little price to pay




No politics apes. Please...


It’s not politics it’s a holiday... the reason why the stock market is closed Monday!


Oh my bad, I'm sorry. Thought it was something political, was afraid it was a shill tactic or something


No it’s Memorial Day for America Monday. It seems a lot of people thought that. They are out in full troll effect on this post.


I take my words back. It's a holiday based on politics, so still a no go for this sub miss


No it’s a holiday for the fallen. ✌️


I understand. But it could cause a debate between apes and cause some division. We shouldn't take risks Apes strong together.


Only two people ever died for me... Jesus & the American soldier so if anyone isn’t ok with that... it won’t change my stand. I also don’t bash posts I don’t agree with, I just keep scrolling. It’s odd to me that people have nothing better to do than harass other people over an opinion. I see controversy in posts all day long every day. How I see it, I am an adult and don’t have tantrum over someone else’s language, posts, ect.. everyday people speak of government and SEC... it always gets into political debates. This was not meant to be political at all. Those that decided it was are mostly trolls. I check their profiles and then block them. No one has really even had a huge political debate in the comments. I’m holding for the soldiers. That is who I am holding for. That is where a large amount of my tendies will go.


European here, what happened exactly?


Nothing to see here... Ape posting about American politics 🤦🏻‍♀️


So nothing about AMC or stocks?


Karma farming


Pretty much. Memorial Day if you care to look into. At most it’s a reminder the US market will be closed Monday.


bc his dad died for oil on foreign soil?


This account is so strange. Aside from this being completely off topic they only ever post in stock subreddits with a bunch of emojis... Very sus


Me? Lmao 😆 ya NO... I’m a 46 yo mom, who holds A LOT of AMC. I have actually donated to other apes who were struggling to feed their families on here. I don’t spend all of my time here. I just learned how to use Reddit in recent.... there is nothing suspect about me. I also don’t only post a bunch of emojis. I actually belong to antique groups as well. I have posted memes and other things. So what is suspect?


I meant your actual posts not comments lol it's just a bit strange to post something so off topic and then come to find out all of your posts look like generated content. Just uncanny valley vibes.


TF does this have to do with AMC STOCK ?????????? I must be beyond retarded bc I do not see the correlation.


Stock market is closed it’s a holiday. I’m holding xxxxx for the soldiers


Bringing politics into the Apes community isn’t a good move, there are hundred of thousands of apes from all lot of different countries . We hold only for APES NATION . 🦍🤲🏻💎


My Grandfather was the last man in communications during a naval battle against Japan. He was the last man on a sinking Naval Vessel. Survived the day and made it home. He died a decade ago and I still honor his contribution to this day. I remember pretending to be him, when I was a child, as he courageously escaped a sinking ship only after relaying his message that everyone else escaped first.




Thank Jose Ulloa, for the sacrifice you made. May you rest in peace. Never Forgotten.


Don’t fucking thank a Veteran.. some of us have to remember all the friends we lost. We don’t need constant reminders on this weekend. Go watch The Outpost and see what our government does to us.


Sorry you got swept up in the MIC😔


VA nurse here! Shoutout to all my vets


RIP SGT Markham, SGT Ewing, SGT Baker, SGT Summers! Hodl’n then in my heart for 10 years was hard but it taught me how to Hodl. Now Hodl’n AMC is easy compared. I hodl for their kids. And the 10 shares each I’m gonna gift them! MOASS


Thank you to those that made the ultimate sacrifice!




Thank all of you for your service and continuing to fight for our freedom. It’s important now more than ever before and we’re behind you and support service men and women everywhere!


I just keep blocking all the trolls. You don’t bother me. You will never make me give up. I highly doubt you have more shares than I, you probably never came out of your pocket for another ape on here, you probably live in your parents basement and have nothing better to do with yourself. I actually feel sorry for you. So I just pray for you, because you all need it. I disabled replies so that people can be free from harassment for posting support. Because you trolls are so pathetic and keep down voting the supporters of this holiday... well I hold for the soldiers. Xxxxx


What? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was thanking our military.


RIP PFC A. You will not be forgotten. I’ll be a little closer to where you are when I’m up on the moon.






RIP Orlando Ramos PO2, always thinking of you.


God bless all those who have lost.


What is this? I'm not american.


Monday is our Memorial Day holiday. Many people get monday off from work. It's meant to be in memory of our dead soldiers from wars. Also the stock market is closed.


I am beyond thankful for everyone that has served. Those that we have lost are not forgotten. Rest in peace


Say no to imperialist wars.


Damn I lowkey forgot Thx!




OP sorry to say I'm here to make money and do not praise the military like gods. They are not serving for our freedom only to keep those in power there through special interests.


Stop worshipping the military. If they die people act as if they are heroes but when they're alive and come back fucked up , on food stamps and neglected they are forgotten.


Veteran here, thank you for saying this!


Wait is the market closed Monday?


Salute to my fellow troops, truly an honor to have served and even more honored to see others do the same! That boy crying breaks my heart, but let’s do our part and burn these fucking hedgies down and send some of these families some love and monetary comfort


Men and woman have given the ultimate sacrifice,LIFE,for the freedom and democracy you have today.REMEMBER THAT PLEASE


Semper Fi to my brothers and sister apes!!!❤️🦍


Thanks for the reminder.


This photo is savage 😢😢


Love and strength to all who need it.


Every. Single. Time I see a member of our military, I thank them for their service. Every time. At the gas station. At the grocery store. At work. At church. At the park with their family, everywhere. The sacrifice they make is indescribable and sometimes, our government doesn't take care of them like they deserve after they come back home. Thank you, thank you.


I would like to thank all the soldiers that have fought to protect our freedoms. Thank you!


As a vet I did funeral “D” once. Two strangers who I never met before in my life but were Vietnam veterans. It was an honor and privilege to fold the flag for them. Fun fact, sometimes the trumpet playing taps has a speaker in the opening. It’s not a trumpet but a glorified stereo


To the troops, both sides


The most corrupt thing in the world is this.. this and $


May all the brave men and women of this country who have gone before us, rest in peace.


this hit me hard in the feels




John E Horton Tech Sgt 129th Pararescue wing May 30, 1965 - Aug 7, 2002. To the 129th editing department: please fix the date of his passing in your end of the year videos, its not 2005. Trust me we would have loved to have 3 more years, because he would have been fucking out of the military.


You're farming for karma by preying on people's sympathies in a memestock subreddit. What lows won't you sink to for attention? You're fucking subhuman.


I think I still remember the speech.(navy). On behalf of the president of the united states, united states navy and a grateful nation. Please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved ones honorable and faithful service.