Anyone have any links to DD that backs up the validity of 100k floor?

Anyone have any links to DD that backs up the validity of 100k floor?


You spelled 500k floor wrong... and no, I don't. All I know is hodl. Edit: 10m floor.


You spelled 10 million floor wrong*


I like it!!! I'll hodl for that.


So like what you do is you put “sell 4 500k” and then you get a lambo


I want a Koenigsegg and an F1 Venom. Might get a lambo as a daily driver.


I just want a lot of prostitutes and coldstone


I gave that info to Brandon go ask him.


https://www.reddit.com/r/amcstock/comments/n97pob/detailed_explanation_why_the_500k_floor_is/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Here


Because stone cold said so


Stone Cold ET Said So


There is no DD for 100k floor, nor is there any DD for $20. It's a short squeeze with possibly hundreds of millions of fabricated shares which there is plenty of DD for. There is no actual limit to how high the shares can go as long as 25 percent of holders keep holding when the hedge funds are forced by law to buy back the shorted shares. The price set, becomes whatever the holders are willing to sell it at. That could be $20, $1000 or feasibly $100k it mostly depends on the holders. Many will paper hand out early which will keep the price down, but many will hold.


i saw something a while back that was really good & supported the 100k floor theory, but i’ve gotta look for it again


God speed good ape. I await your return. Thank you


Here's all the dd my ape https://www.reddit.com/r/amcstock/comments/njbdjv/index_of_the_best_amc_due_diligence_or_why_we/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Why you doubting foo!


Foo! It's your family. Lol. I've tried to convince mine and they've dismissed it a thousand times. I bought 100 shares for my mom and 100 for my inlaws. Because I'm nice like that.


I bought $100.00 for my big sister since she isn’t into it. My little sister went all in! We are ape sisters.


Better guy than I am. I told them. If they listen, they listen. I don't think they did though.


what you want for some, some don’t want for themselves 🤷‍♂️ they’ll crawl to us for advice when they see us balling


Did you just reply to yourself as someone else? Wtf is this?


Synthetic Shares throughout 6 months to keep price down, easily 10K , past that I dont know the limit


Anything is possible if we all hold


Sounds suss


Bruh, you're sus. I'm asking for fuckin DD...how is that sus? People who don't know dick about all of this aren't just gonna accept "buy and hold"


All you have to do is type DD in the search bar and everything is there. It’s plastered everywhere


🙄 appreciate you tons, chief.


Only true believers should be on this journey give the info you have and hold let them decide what to do if it only went to 34 they would double their money and for a good cause this should be plenty of ammo most investments pay 5% or less yearly so all aboard or be left behind nobody can guarantee anything plenty of data to support the rise the exact number is up to the shareholders in the end


If it hits 100k my sister will let me watch her shower! that's why bro!