INSPIRELI EDUCATION JURY FEEDBACK \*EGYPT EXPO GOALS: 1- To contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 2-Achieving Egypt's Vision 2030 of the principles and goals… Read more: https://www.inspireli.com/en/education/detail/4634 • Advisor: Nandika Denipitiya • Student: abdelrahman • Project: EGYPT EXPO 2030 INSPIRELI offers architecture students from all over the world to participate in a completely unique educational project of a holiday resort in Croatia. For the first time in our history, we will combine competition and education in a single project that, thanks to an enlightened developer, will not only allow students to be involved in shaping the final design, but most importantly to work with product and technology suppliers from design to implementation. We hereby invite all students of the world to join us and learn by doing on the INSPIRELI AWARDS platform, which is open to all, regardless of their economic, social, or ethnic background. Coming soon: https://www.inspireli.com/en/awards/croatia-documents