What subjects can you take as AS- Level?

Im currently doing rs, maths and psychology and i am planning on dropping out after AS level and going to college instead. I know you can take maths as an AS level and get a grade and that but can u do it for psychology and/or Rs aswell?


r/alevel is usually used by international A level candidates. You can do an International AS in any subject you can do an A level in. For A levels in England the same was true when new specifications were introduced and while I heard talk about examiners subsequently withdrawing *some* AS levels, I am not sure it ever happened. AS are definitely still available in both Psychology and RS. Note however that many schools and colleges no longer enter candidates for AS exams. If you want your current school to enter you for AS in 2023 you need to talk to them soon to meet the entry deadlines. If you want to attend a year of college and be entered for AS exams in 2024 you should discuss whether they will support that when you meet with the college.


Thank you