I don’t have air fryer so I cooked them in toaster oven, they were MEH to me.


So I thought they were fries but they’re essentially mozzarella sticks. I overcooked them but still ate them, I think they’re great.


Cool cool, I’ll get them next time. I also like how it’s keto friendly.


mozzarella has always been keto friendly so it's cheaper just to buy mozzarella and slice your own pieces. These are just overpriced and they slap a keto label on it.


They’re not mozzarella though.


I airfried them and they were bomb. Very filling and delicious with marinara sauce.


How long do you airfry them for and at what temp?


I think i did 8 @ 390 and then airfried them for a minute or two until golden crispy


Dude you’re making my mouth water. I totally have to get these next time.


Delicious in the air fryer dipped in homemade ranch yum


Sounds So good


For those who did try them, how did you make them? I don’t have an air fryer.


I don’t have an airfryer either and I put them in the oven. Would not recommend because it just turned into melted cheese.


I make these all the time. Get a skillet nice and hot with a touch of oil and pan sear them.


An air fryer is just an oven on convection (a fan to circulate).


I don’t have convection mode


There's not a huge difference honestly.


My oven disagrees. There aren’t oven instructions on this either.


You can grill them as well.


I tried pan frying them like the bread cheese Aldi’s sold a few months ago. These cheese fries melted into a solid mass of cheese in my skillet and never got a good crispy layer to help them hold their shapes. The Carr Valley bread cheese was way better in my opinion.


I heated them in the air fryer then put them on a piece of toasted sourdough, so so good! Also it tastes even better with a little bit of chick fil a Polynesian sauce drizzled on top


What section did you find them in?


Love these things. I cook them in a skillet and pan fry them with a tiny bit of avocado oil, or grill them (on a grill mat).


i deep fried them in a steel pan filled w oil they melted and stuck to bottom too


I deep fry or pan fry these, and I've never had an issue with how they cook up. I actually just picked up another bag of these a couple of days ago and am looking forward to having halloumi pitas with some mixed greens, hummus, onions, and cucumber. Another day I might do a watermelon and halloumi salad with some balsamic glaze.


They were bad. I couldn't find a way to cook them where they didn't turn into a pile of sour tasting goo.


My DIL is a cheese fiend and so we got these for her. She did not like them. They did not cook up well (in the air fryer or the skillet). They were incredibly salty, according to her. We're talking about a person who keeps a jar of pickle brine in the fridge to sip on when she takes a notion. Would not purchase again.


I thought they were a bit salty.


I like Halloumi cheese but never tried these. Personally I feel like Halloumi is like buttery version of Feta. If you don’t like them, return it.


I pan fried them in oil and they turned into a big clump of melted cheese. They really need a light breading to keep their shape. The taste of the cheese itself also wasn’t that great. If you ever get the chance to try fried cheese curds, those are sooooo much better.


They’re basically a more solid mozzarella stick. Halloumi is a great grilling/pan fry cheese since it doesn’t melt so if you’re wanting a mozzarella stick where it’s a gooey cheese, I didn’t really get it from these. If you’re looking for a fry replacement, I’ve had others that are better. Personally I love getting halloumi (literally aldi is the cheapest and only place I can find it besides whole foods!) cheese, coating it in shawarma or za’tar seasoning and pan frying it to eat with couscous and veggies.


They have a pretty mild cheese flavor and I just pan fried them in olive oil. My toddler and I liked them. I got a nice crunchy crust on the outside and the inside softened, but didn't melt.