Next level is filling out their online application for the job/internship while waiting in line.


Having been on both sides of career fair, having a basic understanding of how the company makes money and what the position you are interested in goes a long way


Especially if you quote their home page directly. /s :D I agree though.


Step 3: Never hear back from them again despite how impressed they were. Personal experience. Almost everyone I know didn't hear anything back from ANY recruiters. I've only known one guy that got an offer from the career fair.


I went to the career fair 4 times in my time at A&M and never got anything through them. Largely a waste of time in terms of getting a job, but it is good getting practice talking to people in a business setting.


Did you get a job via online job postings or personal connections?


Through linked in both times


Interesting. The construction science career fair is how all of us got jobs more or less.


The reason it is useless is actually simple: it's too big. Recruiters don't remember anyone they talked to, and your resume better be in the top 1% because even some of the smaller guys might get triple digits of those just from A&M. Recruiters will also ignore whole majors or groupings of students altogether without advertising it because they're already full of that group. Basically the whole thing has become a useless cattle call for most students.


I ended up getting a CO-OP from the career fair so wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time. I also managed it from the online career fair last fall. Granted it took them until June to reach out before setting it up for this Spring. My meeting with the company at the fair ended up lasting 30 min which for sure helped me. Also for me in ecen it helped learning to gauge what technical questions they’ll present you with.


We know you googled us before you interview… Not like you are invisible going through your phone while waiting in line, or eyeing our sign then walking away only to come back lol


Skipped this one. Last semester an Nvidia recruiter skipped out on my one on one meeting. They invited me to their “how to apply” seminar. I declined. I got way more attention just sending my resume in to every opening I could see.


Lol I usually just walk up and ask what they do, am I doing it wrong? Science fair is for finding out about peoples projects, career fair is for finding out about people's companies and employment opportunities, no? Idk i kinda cringe when people walk up and talk about themselves for 5 minutes straight like its a Shark Tank pitch lmao


You should definitely go in with basic knowledge of the company. They have more than enough internship applicants; you’re trying to make yourself stand out, they don’t need to make themselves stand out


I'm honestly not sure how much your interaction with the recruiter matters, obviously you wanna come across as personable and exemplify your knowledge but I think the main benefit is networking and them having your resume on file which will boost you a little bit during the application process. I'm not sure the "recruiters" always have that much to do with actual hiring, they're moreso just a representative of the company.