I’m 23! I also still live at home… now I feel bad 🙈 I lost my job due to covid & had a breakdown so I had to move back with my parents. I think Age Regression has a wide variety of ages of people so I don’t think you’re in the wrong place! If you’d like to talk to more age regressors your age maybe try an 18+ discord? I was in a 20+ discord for a little while but left due to inactivity so you could even find one of those? 🤷🏻‍♀️


I'm 32, and have been age regressing since before the internet was widespread, so I definitely understand feeling too old. At the end of the day, though, it's not hurting anyone and this is a supportive community regardless of your actual age 💖


My physical age is 34, little age is 4


I'll be 27 in 2 weeks 😁 I live with my boyfriend and he knows about my regression but I tend to regress on my own mostly while he's at work


I am 22 and still live at home, for various reasons. I'm a little uncomfortable at the fact there's so many minors here, but there's nothing ya can do. We all regress and have fun. You're not in he wrong place. Every little is welcome here so long as they can abide by the rules!


Yes. I don’t feel I can interact much because of how many posts are by minors. :/


I feel it's our job as adults to watch out for the kiddos here, but I also feel kinda nervous that maybe I may do or day something that an be misinterpreted or taken the wrong way and get into some serious trouble. They're not my family, we aren't talking face to face with cues. I don't want to say something as a joke, and then find out they took it bad and were warning others about me.


I’m 33, and also feel a little “too old” sometimes. I’ve been regressing for 20+ years and express myself through “little” behavior daily. I’ve never been part of a community that experiences or accepts my behavior, so it’s really nice to read and interact with y’all, but also I feel super old. Lol




Yeah, I remember age regressing from as early as \~11-12. Aging has always been a difficult process for me.




I'm almost 30 and never lived on my own. I'm not capable of living on my own (mental illness, autism, oh and the U.S. government not doing anything to make sure jobs pay enough to cover the cost of living). I think age regression is fine at any biological age. I've done it since before I knew what it even was.


You’re not in the wrong place age regression is age regression you can be any age and regress to any you feel comfortable with ✌🏼


I'm 29 and I live with my Daddy and age regress all the time. Age regression is for anybody!


You're definitely not in the wrong place! I go through the same thought process sometimes. Sometimes I feel too old to be a little. I'm 27 and live with my SO. We own a house; however, my mom does live with us.


I am 25 and live with my grandma. She doesn’t know about agere. But sometimes I am slipping a bit and I feel like she enjoys having her „grand child“ she can pamper.


I'm 30 actually, I know sometimes it seems like everyone here is a teenager, but there's actually a lot of us too xD


I’m 34 haha, I feel the same way. Like I don’t belong.


40 here I totally feel the same way.


Hi lovely! Age regression is a wonderful thing and there isnt a age range for it. I know people older than you who age regress. I even know children at 8-14 who age regress too. I found out i age regress when i was 9 years old. You are in the right place, alot of grown adults dont openly talk about age regression so there is alot of people keeping it to themselves or they just dont realise they do. I cant personally say my big age due to the fact im the host of a DID system and im forbidden to talk about my age too people i dont know.


same! i babysit this one girl (6) who age regresses and i didn't even realize until i experienced my own age regression. i sometimes use it to help her get ready for things like "does baby want to take her medicine?" and she's a lot more willing to take the medicine. "is baby ready for bed?" and i tuck her in bed. it's really the most adorable thing. it's so interesting to see such a little one become a little-er too haha.


i have heard about people also growing out of the ability to regress too as they got older- i hope it doesnt happen to me because i find myself more happier during and after ive delt with whatever has made me go small


i've never heard of that, thank you for sharing. that actually makes sense since i remember acting like a dinosaur egg and my mom "welcoming us to the world." i think that was probably a form of age regression, but that was more of a voluntary form and not the involuntary one i experience now.


yea- my partner who is also my caregiver has a sister who used to regress aswell but she doesnt anymore


Im 27


I’m 22, still living at home while working part time and doing university. You are most definitely not in the wrong place! I feel it’s so important to know that there are older regressors here—especially since regression is originally a defense mechanism. I think it shows how adults self soothe due to stress, anxiety, mental illness, and abuse. Not to say that minors or teens who do it are invalid—but I feel it says a lot if it’s especially older adults who go through it. It shows that healing and self soothing goes a long way past the teen years, past the young adult years. And it shows healing is not linear and that it continues on as you grow, even if it is difficult to manage.


I’m almost 30 and really relate to this post. Especially because I regress to like teenage ages sometimes. Just makes me feel icky and weird


There are a lot if minors here, but as long as you regress or are a CG with a reggresor you belong here (:


hi I'm 21! there's no such thing as too old or too young. I've been regressing and dreaming since I was barely in high school! I've always been the one that needed to seem older and more mature for my age. gross! i've only just found out other ppl do it in the last year too.


I just turned 24 (I live at home with my parents and 2 brothers), I age regress to between the age of 3-14 yes old and I usually regress in my craft/art room or my bedroom wherever I feel comfortable but due to my work I feel I have to regress at night as I feel safer that way as nobody and I mean nobody knows that I regress so I feel more comfortable that way but at home I regress sometimes during the day as that's where I feel more comfortable but age regression can happen no matter the physical age of the person hope that makes sense haha 😊




Physical age is 47 and going on 4


Wow it's so exciting to see I'm not alone with this thread! 28 here! I often see many minors and I feel I want to be in a older group.


Agreed. I see a lot of under 18s here and I feel that another sub for under 18 should be a thing. I’m 25. It feels awkward sometimes interacting with those that are under in the early teens and I don’t feel that I can contribute sometimes due to the gap. :/


I’m 28 and yeah, it feels really weird to be here. Regressing with minors feels…not okay, if you know what I mean. There are so few of us, it’s nice to know that there are others here


Anyone of any age can regress. I am also an adult, but unfortunately at home rn. Maybe there could be an r/OlderAgere subreddit?


Honestly i don’t think we need any more unmodded subreddits. We have so many quiet subreddits dedicated to agere already When they are left with minimal mod the subreddit gets tons of creeps. There are so many dedicated agere communities already. I’ve been in this community for awhile sadly adding more subreddits confuses people and will just make more drama in the community.


This sounds like a good idea but I lack the time and mental bandwidth right now to start one. It seems like people could be open to the idea (despite what others say, and we don't need to listen to them) and it could be helpful to have.




not trying to be rude. or invalidating. just feels weird to be in a space with teenagers when i am really old in comparison. i'm not talking about people's little age. i am talking about their actual age.




i know they are valid even if they are teens. but i can't relate and it's good to know there are adults here too. i sometimes feel too old for this.


You’re not too old. Im in a discord with 20+ adults who regress. You just worded the post odd. Of course there are older adults who regress. Again everyone is valid even you!


Yeah I understand that were talking about big age. everyone is valid in regression Even teenagers regress. I understand you can feel weird about it but there’s nothing wrong with it. I found a 18+ discord for more age appropriate friends in the community.


Jup big sis is right all wittle are valid and welcome and keeping eachother in there little space is very good if I speak wrong tell me then


They didn’t say anything about invalidating age. They were saying that most people here are minors and it feels weird to have such a big age difference. I personally feel weird regressing with minors, just feels off. Doesn’t mean they’re any less valid. I just feel uncomfortable. This post was not rude at all.




No they were saying that they’re in a very different place in their lives than everyone else here (mostly the teens; I’m sure you know, your teen years were a long time ago) and it feels weird to be an adult among a bunch of kids


I'm 18, and I feel like I'm too 'young' to regress.


i’m twenty :)


Rn im 17 i feel like im too young to be here lol


Really? Tbf I only see posts from people between 12-16


I just turned 26 this month


I'm 33 by the way I regrss to age 6-10


I’m 31 <3


Im 30, i just started 'regressing' when i found out i have bipolar and DID. My therapist told me to let my 'littles' do things because tgey hold the vast majority of my trauma and need to be kids. Im very ashamed about it, even just holding dolls and coloring gets hard when i switch from a little to an adult alter. Idk if ill get over it.




I am a teen, but you are an age regresser and are in the right place! Doesn’t matter the age, the only reason there are so many teens here is because its hard to be a little when you are a minor!💗


Im one of those teens 😅 my parents don’t know i regress tho. I am 14 almost 15! I didn’t get a great childhood so i regress to make up for the shit, my little age is typically 4-6😁


im 22!!!


22 here


I'm 17 but my birthday is coming up in the next 2 months and then I'm moving in with my Daddy. Ik I'm young but with the things that have happened to me I've had to be an adult most of my childhood so age regression helps me 🤷🏻




I'm 26 going on 27 soon.


I'm 19!!!! You're welcomed here!!!!




I’m 24. I still live with my folks, but I’ve been saving up and apartment hunting for about a year now.


I'm 19, but I have a husband and child, and we have our own place. It's definitely uh, I've been through a lot.


I’m 24, don’t feel weird, it’s ok to be little at any age


I'm 28 almost 29 in august But my little age is between 6-10 years ☺️


25 I still live at home because finding an apartment has been hell. Don't know how young I am when I age regress but it just kinda varies and I don't see any reason to dig into it. Has also been hard regressing at home since I never feel comfortable here


I’m 19 😅 and live at home and even I feel like I shouldn’t be here and often quietly enjoy the thread. idky the feeling of intrusion is so strong for some of us 💓 everyone makes it clear we are all welcome haha.


18, but been in the community since...Oof...15 or 16...Or actually maybe 14. Or 13. Or- I have no idea. In my many years of experience, I have come across some really old regressors (50+!), age doesn't invalidate you, we're a coping, we're all healing. Age doesn't change that.


I am 22, but still live with my family due to medical issues.


27 and live at home :(


So op w have different range of ages in here you don't see it often but there is


Im 16 turning 17 but please dont feel bad everyone is welcome here! There shouldnt be any problems since this sub is sfw.


I’m 29! And I know folks irl all across the age board, including some seniors :)


I'm 28 and admittedly still living at home due to chronic pain and disability issues. I have seen some folks in your situation around here, so don't feel like you're the only one.


im 16 and been regressing since i was 13 :)


I'm 24, I feel you... like for real


I’m 17. I get feeling awkward tbh that’s why I rarely talk to people here, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable


30 and relate to the post so much. So happy to see others around my age!!